these two break my heart like no other

New rescue rats: Edie, Tilly and Bluebell (one old abused girl and two pregnant fosters, one needs special care)

(I’ll get some pics shortly, they’re all exhausted right now and sleeping off a good meal.)

I adopted Edie yesterday, the old rat I was waiting on. She’s 3 years old at her owner’s estimate, and her two young cagemates were delivered to the rescue yesterday SEVERELY malnourished. (I mean every bone sticking out, they look like dogs from sad facebook videos. I can feel every vertebrae and rib and thier hips are like two rocks, it breaks my heart.) Apparently their food had been restricted to twice daily and was mostly peas and other things that seriously do not make up the high protein requirements of rats. By the smell and filth of their fur, the cage wasn’t being cleaned regularly either. They’d lived in a caravan with no vet care ever. She has a severe respiratory infection, I wasn’t sure she’d make it through the night after the stress of moving but she did! I’ve been making a supplemental food mix (which has been working, Hetty has been losing about 5g per two weeks the last month due to age/myco, but since I started on it she’s gained 5g since her last weigh and her conditioning is excellent) of eggs, tuna, creamed corn, coconut oil, and spinach, it’s a disgusting smelling wet porridge but the rats go wild for it. Poor Edie gulped it down all day yesterday, she just would not stop eating. She weighs 200g. For reference my smallest girl who hasn’t yet filled out into her adult body is 310. Edie just wants to be close. She’s slow and rickety, and gently climbs onto you just to lie down. She’s clingy, this close to the end, so I’ll be having her on me a lot, she’s in my sleeve while I type this. However long she has left she’ll at least have antibiotics, decongestant, food all the time, a clean cage and all the cuddles she wants, as well as someone to keep an eye out for the right time to have her PTS, which is important too.
(Tilly’s cagemates are being rehabilitated at the shelter so they can hopefully be adopted out to a pet home one day, but Edie needs a gentle home and constant care for next next weeks/months of her life, so I took her.)

I also went on a road trip to get three other rats I’d seen a few days ago. A snake food breeder who realized she didn’t have the time or stomach for it had gotten rid of all her snakes and feed rats, and had three rats who were pets that she wanted to rehome. Only problem was, they were two girls and a boy, all in the same cage. FFS. So she was refusing to sell as food, but nobody would take them as pets because of the pregnancy, they were screwed and in poor living conditions, as the owner has a special needs daughter who had fallen sick, adn couldn’t care for the three pet rats any longer. The shelter owner did the driving, and I paid for the rats. They were in a tiny empty cage being fed bird seed plus whatever dinner scraps were left. Not good. The boy is very undersized for his age (likely due to the awful diet) but seems healthy enough. I gave him to the shelter, he’ll be screened and rehomed probably very quickly, as he’s beautiful, young and snuggly. The girls I’m fostering while they give birth. The plan is that I’ll take them through it, raise the babies as pets and rehome them myself or through the shelter. But these girls have some issues, which is part of why I needed to grab them, nobody would have taken them. Bluebell is a ‘blue’, a desirable and recessive coat colour that feeder breeders often use to make an extra buck on the side from blue babies. She had her tail snapped in a cage door long ago, and has a kink and a scar there. She has a mild RI but is a beautiful, gentle and inquisitive girl, I think I might adopt her after the birth. (Lets be real, I was always going to get attached.)

Tilly is Bluebell’s daughter, she’s special needs. She has a head tilt that she was apparently born with (meaning it’s most likely a brain tumor rather than damage from infection) which makes her walk in circles and fall when she climbs. Apparently she was withheld as a pet instead of snake food because the owner thought the tilt was cute. -.- She’s nervous because of this, and very underweight. She explores things by test biting, (which I’m okay with in her case), and although the breeder said she nips and attacks, I’ve been gentle with her and careful not to startle her and I haven’t had any problems at all. Bluebell is definitely pregnant, already starting to show, and although Tilly isn’t showing yet she almost certainly will be. Tilly is struggling to integrate with my rats because of how nervous she is, even a gentle sniff has her screeching, which riles my girls up until they start actually being upset and dominant. I’m doing slow intros but for now the three new girls are in a separate cage. I’m not keen on rehoming Tilly, as she needs special care for her tilt, but she’s accounted for, if she can’t live with my girls she’ll go in with the two pets of the rescue owner, one of which has a tilt herself (but whose quality of life is still good, obv.) and the other who has a birth defect. So long as her quality of life remains worth living, she’ll stay with one of us.

I will likely have to put the girls on antibiotics at some point, which means hand-raising the babies since the meds come through in the milk and will harm them. I can’t medicate them while they are pregnant, but after the birth I’ll make the call about which option puts them and the babies more at risk based on how they’re doing. I can foster these girls because I just got on holidays from uni, since raising requires 2 hourly feeds of sucking milk off a tiny paintbrush, and rubbing their little bellies with a wet cotton bud to make them digest and poop, etc etc. However the situation pans out I’m really glad these girls got out of the situations they were in, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all (hopefully) recover and gain condition.

[Major Spoilers] “Follow your true feelings!”: My Musings on P5′s Wildcard Couple

Can we talk about Morgana’s astute observations regarding Akechi’s true feelings for Akira? Can we talk about how (Morgana’s words–not mine) Akechi’s smile when he was hanging out with Akira had been genuine? This boy– who had distanced himself from everyone, who had wrapped himself up in layers upon layers of lies that he wears like a second skin, who had made revenge his one and only goal in life – had also, in spite of himself, serendipitously found kinship in the one boy whom he has decided that he has to kill. 

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If there is one thing I’ve learned about you it’s that you are equally as self destructive as I am.
You didn’t want to fall in love with me, infact I’m positive you didn’t want to fall in love at all. Between the two of us we managed to sabotage something beautiful and now your name burns in my throat like a shot of cheap vodka. Leaving a taste so vile I can’t help but spit you out. We really were just two shitty people trying to destroy each other before we destroyed ourselves.
—  You’re just another poem.

request: “Would love a Draco x reader imagine where they’re best friends and they’re always really close and they smell each other in the amortentia? I know so original but your writing style is good so it’d be great for you to write a version of this imagine ?” — by anon

a/n: *badly impersonates professor trelawney* you have the markings of a true seer, my child! lol, but seriously, i was thinking about making an imagine like the one you requested, anon. and i am very pleased that someone asked for it bECAUSE THAT MEANS I’LL HAVE AN EXCUSE TO WRITE IT WAHAHAHA. also, i might have blushed when you said my writing style is good 💓 hope you enjoy! x

Masterlist + Request here!

“What took you so long?”

Those were the words you uttered just as your best friend, and probably the longest companion you have ever had, sat down beside you like he usually did in Potions. You noticed that his eyebrows were furrowed and he wore the scowl he had whenever he saw Potter — which you assumed was the reason why his features were all annoyed, since Harry was in the very same class right now.

Draco took out his textbook, “What took me so long? You’re the one who didn’t wait for me when I clearly told you that we’d meet at the entrance of the Great Hall before going here.”

A blush crept on your cheeks, clearly remembering that he indeed told you that before the two of you parted ways this morning after breakfast. Draco was looking at you with a disapproving look and all you managed to do was sheepishly smile at him, which made him roll his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” you whispered just as Professor Slughorn began his discussion about a potion that was called Amortentia. “I completely forgotten it because Ron had a question and —”

“Wait a minute. Why on earth are you on first name basis with that Weasel?” Draco hastily cut you off, turning his body so that he faced you while you still tried to listen to Slughorn’s boring introduction.

You glanced at him. “Because unlike you, I’m not a git, Draco.” you couldn’t help but plaster a smirk on your lips, making him scoff.

But truth be told, only you could insult Draco face to face and get away with it. You have been friends with him since you stepped foot on the Hogwarts Express, the compartment that he was occupying that time the only available place you could find to stay in. It still surprises you whenever you remember it because you were always under the impression that he was just as egotistical and snobbish as his father.

Well, he kind of still was, but whenever it came to you he wasn’t as bad as everybody claimed him to be. Draco was actually a very trust worthy friend, he was definitely someone you knew who could stay and tolerate your flaws and imperfections, and he has always been there for you in times of distress.

Of course, Draco undoubtedly felt the same, or else the friendship you had with him wouldn’t have lasted this long.

“Yes, now, well huddle up and divide yourselves into pairs.” said Slughorn with a peculiar smile on his face. “I’ll be giving each group a sample of Amortentia and you’ll have to be completely honest to your chosen partner what are the things that you smelled, alright? Okay, so, quietly fall in line …”

You shared a look with Draco and he nodded, standing up to get the mentioned sample from the professor for your own group. He was back in seconds, placing a tiny bottle on your working table containing a liquid that had steam rising in characteristic spirals. You leaned down closely to get a sniff, your nose wrinkling before turning to Draco.

“Seriously, Draco. How much cologne did you spray on yourself? I can’t smell anything besides it.” you tried sniffing again.

He pursed his lips together. “What do you mean? If there’s anyone overdoing something, it’s you. Your watermelon scented perfume is going to be stuck in my nostrils forever.” he chuckled.

Both confused by your own accusations to each other — since quite frankly, you didn’t bother to put on your perfume today and Draco had forgotten to apply his cologne — you and Draco leaned down once again to the bottle of Amortentia, determined to get a different scent other than the previous strong fragrance.

Draco glanced at you while you were still sniffing, casually moving closer so that he could familiarize himself again with the smell of your shampoo. He was still taking in the smell of watermelon from the potion, with two new additions: old books and now, your shampoo.

“What is it?” you questioned when he abruptly almost fell on his stool because of what he was beginning to discover.

“Nothing.” coughed Draco, changing the topic. “Er, what did you smell?”

You remembered the scent of fallen rain, the smell of mint, and the strangest of all, his cologne. You thought you were only catching the smell of it because of how close the two of you were sitting right next to each other. Clearly, you were mistaken and found yourself blushing at the realization that you were attracted to your best friend.

“You go first.” you insisted but Draco shook his head.

“No, no, ladies first.”

You snorted, “Please, Draco, we both know you hardly recognize me as a lady.”

“Girls first then.” he corrected himself.

“No, really, you go first.”

“Y/N, don’t be stubborn and just tell me —”

“Yes, I would, right after you tell me yours —”

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake, Y/N — ”

“Mr Malfoy and Miss Y/L/N, do we have a problem?” Slughorn had appeared in front of your desk, a triumph smile on his face. “I can’t help but notice that your voices have increased in volume. May I know what’s the noise all about?”

“Nothing, professor.” both of you claimed.

Slughorn narrowed his eyes ever so slightly.

“We were just about to exchange answers, sir.” you added.

He grinned. “Is that so? Well, tell them to the whole class then! I’m sure everyone is just as curious as I am.”

Draco’s eyes went wide as saucers. “Actually, sir, I rather not —”

“Ridiculous, Malfoy! Now, come on, tell us what you smelled.”

You have never seen Draco act so uncomfortable and embarrassed before as he stared at Slughorn, his cheeks tinted pink while he held this look as if he was silently praying that the time was up and they were now going to be dismissed for their next class.

He coughed. “I smell … old books, uh, watermelon, and … kind of like a bubblegum scent.” he murmured the last part, knowing that you were the only one that had hair smelling like bubblegum around the castle grounds.

“And how about you, Miss Y/L/N?”

“Fallen rain, mint, I think. And, well,” you caught Draco waiting for your answer, “um, some type of cologne.”

“Ah! How astonishing. I wonder who would be the lucky person to be wearing such a cologne …” trailed the professor, finally leaving his attention to the two of you and back to his own desk in front.

You and Draco were both silent on your seats, knowing in fact that you had smelled each other in Amortentia — a love potions that gave off a scent that you are most attracted to. In both of your cases, only now did the both of you realize that maybe all this time you’ve been with each other, the affection you showed weren’t precisely platonic as thought it was.

“So,” Draco was the one who had the nerves to speak after understanding, “it was my cologne, huh?” there was a hint of cockiness in his tone and when you peered at him, he had this genuine grin that only you had the chance to see.

“Excuse me, Malfoy, but two beats one. You smelled both my perfume and my shampoo.” you said a matter-of-fact.

You gazed at each other for what seemed like hours before breaking apart, your lips curled up in a smirk while the professor now discussed another potion, Felix felicis.

Suddenly, Draco placed a hand on top of yours nonchalantly, intertwining it with his as a bigger smile appeared on his mouth. He seemed to be very pleased of himself and you rolled your eyes, ignoring the heavy pace of your heart, knowing that this was going to be the beginning of something new and wonderful.

my heart breaks for harry and louis. i think anyone who was here in 2013 can agree that back then we didn’t think things could get any worse. things were really bad…harry and louis couldn’t look at each other and it was really fucking sad. if you asked any of us what we thought things would be like in 2017 i guarantee 9 out 10 people would have told you they’d be out and free by now. no one could have ever guessed this shit we’re seeing today. these are two of the kindest, greatest, most talented individuals i’ve seen and they deserve the fucking WORLD. my heart breaks for them bc they’ve been through more shit than anyone should ever have to go through. i hope to god things will go their way soon. sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. let’s hope it’ll only go up from here bc they truly deserve it more than anyone. 💙💚


Gosh darn, I just can’t help but get excited when there are legit psychology references in shows.

If you’re confused at these two lines and thinking, “why would suspense ever bring two people closer??” Lemme break it down for you.

Izaya is actually making a direct reference to a psychological phenomenon known as the misattribution of arousal. It’s based off of Schachter’s two-factor theory of emotion which states that the process of emotion occurs like so; stimulant (eg. bear chasing you) -> physiological arousal (heart rate increasing, adrenaline, pupil dilation) AND cognitive labeling (oh, my heart is racing I must be feeling fear!) -> emotion (*feeling fear*).

This theory implies that when we attribute the label of an emotion to the physiological arousal we feel, we actually end up feeling the emotion itself. In other words, emotions to a small degree are a result of what we think we’re feeling. Strong, long-term emotions can not be altered by labeling it as something else, telling yourself that you are happy when you are sad doesn’t work. The emotions must have the same/similar physiological responses to be confused together, this is what is known as the misattribution of arousal.

Schachter also proved his theory in an experiment. Researchers had a group of white males cross a very high, wobbly bridge, and another group cross a low very safe and sturdy bridge. At the end of the bridge, a female researcher would ask them questions about a picture, and then give them her phone number “in case they had questions about the experiment”. Hint hint, she actually gave them her number to measure the difference in phone calls they got from the men that experienced arousal from crossing the high bridge, and the men than didn’t experience it from crossing the low bridge.(note: the men were told the study and the questionnaire was for something else entirely, and didn’t know the true purpose of the study).

The men that experienced arousal from crossing the high bridge had more sexual content in the story they told regarding the picture when they saw the female researcher. She also received more phone calls from this group in comparison to the control group. Later, they redid this study with women, and the results were the same. In conclusion, people will mistakenly misattribute emotions that are similar to each other physiologically. The participants mistook their physiological arousal and fear from crossing the bridge for sexual attraction.

Izaya is mockingly asking Shinra here if he confused his fear of getting caught by the police for sexual attraction/arousal/love for Celty.

I know his reference is a little vague here, but considering that Narita stated that Izaya was most likely in the social sciences during university, it’s pretty expected that he learned about this theory. This is one of the more respected theories of emotion.


….ok first I didn’t know this was update two months ago.

I need to post this because this two are playing the big role in my life ,I love them so much. Maybe they weren’t my OTP ,but still they mean to me. Not just them ,the whole anime.

I literally don’t have to say anything about Kagami speech I mean…..he and Kuroko told us everything! They need each other ,it’s clear thing.

I have so many questions like : Is this really the last thing we will get from Kuroko no Basuke ? Why did they have to separate? Why they couldn’t stay together, study together or whatever?? Why did this break my heart?

I want first to scream there how this isn’t fair, but I won’t do that. Let’s just pray that Kagami’s words will come true-

Let’s meet again!

And I hope you’re going to , guys!!!! KagaKuro forever♥♥♥♥

Kuroko no Basuke - Last Game ,2017♥

@lightningflamedragonaf : “ A one shot where midoriya/todoroki walks into his dorm and catches uraraka/momo trying on his hero costume. “ 

Thanks for the request! Enjoy this short, fun fic :)

In which Uraraka and Yaoyorozu gets caught 

“Are you sure Uraraka-san?”

“Yes I’m sure! Come on, Vice Prez, have some fun!”

“But isn’t that bad?”

Uraraka stood there, leaning back on her heels with her arms crossed. She was clearly unimpressed.

“Uh, no, it’s their fault for leaving it out in the open like that,” The Uravity heroine jabbed her fingers at the outfits in front of her, lying lifeless and crumpled on the head rest of the lounge chair. Said outfits being Todoroki and Midoriya’s hero costume. Despite looking as if it went under a typhoon and seemingly whipped back out, it was pristine. As expected of UA’s laundry delivery system.

Yaoyorozu bit her lower lip. I mean, no one was around right? Her eyes instinctively did a quick scan. Nope. Zero. None.  Just her, Uraraka, and the clothes.

“Okay, Uraraka-san, “ The creation heroine glanced over at her friend and back to the subject at hand for the third time, “let’s do it.”


Were they supposed to change in the lobby or should they take it upstairs to their rooms? Yaoyorozu already thought of 50 different possibilities within the time Uraraka took to pull off her tee shirt. The former did an audible gulp. If any of her friends came into the lobby at this very moment, she was sure she’d have a stroke.

The bubbly brunette, now fully ready to charge into Midoriya’s green costume, grinned widely and slipped her legs into it.

Yaoyorozu followed suit, hands shaking slightly. Todoroki’s outfit was way heavier than it looked and now that she had gotten a good look at it, that metal thing looked like a backpack. She coughed out a short laugh but quickly composed herself.

“What’s so funny, Yaoyorozu-san?”

The black-haired girl turned around just as she unzipped the item in hand.

“Wow, you look so adorable!” Yaoyorozu gasped. Uraraka looked too small for the costume and given her height, she looked as though she was engulfed in a giant green marshmellow monster. She even flipped over the hoodie, causing her to look even cuter, like an innocent bunny. Yaoyorozu reached over to grab the floppy rabbit-like ears that adorned the girl’s head. Yes, she had to take a picture of this!

Though, the creation heroine felt a smirk tug at her lips, she had to finish wearing hers first of course.

A short moment later and with the last yank of the zipper, Yaoyorozu was done with her part. The girls exchanged glances and within a heartbeat, a joy beyond words stirred somewhere deep within them and bouts of giggles flourished.

“Yaoyorozu-san,” Uraraka’s voice was tainted with mischief, “The zipper on your boobs is going to burst open.”

“Wh-what?!” The girl tilted her head down and instinctively placed her right palm on it, “No, I think it’ll be fine….sort of.” She paused and saw Uraraka hold her midriff in laughter, “Should I take it off in case I break his costume?!”

“No, you look great in it, Yaoyorozu,“ a deep voice called out.

The two girls whipped their heads around so fast Uraraka had to place her hand on her neck to make sure she didn’t dislocate something.

How did the two not notice their footsteps?!

Midoriya, face red with something hopefully not related to the flu, stood beside Todoroki, who was holding a mug of black coffee from Family Mart.

“Uraraka-san,” Midoriya began, “What… are you doing in my suit?”

Wow, it’s shocking that he hasn’t died yet. It’s quite obvious that the Uravity heroine was making his heart hammer like no other. The green-haired boy walked over, admiring. Uraraka responded with a grin and also with embarrassment tinting her cheeks.

“Deku-kun, I’m sorry,” Uraraka pulled the hoodie down, sounding quite defeated, “It’s my fault, I convinced Yaoyorozu-san to try on your costumes.” Her eyes darted over to Todoroki who was now inches apart from the Vice President.

Midoriya nodded, albeit a bit too fervently, “Apologies accepted. Don’t worry about it, you look…” He could see the anticipation written all over Uraraka’s expression, “You look so cute.”

The girl did her signature move: the widened eyes and heavy breathing. Midoriya could melt right then and there.

Yaoyorozu’s lips formed a thin line. Those two had it easy, she thought, at least they didn’t have to deal with this guy.

She was starting to feel the heat get to her, no pun intended, as Todoroki walked closer, placing his coffee down at a nearby stool. Yaoyorozu could never read him. His face and his tone of voice. Everything was shrouded in mystery. Todoroki never let slip his intentions and motives which sometimes made Yaoyorozu more irritated than her mother would have liked.

“Todoroki-san, please accept my humblest apology,” her fingers wrapped around the zipper and she heaved it downwards, until she realized that she wore nothing but a black sports bra underneath. Nevermind.

The boy in front of her looked deadpan as always, and Yaoyorozu’s brows knitted together in frustration.

“I’d much rather you chastise me,” she spoke. At least she could keep her dignity. Maybe.

Todoroki suddenly gloved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Wait, before you take it off in your room,” he had to make sure he emphasized the word ‘room’, “Could I get a picture?”


Uraraka and Midoriya did a double take. It’s not every day you hear a Yaoyorozu shout like a madman.

“Todoroki-san, you want my picture?” The girl could feel her lungs failing her, “But, this is so shameful! As the Vice President of the class…how dare I-“

Todoroki cut her off, “Don’t worry, now look here and smile.”

Click. Flash.

Yaoyorozu swore her soul just escaped her.


Another click. Another flash.

Todoroki scrutinized his screen and squinted.

“Okay, great,” his voice was gentle and with a swift motion, his phone disappeared into the depths of his pocket yet again.

“May I ask, what is Todoroki-san’s intention with my picture?” the girl swivelled a little in her position, hands sweating from nervousness. Whatever he had in mind, it better not involve uploading it onto UA’s Facebook page.

The fire and ice hero made a smirk. Such is Todoroki, even a small smirk could send the girl to the moon. She shook her head slightly to keep herself grounded.

“Well why don’t you take a look,” He fished out his phone again and unlocked it, pushing it well onto her nose almost.

Yaoyorozu took a step back in horror. Oh no. Her picture was now his mobile wallpaper.

“That’s what you get for using my costume without permission,” The boy teased, “If you want, I can send you the pics.”  

She didn’t even know that he could make jokes.

“Uraraka-san, could I get a picture with you as well?” Midoriya spoke up, fingers twiddling.

Yaoyorozu, frozen in her position, turned to watch as the other two made a few quick selfies after Uraraka’s instant nod of approval.

“I-I think I’ll go change,” the Creation heroine’s feeble comment trailed off in tone.

Todoroki took a sip of his coffee, “Do you need help? Sometimes the thermal regulator can get really heavy.”

Ah, another joke from Mr.Jokester over here.

Yaoyorozu turned to give him a childish scowl before trotting her way to the elevator, vanishing from his sight.

As the lift made a close, she leaned back onto the railings and covered herself in her palms.

The girl sighed. Lesson learned. Todoroki can poke fun at you if he wanted to. Now, if only she could come up with something to get back at him too.

The West Wing

Remember when I asked if you all wanted a ficlet of Feyre finding Rhys’ mother’s and sister’s wings in Spring Court? And all you Maasochists said yes?

Well, here you go…

Originally posted by blmglove


I climbed the stairs to that part of the manor that I’d never visited before. Tamlin had never outright ordered me not to venture here, but it was always an unspoken understanding we had. Before everything that happened, before Rhys, Tamlin always came to my room when we spent the night together, I was never invited to his. Maybe that’s what drove me to explore while he was far from the manor. Not that I was afraid of him, I hadn’t been afraid of him for a long while now, but it would be so much easier to look around without him hovering over me.

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Knight in Checkered Flannel (AU)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2503

Summary: Whilst out on a shopping trip, you bump into someone unexpected, someone you didn’t leave on good terms with.

A/N – This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats  Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge using the prompt: Childhood Friends AU. This was also based on a dream that I had a while back so yeah. I may be sorry depending on how you feel.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Pushing along the shopping cart, your eyes skimmed the list of things you needed to buy. Walking up and down the aisles, you tossed in the items that were on there, the stuff that you and your roommate deemed a necessity.

Your phone vibrated in your back pocket. Singlehandedly, you pulled it out and answered the phone.

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True Love with Peter Parker (Headcanon)

here’s a sweet/lowkey funny?? idk lmao, headcanon for u all! hope u like!! super LONG WOW BE PREPARED (KEEP READING PORTION BC OF LENGTH! SO BE SURE TO CLICK IT:D lmao whe u think it’s over IT’S NOT) (not my gif) 


Based off the song True Love by P!nk (feat. Lily Allen) listen to it here!


Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say. Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face. There’s no one quite like you. You push all my buttons down, I know life would suck without you

- okay you didn’t hate peter parker per say…

- fine you really, really disliked him

- it wasn’t an anger filled hate, it was almost like a clueless filled hate

- you and peter were standing on the line between friends and a couple

- it was almost like a game to peter, just to see how far he could push you

- “you were totally just checking me out.’‘


- “okay, sure.’’

- H E A D A S S

- his scratchy yet soothing voice whispered against your ear softly

- fuck fuck fuck fuck


At the same time, I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck. You’re an asshole but I love you. And you make me so mad I ask myself, “Why I’m still here, or where could I go?”.You’re the only love I’ve ever known. But hate you, I really hate you. So much, I think it must be…

- it wasn’t your fault it was raining outside and his curls had popped out, framing his handsome, gentle face sweetly

- you were so fuckin whipped for this boy, it was actually pathetic

- the wavering line of friends and utter teasing was beginning to take a toll on the relationship

- y’all fought every second of the day

- but it was fighting that masked the love you felt for one another

- as if the bickering was just the emotions playing your true feelings

- peter’s soft eyes would brighten as a smirk played on his thin lips as he caught your eye during class

- your heart thumped rapidly in your chest as your eyes narrowed at him

- wowowowowowwowow he’s so pretty you hated yourself for allowing him to play with you like that

- the two of you would briskly touch hands in the hallway, almost as if it was a tease to do so


- at one point, you wanted to punch peter in the face and pull him into your comforting frame at the same time

True love, true love. It must be true love. Nothing else can break my heart like, true love, true love. It must be true love. No one else can break my heart like you.

- besides wanting to ridicule the other most of the time, your hearts yearned for the end of the friend zone

- peter knew how much he was in love with you, and if messing with you and him getting to see that cute little smirk you give him meant it was mutual be it

- he would scale your figure as you chatted to your friends, his eyes adorning your sweet features

- his arms folded across his chest as he wondered when he would have the balls to tell you how much he truly loved you

- he knew you felt the same towards him, but he didn’t know the strong love you felt for him back

- true love was so obvious between the two of you

- to quick glances at the other’s lips, and thumps of heart beats escalating as the other would smile 


Just once try to wrap your little brain around my feelings. Just once please try not to be so mean. Repeat after me now R-O-M-A-N-C-E-E-E. Come on I’ll say it slowly (Romance). You can do it baby.

- you wanted to romance to be alive so badly, but you were afraid

- between fighting constantly and yearning for the validation of love from peter, your mind was always crawling back to the romance aspect

- you would imagine peter racing toward you in the hallway, reaching for your face softly, yanking your lips towards his in a fiery kiss

- wow your hormones were in a rage

- his lips looked so kissable as they smirked at you every day

- peter wasn’t the only headass wow

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sometimes i like to think about baby louis’ huge crush on baby harry and just. i bet he saw harry in the toilets and his first thought was “christ, this boy is beautiful” and awkwardly introduced himself but he kept stumbling over his words because he got butterflies in his tummy everytime harry blushed faintly or giggled or even looked in his direction & then he found himself not being able to stop thinking about harry and he made it his mission to become friends with him :( and then they were put into the band and louis just lost all sense of rationality and jumped into harrys arms bc he’s gonna be in a band with a really pretty boy for an undetermined amount of time!!!!! but a lil bit of anxiety was also niggling in the back of his mind because he didn’t know how to /act/ and he didn’t wanna mess this up because harry is already so so important to him !! so he turns to obnoxious comedy, anything to put a smile on harrys face bc harrys dimples are the most beautiful things he’s ever seen!!! and like yeah he might aggravate liam a bit in the beginning bc of his comedy but he finds himself not caring at all :( and louis would stay awake in his bunk at night just thinking of the twinkle in harrys eyes and comparing them to millions of stars, bright and so so beautiful. his heart would beat faster at the mere mention of his and harrys name in the same sentence, he just hopelessly p i n e s!!! and when they finally kiss they’re shy about it and it’s slow and the softest thing in the world and they pull back and harrys blushing prettily, mouth dropped open a bit, and he says “been wanting to do that for a while lou” and louis splutters and is like ????? ive been crushing on u since i met u!!! and harry giggles and hides his face in louis shirt and they kiss again :(

and when they become a couple they aren’t shy about it at all!!! they’ll blatantly sit in each other’s laps around the house when the cameras aren’t around and everyone knows theyre together :( and sometimes when harry gets really nervous before a performance, louis would cup his face and kiss his nose and his cheeks and his forehead and his eyelashes until harry was squealing and laughing and louis would say “we’re gonna smash it love, trust me”. and in interviews, when they’d ask harry about older women, louis would subtly rub his thumb softly across the skin of harrys neck to comfort him :( and when he has his arm around harry, harry would always reach his hand up to louis’ just for a brief moment bc he just needs to touch his boy bc louis is his compass and he guides him and calms him down, anchors him.

and then. 2012, when they first started distancing themselves from each other in public. it was so hard for them because they’d been together for about 2 years and touching and kissing whenever kinda became a reflex. moving to hold the others hand whenever they wanted was a reflex. and they had to suppress those reflexes in public :( they had to act like they were just friends in the eyes of the public and it’s heartbreaking because they were so so so young when they fell in love and thinking about people actually saying “we can’t have you two be together in public, it’s not good for sales” to them, to two teenage boys in love!!, breaks my heart :( so they learn how to stop themselves from doing things they’d normally do in private and instead found ways to do it secretly like sign language and secret looks and lyric changes and tattoos and songs and sometimes they would get really sad and think “is it always gonna be like this?” and doubt things but they look at each other and louis sees the sweet shy sixteen year old boy who worked at a bakery and booed one of the judges for criticizing him when he auditioned, he sees the boy he fell in love with and he says, “no, it won’t. and even if it is, we still have each other. no matter what”

About Shiro and Matt´s relationship (and Sheit, of course)

I have to admit I was hoping Matt would be a close friend of Shiro before watching season 4. I was expecting him to be really excited to see Shiro again and talk to him about everything they went through. I even thought it would be interesting to have an adult character around Shiro´s age with whom he could talk about things he wouldn´t with the other paladins. Now I belive Matt is around Keith´s age, though (a little older, maybe)?

But their reunion made me feel like they weren’t as close as I thought they might be. I´m sure they have some level of sympathy towards each other and Matt is glad Shiro survived, but it didn’t strike me as two old friends who are extremely happy to see each other after they thought the other was dead?  

I loved Matt, but it made me sad to see Shiro wasn’t as close to him as real good friends. Did Shiro had close friends back at the Garrison? this breaks my heart *laughs* I mean, he seems to be friendly and supportive of others and always willing to help, but at the same time, he won´t let other be THAT close to him??

Except Keith.

Why did Shiro bond with Keith but not as much with Matt? I bet Shiro and Matt had to expend A LOT of time together before Kerberos. I´m not an expert, but I believe if earth is sending three people into space during many months, the least thing you want to happen to them is bad communication and zero bonding. I guess they had some kind of team building activities in the Garrison between the three of them to assure they had a good relationship. So…why were they so formal in their reunion? Shiro had to literally pull Matt into a hug. Wouldn’t you naturally hug someone you had to expend so much time with in the past, who was your friend and saved your life if you found them alive?

Instead, Shiro decided to be close with Keith. He was probably not expected (by the Garrison) to expend time with Keith, to bond with him, but he did. I bet he was even too busy preparing for Kerberos mission along with Matt and Sam but he still had time for Keith even if it was not his obligation.

It makes me sad to think maybe Shiro didn’t allow himself to have close friends in the Garrison, but at the same time it’s heartwarming he decided to make an exception with Keith.

forget it

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word count: 2.6k

requested: yes ;) I have no idea if this is what you wanted by hope you like it anyways

warnings: mature language & angst I guess

summary: you’re best friends with the boys and secretly in love with Ashton but when he gets a girlfriend, any hope of him liking you disappears.

a/n: this could’ve been longer but honestly it was long enough tbf & this feels kind of rushed but that might just be me

“She’s so rude.” Luke complained, his body hunched forward as the four of you sat on the couch. You were trapped between Calum and Michael as Luke sat on an armchair opposite you. 

“I still haven’t met her.” you sighed, resting your head on Michael’s shoulder, wallowing in self-misery. It was no secret that you were completely infatuated with the curly haired boy and it seemed like he felt the same until he brought home a girl called Lola, his new girlfriend. 

“Consider yourself lucky.” Calum huffed from beside you, rolling his eyes back before relaxing into the worn couch. You let out a sigh, your heart pounding in anticipation as you awaited the return of the hazel-eyed boy and his girlfriend. 

Ashton had wanted to introduce you to her for a while now but you could never bring yourself to actually meet her, which was only made worse when the boys told you she was a horrible human being. 

Your heart ached at the thought. Ashton deserved someone kind and wholehearted even if that person wasn’t you. But according to the boys, he was smitten with the blonde haired girl. 

“What time are they coming back?” you asked, your head still resting on Michael’s shoulder as you both lied back, your back hitting the old leather couch. 

“Any second now,” Luke huffed, running a hand through his hair. “I’m still surprised he even has a girlfriend, especially after everything he said about you.” 

Your eyebrows raised at Luke’s words, confused as to what he was talking about. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“He always talked about you, he was so captivated with you. So him bringing home a girl that wasn’t you is surprising, to say the least.” Calum answered, glancing over at you briefly as he spoke. 

Your heart sank at his words, you’d always had your suspicions but it seemed he’d moved on and there was nothing more you could do. 

The door slam echoed through the apartment and your heart was beating out of your chest. Michael wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into him almost as if he could sense the anxiety that was taking over you.

Luke looked up at you with sympathetic eyes which quickly turned hard as he heard a girly giggle fill the apartment. Your whole body tensed and Michael was quick to notice, rubbing small patterns on your clothed skin in hopes to ease you. 

“Hey, anyone home?” Ashton’s voice boomed out as you shrunk into Michael’s torso but he didn’t seem to mind. 

“In here.” Calum replied, a bite to his words as his jaw clenched. 

Ashton entered the room a few moments later, his hands intertwined with a short, pretty blonde girl. His eyes scanned the room, his face breaking out into a grin which quickly disappeared when he saw you cuddling tightly into Michael. 

“Y/N! I’ve been meaning to introduce you to Lola,” he started, glancing back to his girlfriend, “Lola, this is Y/N and Y/N, this is Lola.” 

You sent her a warm smile, hoping she wasn’t nearly as bad as the boys made her out to be but the raised eyebrows and eye roll made it clear enough. But Ashton was too focused looking at you to notice her action. 

The room was filled with silence, Lola clinging on to Ashton as he looked her his jaw still slightly clenched.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” you said, breaking the silence. Everyone’s heads snapped to you as you sat there, an awkward smile resting on your face. 

“I was thinking pizza and movies, like before.” Michael smiled, glancing around the room, earning nods from the two other seated boys. 

“Actually, Ashton and I were going to head back to my place.” Lola chirped, her eyes burning into you. You suddenly felt incredibly insecure, you’re sitting there wearing an oversized sweatshirt whilst she stood tall, a mini skirt adorning her figure. 

“But we just got here babe.” Ashton said sadly, his eyes meeting her bright blue ones. Your heart sinking even further at the pet name. 

“And now we’re leaving. Let’s go.” she smirked, her eyes traveling around the room, shooting dirty looks at you and the rest of the boys. 

Ashton smiled sadly at you, ignoring the rest of the boys’ grimacing faces. You smiled at him, your eyes full of sympathy as the girl tugged at his bicep once again. 

“I guess I’ll talk to you guys later then.” Ashton waved, being pulled from the room before you could even say goodbye. 

Silence took over the room once again, only interrupted by the loud door slam that followed their exit. Your eyes met Luke’s, his baby blue eyes now a shade darker than usual. 

“What a bitch.” Calum huffed, making a giggle escape you which made the rest of the boys lighten up a little. 

“And here I was, thinking Michael was the bitchiest girl around.” you huffed with a smirk, the two boys erupting with laughter as Michael looked down at you with a grimace before rolling his eyes and breaking out into a grin. 

It was a few hours until Ashton arrived home again, alone this time. You were smushed into the couch, pizza boxes and soda surrounding you when Ashton returned home. 

“Hey, I’m home.” Ashton said from the doorway, all eyes finding their way to his lean figure. The boys looked at him with disgust whilst you smiled at him, making a small smile grace his lips. 

“Is she with you?” Calum spat, looking behind him expecting to see the short girl behind him. 

“No, just me.” Ashton stated, walking towards the four of you. The boys reverted their attention back to the TV, South Park gracing the screen. 

You scooted over slightly, making room for Ashton to sit down but instead he took the larger armchair that Luke had resided in earlier that day. 

Michael snaked an arm around you once again and it was then you realized what he’d been trying to do all day. Ashton’s jaw clenched at the sight and his eyes went hard making a smirk play on Michael’s lips. 

Michael leaned down, his warm breath hitting against your ear as he whispered to you, “Let’s make him jealous.” 

You couldn’t help but smile, your eyes trailing down to the floor; desperately trying to avoid eye contact with Ashton. 

Michael’s arm wrapped tightly around your waist pulling you even closer into him as you rested your head on his chest, similarly as to how you’d sat earlier that day. Your hand rested on his thigh, Ashton’s lips twitched up almost reminiscing a snarl. 

“Y/N, can I talk to you? In private.” Ashton asked, his tone making it sound like more of a statement than a question. 

“Keep it going, let’s see how far we can go till he breaks.” Michael sniggered in your ear. You couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty, after all, he was your best friend but you couldn’t resist seeing his reaction. 

“After this episode.” you smiled warmly, reverting your attention back to Michael who was staring down at you. A large smirk graced his face and it took everything within you to not laugh. 

Michael leaned down once again, his lips dancing along the outer shell of your ear making you shudder slightly. “Okay, so pretend I’m saying something really funny to make him annoyed.” 

You laughed, mostly because you thought this whole jealousy game was actually quite funny. Michael smiled again before whispering again, which to anyone else would’ve looked flirty. 

“Oh, shit. He’s getting annoyed. Told you he liked you.” Michael whispered playfully making your heart pound as you stole a glance at Ashton who was watching the two of you intently. 

Before you had the chance to respond Ashton stormed over to the two of you, grabbing your forearm before lifting you off the red-haired boy. 

“Episodes over, time to talk.” Ashton said, pulling you from your seat and into the hallway, leaving the rest of the boys grinning on the couch. 

As soon as you reached the hallway, the grip on your wrist loosening but his fingers still wrapped around your wrist. 

“Since when were you and Michael a thing?” he spat, his words laced with venom. 

“Me and Michael?” you laughed flatly, ”Michael and I aren’t anything.” 

His eyebrows raised at your statement, clearly not believing you. 

“Well, you seemed really comfortable back there. Him whispering into your ear and you giggling back at him, didn’t seem like nothing.” he said through gritted teeth, each word coming out more poisonous than the last. 

“What has my love life got to do with you. You have a girlfriend.” you said, sounding angrier than originally intended but you couldn’t help the fire inside of you that came with the thought of the blonde girl. 

“So what? As soon as I get a girlfriend you go crawling to the next boy?” Ashton shouted, waving his hands around in the air. 

“Michael and I are friends. Why do you even care so much? It’s not like we’re dating.” you shouted back, the once peaceful conversation now becoming heated. 

“Ugh, would you stop asking questions.” Ashton said, tugging at the ends of his hair. 

You went silent, watching Ashton as he tried to collect his thoughts, pacing back and forth in the small width of the hallway. You stared down at your shoes, your heart feeling as if it could fall out of your chest. 

“Ash, calm down.” you sighed, looking back up at him to find him clearly stressed and aggravated. 

“Do you know how hard it is to watch you cuddle into him? To watch you giggle at the things he says and to have your hand on his fucking thigh.” he said, his eyes burning into you and you couldn’t help but feel tiny as he towered over you.

“Do you know how hard it is to hear you ramble on about your girlfriend? To hear how captivated you are with her and still have to smile and tell you she sounds great. Because it fucking hurts, Ash.” you finished, tears glossing your eyes. 

Ashton cowered back, his eyes sad as he took in your words. A tear slipped down your face and you shook your head pathetically, wiping your face. 

“I-I didn’t-” Ashton started before cutting himself off, not able to finish his own sentence. 

“Forget it.” you sighed, moping back into the front room; leaving Ashton alone in the hallway. 

The boys had remained on the couch, all of their eyes on you. It was clear from the pitiful smiles that they’d heard everything but you hadn’t expected any less since the two of you were practically screaming at each other. 

Calum held his arms open which you miserably fell into, his chin resting on the top of your head, rubbing small circles into your back. 

You heard Ashton leave, taking a small piece of you with him. 

“What a dick.” Luke spat, making you smile softly at his annoyance. “He gets his dream girl fucking handed to him and he still goes crawling back to some rich bitch.” 

You smiled at him, his temper seeming to burn out as he smiled softly back at you. You let out a huff, as you relaxed into the kiwi boy. 

“I’ll get over it.” you sighed, reverting your attention to the TV knowing full well that it wasn’t that easy. 

It was the very next day you found out that Ashton had broken up with Lola, apparently she’d been cheating or at least that’s what you’d been told. 

The boys had forgiven Ash but you still couldn’t bring yourself to face him despite his constant attempts to contact you, whether that be through texts, calls or face to face. 

You knew you couldn’t avoid him forever but you liked to think that you could. It’d been working for a while now but Ashton was trying harder to grab your attention. 

“You’re gonna have to speak to him someday.” Luke sighed, bringing up the subject for the thousandth time since him and Ashton had rekindled their friendship. 

“I prefer to avoid the problem until it goes away. In this instance Ashton is the problem.” you said, sending him a sarcastic smile. His eyes rolled back as he smirked at you. 

“You can’t hide from your problems forever.” he smiled, looking over your shoulder and to the door of the diner which you currently occupied. Your head snapped around to see the curly haired boy glancing around before spotting you. 

You looked across the booth, prepared to scold Luke; only to find him gone. You looked back once again to find him talking to Ashton before sending you a wink and leaving. 

Ashton slowly walked towards your booth as you sunk into your seat in hopes it would swallow you up. Unfortunately, it didn’t and soon you found yourself sitting opposite Ashton, resuming the position that belonged to Luke a few moments before. 

“Hi.” he breathed, his eyes burning into you as you slouched into the seat. You flicked your eyebrows up at him, the straw of your milkshake suddenly becoming interesting. 

“Are you just gonna ignore me?” he groaned, his eyes searching your face for any emotions. 

“That’s the plan.” you smiled, before continuing to fiddle with the straw. 

“What have I got to do to make you forgive me?” he asked, his eyes sad as you finally made eye contact. Your heart yearned to forgive him and tell him you loved him but you wouldn’t allow yourself to. 

“You broke me, Ash. You had a girlfriend but still got jealous, or at least I think that’s what that was. I thought that maybe, just maybe you felt the same way but now I’m just confused.” you sighed. “I loved you and I still do.”

Your eyes were glossy as you sat there, awaiting his speech about how he loves you but only as a friend before proceeding to tell you that he hopes it can go back to the way it was. 

But before he said anything he reached across the table, cupping your hand in his two large ones as you looked up at him with scrunched eyebrows. 

“I love you Y/N. So much.” he smiled sadly, his warmth radiating through you as his hands rubbed against yours. 

“Then why’d you get a girlfriend?” you said, your voice small in hopes he wouldn’t hear the wavering in your speech. 

“Because I thought I didn’t deserve you. I needed a distraction and Lola was perfect,” he said, making you wince slightly at the use of her name. “But she wasn’t you.” 

Your eyes burned into his as a tear threatened to spill but as soon as one did, Ashton was quick to catch it; the pad of his thumb swiping across your cheek. 

“So, you actually like me back?” you sighed, desperate for reassurance despite his confession. He chuckled slightly before speaking once again. 

“I don’t like you, baby girl.” he started, “I love you.” 

Your heart fluttered and you could’ve sworn you nearly threw up. The small smile he sent you almost made you explode and you were puzzled as to how he kept such a nonchalant composure whilst professing his love to somebody. 

“I love you too.” you breathed. 

Ashton leaned over the table and softly pressed his lips against yours making your eyes flutter shut and your heart to pound even harder than before. 

It was a few moments before he pulled back, your lips tingling from the innocent yet meaningful kiss. 

“God, I love you so much. I didn’t even think it was possible.” he muttered, somewhat to himself but it was knowingly directed at you. 

“Can we go home?” you smiled, your eyes soft as they met his dilated ones. 

“Of course, baby.”

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Minhyun, Sewoon, Seonho and Seongwoo's reaction when you jokingly told them that you didn't vote for them?

- when you told him that you didn’t vote for him he’ll firstly blink at you before breaking out into that knowing smile
- “it’s okay i’ll still love you even though you didn’t vote for me”
- “… i’M sERIOUS”
- “haha yes yes”
- “…you’re not taking me seriously at all are you?”
- he’ll be all dat sweetness and diabetes “haha not really” coz he be smiling throughout this whole talk and moving his head from side to side
- he trusts you too much from deep down tbh
- “…alright hyunnie, i actually voted for you” you confessed while sighing
- he would be laughing by now “i knew from the start- but hey! it’s cute to see you try so hard to convince me otherwise”

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- “are you seriously joking with me?” he would raise an eyebrow (sexaaaay)
- “i’m being serious here!!” you would be sweating profusely at this point while adverting your line of sight and maybe whistling for extra ‘convincing’ effects
- sewoon actually saw you voting just this morning for him
- he would be really amazed by how cute you are
- would be so happy to the point he’s shy of himself 
- “ok love… whatever you say”

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- will stop eating for a second
- “so… who did you vote for instead?” eyes would be big and shiny and full of curiosity and innocence
- you didn’t know whether to continue your joke or not 
- “oh uhm… your cube bro you know” reads the smudged writing on your palm “… lai queen lin”
- he would smile knowingly and send you hearts “thanks for voting for me my precious”

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- “it’s ok i was gonna break up with you anyway” he would jokingly say
- for a moment you’ll be hella offended like “ok i might’ve voted for you but i’m taking my votes back for kING DanIEL!!”
- he’ll be all like “you’re leaving me for my other partner???? ok i’m more offended than i was supposed to be now”
- the two of you would potentially bicker over daniel to prove who loves him better
- 2 hours later…
- ong: “i’m kinda tired of arguing… can you comeback and be my girl again?”
- you: “…were you serious about breaking up with me?”
- ong: “…oh so we didn’t break up”
- you: /facepalm.

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- would be taken aback at first like… ‘what?’
- quietly settles down for a few moments like excuse me i need some time for me and my thoughts
- when he does finally speak it’ll be something dumb like “ok i won’t vote for you too”
- doesn’t really recognise the potential of it being fake
- you be like ??? “but i’m not in a survival show???” 
- he’ll be like… “….oh”
- later on he’ll be kinda curious like “so did you vote for me?”

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*extra park woojin because he’s my bae

Loki Imagine - ‘You’re different’

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Your P.O.V.

Pure chaos and fear was spreading across the streets of New York. People were running in different directions, hiding, screaming out in pure horror. ‘The end is here’ ‘please don’t kill me!’ and more. I was frozen by shock as I listened to this all. I had just wanted to spend a normal day at the library but instead some aliens wanted to destroy everything. 

Thunder roared in the sky and I saw clouds gathering around a hole in the sky. It was so barbaric to think about. My heart started beating harder in my chest. I saw someone that looked like Iron Man flying, destroying one of those robotic creatures in process. Parts of it flew everywhere and that’s when I knew I had to get into a safe place. Maybe I stood there too long. A huge chunk of the creature was coming straight at me.

That’s it.

I attempted to dodge it but someone grabbed me and ran away super fast. I screamed and held onto this person with my life. He didn’t stop going as fast as lighting. He just ran, probably trying to hide me. I dared to look at the person and my breath got lost. The blonde hair was flowing with the wind and I saw scratches here and there from battle. It was Thor!

‘‘Hold on’‘ He growled to me. Truly, I was confused. It mixed with my fear and nothing made sense. But of course, I did as told, clinging onto him the best way I could. Then I looked behind in, realizing why he was going so fast. We ere being chased! My eyes widened and I felt my body going numb.

‘‘You can’t get away, brother!’‘ The man yelled darkly. He was using a platform to chase us. I locked eyes with the man. He had dark raven hair and piercing green eyes. His clothes were different but the colors suit him- green, black and gold. He even had a strange helmet. As our eyes met, his smile faded.

Thor’s brother was going to say something but Thor did wasn’t going to listen. I don’t know how but with his other arm in the air, he let go of the ground. I almost screamed when I noticed we were flying. Why didn’t he let go of me! ‘’Holy fuck’’ I breathed out as tears stung my eyes. The air was cold and we were getting higher. It was terrifying to look down so I closed my eyes.

A few seconds later everything stopped. Thor put me down and I opened my eyes. We were on top of a building, but I didn’t know which one. Then he looked right into my eyes, very seriously as well. ‘’Hide’’ Was all he said before jumping off the roof, probably to fight those alien creatures.

I was astonished  by now. My entire body was trembling and Thor’s demand echoed in my head. Why should I hide? Why did he save me? Although a million thoughts raced around in my head, I decided to do as told. I ran to the door and opened it, then running down some spiral stairs. As I reached the bottom, I saw a penthouse. It looked very luxurious and expensive.

There was a fireplace with fire in it, roasting the wood. I looked around in panic in desperate need for a hiding place. There was a piano but anyone could find me from underneath it. Then I saw a door. I ran over and shut it, locking myself into the room. As I looked around, I saw that I was in someone’s bedroom. Whoever owned this place wasn’t home. At least it seemed like it.

I sat down on the bed and once again found myself listening to the explosions and screams. This time, they were quieter. Probably because I was up here. 

What was happening to our city? As I sat in silence, tears started to roll down my face. I hugged my knees and started sobbing, sad because so much got destroyed. Thor’s demand scared me. I didn’t know whether my few friends were alright!

‘‘Shit..’‘ I hissed and tugged my own H/C hair. I saw my reflection in the mirror. My heart skipped a beat as I saw myself. My usually E/C eyes were icy purple and they were glowing. I held my breath in shock. Then I saw my surroundings. I had to look around me for real to know it was real. Some objects were floating around in, surrounded by the same purple glow. A candle was on my right as the pillows were hovering over the bed. Even a chair started floating in mid air.

The door opened and all the objects fell down. I turned around swiftly, expecting the owner of this penthouse but man, I was wrong. My gut twisted as I saw the person entering the bedroom. It was the man who had chased Thor. ‘’You!’’ He growled and pointed at me with some sort of a wand with a blue light in it.

A shiver ran down my spine and I had a feeling that this was bigger than what I could understand. ‘’You’re different’’ The man smiled, getting even closer. ‘’W-what do you mean?’’ I stuttered with a very small voice. ‘’Oh Y/N’’ He chuckled at me. How did he know my name? ‘’Let me introduce myself, I’m Loki and I will soon be your king’’ He introduced himself very confidently. King?

Was this even real?

It couldn’t possibly be real!

‘‘Anyway, back to you my dear’‘ He sighed and touched my jaw with his toy. It barely touched me but I felt a weird sensation. ‘‘Why..this is interesting’’ He purred and looked at me closely. I was both afraid and curious. This Loki wasn’t chasing his brother. He chased me. Then my fear grew larger. Thor had told me to hide.

‘‘It doesn’t even work on you. So they were right about you’‘ Loki spoke words that were nonsense to me. Then I stepped back, not wanting to be in touch with his weird toy.’‘Can you please be clearer?’‘ I asked, hoping that he wouldn’t find me arrogant and kill me. I mean, he wasn’t from this world. I had no idea what he could do!

‘‘With pleasure. I need to take over this world’‘ He told me like it was nothing. For me, it was a sentence that made my heart drop. I pointed at my chest. ‘‘My help? I’m just a normal human. I can’t possibly help you!’‘ I defended myself, silently praying for Thor to show up again. What the fuck. This day had become so wild I was expecting a damn God to show up and save me. I was going bonkers!

‘‘No no no..I already told you. You’re different’‘ Loki growled and hit the floor with his toy. I flinched, not daring to move a muscle now. ‘‘Would you like some proof?’‘ He continued, almost excitedly. I shook my head no as more tears ran down my face. ‘‘Well, I’ll give it to you anyway’‘ He sighed and raised his toy. The blue light grew larger and I knew exactly what he was doing. 

He would shoot me with that beam!

I heard a ‘pew’ sound and I screamed, closing my eyes and shielding myself with my arms. The floor shook a little bit and I held my breath. I waited a little while for a burning pain but it never came. I opened my eyes and gasped. I was surrounded by a purple beam bubble- or whatever it was. Loki looked at me with a big, mischievous grin.

I couldn’t believe this. Did I create that? Everything outside the bubble besides Loki, was broken. Things had turned ashy and some things were on fire. As I lowered my arms, the shield faded away. It was way too much for my mind to handle. I was dumbfounded. So I fell onto my knees and stared at my surroundings.

‘I’m only a normal human!’‘ Loki mimicked my voice. Then there was multiple versions of him, all surrounding me. He was using his magic. ‘‘No..’‘I breathed out.Then I sniffled. My head started to ache madly from this all. I had no idea what the hell was real anymore.

My palms touched the floor and I stared at my fingers, trying to breathe but I found it hard. The temperature dropped in the room and I felt cold. Goosebumps appeared on my skin and my breath turned foggy. ‘’I know this is much for you but I know how you feel, Y/N. I also went through the shock as I found out I wasn’t who I thought I was’’ Loki started speaking more seriously.

I shook my head no, refusing to believe I was anything but human. I was quivering and crying, on the verge of having a break down. A hand touched my jaw and made me look up. Loki was down on my level and he looked deeply into my eyes. His other versions vanished into thin air and it was just the two of us left.

Then I saw something shocking. He let go of me and I kept looking. Then his flawless pale skin turned darker, almost dark blue and it even looked like he was frozen underneath. It started from his head and the color change moved towards his fingertips. He shut his eyes and sighed. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it would escape my body. Then Loki opened his eyes. They were bright red. That’s when I backed off a little bit, stumbling so I was sitting on my bum. 

What just happened?

‘‘Allow me to show you your true colors. We could work together greatly’‘ Loki tried to make me work with him again. Before I had a chance to speak, we heard a loud thud. Loki turned around and got back to normal just before the door flew open. I saw Thor once again.My headache developed into a lightheaded feeling and I swear I would faint soon.

‘‘This isn’t right’‘ Thor growled angrily at his brother. ‘’You wouldn’t understand! You never have!’‘ Loki fought back, growing angry. They were both holding some weapons, a hammer and a wand with a blue light. I gulped, afraid they’d have a brutal scene right here.

‘‘Let’s get going’‘ I heard a whisper next to me. I startled and turned around. It was Loki! Then I looked back at Thor. Loki was in front of him as well! ‘‘He’ll find out it’s just an illusion soon. We must go’‘ Loki grabbed my arm and pulled me away. He opened another door in the huge bedroom and pushed me through it. I guess I didn’t have a choice but to play his game.

Loki opened a window and then grabbed my waist, holding me tightly. In the middle of this chaos, I felt surprised by his touch. I didn’t get a chance to think until he moved to his next move. He didn’t say anything as he jumped out of the window, pulling me with him. I screamed for dear life and shut my eyes. We were free falling! Then we landed on something. I grunted in pain but it wasn’t too bad.My entire body was quivering and I was panicking. Loki here acted as if everything was fine and in control. We landed on some platform he used to chase us. 

‘‘See?It wasn’t that bad’‘ He chuckled and let me weep by myself. It felt like I could fall over the edge any second but somehow, I didn’t. Then I looked down, seeing how New York got destroyed. The sight was unbelievable but what messed with my most was my powers.

It felt like I had never known myself. Like my life so far was a lie. What was the truth? Would Loki tell me?

Solely for the truth I would stick with Loki. It’s not like I had a choice anyway. My thoughts seemed to get the best of me. My vision got blurry and I lost my balance.Then I blacked out, feeling way too overwhelmed by everything to be up and think more.

A/N: Sorry if this is bad, it’s my first Loki imagine :)

Seventeen Hip Hop Reaction: “You Developing an Issue with Food”

Anon: seventeen as your boyfriend’s reaction at you developing a bad relationship with foods due to korean standard/your insecurities over them seeing lots of pretty and skinny kpop idols. thank you! this mean the world to me. ✨💕

I wanted to do this as a series/longer post so the other two units will be out soon <3 

Okay if you are triggered by anything remotely related to this issue do not read on! I am not giving you hints/tricks! - I am writing this to help! 

This is just a reaction and should be taken as such! Also, gifs are mine!

*Trigger Warning*

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Ultralight Beam

Author’s Note: Immmm bacckkk. Jesus, it literally feels like forever since I have sat down to write something that wasn’t an essay for my classes. Its summer break and I’m making comeback to Tumblr and my comeback as a writer. This took two days to write but I put my heart into it, shout out to Harrys-writing probably doesn’t even know me but dude you inspired me to start writing again, so this is high key dedicated to her. If there any grammar errors sorry. My request box is open and I’m open to writing about other artist, I’ve just been in my Harry vibes for a bit ( when have I ever not been in my harry vibes tho?) . This is supposed to be two parts, the next part may contain smut but that’s all up to if you guys want to read it. Also for extra effect you could listen to Harry’s cover of Ultralight Beam by Kanye West, as this was what I listened to when writing this .( ) . Anyways thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it!
You had everything you ever wanted. You were engaged to the love of your life, Nick Campbell. You lived in the home of your dreams. You loved your job. You would think you would be satisfied, but you know what they say only fools are satisfied.
You arrived at the listening party 20 minutes late due to your fiancés nagging and traffic, Nick couldn’t see why you were such a rush to be there since you were always in the studio with Harry while he was making the album. You had even traveled with him to Jamaica when he was writing, but none the less you just had to be here. You had to see him again.
“I’ll be back”, you assured Nick before placing a kiss on his cheek and disappearing into the crowd of people. You would think it be easy for you to find the man of the hour, but it seemed impossible in sea of people in the venue. You continued in what seemed like a hopeless journey before a strong hand grabbed onto your forearm tightly and pulled you into a secluded hallway. “Hey get your paws off me, my fiancé will-” “Are you sure about that love?”. Your heart jumped and your breathing hitched as you turned to see him, the man of the hour, Mr. Harry Edward Styles hovering over you with the cheekiest smile on his face. Harry looked mouth watering, he was dressed head to toe in Gucci and his shirt was unbuttoned showing of his bare chest. He smelt like his infamous Versace cologne, the same cologne he wore when you first met- the smell brought back memories of the two of you together. You let out a small huff in attempts to pull yourself together - Harry notices and chuckled softly, that smug grin never leaving his face. “ I’ve been looking all over for you. Come with me”

This was so wrong. So so so so wrong. Your future husband could walk in here at any moment and everything would be over, your dirty little secret would be out. The background history of you and Harry was simple, you had met Harry at a mutual friend’s party after having a bad argument with your fiancé. A full bottle of vodka in both of your systems was to blame for you never making it home to your fiancé that night and waking up in Harry’s arms the following morning. That’s as far as it was supposed to go between you two, but Harry couldn’t get you out of his mind so he reached out to your mutual fiend to get you number. He texted you everyday for a week until you finally gave in and met him for lunch at his hotel while he was in town which lead to him fucking you on the countertop, and after that you two couldn’t get your hands off of each other. You would sneak out at night, make up lies about working late or staying with a friend, just to have Harry’s cock buried deep inside of you. It was ridiculous and you knew it but here you two are making out and dry humping like two high schoolers. Harry was attacking your sweet spot on your neck with his lips, it had only been maybe 10 minutes since you two finally found each other but you were already melting like butter for him. “ Harry..shit fuck… my fiancé ”, you moans softly into the air as Harry’s warm hands began to wander all over your body. He chuckled softly,” Is that suppose to scare me… That twat is irrelevant”. “ That twat is the man I plan to marry”, you retorted back pushing away from Harry. “ Oh please (Y/N) don’t give me that shit, just a week ago you were at my door crying about he’s fucking his assistant. How long are you gonna keep this act up?” His nostrils began to flare, he was trying his best not to explode. You calling the twat your fiancé was enough to make him want to tear down the walls of the hallway you stood in. “ Nick is a good guy… we are..” “Don’t you dare say it (Y/N), it’s a lie and you know it. If you were happy you wouldn’t be in my bed every night”. The two of you stood in silence, the echoes of Kiwi bouncing down the hallway, you bit down on your lip softly unsure of what to say. You thought you were happy but as the months passed you started to put on your clothes a little slower whenever you and Harry had quickie, you would dread having to leave Harry and go back to your husband. “ You’re not happy and you know it. It’s bad enough he’s enough of an asshole but he bores you . You’re bored ( Y/N). What you have it’s not love, your just scared for once to take a leap of faith” , Harry began to pace in front of you his veins were bulging out and you could tell this whole thing had angered him. “ I can’t just leave him… you know that”, you whimper and look down at your hands. You never meant to hurt anybody, you knew this was wrong from the start but seeing Harry in such distress because of your actions was a nightmare come true.
“ You can’t just make decide like this”
“ No I can’t but it’s very clear what you’ve decided”
“ Harry stop please”
“ No you stop! You would rather marry that piece of shit than to be with someone who actually loves you. God dammit (Y/N), I’ve loved you since I first met you! But you’re too blind to see it !”
“ Harry… I didn't”
“ Of course you wouldn’t have known, you’re too stuck up that twats ass to notice”
“ Stop. This stops right now . Enjoy your life with Nick”
Harry gave you one last glance, his eyes a mixture sadness and anger, before he walks back into the crowd of guest leaving you to suffer in your own guilt.

Twisted Ending {Tom Holland}

Summary: Y/n is one of the popular girls in school who fucks around with people’s feelings. Tom and Y/n went on their first date and things starts from there, Y/n thought that he’s the one but on the other hand, Tom have a better idea.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Swear Words

Words: 2.k+

A/n: UNEDITED, I hate the ending, sorry i’m not a good writer even though I love writing. WHY HIM Pt.2 is coming tomorrowwwww. I just think the GIF is cute. Also I really want to make new friends on Tumblr so if you’re bored you can hmu, I hope I don’t sound desperate.

“Y/n what’s going on with you?” My best friend asks shaking her head as if she’s disappointed.

“What do you mean?” I ask her back leaning against my locker, moving my eyes from her to Tom who is standing with his best friend, Harrison. They are laughing and talking like there’s nobody else in the world, oblivious to the fact that I’m staring at them.

“You’ve been all dreamy about Tom. Last time I checked you were the one who doesn’t give a shit about anybody and all you do was break every boys’ hearts.” She explain, resting her hand on her hips, tilting her head to one side.

“Have you ever talked to him?” I ask and continue to stare at them quite creepily.

“Yeah so?”

“He’s just so nice and sweet and polite and.. pretty.” I say, looking back at my best friend now as she stares at me weirdly when I said ‘pretty’.

Pretty?” She says with her British accent. I nod my head and tried to explain it to her but I decided to stop because she won’t get it.

The bell rings loudly throughout the school as the students begin to push each other around, trying not to be late to their classes. Tom and his best friend separate. Tom walks in the same direction as me, a grin finds its way onto my face as I walk in front of him.

I sit on my seat behind Tom’s as the class begin. The teacher starts blabbing as I look at Tom’s hair, imagining what it would be like if I could touch it.

After 20 minutes of explaining the things we don’t need or will never ever use in our lives she left the classroom to get some more papers for us to work on.

Suddenly, Tom turns around and looks at me as I look back at him with a confused face. The tension is building up slowly, it starts to make me uncomfortable sitting under his stare.

“Do you need any help?” I ask, trying to break the tension.

“Do you wanna hang out sometimes?” He asks not stuttering what so ever and he doesn’t seem nervous. People said that if a boy doesn’t stutter when they ask you means that they don’t actually like you. That’s probably true but he’s Tom, he probably have a lot of girlfriends before he decided to ask me, maybe he’s just used to asking girls to hangout right? Right?

Right, I try to convince myself.

“M-me?” How is this happening, one of the school biggest slut just stuttered? My friends look at me weirdly, some students also turn to look at us, hearing me stutter.

“Mhm, so yes or no?” He smirks a bit, seeing my nervousness. I nod my head, desperately as I smile.

“Okay so tomorrow after school?” He asks, leaning back on his chair, resting his hand on my table, fiddling with the pencil on the table. I nod my head once again, he nods his head back, the smirk still on his face before he turns back when the teacher walks in.

When the teacher isn’t looking I take my phone out and texted my boyfriend who I was emotionally cheating on.

“What am I going to wear!?” I shout at myself in the mirror before I pace around my room. There’s only 10 minutes left and I have no idea what to wear. I decided to just wear a pair of jeans with a purple hoodie. I jump into the shower and came out about 5 minutes later.

I decided not to wear make up, even though I like Tom a lot I don’t need to impress him that much, I can’t give him all my effort without knowing how much he’s going to give me his.

I grab my phone and rush out of my house and meet up with Tom. He’s wearing his usual buttoned up shirt and a pair of jeans, showing me that he didn’t put that much effort. He smiles at me before he grabbed my hands, dragging my into the cinema after he bought us our tickets.

“This movie is boring, Tom.” I say turning my face to him as he stares at the screen, nodding his head. My eyes shift around the big room seeing that there are less then ten people in here.

“Yeah, I’m trying to concentrate but I just don’t get this movie.” He says, eating more popcorns.

“Do you wanna do something else?” He asks nicely, turning to me raising both of his brows.

“I mean we can go somewhere else,” I shrug my shoulders. He chuckles quietly to himself. “What?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He says, reaching his hands out to grab mine. I look down at our hands confused for a second before I get what he meant.

“Oh, I didn’t think that you were the type to you know..” I say, getting quieter as the sentence begin to end. He just smiles and begins to lean closer to my face. The closer he is the faster my heart beats. My heart is hammering against my chest. Tom reaches his other hand out and lightly cups my left cheek.

“I thought you don’t like girls like me.” I pull back from his face, grabbing his hand off my cheek. He looks surprise for a split second but it disappear just as fast as I notice it.

“What do you mean girls like you?” He asks.

“You know, break peoples hearts, ruins other lives and fuck around with people a lot.” I say as the movie in front of us continues to play.

“Well so far you haven’t done anything to me.” Tom shrugs. “Also, I heard that you broke up with your two days boyfriend yesterday.” Tom states.

“Yeah well.. he wasn’t exactly nice.” I excuse not wanting him to know the real reason. Without saying anything he begins to lean closer to my face once again.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask, when his face is a few inches away from mine. He nods before he closes the gap between us. One of his hands finds its way to my waist, pulling me against the arm rest. I was tense for a few seconds before I relax as he begins to move his lips on mine. We both close our eyes, deepening the kiss. I reach my hand and wrap my fingers his neck. My fingers tangle with his soft curly hair. He uses his thumb to draw small circles on my stomach.

We both pull away from each other and stares into each other’s dark eyes in the shadow of the cinema. We are both breathing heavily, a small blush grows on my face as I look away from him for a second. He pulls on my hands, telling me to get out of my seat.

I stand up from my seat and take a step towards him, he shifts a bit in his seat before he pulls onto my waist. So this is what my life have taken me, now I’m straddling Tom in the cinema. My knees are bending on the soft cinema seat as Tom pulls me closer to him, holding onto my neck and kiss me once again. I start to grind my hips on him, creating some frictions. I pull away from his kisses and go down to jaw and collarbone, kissing them lightly trying to find his sweet spot.

Fuck.” He whispered to himself as he let out a small quiet whimper when I kiss just under his left jaw, his grip on my waist tightens as I suck on his soft skin. His hands travel down further my waist before one of them goes back and holds onto my neck once again. He uses one of his finger to guide my face onto his, I place my lips on his, moving quickly and desperately. After some times, he pulls away and starts to kiss my collarbone, causing me to grind harder onto him. He pulls his hand down to my waist again, this time dipping his fingers down the front of my jean resting just above the hem of my underwear, rubbing small circles once again.

Every week after that day we would go on dates and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Every time we went to watch a movie he would make an effort to walk me home which is very sweet. He would be holding my hand the whole time, sometimes he would play with my fingers which was kind of weird but still cute.

At school he would always give me light kisses on my lips and neck. At lunch he would sit with me not caring about the stares we receive everyday at school. And holding hands in the hallway, god I feel like he’s the one (I cringed). He does things normal boyfriends do but he’s better than the others.

Everyday my heart grow more for him, we haven’t done anything other then making out and occasionally dry sex which I was glad for, I really want our relationship to be special but something else is happening.

These past few days he have been distant, he rarely texts or talks to me at school. People were starting to notice and some of them asked me if we’re still together which I answer with a simple ‘I’m not sure’.

“Have you heard!?” My best friend yells into her phone, causing me to flinch away from my own phone.

“Heard what?” I ask, getting worried because she would never yell into her phone even if she’s excited about something.

“Your Tom,”

“What about him?” I sit on my bed, playing with the duvet in my hand.

“He have a new girl friend?” She answers with a questioning tone in her voice.

“New girlfriend? But he’s with me.” After I said that, everything makes sense. He have been distant for a while and we haven’t been on as much dates as before. My heart begins to race faster in my chest as realization hits me like a brick.

“The girl even posted a picture on her Instagram account. Look at it.” I put her on speaker and go on Instagram, she told me her name and I searched it up. The girl even tagged Tom on her photo. They were smiling at the camera, his hand on her waist.  A single tear rolled down my cheek and I wipe I off, I can’t cry because of a boy, that would make me weak.

Then I read the caption; With my lovely boyfriend

I ended the call with my best friend after a while of talking. I buried my face into my pillow and started to cry, my heart aching. I’ve never cried over anybody, I didn’t expect myself to fall this hard for a boy who was obviously acting. I guess that’s what happened when you give people everything you have. They end up hurting you and that’s why it’s always better for me to just hurt people.

I look up from my pillow when my phone begin to ring. It’s Tom calling. I answer the phone and pretend that I don’t know about his new girlfriend and just try to hide the lump climbing up my throat. He told me to meet him in the park near my house and I agreed.

“So what does it feels like?” He asks as soon as he sees me.

“What do you mean?” I ask, pretending to be confused and pretending that my heart isn’t breaking inside.

“What does it feels like to suffer from a relationship. It hurts doesn’t it?” At that moment I figure out that he knew that I’m hurting, probably from my red eyes.

“What are you talking about?” I let out a small nervous laugh at the end, grabbing onto the hem of my hoodie, playing with it as a habit when I’m nervous or scared.

“You’re one of the most popular girls in school, I’m sure you’ve heard that I have a new girlfriend, who’s better than you because I know that she would never play with my feelings or.. any boys feelings as a matter of fact.” He says, taking a step closer to me.

“But I’m not playing with your feelings. My feelings for you are real and you know that. I’m sure you’re smart enough to see that.” My voice shakes slightly as I try to blink the tears away.

“Everybody knows that you’ve fallen for me, they notice your behavior around me. And you know what they say? They said 'Oh my god she actually have feelings’ which is quite sad, considering all you’ve been doing is breaking people’s heart, especially the ones that gave you their all. And now I’m doing the same thing to you,  reading your heart.” Tom says staring into my teary eyes.

“So this was your plan all along? Just to lead me on, thinking we have something real when all you’ve been trying to do is hurt me like I did with others.” I ask, stepping away from him as he takes a step.

“Yeah basically.”

“Well then congrats, you did it. You made me cry and broke my heart. I deserve it.”

“Yes you do,” Tom agrees, I press my lips into a thin line trying to hold back my tears that are slowly flooding my eyes. It feels like a small needle was pierced into my heart, trying to stitch up the broken pieces but there was no thread so all it was doing was giving me more pain.

I nod my head once again and turn around, ready to leave and continue my own life, hopefully making it better.

“I started to actually like you, you know the first time we hung out was actually nice,I had fun and I’m sure you did too but every time I think about you and I together my mind flashes back to the things you did to others. I know that you’re actually nice, but you kept hurting people and I can’t be with someone who hurts my friends.” Tom says loudly as I listen but I don’t stop.

“I was surprise when you said that I actually don’t like girls like you but why can’t you just stop hurting other people?” He asks, some people are staring at us waiting to see what happens next.

“I was trying but you haven’t really given me the chance to stop.” I say as my mind flashes back to the times I thought about stopping, I was going to. Tom is everything I’ve ever wanted but now that he’s gone and that he has a new girlfriend, I decided to go back to normal and stop loving people just like before. Isn’t that how people these days deal with their problems? Hurting other people just to protect themselves?