these two asdfghj

ronaldswheezy  asked:

caring bf!enjolras who loves n accepts r for who he is and loves him so so so much. when r thinks he's being annoying and rambling on about a subject he'll often stop in the middle of a sentence like 'i'm sorry i know you probably don't care' and enj is just 'no no please continue' bc he's genuinely interested in what r has to say and he knows r gets a lot of shit for talking a lot so he's more than happy to indulge (also he just loves the sound of r's voice ok) i'm so emo over these two asdfghj


honestly i Love enjolras being interested in things grantaire has to say cause like. so often hes the Bad Boyfriend™ who doesnt listen or interrupts or flat out blanks him and thats so…………not enjolras??

and like. im sure hes very aware that grantaire is so self conscious and probably spends a lot of time tryna keep himself “in check” when it comes to talking about things hes actually passionate about and likes??

 cause its one thing to be dismissed or ignored when ur drunk ranting about some dead poet or smth but ENTIRELY ANOTHER when someone u love doesnt care about something ur genuinely invested or interested in and that can hurt!!! and enjolras, the loved person in question, happens to very much love grantaire and thus would never dream of intentionally dismissing him or ignoring him when he’s being genuine and excited like the cutie he is!! so goes to great lengths to let him know hes listening and interested!! because he loves him!! and theyre in love!!!