these two are too adorable


I’ve just been a fan of his for a long long time, and so every night I’m like ‘Brian d'Arcy James is singing to me.’ You know, I feel like we make a really great team. - Sutton Foster

She’s very very funny, I have a hard time sometimes on stage with her. I don’t know, I just can’t say enough about her, I’m just really lucky that I’ve had the chance to work with her. I hope I get to work with her again without prosthetics on my face (laughs) - Brian d'Arcy James

Daniel: I don’t know what kids play with these days in terms of toys, but I mean I’d like to se–

Ryan: Blocks.

Daniel: *looks over to Ryan* Yeah?

Ryan: They play with blocks.

Daniel: Like actual cement blocks?

Ryan: Actual cement blocks.

Daniel: *hand motioning with imaginary blocks* AH AH AH

Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney are international treasures and you can’t convince me otherwise

Also, Ryan said this that this moment in the interview would be turned into a GIF, so I had to take it upon myself to make this. 

If you wanna watch the whole interview, link is here

“they exchanged endless letters of news and gossip and longing. “Querido Carlos,” Longfellow addressed Sumner. When Longfellow got married, Sumner, a bachelor, went with him on the honeymoon. Not long after the two men first met, Sumner left Cambridge to study in Europe, bearing letters of introduction from Longfellow, and they carried on an intimate correspondence. The historian Frederick Blue, who has carefully documented their friendship, calls them an odd couple, which gets it just about right: Sumner was dogmatic and abrasive, even ferocious; Longfellow was gentle and retiring and contented, a famously nice man.”


celestialsuperstar replied to your post:ok but since you tagged celestialsuperstar in that last post i can only think of the dr just asleep. with a guitar.

//ahh that’s adorable

oh gosh and then if fitz wakes them up they just sort of blink up at him sleepily and hold out the guitar and mumble something about playing something but then they shift so they’re half resting on his lap making it difficult and mumble that they missed him before falling asleep again