these two are the light of my life

I want to court Foleo as male Kamui; like, old fashion courting.

I want to bring him a new bouquet of flowers every day, just because. I want to take him to walks in the woods and just listen to him talk for hours. I want to kiss his hand when I say hello/goodbye. I want to serenade him in a balcony from the ground. I want to prepare a lavish candel light dinner for the two of us, and pur him a glass of wine while telling him how he’s the most beautiful and wonderful person I have ever met, and how my life is so much better because he’s in it.

And then I want to take him to be and show just how much I appreciate him until dawn.

Thank you for your time.

Yesterday I found two ladybugs that must of came in my house to get warm from the cold. It was warm for a few days then it got really cold again. So I took those two beautiful ladies and put them with my succulents under the warm lights🐞💕🙏🏻 so they could be happy with plant life artificial sun and dirt 🌵☀️💕 so I checked on them today and they were really happy crawling around and doing ladybug things 🐞💕🙏🏻 things like that is happiness to me 😍💕🐞

today i am thankful for:

- the dragon ive been waiting for being born and only a cr away

- my two dogs who are the light of my life

- food

- my cute friends

- my cute friends who refuse to admit they’re cute but they are and it’s all of them

- stipends so I’m in less debt lmao

- fr fed my dragons for my lazy bum

happy thanksgiving


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lance,,, Keith,,,, the lights of my life,,,, where are your shades or safety glasses on that motorcycle,,,, you will get dirt or rocks in your eyes,,, (I'm not trying to be rude and point out mistakes btw. this isn't meant to offend in anyway, I'm just trying to encourage good safety procedures. I see a lot of art where they don't have things covering their eyes and that's really dangerous)

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LMAO, it is so true, noni!!
No offense taken at all, you are absolutely right XD
 and safety is the most important part (and keith should know it)


Mental Illness with Makeup:
Bipolar Depression
When I create a look/creature, it is almost always based on emotion and I do my best to convey how I feel during that time in my life. It is a very interesting diary, I suppose. Lately, I have been constantly going back and forth from hopefulness to hopelessness and I am very tired. I created these two creatures, one in October and one today (April 27,2017). I miss how I felt and I try to find as much light as I can nowadays.


Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: Thank you to all those who followed me and read my first fic!  I’m thinking of doing a part two to this one, so if you like it, let me know!

Your fire escape had always been your favourite part of your apartment.  Situated outside your bedroom window, you had spent countless hours of your life lounging on the metal steps, reading a book or catching up on some homework.  Last summer, you had wound a string of fairy lights around the rails, which were coated in shiny dark paint.  Your landlady had protested at first but, after you proved that they weren’t endangering the use of the fire escape in any way, she had let you keep them.  The small victory had brought a smile to your face, and now your escape was even cozier than before, and was still just as cozy a year later.  This year’s summer brought scorching heat and clear nights, and you spent most of your free time out on your escape, trying to catch a breeze.

You sat on your fire escape now, wearing a lightweight hoodie and pajama shorts, doodling in a journal.  School was out for the week and tomorrow didn’t require a six am wake up call, leaving you free to stay up late and admire the Queens skyline at night.  It was nights like these that you loved the most; nights that seemed like they were pulled straight from a movie scene, with stars that glimmered like flames, a full moon bigger than you had ever seen before, and the sounds of the city mixing in with the quiet melodies that drifted out of the speakers propped up on your window sill.  You would be content for the rest of your life if you could keep moments like these forever.

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the tenth doctor by the numbers (info)

⇁ tessellate | 01

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sequel to nudes, not flowers with more angst and more filth

pairing⇁Hoseok x Reader x Jungkook

genre⇁smut, slight angst || fuckboi!au

warnings⇁public indecency, cumplay, exhibitionism, rough sex, dom/sub undertones, dom!junghope, jealousy, mentions of infidelity, sex in front of a mirror, oh n light daddy kink 

word count⇁15k

“ Triangles are my favorite shape
Three points where two lines meet.” (tessellate)

Triangles are supposed to be the strongest and most stable of all geometric shapes. You wonder how true this statement is if applied to real life situations. The way you see it: triangles aren’t a reliable structure for relationships, especially if the parties you’re involved with find commitment to be a foreign concept. 

or : a fuckboy’s guide to polyamory 

start | 01

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I was watching/listening to a let’s play of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm while working on the art projects and commissions and I kinda had keith in my mind for it? So, here a doodle :D

i really like doing those light effects hahaha


she was like space
cold but full of light
stars in her eyes
they lit up at night

you were like the earth
supplying life
and when she was lost
you gave her purpose

she was like a storm
beautiful but deadly
she could form multiple clouds
and strike people with lighting

you were like the sea
a tidal wave of blue
collecting rain drops from her storm
and willing to evaporate for her

together you two were a team
the perfect duo to put everyone at ease