these two are the definition of impossible love

After reading a crap ton of supercorp fanfics, I’ve decided to come up with a top 10 list of my all time favorites.

The stories that are completed says total chapters and the ones that are in progress say current chapters. 

If you want to know why each one is my favorite, you can shoot me a message and I’ll answer. 

I hope you read some of these if you haven’t already. All of these authors are brilliant writers and deserve the signal boost. 

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Crazy Naomi and Junchiro theory

Okay, so I just thought of something involving Junichiro and Naomi. What we’re told is that Junichiro has the ability ‘light snow’, and Naomi doesn’t have one at all. Well the latest few chapters got me thinking of how abilities work. We recently learned that Elise herself is Moris ability. She has powers and apparently is configured by Mori. Therefore she does whatever he says. Then there’s Junichiro and Naomi, who’s relationship looking back on it, is very similar to Elise and Mori.

Junichiro is super powerful being able to take on Hirotsu, Gin, and Tachichara all at once. He stands out so much that even both Hirotsu and Mori took note of this. Everything he is shown to be able to do is far above most other ability users. And yet he never uses it to its full potential

So where am i going with this? To put it simply, Junichiro himself may be Naomis ability. It seems odd, but there are a surprising number of things supporting the idea. For instance, they claim to be siblings, but just a glance at them is enough to see how they may not be as closely related as they act. Even characters in the show point this out.

Like Mori with Elise, Junichiro does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for Naomi. He cooks for her,  he protects her, kills anyone if it means keeping her safe, and their ahem… *cough*relationship*cough* No matter how you look at it, Junichiro has an undying loyalty to Naomi alone, and she knows this. He compares his love for Naomi to those who worship god. He would gladly watch the world burn if it’s for her(actual quote he says).

Going back to Naomi’s physical appearance, she actually has more of a resemblance to two other characters in the show than he does with Junichiro… Gin and Akutagawa.


Most likely not, but it’s definitely not impossible. I wrote it off in my mind as a coincidence with the black hair/gray eye/pale skin combo. But it actually has some credibility. Gin and Naomi even are shown together in the BSD artbook! I can’t read japanese, so I don’t know if there is any meaning to it(maybe there is). But these two are completely random characters to appear together like this.

There was actually a backstory written for Akutagawa that was written in volume 6 called ‘A Heartless Dog’. It’s about Akutagawa taking care of Gin and 8 other orphans who were all killed by the mafia, where Gin and Akutagawa being the only survivors. So how would Naomi fit into this? She could have been one of the orphans, or maybe even Akutagawa and Gins youngest sibling. She could have awakened her ability and saved herself, thus creating junichiro. We know Gin/Akutagawa absolutely despise their past and Naomi/Junichiros past is a complete mystery. So there might actually be some connection there…

Most people already know this, but Naomi’s character is actually based off the main character of the book ‘A Fool’s Love’ which was written by real life Junichiro Tanizaki. So what if the manga is going with a reverse route where this time Junichiro is the fictional character created by Naomi. This wouldn’t be the first time bungou stray dogs does this as something Similar happened with Akutagawa and Dazai. With the real life counterparts, Akutagawa was Dazai’s idol!

I don’t have a clue whether it’s true or not, but I thought it was too interesting not to share.


request: can u do a harry imagine where you two meet your parents and he kinda has his hands on u a lot and your parents get pissed? love you xx

hello loves! just wanted to thank you all again for 2000 followers. i never thought that my blog would have this many people that read my stuff. im so honored. anyways, keep sending in requests! hope you enjoy!

To say that Harry was nervous would be an understatement.

The night that you two were laying in bed when you mentioned to him that you would like him to meet your  parents, you could feel him tense as you wrapped your arms around his waist.

It wasn’t that Harry wasn’t good with parents, but he had heard stories from you about your father grilling the past men in your life about there jobs, and your mother making not so passive but very much aggressive remarks throughout the time you had been visiting your parents.

Even though Harry wasn’t concerned about his masculinity, he didn’t want you thinking he was to scared to meet your parents, so he reluctantly agreed to a lunch over the weekend.

You could tell he was hesitant, but you weren’t going to let your parents ruin your relationship, not with Harry.

The day of the lunch had arrived and Harry spent all morning getting himself ready, picking out the perfect outfit to wear, as well as purchasing your mom flowers. You smiled at Harry’s nervousness, finding it somewhat endearing. You wanted him to relax, but at the same time, you were nervous also. You knew how the past altercations between your parents and a boyfriend affected the relationship, and you just didn’t want that to happen with Harry.

Saturday morning arrived and Harry became whiny as you both woke up. “Y/N, we can still back out! Tell them I’m sick!” he said, grasping at your arm as you got up from the bed.

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Exes and No’s (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: Can you please do Jason todd X jealous reader? Maybe the reader ran into one of Jason’s exs or something ^^ I love your blog by the way!!!!!

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, self hate

Originally posted by menamarco

Jason made it no secret he had been with people before, when the two of you got together it was a made abundantly clear that he had sex before been in both long term and short term relationships. It never really bothered you, after all you had dated in the past as well.

It had never been a problem before today, because you had somehow got invited to Jason Todd’s ex’s club or something, because all the important ones were here, and damn they were all really really attractive.

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anonymous asked:

okay but what do the h1z1!boys have to say about the daily!boys or is that like an impossible interaction?

Mini: “There are so many!! There’s @dailyminiladd , @dailyvanossg and @dailyterroriser !”

Del: “I’m obviously the coolest one!!! @dailyh2odel

Marcel: “Nah man, @dailyidowrk AND @dailybasicallyidowrk are definitely the coolest! I GOT TWO BITCHES, GET ON MY LEVEL!”

Brian: “Guys-”

Mini: “I spotted Tyler, @daily-wildcat. I think there are more but I’m not sure.”

//Brian doesn’t mean it, he loves them all, I swear//


please watch in HD, small screen with headphones.

I scream, I cry, I curse, I say I hate it and will never forget. I say I’ll burn everything to the ground if they don’t have a good and happy life but let’s be honest here, I’m all here for the drama, I live for it and happiness is for the fics haha And these two are pretty much the definition of drama itself, my poor babies can’t have like one week of peace it’s sooo rude but man I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 You know what I love the most ? They always -ALWAYS- find they way back to each other. They’re SOOOOO beautiful I can’t even write how much I love them and how much they’re precious to my heart and soul <3
Anyway, I really think this season is one the best we had and I can’t think about the show being cancelled, it’s just impossible !
Oh and I was supposed to wait until the season’s finale to vid again but what can I say ? These two are my worst weekness <3

lucaya prompt

in which a chapter closes and they realize their feelings. requested by two anonymous asks! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

Maya was angry. She was the definition of angry. She loved Riley too much to ever hurt her. Maya had told Lucas she didn’t like him like that. She was supposed to love Josh, but she didn’t. It was Lucas, and it always had been. Not Zay, not Josh, and definitely not Farkle. Always Lucas, as crazy as it was.

Maya knew she shouldn’t keep this from Riley, she couldn’t. It was physically impossible for Riley and Maya to keep secrets. So, there Maya sat in the bay window, alone. She was waiting for Riley and the inevitable tears that would come. But, as Riley had once told her, you need to feel whatever you feel. She reminded herself of this over and over to reassure herself that everything would be okay. It always was.

Besides, it’s not like her and Lucas were dating or anything! Lucas had never chosen, in fear of hurting one of the girls he cared so deeply for.

Suddenly, Riley walked into her bedroom, hand in hand with Farkle. Maya looked confused, but Riley was happy to see her best friend.

“Hi!” Riley exclaimed, putting her arms around Maya.

“Farkle, can you give us a moment?” She asked the blue-eyed boy who then nodded, leaving the two girls.

“Riley, I care about you more than anyone else in the world.” She started.

“I know.” Riley smiled. “What’s going on?”

“I know this might mess things up, but I can never keep things from you.”

“You can tell me anything, Maya.” Riley grinned at the blonde girl in front of her.

“ithinkistilllikeLucas.” Maya rushed out all at once.

“Slow down.” Riley chuckled.

“I think I still like Lucas. I’m so sorry, Riles.” She said and Riley just smiled.

“It’s okay, Maya. You’re my best friend and I would never try to stop you from your feelings.”

“Are you sure this is okay?”

“Of course.” Riley said with a real grin on her face.

“Okay, but why were you holding hands with Farkle?” Maya questioned.

“That’s for later. Go get your man!” Riley exclaimed, embarrassed. She pushed Maya out of the window, locked it, and smiled to herself.


Maya walked around downtown, anxiously waiting for Lucas to text her back.

Maya: Ranger Rick, meet me somewhere?

Lucas: yeah, where?

Maya: you know what, i’m coming to yours. be there in 10.

Maya sent her response that sounded cocky over the text, but she was honestly shaking with nerves.

She strolled down the road that Lucas lived on, cheeks red from the cold. Snow started to lightly fall, causing her to pick up her pace. No way in hell she was walking through snow. Soon enough, she ended up outside the door of Lucas’ apartment.

“This is it.” She thought, taking a deep breath and pressing the buzzer.

His mother greeted her, sending her back to his room with a gracious smile. Maya thanked her and walked back to his bedroom, hands shaking as she knocked.

“Hey, Maya.” He said softly, a smile gracing his face.

“Hey, Sundance.”

“I thought we stopped with the nicknames.” He groaned.

“We never stopped, Lucas.”

“Wait a minute-” He started.


“You just called me Lucas. You haven’t called me Lucas since-”

“Since what, Hop-along?”

“Since you liked me.” He said, voice barely above a whisper.

“I don’t like you.” She said, voice dangerously low.

“Then why’d you come here?”

“T-To imitate you. We’re on winter break, I wanted my fix.”

“That’s not it, and you know it.” He said, stepping closer to her.

“I don’t like you.” She repeated, voice lower than it had ever been.

“I guess that’s good because I don’t like you either. In fact, I think I’ll call up Riley right now and invite her out.” He said nonchalantly.

“Fine, see if I care.” Maya said angrily.

“I mean, it’s always been R-”

“Shut up, Lucas. You know how I feel about you. And I know you feel the same.”

“You do? And how’s that?”

“Shut up!” She finally broke, raising her voice at him.

“It’s you, Maya. It’s you. Sure, I like Riley, but not in the way I like you.”

“What way is that?” She questioned.

“I don’t know. You make me feel nervous, excited, and fearless all at once. I don’t really know what it is, Clutterbucket.”

“So, what does this make us?”

“I, uh, I don’t know, Maya. What do you want?”

“I want us to have conversations and for us to hold hands and hug and, and for you to let me tease you and kiss you whenever I want. That’s what I want but I could never say it because you’d reject me, but that’s what I want. It’s what I’ve always craved.”

“I-I want that too.” Lucas stuttered, surprised by her sudden outburst of feelings for him.

“So, what now?” She said, biting her lip in that way that made Lucas go crazy.

Lucas didn’t know what to say, so he took one small step forward and hugged the small blonde girl. She was shaking, out of breath, and sweating a tiny bit, but he hugged her. She latched onto him too.

“I like this, Lucas.”

“And I like you, Maya.” He said, head buried in her blonde hair.

fightingbymoonlight  asked:

for the made up fic thing: 5 times people tried flirting with Victor in front of Yuuri, and Victor was very salty about it.

send me a made up fic title and i’ll write a fic for it

5 times people tried flirting with Victor in front of Yuuri, and Victor was very salty about it.

Everyone knows Victor Nikiforov is a desirable man. It wasn’t for nothing that he held the title of hottest bachelor in the sportive universe for years unending. Yuuri has exemplars of every magazine that points it out (the photos are amazing in these ones, he’d explain himself), and he still has a hard time believing he is the one behind the reason why Victor is not eligible for that title anymore. Victor is, and will always be, a beacon of beauty in the sports universe, but definitely not single anymore.

Sometimes he can’t quite believe he’s wearing matching rings with his fiancé Victor Nikiforov. And Yuuri knows there’s no one in this world Victor loves more than him. Countless times he’s been told by the man himself there’s no one he’d rather love. For Victor, there’s only Yyuuri and no one else.

It’s insane. Victor’s love breathes air into his lungs, soothing and comforting like only love can be.

Coming from where Yuuri did - as Victor’s fan, that is - he knows really well what other people think of him. He may or may not be responsible for some of the sauciest “imagine Victor Nikiforov” posts going around the internet. Naturally, Yuuri gets jealous like every normal person, but he handles it pretty well, only requiring some special attention and reassurance once he and Victor are alone in their privacy.

Victor, though. Oh, Victor. He does not forgive.

There was this one time he and Yuuri had gone shopping for Yuri’s birthday, and it was one of those rare moments where they had let go of their hands and Yuuri was browsing the other aisle, still close but not close enough. It was one of the employees asked Victor for a picture - nothing unusual. A regular selfie, Victor making his trademark peace sign pose and smiling gently at the camera.

What was unusual was that the employee gave him his phone number. At first, it didn’t make sense for Victor - a phone number? With this guy’s name on it? Why would he want it? - but it clicked when the guy gave him a warm smile and a wink. 

It was a knee-jerk reaction,”what am I supposed to do with this?” He asked, deeply upset. He didn’t even wait for an answer before crumpling the paper in his hand, trailing back to where Yuuri was resolute on not letting go of his hand ever again in that store, occasionally flashing angry eyes at the employee.

When Victor told him, huffing and grunting about the employee’s insolence, Yuuri thought it was hilarious.

So it wasn’t unusual for Victor to get hit on, even though most people knew he was spoken for. If he happened to go to the pet store to buy Makkachin food or new toys, one of the cashiers always hit on him, no matter how hard Victor tried to ignore her and only talk to her when necessary. Some other people were even blunter, flirting with him in front of Yuuri - who always laughed later, because Victor’s appalled reaction was so great.

The worst time was when they went to Sicily on vacations. Yuuri was having the time of his life at the pool, gorgeous and all smiles for Victor and it was impossible to look away. He thought of ordering a drink for both of them - something refreshing, sweet and a bit alcoholic - to celebrate their love and life together. He got out of the pool, dripping, and asked the barman for two drinks. 

As he waited at the counter, an older man standing nearby offered a sly smile at him, definitely staring at Victor while he waited for his order. That alone wasn’t much to get Victor bothered - he would get those looks from time to time, and he didn’t mind - but the man hummed something under his breath as he turned around that managed to get Victor red. 

He was livid, because even though he didn’t speak Italian he understood it well enough to pick up on the meaning behind that crude flirtation. For a split second, Victor almost replied him with something equally rude - he even pictured himself dramatically throwing a drink at the man - but he wouldn’t. No, Victor Nikiforov was better than that. Taking in deep breaths, Victor managed to get his anger under control until the barman had their drinks ready. 

As he left, Victor stretched his arm out and displayed his golden ring on purpose. He would have told him to fuck off, but lacking the knowledge to say so in Italian wouldn’t sound so nice, and the look of embarrassment on the man’s face was enough for him to feel avenged. 

When Victor told Yuuri about that Yuuri laughed, as he usually did, but he had to admit he felt the same anger Victor must have felt back then. It was this quiet possessiveness, a pride in knowing that Victor loved him so much he got salty at people who tried to flirt with him. Victor was his and no one else’s, and that made Yuuri’s insides flutter with happiness. 

All At Once - Part 1

Summery: A gorgeous man names Steve saves you when you need it the most.

Triggers: Car accident, hospitals

Word Count: 1000+

A/N: I know I have two series and an alternative ending to do at the moment but this has been written for a few months now and I love starting a new fic.

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“All At Once” Masterlist | Masterlist

Originally posted by rdytocmply

Steve had just supported Sam’s thereby session. Today was kind of heavy. Lots of tears spilt, but Steve definitely needed it.

He just wanted to go home and fall asleep, even though that was impossible. He’d probably go for a run. Hopefully he’d be able to sleep today. Oh, but he was starving. Pizza? He could make something? No. today was difficult, he wanted takeout-

It happened so fast. He didn’t process what actually happened until the sound of fleeting rubber on road filled the air.

There you were, on the floor. Covered in your own blood. But you didn’t know. The last thing you could remember was the flash of the headlights. Then it all went dark. 

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News Alert!

Seamus and Dean more than likely went to the Quidditch World Cup together.

Dean had probably read about all of the most interesting Cups since he first learned of the Magic World’s favorite sport, but thought it impossible that he’d actually be able to see one.

Of course Seamus knew that Dean would love the Ireland vs. Bulgaria match, so he convinced his mother to get an extra ticket when she ordered them, and quickly sent an owl to the Thomas household about ‘having an extra ticket if Dean wanted it no big deal’.

Unfortunately, since the tickets were bought last minute, Mrs. Finnigan was unable to get a bigger tent, so they were stuck trying to sort the three people attending into two bedrooms.

Dean and Seamus would totally act like it was no problem if they had to share a bed, but both of them were slightly overjoyed that they’d be spending the last week or two of summer break in such close proximity, though neither would admit that to the other for years.

And when Ireland won the game, if they partied a little too hard and fell asleep, exhausted in each other’s arms, Mrs. Finnigan wouldn’t mention it but would definitely be shipping her son and his best friend on the down-low, because it was impossible to view the way they looked at one another and feel that it was 100% platonic.

anonymous asked:

This virgin draco business is getting bit out of hand... I think Im going to leave it at that. Its not really for me. You two are lovely writers but thats just content that i dont fancy reading. Been there from the start (and loved it!) so just wanted to say goodluck and have fun with it!

LOLOL.  But is it, anon?  Is that really what you wanted to say with this ask? You wanted to wish us luck and tell us to have fun? Well, thank you. We definitely will!  It’s sort of impossible for @l0vegl0wsinthedark and I not to have fun writing together, so I appreciate the sentiment.

But I’d really like to address the first part of your message; the part where you’re telling us that our fic is “getting out of hand” and that you’re going to “leave it at that,” (which, btw, is quite enough). It’s totally fine and fair for you to read or not read whatever you like, but I’ve got a couple of points I’d like to make:

1. Unless you leave regular comments/kudos, I didn’t know you were reading it. *shrugs* And even then, I would have had no way of knowing you were going to stop reading it…unless you decided to be a dick and tell me for – what reason now? To say good luck, right? But also let us know that it’s getting out of hand, as a good Samaritan? Oh, okay!  Thanks! 

2. Telling me that you’re bowing out of reading something I’m writing only makes sense for two reasons: First, I know you, and I know you’re reading it, and/or I was waiting on feedback/solicited crit, and you felt like you should be a good friend and let me know that you were getting squicked and needed to distance yourself. In which case, I would have said, “oh, okay babe, thanks for trying it!” But in that scenario you probably wouldn’t have made accusations about how it was going too far (and though the “content I don’t fancy reading” is much more understandable, let me to refer you to point 1, above). Or Second, you wanted me to know that you were unhappy with the fic. Because I wouldn’t have, otherwise. In this scenario, you’re just.. yeah, being a dick.

PSA to readers who like to do this? Unless you want to make us feel bad – unless that is your intention, whether or not your comment does – just… don’t.

And okay, yes, I am very aware of how pissy I sound. I’ve had a shit night, and though I love my readers with my whole heart, I honestly don’t care that you’ve decided not to read it? I mean, you’re obviously the kind of person who would send this message, which makes you a dick, and I like to think of my/our readers as…nice, but this rubbed me the wrong fucking way, when I’m in a bad fucking mood, so I’ll try to ease up a bit and maybe give you the reaction you were looking for:

Goodbye, nonnie! *weeps* I’m so sad to see you go!  Oh, if only we could have had more time together!
*reaches you like God toward Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel*
*vows never to write rimming/spanking/devirginizing/bath sex?/implied mpreg/bossy Hermione/drarry in general/any letters in the English language EVER AGAIN!*
*flogs self in shame*
*covers self in sackcloth*
*hides forever*

Autumn Classic Full Recap - Sept. 21, 2017

It’s been more than a week since Autumn Classic wrapped up and I figure I ought to do a full recap of each day. I didn’t catch all events (a girl has to eat at some point!), and this will be very Yuzu-centric, but read on if you’re interested in my little anecdotes.

Or, if you want a glimpse of what I saw you can just go through my 2017 Autumn Classic International fancam playlist.

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Sometimes it’s Confusion (Sometimes it’s Fate)

Pairing: Trevor C./Reader
Warnings: Swearing, worry, internal turmoil, fluff, this is mostly cute stuff? 
(PG-13? There’s too many fuck’s for it to be PG)
Word Count: 5,603
A/N: Hello! This is alternatively titled “Soulmate AU where no one fucking knows shit until after they meet them cause I feel like that’s more true to real life.” 
Thanks @chefgeofframsay for letting me scream at you. The group chat named is one of the ones that I’ve had with my friends because I’m not creative enough to think of a new one.
[Y/F/N] = Your friend’s name
Please note this fic takes place at RTX. I have never been to RTX. Therefore, I am basing all info off of things Em told me, watching livestreams, and conventions I have been to. I’m sorry if there are any discrepancies. 
I take prompts/requests now! (see here for details).
Feedback is appreciated! Please enjoy! 

You hadn’t realized just how big RTX was until you were there (finally!!!) yourself.

As someone who spent more time staying at home than interacting with others, you had foolishly told yourself that RTX couldn’t be that big – you still remembered when they had done that first RTX six years ago, and while aware of the fact that it had grown, you also were, apparently, completely unaware.

But, this was your first (and probably only) RTX, ever, because first college sucked and then after college you realized that you actually had to manage your own money, so you had splurged on that VIP badge and utilized your online and real-life friends’ experiences to masterfully plan your trip for maximum fun without accidentally killing yourself.


Regardless, as you followed the throngs of people into the convention center, you took a deep breath and reminded yourself that no matter what happened, you were going to roll with the punches, with any luck meet some of the AH crew, and enjoy yourself no matter fucking what.

Because there was, yanno, that other thing that was ever-present in the back of yours and everyone else’s minds. RTX was a big convention – sixty thousand people big – and that meant that there was a significant increase of meeting your soulmate.

You were one of the undoubtedly many people that had that thought on their mind, wondering if you were going to wake up tomorrow with a symbol somewhere on your body. Wondering if today was the day that you would, by chance, meet your soulmate.

You idly wondered how many people you were going to see frantically running around shoving a body part into peoples’ faces tomorrow. How many pictures of soul-marks were going to be posted in the subreddit, tweeted with the hashtag. You knew that a few years back they made their own unique hashtag for twitter just for RTX couples.

You were hoping you wouldn’t be one of them.

(You were so, desperately hoping you would be).

But instead of checking twitter every thirty seconds and saying ‘hi’ to just about everyone you walked past like you saw others doing (like you wanted to do), you forged ahead, determined to see the sights and hear the sounds and smell the smells.

…And you promised some online friends of yours that you’d meet up with them at a certain time and place and you were not one to be late.

As you wandered towards the pre-determined meeting place (or what you thought was the pre-determined meeting place, who knew big convention center buildings had lots of areas that looked very similar?) you idly wondered if any of them were going to be your soulmate. It didn’t work via the internet. It was entirely possible.

You had a strong gut feeling that none of them would be “the one,” though. Each other, yeah, maybe, but you were the one that made your “group” an odd number, the last one to join the friendship Squad, so if everyone was going to be soulmates with someone else except one person, that person was going to be you.

By the time you looked at your watch again (after all the activities and fun and panels and lines and meeting people), it was nearly four in the afternoon and you and your best-internet-friend decided to break off of your little pack and head towards the show floor, content to wander around for an hour or two before going to get ready for the festivities that night. As you were walking past the bathrooms, a shock of white-blond hair caught the corner of your eye and your friend suddenly had a death grip on your arm.

“Trevor!” She half-squealed, half-whispered to you, shaking your forearm vigorously. You loved your friend, but she was definitely not good at the whole ‘they are people, too’ thing.

You patted her shoulder with your free hand placatingly, trying to wrench your arm out of her grasp. This, of course, caused you to fail to notice Trevor stop at the sound of his name and start walking back towards you two, Guardian in tow. The death grip getting impossibly tighter, however, combined with the barely-audible sharp inhale coming from the human being next to you did prompt looking up to find Trevor waving and striding quickly towards the pair of you.

“Hey, there!” He said, coming to more of a pause than a stop in front of you, Guardian looking a little frantic and fiddling with their watch.

You looked to your friend, expecting her to say something, but she just dug her nails into your skin with one hand and waved uncontrollably with the other.

You sighed heavily, “Hi, Trevor. Sorry she’s…being weird.” You gestured vaguely to your friend, feeling bad for about half a second before remembering that there was a possibility she was drawing blood at that moment and feeling very much less bad immediately afterwards.

“It’s fine. I just heard my name so I figured it’d be rude not to say hello. I’m actually about to be late to a panel, but it was nice meeting you both, and hopefully we’ll see each other again sometime this weekend in a less time-sensitive scenario?” Trevor said, rubbing at the back of his neck with one hand and already taking a step backwards.

“Yeah, go have fun! See you around!” You said cheerily, waving him away. It wasn’t until he turned the corner that you managed to get your friend’s hand off of you.

“[Y/F/N], you have got to chill. That’s like the sixth time today you’ve done that, my poor arm is going to fall off because of you!” You teased lightly, rubbing the sore spot with your opposite hand. She smiled at you sheepishly.

“Sorry, [Y/N], I’m just so excited! How can you be so cool about it? Isn’t Trevor like, your fave, too?”

She was right, of course. Trevor was your absolute favorite. He was charming and funny and handsome and even with stupid blond hair you couldn’t help but have the tiniest (read: not very tiny) crush on him.

He was also way out of your league, and you were acutely aware of that.

“I mean, yes, but he’s also a human being and should be treated that way? I dunno, my parents just always taught me to treat everyone I meet the same way until they give me reason not to. I guess this applies?” You finally responded, leaning up against the wall while your friend texted the group chat about the Trevor encounter.

“I guess you’re right, [Y/N]. We’re just opposites, I suppose. It’s really hard for me to see past the ‘these people are my idols’ thing. Maybe tomorrow reality will sink in a little bit and I’ll be better about it.” She said as she pocketed her phone and led the way towards the exit of the convention center.

“Regardless, you need to invest in some nail clippers, girl, those babies are fucking sharp.” You said, making both of you laugh as you joined the crowds.

You pushed the thought of Trevor from your mind, and instead looked forward to all the people you were going to meet and fun you were going to have at the party you and your friends were going to be attending in just a couple hours.

You woke up just the tiniest bit hungover, so you fell out of bed and grabbed a water bottle from the mini fridge before you moseyed on into the bathroom. You turned the water on in the shower and took your time, letting the water start to get cold before stepping out and wrapping yourself in a towel. You were halfway through brushing your teeth when you heard your phone ring from the other room.

Brrrrrring! Brrrrring!

You spit and rinsed as quick as you could and rushed out into the bedroom, swiping to answer the call milliseconds before it went to voicemail.

“What?” You grumbled, putting it on speaker and carrying it back to the bathroom with you.

Woo!!!” Was the collective response – you could pick out at least four distinct voices – and any doubt in your mind about who it was was cleared when one of them continued with “You ready for today, [Y/N]? AH panel!”

“I’d be more ready if you’d let me finish getting dressed and shit.” You responded, making sure to keep your tone light so that they knew you were only joking.

“Alright, we’re down at breakfast, so just hurry up and join us!” One of your friend half-shouted into the phone before you heard the tell-tale beep beep beep of the call ending. Ignoring the fact that [Y/F/N] was probably violating hotel policy by letting people not staying in this hotel eat their complimentary breakfast, you did your best to work quickly, and you felt rather proud of yourself when you’re out the door and heading to the elevator within fifteen minutes of the call.

You were reaching out to press the call elevator button when something caught your eye. Looking down at your arm, you saw the corner of something dark blue on your skin that you hadn’t noticed before.

Huh, don’t remember anyone writing anything on my arm at the party last night. You thought as you turned your arm over so that you could better see the inside of your forearm.

“Holy fuck.” You gasped, stumbling backwards in shock.

There, in the middle of the forearm of your nondominant hand, were a trio of dark blue stars, collectively about as wide and as long as your palm. When you ran your thumb across them, they didn’t smear or smudge, in fact it sort of tingled, just a little bit, and your heart skipped a beat.

At some point the day before, you had met your soulmate.

There wasn’t a doubt in your mind – you weren’t sure how you missed it in the shower (you were absolutely sure, the answer was you had your eyes closed the whole time), but it wasn’t Sharpie, it was real, and you were absolutely, without a doubt, one of those people who met their soulmate at fucking RTX.

You deserted the idea of waiting for the elevator, instead barging into the stairwell and practically flying down the stairs. You sped down the corridor and into the dining area, spied your friends all sitting at one of the tables, and sprinted towards them.

“Hey, [Y/N], what’s the rush? Convention center doesn’t open for another hour and a half, we’ll have to wait regardless of how soon we get there.” One of your friends said, spotting you first, panting and out of breath.

“Look.” You gasped out, shoving your arm over the table and waving it in their faces. They all looked confused for a moment, but soon enough, you could see recognition dawning in their eyes, one at a time.

“Holy fuck – you have to post it to the subreddit! And tweet it! And put it wherever the fuck you’re allowed!” One of your friends shouted, your best friend pulling out her phone as he spoke.

“No, wait, no!” You drew your arm back to your chest so that the tattoo was safely pressed against your chest.

“Why not?” Another one of your friends, offering you some toast as you took the empty seat at the table.

“I don’t know…I feel weird about it. And I don’t want to get my hopes up, if I don’t find them again, or if, you know…there is no match.” You nibbled on your toast and stared down at the table, cheeks heating up. It wasn’t that you weren’t thrilled but you knew that these things sometimes just didn’t work out, ‘missed connections’ and all that jazz.

It was selfish, but you didn’t want that to happen to you.

You were jolted out of your thoughts by a hand landing softly on your shoulder. When you looked up, all four of your friends were smiling at you reassuringly.

“Hey, it’s no big deal. We’ll just be your scout team, instead. No social media about it until after RTX, and then you can reassess and make that call, yeah?” Your best friend said, her thumb rubbing little circles on your shoulder blade.

You nodded, “Yeah. Sounds good.”

“Great! Now give us a good gander so we can keep our eyes peeled today!” She exclaimed, removing her hand from your shoulder in favor of making a grabby-motion at the arm still tucked against your chest. You rolled your eyes and presented her with your soulmark again.

She snapped a quick pic (“For referential purposes only, I swear!”), you finished your toast, and in no time the five of you were out the door and on your way to the convention center.

The day went on, and while you were having almost as much fun as you had the day before, it was overshadowed by the phantom heat of the soulmark on your arm.

It didn’t help that your group chat had devolved into sneaky pictures of arms and a whole bunch of texts that just said “Nope :(“ in various ways.

So it was a very welcome moment when you realized that you were about to file in and sit down for the AH panel, which meant a prolonged period of time where you were not using your phone. You could even turn it off, if you wanted to – all the people who were important would know where you were.

You were fortunate enough to score some seats towards the front (thank fuck for having nothing to do and aching feet – you and your best friend had gotten there uber-early) and the two of you settled in, munching on snacks hidden in your bags and chatting amicably with all the people sitting in your immediate vicinity.

[Y/F/N] had already checked, and none of them had soulmarks that matched yours.

Soon enough, people were walking onstage and everyone was jumping out of their seats and cheering, loud as they could. You were quick to join them, hooting and hollering and only settling back down into your seat once Geoff grabbed a mic and shouted a cracking, “Sit down, dickheads!” into it.

You spent most of the first bit of the panel looking at Trevor – and then telling yourself it was just because he was right in front of you. It didn’t work, but still. You gave it the good old college try. There was just something about him that you were drawn to, like a moth to the flame. Something in his smile, or the sparkle of his eyes.

Just…just something.

It was almost halfway through the panel (you were guessing – your no phone policy was still rigorously in effect), your focus on Ryan down at the end of the table stirring up some sort of argument, when your friend started tugging insistently on your sleeve.

“What – what?” You asked, trying to keep your voice down.

“There’s something on Trevor’s arm! He’s been keeping it under the table the whole time but he just pushed his hair out of his forehead with his hand and there’s something there. Trevor doesn’t have a soulmate yet, [Y/N]. That could be you!” She squealed excitedly in your ear, gesturing wildly.

“Please, [Y/F/N], as if. Even if he did meet them yesterday – good for him, by the way, he deserves to be happy and shit – the probability of it being me is low and the probability of him wanting me is even lower. Being soulmates means nothing but ‘maximum compatibility,’ remember. Doesn’t mean happily ever after.” You weren’t sure if you were trying to convince her or yourself, if you were honest.

Because really, Trevor was cute. And smart. And funny. If his real personality was within throwing distance of being like his internet one, then you knew that the two of you could work out well. But you had read the stories, did your research, you knew as well as everyone else that soulmates – especially when one of the parties involved was in the public eye – could imploded just as well as normal relationships.

You didn’t want to implode. You didn’t want to experience unrequited-ness (or whatever). You just wanted to exist in at the very least ambivalence for the rest of your life, soulmate or no soulmate.

But the thought of Trevor being your soulmate…

Your friend continued to spend the next several minutes craning her neck and trying to get a good look at Trevor’s arm – still curiously hidden under the table. You, on the other hand, were rather deep in thought in a way that you knew you’d regret in retrospect because it meant missing part of the panel but at the time you couldn’t bring yourself to care enough to pull out of it.

Trevor as a soulmate. Would you even want that? Fucking please. You had already started internally waxing poetic about the guy as soon as he sat down at the goddamn table. Of course you’d want that. Would he want you? God, you hoped so. For all of your insecurities, despite all the negative thoughts and opinions you (sometimes more often than not) had about yourself, you would certainly fucking hope that your soulmate would be able to look past those things better than you could; see beauty, something wonderful, where you couldn’t.

It would be hard, being in the public eye. You’d have to move to Austin, most definitely. You’d have to deal more directly with internet trolls. You’d be in a whole different sphere of existence, because even if Trevor kept you mostly private and under wraps, soulmarks are telling and people are insistent and persistent when behind the safety of a screen.

Would you do it? Could you do it?

You knew the answer without really even thinking about it.

“Fuck, [Y/N], [Y/N]!” You arm was suddenly being slapped wildly, and you were roughly pulled out of your thoughts, focusing on the stage in just enough time to see Trevor’s arms spread wide in front of Michael and Gavin, and there was something blue and star-shaped on his forearm and –

Well, his arms went down as soon as they went up, but something in your chest tightened in anticipation. If you and your friend saw it, then most of the rest of the audience probably did, too, so when Q&A time rolled around, undoubtedly someone would come up and ask about it, have him describe it. And if he did, and if it matched yours.

Well, you weren’t sure what the RTX Guardian policy was on it but you’d rather walk up to Trevor and say “Hey dude we met for like sixty seconds yesterday because my friend completely freaked when she saw you and I think we’re soulmates?” after the panel and not in front of who-knows-how-many thousands of your closest friends.

So instead, you just sat and waited.

Surprisingly enough, the question never came. Which fucking sucked because that meant you weren’t sure if it was him. And you weren’t about to do something as public and potentially embarrassing as tweet at him (he didn’t follow you so DMs were off the table) or post on the subreddit or whatever.

So, despite the disappointed glances from your friends, you decided to head off on your own for a while – call it a “hunt for Trevor,” if you will. You weren’t sure departing from your friends was the best thing to do, but once your best friend texted the group chat “I am like, 85% positive that Trevor has a matching mark to [Y/N]!!!” they had been excited, loving, and…insufferable.

Which logically left you little choice except a “hey, guys, I know we’re supposed to go to this panel now but I’m not feeling it so I’m going to go find a quiet corner to hang out in for a while.” Your friends were concerned, but you insisted, which brought you to where you were now – sitting up against a wall down a surprisingly empty hallway, scrolling through your phone for any tweets about Trevor you could find, hopelessly, desperately trying to figure out if he is The One, so to speak, so that you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself for assuming.

For all you knew, the mark on his arm could’ve been residual Sharpie or something.

After an hour of that with no luck (typical), you decided to walk around to see if you could either catch sight of the tall, newly-blond man or catch wind of someone who had seen him at some point today.

You circled the show floor twice. Then you went over to the autograph area (as far in as you could go without a signing ticket thing for that time, anyway), asking the Guardians and Security Officers if anyone had seen Trevor yet that day (spoiler: they hadn’t). You slowly snaked your way around the lines for all kinds of panels, dropped by near the Fake AH escape room – didn’t see Trevor there, but Jeremy was full-on Rimmy Tim-ing it and you were in hysterics about it – and then circled back around to the front of the building. You even sighed and went to the other buildings that were holding panels and things. You scrolled through twitter and discovered a couple of meetups happening nearby so you went and crashed those, too.



No Trevor. You had no idea where he could’ve been, unless he was, like, seventy feet behind you that whole time. You had literally gone everywhere he could’ve been!

Well. Almost everywhere. He could have been hiding out in the Staff Only areas, or he could’ve left to go get some food, or he could’ve went home/to his hotel for the day (you weren’t sure which, nor would you take the time to be creepy enough to figure it out).

Yeah, on second thought, there were a lot of places you couldn’t look that he could’ve been. You were about to accept defeat, go meet up with your friends, and re-assess for the next day, when your phone chiming interrupted your thoughts.

[Chat: #SQüID]
[From: [Y/F/N] 5:07:23 PM]
[Y/N], check it out!!!!
😊 😊 😊

The text was followed immediately by another, containing a twitter link. You sighed heavily and clicked the link before it could fully load and show you a preview in the chat. Your phone was buzzing with notifications from the rest of your friends (probably yelling about something – you didn’t have previews on for your notifications) and you paused, moving to the wall to wait for twitter to load. Stupid slow phone with the stupid slow internet because of all these people, you grumbled internally, tapping your foot impatiently.


You sucked in a sharp breath, sucking your bottom lip in between your teeth when the tweet finally loaded. The picture attached still was only halfway there, so all you could see was part of Trevor and some random person’s face, but in the meantime, you read the tweet. Again. And again. And again.

@_TrevorC Thanks for taking the time to take a picture with me – hope you find your other half! (Close but no cigar)

You swiped down on the next notification for your group chat, trying to figure out what was going on without risking actually leaving twitter which would mean waiting even longer for it to re-load, but everyone was just incoherently keyboard-smashing and sending excited-looking emojis back and forth.

You cleared out of the chat preview to see that the picture was almost loaded just a little more, fuck slow internet it’s literally been less than a minute but it feels like yeARS –

“Excuse me?”

Your head shot up from your screen. You knew that voice.

Sure enough, Trevor was standing in front of you, a respectable distance away but still rather close, rocking on his toes a little with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Hi, sorry, am I blocking something?” You asked, looking left and right. You were pretty close to a water fountain but you weren’t in the way, necessarily, and the bathrooms you had stopped near were a couple feet away from you, still.

“Uh, no, you’re fine. I just wanted to ask – we met yesterday, right? You had a friend with you who was very excited?” He rocked back on his heels, and you could see out of the corner of your eye that there were a couple of Guardians off to the side, and as Trevor spoke they seemed to be intercepting people and – directing traffic around the two of you? At least, that’s what it looked like.

You were very confused.

“Yeah, that’s a nice way of putting it but that was me. It’s nice running into you again.” You chuckled a little while internally cringing at your word choice.

That sounded a lot better in your head.

“Definitely!” He said, beaming at you, and you watched as he went to do something with one hand, aborted the motion, and then lifted his other hand to push his hair back a bit.

Your phone was buzzing incessantly in your hand, even more so than before, and you went to look down at it to see what the fuck was going on, surely this explosion wasn’t still from that tweet that [Y/F/N] had sent, but as soon as your eyes started to drift to your phone Trevor cleared his throat and you snapped back up to look at him.

“Sorry if this is weird, but I’ve been trying to retrace my steps from yesterday because I didn’t want to be all public about it and then get people like, freaking out and trying to Cinderella this shit but I know we spoke briefly yesterday – in this very spot, ironically – so did you happen to wake up with a mark that looks like this?” Trevor finished his sentence by awkwardly jabbing his arm out, palm up to face you.

There, in the center of the inside of his forearm, about the size of your palm, were three. Blue. Stars.

You gaped like a fish, opening and closing your mouth for a couple of moments, and you knew that Trevor was waiting a response but you couldn’t quite get one to come. Instead, the still-functioning part of you jumped into action, and you took a step forward, holding your own arm out for him to see, lining your forearm up next to his.

They were a perfect match. Same size, same shape, same color, same spot on the same arm – everything. You stared at your arms, reveling in the strangeness of it all, and beyond that, in the warmth that was flooding your chest like you had a campfire burning inside you.

“I’m [Y/N].” You blurted out, finally looking up from your arms to meet Trevor’s eye. He beamed at you, and his soft brown eyes crinkled in the corners, and by damn if you didn’t think that he looked like the sun – all bright and warm and happy.

“Hi [Y/N]. Would you like to, uh, go somewhere that isn’t a hallway and talk, maybe? I’d like to get to know you. If you want that, that is. I just realized that this might be weird for you.” Trevor rambled a bit, gesturing with his other arm and leaving the tattooed one next to yours. It was almost like he was afraid that if he moved it, he would wake up and it would’ve all been a dream.

Hell, you thought that way, too.

“Why would it be weird for me?” You asked, even though you knew the answer – you had been thinking about it all fucking day, of course you knew the answer, but you wanted to know what Trevor thought, first, almost like some kind of test to make sure the two of you were on the same train or whatever.

“I mean, soulmates are kind of scary to begin with, and then I’m in the public eye, and you’re not, so there will always be jealous trolls making shitty comments, and I’m sure you’re not from around here, so that’s another hoop to jump through, and while I could probably, literally squeal with excitement right now because you’re pretty and also my soulmate and if I’m honest all I want to do in this moment is hug you and kiss you and never let you go, you’re also my soulmate and I’ve thought about how I’d deal with a situation like this since I started working here and above all, I just want you to be happy. With or without me.” Trevor grabbed your still-outstretched hand with his free one as he spoke, soft and earnest and as the words came tumbling out of his mouth you could feel yourself tearing up a little.

Because the campfire in your chest was telling you that you, too want to hug and kiss and never let go, but the fact that he had thought about this for literally years and his conclusion was he just wants you to be happy – that made your heart melt a little bit.

As soon as he finished speaking you surged forward, burying your face in his chest and wrapping your arms around his waist. His arms went around you without hesitation, and you felt his lips brush against the top of your head and somehow you felt impossibly warmer and sighed into his shirt.

“Is that a ‘yes, Trevor, I’d love to go somewhere more private and get to know you,’ then?” He asked, voice muffled against your hair and you could feel the soft reverb in his chest against your face.

You nodded, at a loss for words, and he pulled away with one more soft kiss to your head, grabbing your hand that wasn’t holding your phone and lacing your fingers together.

“I’m glad I ran into you, [Y/N].” He muttered, and you were suddenly aware of the small crowd of people who had gathered around the two of you (at a respectable distance, which was nice).

“Me, too. I have to admit, when my friends and I caught a glimpse of something on your arm at the AH panel today and I started thinking about it as a possibility I was kind of worried, about the things that you said, but I’d like to at the very least try,” You gestured to your mark, “these things don’t just show up for no reason, after all.”

Trevor nodded and hummed in understanding, “Yeah,” He stared at you for a long moment, “You’re really pretty, and easy to talk to. I like you already.” He told you, smiling cheekily while you hid your now-tomato-colored face with your free hand. He called out someone’s name, and one of the Guardians nearby (who you later would find out that they had been directing traffic around the two of you, and that Trevor had rounded up all the Guardians he could find besides his own to help him retrace his steps throughout the day to find you, which you thought was very romantic and sweet and flattering) turned and led the way through the crowd for the two of you.

Trevor held tight to your one hand, and you unlocked your phone with the other, sending a quick text to your friends as you walked, telling them that you had ran into Trevor and your marks matched and you were going with him to talk and hang out for a little while and that you’d let them know when you were heading back to your hotel so they knew you were safe. You laughed and showed Trevor the slew of emojis and well-wishes they sent in response.

Later, you would find out that while Trevor was not a perfect human being – those didn’t exist – he was pretty fucking close to perfect for you.

Later, you and Trevor would watch a video that someone had tweeted at him of the two of you showing each other your tattoos and discovering that they match. You would blush at the way that Trevor looked at you like you were the most precious thing in the world, and Trevor would apologize because there was no way that you could be a secret or keep the situation private for even a little bit due to how publicly he went about it, and you would smile and stretch out your neck to peck a kiss on his cheek – the very first kiss you gave him ever! – and tell him it’s okay, at some point in your relationship it would have to be made public, so why not from the start.

The next day, at a panel, Trevor would get you and your friends in in the front, and someone asked him a question about you because the hashtag and RT subreddit had been flooded with the news overnight, and he would look at you with this soft smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes and tell the questioner that My favorite thing in the world right now is every second I get to hold her hand.

And yeah, it will be hard. And yeah, you and Trevor were too busy getting to know each other to talk about logistics and moving and things like that.

But by god, in that moment, listening to Trevor talk about you and smile at you like you were the moon to his sun, you knew in your heart that it would all work out just fine.


First ficlet in my Pansy Parkinson Project

“Do you need me to get you something to rest your feet on?” Pansy asked as she gave the woman on her couch a once over. Luna Lovegood hadn’t changed much since Hogwarts. She was still weird, still wore radishes in her ears and still insisted on wearing the most awful colour combinations possible. The only major change between now and ten years ago was that Luna was pregnant.

Very pregnant.

“Oh you don’t have to. I won’t be here for long.” Luna replied with a sunny smile. Pansy didn’t know how a smile could be sunny, but she did know that there was no other way to describe Luna’s expression. It didn’t just light up the room, it warmed your skin and cleared Pansy from the depressed feelings the winter days so often brought her.

Cleared me from depression? Pansy shook her head. Those weren’t thoughts suited for an international businesswoman whose magazine was well on it’s way to becoming the best read in wizarding history. Pansy was though, harsh, stern. She didn’t think of sunshine smiles and she definitely didn’t feel butterflies looking at Loony Lovegood.


“Draco said you had to stay here until the babies are born.” Pansy eventually brought out after a way too long wait. “Their apartment won’t be ready on time and you are not allowed to be alone now that you’re so far along.”

“So the healers say, but I know my body.” Luna let out a happy sigh and slowly caressed her huge belly. “I won’t fall. In two weeks time I will give birth to two lovely girls, one with red and one with blonde hair. And I can manage that on my own.”

Luna looked up with an almost defiant look on her face. Try to tell me I don’t know what I’m doing. It seemed to say. Pansy rather thought it suited her, having a little bit of an attitude.

“That’s exactly what I said just before I was bedridden with a burn out for seven months.” Pansy shot back as she walked into the kitchen to fetch the teapot. “You might want to do this alone, but fact is that I won’t let you. You’ve done enough just carrying those two around for almost nine months, you don’t also need to do everything else around it.”

“Being a surrogate for Harry and Draco is a gift from them to me, not the other way around.” Luna said when Pansy re-entered the living room with the tea. “But I am sorry to hear you and your body are out of touch.”

Pansy snickered as she handed Luna some tea and despite the woman’s protest installed a chair to hold up her feet. “Believe me Lovegood, I touch my body more than enough.”

“That does not surprise me.” Luna answered with a perfectly straight face. “If I were you I’d do the same.”

Pansy gaped at her for a full three seconds before she realised she was being rude to a guest. Then she shut her mouth and sat down on the couch next to Luna, maybe just a little bit closer than she would normally do.

“You really think getting pregnant for Draco and Harry was a gift from them to you?” Pansy asked after a couple minutes. “Being pregnant seems awful to me, I don’t get why anyone would go through it without getting to keep the results afterwards.”

Luna chuckled and balanced her tea cup on her big belly in order to grasp Pansy’s hand, which surprised her so much she startled. Very unlike her. “It was a gift, because a way to make them more happy than this does not exist. And being pregnant comes natural to me. My body knows what it’s doing.”

Luna smiled that smile again. That sunshine smile that, okay okay okay, really did give Pansy butterflies.

“You make something selfless sound like an honour. A favour to you like a favour to someone else.” Pansy spoke, suddenly unable to stop the words from coming out. “But you shouldn’t forget wanting something for your own is not a bad thing. We all need to be a little selfless from time to time.”

Luna laughed and wrinkled her nose in a way that Pansy grudgingly described as cute. “You are very nice Pansy. That is a friendly thing to say.”

A friendly thing to say? The phrase left Pansy puzzled. The woman on her couch was just as loony as the girl from back at school. But she was also gorgeous. And clever. And kind in a way that no one else was. Kindness was a rare thing in the business world.

“Should I do something selfish then?” Luna asked. Pansy looked up from her tea and watched Luna, who seemed to be a bit closer than before.

The asian woman, rendered speechless for the first time in her life, simply nodded. Slowly, ever so slowly, Luna leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on Pansy’s lips.

“You are a beautiful woman Pansy.” Luna smiled her smile again. “If only you could see yourself the way I can see you.”

Pansy held her breath as one hand came up to touch her own lips. Her own kissed lips. Feeling incredibly stupid, and maybe a little scared, she reached out and took Luna’s hand in her own.

“Maybe you could show me?”

I really hope I got Luna and Pansy sort of right here. I don’t write them very often, sorry

bts as types of drunks
  • Jimin is definitely the crying drunk type. All of his insecurities are amplified, so he’d definitely need a shoulder to cry on. When asked if he’s okay, he would brush you off and tell you that he’s fine, all while sobbing into your shoulder. Also, Jimin is the type to deny he’s smashed, even though he’s had wayy too many shots for his own good.
  • Yoongi’s naturally not very overt with his emotions, so when he’s drunk, all of his affections come out. he would definitely want to cuddle, play with your hair, tease you a lil bit. when he’s had way too much, Yoongi would loudly and embarrassingly declare his love for you to anyone in the vicinity.
  • Taehyung, however is naturally very open and happy, and when he’s drunk, he goes completely off the rails. running around, screaming, acting like a baby on the floor, he’d grab your hands and get you to dance with him while he can barely move his feet.
  • Jungkook is the confident, seductive drunk. you can’t tell when he’s sober, but once he’s had a few, he’ll slyly snuggle up to you, huskily whisper in your ears, fingers dangling on your thighs. Super sleazy, and literally has no sense of personal space at this point. 
  • Namjoon would be that rambly, philosophical frat-boy drunk trying to start an argument about how existentialism is that end-all, be-all of modern philosophy and how Nietzsche and nihilism are slowly destroying society. definitely a lightweight, despite what he boasts when he’s sober. Namjoon could probably get drunk after two weak beers.
  • Jin is the no-filter drunk; despite being so kind and caring when he’s sober, Jin would let loose all of his unspoken feelings and thoughts about everything, but with you, he would drunkenly tell you how beautiful he thinks you are, how much you shine, and how much he loves you, all while insulting his friends.
  • Hoseok, with his sunshine personality, is definitely the type to cling to you. unlike Yoongi, who’s just affectionate, Hobi would attach himself to your body and not let go for the entire night, eventually dozing off on you. it’s impossible to shake him off, too, because of his ironclad grip. 
Between the Turtle and the Soul

Barry’s soulmate mark appears the night his mother dies. No one knows why soulmate marks manifest when they do, and they can just as easily be for a happy event as a tragic one. When Barry looks at his little flame, he can’t help but resent the person it represents. So many therapists, adults, and even Joe had told him to think of it as the silver lining; sure, he lost his parents, but now he has his soulmate.

He doesn’t want a soulmate. He wants his mom back, wants to read that little kid book about dinosaurs, wants to hear his dad complaining about patients instead of stubbornly not complaining about jail.


Later, that attitude changes, as he starts seeing images through the bond. “You’ll see the things your soulmate loves or cares about,” his parents had told him, and he can’t help but wonder about the images he sees. A fire. A sheet full of burnt sugar cookies, carefully shaped to spell “Happy Birthday!” in shaky letters. A lighter. A jacket. A cupcake. Whoever they are, his soulmate loves both sugar and fire, and Barry starts to make idle plans for making them a cake with candles someday.

He’s never been good at holding grudges, no matter how deserved, and his soulmate? Even though it sometimes feels like they took his parents away, they didn’t actually do anything. And it’s hard to hate someone when you see the things they truly care about in a steady montage that flashes before his eyes every few days. Somewhere, his soulmate is a real person, not a “silver lining” of any sort, and even though he isn’t sure whether or not he wants them in his life, he definitely wants them to be happy.


By the time he becomes the Flash, he’s realized two things: that he does want to meet his soulmate, and that doing so may be impossible. He nearly died, would have, if not for the accident of nature that made him fast instead of dead. He wants to meet whoever it is that loves fire and sugar so much. But he may not be able to meet them - or at least, meet them and know them for who they are. Soulmates have to recognize each other through what their soulmates love, and the signs on the wrist, and most people wear their wrist covered. So does he, now. It’s not enough to just keep it covered in the Flash costume; something could happen to the suit (it does rip all the time) and people could discover what the Flash’s symbol looks like, and connect it to Barry Allen’s symbol. No. Now, both personas hide their wrists. It’s just another sacrifice Bary’s made for the good of the city, for the good of the people who live in it, and sometimes he’s bitter about it.


Of course, his life isn’t empty without a soul mate. He has friends, family, a team, and now, thanks to a weird house warming present, a turtle.

Snurtle is, weirdly enough, the light of his days. Not that seeing his family or friends isn’t great! But sometimes he needs to be able to be honest, to talk about how much he misses his parents, how much he wishes he hadn’t had to reset the timeline after Flashpoint, how sometimes he doesn’t want to be a hero. He can’t say those things to people, but Snurtle listens to it all without judgement.

Snurtle is also very patient with Barry’s constant attention, although Barry is careful not to stress him out by playing with him overmuch. He buys live insects and sets them in Snurtle’s gigantic tank, so that he can enjoy himself by hunting, which Barry watches and coos over, giving hints such as “warmer, warmer…no, you’re getting colder!” that go unheeded. Although not a cuddly pet, or one he can really play with, Snurtle is slowly becoming the light of Barry’s life, and one of Barry’s main features is his inability to experience joy without sharing it.

That is how, when he discovers that Snart and Rory are the ones who’ve broken into an electronic’s store downtown, he manages to segway from scolding them to breaking out pictures of Snurtle. (He knew having a pocket for his phone in the suit would come in handy.)

“See, I have a pet turtle now,” he tells a bemused pair of criminals, “so I can’t have criminals constantly interrupting while I’m trying to feed him. Schedules are very important to turtles, they get stressed out easily and -” Rory is looking at him with a smile that for once, is unmarred by sarcasm or cruelty. His partner, on the other hand, is outright smirking.

“Ohkay,” Snart says, arms raised in the air, tone mocking, “I for one did not mean to interrupt quality time with your pet turtle -”

“His name is Snurtle,” Barry says, taking the opportunity to flash over to the more interested seeming Rogue and stick his phone out, showing his lock screen - formerly a picture of Iris, now a picture of Iris next to Snurtle. They already know Iris, there’s no risk being added here. “Isn’t he adorable?”

To his surprise, Rory takes in a deep breath. “I know that turtle.”

“Are you sure, Mick?” Len sounds as though he’s warning him about something, but Barry doesn’t know what it could be. In answer, Rory nods and pulls off the bracelet hiding his soulmark. Barry instinctively looks away, but not before he catches a glimpse, and when his mind registers what he’s seen, he looks back.

Rory - no, Mick’s mark is a match for the one on Barry’s wrist.

Barry beams at him, and wriggles his arm out of the suit, a maneuver that requires a lot of contortion and ends with him sticking his arm out through the neckhole. The discomfort is worth it though, when he sees Mick’s face.

“You’re chemicals and turtle guy,” Mick says, sounding awed.

“And you’re sugar and fire dude!”

“And I’m very happy for you both, but the alarms have already gone off and the police are on their way,” Len interrupts. “May I suggest we reconvene at a more…convenient moment?”

Barry bites his lip, and then decides, “Just this once, I’ll let you guys escape. But we’re talking later, at STAR Labs, ok?”

Mick smiles at him, and says, “Later, Red.” It sounds like a promise.

spookyaveryho  asked:

Could you recommend some sanvers and supercorp fics

definitely. they’re almost entirely supercorp, though. sorry about that…

all i know (is that i love you so); - Kara briefly wonders if she could just say those words to Lena, if that would work, if that counted, but feels guilty for even considering such a thing. She’s not destined to Lena and Lena’s not destined to her, and she feels dumb for being so upset over this, considering the girl has never even said a word to her. Kara cries herself to sleep that night, wishing she had her mom there to comfort her. (or, soulmate AU where your soulmate’s first words to you are tattooed on your skin.)

A Knight to Remember -  Kara enters a sword-fighting tournament to win the affections of princess Lena. (because maria insists on exploiting my weakness for her fics and ruining my life and grades)

brighter -  Throwing a holiday party so soon after her mother is locked away isn’t Lena’s idea of a good time.

call on me, darling -  A fake engagement between the CEO of L-Corp and her assistant? Nothing could possibly go wrong. Feelings couldn’t possibly be caught.

Destruction (sometimes means rebirth) - There’s not much that she can do. The heat, she doesn’t feel. She walks through the flames and uses her x-ray vision to spot any survivor, but there’s nothing. Only devastation. or, in which Kara loses Lena, but does she really?

don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo -  Lena invites Kara (who invites Alex and Maggie) to spend the weekend at her cabin in the woods.

exception - kara keeps doing strange things, and lena doesn’t know what to make of it. or, kara is in love and it takes lena an absurdly long time to notice.

First Assignment -  Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

Gold-Crested Ravens and Cornflower Blue Mornings - And belonging is such a weird concept, no? On a pure denotative level, it implies ownership, and society—only when it’s convenient to do so—discourages notions of owning a person. You belong to yourself, they say, no one should own you. But people cannot go on without belonging. It’s all Lena’s ever wanted. She wants to belong to Kara. There is no levy, no negotiations, no cage, no footsteps to follow. Kara erases the notion of transaction from the act of belonging, rips up the contracts and fine print, and Lena wants and wants more. I’m yours, she wants to say, whisper into her skin, shout out into the sky that she disappears into. I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours.

i’ll crawl home to her -  She feels her eyes heat up, closes them, tries to rinse her parents’ faces from her memory, tries to burn them in at the same time. She wants to hold onto them, wants to move on like they asked. She wants to remember Krypton, be Krypton - her parents are martyrs and she has to be the prophet. Or, the foster kid au nobody asked for because it’s angsty as hell.

In the Stars - The first time Alex sees Maggie, they’re six and Maggie’s the new, weird kid in class with big dimples and far too many bandaids littering her body. All Alex wants is to be liked and have friends and all Maggie wants is to be Alex’s friend.

Lord, Save Me from Your Followers - A tumblr prompt, spiraled out of control. Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on a the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discovers that Lena Luthor has a pretty active following on Instagram one afternoon not long after their first meeting. She debates it, just for a moment, before following Lena.

make my wish come true - "Kara said she could come over whenever she was free, had literally texted Lena saying she would welcome the company so she knows she isn’t going to intrude but Lena’s three hours early and she doesn’t know if that welcome extends this far ahead.“ AKA Lena shows up early to a friend get-together at Kara’s and things get festive (and flirty) real quick.

Monster Under the Bed -  Lillian Luthor wants everyone to fear Supergirl. That includes her daughter.

mother where art thou - lena embarks on a journey and kara is too good, too pure for this world. (lena and kara + the search for lena’s birth mother)

On a Friday Afternoon - She imagines her hands around Lex’s throat. She imagines him begging for his life. She imagines crushing his windpipe; the sound that would make. Kara dreams of revenge.

only, simply, absolutely, just - If only Kara Danvers didn’t work the same shift that interfered with Lena’s horrendous habit of strolling in for a coffee at nearly twelve in the morning, maybe none of this ever would have happened in the first place. Or, maybe it would have, because as Alex Danvers claims, there is no escaping the doomed rom-com cliché once it finds you.

Pattern of Behaviour -  This is the one habit Lena Luthor just can’t seem to break. (one of my favorites but tw for suicidal thoughts & actions)

put these battered bones to rest -  Lena gets her soulmark at thirteen. The name that’s written on her hip, she thinks, is the oddest thing she’s ever seen.

Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets - Jessica Hoang takes her job very seriously. It’s odd, or uncommon, as she’s learned- people are always so surprised when she seems more loyal to Lena Luthor than the advancement of her own career. She used to think that the whole trope of secretaries selling out their bosses for personal gain existed only in bad TV shows, but, as always, she overestimates the human race. So when Kara Danvers the reporter starts showing up more often, she’s wary and a little irritated. Yes, Lena said to let her in at any time, so she does so dutifully, but she’s seen her share of reporters and she’s not impressed with the bunch. Words are their trade, and it wouldn’t take much to motivate a reporter to twist Lena’s image around for a pretty buck.

this woman knows of my history - "Supergirl loves flying. She doesn’t tell Lena that, but she doesn’t have to. She flies with ease. It’s like she’s lighter when she’s up in the air. She makes flying look effortless, simple. When she wants up, she’s up in a blink. When she wants down, she dives so quickly that when Lena’s around to see it, she always catches her breath. It’s like she can command the wind.”

to face unafraid - “You don’t like marshmallows in your hot chocolate? Why do you hate love?” or: their relationship isn’t contingent on hot chocolate preferences, right? RIGHT?

wildfire Alex has seen beautiful women before, her sister is one of them, but not one has ever taken her breath away so quickly it felt like she was being knocked over. Maybe it was simply the shock of seeing another person here when the school had seemed so desolate. Or maybe, maybe, it was because that was the most beautiful woman that Alex has ever seen. (or the one where alex teaches chemistry, maggie teaches history, and they teach each other a little something about falling in love.)

12″ by 8″ - Objectively, it’s a beautiful photograph. A high definition immortalisation of a kiss in the sky, two figures pressed impossibly close, hands tangled in hair and around waists as they hover sixty stories in the air, illuminated gently by the neon of the CatCo Worldwide Media sign. But all she really sees when she looks at it is proof of Lena Luthor cheating on Kara Danvers. The one where Cat discovers that Lena’s stepping out with Supergirl (and decides to deal with the problem herself).

and i’ll keep updating my fic recs on here and here.

Hirakata, Osaka: Day 2

So I guess my original video didn’t post so I never told you guys that I made it but here I am!

In studying abroad there are stages (like the stages of grief) and one of them is the Honeymoon stage, which is probably what I’m in right now, but it’s really nice here! Don’t get me wrong, there are downsides and upsides to those downsides and downsides to those upsides etc., but overall it’s a really nice place (Hirakata).

(As an aside, I’m still bitter about not getting into the apartment dorm, but my friend from Ottowa is staying there and has a roommate who is likely moving out so I may request a change!) I have an eight-tatami room with one roommate and also a desk space. This is the most organized space I’ve ever had in my life (although typical Ivey has already made a mess, see picture below).

There’s a dog park right up the street (fluffy boy!!! I love him so much)

There’s a store called Avail that sells pretty much all Japanese clothing Americans try to buy online for outrageous prices really really cheap. I bought two pairs of earrings, two dresses, and a skirt for ¥3,200. Here’s me jet lagged and disoriented in them:

(Notice the tatami? Pretty nice, eh?)

I’m just slightly bitter that my shoe size is LL and there was nothing over medium. Relevant pic from the men’s section:

(Okay, I know I’m only posting clothing pics and you’re probably wondering, where’s all the cool scenery? About that–)

I have a ton of videos I can’t upload because the internet is pretty slow. I thought Japan was really high tech and stuff because that’s how it’s portrayed in America but most families don’t even have wifi (a staple in any American household). I’m pretty sure the GAIDAI network is also by ethernet cord (since it’s LAN) and the computers we use to log on to our portal is a really clunky Windows Vista. Not complaining tho bc it’s nice to have wifi at all.

There are these things called pocket wifi which is basically a phone plan. No calls or texting, but in 2017 nobody really needs that anyway. It’s the only way we can get wifi or internet for our phones. It’s also only like $57/mo for unlimited which is better than any regular phone plan. So basically it’s a mini wifi modem/router that you carry around and it gives you LTE/data wherever you are.

Also, everyone rides bikes. I love it. There are bicycle racks at every store and girls in skirts and heels ride bikes (which I thought would be impossible?). I’m definitely getting one (even though I haven’t ridden a bike in years). Such a cute aesthetic: スクバ in the basket, biking down the tiny streets.

Also, it’s extremely safe here. I walk alone to the grocery store at night with no worries. The police’s biggest concern here is stolen bikes.

It’s so hard to give an idea of what the streets look like without video! Here’s a screenshot with two kids riding their bikes home:

Tomorrow is my placement test, which luckily is on the computer (and not handwritten, something I’m really bad at because I can’t remember kanji strokes well). Wish me luck! :-)

Lastly, I give you a picture of a nice and pure sleeping kitty.


anonymous asked:

Hello there wonderful human!! Do you have any super fluffy supercorp fic recs?

I don’t know about super fluffy but here are some gems! 

The Laws of Fate by @stennnn06
Summary: A soulmate story with a twist. Lena has the ability to see the red string of fate, and the power to change it from one holder to another. She meets her match, after years of pining, but she’s left having to make an agonizing decision.

Tag Yourself by @stennnn06
Summary:  Facebook was usually spot on with the tag feature, but all software had glitches. Lena stared at the picture, her eyes narrowed in confusion. She leaned toward the screen, squinting, trying to see better. It was Supergirl, no doubt about it, but the facial recognition did have a point…

In This World, And The Next by @stennnn06
Summary:  The SuperCorp Proposal that nobody asked for. (I’m a sucker for proposal fics) 

Brighter Than the Sun by SilentRain91 
Summary:  Lena is blind and Kara is her adorable puppy self.

Impeccable Timing by @thatsgaydanvers
Summary: Pregnancy au where Lena carries the baby, overprotective Kara and their relationship is still secret. It would be great if Lena is already showing her bump.

Sleep-Flying by @thatsgaydanvers
Summary: Stress and exhaustion are catching up with the Girl of Steel. So much that when she falls asleep, she starts sleep-flying though National City sky to land on a certain CEO’S bed, and it becomes a habit.

12 x 8 by newyorkrenegades
Summary: Objectively, it’s a beautiful photograph. A high definition immortalization of a kiss in the sky, two figures pressed impossibly close, hands tangled in hair and around waists as they hover sixty stories in the air, illuminated gently by the neon of the CatCo Worldwide Media sign. But all she really sees when she looks at it is proof of Lena Luthor cheating on Kara Danvers.