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Maaaak, do you like shoujo? ♥ (I think you mentioned it to me once, but I'm not sure) if you do, what are your favorite anime/mangas?


I do like shoujo :3c  ♥ ♥ ♥ i’ve loved shoujo ever since Cardcaptor Sakura ~ (that was one of my fave childhood animes  ♥)

here’s a list of my favorite ones (so far, in no particular order):


1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun / My Little Monster
the theme song is sooooooo catchy and adorable and so rainbow-y! there’s a maka look alike! (she’s in my header btw), and haru is just the sweetest dorkiest anime character. i have a soma au for this. and there is a love triangle. i need a season 2. i am dying. save me. this has been one of my favorite shoujo animes for a long time ♥

2. Kyoukai no Kanata / Beyond the Boundary
it’s kind of not a typical shoujo, because it has a lot of action in it- but the art & animation style is just #artgoals and #gorgeous and the characters are so lovable i could scream. also i have not watched the movies yet but i would so love to watch them soon

3. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / Wolf Girl and Black Prince
i honestly would recommend the manga (since it’s better than the anime), but i love the ending song???? it’s so catchy and i will make a soma animation for it one day. this was honestly the inspiration for my mak persona! i only recommend it if you read a bit of the manga and want to see it animated

4. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso / Your Lie in April
if you’ve seen tumblr posts and gifs about this and know a thing or two about the story, then you know why this is my fave. the art and animation style is AHMAZING, the story is sooooo good??? (feels though im warning you)
the ending could have been a little bit slower? but it still wraps up the anime very well, it gives all the characters closure. (did i mention the characters are all lovable too??). also i want to animate the theme song for soma au not gonna lie

5. Akagami no Shirayukihime / Snow White with the Red Hair
the ones who produced this was the same animation studio that handled Soul Eater!! (studio bones)!! girl power tbh shirayuki (the red haired girl) is such an independent girl ♥ i love her.
also there’s a white haired boy who i think you’ll love cuz he is already one of my cinnamon rolls. freaking potential SoMa au i tell u (there are 2 seasons but i wish for another one) (also i love shirazenobi) (casually tags @l0chn3ss)

6. Nisekoi / False Love
soul’s VA is the same as the male main character’s VA. nuff said.
no but seriously i love every single character here. it’s the only harem i would dare to watch. it’s so funny and light-hearted and the plot will keep having twists. it’s really fun to watch. @l0chn3ss@flamedork and i made a SoMa au for it last soma week :D the anime ending had something missing to it, but i believe you’ll still enjoy it nonetheless ♥

7. Nagi no Asukara / A Lull in the Sea
OKAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TBH out of all of the shoujo animes i listed as my fave, this one takes the cake. i actually did not expect any of the twists, and the story goes really deep. the ending could have gone better tbh (im so salty about how it ended too quickly), but the characters and how everyone interacts, it just makes you keep wanting to watch it D:
(plus! the art style is adorable im crying about it. the animation of the waves and the sea– and the opening and ending themes are soooo cool ♥ )

8. Cardcaptor Sakura
oldie but goodie! there’s also a reboot coming up (or a sequel i think? based on the new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Cards manga- which is so amazing for people who love nostalgic shows) idk if i can say any more about it, but it’s a magical girl story! and i love every single character. syaoran is my blushy-blush child.

9. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru / This Art Club Has a Problem!
this was one of the most recent i’ve watched and it’s totally not like all the others. mainly because… it’s just so random? it’s a school anime about an art club and i just love the characters and the randomness of it all. i totally ship these two who are just so cute together but the guy is too dense. eurghhh
(this anime has a manga but i havent read it so i cant say much about it)

10. Tamako Market
this is one of the cutest shoujo i’ve ever seen. oh my gosh- you will love tamako. for sure. also! the animation is so fluid and adorable! the opening will make u puke rainbows bc of the cuteness, and the ending is so aesthetic, every scene would be worthy for a gifset. the story is different for a school type anime (it’s more centered on the marketplace tamako lives in) and it revolves around all the characters and their development and relationship to tamako :3

11. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (i’ve memorized this anime title) / We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw that Day (or in shorter terms: AnoHana)
this anime is definitely one of the best ones. it will make you cry. produced by A-1 pictures, the same ones who animated this prized piece. you will definitely cry. it’s best if you watch for yourself if you havent watched it yet ;w;
p.s. i love menma so much hrhrrrr


1. Hirunaka no Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star
the art style of this manga is my aesthetic tbh. the characters and the love triangle is my fave part– for me, ending could have been less rushed tho (i will fight for mamura) (just a warning, there’s a teacher-student thing going on)


2. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun / My Little Monster
yeah this has a manga too! i love the characters and the love triangle too (you can see i have a type), and the art style is so lit, you’re gonna love it. i don’t remember if i loved the ending, but yeah it’s completed as well

3. Taiyou no Ie / House of the Sun
i don’t remember much of the story anymore (since it was such a long time ago since i last read it), but the art style is so cute it will give u cavities. it’s kind of weird since the couple may seem like siblings, but eh, they’re just really close childhood friends. if you like domestic fluff, you will love this.

4. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / Wolf Girl and Black Prince
i basically love the character development. the art style also gets better over time and the story so far is going through so many twists. i have not caught up too much so pls no spoilers :“)

5. Akagami no Shirayukihime / Snow White with the Red Hair
yeah this has a manga too! right now the manga is still ongoing so it’s not too late to catch up :”) i also need to catch up though hehe

6. Nisekoi / False Love
it also has a manga!! if the anime is super good, then the manga is so much better. it handles so much character development and i seriously got addicted to it the more i kept reading. unfortunately it’s finished (i wanted to see more heh), but the ending is kept with good closure for each character (for a harem, that’s a blessing), but it also depends on who you’re betting on for raku ;w;

7. Cardcaptor Sakura
honestly im not even sure how many chapters there are, but the new Clear Cards manga is still ongoing, so there’s something to look forward to :D

(not sure if i should add this but i want to talk about it :>)


1. Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name
have i talked about this enough? no? well im gonna talk about it anyway

it’s so amazing. i literally screamed all throughout (well maybe not really).
the animation. the voice acting. the characters. the designs. the music. the aesthetic. the story. THE STORY AGH you will cry. or at least be moved.

2. Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice
this movie gave me a great hype tbh. even though the ending could have been a bit more thought out (as you can see i have such a high standards for endings), the story and the feels totally made up for it. it deals with a more serious topic than Kimi No Na Wa but it’s worth the watch esp if you like crying good animation and friendship-type shoujos (but u will have feels. i promise).

My cousin and his wife who had five kids already just adopted their second child from Guangzhou today and she’s the cutest baby ever and looks like a ballerina 😭😭😭 They adopted Ella as a baby but they’re adopting Sophie at age five and Sophie was really scared about being adopted but when they walked out of her orphanage she said “I wanna hold my sister’s hand” meaning Ella I CANT 😭😭😭

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hey my dude, characters A and B got some hella exciting news and are sharing it with C and D (everyone is super happy about it).... can you give some dialogue for how they would react? C is more explosive/outgoing/loud while D is your stereotypical quiet nerd thank you!!

Hope this helps!

1. “Wait you two are together!? Omg I cant believe this!”

“Ok let’s not pretend to be too shocked, we both had bets going on.”

2. “You two….together.:..boy I did not expect that. That’s like…me and (character D) going out! Ugh that’s weird!”

“How did you even get there-and no it’s not like that at all.”

3. “You two are gonna make the cutest couple ever! We have to double date sometime!”

“With who, we’re both single.”

If anyone else has any other prompts feel free to comment! :)

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namjoon, jk, taetae, yoongi, hobi, seokjinnie, chimchim

anonymous said: oooooh for the idol thing can u just do all of bts XD <3

okay /cracks knuckles/ let’s do this.

seokjin: @jinsasleep @warmjins @2seoke @artemissmoon idk that many seokjin stans which is ??? hella sad tbh, but like yeah, whenever i see them on my dash im just all /seokjin’s windshield laugh/ you know?

yoongi: @hoseokxx @rninyoonqi @mincute @apricotmin @cuddleseok @nochuga @agustdia @jeonbegins (i also call her the “alibi yoonkook stan” smh, in reality she stans bucket hats) @triptiych bless their souls.

hoseok: @hoseokxx (my fav hoseok hoe out there ngl :///////) @notjhope @hobipd @monstarsteeth @hobitaki @cuddleseok @velvethoseok @thisspringday @2seoke sighs, ppl :////// are :////// right :////// to stan this sunshine. tbh, everyone stans him. even i got mistaken for a hoseok stan, like tbh.

namjoon: @kstopping @thoughtssilent @joonphases @joongogh (even though she is never on here smh) @bfmoni and my newest mutual, hello @rapnamu (sobs i ????? idk, i got emo ok, you are a namjoon stan and this means a lot, dont even ask idk myself)

jimin: @flowerchildchim @strawberryjamjimin @pjungkook (hello my jikook bub ily) @chimppup (?? im still not over tham (shame) (shame) thing, literally wHAT DO YOU MEAN) @thisspringday @chim-chimii @berry-happy-tokki @4jimn and @wintrychim are in love with jimin and like ://///// same? :/ sighs

taehyung: @taesflower (Волим те. coughs literally just hoping that this makes sense ok djsgfksdgj) @mincute @bfmoni (vmonvmonvmonvmonv–) @rudetae @sweatae (all i have to say is tooty tbh, bye lmao) @mochikotae @eriinatsu (honest to god one of my fav gif makers i still cant believe) @taetaescutiepie (literally a cutiepie??) aaaaand @taepott (the thirst is real with her) yeah well, taehyung is literally just the cutest ever i wanna cry and so pretty, inside n out

jeongguk: me, bye. JK lmaoooo, @jeonbegins (a “phake”, look you got two comments, pet) @bfkook @cryjeon @eatkookiie @teagguks @jeonggukes (”jungkook is my kink”) @officerkook 

aaaaaaand well, i could tell you a loooooooooot more tbh, but i dont wanna make a whole follow forever so i will just chill for now– sorry if this is a bother for the ones who are tagged sobs

send me an idol and i’ll tell you which tumblr user i associate with them 💞  

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simon loof is swedish and so pretty wtf

I feel like Swedish things just exist to make the rest of the world look bad. Swedish hockey players? Gorgeous. 

swedish furniture? classic, elegant, chic.

swedish horses? stunning. gorgeous color, markings, movement, and hardworking.

swedish dogs? what even IS this? the cutest dog ever? a German shepherd mixed with a corgi? the two greatest dog breeds in one? idk but i love it. 

swedish food? simply amazing.

what CANT sweden do? even their economy is doing really well right now. Sorry this didn’t have much to do with Simon Loof. But my point is that he and the rest of sweden are WONDERFUL. I’m not attractive enough to live there, but i would certainly like to visit one day😁

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Narry fic recs?

Okay so I get this one quite a lot and I’ll try and mix it up a lil bit for you.

1. I’ll start with this one - Ridiculous by scottmcniceass because it was one of the very first fics I read and adored. Main ship is Ziam which my love of frankly stems from this fic but the side Narry is amazing and it’s really a brilliant story.

2. Just Smile by harriet_vane. It’s sweet and lovely and a solid read.

3. Emotional Knapsack by irishmizzy and miss_bennie. This fic set the whole fandom alight and rightly so, it’s the origin of the concept of Stylan and probably one of the most popular fics to date.

4. Baby, I  by makesomelove. I will forever continue to rec this simply because it’s kinky and weird and I really love this kind of shit.

5.Gentlemen In Training by marigolds. If you want some good old no strings attached well written smut then read this bad boy about boys being bad on tour.

6. Cant Help Falling In Love With You by justyrae. I love this concept and frankly it’s one of the cutest things you’ll ever lay eyes on. Enjoy…

7. Friends Just Sleep In Another Bed by Littlecather. A great fic which is just the right amount of angsty and smutty, my two personal faves. Littlecather has a lot of other great works you should also check out.

8. Last rec, my new fic Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining, a weird highschool trope I wrote which has smut and angst and lots of other oddities. 

If you get through this whole list and still aren’t sated then feel free to come back and ask for some other recs because there are many more…

stydia fanfiction appreciation!

themartinskis started this and I wasn’t even tagged but I wanted to make a fic rec anyways and this seems like a SIGN TO DO IT NOW. The rules as posted:

Talking with people, I’ve noticed just how many of us think that the fanfic for the stydia fandom is severely unappreciated. So I thought I’d do a little tag to try spread some love. All you have to do is write a review (it can be as long or as short as you like) for each of the following categories. If your fic is mentioned in any category you’ve been tagged! Continue the chain by making a new post and answering the questions. Try and use fic that you haven’t seen tagged before to try and spread the love as much as possible. Read the fanfic recommended under the third topic and write something nice about it (and check out the other fics they mentioned while you’re at it too!). Here are the categories:

1) Three of your favorite Stydia fics from three different authors

you swoon, you sigh, you deny it- kamikazehearts ( clinton-natalia . Want some achingly beautiful stydia fics?? I’ve gotchu. This writer is seriously amazing and I recommend every single one of her stydia works, although sadly she doesn’t write it anymore. This one I’ve linked is a post-Motel California fic. Just read it-This writer GETS Stydia, they write them SO DAMN WELL. I can’t deal.

Lasciviousness- Take this to Heart ( [can’t find their tumblr] . Lydia #thirsts after Stiles while studying, Stiles is oblivious. It is seriously HOT and simultaneously adorable and in character and awesome in general. I reread this fic all the time. This author also wrote a stydia date fic which is fuckin amazing, so read that too. You won’t regret.

so take your chances with romances- satellites (ao3)/ [can’t find their tumblr]. Stiles tries to ask Lydia to prom, she’s not impressed. BUT SHE WILL BE. It is the cutest thing ever. Read it.

2) Two fics you think are particularly underappreciated

the sun began to rise when you came my way- safeandsound13 (ao3)/ (CANT FIND) The classic friends with benefits, Stydia edition. I can’t get enough of this fic seriously, it’s amazing.

Fourteenth Time’s the Charm- perfectpro (ao3)/ helpless-in-sleep . THIS IS THE ONLY STYDIA PROPOSAL FIC YOU WILL EVER NEED. It is one of my favourites, this writer is absolutely amazing and I will never understand why her fics have so few hits. This cute-ass fic is also a companion to the way you like it which is 11k of incredibly steamy well-written STYDIA SMUT in case y’all are into that.

3) Your favorite fic you’ve written

witched- me? lol. Shameless self-promotion. It’s the only Stydia fic I’ve written. And I’m still writing it. check out the link for the blurb if you’re really desperate lmao. People seem to be liking it so far though, which warms my soul ;)

Ok, Mike loved Eleven. A lot. We can all agree about that. We all cry whenever we see a Mileven post, right? (I did ok, ok, don’t judge) But there’s something the fandoms forgetting.

How much Dustin and Lucas cared about her too








ok yea, he wasn’t the best to her AT FIRST






So basically there are A LOT of Mike and Eleven posts AND I LOVE ALL OF THEM BUT

don’t forget about all THESE


so many things happened in this vlog i just really had to make a post about it…

first is obviously the beginning, which is my absolute favorite jaspar moment ever, because look at how CUTE AND SHY JOE IS HE’S LITERALLY SMILING THE ENTIRE TIME HE WAS TALKING. not to mention Caspar’s massive display of heart eyes. idk they’re just so cute i literally felt my heart do a cartwheel.

of course we can’t leave out jaspar in a pool. i mean, come on…

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literally you guys are complaining about Allegiant being slipt into two movies? are you shitting me? do you even remember how much happens in the last book? 

  • have to rescue caleb
  • tobias/tris date which is the cutest thing ever
  • they decide to escape w the allegiant
  • mayhem ensues and a certain person dies in that mayhem
  • they finally find amar/george
  • they learn all about why the factions were formed
  • they meet david
  • they meet that one girl i cant remember her name but you know
  • they have to learn about the genetically damaged and how tobias technically isnt divergent
  • tobias gets all pissed and goes to work w that one girl
  • uriah
  • tris being mad at tobias
  • tobias feeling so shitty and having to tell zeke
  • tris punching caleb in the face (v important)
  • when they go into some city and tris talks to that homeless woman
  • all the while evelyn is being bitchy
  • caleb being sorry
  • tris forgiving tobias
  • fourtris sex
  • “ill see you soon”
  • tobias finding evelyn convincing her to stop being a bitch
  • evelyn choosing tobias over power
  • evelyn bein like lmao bye marcus u ass
  • tris and caleb switcheroo
  • peter taking the serum
  • tris fighting that serum
  • tris vs. david
  • me crying
  • tobias just standing still
  • tobias almost taking the serum
  • epilogue