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So, I've been seeing your posts on Trollhunters and wondering if I should watch it. Can you give me a sales pitch for the show and why you like it?

just … THESE GUYS:

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no but all fangirling aside; i wrote (kind of) a review of the series here but here’s a two-sentence summary:

it’s about a mystical rock monster world and some kids trying to fight the bad guys - it’s simple and fun :D (and the villains are absolutely BADASS and developed, and they have CHARACTER - the villains are the best seriously ;U;; you WILL feel something for these villains if you want to or not)


I had a really wonderful weekend. Like really really wonderful. The past five days have actually been good. Five whole days in a row. I always feel weird saying that I’m proud of myself, but I’m really proud so I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever reach a place where I’m “cured” and that has been hard to come to terms with, but being in a place where I know what I need and I can be kind to myself and speak up and really take good care is a pretty damn good place to be. It takes a lot of work, but I’m doing my best. And I guess that’s why I’m proud. 5 days of feeling good seems like a really big accomplishment.

yesterday I did absolutely nothing, but in the best way possible. a self-care day of sorts I guess. it was rainy so I cuddled with the dog and read two books and watched tv and had a schoolwork free day to just relax and unwind because I needed one of those days. I ate mac and cheese and also some ice cream and went to sleep at 9:00 and it was perfect. 

today I saw my best friend and we went to our old college to see some other friends and I truly had the most wonderful time. my bff is the most special person and we’ve both been through so much and I love her so dearly. we’re really similar in a lot of ways, but also total opposites in that she’s loud and outgoing and completely unapologetic and usually embarrasses me in public but also brings out a really fun side in me that I often forget I’m allowed to have. she makes me laugh and she makes me feel safe and things always feel right when I’m with her. 

we had an hour long drive so I made a playlist on my phone with lots of her favorite songs and every time a new one came on she’d get emotional over the fact that I remembered it. we always have the best talks in the car and I look forward to driving with her anywhere even if it’s only for five minutes. things get deep as hell and I love it. there are very few people who I can be joking with one second, and discussing my mental health in detail with the next. and she is one of about three. I’m thankful for that. 

freshmen year, we were in this mental health advocacy club together called active minds. we were both deeply passionate about it, but never really discussed why. it wasn’t until years later that we learned why we were each so personally invested and ever since then we’ve been quietly fighting our battles together. today we were singing along to jefferson airplane and then turned down the radio real quick to talk about that time I was hallucinating for two weeks, and then she told me about how she had to get away from her boyfriend last week because she suddenly got paranoid he was going to kidnap her and kill her. we laughed at how crazy we were and then went back to singing. I love that. 

sunday nights are usually filled with dread for me. I never feel ready to face the week and spend a lot of time wishing I was someone else, somewhere else. but today I feel ok. what’s that phrase about rose colored glasses? I’m trying to see the world that way. school feels better, my internship feels better. a lot of things feel better. I haven’t cried since tuesday. I haven’t felt anxious since wednesday. I’m not all that sad. I so badly want it to stay like this. I know it won’t but I feel like I’m taking important steps every day and working to make these good stretches last just a little bit longer each time. five days is a lot. tomorrow will be six. I’m really proud.

Honestly can you imagine the first phone call when Phichit heard everything because he absolutely kept up with the “rumors” but C’MON!! Yuuri going back home after pining for Victor for years only for him to show up on his doorstep, apparently naked(?) fucking people magazine, in Hasetsu Japan of all places. Like, there has to be something there.

Then he facetimes Yuuri and Victor decides to crash into the room and yep that’s his best friend’s idol telling Yuuri in detail how soft his sheets are in nothing but a towel anD HOLY FUCK KATSUKI IF YOU DON’T TELL ME THE WHOLE STORY RN I AM COMING TO JAPAN AND KICKING UR ASS 

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omfgggggg ive had the BIGGEST crush on my best friend (since 6th grade, we are freshmen) for soooo long and about two weeks ago she asked me out (she knew i liked her and was a little confused abt her own feelings) and !!!! she is just so amazing and cuuuuute and the absolute best and we are going on our first date sometime this week ugh she makes me so happy


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the boy i love is absolutely amazing. hes so understanding and caring and loving, sometimes it brings me to tears. he knows when i need some alone time, but he also never gets annoyed when i quadruple text him. we're a long distance relationship, but that doesnt really affect us. we can treat each other like best friends and joke around and tease each other, but we also have those moments where its very intimate and i love it. honestly, i couldnt imagine a world without him.

I am so glad you have someone so wonderful in your life! May the two of you always be together!

So… this is actually my second amv ever made. Gonna touch up my first before I post it. Still learning, but I am still extremely proud of this. <3 I know it’s not the best, but for it only being my second time doing one of these, I love it. Really helped me kick my depression at 3 in the morning.

So… Enjoy a very short amv of my favorie Space Gays. lol. I love this ship so much it hurts. X,D Song is Ride by Somo. I absolutely adore the song, and needed to amv these two with it. <3

I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there, who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me - second only to this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cut me some slack here… You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life better. You’ve given us two of the most incredible children that I could ever hope to have. You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential. So thank you. I love you.
—  Ryan Reynolds about his wife Blake Lively during his speech at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony
The signs as Oscar Wilde quotes

Aries: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Taurus: You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.

Gemini: I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.

Cancer: Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.

Leo: I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

Virgo: There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating: people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.

Libra: Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.

Scorpio: The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Sagittarius: I can resist everything except temptation.

Capricorn: There is no sin except stupidity.

Aquarius: To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.

Pisces: Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

– p

my experience researching who the best pokemon champion is
  • GAMEfaqs: its cynthia
  • Pokemon forums: cynthia
  • Polls: cynthia
  • Youtube video: cynthia
  • Youtube video #12: still cynthia
  • Videos/polls on best battle music: steven, but also cynthia
  • Youtube video about best ANIME trainer: hmmm well considering the elite 4 are all weaker than the champion but better than ash, but some trainers have become league champions without challenging them, we have these 3 main contenders. two of them have legendary pokemon. but analysing their skill i think the title goes to c....
  • me: just say it
  • Them: cynthia. its always cynthia. she cannot be stopped

“And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”

Can I just say, that I absolutely love these two? I love Percy and Annabeth, I love them in the first series because they were best friends before they became romantic. I like that they like each other for their personalities, and Percy loves how Annabeth fights. I just love these two, protect them <3

Currently started reading the Heroes of Olympus, which I have not read yet… so this should be interesting! (NO SPOILERS OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN…)

I think my favorite part of the YOI fandom are the Victuri non-believers after all.

Victor and Yuuri could get married and they’d still be all like “I don’t know, man, they didn’t seem too convinced when they said their vows, and those rings are completely platonic, you know, that’s something two guys give each other all the time, and they didn’t show their kiss at that altar clearly enough so yeah, guys, they’re just reaffirming their friendship, can’t you tell? They’re married as best friends, alright, this show was just queerbaiting from beginning to end, there’s absolutely nothing gay about two guys promising to spend the rest of their lives with each other, y’all got played.”

About meeting Dan & Phil

It was surreal it…really was. I’ve been watching them for so long :’) and I just wanted to write down my experience:
• It was super sunny, dan’s face looked really soft and bright o wow
• I could see his lil freckles and moles so well
• Phil’s face in the sunlight looks so sharp ? And angular? Amazing
• for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at dan’s eyebrows
• they’re bushy and small aw
• phil’s eyes under the sun are absolutely incredible and SO crystal clear dear lord
• they will hug your mum
• my dad told them I draw them and they thanked me? It’s ok guys?
• dan was wearing his weird Thermal Jacket thing
• he did peace signs and I felt obliged to join in lol
• Phil gives the best hugs the legend is true
• I got two hugs from both of them I cant
• Dan thanked me for watching their vids
• I couldn’t stop staring (lol freak) but ..srsly… it was so spontaneous I couldn’t think everything had turned to jelly
• when I saw them they were walking pretty swiftly and directly side by side
•dan’s voice is LOW
• phil’s skin is SMOOTH and v pale
• Phil said he was jet lagged
• the sunlight made them look like absolute ANGELS
• they are immensely friendly
• they are not as awkward as you think
• they’re tol but smol
• they look v different irl but not in a bad way
• sorry this is long but.. I’m very happy right now I thought this would never happen. Never lose hope folks !

getting out of an abusive household - a household where you don’t feel safe - is difficult as all hell. you can’t do it at once, can’t pack a day’s bag in half an hour and leave. trust me, i’ve tried, you gotta plan in little steps

  • break belongings down into chunks. clothes, toiletries, valuables, essentials, others. whatever you absolutely need. figure out how to pack a bag to take
  • you need housing or other shelter. organise with friends and safe family, look up safe shelters, youth groups etc. too
  • look up transport fares. can you catch the bus? can you afford a travel card? if you’re like me and you have a school opal/other card (free travel on mondays to fridays), it’s your greatest asset. even $10 on an adult card gets you a ride or two somewhere
  • make a plan. accrue evidence, bide your time, whatever. keeping your head down is the best way to go about it; you want to be stealthy. be patient. hold onto your determination
  • have multiple options up your sleeve. if you only have one plan that hinges on a specific set of circumstances, you’re fucked. if something falls through, don’t get hung up on it. as long as there’s a sliver of hope, there’s a way. find another way. if there’s only one option, study it as much as possible, run it through your mind; if you can practice it, practice it (but remember to be stealthy). you want the final result to be as smooth as possible
  • in everything: organisation is key. make checklists. wherever you need to, break it into little chunks. smaller chunks are easier to run through your mind and link together later. that’s a tip from your friendly autistic pal
  • what kind of bag do you have? I’ve got the luxury of a once-used 70L hiking pack so I can pack heaps of stuff, but get the best bag you have. someone close to me has just a school backpack, and they can fit two changes of clothes and a few other necessities. I’d imagine it’s more likely you’ll have a backpack, so learn how to pack your bag best
  • income is super important; can you apply for welfare? are you on welfare? can you keep up a job, or get money from somewhere else?

hrgjgh I’m out of spoons, I can’t think of anything else. the main point I”m trying to get across is that time is most important; practice practice practice, get used to minor independence things, contact as many people as you trust to help, and keep your head down, and bide your time. you want to leave as smoothly as possible. don’t have a half-plan that hinges on maybes - of course sometimes it can’t be helped but as much as you can make sure you have a solid plan of action with safety nets

does anyone want to add anything???


I’m … planning an AU? With an “I was the best FBI agent and now a private detective and I bother the cute agent Katsuki” Viktor and “I’m an agent, I swear, but my family have a little thiefs tradition, the kind that involves fancy dresses, yes” Yuuri.

Because while packaging I’m totally watching cool stuff and I have not “seen” more than 150 episodes of Detective Conan - all of them in less than two days. Absolutely not.

Compatibility in astrology: how it really works

Compatibility is about connections. Period.

Or maybe you don’t want to call it compatibility. Compatibility has a negative connotation - people tend to talk about all the ways in which people are different based on their astrology charts. Here, we’re talking about the ways in which someone feels a positive, close bond to another person through astrology.

The best way to explain this is to use examples from my life. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a Gemini sun, Virgo moon, Cancer rising.

All of my best, closest friends have been either Virgo suns, Virgo risings, Gemini moons, Gemini risings, Cancer suns, or Cancer moons. There’s no denying it. Sometimes, they have two connections with me. For example, my absolute best friend is a Gemini moon AND Virgo rising. That’s even more powerful.

There’s something so powerful about having signs in common. You find that these people just get you in a way that no one else can.

This particularly applies to the sun, moon, and rising, since they are the most personal placements. But also having mercury, venus, or mars in the same sign as someone else’s placement(s) can add to the connection for sure. In addition, if any of these “connections” are close conjunctions (0-5 degrees away from the other person’s placement), then it will be even more powerful.

People seem to ignore the fact that this is a sure way to determine whether or not you have a “spark” with someone. Having the same “energy” based on your astrological placements makes for very similar people, and therefore more inclined to get along.

Sun-moon and sun-rising are the most common connections, in my opinion. Look at your chart. Look at your friends or partners, both past and present. Oh no! They’re a Scorpio! That’s so traditionally incompatible with your sun sign of Aquarius! But also, look - they have an Aquarius moon. Or maybe they have an Aquarius rising. Whatever the case is, having signs in common with someone goes beyond anyone’s traditional ideas about compatibility.

Of course, you can be friends with anyone and everyone depending on your own chart - or just how open and friendly of a person you are. But do you feel chemistry with every person you meet, whether platonic or romantic? No.

Sure, you could go into all the ways in which a Scorpio wouldn’t get along with an Aquarius - but in this relationship, the people seem to put all of that aside because of what they do have in common. These are the types of connections that make you feel comfortable with a person…as if you were meant to be close to them. It feels fated.

Guys I saw Beauty and the Beast!!!

The. Best. Movie. Ever.

Disney you are truly iconic.

Luke Evans stole the show. Like I’m speechless. He was absolutely phenomenal.

Josh Gad my smol son. I love you.

EMMA. Thank you for bringing two of my favorite characters to life. You mean everything to me.

Dan freaking Stevens. Perfection.

Ewan McGregor is simply legendary.

Emma Thompson is there anything you can’t do? Amazing.

The whole cast. The songs. The costumes. The effects. Epic.


zendaya I think we have worlds best real life Spider-Man….an absolutely beautiful day at @nyphospital with two of my favorite people @tomholland2013@lifeisaloha @lollipoptheater #PooPoo

Yuuri settles to St. Petersburg quite comfortably.

Victor’s apartment is spacious – there’s white walls and fancy design furniture; and Yuuri absolutely adores the view over the city, as the clouds slither over the buildings, the rays of sunshine breaking through the bleak whiteness of the winter sky. The view, however, isn’t the best part – neither is the design furniture, or the white walls that reflect light.

It is something much more simple.

They sleep together, and evenings are a comfortable routine after two months of cohabitation. Victor puts the light out. Yuuri puts his phone on charge. Makkachin jumps next to them. Victor tangles their fingers together and Yuuri kisses his forehead, whispering good night and shuts his eyes, knowing that in the morning, he’ll wake up in this bed, next to this person, and he still can’t quite believe how lucky and in love he is.

Victor wakes up every morning to his husband (his husband) curled around him, their legs tangled together, the weight of Makkachin’s head on his stomach and he’s so full of love it’s almost too much. The morning sun slides over St. Petersburg softly and he can hear the seagulls as they battle against the winds of the Baltic Sea, the shimmering ocean splashing white foam against the shore.

It’s winter and it’s cold, but Yuuri’s hand is still holding Victor’s, cool fingertips dancing against his skin. Yuuri shivers as goosebumps rise on his skin and Victor pulls him closer. There’s a soft kiss shared between them, then another. It’s gentle and slow, the pull, their lips gliding together and Victor can taste Yuuri’s smile on his lips. Yuuri’s mouth is plying as Victor opens his mouth and slips a little tongue in. Yuuri’s other hand slides in his hair and it’s quite wonderful. There’s a good morning somewhere in between.

Sleeping in Victor’s bed, waking up to soft kisses and warm cuddles, the view of his husband (his husband) standing in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee in his cold hands, bare feet tapping against the floor as he leans against the window and looks at the skies with a concentrated scowl – Yuuri’s heart swells and it all feels unreal.

This is home now.

Yuuri settles to St. Petersburg just fine.