these two are so wonderful~

tfw you’re the only aroha in your irl friend group and you can’t say anything because you’ve already expressed your love 17474184 times in the past 2 days and at this point they just ignore you whenever you mention something remotely Astro

the parable of peaches

I’ve got my hand up her skirt,

looking for her peaches and cream,

and she is laughing,

drunk as the ocean,

telling me love is more

than a midnight snack,

more than a movie

played backwards in the rain,

but I insist that it is not

until she hands me a ripe one

the color of sunsets,

and we agree to call it love;

and so it ends with dreamers like us,

two strangers

walking backwards

in the rain,

wondering why

we’re still so hungry

and alone.

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I kinda have a crush on one of my best friends and she's so wonderful. Sadly shes straight as an arrow so nothing will ever happen but she moved out of the country a month ago and she and I finally were able to video chat and shes just so beautiful and joyful? When she said goodbye she ended it saying 'I love you and adore you' and my heart was just so happy. Ive never enjoyed myself as much as I do when Im with her and I can't wait for her to come back. My heart feels pure joy when I see her.

Lowkey I know the feeling and it is wonderful, I’m happy that you two are so close ♡

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i got to see my crush a whole bunch this week! we hung out and played checkers and then went to the skatepark! he helped me up onto the big ramp and when he grabbed onto my hand to pull me up, he kept holding on a little bit after. i played him my uke and we looked at the stars until 1 am, my friends always wonder why we arent together yet, but tbh we both are super awkward and just cant seem to tell how we feel ~ air

awww gosh you two sound so wonderful together! I understand about being awkward and not telling each other how you feel, but I’m sure it will happen when it’s meant to. I’m glad you’ve been having so much fun together in the meantime! he seems like an absolute sweetie xx

types of friends (tag yourself)
  • the mum/mom friend
    - very loving
    - always worrying about friends
    - cares a lot
    - has a crush on brad pitt, probably
  • the dad friend
    - cares about friends but sometimes kinda distant
    - tells bad jokes
    - sometimes embarrasses friends but they still love them so its ok
    - the cool awkward friend
  • the sister friend
    - no one can pick on their friends except them
    - nice usually but can be deadly
    - embarrassing sometimes but loveable
    - surprisingly good with advice
  • the brother friend
    - annoying but loveable
    - has a rivalry with their friends
    - makes bad jokes
    - constantly has to be reminded that they can’t fight everything
  • the grandma friend - loves hugs
    - always has sweets with them for reasons unknown
    - makes things for their friends
    - loves friends to bits
  • the aunt/uncle/pibling ?? friend
    - kinda distant
    - really nice
    - laidback
    - their friends like spending time with them even if they don’t often
  • the cousin friend
    - kinda distant and their friends don’t see them often
    - when they do see them you’re like temporary best friends
    - cool as hell
    - understands
  • the fifth-cousin-three-times-removed friend
    - who are they
    - loves their friends
    - their friends hardly even recognise them
    - these friends keep quiet about it and pretend they know this person

happy birthday, seyma! @doumekism (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t


well this took longer than it should ^^; meet my new Ocs!! Salus and Andrea!! i haven’t fully developed a story for them yet (actually i have but im afraid some might say its pretty dumb ;v;) and i might make more comics about them soon!!


folkin’ around // panic! at the disco

Suga sent a flower pot for the opening of his mom’s new restaurant. 

Jimin sent one too.

(The flower pots were placed inside the restaurant.
The first one is Jimin’s,the one next to it is Yoongi’s.)

cr. ILYSB_jimin


This was my favorite part of this episode. Here’s why:

So here comes Daesung, trailing after Seungri, hands full with bowls of washed lettuce and whatnot. He’s taking his sweet time and, in typical introvert fashion, complaining about how he isn’t ready to return to camp yet (“I don’t feel like going back”)… but the second he sees TOP tending to the fire his demeanor changes.

He’s all, “Whoa, look at that fire! You okay over there?” There’s a teasing note to it, yes. Because he’s already been on TOP’s case once today about the importance of washing his hands before handling meat that they’re all going to eat, come on, hyung.

But just underneath that there’s genuine concern, too. Because Daesung cares. And TOP is Big Bang’s big baby, after all. Someone’s gotta look after him. Daesung doesn’t call himself his nanny for nothing; one look at TOP dutifully manning the grill and he knows he’s having a hard time.

At Daesung’s voice TOP turns and– finally, someone who will listen to him! “The tongs are too short,” he complains, though by now he’s laughing at himself a little too. He knows his problems are trivial, but he just… he needs to unload on someone. The fire is hot! It hurts his hand! Why won’t anyone acknowledge that he’s struggling?

Poor TOP, the others all shot him down when he made a fuss about the heat from the fire burning his hand: “What do you want! Leave me alone!” They were so done with him right from the start; they had work of their own to do and no patience for his whining. But then along came Daesung, offering him an ear and an opportunity to vent his frustrations a bit. And really, sometimes that’s all TOP needs to keep going: someone who recognizes that, above all, he just wants to be heard.

Daesung is so good to him. 😭 😭 😭

@vachir-qerel surprised me today with this picture of two of my characters; Etani’a and Mouse ( @mousexiv ) by @fayren as a late birthday gift. ❤

I might’ve cried just a little bit when I saw it, and I’m still not over it. Thank you both so much. (✿◠‿◠)