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Lesbian roller skating

So last weekend I went roller skating with my friends. The place we went had a wooden rink and carpet area with tables and a snack bar.
After an hour of skating around we decided to get some food.


So we came to the counter of the snack bar, and there was two cashiers, both I’m pretty sure went to our school. All my friends ordered got food and left me, like the amazing dickheads they are.

One of the cashiers was very attractive, she had long blond curls, and my gayness was like omfg cute girl help me. So she leaned over the counter to ask how she could help me and smiled sweetly at me. I walked closer, and me being the complete fail I am, I trip ON THE STUPID CARPET and reached my hands out to stable myself and my hands landed over hers. And she started giggling, and I was completely embarrassed.

I place my order, and hand her the money at the same time. And she says sure thing cutie with a wink, while handling me my bag of chips. By now I was like attractive girl just said I was cute wtf is going on!!

So then I embarrassingly penguin walk to my friends, who didn’t notice any of this or the fact that I’m attractive to females and I eat my chips

Moral of the story is, sometimes carpets are good to skate on and sometimes your friends leaving you results in flirting with cute girls.

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HC with Yoosung, Jumin and Zen reacting to MC who is a guitarist/vocalist of a band? :) Thank you in advance. :)

Yoosung x Mc guitarist

  • Yoosung thinks that Mc + guitar = super Sexy.
  • You are so good with the guitar No … you are marvelous!!
  • You’re in a rock band and you’re pretty well known for your fantastic solos.
  • Yoosung is in almost in all you're concerts (almost because he is in college and all that) and cheers you up like A LOT


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He is your number 1 fan

Jumin x Mc singer

  • You retired from being in a Kpop group (before you meet jumin) and enter the world of acting.

Yup that was a perfect blue reference

  • HE saw all your old performances 
  • You were so cute and sexy at the same time (how can you do that?).
  • and OMFG let me tell you, RFA karaoke is the best because you sing with jumin and is BEAUTIFUL 
  • Is like two angels singing in perfect sync.

RFA is like:

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  • Sometimes you bring to bed your old performer’s clothes.Especially the cat costume.He loves it.
  • Oh! and Jumin is super jealous when he sees that all RFA except him knew who you were.Jaehee is a super fan of your group (especially you), Zen did covers of your music, Yoosung has posters of you in his bedroom, Seven got you more view like he did with Zen but you wear pretty famous before he even knew who you were and V had two or three or ALL your albums on his phone.

Zen x Mc vocalist

  • You are the lead singer of a metal band.
  • You wear always black, you have piercings, tattoos, like a stereotype of a person that likes metal BUT obviously, you’re not like everyone thinks.You love the metal and your band but that doesn´t mean that you are all that, you also like (and is your guilty pleasure because your friends make fun of you for this) musicals and theater plays.
  • Zen likes metal ( you are perfect for each other)

Zen´s fans and Your fans are like:

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They get angry at first but then you two show them the love that you two feel for each other.

[Insert here picture magazines of Zen x Metal Mc (like a Mc with black clothes and all cool and zen with his usual clothes that he always wears, holding hands and kissing.Accompanied with a title the says “The couple of the moment #polar opposite”]

This is not like I usually do Hc but I hope you like it. <3

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

Sexting in Open Court

@barbabangme I am taking a break from smut forever after this omfg.  I hope it’s not too shit babe.
I am so tired rn but I had to post this tonight. I will be back to writing my fluffy stuffs next week guys. 

Lets put this cute gif of Rafi on it cos why not.

His face totally says “Yeah but you can’t send dirty messages like this and still win your case tho can you?” asdfghjkdsghsdjk I need sleep loool bye

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Fuck Valentine’s Day (Tsukkiyama)

A/N: Haikyuu!! (Yamaguchi/Tsukishima, lee Yama) -  4. “What’s wrong..?” - prompt by @otaku-onee-sama // Valentine-ized. 

Okay so two things. Present tense fic, what? Plot… what!? Sorry, I’m not really sure what this thing is XD It’s a fic, I guess. A very tickly one hueuhe<3 

Summary: Forgetting about Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst thing you can do. Secretly hoping for something special on Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst thing you can do. Still, a certain turn of events has both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi end up feeling bad, all because of that stupid day; Valentine’s Day. 

Word Count: 2000 (so satisfying omfg)

Tsukishima is still on the phone when he sees Yamaguchi slip inside, a cute smile spread on his freckly face. Ah, he can’t wait to tell him.

“Right, yes! I will see you then. Thank you very much!” he finishes, and he smiles when Yamaguchi plops himself down on the couch.

“What was that?” Yamaguchi asks brightly.

“My letter got accepted, got a job interview next Tuesday,” Tsukishima says as he walks over to the couch to plant a greeting kiss on Yamaguchi’s lips.

“The job in Sendai? Really? That’s great! Hehe. That’s.. wonderful…” Well, that sure has to be the fastest transition from a cute Yamaguchi smile to what looks more like… disappointment?

“What? What’s wrong..?” Tsukishima asks quickly, and he shoves his phone in his pocket while he eyes Yamaguchi’s concerned expression in confusion.

“Nothing! Nothing. I’m happy for you! You’ll do great.” Yamaguchi is too quick to answer, and there is that smile again - well more something that has to resemble Yamaguchi’s trademark smile. Tsukishima just knows his partner too well.

“You’re lying. Come on, we both know I want this job so bad. Doing this next to my studies will offer me great opportunities for my future. What, are you afraid I won’t have time for you left? Is that it?” Tsukishima says that last bit with a bit of a laugh as he places a hand on Yamaguchi’s shoulder, but the boy shakes his head and does an even better attempt at faking his own smile.

“No, not at all!” he says. Tsukishima stares intently at him, until the point that Yamaguchi obviously starts to feel awkward. He blushes, and Tsukishima just can’t help but note how cute he is.

“No, no it’s great. If you get that job, I’ll most surely be more motivated to do my homework w-while you’re not here,” Yamaguchi says with that adorable blush, and he shrugs.

But…?” Tsukishima adds, glaring at him though he can’t help but smirk, proud of himself for being such a pro at seeing right through Yamaguchi. And he’s right, Yamaguchi simply throws himself back onto the couch and curls up in adorable embarrassment.

“But Tuesday is Valentine’s Day Tsukki!” Yamaguchi whines. Oh. Tsukishima stares at him and sighs. Valentine’s Day, alright. 

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for the one shot requests, maybe elams (eliza/Laurens/alex) and she tells them she's pregnant? maybe a modern au?? idk just a happy pregnancy announcement fluffy stuff c: ty in advance!!! <3


Also this prompt is so cute omfg


Eliza was a calm, and collective person. She was usually the one who kept her head in certain situations. Whenever Alex overworks himself and goes into his shell again she’s usually the one to comfort him back to reality. When John tries to show off for the two of them she’s the one who calms him when he breaks a limb.

Now, she was not in a calm situation. 

John was home - humming to himself in the kitchen, making dinner, and Alex was due home from work any minute. She was sit in the living room, fingers clenching around each other, the TV on, becoming more of a white noise for her.

The door opened, causing her to look up, seeing a soaked and shivering Alex enter, hair stringy, stuck to his face. Looking outside the window she noticed, now, it was storming heavily. Rain thundering down, wind blowing nearly a hundred miles an hour.

John came out of the kitchen, kissing Alex softly. “Hey baby,” He had the concerned look on his face, taking Alex’s jacket off of him, leading him upstairs - probably to get him changed.

She jumped as her phone buzzed against her thigh.


Rolling her eyes she responded, Elizaaa: No, Alex /just/ got home and he’s soaked so John’s taking him to get changed



Elizaaa: Bye Peggy, love you xx

Alex and John were coming down the stairs, Alex wearing sweats and one of John’s shirts, carrying a hair brush in his hands. He sat at Eliza’s feet as John went to finish dinner, and she began softly detangling his hair. 

Her mind was going lightspeed, thinking faster and more than Alex spoke. Which was saying something.

Or maybe she wasn’t thinking.

It was probably the later. In comes John, balancing three plates of chicken alfredo as Alex’s eyes are half shut, leaning heavily against her hands when she just blurted it out.

“I’m pregnant.”

Alex sat rigged, John’s eyes widening before he dropped the three bowls, the china smashing and food splatting around his feet. He paid no mind, Alex turning to look at her, eyes wide.

“Um…” She stopped moving, brush still in her hand, biting her bottom lip, wishing she had stuck to the plan Peggy had made for her.

“You’re…you’re pregnant?” John echoed, stepping over the broken china towards her and Alex.

“Yes.” She nodded slowly.

“Like…a baby?” Alex’s voice was small, eyes wider than she’d seen in a long time.

“Yes, with a baby.” She smiled faintly, placing a hand over his stomach softly.

Their eyes followed. “How long have you known?” John all but whispered, sitting on the couch next to her.

“Um, a month or so?”

“Eliza!” Alex sat up on his knees, “You should have told us!”

She smiled, running a hand through his hair. “I made a plan a month ago…”

“Who all knows?”

“Everyone except you two.” Alex’s eyes widened and John gasped lightly, “No.”

“I begged them not to tell you…”

“You should have told us.” John repeated what Alex had said.

She looked over at the broken plates and couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m not sorry.”

“Oh my God…” Alex’s face lit up, practically bouncing at this point, “We’re going to have a baby! A real baby!”

She laughed, kissing him softly. “A real baby, Alexander…”

“They’re going to be so cute! Oh I can see it!” She smiled as he rambled, “John’s freckles - maybe curly hair! With your looks if it’s a girl - oh man I’m going to have to fight everyone off…I - “

“How do you have any idea what they’ll look like? And why me?” John asked, though anyone could tell he was as excited as Alex.

Said boy sent John a blank face. “Well she’s pregnant, and since we all went to public school we were taught how babies were made. And I don’t need to go into detail but you have a part I don’t that makes a baby. So.”

John blushed, “Right right…” He began smiling, looking back to Eliza. “We’re having a baby!”

She grinned, kissing her two boys. “So what do - “

Alex yelped, jumping to his feet and running into the kitchen. He ran back out, broom, dust pan and wipes in his hand as he began to clean the mess John made.

John kissed Eliza before standing up, “I’ll make reservations at your favorite place.”

~     ~     ~

Seven and a half months later, John, Eliza and Alex were blessed.

Eleven thirty pm on December 24th, Eliza gave birth to Angelica Margarita Hamilton-Laurens, seven pounds, nine ounces.

Twelve o’one am December 25th, her twin, Phillip George Hamilton-Laurens was born, seven ounces, six ounces.

Angelica had her mom’s hair, but her dad’s beautiful eyes, no crying as she stared around at her parents. Phillip cried and wailed, having his father’s curls and freckles, but the bright, loving eyes of his mother.

Alex held the two babies as they slept, Eliza watching tiredly as John was getting her food. His eyes were filled with tears, as he stared down at his children.

“Angelica and Phillip…oh my two babies,” Eliza’s heart warmed at Alex’s voice, “You two outshine the morning sun…I promise I’ll always be around, my father never was, but I swear on everything I’ll be there for you two…”

~     ~     ~

Alex was rushing like a headless chicken, carrying a mountain of gifts into the living room, trying not to trip over the dolls and trucks on the floor.

Eliza was baking a cake, John was buying last minute decorations. As Alex got the gifts down, in came a blur of brown hair. Phillip chasing after his sister as she held a doll high over her head.

“Angel’ca give me back Penny!” Phillip cried out, stomping his foot as he pouted in the doorway.

“Angie, give your brother Penny back.” Alex gave his daughter a pointed look.

She pouted, sulking over and handing Penny back to her brother. He smiled, hugging Alex’s legs, “Thank you Papa!”

“What are we thanking Papa for?” John asked, holding balloons as the twins rushed over to him.

“Angie took my doll ‘n’ Papa made her give her back!” 

John picked the two up, placing them on his hips, kissing their heads. “Angie, can’t you be nice to your brother on your birthday?”

“S not even my birthday or his Daddy! My birthday is December 24th and Phillip’s is December 25th! It’s uh, December 19th!”

He laughed, “I know baby, but to make sure people can come and celebrate with us we do it before!”

She nodded. “I guess I can be nice Daddy…”

“Good.” He smiled, putting them down as they ran upstairs. 

John headed over, kissing Alex’s head, and Alex yelped, swatting John’s hands away from his bum. “Hi to you too.”

Eliza entered, batter in her hair as she kissed John hello. “When should everyone be getting here?”

“Well Laf and Herc will be here in about an hour, and your sisters should be here a bit after that.” John pulled her to his chest, kissing her cheeks repeatedly. 

She giggled, leaning into his embrace happily. “Cake should be done within an hour!”

Alex was sat on the table, legs swinging as he munched on one of the carrots from the veggie tray that was sat out.

A loud crash echoed from upstairs, Phillip crying out loudly. The three sighed.

“This will be a long day…”

nct127 hogwarts au; johnny

-a gryffindor!!! same
-lemme tell u,,,,,the sorting hat didnt think twice
-he tries to be a good student
-but no
-lmfao he always forgets to make his homework
-u were a gryffindor too
-altho the sorting hat was like :////ur more of a ravenclaw tho
-but u were like nOPE
-so hes like aight
-in year 2 u wanted to pull a prank on your friend
-so u prepared ur friends desk lmfao
-but hecc
-that lil bitch goes to sit with her hufflepuff friends
-aka not on her usual spot
-so u bloody panic cos,,,,,,,,
-the teach already arrived
-the spot stayed empty tho so u were ok
-so yall were like 20 minutes into the lesson
-until seo youngho busted thru the door
-u were praying that he was gon sit next to that red head at the back
-he sat at ur friends desk
-u almost cried
-then the table broke in two pieces
-lmfao johnny looked so terrified
-his ass had to clean the trophy room on saturday
-u felt so bad omfg
-so on saturday while all ur friends went to hogsmeade smh
-u arrived at 11am sharp in the trophy room
-and u saw mr. filch explaining how to properly clean
-u hide bc,,,,,,,,mr filch will whoop ur ass
-so after like 15 minutes of them talking and u almost falling asleep lmfao
-mr filch finally leaves
-and johnny starts cleaning
-so u just walk in and start cleaning too
-and johnny’s like???
-so he taps ur shoulder and u turn around
-and ur cute ass almost gasps bc,,,,woAh
-‘why’re u helping’
-'im the reason ur desk broke’
-'oh lmao cool’
-so yall continue cleaning in silence
-ur so akward but u can see johnny smirking and u lowkey wanna beat his ass
-after a while and yall still havent talked johnny truns around
-and u get so startled jfc
-like u legit shriek and fall on ur butt
-johnny just chuckles
-and u draw ur wand cos ur not about that life man
-'u wanna fite boi’
-and he just picks u up and places u back on ur feet
-'yo thanks for helping me today but i think i’ll be fine now’
-and u lowkey are disspapointed bc maybe he rly hates u now
-so u frown and mumble out an 'ok’
-but before u step outta the trophy room hes like
-'wanna go to hogsmeade next saturday :))))))’
-and u almost shit ur pants wth
-so u just smirk and give a lil nod before dashing to ur bestfriend
-and johnny is smiling rly proudly aww
-he thought u were absolutely adorable
-and u spill everything to ur bestfriend aight
-'get some’
-lmfao theyre ass got beat
-u were actually nervous???
-tryna keep that #tsundere act up was harder than u thought jfc
-finaLLy it was saturday
-and u woke up at 11am
-'lmfao shower hoe u stink’ -ur bestfriend
-so u did
-and put on some cute clothes bc thats what a cute person wears
-so ur frien smack ur but cos yo booty poppin idek anymore 
-after like 10 minutes u arrive at hogsmeade
-and u sit down and wait
-u wait for like 2 minutes bc ur hella impatient
-'istg if he played me like this i will mofokin-’
-'hey sorry im late i bought u some chocoballs :D’
-he won ur heart rite there
-'ahh its no problem’
-yall talk so much!!
-and you find out he isnt as bad as u thought
-and u kinda forget about ur tsundere act bc u just feel so comfortable around him!!
-so yall start heading back around 6pm and kinda dash inside bc yall are late for dinner smh
-ur rite on time hecc
-so u actually sit next to eachother
-and ten is like *insert eyes emoji*
-so after dinner johnny gives u a hug and u kinda scurry of to ur room bc u a shy bby
-and johnny just watches in awe
-'aye fam who dat’ *wink* -ten
-johnny flinches bc hecc man dont interupt his day dreaming rudeass
-'isnt that y/n ?? ’
-and johnny turns his head around so fast he almost breaks his neck
-and hes like 'so thATS HER NAME’
-ten is laughing so hard like he fell on the fucking floor
-ten balasted bc,,,,,,dont fuck with johnny man
-fast forward aight
-in year 4 yall still havent confessed and i swear ten is about to flip some shit oml
-but u two are in the gryffindor common room
-and ur making ur project together
-joking around and laughing ugh cuties
-and suddenly johnny just pecks ur lips
-like tf hoe where did that come from???
-'boi wyd lol’
-he actually becomes shy??
-lmfao ur smirking sm
-so u peck his lips
-'ur my boyfriend now’
-and he just nods rly cute
-ugh ur heart is about to burst
-so ten saw everything happening lmfao
-hes screaming into a pillow
-lmfao same
-yall are like the hogwarts power couple or smth
-everyones like :’)))
-and honestly ur both so whipped for eachother hecc
-omfg you two were walking around the castle at night once
-at like 2am u were getting tired so u headed back
-but the fat lady was asleep
-and yall bloody well now that if u wake her ur ass is gonna get beat
-so u two just kinda curl up before the entrance
-ugh ur so adorable together im gonna have a stroke

Dating Hae like:
  • it either go two ways tbh 
  • he’d be all fixed up and really nervous to ask you to be his grill and then you’re just like ‘hoe why r u dressed so nicely and why r u sweating so much??' 
  • then he just says it like “Y/N I really like you and dknsksnsowbdibe” and you’re all chill and when he calms down you two talk and boom you’re dating 
  • OR it’d go like 
  • “hey y/n do you wanna see a magic trick?!" 
  • "sure" 
  • "poof you’re now my girlfriend" 
  • "okay DongHyuck" 
  • tbh I see it going both ways -anyways omfg it’d be so fucking fun 
  • he’d tease you a lot how cute -he knows where to stop and he’s actually really soft for you 
  • like he’d always check up on you when he’s out of the country like five minutes later ring ring oh look it’s him again asking if you washed up yet 
  • and the same with him whenever you’re gone you always check on him and ask him how he’s doing and it’s just cUtE 
  • he’s really soft for you like he wants you to be happy all the time and doesn’t want you to be sad ever -but at the same time 
  • "you’re such a bitch y/n" 
  • "I know" 
  • "fuc u" 
  • "thank you Hae" 
  • it’s such a playful relationship 
  • you two are best friends like you do everything together and make fun of each other and just have a lot of fun 
  • "y/n come here I have a secret to tell you" 
  • "What do you want this time" 
  • he leans in real close and then burps into your ear 
  • but it’s all good cause you burp louder 
  • he probably texts you at 3 am just to make fun of something you said before 
  • okay but 
  • imagine accidentally sleeping on his shoulder and him just worrying not knowing what to do but doesn’t move cos he doesn’t want to wake you 
  • and then then he falls asleep after taking pictures to tease you 
  • but the members take pictures of you two and they make fun of you 
  • denies the fact that he likes it, but when you say you won’t do it again he says to do it again lol 
  • he cAnt even beleaf he’s dating you like he’d think you’re an angel and that you own the world or smth 
  • whenever you two fight over dumb shit he’s all like "are we done fighting” and ur just like “ya” and then you’re all good 
  • you two never really fight over anything serious because when one of you guys make a mistake you two own up to it and apologize 
  • like the most serious thing that probably happened was him getting upset you didn’t tell him something first 
  • tbh he just really wants to be number one and wants to be lof by you 
  • like trust is the biggest thing to him and you two would nEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT EACH OTHER 
  • when you visit him when he’s practicing he takes a break and you two sit and he talks about what he did at practice and even though he’s sweating you still get close to him -and then someone would yell “Lee DongHyuck get your ass over here stop making out" 
  • He’d get upset but you’d stay to watch them practice 
  • after he’s done getting clean and you two go out sometimes (more like all the time you visit) and he’s so happy to treat you and you’re like 
  • then he’d say "save your money for our wedding day" 
  • Youd shut up lmao because you’re so embarrassed like who says that y'all only 16 or smth 
  • but you like it 
  • you would scream whenever you two pass by any clothes store and want to buy everything but have no money and you leave before he tries to buy it for you -anyWAY 
  • y'all so soft and nice yet hate each other you kno??? Like it’s so nice to be around him and you think you’re not enough but to him you’re so much more than enough you can look at him and he’d be like ilysm 
  • pls don’t hurt him cos he would never hurt you
Wait for Me

Originally posted by myunqdae

Waiting for Yongguk was nothing new. In fact, if you had to look back on your relationship, you would say that you’d spent the better part of six years waiting for Yongguk. If you were being honest, though, you never really minded. It was just a part of your relationship.

Your waiting for Yongguk began before you were even an official couple. In fact, it began before you even met him. The two of you met through mutual friends when he was still going by the name Jepp Blackman and performing in dingy clubs to less than fifty people.

The night that you met, Yongguk promised to meet the group you were with as soon as the show was over. Forty-five minutes after his performance and he was a no-show. The group you were with knew him better than you. They knew him well enough to know that, as well-meaning as he was, he could lose track of time much quicker than any other human being. That was why, after waiting for so long, they were all willing to just head to dinner without him.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~! Do you think I could request the rfa with a hopeless romantic MC. She constantly watches old romance movies like Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride, reads romance novels and has a full bookshelf of them, has hours of cute love-y music on her ipod, that sort of thing? Love your writing by the way! I've been scrolling through your blog all day!! :)

A/N: This was so hard for me because I’m actually a REALLY big tsundere and i just yeah lmao im so sorry ^^;; ~Admin 404


           -He’s sensitive and all

           -And he’s so hung up on finding love!!! He wants to love and be loved!!! Only wants one person in his life!

           -And it’s you!

           -You have the same idea, so the two of you work very well together

           -So much love between the two of you oh my god


           -Seriously, there’s so many small, cute kisses between the two of you that even Zen pretended to barf

           -The two of you THRIVE off of romance movies!!! Those and Disney movies are about the only things you two watch

           -That being said, he’s a-okay with you being a hopeless romantic, he is too!!!

           -He just didn’t know it until you came along <3


           -He’s such a hopeless romantic omfg

           -He will burst into rooms with grand gestures

           -Constantly singing love songs to you

           -10/10 you always sing along

           -Always spins you around, pulling you into a dance

           -Completely ecstatic that you’re the same way!! Y e s MC, burst out into love songs from movies and plays, he’s gonna jump right on in

           -He always brings you flowers! And you just live for it you don’t even have to mention it to him hype hype hype

           -Both of you are so emotional during movies but there’s never any judgment

           -He’s even worse than you though??? Like, cliché kisses in the rain happen every time it rains

           -Since he’s 10x more hopelessly romantic than you, he’s completely okay with it, you do you MC


           -Secretly loves those old romantic movies

           -Lowkey judges you for crying at happy movies but you turn it right back around on her when she cries at beautiful love scenes played by Zen

           -The two of you listen to the music on your phone constantly

           -“MC, these are all love songs” “Yes, I’m aware”

           - secretly downloads them all onto her own phone later

           -You’re always dancing around the room with such grace, bringing her along

           -You somehow always seem to sweep her off her feet and she loVES IT

           -She gets so flustered!!!!!

           -Oh my goodness, she has no idea how to handle the flowers you shower her in??

           -MC our house is overrun with flowers where is the remote? The DVD’s? MC where is tHAT DOCUMENT IT’S HIDDEN UNDER FLOWERS I NEED THAT


           -He noticed fairly quickly what your taste in novels were

           -You had a shelf full of these romance novels, so he attempted to read one

           - is this truly what MC wants???

           -You come home to a whole floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of romance novels for you to read

           -He started to come home with flowers every now and then, and you were so!!! Happy!!!

           -The smile on your face was to die for, so he vowed from then on to do whatever it takes to get that smile

           -You love to talk about the future with him, plan your ideal dates, things of that sort


           -Your ideal dates are now reality, he’ll make sure of it

           -Therefore, he absolutely loves that this is part of your personality, because you’re so cute! So innocent! And he is going to do everything he can to enhance it!!


           -Both of you cry to 10 Things I Hate About You

           -He put it on for the first time, hoping he could console you at the end

           -Both of you were complete sobbing messes

           -He doesn’t surprise you with actual flowers

           -Makes bouquets of HBC wrapper flowers thanks saeyoung

           -You tell him how much you love him multiple times a day and it gets to him every single time

           -Seriously, he cries sometimes because??? How did he ever get you??

           -The two of you like to talk and theorize about your OTP’s

           -That’s your dinner talk, not “how was your day” it’s usually “sO LISTEN, WHAT IF-”

           -Every now and then, the two of you dance around the house, blasting love songs he puts on a dress and heels and everything




           -Do I even need to talk about all the adorable candid pictures he takes of you? No? Too bad I just did

           -If you’re ever sad, he hangs up pictures of the two of you EVERYWHERE what a DORK NEED ME A FREAK LIKE THAT

           -You make him playlists full of love songs all the time

           -You even write down why you picked each song!!!

           -God damn he loves it??? He needs someone soft and loving like you


           -He feels so blessed?? Like, you want to act out your own personal love story with him???

           -Sign him right the fuck up,  he’s so happy and toTALLY DESERVES THIS


           -If he’s honest, it makes him uncomfortable sometimes

           -You watch all these romantic movies and cry and just

           -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO????

           -He does like watching you dance around and sing to those sappy love songs of yours though

           -He doesn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, he just pays all his attention to you

           -When you aren’t paying attention, he reads a lot of your romance novels just to see what they’re about

           -He actually gets pretty insecure because?? He isn’t like the guys you read about, he isn’t smooth with his words and he doesn’t know how to be so…. spirited

           -So when you take the role of being the passionate one, he’s actually pretty relieved! Maybe he can learn from you before attempting it on his own

           - still refuses to dance with you though, it isn’t happening

           -He does surprise you with flowers every now and then though, sometimes he even plays a love song to describe the feelings he has for you


OMG!  (*°▽°*)

Already having the first picture of a Photoshoot we went to some weeks ago, before going to an anime con, and I’m so excited with the quality and how cute it looks, omfg! Thank you so much to 3LEMENTS for taking this awesome pictures! 


Was cosplaying Riko Sakurauchi, kimono version. it was such an amazing experience going for a photoshoot with two other lovely girls cosplayed as Mari and Kanan ♡ ♡ Had an amazing time!

I should cosplay more Riko soon, even if is a casual Riko until I have the school uniform version (*´▽`*)



Lesson number one:
Don’t believe every thing you see on the internet.

Hey did you know that there’s only an estimated 120 West Estonian Shepherds left on the planet?

*reblog - omfg guys how sad we need to bring this beautiful breed back!*
*gets 23,837 notes*

NOPE. That’s a regular old German Shepherd. Long haired. Sable coat. BUT, since someone has stated a breed that literally does not even exist and posted a cute photo next to it everyone with an eye for anything cute and maybe 3 braincells has bought it. GUYS PLS.

~actual real example time~

What the internet says: Siberian Husky X Pomeranian! Looks like a husky puppy but never gets bigger! how perfect! omg just so cute! totez need one!!1 Pomskies are my absolute new fave breed. LOVez it!~

What it actually is: A Finnish Lapphund puppy. OK?!

Internet says: Siberian Husky X Golden Retriever. Cutie!! I neED ONE!

What it actually is: Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. once again a breed not even remotely close to what’s being advertised.


Lesson number two:
Designer breeds.

Obviously there are tons of cross breeds around the world; considering that most pedigree dogs now have come from the cross breeding of many earlier breeds, it should be to no surprise that the world will continue to create new breeds. The Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Puggle, Maltese Shih Tzu etc. Are all well known and loved “designer” breeds. These have been proven to work through time and numbers. The Labradoodle was originally created as a hypoallergenic breed to help the blind who were allergic to fur. 

Recently, however, with the growing fascination for Huskies, an alarming amount of Husky cross breeds are appearing. These are creating an appeal for the dimwitted who see something *omfg just so cute1* (even though the picture wasn’t even of the cross breed stated!) and create a rise in consumer wants. With this, puppy mills jump into action and churn out this new fan fave. (puppy mills are a whole other can of worms i’ll open for another time)

Dumb designer husky breeds that you should not buy:
(generally because of false advertising)

Chusky - Chow Chow cross Sib Husky.

What they actually usually look like:

(not that he isn’t still beautiful!)

The Goberian - Golden Retriever X Sib Husky
(actually a merled aussie as well)

What they actually usually look like:
She’s a cutie too tho :*

Pomsky - Pomeranian X Sib Husky.
(actually an Alaskan Malamute puppy)

What they actually usually look like:

That said…

never hesitate to adopt.
any dog.

But don’t be fooled by idiots on the net and always do your research. 
Don’t be a sheep. Figure it out. jfc.