these two are so cute i made this blog


ok so i didn’t know if you wanted poly! or not so i just made it two seperate lil scenarios. hope you like it!

so this is where you and hobi haven’t seen each other in a while and namjoon is your tutor so you guys meet up whenever you need help. lowkey those rlly fun relationships were you make fun of each other but then like mumble “i love you” aha. cute.

message me or send me an ask if you want anything specific!

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Beach AU!

“Don’t you ever get tired of being alone here?”

“Always. But since you showed up I’ve never felt more ‘together’ in my entire existence.“

(Well here is a beach au I’ve been always thinking about for awhile, so I decided to make it like this. Also the manip is something I didn’t create, in fact my lovely best friend @lovelyspacepanda made it for me so I would recommend you check out her blog for cute stuff and kpop if you like it. (No she doesn’t create manips for a living lol) so yeah here y'all go and hope you guys like it!)

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Do you use patterns for your crochet or is it all mentally? If you do use patterns, do you distribute them in any way whether for monetary value or not? Sorry for all the questions, I really love your blog and you have such cute creations.

Thank you for your kind words :D

So there are some things I’ve made and sold on my Etsy that are not my patterns, but patterns I’ve bought and am allowed to sell the finished product from.

The two that I’ve sold from patterns I’ve bought are the Amigurumi Dinosaur. The place you can purchase the pattern from is Bluephone Studios on Etsy:

And the second are the Amigurumi Octopus. I purchased the pattern for these guys from this place here:

All the other products in my Etsy shop are made from patterns I’ve written and I do have some patterns available for sale. I’m working on adding more as I go along though.

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Forgot to tell you this months ago but, first off your Josuke is flipping cute, but two how you portrayed Josuke's anger in that first JJBA comic was really interesting, the fire burning in his made me chuckle. lol Oh and three, the colors you use is weird but I love it. c:

Wait, scratch that. Everything about that first comic is beautiful and I really love it, it’s my 1 number favorite out of all of your wonderful comics. X3

Ahaha, thank you! And whoa, I made that first(!) page so long ago. At the time, I had no idea that that silly comic would pretty much determine the future of my blog… 

The colour thing started off as a “let’s do minimalist colours because I don’t feel like colouring this” but lately I’ve been branching out a little more, and being more conscious about the colour-picking. Glad that you’re enjoying the weird colours. <3

two things i’ve been tagged! i love those things, so, thank you.

and, i really want to thank @kaatsmcnamara​ for putting me on her “blog appreciation post”, girl, you made my day!

i’am tagging @izziefray @daisyridlay and @lightwoodskies!!

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  • Countries I’ve lived in: just brazil
Favorite fandom: swiftie! We are so cute.
Languages I speak: portuguese and english
Favorite film of 2015: i dont…..know….yet UPDATE: MAD FUCKING MAX!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST OF 2015.
Shuffle your song library and put the first three titles:
 sparks fly (taylor swift); feel me (selena gomez); love me or leave me (little mix).
  • Last thing I bought online: a book
  • Last person I dreamed of: i dont remember
Any recurring dreams: graduate on college
Any phobias or fears: butterflies
How would my friends describe me: i think they think i’m cute, k…. i hope they do
How would my enemies describe me: i dont have enemies……
Would you take a bullet for someone: for my mom or my little brother.

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Hey! (I'll stop sending memes xD)

Neverstopsendingmemes XD <3

Send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this:

1. First impression: AHH! Ace person who has bad ace feels today too!? Oooh they like cute things and Tolkien! rp? o u o and then I imagined getting to rp with you for like two years before I made this blog-
2. Truth is: I’ve gotten really attached to you! Like maybe we don’t interact all that much but whenever I see your posts it’s just like “I hope she’s having a good day!” 
3. How old do you look: Early 20s, could pass for teeeeen 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Honestly it’s been so much it would be pointless to count
5. Have you ever made me mad: Like righteous mad? xD I mean like you post important things, like politics and state of the world stuff which gets me mad. But never at you
6. Best feature: I think you’re really strong >< Life sucks sometimes and even though a lot of it gets to you, you’re still pushing forward and ah nottobeweirdbutitisinspiring
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: In a total friend way, like ohmygoshIgettochatwiththispersonnnn 
8. You’re my: FRIEND
9. Name in my phone: It would probably be your actual name or like Beckendorf or something, maybe Bunqueen with the emoji bunnies
10. Should you post this too? I would say yes but I don’t want you to stress out by having to do stuff <3333