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Au Revoir, Février. Bonjour, Mars!

I barely updated this blog last month, but since it’s the first day of March, might as well try to make a change in habit. :)

Since February was dubbed the Love month, here are photos of the Valentine treats I made for C: Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting topped with Heart Sugar Cookies <3 C happens to love my sugar cookies, so I packed all the rest of the sugar cookies in a cute box as well.

Time seriously flew by.. it has been an eventful two months and I wouldn’t have it any less. Only 10 months left for the year now, but then again, a lot can happen. :)

More baking adventures here.

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so exited to see another utapri imagine blog!!! can i please request some fluffy natsuki headcanons? thanks and good luck with this blog, i look forward to seeing your posts in the future!! ❤️

combining these two c:

  • When he confessed, he said in such a lighthearted, fluffy manner that his s/o thought that he was joking at first. Of course, he eventually made it clear just how serious he was about his s/o.
  • He takes almost every opportunity to remind his s/o how cute s/he is. 
  • Despite his fluffy personality, he’s actually very observant of his s/o and almost immediately knows when something’s wrong. 
  • He believes that communication is key to a relationship, whether it’s through email or video chat or social networking. He sends his s/o “goodmorning” and “goodnight” texts every day. 
  • Taking selfies is a must.
  • He writes poems/music about his s/o frequently. One time his s/o stumbled across one of his poems and wrote a response to it.
  • Sex isn’t a huge factor in the relationship because it comes naturally to Natsuki and his s/o. His s/o initiates it most of the time, which they are both completely fine with. 

I saw some other people doing stuff like this so I wanted to join in!

I’m going to be making little cards (artist trading card size, probably) throughout today with some aro/ace oriented ~valentine’s messages~ (they’ll hopefully be cute and maybe a bit silly in a fun way). you can see examples of stuff I’ve made at my art blog!

and in addition!

i’ll be 3D printing two little valentine’s gifts (one for the ace spectrum and one for the aro specturm!)

anybody on the aro or ace spectrum is welcome to enter! just reblog and tag with ace or aro (or both!), and please be 18+ or have your parents’ permission. if you aren’t aro or ace but wanna signal boost, then that’s great too!

i guess also just don’t tag it as a giveaway because of tumblr things?

and I’ll close this at midnight tonight

happy valentine’s day everyone!

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I have literally never seen the vampire diaries but I follow you and I accidentally ship that Bonnie girl and Damon? I think that's his name? Or Stefan? Which is which? The one played by Ian somersault idk. Also the Kai? guy is pretty. Anyway you've made me ship two people who I'm actually pretty sure aren't canon but are hella cute for a show I don't watch. Good job. You go glen coco. Okay bye I've made it weird.

Omg this is like the best ask I’ve received today and no you didn’t make it weird :). Yes it’s Bonnie and Damon I’m dying at Ian Somersault and no unfortunatey they are not canon but if were being honest and you go look at my blog and see that hug I think we all know in reality they’re canon married with two kids and a white picket fence. Kai is indeed bae so join the rest of us trash that love him. I’m happy that you ship Bamon but I’m not too surprised I mean…


fake movie: shahid kapoor as arijit singh
for the dearest uru aka spontaneous-snowflake, since i wanted to give this wonderful angel a gift revolving around her two most favourites.. why not a fake movie of shahid starring in a biopic of the #1 singer of our generation? let me reveal that i jumped up when the valentines blog told me that i would be your cupid and after getting to know who i am you might understand why it made me happy. you had done something very special to me earlier so i decided to give my all to make a cute yet powerful present. hope you love the thought of shahid pretending he’s arijit singh. may you feel all the love and happiness on the 14th of february, and if you don’t believe in valentines… well, then just enjoy shahid his gorgeous face that we both admire. this was bohut fun to make! love you baba.

luxxrays is now terraparticle

I’ve split into two blogs, one for only photos (pretty things, nature, etc. type stuff), and one for the fandom stuff. My main is terraparticle (the photoblog), and luxxrays is moved to a new sideblog for everything else (a personal blog I guess). If you used to follow luxxrays you won’t any longer since I switched URL’s, and made it a completely new sideblog. So if you still want to keep up with all that, follow the new luxxrays for everything Pokemon, Carmilla, cute animals, etc. related. This blog will be only photos from now on.


This is the third time this has been on my blog (the other two are in the tag but the video has been taken down by youtube—we’ll see if this one lasts) but it’s been in my head for the last two days. It’s so fucking cute I can hardly stand it. Doofuses who like each other (video) and doofuses who aren’t sure how to help when you’re sad but really want to (lyrics) and really well-written lyrics (ibid.) are among my most fatal weaknesses.

(Here is literally somebody’s livejournal with a translation, which is “dry and utilitarian” [their words] but the best I could find; the only thing that’s actually wrong is いつかのあの場所へ行こう isn’t “let’s go to that place sometime” but “let’s go to the place from that one time” [i.e. that one place we once went to], i.e. the “someday” isn’t being used as an adverb but is modifying “that place”.)

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i sent a message to mope saying this but i just wanted to say you two are so cute together!! just adorable!! i've been following you for a few years and i remember when you got engaged to him and i was so excited for you!! i'm just so happy for you idk i just wanted to let you know! you're one of my fav blogs and i love having you on my dashboard, you make my days better!!

AW THANK YOU!!! anon this made me tear up a lil!! like you dont know how much this means to me. there was a time where i couldnt mention him without getting mean invasive messages and people treating him badly.. and even though that is long in the past, i still always get nervous even just bringing it up casually…when i got engaged i was so so scared to post about it at first because i was thinking about what if people start sending mean messages again but instead it was everyone congratulating me i seriously cried SO hard…!!! i just feel so much relief about it like there are lil weights off this simple farmers shoulders! thank u anon sorry for rambling omg..i am really honoured you’ve been with me so long!

and i am sure mope will appreciate the message as well aw :,^) 

Admin Gabi Things~


Gabi yOo or you can give me any cute nickname you want bc i love nicknames




High school student

What made you start your own scenario blog?

The original KnB imagine account, imagine-knb inspired me a ton. I remember I followed them for a while on my personal before thinking, “Hey, this seems like fun” so hello here i am.

Is there a particular character you like to write about?

I love writing about Midorima, Aomine, and Mura a lot. The first two are mainly because I’m biased as shit, but it’s always really fun imagining how they’d act/react to things.

What asks do you like to answer?

I love fluffy fluff, headcanons, and AU’s a loT

Is there a character/type of ask you wish you’d get more in your ask box?

Midorima I love seeing my babies Takao and Hayama in asks. Also the occasional Imayoshi and Hanamiya makes me v happy.

Have you ever posted something about yourself (face, stories about yourself, ect) on your scenario blog?

I constantly rant about events in my life so idk. But if you want to hear any more from me, then feel free to ask!

Anything you want to say in closing?

Thank you Cei for tagging me ily

A huge thank you goes out to all the lovely followers. You all are great and perfect and I just want to give you all big hugs and a mug of hot chocolate!
(´▽ `ʃƪ)♡

I’m extremely grateful for all your wonderful support. You all mean so much to me!

And thank you to Admin Kei for joining me! I cannot express how thankful I am for your help and how much I adore your writing~ 

To the fellow imagine blogs that have given me a bunch of assistance and/or that I talk to often, I love you and thank you ♡

I hope you all have a great day and a fun Valentine’s Day tomorrow ^.^

Tag 10 or so other blogs!

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Share Your Queer Stories!

Remember when you were a wee little child and had no concept of heteronormativity or the gender binary? Remember all the cool/cute/funny/sad stuff that you did and said before you were taught that you were supposed to fit into just one of two pre-existing roles, determined based on your body parts?

I want to start a blog where people can share those stories and anecdotes. Here are two text posts (not made by me) that basically sum up why I think it would be great to have a place to share this stuff:

I haven’t run a blog like this before, so I’m open to suggestions about formatting, content guidelines, etc. I do think that submitters should have the choice of having their name on their story or having it be anonymous: but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in my planning. 

So, please like, reblog, follow, or message me if you like this idea, and/or if you’ve got a tale from your youth you’d like to share! 

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Oh boy, a new Yowapeda ask blog! Hope you have fun with all of the asks that'll come your way! How about this, how would the Hakogaku boys + Tadokoro react to their s/o giving them a home-made lunch at school? Thank you!

OMG, my first request! This is so much for me :´) Thank you a lot for your sweet words. Hope all of you enjoy this too ♥ I´m going to hug you for being so cute. 

Fukutomi: He will be static, with his stone face and his s/o have to say like two times they do a lunch for him. Next, when he processed all, end up smiling. A little smile first. Receive the lunch and say thank you, then give they  a sweet kiss on the forehead. (All the time blush, also)

Arakita: Absolutely in shock. Yasutomo don´t know how to react for something so fucking sweet. His s/o stand in front of him with the box and with that cute smile. “You don´t have to do that, silly!” he yell, but receive the lunch and embrace with one arm so tight.

Shinkai: “For me?” he asks with his lazy but cute smile, absolutely soften with the action. Plus his s/o maybe will be blush, so is cuter for him. “Thank you so much, ___. Sure is delicious”. For the end he gives they a sweet kiss in the lips.

Izumida: Blush, instant blush so hard as surely your s / o is. Would be so nervous that would not know what to say. The only thing he can say is a slow “thank you” and next start to talk a lot about how much he love they and that lunch will give him power for the training.

Manami: "Oh, this is for me? And you did it?" with a soft smile he took the box in his hands. He never eats something made from his s/o, but only watching the box he know is perfect. He will hold the hand of his s/o with a sweet look in his eyes. "Let´s go eat lunch together, okay?"

Tadokoro: Tadokoro: Of course delighted with the lunch. A hug is the first thing he do it for thank the act. With a little blush he starts to talk about how much hungry he have. In the end, when he eat all the lunch, Tadokoro will look his s/o and kiss softly they cheek and face in general, “the best lunch ever. You are so cute, __”.

I´m slow like a turtle, sorry, but thanks for request! I hope you like it.

Did I ever explain the Nisu and Chisu nicknames thing?

I don’t believe I have, and it’s a favorite story of mine. :) But wow, 5 followers already listening to my love drivel is nice xD I hope I can get some more ldr blogs and/or poly blogs to follow!

Anyway *ahem* getting off topic here. OK, so the blog title says 1505 miles between Nisu and Chisu~ I am called Nisu, and my lover is called Chisu. I started to be called Nisu when I was in the deviantart community and someone slapped the nickname on me after I told them I was studying Japanese. My name is Denise, and in Japanese that is said De-ni-su. So we took the last two sounds ni-su, and thought it made a cute nickname for me in the community.

Skip forward some years and when me and Chisu start skyping he wants something to call me. We were still only friends when we first began skyping, so I was unsure of giving my real name at the time (was paranoid like that then) so I told him to use that nickname of Nisu and told him it’s a part of my name in Japanese. Another friend we both talked to online starting at that time used a nickname as well, so he really felt left out and wanted a nickname too~

I asked if he was comfortable telling me his real first name, and he was, so I made the nickname Chisu for him the same way my nickname had been made for me. He loved it. He told me that night that the two names together made us sound like some Asian pop star duo, and so we kept the names. 

Ever since we 99.9% of the time call each other by these names at all times, whether online, or in public when I was visiting him. While visiting we even used the names as we wrote down a request for a duet on karaoke night once, so we got called out to come up by those names and got to live out that little musical duo thing. xD Never a dull moment when Nisu is with Chisu <3

anonymous asked:

Ugh I just keep going through your posts and YOU ARE SUCH GARBAGE. LIKE LITERAL REFUSE AND WASTE. Maybe if you fucking got out of your backwards ass school you'd learn a thing or two.

Hi again.

First of all, thank you for taking time out of your precious evening to peruse my humble blog, and to send me so much mail! I feel honored to have made such a blip on your radar. I hope you found some posts to your liking - I think there may be some cute puppy pictures on there somewhere.

I am confused as to how I could be literal refuse and waste. Just to make sure, I stepped in front of my bathroom mirror just now and - unless I’m quite confused - I am actually literal flesh and blood. Now, granted, I am wearing my pj’s and a ball cap, so perhaps I look like trash. But I guarantee that I am, in fact, not literally such matter. 

I’m also a little confused about the jab at my school. I don’t know if you actually know what University I attend. I have a feeling that if you do, I know who you are, and I sincerely hope that I am wrong. If you don’t, and you’re just guessing, how do you know that it is “backwards ass”? If you are who I think you are, then you would know that my school leans very far left and every day is a struggle on campus to try and combat people who think similarly to you, and therefore, if I were going to ‘learn a thing or two’ the way you want me to, you would think I would learn it here, on campus?

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned through my own life experiences. I’ve learned it through watching my parents claw their way out of total poverty, out of struggling to seem as if classes were marginally difficult for me, that I wasn’t wearing only second-hand clothes, and that I understood the pop references people at school were making when I didn’t, because we didn’t have television or a computer at my house, and all in an attempt to try and avoid the hell that was the bullying I was put through. I’ve learned it through the sexual harassment and sexual abuse I once endured. I’ve learned it through watching friends literally die. I’ve learned it through watching siblings do the same. I walked away from faith and asked questions, demanded answers, as to why I should return, and I received those answers and came back on my own. Every day I try to learn something new simply by living. I don’t allow myself to blindly follow anything - I must have proof before I subscribe to any opinion or belief.

If that makes me garbage in your eyes, then I have learned another important lesson today. I have learned that I would rather be garbage in the eyes of some than to be anything less, anything other, or anything untrue to what I really am. It was hard work to become me and I’m not going to waste it simply because you have ugliness in you that you need to drown in others.

As before, if I have failed to answer your question in any way, please don’t hesitate to let me know. You’ve given me a reason to stop grieving today, to remember why I do what I do. Thank you for that and have a lovely evening.



totinopunk asked:

hey right back atcha

1. First impression: you were one of my first blogs I found and for like two months I tagged stuff as VCRpunk because that idea is so rad
2. Truth is: you’re a total dude and I’m very jealous of how cool u are
3. How old do you look: your age I think, maybe a bit younger haha 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: you reblog funny shit
5. Have you ever made me mad: not that I can remember
6. Best feature: fashion sense and aesthetic
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: you’re a cute guy
8. You’re my: tumblr idol / papi
9. Name in my phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10. Should you post this too? y’already did

pinktutuluke asked:

would you rather spend a week with one of the boys or a day with all of them?

ahh this is hard, probably a day with all of them cause that would be fun as hell tbh

  • ship and why: Luke, he would love your music taste and style and hair, and you two are just made for each other and would be so cute
  • best friend: Calum
  • face compliment: Britt you are honestly so cute, and I love your new hair, and you’re so sweet and so funny and I love you
  • blog compliment: your blog is actually amazing I love it so much and your posts are always great!!
  • possible blurb

want this?

fancyjenny asked:

Hiiiii :) I love your drawings they're so cute :3 In which program do you draw them? The latest one has such nice colors :)

Thank you, that’s so sweet. I just started this blog so you’re the first to compliment my drawings and I’m so grateful! I draw most of them on my iPad in a program called ‘procreate’ (which I highly recommend) with my stylus pen. My two latest drawings are made in that program. And I just mess around with the smudging effects to shadow and highlight, heh. (I downloaded it like four days ago) Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors! Thank you! (: x.