these two are ryuing my life

Tomorrow will mark one month since RFA Party PH, and as much as I wanted to draw everyone again my schedule does not permit at the moment. But I did want to draw something for the event monthsary, and so I chose these two! 😂❤️ Jumin (Joestarscream) and Zen (Daryl Reynes Page) did a Pocketlive show recently and though I didn’t catch the whole thing, I enjoyed it. They were super cute and dorky and fueled our JuZen dreams. So thank you guys, and thank you RFA Cafe for making life more exciting! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘


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What is seen can never be unseen
  • Seven: *throws open door to Zen's room with a shit eating grin* aha! you two are having se-
  • [truth of the matter was they really were]
  • Seven: shit, just wanted to make a joke, I regret my whole life, I wish I was never born but never mind me, continue please. I definitely didn't just see that zen does in fact have a tattoo on his ass,nope didn't see a thing
  • [he then disappeared off the face of the earth for a very long time]

Guys OMG school just slapped me in the face like “ Hey bitch did you forget? ” and then my sleep schedule was like “ OMG THERES A MYSMES CHAT AT 4 AM ” so here I am, running on 40 minutes of sleep. Not only that but mid terms is coming up and I gotta self choreograph some shit in dance for my exam. FUCK MY LIFE. Oh hey and I finally went “ Taylor, you got Tumblr shit ” sO after these two I’m doing, my ask box is closed until exams are over.


» You were shocked as all fuck when he decided to break up with you.

» The entire RFA was shook as well because you were literally his first love.

» But Yoosung wanted to buckle down on his life, grow up a bit, and graduate college before he got into anything serious.

» Now, a few years later, you were in the mall trying to find something to buy for your best friend as a Christmas gift.

» “ Oh no, I can’t have that. There’s no way she’s going without a gift ” a familiar voice trailed behind you.

» Soon the person walked in front of you, awkwardly bumping your shoulder.

» “ MC is that you? I’ll call you back, Jessica ” Yoosung was quick to hang up the phone before taking in your appearance.

» “ Yoosung… nice to see you…. I guess…. ” you mumbled, beginning to turn pink.

» “ A-Are you upset with me? ” Yoosung frowned.

» “ No…. I just… didn’t expect to see you again ” you giggled. “ Jessica huh? You seeing someone new? ”

» “ No, it’s a long story…. ” Yoosung sighed, staring down at his worn out shoes.

» “ Well, I’ve got all day ” you shrugged.

» “ Maybe it’s a story I could tell you over dinner? A-After a movie? ” Yoosung blushed furiously

» “ I’d love to listen, ” you grinned, “ after all I really missed you. ”

» “ Let’s go see what’s playing. I really regret breaking it off with you ”

» tbh y'all probably watched the jungle book

Zenny Zen Zen I’m tired okay its like 1 am

» You two did not get along anymore. Every other minute was just

» “ Pay attention to your fucking significant other. Oh wait your dating your job ”

» Or “ You take longer staring at your own reflection more than I take to turn myself into completely different person with makeup. You wouldn’t even see the difference because you don’t even look at me anymore. Oh wait! All you look at is yourself ”

» One night your sister figured out you had a connection to Zen so she BEGGED you to be able to meet him

» Her birthday was coming so you just kind of agreed to it.

» “ Z-Zen! Hi! It’s sooo nice to meet you ” she was a flustered mess when the three of you met at a coffee shop.

» Once her boyfriend called and borrowed her for the rest of the evening, you got up to leave.

» you had nothing to say to Zen

» “ MC wait…. can I buy you something? ” he tugged at your flannel

» “ Why should I let you ”

» “ Because I’m sorry for all of my mistakes, my narcissism, my neglect. I’m in love with you, MC and I was too busy to show it. I’m begging for another chance. Losing you was the biggest mistake of my life ”

» “ I’ll think about it… giving you another chance that is. I have no reason to pass up a free coffee though ”


» The only thing you heard at home was the keyboard tapping.

» You couldn’t get your boyfriend to do anything with you anymore…. it was ALL work

» Once you asked about it, he exploded

» “ Well I’m fucking sorry, babe! I’m a hacking slave, what do you expect. At any point in the day I’m just assigned to do random work that puts my life at risk. I’m a dangerous person MC, you should just leave ”

» So that’s what you did

» You packed and left

» Now here you were, four months later on a date…. a pity date that is.

» You were listening to Jake ramble on about the causes and effects of pollution

» Or was his name John?

» You could honestly care less.

» “ MC? Wow ” you heard that familiar deep voice.

» “ Saeyoung ” you turned around immediately, not giving a fuck about what’s his face.

» “ God it’s been forever. I’m sorry, really. I don’t know what I was think exploding on you like that ” Saeyoung smiled but it dropped as Jacob spoke up.

» “ Who do you think you are? Crashing our date like this? ”

» “ I’m someone who knows this cutie like like I know my house, and right now she doesn’t look too interested in you ” he grimaced at your pity date. “ MC, how about a round two? Of us? ”

» “ I have some rules ” you smiled, allowing Saeyoung to walk you out and drive you back to his place.


» At this point you thought your boyfriend was dead

» He was constantly at the office, on business trips, or with that damn cat

» You were so wrong when you thought you’d never get jealous of an animal

» Jumin barely spoke to you anymore, and before he left his only actions were a peck on the cheek and a wave. Like that’s it.

» You couldn’t stand it anymore, so you left.

» Now you were invited to a country club with one of yo hella rich friends.

» Guess who was there?

» Fukin Jumin cool

» At one moment, you went out into the garden to get some fresh air cause there was so many people in there.

» As you were out there, Jumin followed closely behind and spun you around.

» “ What do you want Ju- ”

» “ Please forgive me MC, it was very wrong of me to treat you in such a manner. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, so please come back “

» ” Jumin listen, I couldn’t bare with you constantly being out and I don’t think I can handle that happening again “

» I’ll make sure it won’t ” tears began to roll down his cheeks

» You made him cry you asshat wtf how dare you hurt the donut

» “ One more chance…. just one ” you mumbled before he pressed his lips against yours

» In that moment you damn well forgot why you left in the first place.


» Kind of like Jumin, she was a workaholic.

» You constantly tried calling her down, giving her massages, cuddling and watching Zens musicals, but she pushed you away to work again.

» Soon she saw how upset it made you and felt better if she had just left.

» Two years went by. Jaehee had her own little coffee shop.

» You had no idea it was hers but you walked in because it seemed new.

» “ MC, what can I get you? ” the familiar face smiled

» “Jaehee?” You questioned. She explained everything that happened before you ordered your drink.

» But then she pulled a bold move.

»Like oh my god it was not like her

» Where did precious baby Jaehee go

» “ I’ll put the coffee on the house if you go out with me again? ” she was so red.

» “ Free coffee and cute girlfriend, how could I say no? ”

Saran Wrap

» It was clear you two weren’t working out. You both knew it.

»For whatever reason was unknown but you two were constantly at each other.

» feel free to fight me

» He broke it off with you but for some reason the two of you felt broken and incomplete.

» Saeyoung invited you over and claimed his twin wasn’t there

» You two were having a blast until Saeran came home.

» He saw you and took his chance as quick as possible

» He pulled you into his room and set you on his bed

» “ MC… I don’t know what I was thinking. All of those fights were my fault. I should’ve never let you go…. you make me happy. Can w-we ”

» “ Yes, yes we can ” you didn’t even need to hear the question

» I’m falling in love with this emo fuzzball help

HAS ANYONE ELSE DONE THIS CROSSOVER YET BECAUSE THESE TWO GAMES ARE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW (Doesn’t it also seem like it’d fit for Zen ‘cuz musicals?)
I’ll finish this piece up once I’m done with my commissions

Pretty much