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A kid I met before invited me in a group, told me nothing, and just put us in that custom game. I never laughed that much in my life, especially:
-All the fast tap tap from hanzo’s feet
-How you go flying just by climbing stuff
-Ryu ga-Ryu ga wag- Ryu ga w-
-One of them is called Kaplan

Special mention to those two Hanzo flying that made me lost my shit:

Tomorrow will mark one month since RFA Party PH, and as much as I wanted to draw everyone again my schedule does not permit at the moment. But I did want to draw something for the event monthsary, and so I chose these two! 😂❤️ Jumin (Joestarscream) and Zen (Daryl Reynes Page) did a Pocketlive show recently and though I didn’t catch the whole thing, I enjoyed it. They were super cute and dorky and fueled our JuZen dreams. So thank you guys, and thank you RFA Cafe for making life more exciting! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

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How would the RFA react to MC being constantly scared she is being abusive towards them because she has been accused of being abusive in the past? Like their relationship is absolutely healthy, but she keeps being tempted to call it off because she loves them so much and is scared of accidently hurting them.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t fully abusive, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA reassuring MCshe’s not being abusive


  • Of course you get jealous, okay?
  • How wouldn’t you? He’s gorgeous, he’s nice, it’s obvious he has fans and coworkers running after him.
  • But you’ve been here before, you are so possessive! Remember what your ex used to tell you? You were a crazy paranoid bitch!
  • So, in order to not being accused of getting possessive, you try to be as more indifferent that you can
  • “Babe, I have this new co-star in that musical, is it okay if we do some… provocative scenes?” “Do what you want. Your career, your choice.” Oh, okay…
  • Well, he’s glad you’re cool with that, but sometimes you’re too cool, you know? To the point of being cold… As if you don’t really care about anything, about him or this relationship whatsoever…
  • When he confronts you about it, you’re so confused. “Wait… you’re mad at me because I’m not jealous?” “No, it isn’t like that, it’s just… you’re so cold sometimes, MC! I feel like I could do porn and you wouldn’t even say anything. I… feel like you don’t want to be a part of this with me. And it’s hard because both my career and you, they’re so important to me.”
  • Oh my god… he’s so hurt! What the hell are you doing? “Zen, I… of course I want to be a part of your career, I’m just trying to give you some space, I don’t want us to break up because I couldn’t control my possessiveness…again.”
  • “Again?” then you tell him everything about your ex-boyfriend, and… okay, maybe you are a little paranoid, because, from what he can tell, you never acted possessive around him, not even during that whole Echo Girl ordeal.
  • All you’ve always done ever since you showed up was being supportive to his work and his choices. And jealous isn’t good, but it’s normal, he gets super jealous sometimes too.
  • He tells you all this and hugs you in reassurance, he wants you to always speak up your mind if you don’t like something on his work, consider yourself his symbolic manager from now on.
  • And a few months later, symbolic manager turned into real manager.


  • In your defense, he can act like a train wreck sometimes
  •  It’s so common to see him nervous and flustered with every attempt of getting… intimate coming from you.
  • So you’re pretty sure you’re pressuring him on doing things he’s not ready to do and doesn’t want to.
  • You want him to be comfortable and do as he pleases, so… any initiative should come from him from now on.
  • And, since he’s shy, there is no initiative coming for a while now, to the point you two are feeling like two buddies sharing rent, not a couple living together.
  • So here are you in the bed getting ready to sleep, but neither of you are really sleepy, so you’re cuddling lazily and catching up about your day.
  • And since it’s been a while… things get heated pretty fast, with kisses growing deeper and you subconsciously getting closer. You look at him and he’s red as a tomato, then you immediately back away.
  • Poor boy is so frustrated, did he do something wrong? Is it that bad that you won’t even talk about it? No, but he needs to know what’s wrong in order to fix it, right?
  •  “MC, am I… am I not good enough for you?” “What? You’re great for me, honey!” “No, I mean… on… you know, bed stuff…” Ohhhhhh…
  • “You… are great if you’re not feeling forced to it” “F-forced? But I was never forced before, MC!” “Really? Because I feel I’m forcing you sometimes! You get so flustered and uncomfortable, and I hate seeing you like this, but I like being close to you so much I don’t even… ugh, I’m so selfish, Yoosung!”
  • Selfish? That was the last thing he could ever think about you… and boy, he might be insecure, but you’re on a whole different level, ain’t you?  
  • He’s shy and gets flustered easily, but he never felt pressured to do anything, much on the contraire, he feels like you really encourage him and boost his confidence on being the man he wants to be.
  • He told you all that, and let’s say you both felt really encouraged that night on doing a lot of new things.


  • This is most about you as business partners.
  • When you were in school, people will say working with you could be a challenge sometimes, since you tend to be a control freak and not taking other people’s opinions that well
  • So obviously you’re afraid of being authoritarian, because Jaehee dealt with a very commanding boss for too long now.
  • So you usually do as she says without questioning much, or nothing at all.
  • At first, it feels good to Jaehee, she feels a lot of freedom, but as time passes, she realizes it’s not that great.
  • You’re creative and used to contribute with great ideas, she misses this. Also, what’s the point of being partners if you’re just doing it as she says? Like you’re just one random employee?
  • She’s afraid of saying anything, but she can’t stand this anymore! What if this ends up affecting your personal relationship as well? With you acting like her puppet or something?
  • So she finally gathers some courage to confront you. “MC, are you unhappy with the cafe? Is that why you’re not taking part in decisions anymore?”
  • “What? No! I… care so much about the cafe, Jaehee! I want it to succeed and I know my bossy tendencies would only get in the way of it…”
  • “What bossy tendencies? All I see is an assertive, go-getter girl with great ideas…” “Yeah, who sucks at team working, you should see the disasters my projects ended up being in high school…”
  • Hum, high school wasn’t the highest point of her life either, but from very different reasons. Either way, she’s sad you carried these insecurities up until being a grown woman.
  • This isn’t high school. If you have a problem, you two will deal with this together, you’re not alone anymore.
  • You’re partners in business and in life.


  • He’s not the only one worried about not being able to handle emotions very well.
  • Yeah, your ex kept telling you over and over how cold and distant you can be,almost like you didn’t care about the relationship at all, even your parents would endorse this as well.
  • You don’t want to be cold, that’s not what Jumin needs, he needs a bright attentive person.
  • So you’ll be that person, to the point of being… clingy.
  • At first, he enjoys the attention. You’re always calling and texting, even when you have nothing important to say.
  • But then it starts getting in the way of his job a little. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he can’t keep walking out of important business meetings just to talk to you, even though he would really like it.
  • Even his father took a notice of this and, based on his experience with women, he could only come to a single conclusion: she’s trying to mark territory because she thinks you’re cheating on her, son.
  • OH. MY. GOD! Why would you even think something like this? He would NEVER cheat on you, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he ever did something so despicable to you.
  • “You know how much I love you, right, my love?” “Yes, sure. You know I love you too, right?” this isn’t romantic at all, it’s just tense as hell!
  • “I do, and I appreciate it a lot, so keep this in mind and never think I would do something that could hurt you, MC, like leaving you or… cheating on you…” “Cheating on me? Why would you even say that, Jumin?” okay, now you’re both super confused.
  • “Because… you’re worried about me cheating on you?” “No, I’m not. I mean… I wouldn’t be surprised since I’m so cold sometimes…it wouldn’t be the first time…”
  • Oh, yeah, the ex who cheated on you because you were allegedly too cold… you talked a little about him. He’s a smart man and can put two and two together pretty fast, your recent clinginess has everything to do with that.
  • “People can find as many excuses as they want when they’re willing to cheat, MC, but in the end they’re just cheaters. Maybe I’m being biased here, but I don’t think there’s something wrong with you at all.” And do you even care he’s being biased?


  • Okay, we all know he pushing you away like that was most about him and his own insecurities.
  • But you’re pretty sure it has to be about you as well, I mean, you can be very needy when you want to, your ex told you that a couple of times.
  • You want to give him all the love he deserves, but… you don’t want to be a clingy co-dependent person.
  • So guess whose turn is it in pushing away? Yep, yours.But you’re more subtle, actually, you never get angry or snappy, you just… avoid him. A lot.
  • At first he thought you were just giving him space to deal with his brother issue, but even after Saeran got a little better, you were still very distant.
  • Where was that supportive optimistic girl that got trapped with him in that apartment? He misses you and your joyful spirit.
  • Is he doing something wrong again?
  • “MC, you know you can call me out if I start acting like a prick again, right?” “Yeah,sure…”
  • “Okay, so what are you waiting for, then?” “Excuse me?” “Tell me what I’m doing wrong this time, MC.” “Nothing! Why would you even say that?”
  • “Well, because you’ve been so cold lately… I’m trying really hard not to be that guy from before, MC, I would hate to hurt you like I did back then just because I have a lot to deal with…” “Well, maybe I have my share of responsibility on what happened back then?”
  • What are you even saying? You’re blaming yourself for him getting insecure and snappy? No! He was the problem back then, and he wouldn’t be able to come through if it wasn’t for your patience and reassuring attitude. You’re the light of his life!
  • To make it up for lost time, you two never cuddled so clingy that night. Not that any of you is complaining, tho.

Honestly, since OverWatch is a video game, not real life, I think shipping whoever with whoever is fine. I ship Tracer with Genji because they are two of my favorite characters. I’m not trying to be lesbophobic, I have no problem with lesbians, nor do I have a problem with Tracer being canonically gay. All I’m trying to say is that with video games especially, there should be no limits with shipping.

  • han sung: and over on this wall, i have put up the most important pictures of my life.
  • soo ho: ... han sung, these are all just either pictures of sun woo or pictures of sun woo and you together.
  • han sung: i'm sure i put up pictures of you guys here too *points at a photo* see? like this one.
  • yeo wool: that's just picture of sun woo with a very blurry two thirds of my face at the bottom left.
  • han sung: oh... i thought that was ban ryu.
  • yeo wool: lord, give me strength.

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Beastly Beautiful | Jeonghan | Ch.5

Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life (SoL), AU!Jeonghan, Elite!Jeonghan

Word Count: 3.4k+

A/N: my angels who waited for so long, here’s ch.5! again, I’m sorry this took long, school’s been busy and i’ve finally mustered up the courage to write even though less ppl read this. It’s for you! ^^ enjoy!

Summary: Two different people, two different personalities, yet destiny brings them together.

Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4 || Ch.5

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“I see you’ve grown into a handsome young man.”

“I’m going for a swim later.” Jeonghan called out to Mr. Ryu. “Prepare my towel and shampoo.”

It was another day at the Yoon Manor and Jeonghan fully recovered from his bruises he had from a few weeks prior. Seeing him almost everyday made you more and more flustered around him. Ever since that day that he opened up to you and slowly, he was showing you more sides him you never knew he had. There were times were he would be cranky and annoying but mostly he was rather… attractive.

Jeonghan on the other hand, was gradually used to seeing you around as well. He used to be so irked out whenever he saw you, but as time passed, he found himself looking at you more. He didn’t realise how pretty you actually were, how kind you were and your patience on him was beyond this world. Sometimes he smiled unknowingly and got caught by his servants, which he immediately frowned at them and denied he was smiling at you.

“Very well Young master.” Mr Ryu bowed as he took his leave, only to be interrupted by Jeonghan once again.

“Oh and ask Y/N to join me. Bring some desserts as well.”

“Very well.”

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Jaebum As Boyfriend

Requested: Hello! If you haven’t already, can you do Jaebum as a boyfriend? Thank you! I love your account!

Hello :) I’m so sorry for the selca thingy XD I wanted to ask if you could you the “as your boyfriend ” thingy for JB but I’m really sorry if you already done it and I requested it twice c:

pls do jb as a boyfriend omg

A/N: Yes the request you all have been waiting for is here. Im so sorry it took this long for me to post this. There has been so many requests for this its insane. There was more to the ones included above. I hope you all enjoy this because i am dying he is my bias wrecker why must you do this sort of thing… stop.. i am dedicated to Kim Yugyeom.

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  • Chillest and most protective bf ever
  • You wouldn’t really do much as a couple
  • Your days together would include laying on the couch together
  • Watching some movie or drama
  • HIs arms would be around your waist
  • “I need to pee, Jaebummie”
  • “Nope you’re staying here”
  • He wouldn’t let go unless you forced him to let go
  • When you aren’t doing nothing together
  • You two would be out shopping or going to see a movie
  • He’d be super smooth and flirty all the time
  • But lowkey smack himself because of it
  • He would smirk all the time
  • Even when he does intend to
  • Like you would be doing dishes and you took up and see Jb smirking
  • “What you smirking at?”
  • “Me? Smirking? Never I’m too classy”
  • In public he’d try to come off as the cold, badass boyfriend
  • But he’d be lowkey kissing your cheek
  • and holding your hand
  • because he’s afraid of you letting go and leaving him
  • even though he knows you won’t
  • Your birthday? Expensive gifts
  • Your promotion at work? Expensive gifts
  • Not a reason for any sort of gift? Expensive gifts
  • Not because he likes showing off his money 
  • but because your love that you give him means to much
  • and its his way of showing you how much he loves you
  • without directly saying it
  • He wouldn’t say I love you a lot 
  • But would show it by asking you how your day was
  • or if you ate today 
  • by holding you
  • buying you things
  • offering to do things for you
  • like your doing laundry for the boys and he just wraps his arms around your waist
  • and kiss your shoulders
  • and he’d end up convincing you he’d do it 
  • OMO when he lets you meet the boys for the first time he is super SUPER protective over you
  • He’d constantly be touching your or being close to you
  • he trusts the boys and you
  • he just doesn’t want them to get any ideas
  • The boys see you as their eomma
  • Jackson especially would be like
  • “Eomma and appa buy me food”
  • You two act like its annoying but secretly think its cute
  • OKay~
  • Lets all be honest
  • sexy time with him would be GOLDEN
  • like he’d be so passionate and dominate
  • One second you would be getting your bed ready to go to sleep 
  • and the next you two are tangled in the sheets 
  • dADDY AF
  • “Baby girl, come here”
  • and he’d pull you to him, rubbing your bum gently
  • Holyshiteu
  • BASCIALLY hes a bomb bf like we all need a JB in our lives

Thank you so much for ruining my life…. ugh.. Still dedicated to my yugi though! Lets all take a moment to wish Jaebum well as he continues to get better!

admin ryu

Zen Theory Time (Originally posted on reddit)

I made this reddit post earlier because I thought, reddit may be a bit more open to theory and discussion… So here we go: 

First of all, I’m not sure if that’s already been theorized before… All I know of is that some people agree that Saeyoung isn’t the only one who loves you in every route, Zen would do so too. And maybe this theory makes sense even though it’s taking a little different approach.

So the other day, we’ve been messing around with some theories and were basically just messing around. Eventually I jokingly said something like “Watch Zen knowing EVERYTHING, just because psychic dreams.” / “Watch Zen knowing all that, because he dreamed about the scenarios happening in those 11 days.”. And I genuinely didn’t take my own random crack thought seriously.

But today I was HG farming the prologue, which I was skipping after the first time playing. - Stupidly enough, I noticed that Zen actually mentions that he’s had a dream about you, but then shrugging it off.

As a first time player, I and probably most of you, may think that he’s trying to be a little flirty here, which well, isn’t really out of his character either.

But I feel like, after you know of his psychic dreams those tiny two chat boxes have a whole different meaning?

So basically I was thinking, what if Zen knows? Does he really love you in every route? What if he’s waiting for MC to pick him?

We know that the prologue and Day 1 are the same in both, Casual and Deep Story. The prologue especially doesn’t matter when it comes to getting a route. What if we assume that based on Zen’s choice of words, a good dream is hisroute, or rather, you picking him over the other characters? Which is why he’s not suspecting you at all. He is trusting his psychic dreams and we as player also know that he is always on point with it.

He has this “good dream” every time you reset, so at the beginning of each route (aside from Another Story) he’d dream about you joining the RFA and falling in love with him. That’s why he’s so overprotective of the MC. That’s why he ALWAYS seems so flirty. Wishing and hoping his dream was an accurate psychic dream.

I mean he may not be in love after a dream, but what if the feelings are there, that he wants to be confirmed? Because the way I see it, MC is still the same MC in every route. She’s always mentally extremely strong, helpful and supportive of everything.

I’d also like to take Zen’s psychic dream on Day 4 in consideration, in which he dreams about the RFA being all robots and the answers that MC gives are already set. What if, despite everyone telling Zen that it was just a weird dream (at least as long as you don’t hit the bad ending on day 4) he believes it is true? Especially since we learn from the April Fool’s DLC’s Normal Ending 1, he has had a dream when he was younger in which he felt like there was another, more three dimensional… dimension. What if he knows it’s all set, what if he does know there’s multiple routes that you can pick? - Because to him, all his psychic dreams make sense, things are coming together for him now.

In his Valentines DLC he is saying something along the lines of “No matter what path you choose, I’ll always support you with my love.”, initially one would think he just means simple life choices, but what if that hints to the specific routes??

Especially since in at least the casual story, he has two dreams that would hint at something that’s not story related. I mean, he could very well also have that dream in the Deep Story, but doesn’t want to bring it up as there’s already enough weird things going on.

Honestly, reading through this kinda creeps me out a little, ahah.

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MC x R.F.A.+V and Saeran getting ready for Christmas with their kid(s). Like, what they do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

A quick guide to the MM x MC children:

Ryung: Zen’s daughter (eldest)
Seung: Zen’s son (youngest)
Haneul: Yoosung’s Son
Nari: Jaehee’s Daughter
Jin: Jumin’s Daughter
Cheol: 707′s Son
Ryukmi: V’s Daughter
Jaeyun: Saeran’s Daghter


  • You guys have a family set of pajamas. They’re all matching and you’re sure to get a picture of the four of you in your “Crimas pajas,” as Seung calls them, on Christmas morning.
  • Zen is super into decorating the tree with the kids. You’re the one sitting on the floor, taking ornaments out of the box and handing them off to whoever’s available, but you don’t mind because you like watching them have fun.
  • When the bottom of the tree gets too crowded, Zen will suggest ornaments they can move up, and starts picking the kids up to let them place the ornaments higher.
  • One of the first years, you got really excited about seeing an old ornament, but Zen thought you got hurt and poor baby Ryung got a mouth full of tree.
  • On Christmas morning, you sit with the kids and help them open their presents, and Zen takes pictures. He’s a sentimental freak, so he keeps and prints nearly every photo, even if it’s blurry.
  • He loves taking a family photo every year and making Christmas cards out of them. Typically, Christmas cards would get sent to people that you don’t really keep in touch with, but he literally hands them out to his coworkers.
  • Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, you’ll ask the kids for any old toys that they won’t play with this year. They both put a lot of care into putting their old toys into a box and bringing it out to the car. When you all hop in the car, still in your matching pajamas, and go down to the donation center, the kids have this big ol smile plastered on their faces.
  • Zen’s so proud of the kids and he thinks it’s crazy that they came out so kindhearted.
  • When you’re back home, another family tradition is to decorate cookies together. Zen and Ryung both don’t like gingerbread, so you make chocolate chip and snicker doodle people for them to decorate.
  • All your beautiful cookies get a photo shoot, then then they get eaten.


  • Haneul is barely four years old, but he knows almost every single Christmas song ever, because that’s all Yoosung plays from November 25 to December 25.
  • Yoosung is a slut for Christmas, especially now that he has a kid and a wife to spend it with.
  • Polar Express, The Santa Clause, Home Alone,,,,,,, He somehow finds a way to watch every Christmas movie within the month of December.
  • His favorite is Elf, because it’s Haneul’s favorite too.
  • Haneul has to talk to a Mall Santa every year. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, it’s just that he probably wouldn’t if not for his dad pushing for it.
  • Christmas eve is pretty calm. The three of you bake cookies together, then leave them and some milk out for Santa. You help Haneul get ready for bed, then Yoosung reads him a Christmas bedtime story until he falls asleep.
  • After the two of you go out and take care of the cookies, milk, and presents, you watch a couple of those cheesy, romantic Christmas movies and go to bed.
  • In the morning, your son is usually pretty anxious to go see what Santa brought him. He practically harasses you both out of bed.
  • After the initial Christmas morning routine of opening presents and eating breakfast, Yoosung starts cooking.
  • “Yoosung its just the three of us, why are you cooking so much?”
  • “I didn’t tell you…? My family is coming over!”
  • Your son has been hijacked by his grandmother and you lost your husband
  • Where has your family gone
  • Yoosung’s mom always has something to say. Good or bad, the woman hardly ever stops talking. 
  • Haneul is covered in lipstick oh my god where are the makeup wipes, your child is too fragile to be passed around like this.
  • Every year, Haneul ends up passed out in one of his parents’ arms 


  • Family time is legit the most important thing to her, so she includes you and your Nari in everything, especially around the end of the year.
  • Holy crap, okay, so,,,,,, Jaehee makes this hot chocolate,,,,,,,,, and you don’t know exactly what she does to it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but it is sO GOOD.
    • She only makes it during December though, 
    • Legit, this hot chocolate is enough to make you cry happy tears.
  • She really likes to go to the more festive areas and drive up and down the streets to look at the lights on Christmas Eve.
  • When Nari was a baby, Jaehee would have festive blankets to wrap her up in, but now she’ll settle for scarves.
  • Before bed, you play Christmas songs and talk about the good memories you’ve all made since last Christmas.
  • You have to keep your reputation as fun mom, so you let Nari sneak a piece of cookie from Santa’s plate before bed.
  • In the morning, you take turns assisting your daughter in opening her presents.
  • After presents, you look up a new cookie recipe (usually something bizarre) and all bake them together.
  • It was Nari’s idea the first time, but it’s become a tradition to drop off a plate of the cookies you all made to all the RFA members.


  • Okay, he’s usually super anxious about anything that involves him needing to go into full dad mode, but Christmas festivities come so naturally to him.
  • One of his favorite things to do around Christmas is help Jin write a letter to Santa and send it. 
  • Christmas Eve, he really likes to just sit on the couch to enjoy some movies with you and Jin.
  • You do it about a week and a half before Christmas, but Jumin reeeeeeaaaaaaally likes buying the Christmas tree.
  • Of course, he also reeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally likes to decorate the tree with you and Jin as well.
  • Jumin loves to spoil you both, and he uses Christmas as an excuse to go completely overboard.
  • Jin loves coloring books, so when she gets some every year, he’ll actually sit and color with her.
  • Christmas eve really isn’t that big of a deal. You insisted on your first Christmas with Jumin that he allow the chef to have Christmas Eve and Day off, so the only thing that’s different is that you and Jumin cook dinner together.
  • On Christmas Day, everything’s super laid back until around 2pm.
  • The entire RFA comes over for a sort of mini party, and Jin is totally the star of the show.
  • By the end of the night, Jin is pooped.
  • Every year, she falls asleep in Jumin’s arms.


  • Oh Jeez, baby’s first Christmas
  • At some point, Christmas became super important to him.
  • When you first met him, his attitude towards Christmas was….. bad…. depressing.. but somewhere along the way, he started loving it.
  • Now that he has a family to spend it with, he gets super excited.
  • To him, Christmas isn’t really about the gifts or tree or any of that commercial shit. It’s about him getting to spend even more time with his family than usual.
  • He buys a tiny, fake tree to decorate with you and some garland that he sorta throws wherever it may look nice just to get into the spirit, but he doesn’t make it a big deal.
  • One year on Christmas eve, you accidentally turned on Lord of the Rings instead of Christmas movies, then left to make popcorn. By the time you came back to change the channel, both of them were super into it. The first Lord of the Rings film is now considered a Christmas movie.
  • On Christmas Day, the whole RFA comes over! Everyone makes food together (or they bring it already made), eats, and admires Cheol.
  • As Cheol gets older, Luciel gets more and more into celebrating Christmas.
  • Real trees, real decorations, the whole thing.
  • When he’s old enough, they work together to hang lights and program them to have a crazy light show on the house.
    • It gets bigger and better every year.
    • It’s only started a fire once.


  • V is a simple man with simple pleasures. He likes decorating the tree and hanging things up around the house to add some Christmas-y flair.
  • Ryukmi is so into Christmas. Like, she starts wanting to prepare as soon as December starts.
  • V is the holiday food guy. Hot chocolate, cookies, festive shaped pancakes, 
  • On christmas day, he makes so much food, like,
  • Jihyun, why wont you cook at all the rest of the year??? You’re the most ridiculous man I have ever met????
  • V’s cool with the little decorations, but Ryukmi is never satisfied and plans out new decorations for the front yard every year. Her dad is always willing to help and be involved with it, but he’s a little lost when it comes to actually doing it.
    • One year, Seven was called over to make the lights even crazier than before. He taught Ryukmi how to do it and she’s still trying to teach V.
  • They both love to do that thing where they hide the pickle in the tree????????? Whoever finds it gets good luck or something???? idk
  • She runs a Christmas blog that’s goes year-round, so he takes pictures for her to have some original content.
  • Really, there’s not any Christmas Eve/ Day traditions besides opening presents and watching some classic Christmas movies.
  • They make blankets for the homeless, but they do that all winter long, so it’s not strictly a Christmas thing.


  • It’s super important to him that Jaeyun gets her time to believe in Santa. He didn’t really have the chance, so he wants to let her indulge in that.
  • He sits and helps her write a letter to Santa every year. He brings colored markers and helps her draw pictures that she might want to include.
  • Hot chocolate + cookies + family + Christmas = Happy Saeran
  • Christmas eve is spent doing whatever the heck everyone’s in the mood for.
  • He gets her a new Christmas hat every year. She loves them, but he mostly does it for himself because he think she’s adorable.
  • Christmas morning is spent opening presents, then sitting around and talking and listening to Christmas carols.
  • The rest of the RFA gets invited over, but it’s a very small event. Exchanging gifts, having a small meal together, then everyone goes home.
  • Saeran doesn’t make a big deal out of Christmas, but you know it really means a lot to him. Because of his childhood, he tries to give Jaeyun a good life, and Christmas is a large part of that.

Come join me in Mystic Messenger Hell. We’ve got hot dudes and lots of Honey Buddha Chips.

Beastly Beautiful | Jeonghan | Ch. 4

Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life (SoL), AU!Jeonghan, Elite!Jeonghan

Word Count: 4.8k+

A/N: chapter 4! sorry it took long! I was preparing for school! hope you enjoy it! Be sure to read previous chapters before you read this!

T/W: none, but please tell me if there is.

Summary: Two different people, two different personalities, yet destiny puts them together.

Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4 || Ch.5

“I think I might be interested in you.”

I’ll be at the university for two days. I need to submit my papers.- was the last conversation you had with Jeonghan’s servants.

“WHO?” Mr. Ryu flinched at Jeonghan’s roaring voice so early in the morning.

“Young Master, Miss Y/N said she’s leaving for a while, to the university.” Mr. Ryu noted. Jeonghan rubbed his nose in frustration because you left.

“She left without telling me? And me out of all people?” his eyebrows were furrowed.

Mr. Ryu sighed, “She said she wouldn’t tell you in person because you wouldn’t allow her to leave- which I totally agree on that was why she told me instead. And she also mentioned that-”

“What?!” Jeonghan shook his head. “I’m already furious that she told you!” he sat down at the edge of his bed. “Whatever. Leave my presence.”

“But young master, there is one problem.”

You safely returned to Seungcheon university and you flopped on your bed. You sniffed the newly washed bed sheets, it felt like years that you haven’t been in contact with your bed even though it had only been three days.

A loud banging nearly broke your door, Sejeong, you thought. She was the only person who would do that, and the only one to enter your room. She was your only friend in the dorm after all. The ever-so-positive Sejeong wouldn’t even let the tired you rest even just for a minute or two. You grabbed your remote and pressed the button that opened your door.

“Y/N! Thank goodness you’re here! That Jeongpoop kidnapped you out of nowhere! You’re not hurt are you?” she too, flopped herself on your bed as if was her own.

You let out a laugh. “Ah, I’m fine, Sejeong. He brought me to his house and ate lunch, and that was pretty much it for the next two days.”

“Oh lunch is fin-” she paused, looking at you with wide eyes, “He brought you to his house?!”

“Y-yeah. Is that bad?”

She looked at you blankly, not saying a thing before she leaned in closer to whisper. “Was the house nice?”

You pursed your lips to prevent yourself from laughing because of her unexpected question.


You looked up and thought. “Hm, nothing ordinary. It was like a modern palace. Just a little richer than mine.”

She fell on her back and sighed a relaxing puff. Seriously, she’s getting too comfortable. “Lucky you, Y/N. To think a student would visit the nasty student president’s luxurious manor.” she shook her head in an accepting manner, “That doesn’t happen as much- or never, so to say.”

You fell on your back as well, still not over the fact that you volunteered to stay at the Yoon Manor for such petty reasons, one of them being an argument over a lollipop. All the more, Sejeong didn’t know about your real reason of being there, since Jeonghan said it was ‘deeply confidential’.

But a lollipop argument? Very confidential.

“Anyway, we should have lunch. The cafeterias are selling new desserts, wanna come with?”

The tired you complained for a while. You weren’t hungry, however the thought of dessert could help boost you awake for the day. “What do they have?” you stood up, reaching for your wallet. Sejeong rolled her eyes playfully, saying that you would have to find out when you get there.

Jeonghan sat in the limousine, arms and legs crossed. His mood was worse than it already was this morning. He thought he could have his breakfast in bed normally like he used to, but it didn’t go that way when he heard you left for the university. Not only that, he recalled the sudden conversation he had with Mr. Ryu.

“But young master, there is one problem.”

“What is it now?” Jeonghan retorted as Mr. Ryu had an uncertain look on his face. “Well?”

“A person’s looking for you.” he pulled his tight collar in adjustment. “Someone you might know.”

Jeonghan’s ears perked, turning to Mr. Ryu in interest. “Name?”

“Mr. Jang Doyoon, the heir of the Jet Electronics International.”

“What about him?”

“He’s at the university.”

“Young Master, is there a problem?” Mr. Gok looked from the mirror. Jeonghan whipped his head at Mr. Gok’s direction in disbelief.

“What kind of question is that? Of course there’s a problem. You guys ruined my breakfast in bed!”

“Not that young master, I mean-”

“If it’s about me and Jang Doyoon, why do you ask when you already know?” Jeonghan rolled his eyes as he ate his sandwich.

“But young master, if your father hears about this, you’d be in huge trouble. Also please do protect your image, you are aware that you’re the heir to the YDH-tech in a few years.” Mr. Gok reasoned out.

“Like heck I care, father should’ve thrown me out years ago.”

Mr. Gok sighed, hearing the usual ignorant Jeonghan. “Master Yoon could never do that young master, you are his only child.”

Jeonghan scoffed and clicked his tongue, looking out at the window to see Seungcheon University few kilometers away. He rested his jaw on his palm, sighing,

“Yeah. Since Jeonghye died.”

“Oh my goodness.” you licked your fork eating the chocolate flavoured mini entremet topped with a strawberry. “This is so delicious.”

“Right?” she took a bite of the same entremet. “Mingyu made this. The school chefs immediately put this on the dessert menu.”

“I don’t doubt it even just for a second. He’d be a world class chef before we know it.” you melted through the deliciousness. “Speaking of seconds-” you stood up, leaving to get more.

Sejeong laughed at your quick pace as she finishes her own.

Making your way to the dessert area, you spotted one more slice of Mingyu’s chocolate cake. You placed your tray down and reached for it until an arm made contact with yours.

“Oh were you supposed to get that?” a voice asked.

You looked at the owner’s voice. He was visually handsome at first glance, but even more so up close. He was tall and quite muscly, although lesser than Seungcheol. His aura was similar as Jeonghan’s, yet there was this spirit in this young man you couldn’t distinguish. You found yourself staring at him, so you quickly shook your head.

“Yes I was. It’s alright though, you can have it. I already had one.” you offered.

He looked at you with a flushed face, you weren’t offering him the last piece of cake were you? He was supposed to do that role, being a young gentleman. “You take it. I already had three.” he smiled with flashing teeth, and if your eyes were seeing correctly, there even was a twinkle.

You smiled awkwardly and took the last piece of cake. “Thank you.”

He stared at you for some time without realising, “Hm? Oh.” he coughed, “You’re welcome.” still smiling with his pearly whites. 

He seemed cocky?

“I, I have to go back to my seat now, please excuse me.”

The young man eyed you as you went back to where you and Sejeong were sitting at, the corners of his lips tugged into a smile at how gorgeous you were. He didn’t know how long he was smiling until another young man, pulled him out of his thoughts with a playful punch on the shoulder.

“Doyoon-ah, who’s that chick?” he smirked, his eyes similar to a cat’s.

“Get a grip MingMing.” he slapped his hand. “Her name’s Y/Fl/N. Checked the new transfers list. Seems like a new face around here.”

“A very new face.” Yao MingMing said cunningly, taking an interest in you as well.  

Doyoon pulled MingMing by the ear. “Back off man, I saw her first.” MingMing held his ear in pain. “Get me my phone, I’ll contact my father.”

“But Doyoon, your phone’s in your pant pocket. You could-”

“Exactly. Now phone.” he bossed, MingMing took Doyoon’s phone from his pant pocket like a puppy would obey his owner.

Doyoon called his father as MingMing stood fiddling his fingers. He snacked on the fries that were on his tray. For all MingMing knew, Doyoon probably already had a plan glued to his brain. “So what so you plan on doing, bro?”

“Simple.” he put his phone back in his pocket and took a last glimpse at you before leaving the cafeteria with an assuring smile,

“I’ll make her my wife.”

The limousine arrived at the Key and Jeonghan got off as soon as Mr. Gok opened the door for him. Now to get his facts straight, Jeonghan knew that the tension between him and Jang Doyoon were ugly. Everyone in school resented him, since the history between him and Doyoon were heard of by all students.

Combing his long blonde hair back with his hand, earned him squeals from university girls- his ‘fans’, that led Jeonghan to walk a little bit faster than he did.

“Good afternoon! President Jeonghan!” their voices behind him. He looked back and nodded a blank face to shut them up.

“Did you see that?”
“He nodded!”
“O-m-g he acknowledged us!”
“Such a gentleman!”

Or maybe not.

Wonwoo, who happened to be reading a book along the corridors with Mingyu and Jun by his side, quirked an eyebrow. “That’s something new. President Jeonghan coming to university on a Friday. He must have heard of Doyoon.”

“There’ll be a mafia at the Hall of Grandeur for sure at free period.” Jun added, shaking his head. “It’ll be a one man versus another with a myriad of Doyoon’s backup.”

“Shouldn’t we tell Seungcheol-hyung about this?” Mingyu asked.

“He wouldn’t care one bit.” Wonwoo answered, eyes still on his book.

“He should though. I mean wasn’t he friends with Doyoon?” Mingyu tiptoed to see if Doyoon was around.

“Drama’s out years ago. It’ll be ugly to bring it up again.” Wonwoo sighed.

“Crazy how the guys get the dramas.” Jun tugged his blazer. “Weren’t the ladies supposed to have dramas? Or things are just different here in Korea?”

The intercoms installed around the university screeched for a good ten seconds before a distant voice behind it said:

“Is it on?”

It was Doyoon’s voice.

“Good day to all students. Ex-student council president Jang Doyoon speaking. Miss me?” he chuckled. “Don’t mind me using the intercom, I’m just calling out for a seat snatcher named Jeonghan… Oh I mean, President Yoon Jeonghan. I believe he loves being addressed that way, given of his prideful attitude…”

You looked at Sejeong with a confused look, who returned with a quirked eyebrow.

“Hey Jeonghan. Free period’s in three. See you at the Hall of Grandeur. We have some unfinished business to take care of. Doyoon out.”

“What’s going on?” you queried, clearly not understanding what was going on.

“I heard this from Seungkwan. It appears that the ex-student council president back to have his revenge on President Jeonghan.” Sejeong pondered.

“Seungkwan really knows what’s up, doesn’t he?”

“I really wanna check it out though.” Sejeong said with interest. “Come on, it’ll be cool!”

“Count me out on this one.” you raised your hands, about to leave.

“Hey Y/N! Wanna check president vs. ex-president?” Seungkwan came running to you, followed by Jihoon and Chan.

“Okay. I guess we are checking it out.”

The Hall of Grandeur quickly filled up with students since it was midterm break-all professors went home and students were meant to stay in their dorms to study. Seungcheon University was indeed a tough school. This gathering doesn’t happen often, but given with the ‘right’ timing, Jang Doyoon definitely knew how he would play his board game.

Everyone knew that Jeonghan wasn’t put for as a student council president, which explained their overfilled joy when Doyoon arrived few days ago. You, on the other hand, didn’t know who this Jang Doyoon looked like. He slowly appeared to the center of the Hall and you were surprised to see who he was- the cocky young man from the cafeteria. 

“So it’s that guy..” you mumbled. Seungkwan looked at you, asking if you had said something. You shook your head in denial, avoiding to be caught.

“Ah. I missed the scent of my beloved Hall of Grandeur. But I missed the students here the most.” Doyoon proudly announced, following the cheers of the students. “President Yoon Jeonghan! Or should you even be deserved to be called that?” he clicked his tongue. “Come out and fight!”

Not even a second later, the Hall’s doors were slammed opened. Students suddenly quieted down. All eyes were on Jeonghan, who entered alone and had a face that was serious, most of it you couldn’t read. He probably knew where this was leading to. He was the smartest in school. 

“Do I have to be here personally so that you can fight me? You’ve been hiding in your cage for a very long time, Jeonghan.” Doyoon’s voice changed to a heavy tone, noting that he was serious.

“As matter of fact, you’re late.” Jeonghan said as he was looking at his watch.

“Do you even know how much the students fear you since you’re president?!” Doyoon shouted in anger. 

Jeonghan played with his nails. “I thought you came here to fight me, not give me a pep talk.” 

“Be prepared.” Doyoon smirked. “Boys, unleash the beast in him!”

Behind Doyoon, there were eight other boys, some of them holding nunchucks and poles, ready to fight. As if it were staged, students around the them began chanting ‘fight, fight, fight’. Jeonghan on the contrary, didn’t look fazed or shaken. His hands in his pockets gave the impression that he didn’t care. 

“Charge!” A young man shouted as he made his first move. 

Students shouted and were much engaged with the duel. You looked to your left, Seungkwan and the others were entertained, especially Hansol. On your right, Sejeong, too, was having the time of her life. The chanting begin to fade and as you looked back at the chaotic fight, Jeonghan was standing unharmed and three of Doyoon’s guys were on the floor. One of them bleeding due to popped lips and the other two broke their arms.

“Did I tell you there wasn’t any need to bring your guys?” Jeonghan slightly smirked, but he seemed tired and weak. 

“Oh I brought them on purpose, given that you have quite a weak stamina!” Doyoon’s smile was on the edge evil, and that scared you a bit. He just sugarcoated himself when he talked to you.

“ ‘Quite’ is an understatement.” Jeonghan gestured a move, challenging Doyoon’s other mates.

The fight continued and the students rooted for Doyoon and his chums. You stood there confused and didn’t want to side on anyone. 

Jeonghan, you thought, was flawless when he fought with them. You even heard Soonyoung admitting that Jeonghan didn’t actually sugarcoat his martial art skills. Though that didn’t last when Doyoon himself stepped in, punching Jeonghan vigourously until he was bruised and bled on the face. He landed roughly on the floor close to the people in front of you. They backed up, revealing you slightly when Doyoon saw you.

He raised his hand to cease the fighting, which gave Jeonghan a resting before the cat-eyed young could hit Jeonghan with a metal pole. 

“Seriously Doyoon?! I was getting to the best part!” he shouted.

“No. This is the best part.” he approached you and grabbed you by the arm. 

You tried to escape his sudden grasp on you but obviously, he was stronger. “Hey. Miss Y/N.” he put his arms around you. “I think I might be interested in you.”

As he said that, students gasped and the corner of your eye caught sight of three girls, who reacted much more. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow when he circled around you. He sounded much different than he did earlier, much arrogant.

“I mean, look at you, Y/N! You’re super smart and kind, a good family background. We make a good match too.” he looked at you proudly from head to toe, then to your face, “.. not to mention you’re very, very beautiful.”

Jeonghan slowly stood on his knees but he was too weak to do so. Doyoon held your chin, his face close to yours, “Actually. I’ll make you my wif-.”

Doyoon fell on the floor, knocked out. Jeonghan already beat up Doyoon’s other friends and glared at the other students. With that glare, the rest of the students left, including Sejeong and the others. 

You mouth gaped open, couldn’t believe that your friends left you alone with Jeonghan. You eyes trailed at Doyoon’s figure on the floor.

“Don’t worry, he’s unconsious.” Jeonghan said, reaching for his phone. “Mr. Gok, I’m at the Hall of Grandeur. Pick me up, will you?”

“I wasn’t worrying. I guess I’ll go back to East Wing.” you offered. 

“What the heck, you’re not. You’re staying at my place, remember?” he grabbed your arm and left the Hall.

The moment you and Jeonghan caught sight of Mr. Gok, he ran to Jeonghan in concern. He could run after all. “Young Master Jeonghan! What in heavens did you do?! You’re bleeding all over! Didn’t I tell you to protect your image?!” he wiped his sweating face with a handkerchief, “Oh my heavens! I think I’m going to faint!”

“Ask her!” Jeonghan shouted at him, pointing at you.

You didn’t know why, something about it irked you, definitely. “Me?! Why drag me into this?” you followed Jeonghan, irritated.

“Well obviously! If you hadn’t leave my house for some papers this morning I wouldn’t have come here!” he rolled his eyes.

“And you still came anyway!” 

“I had an important call! And there you were flirting with Jang Doyoon!”

“I was not flirting with Jang Doyoon!”

“Well then good!”

Silence filled the vehicle and you were so frustrated at Jeonghan. He blamed you for him getting injured when it was crystal clear that he put himself into this mess. He could be so annoying that you wished you could slap his face all you want. 

The ride back to the Yoon Manor took another three hours. You thought you could rest well after that high pitched quarrel with Jeonghan, but no, you couldn’t. You had to endure with his groaning that his body was hurting, he couldn’t move and even to the extent of saying that he was ‘dying’.

For three straight hours.

The moment you arrived at the Yoon Manor, it was five in the afternoon. Mr. Gok managed to have passed the speeding limit without being caught. Mrs. Bu came running with Mr. Ryu, same expression as Mr. Gok when their eyes saw Jeonghan.

“Young master dear! What on earth has happened to you?” Mrs. Bu exclaimed. 

“Don’t care. Get the first aid kit ready.” Jeonghan left and went into his bedroom.

You walked inside and Mrs. Bu held your hand. “Miss Y/N dear, I have to cook dinner since Mr. Song is out of town. Would you mind if you attend to treat young master’s wounds?”

“Oh. I apologize Mrs. Bu. I don’t think Jeonghan would like that.” you chuckled tiredly, “We kind of had a quarrel on the way here. Maybe Mr. Ryu and Mr. Gok could do it in your stead?”

Mrs. Bu raised an eyebrow at you, yet she was giggling. “Oh nonsense!” she handed you a first aid kit. “Here, go to young master’s bedroom and treat his wounds.”

“But I-”

“No buts! Or no dinner!” 

“I-” before you could interrupt any further, Mrs. Bu jogged to the kitchen. Knowing Mrs. Bu just for a few days, she didn’t want to barge in Jeonghan’s furious state because she was scared, though you wished she saw that you didn’t like it the most.

You hesitantly stood in front of Jeonghan’s bedroom door. You didn’t want to do this but Mrs. Bu made it sound like her life depended on it. Biting your lower lip, you knocked on the door. No answer. 

“Oh well he’s asleep.” you told yourself and began to swift your foot away. You stopped when Mr. Ryu stood nearby with his arms crossed, clearly you weren’t off the hook. You sighed heavily and knocked on the door louder. 

“President Jeonghan. It’s Y/N. I’m here to treat your wounds.” 

There wasn’t any answer. You opened the door, it was unlocked and the light from outside gave the room a light dimming. Jeonghan’s room was shockingly tidy. He was sound asleep, but his face and body still swell and bled. You approached closer and knelt by his bedside. “President Jeonghan?”

Still not responding, you placed your finger on his neck to look for his heartbeat. Good, he’s still alive, you thought. You soaked the towel in alcohol and water and dabbed it on his infected areas. You pushed his bangs aside, his sleeping face was as angelic even though how bruised Doyoon and his gang made him. 

The room was quiet so you sang softly to lighten the atmosphere a bit. Every move you made to clean his wounds didn’t startle or woke him up, and just like an infant, he was still sound asleep. It was like his body was made out of iron, no ouches heard or twitches made by him.

By the time you finished, you stood up quietly but stopped when you felt his hand grabbed yours. “Mom…”

You flicked your head towards him and questioned yourself if you were hearing right. He said ‘mom’.. 

Speaking of which, you’ve never heard Mr. Ryu or the others mentioning about Jeonghan’s mother. But set those aside, 

Jeonghan actually mumbles in his sleep? 

You pursed your lips to stop yourself from smiling. “I am so going to record this.” you took your phone out and began recording. Jeonghan mumbles a lot in his sleep. 

“Mom.. Please.. don’t leave.. me..”

You stopped recording and saw how sad he looked. What actually happened to his mom? You took your free hand and took his hand off. And when you did, he somehow, consciously or unconsciously, pulled you to him and embraced you. “Oh no.”

“Did you really think I was sleeping?”

Your eyes widened. He was awake this whole time? You shimmied out of his embrace. “Well I- how did you know I recorded you? You were asleep.”

“I heard the ‘record’ button when you finished. Delete that video.” he ordered, still laying on his bed.

Recalling on what he did to blame you this afternoon, you plucked up your courage, “No. I won’t.” 

He slowly sat up and raised his eyebrow. “No?”

“Yeah. I will not delete this.” you shook your phone, “It is for keeps. Proof that you do mumble in your sleep.”

“How dare you! I never mumble in my sleep! I ask you to delete that video, you punk!” 

Somehow this amused you, for once you finally knew how to humiliate him. “This video tells me otherwise.” you laughed and teased him as you played the video.

Jeonghan fell off the bed and was nearly shouting, “That’s not me! I must be possessed! Delete that!”

“Unless you admit that I did not cause your injuries but you yourself!” you challenged.

“What?” he scoffed. “There’s no way I’ll do that!” You increased the volume louder. “Okay okay! I admit that I was the cause of my own injuries and not Y/N.”

“Thank you.” you stopped the video and he calmed down. 

Jeonghan sat on his bed. “So, what did I say during my sleep?” 

You looked at him, tapping your feet onto the carpet and sat on it, “You said something about your mom. Like ‘Mom.. please don’t leave me.’” you paused after seeing his blank expression.

“So I talked about my mom, huh?” 


“I’m guessing you’re interested? In knowing what happened to my mom?” he faked a chuckle. 

“Kind of. I’m also wondering why you let me sleep in the pink bedroom.”

“I don’t like talking about personal stuff, but since you are staying here for a while. I guess there’s no harm.”

You slightly chuckled, “Someone’s finally opening up.”

“Shut up, we’re having a moment here.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

Jeonghan stood up and walked to a drawer, he took out a box and sat down beside you. In it was a photo album, one of them was a family photo of four. 

“That’s me when my sister was born. I was four at the time. She got sick as an infant because she got scarlet fever. I thought the disease was in the distant past but it turned out it wasn’t. She passed when I was seven so one could say I was depressed.” 

The next page was a photo of him and his mom, playing in the gardens. He sighed before speaking. “My mother… was a strong woman, very kind and she would make cakes on my birthdays, but she had cancer when I was middle school. And she passed during one summer.”

Jeonghan stopped midway, hearing you sniff. He made a face at you and shook his head. “Why are you crying? It’s in the past now.”

You chuckled softly. “Sorry.” 

“When mother passed, my father was not himself. His heart shattered into pieces. He increased workload to the YDH-tech and pushed me to study hard and I already was. He would beat me up when I don’t score a hundred in every exam I had.”

You nodded, “But there’s a rumour going around school saying that your dad’s a kind man.”

Jeonghan faked a laugh. “He was.” he put the photo album down. “When Jeonghye was born, I was so happy. I remember carrying her, but she and mother passed so my father wasn’t at his right state of mind. Until one night, he told me that he was going to remarry. I was against it. So I rebelled during high school. He got fed up and left, and moved to the another mansion up north.”

“And you still scored top grades.” you said, hugging your legs.

“And I still scored top grades.” he repeated. He turned to you, mirroring your position. “How about you? I heard your mother’s a great author.”

“She was.”


“I’m like you. My mother passed too, but she died when I was born.”

Jeonghan’s face softened. “I’m sorry.” Hearing this broke you into laughter. “Why are you laughing?”

“President Jeonghan, you’re saying ‘sorry’? That’s a first.”

He pursed his lips and blushed slightly. “What? I know my manners!”

“Okay.” you raised your hands.

There was silence between you two until a knock came at the door. “Young master! Miss Y/N! Dinner is served!” Mrs. Bu called out. “We have fried chicken!”

“Oh dinner’s ready. We should go, President Jeonghan.” you stood up, dusting your pants. “Or else I’ll-”

“Jeonghan.” he smiled. “Just call me Jeonghan.”

You blushed. Yoon Jeonghan, the arrogant, selfish, spoiled, and all negative adjectives you could think of to describe him, just smiled at you. You left the room in a hurry before he sees you in that flustered state. Jeonghan followed you to the dining room with a smile. Mrs. Bu, Mr. Ryu, and Mr. Gok appeared outside of his room. 

“Am I seeing correctly? Young master is smiling.” Mr. Gok said with a surprised look. 

“Indeed he is!” Mrs. Bu added.

“She is the one.” Mr. Ryu crossed his arms.

“The one?” Mr. Gok and Mrs. Bu asked at the same time. 

“I have been trying to explain it to you two!” Mr. Ryu said happily, “She’s the one who will show young master to love again.”

“Oh! I remember young master was distant and hated girls since young miss Jeonghye passed so Mrs. Yoon told him to love again at a right time!” Mrs. Bu jumped in joy. 

You went down the staircase, recalling Jeonghan’s smiling face. It suited him so much and indeed you were flustered. It’s just a dream, you told yourself as Jeonghan entered the dining room. 

Just a dream.


decided to get the bad end on day 5 after not participating in any chats at all, the chats sure were worth it
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Life as a High Schooler playing Mystic Messenger:

@ home

me: *cough* i’m sick mom

mom: okay you can stay home. love you i gotta go to work!

me: bye mom. love you

*waits two minutes for mom to leave*


me: now just gotta wait for my babies to call me, worry free with no teenagers around me


Poly relationships are mY J A M

  • Zen helps Jaehee come to terms with her feelings for you going beyond platonic, and of course, in the process, realizing she’s got more than just admiration for Zen
  • I like to hc that you and Zen always have sexual attraction going on between them and just bond over it until it develops into romance
  • And you’re both so thirsty for Jaehee
  • Not to mention prOTECTIVE
  • Zen and MC are official founders of the Jaehee Protection Squad
  • Jaehee always sleeps sandwiched between you and Zen
  • Zen is suddenly out of shirts to wear!! Turns out you and Jaehee just can’t get enough of wearing them, 
  • he can’t complain tho because you two just look adorable in them (and hot)
  • Jaehee rarely joins in on the sexting between you three, its usually you and Zen sending naughty pics in your group chat
  • But oh god when she does send a pic
  • Its a photo from the waist up that cuts before her eyes, so you can see the blush spreading across her cheeks perfectly fine. Full view of her boobs and oh gosh you feel so lucky to have such a cute gf
  • You are super lucky, you have two super strong partners that let you watch as they work out
  • Zen is the most ticklish
  • You make sure neither of them are overworking themselves
  • Can you ballroom dance with two people at once? You have found that yes! yes you can, if one of them is Zen. He’ll make dancing with a deer seem not only easy but fun as well. And bOY does he love dancing with his girlfriends

Not too long ago, I saw @train-go was taking commissions—I immediately thought about how badly I have wanted a picture of my master and me. He passed away before I had the chance. I have created some by editing us together, but I do not have many.

Chad Boxx was my martial arts master, but he was also a close friend and as far as I’m concerned, family. He stated that himself.

My master appeared in my life at the perfect moment. My former instructor was very abusive towards me, repeatedly making remarks about how disgraceful I am and how no one will ever want me. There’s SO much more that happened, but he eventually kicked me out one month before my black belt test.

I cannot describe the awful, empty feeling I had during that time. I do have Borderline Personality Disorder, and quite frankly, I’m surprised the situation didn’t end up worse for me. Anxious preoccupations with and extreme reactions to real or perceived abandonment and rejection are two main symptoms.

My master discovered the situation on the same day, and he managed to make contact three days later. He saw how I was mistreated and wanted to help me through it, as well as teach me and test me for my black belt. Chad was a skilled mental health worker who not only taught me the true way of martial arts, but he helped me heal from the situation and helped me understand my symptoms and diagnosis.

Chad eventually admitted to having Borderline Personality Disorder himself. My master was a warrior who fought hard all his life. He was killed in his life battle against BPD, but before that, he clearly changed the course of my own battle. I lost my best friend on December 14th, 2013.

I struggled to train for two years after that. I lost everything twice, it seemed. Each time I tried to train, it ended in tears and fits of rage. I needed to heal. It wasn’t until over a year ago that Ryu/shaped-by-karate started teaching me. After working my way up, these past two months, as I wrote about, I have finally been training consistently. Sensei Ryu is so helpful and patient with me; I am so thankful.

With this said, my master was a genuine person who cared deeply for those around him. I discovered so much about myself and life with the time I had with him. I was shown kindness, care, friendship, and guidance, like never before. I think this dedication he wrote to me says much about his character and who he is. His teachings and memory help me through my days.

This commission is the picture of my master and me that I was never able to get. The details are phenomenal—from the eye-color, to the matching uniforms (he gave mine to me as a gift, as it is the uniform for his association, custom made), to the fact that you even copied what is on the black belt he tested me for– it’s perfect. 
Thank you for putting your time and effort into this, and thank you for helping me heal.

[TRANS] Ryu Jun Yeol for Harper’s Bazaar China (May 2016 issue) - Part 2

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar China
Translated by Eyes On RYU |
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Even if I have to try again 1000 times, I must stand up and shine.

Year 2016, Ryu Jun Yeol had to promote 3 movies at once, <Sori: Voice from the Heart> ,<No Tomorrow> and <Glory Day>. Everyone who sees him recently will congratulate him, and through <Reply 1988>, he has already become the new generation’s trendy man. “It is strange, but despite the difficulties I went through, I have never thought of giving up. I always think that I must achieve success so I work very hard.”

Because of his outstanding acting skills in <Socialphobia>, <Reply 1988> invited the not too famous Ryu Jun Yeol for auditions. This was his first time acting in a television drama so he doesn’t know what his role would be. After 3 interviews, he acted all the roles in the drama and stood out in the 100+ number of people who went for auditions. After he knew what his role was, he was shocked at that moment. “During my third round of auditions, Shin Wonho PD made me read all the young character’s dialogues and decided that I will act as Jung Hwan. I was very excited and may have said a hundred ‘thank you’s to him.”

His role in the drama was someone with a sense of humor, simple, and secretly sacrificing himself for others, and Junyeol acted it out naturally. People were captivated by this man who is not very good-looking. In many scenes, Junyeol used his exquisite and relaxing acting skills, acting like it was a love scene that happens in life regularly. “Although I was using my acting skills, in that scene, I will still blend into it and put my feelings in it. Acting is all about expressing feelings in order to captivate the audience.” He was embarrassed to admit that every time he read the script, he cried, as this was a story with human nature and is a warm topic.

Recently, Ryu Jun Yeol said when he got an award,”<Reply 1988> was able to attract so much love because in our lives, during the ‘80s, there were such warm things such as justice and till now it is still preserved. Please always remember this and use a warmer heart to look at the beautiful things, think of the good things and live the future with warmth.”

Even if he had not met <Reply 1988>, Ryu Jun Yeol’s life would not cower. He believes strongly in accumulation. “I have thought of going to 1000 auditions should be alright, who knows, maybe the chance comes when I’m preparing or waiting. If I really cannot make it, I will act seriously, continue to go for auditions, till the 1000th time.”

He shared that before filming <Reply 1988>, the director saw his yearning gaze and he wrote two words ‘Rough Gem’ on his palm without saying anything. It means 'the stone that hasn’t been polished.’ Ryu Jun Yeol then had mixed feelings. “The picture is on my instagram, but most people does not know where it came from. Actually, it was the director who wrote it on my palm. Those two words bear the director’s expectations about me, and to me, it also meant that I should work harder.”

I would like to live calmly.

After <Reply 1988>, his invitations (for dramas and movies) increased, at the start of 2016, Ryu Jun Yeol took part in reality show <Youth Over Flowers> where the shooting took place at South Africa. From there, he let others realize his all-rounded aura: full marks for perfect English, full marks for being considerate, full marks for shooting (photographs and videos) skills! It feels like you would want nothing but Junyeol in your life!

Early spring this year, Ryu Jun Yeol was cast in Director Im’s new movie <The King>, being one of the most important movies in his life, he told the curious us, “I’m acting as the hometown friend of Jo In Sung sunbae, resembling a criminal syndicate. Can’t imagine how I would be acting as a gangster right? Wait for the movie and watch it!”

Working with Korea’s treasures  Jo In Sung and Jung Woo Sung, Ryu Jun Yeol gained a lot. “In the past, I saw them on the screen but now that I’ve met them, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings, the feeling of working with them is great as they let me know what knowledge and attitude an actor should have.”

Actually, after chatting with Ryu Jun Yeol for an hour, although it is through a translator, we can still feel this natural, humorous, persistent and always improving spirit in this man. His charisma is slowly spreading,similar to Jung Hwan. However, he is not similar to Junghwan, if he meets someone like Deoksun in real life, he would never hold back. His determination in love shows the obvious difference between him and Junghwan.

Reaching 30 years old, he stepped into the golden time for actors, welcoming the best phase, Ryu Jun Yeol possesses a more gentle persona. “Appearing handsome is not the most important thing. The most important thing is whether you have the charisma to attract people, to me, it is being friendly, allowing people to put down their guards down, treating everyone naturally.”