these two are ryuing my life



A kid I met before invited me in a group, told me nothing, and just put us in that custom game. I never laughed that much in my life, especially:
-All the fast tap tap from hanzo’s feet
-How you go flying just by climbing stuff
-Ryu ga-Ryu ga wag- Ryu ga w-
-One of them is called Kaplan

Special mention to those two Hanzo flying that made me lost my shit:

Tomorrow will mark one month since RFA Party PH, and as much as I wanted to draw everyone again my schedule does not permit at the moment. But I did want to draw something for the event monthsary, and so I chose these two! 😂❤️ Jumin (Joestarscream) and Zen (Daryl Reynes Page) did a Pocketlive show recently and though I didn’t catch the whole thing, I enjoyed it. They were super cute and dorky and fueled our JuZen dreams. So thank you guys, and thank you RFA Cafe for making life more exciting! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

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what's your favorite thing about zen? 👀

I can’t pick one, but here are the two main things that sparked my interest:
- I find his contradictions very endearing and humane. He’s strong and inspiring but also a lot more ridiculous and goofy than he realizes. He can be aggressive, petty and naggy, but he can definitely be an insightful, emotionally intelligent adult too. He comes off as cocky, but he obivously has a fragile ego.
- He has made some brave choices when he could just bow his head and live a more comfortable (albeit unsatisfying) life. He decided to take risks and he put incredible effort into improving his skills and working towards his goal without the privilege of his family’s emotional/economic support. He worked several jobs during school and lived alone since a young age. He failed, got fired, failed again… he’s driven and passionate and relentless - that’s the definition of “talent”, imho.
I have quit for much less. He’s fictional, but I’ve met people in real life who are just like him (and promptly forgot it’s possible to be like them because taking full responsibility for my success AND failures is so, so scary!).
Zen came in as an eye-opener, a powerful reminder when I really needed one.

I rarely crush on/lust after fictional characters, but to sum it all up Zen is just the perfect blend of inspiring, silly and believable. I have chosen to mostly celebrate the naughty aspect of my interest for Zen here, but that interest is definitely borne of the traits I described above :3

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How would the RFA react to MC being constantly scared she is being abusive towards them because she has been accused of being abusive in the past? Like their relationship is absolutely healthy, but she keeps being tempted to call it off because she loves them so much and is scared of accidently hurting them.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t fully abusive, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA reassuring MCshe’s not being abusive


  • Of course you get jealous, okay?
  • How wouldn’t you? He’s gorgeous, he’s nice, it’s obvious he has fans and coworkers running after him.
  • But you’ve been here before, you are so possessive! Remember what your ex used to tell you? You were a crazy paranoid bitch!
  • So, in order to not being accused of getting possessive, you try to be as more indifferent that you can
  • “Babe, I have this new co-star in that musical, is it okay if we do some… provocative scenes?” “Do what you want. Your career, your choice.” Oh, okay…
  • Well, he’s glad you’re cool with that, but sometimes you’re too cool, you know? To the point of being cold… As if you don’t really care about anything, about him or this relationship whatsoever…
  • When he confronts you about it, you’re so confused. “Wait… you’re mad at me because I’m not jealous?” “No, it isn’t like that, it’s just… you’re so cold sometimes, MC! I feel like I could do porn and you wouldn’t even say anything. I… feel like you don’t want to be a part of this with me. And it’s hard because both my career and you, they’re so important to me.”
  • Oh my god… he’s so hurt! What the hell are you doing? “Zen, I… of course I want to be a part of your career, I’m just trying to give you some space, I don’t want us to break up because I couldn’t control my possessiveness…again.”
  • “Again?” then you tell him everything about your ex-boyfriend, and… okay, maybe you are a little paranoid, because, from what he can tell, you never acted possessive around him, not even during that whole Echo Girl ordeal.
  • All you’ve always done ever since you showed up was being supportive to his work and his choices. And jealous isn’t good, but it’s normal, he gets super jealous sometimes too.
  • He tells you all this and hugs you in reassurance, he wants you to always speak up your mind if you don’t like something on his work, consider yourself his symbolic manager from now on.
  • And a few months later, symbolic manager turned into real manager.


  • In your defense, he can act like a train wreck sometimes
  •  It’s so common to see him nervous and flustered with every attempt of getting… intimate coming from you.
  • So you’re pretty sure you’re pressuring him on doing things he’s not ready to do and doesn’t want to.
  • You want him to be comfortable and do as he pleases, so… any initiative should come from him from now on.
  • And, since he’s shy, there is no initiative coming for a while now, to the point you two are feeling like two buddies sharing rent, not a couple living together.
  • So here are you in the bed getting ready to sleep, but neither of you are really sleepy, so you’re cuddling lazily and catching up about your day.
  • And since it’s been a while… things get heated pretty fast, with kisses growing deeper and you subconsciously getting closer. You look at him and he’s red as a tomato, then you immediately back away.
  • Poor boy is so frustrated, did he do something wrong? Is it that bad that you won’t even talk about it? No, but he needs to know what’s wrong in order to fix it, right?
  •  “MC, am I… am I not good enough for you?” “What? You’re great for me, honey!” “No, I mean… on… you know, bed stuff…” Ohhhhhh…
  • “You… are great if you’re not feeling forced to it” “F-forced? But I was never forced before, MC!” “Really? Because I feel I’m forcing you sometimes! You get so flustered and uncomfortable, and I hate seeing you like this, but I like being close to you so much I don’t even… ugh, I’m so selfish, Yoosung!”
  • Selfish? That was the last thing he could ever think about you… and boy, he might be insecure, but you’re on a whole different level, ain’t you?  
  • He’s shy and gets flustered easily, but he never felt pressured to do anything, much on the contraire, he feels like you really encourage him and boost his confidence on being the man he wants to be.
  • He told you all that, and let’s say you both felt really encouraged that night on doing a lot of new things.


  • This is most about you as business partners.
  • When you were in school, people will say working with you could be a challenge sometimes, since you tend to be a control freak and not taking other people’s opinions that well
  • So obviously you’re afraid of being authoritarian, because Jaehee dealt with a very commanding boss for too long now.
  • So you usually do as she says without questioning much, or nothing at all.
  • At first, it feels good to Jaehee, she feels a lot of freedom, but as time passes, she realizes it’s not that great.
  • You’re creative and used to contribute with great ideas, she misses this. Also, what’s the point of being partners if you’re just doing it as she says? Like you’re just one random employee?
  • She’s afraid of saying anything, but she can’t stand this anymore! What if this ends up affecting your personal relationship as well? With you acting like her puppet or something?
  • So she finally gathers some courage to confront you. “MC, are you unhappy with the cafe? Is that why you’re not taking part in decisions anymore?”
  • “What? No! I… care so much about the cafe, Jaehee! I want it to succeed and I know my bossy tendencies would only get in the way of it…”
  • “What bossy tendencies? All I see is an assertive, go-getter girl with great ideas…” “Yeah, who sucks at team working, you should see the disasters my projects ended up being in high school…”
  • Hum, high school wasn’t the highest point of her life either, but from very different reasons. Either way, she’s sad you carried these insecurities up until being a grown woman.
  • This isn’t high school. If you have a problem, you two will deal with this together, you’re not alone anymore.
  • You’re partners in business and in life.


  • He’s not the only one worried about not being able to handle emotions very well.
  • Yeah, your ex kept telling you over and over how cold and distant you can be,almost like you didn’t care about the relationship at all, even your parents would endorse this as well.
  • You don’t want to be cold, that’s not what Jumin needs, he needs a bright attentive person.
  • So you’ll be that person, to the point of being… clingy.
  • At first, he enjoys the attention. You’re always calling and texting, even when you have nothing important to say.
  • But then it starts getting in the way of his job a little. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he can’t keep walking out of important business meetings just to talk to you, even though he would really like it.
  • Even his father took a notice of this and, based on his experience with women, he could only come to a single conclusion: she’s trying to mark territory because she thinks you’re cheating on her, son.
  • OH. MY. GOD! Why would you even think something like this? He would NEVER cheat on you, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he ever did something so despicable to you.
  • “You know how much I love you, right, my love?” “Yes, sure. You know I love you too, right?” this isn’t romantic at all, it’s just tense as hell!
  • “I do, and I appreciate it a lot, so keep this in mind and never think I would do something that could hurt you, MC, like leaving you or… cheating on you…” “Cheating on me? Why would you even say that, Jumin?” okay, now you’re both super confused.
  • “Because… you’re worried about me cheating on you?” “No, I’m not. I mean… I wouldn’t be surprised since I’m so cold sometimes…it wouldn’t be the first time…”
  • Oh, yeah, the ex who cheated on you because you were allegedly too cold… you talked a little about him. He’s a smart man and can put two and two together pretty fast, your recent clinginess has everything to do with that.
  • “People can find as many excuses as they want when they’re willing to cheat, MC, but in the end they’re just cheaters. Maybe I’m being biased here, but I don’t think there’s something wrong with you at all.” And do you even care he’s being biased?


  • Okay, we all know he pushing you away like that was most about him and his own insecurities.
  • But you’re pretty sure it has to be about you as well, I mean, you can be very needy when you want to, your ex told you that a couple of times.
  • You want to give him all the love he deserves, but… you don’t want to be a clingy co-dependent person.
  • So guess whose turn is it in pushing away? Yep, yours.But you’re more subtle, actually, you never get angry or snappy, you just… avoid him. A lot.
  • At first he thought you were just giving him space to deal with his brother issue, but even after Saeran got a little better, you were still very distant.
  • Where was that supportive optimistic girl that got trapped with him in that apartment? He misses you and your joyful spirit.
  • Is he doing something wrong again?
  • “MC, you know you can call me out if I start acting like a prick again, right?” “Yeah,sure…”
  • “Okay, so what are you waiting for, then?” “Excuse me?” “Tell me what I’m doing wrong this time, MC.” “Nothing! Why would you even say that?”
  • “Well, because you’ve been so cold lately… I’m trying really hard not to be that guy from before, MC, I would hate to hurt you like I did back then just because I have a lot to deal with…” “Well, maybe I have my share of responsibility on what happened back then?”
  • What are you even saying? You’re blaming yourself for him getting insecure and snappy? No! He was the problem back then, and he wouldn’t be able to come through if it wasn’t for your patience and reassuring attitude. You’re the light of his life!
  • To make it up for lost time, you two never cuddled so clingy that night. Not that any of you is complaining, tho.

Honestly, since OverWatch is a video game, not real life, I think shipping whoever with whoever is fine. I ship Tracer with Genji because they are two of my favorite characters. I’m not trying to be lesbophobic, I have no problem with lesbians, nor do I have a problem with Tracer being canonically gay. All I’m trying to say is that with video games especially, there should be no limits with shipping.

  • han sung: and over on this wall, i have put up the most important pictures of my life.
  • soo ho: ... han sung, these are all just either pictures of sun woo or pictures of sun woo and you together.
  • han sung: i'm sure i put up pictures of you guys here too *points at a photo* see? like this one.
  • yeo wool: that's just picture of sun woo with a very blurry two thirds of my face at the bottom left.
  • han sung: oh... i thought that was ban ryu.
  • yeo wool: lord, give me strength.

Free to use Zen & 707 Icon’s!


[Please let me know if you use, it’d would make me super happy…….. ( ´ ▽ ` )b~ ]

Jaebum As Boyfriend

Requested: Hello! If you haven’t already, can you do Jaebum as a boyfriend? Thank you! I love your account!

Hello :) I’m so sorry for the selca thingy XD I wanted to ask if you could you the “as your boyfriend ” thingy for JB but I’m really sorry if you already done it and I requested it twice c:

pls do jb as a boyfriend omg

A/N: Yes the request you all have been waiting for is here. Im so sorry it took this long for me to post this. There has been so many requests for this its insane. There was more to the ones included above. I hope you all enjoy this because i am dying he is my bias wrecker why must you do this sort of thing… stop.. i am dedicated to Kim Yugyeom.

Originally posted by myjaebutt

  • Chillest and most protective bf ever
  • You wouldn’t really do much as a couple
  • Your days together would include laying on the couch together
  • Watching some movie or drama
  • HIs arms would be around your waist
  • “I need to pee, Jaebummie”
  • “Nope you’re staying here”
  • He wouldn’t let go unless you forced him to let go
  • When you aren’t doing nothing together
  • You two would be out shopping or going to see a movie
  • He’d be super smooth and flirty all the time
  • But lowkey smack himself because of it
  • He would smirk all the time
  • Even when he does intend to
  • Like you would be doing dishes and you took up and see Jb smirking
  • “What you smirking at?”
  • “Me? Smirking? Never I’m too classy”
  • In public he’d try to come off as the cold, badass boyfriend
  • But he’d be lowkey kissing your cheek
  • and holding your hand
  • because he’s afraid of you letting go and leaving him
  • even though he knows you won’t
  • Your birthday? Expensive gifts
  • Your promotion at work? Expensive gifts
  • Not a reason for any sort of gift? Expensive gifts
  • Not because he likes showing off his money 
  • but because your love that you give him means to much
  • and its his way of showing you how much he loves you
  • without directly saying it
  • He wouldn’t say I love you a lot 
  • But would show it by asking you how your day was
  • or if you ate today 
  • by holding you
  • buying you things
  • offering to do things for you
  • like your doing laundry for the boys and he just wraps his arms around your waist
  • and kiss your shoulders
  • and he’d end up convincing you he’d do it 
  • OMO when he lets you meet the boys for the first time he is super SUPER protective over you
  • He’d constantly be touching your or being close to you
  • he trusts the boys and you
  • he just doesn’t want them to get any ideas
  • The boys see you as their eomma
  • Jackson especially would be like
  • “Eomma and appa buy me food”
  • You two act like its annoying but secretly think its cute
  • OKay~
  • Lets all be honest
  • sexy time with him would be GOLDEN
  • like he’d be so passionate and dominate
  • One second you would be getting your bed ready to go to sleep 
  • and the next you two are tangled in the sheets 
  • dADDY AF
  • “Baby girl, come here”
  • and he’d pull you to him, rubbing your bum gently
  • Holyshiteu
  • BASCIALLY hes a bomb bf like we all need a JB in our lives

Thank you so much for ruining my life…. ugh.. Still dedicated to my yugi though! Lets all take a moment to wish Jaebum well as he continues to get better!

admin ryu

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MC x R.F.A.+V and Saeran getting ready for Christmas with their kid(s). Like, what they do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

A quick guide to the MM x MC children:

Ryung: Zen’s daughter (eldest)
Seung: Zen’s son (youngest)
Haneul: Yoosung’s Son
Nari: Jaehee’s Daughter
Jin: Jumin’s Daughter
Cheol: 707′s Son
Ryukmi: V’s Daughter
Jaeyun: Saeran’s Daghter


  • You guys have a family set of pajamas. They’re all matching and you’re sure to get a picture of the four of you in your “Crimas pajas,” as Seung calls them, on Christmas morning.
  • Zen is super into decorating the tree with the kids. You’re the one sitting on the floor, taking ornaments out of the box and handing them off to whoever’s available, but you don’t mind because you like watching them have fun.
  • When the bottom of the tree gets too crowded, Zen will suggest ornaments they can move up, and starts picking the kids up to let them place the ornaments higher.
  • One of the first years, you got really excited about seeing an old ornament, but Zen thought you got hurt and poor baby Ryung got a mouth full of tree.
  • On Christmas morning, you sit with the kids and help them open their presents, and Zen takes pictures. He’s a sentimental freak, so he keeps and prints nearly every photo, even if it’s blurry.
  • He loves taking a family photo every year and making Christmas cards out of them. Typically, Christmas cards would get sent to people that you don’t really keep in touch with, but he literally hands them out to his coworkers.
  • Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, you’ll ask the kids for any old toys that they won’t play with this year. They both put a lot of care into putting their old toys into a box and bringing it out to the car. When you all hop in the car, still in your matching pajamas, and go down to the donation center, the kids have this big ol smile plastered on their faces.
  • Zen’s so proud of the kids and he thinks it’s crazy that they came out so kindhearted.
  • When you’re back home, another family tradition is to decorate cookies together. Zen and Ryung both don’t like gingerbread, so you make chocolate chip and snicker doodle people for them to decorate.
  • All your beautiful cookies get a photo shoot, then then they get eaten.


  • Haneul is barely four years old, but he knows almost every single Christmas song ever, because that’s all Yoosung plays from November 25 to December 25.
  • Yoosung is a slut for Christmas, especially now that he has a kid and a wife to spend it with.
  • Polar Express, The Santa Clause, Home Alone,,,,,,, He somehow finds a way to watch every Christmas movie within the month of December.
  • His favorite is Elf, because it’s Haneul’s favorite too.
  • Haneul has to talk to a Mall Santa every year. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, it’s just that he probably wouldn’t if not for his dad pushing for it.
  • Christmas eve is pretty calm. The three of you bake cookies together, then leave them and some milk out for Santa. You help Haneul get ready for bed, then Yoosung reads him a Christmas bedtime story until he falls asleep.
  • After the two of you go out and take care of the cookies, milk, and presents, you watch a couple of those cheesy, romantic Christmas movies and go to bed.
  • In the morning, your son is usually pretty anxious to go see what Santa brought him. He practically harasses you both out of bed.
  • After the initial Christmas morning routine of opening presents and eating breakfast, Yoosung starts cooking.
  • “Yoosung its just the three of us, why are you cooking so much?”
  • “I didn’t tell you…? My family is coming over!”
  • Your son has been hijacked by his grandmother and you lost your husband
  • Where has your family gone
  • Yoosung’s mom always has something to say. Good or bad, the woman hardly ever stops talking. 
  • Haneul is covered in lipstick oh my god where are the makeup wipes, your child is too fragile to be passed around like this.
  • Every year, Haneul ends up passed out in one of his parents’ arms 


  • Family time is legit the most important thing to her, so she includes you and your Nari in everything, especially around the end of the year.
  • Holy crap, okay, so,,,,,, Jaehee makes this hot chocolate,,,,,,,,, and you don’t know exactly what she does to it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but it is sO GOOD.
    • She only makes it during December though, 
    • Legit, this hot chocolate is enough to make you cry happy tears.
  • She really likes to go to the more festive areas and drive up and down the streets to look at the lights on Christmas Eve.
  • When Nari was a baby, Jaehee would have festive blankets to wrap her up in, but now she’ll settle for scarves.
  • Before bed, you play Christmas songs and talk about the good memories you’ve all made since last Christmas.
  • You have to keep your reputation as fun mom, so you let Nari sneak a piece of cookie from Santa’s plate before bed.
  • In the morning, you take turns assisting your daughter in opening her presents.
  • After presents, you look up a new cookie recipe (usually something bizarre) and all bake them together.
  • It was Nari’s idea the first time, but it’s become a tradition to drop off a plate of the cookies you all made to all the RFA members.


  • Okay, he’s usually super anxious about anything that involves him needing to go into full dad mode, but Christmas festivities come so naturally to him.
  • One of his favorite things to do around Christmas is help Jin write a letter to Santa and send it. 
  • Christmas Eve, he really likes to just sit on the couch to enjoy some movies with you and Jin.
  • You do it about a week and a half before Christmas, but Jumin reeeeeeaaaaaaally likes buying the Christmas tree.
  • Of course, he also reeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally likes to decorate the tree with you and Jin as well.
  • Jumin loves to spoil you both, and he uses Christmas as an excuse to go completely overboard.
  • Jin loves coloring books, so when she gets some every year, he’ll actually sit and color with her.
  • Christmas eve really isn’t that big of a deal. You insisted on your first Christmas with Jumin that he allow the chef to have Christmas Eve and Day off, so the only thing that’s different is that you and Jumin cook dinner together.
  • On Christmas Day, everything’s super laid back until around 2pm.
  • The entire RFA comes over for a sort of mini party, and Jin is totally the star of the show.
  • By the end of the night, Jin is pooped.
  • Every year, she falls asleep in Jumin’s arms.


  • Oh Jeez, baby’s first Christmas
  • At some point, Christmas became super important to him.
  • When you first met him, his attitude towards Christmas was….. bad…. depressing.. but somewhere along the way, he started loving it.
  • Now that he has a family to spend it with, he gets super excited.
  • To him, Christmas isn’t really about the gifts or tree or any of that commercial shit. It’s about him getting to spend even more time with his family than usual.
  • He buys a tiny, fake tree to decorate with you and some garland that he sorta throws wherever it may look nice just to get into the spirit, but he doesn’t make it a big deal.
  • One year on Christmas eve, you accidentally turned on Lord of the Rings instead of Christmas movies, then left to make popcorn. By the time you came back to change the channel, both of them were super into it. The first Lord of the Rings film is now considered a Christmas movie.
  • On Christmas Day, the whole RFA comes over! Everyone makes food together (or they bring it already made), eats, and admires Cheol.
  • As Cheol gets older, Luciel gets more and more into celebrating Christmas.
  • Real trees, real decorations, the whole thing.
  • When he’s old enough, they work together to hang lights and program them to have a crazy light show on the house.
    • It gets bigger and better every year.
    • It’s only started a fire once.


  • V is a simple man with simple pleasures. He likes decorating the tree and hanging things up around the house to add some Christmas-y flair.
  • Ryukmi is so into Christmas. Like, she starts wanting to prepare as soon as December starts.
  • V is the holiday food guy. Hot chocolate, cookies, festive shaped pancakes, 
  • On christmas day, he makes so much food, like,
  • Jihyun, why wont you cook at all the rest of the year??? You’re the most ridiculous man I have ever met????
  • V’s cool with the little decorations, but Ryukmi is never satisfied and plans out new decorations for the front yard every year. Her dad is always willing to help and be involved with it, but he’s a little lost when it comes to actually doing it.
    • One year, Seven was called over to make the lights even crazier than before. He taught Ryukmi how to do it and she’s still trying to teach V.
  • They both love to do that thing where they hide the pickle in the tree????????? Whoever finds it gets good luck or something???? idk
  • She runs a Christmas blog that’s goes year-round, so he takes pictures for her to have some original content.
  • Really, there’s not any Christmas Eve/ Day traditions besides opening presents and watching some classic Christmas movies.
  • They make blankets for the homeless, but they do that all winter long, so it’s not strictly a Christmas thing.


  • It’s super important to him that Jaeyun gets her time to believe in Santa. He didn’t really have the chance, so he wants to let her indulge in that.
  • He sits and helps her write a letter to Santa every year. He brings colored markers and helps her draw pictures that she might want to include.
  • Hot chocolate + cookies + family + Christmas = Happy Saeran
  • Christmas eve is spent doing whatever the heck everyone’s in the mood for.
  • He gets her a new Christmas hat every year. She loves them, but he mostly does it for himself because he think she’s adorable.
  • Christmas morning is spent opening presents, then sitting around and talking and listening to Christmas carols.
  • The rest of the RFA gets invited over, but it’s a very small event. Exchanging gifts, having a small meal together, then everyone goes home.
  • Saeran doesn’t make a big deal out of Christmas, but you know it really means a lot to him. Because of his childhood, he tries to give Jaeyun a good life, and Christmas is a large part of that.

SH : At that time you will see me as woman? Don’t hesitate, don’t give up, don’t lie, don’t be hurt alone, just tell me truthfully, everything… All those things that you can’t do in this life, please promise me okay? 

HY : Why are you keep saying about next life? 

SH : Ah, please promise me. 

HY : Then you should promise me too, you must come back alive.. Thats an order.

–thanks for the rough translation from chingu

Come join me in Mystic Messenger Hell. We’ve got hot dudes and lots of Honey Buddha Chips.

HAS ANYONE ELSE DONE THIS CROSSOVER YET BECAUSE THESE TWO GAMES ARE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW (Doesn’t it also seem like it’d fit for Zen ‘cuz musicals?)
I’ll finish this piece up once I’m done with my commissions
Life as a High Schooler playing Mystic Messenger:

@ home

me: *cough* i’m sick mom

mom: okay you can stay home. love you i gotta go to work!

me: bye mom. love you

*waits two minutes for mom to leave*


me: now just gotta wait for my babies to call me, worry free with no teenagers around me

What is seen can never be unseen
  • Seven: *throws open door to Zen's room with a shit eating grin* aha! you two are having se-
  • [truth of the matter was they really were]
  • Seven: shit, just wanted to make a joke, I regret my whole life, I wish I was never born but never mind me, continue please. I definitely didn't just see that zen does in fact have a tattoo on his ass,nope didn't see a thing
  • [he then disappeared off the face of the earth for a very long time]

decided to get the bad end on day 5 after not participating in any chats at all, the chats sure were worth it
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kingofprovacation  asked:

May I request a scenario where Daiki, Tanaka, and Kuroo meet their petite s/o's single parent father who is huge(6'7", red hair, darker skin, buff) and he's over-over protective but 'wrapped around her finger', which surprises them bc she's so tiny

Yay! First request!

So I actually went a checked the heights of all our boys to make sure I could do this one correctly. Then I tried looking for the tallest person within their respective animes and did a few comparisons.

I hope I did alright!

Aomine Daiki

“Are you sure I should be meeting your dad like this?”

Looking up at your boyfriend, which was not fun because you were like ten inches shorter than him, you couldn’t really see what was wrong with him. Well, other than his personality, but you’re pretty sure this wasn’t about that. “Meeting him like what?” you asked, turning around and walking backwards so that you could watch him without having to crane your neck.

Rubbing the back of his next, Aomine looked at the street to his right and sighed before looking back at you. “Like this,” he said, gesturing to his clothes, which consisted of a dark blue shirt, a white jacket, faded jeans and his second favorite basketball shoes – his favorite pair was reserved for games only, no excuses. Tilting your head to the side, you looked him up and down before nodding.

“You look fine, Daiki – this isn’t a formal dinner or anything so it’s fine,” you assured him before skipping to his side and lacing your hands together. “Trust me, you look better than Ryouta right now.”

Aomine chuckled. “Okay, now you’re pulling my leg,” he said, ruffling your hair but tightened his grip around your hand. That was Aomine for you, a big macho on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.

It took a few minutes to reach the restaurant where your dad was – it was a simple place and one you frequented regularly so you just breezed on in, dragging him with you. You spotted your dad immediately even though he wasn’t facing you. That red hair was like a beacon and you could find it anywhere. “Sorry we’re late,” you chirped as soon as you reached their table. “Tousan, this is Aomine Daiki. He’s part of the basketball team. Daiki, this is my dad.”

And just as you were expecting, your dad suddenly stood up and stared Aomine down. He was four inches taller than your boyfriend, the last time you checked, but he wasn’t as tall as Atsushi, so height wasn’t a big problem there. He also rivalled Nebuya, Rakuzan’s center, in build, but that didn’t seem to faze Aomine. Much. Was it just you or were his hands starting to sweat?

“What are your intentions towards my daughter?”

You resisted the insanely strong urge to smack your forehead with your hand. ‘Dad has been watching way too many movies,’ you thought to yourself as you glared at him, not even allowing Aomine to speak even though his mouth was already open with a response. “Tousan, you promised you’d be civil.”

“But _____, he’s just-“

“Just what?” you challenged, not letting your gaze waver. “We had this conversation yesterday – you said you’d give him a chance! I told you Daiki was a nice guy, now can you just let him prove it?”


“No ‘buts’.” He opened his mouth to try and retaliate one more time but finally relented and sat back down. You tried not to laugh at the kicked puppy expression on your dad’s face but it was so hard not to. You’d make it up to him later. To appease him, you sat next to him and tried your hardest to make the two males get along. When dinner ended, Aomine came out unscathed and your father had a new fellow basketball fan - they made plans to watch the NBA game that would be showing on the weekend and you rolled your eyes playfully at your father. “Told you he was fine.”


Tanaka Ryuunosuke

Tanaka was never one to back down from a challenge – his friends and volleyball team could vouch for that. He was known to get on their opponents’ nerves by provoking them, whether on purpose or not.

Which is why he couldn’t understand why he was frozen on the spot.

“Ryu?” you called out, suddenly worried. He said he could handle meeting your dad and you trusted him on that. Even after you had described your dad to him – how he was buffer than Asahi and taller than Aone - he had seemed so confident – but it looked like his confidence had disappeared into thin air.

And your father wasn’t helping. When you looked at him, he was glaring at the younger lad with the fury of a thousand suns. Okay, so Tanaka didn’t exactly look like a ‘good boy’ with his bald head and sharp eyes, but he had a good heart, and you had told your dad as much. But it looks like your dad had forgotten everything you had told him the night before. Sighing, you let go of Tanaka’s hand and trudged over to your dad. You probably looked like a kid having a tantrum right now, but you disregarded that for the moment.

“Papa.” Your father hesitantly tore his gaze away and turned to look at you, his gaze softening. “Stop glaring.” Without waiting for his response, you quickly ran back and dragged Tanaka over to your father, hoping to create a bridge between two of the most important people in your life. “Papa, this is Tanaka Ryuunosuke – he’s on the volleyball team at school. Ryu, meet my dad.”

“It’s, uh, nice to meet you, sir,” Tanaka stammered, trying his best to keep eye contect with the giant in front of him. Your father remained silent, observing the smaller guy – to him – next to you. A few tense seconds passed and youy resisted the urge to groan. Grabbing Tanaka’s right hand, you held it out to your father and gave him a look.

“Papa, be nice.” You could see the conflict your dad was feeling but you really really wanted this to work out.

The two males continued staring at each other, your dad completely ignoring what you had just said.

“Papa,” you warned. “Shake.” And finally, your dad gave in and reached out.

You felt Tanaka jump in shock when your dad shook his hand and slowly let go, bringing your own hand back to your side. Fortunately, the rest of the meeting passed by normally with a few more instances of you chiding your father for being too overbearing, but other than that, it ended on a relatively good note.

“You’re like the girl version of the small giant,” Tanaka said as he walked you home, which made you laugh. Apparently your actions of putting your dad back in his place hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Well, that’s one way of looking at it.”

Kuroo Tetsurou

Despite having originally joined Nekoma’s volleyball team as a manager, there were times when you had to do things other than your usual managerial duties. You had told Nekoma-sensei about your experience with volleyball prior to joining so sometimes he would ask you to help out during practice.

Which is why you were now teaching Lev how to receive, because the other members of the team had to focus on their teamwork and their plays. He had natural athletic ability, and his height was always an advantage – the only thing he was missing was experience.

You were so focused on Lev that you didn’t see the stray ball that was heading right for you.

“_____!” someone called out, but it was too late. You felt something hit the back of your head and blacked out almost immediately.

When you awoke, you were in the nurse’s office – the white curtains and sheets told you that much. Groaning, you slowly sat up and that’s when the curtain was pulled aside to reveal a worried Kuroo, with Kenma right behind him.

“Go call the nurse,” the captain instructed and his setter nodded before trotting off in an unusually hurried manner. “Are you alright?” he then asked, turning to you. He saw you make a move to nod your head and immediately reached out to stop it. “Don’t move it – you might have a concussion. And you’re actually still supposed to be lying down.”

You were still in a bit of a daze, but there was no mistaking the worry in your boyfriend’s eyes. A smile formed on your lips as you closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, silently assuring him that you were alright.

The nurse came back just then and gave you a quick checkup before declaring that you hadn’t sustained a concussion – which was great news. However, she did order you to go straight home which is what you were doing right now. Except, you weren’t walking. Kuroo had taken the liberty of asking Lev to grab your bag and was now carrying it in addition to his own, while you were seated comfortably on his back. You hadn’t been piggybacked since you were a child, which was why you had protested so much before Kuroo sighed and told Lev to gently place you on his back so you had no escape.

“You’re really light anyways,” he had said as the two of you left the school. “And sorry but I took your phone and texted your dad saying you were knocked out during practice.” You sighed and mentally prepared yourself for what was about to happen. It was sweet of Kuroo to inform your dad, it really was. But he didn’t know what your dad was like around members of the opposite sex. He didn’t know that you and Kuroo were dating, either. You had to bring out the big guns this time.

You met your dad near the train station – not that you took the train home, it was just the closest landmark to the school where Kuroo was sure you wouldn’t miss each other. “He’s the tall guy with red hair,” you said, pointing out a particular individual in the crowd. You wouldn’t lie – your dad stood out really easily, he was taller than Lev, and that was saying something, and you felt the sudden hesitation in Kuroo’s footsteps. “You can put me down if you want,” you suggested, but his grip on your legs only tightened and he shook his head.

The distance between you and your dad was only a couple of meters but it felt like it took hours to cross over to him. When he saw you, you resisted the urge to facepalm, because he looked angry, and all that anger was directed at the boy carrying you.

“What happened to _____?” The first sentence out of his mouth was harsh and you had to flinch. But surprisingly, Kuroo remained unaffected and calm.

“She received a ball to the back of her head during practice while she was teaching one of our newer members to receive. We immediately took her to the nurse’s office where the nurse performed a routine checkup on her and said that she didn’t have a concussion.”

“And you are?”

“Kuroo Tetsurou, my boyfriend,” you answered, deciding to rip off the bandaid in one go. Your father’s eyes widened and you saw how he was about to lose it. Quickly, you reached out and touched his shoulder. “Tousan, it’s fine. Tetsu’s a nice guy.”

“But he’s dating you without my permission!”

“Because I knew you’d act like this!” You huffed and looked down at Kuroo who was watching your exchange curiously. “Tetsu, can you take me home?”

A quick nod was all you got before he started moving again, leaving your father behind.

“_____!” your father called out, catching up with you two. “I’m not letting you leave with this boy.”

“You’re being unreasonable, tousan. Tetsu’s harmless.”


“Tousan, please – I’ve known Tetsu since I started at Nekoma – he’s a good guy,” you said, interrupting whatever he was going to say. “Now, if you want me going home alone with Tetsu, you can stay here and pout, or you can walk home with the both of us and get to know him more.” If Kuroo had cat ears, you’d see them flicking continuously as he kept up with the conversation you and your dad were having. He could easily see that you were winning this one.

And I f your dad had dog ears you’d probably see them pressed flat against his skull to match his puppy dog eyes. He finally gave in and walked alongside the two of you, looking more like a bodyguard rather than your father, but that wasn’t too unusual for you. Once you reached your house, Kuroo carefully deposited you on your doorstep before handing over your bag and ruffling your hair.

“Take care of yourself, okay, you small but ferocious ball of energy?” he teased before facing your dad and dipping into a quick bow. After that, he left and you turned to face your dad.

“Okay, it didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. Now can we go inside so I can tell you all about him?”