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Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame was first released on June 21st, 1996.

While Quasimodo is singing ‘Out There’, the camera pans over Paris and zooms in on a street. In this scene, Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991) is seen walking and reading her book (walks out the bottom of the screen, to the right of the well), Pumbaa from The Lion King (1994) is being carried on a pole by two men (carried out of the bottom of the screen, but left of the well), and another man (in a gray-blue tunic) is shaking out the Carpet from Aladdin (1992). (x)

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There's another cancellation scare. They're saying it's reruns are being cancelled because it's too popular with girls and that it may be cancelled. I know it's not true, but others might, so I thought you would be a good person to tell

This is an old scare from back in January (shouldn’t have even happened then), I’m guessing people are circulating it again because… they’re bored and we can’t go one break without people getting riled up about cancellation no matter how well the show is doing.

SU is not being cancelled folks.  The show has the same number of reruns its had all summer. Nothing has changed. It’s getting an episodebomb in two weeks. It currently has an episode order of 3 seasons totaling 156 episodes (and in all likelihood will have another season order when they near the end of production on season 3). The show has been getting more and more popular with generally solid ratings. There are currently 5 books based on the series coming out (3 in October, 2 in February) and a graphic novel to be released in December. The graphic novel is planned to be annual, with a new one coming out each year (so clearly they expect SU to be around for a few years).

SU is safe. There’s no reason for people to worry.


Wolfgang Stiller – Matchstick Man

german artist wolfgang stiller will be presenting his charming charred portraits as part of an exhibition entitled ‘burnout’ at python gallery in zurich, on from the 8th of march through to the 20th of april, 2013. either laid to rest in their very own matchbox coffins or splayed about the exhibition space, the blackened matches reference worn out – or more so burned out human beings. the work started from the various head molds and bamboo wood sitting in the artist’s studio which were left over from a movie production in china while he was residing in beijing. experimenting with the two elements resulted in an eclectic crowd of literal matchstick men.german artist wolfgang stiller will be presenting his charming charred portraits as part of an exhibition entitled ‘burnout’ at python gallery in zurich. via:designboom

Summer Fic Recs [1/?]

yes, in summer I love to go to the beach and READ so, those are from last weekend ;) (a few of them were a re-read)

Too Wise to Woo Peaceably, or, Much Ado About You   Directing a production of Much Ado About Nothing at the prestigious Shakespeare Festival is Jensen’s dream come true. But when his lead actor breaks his leg, Jensen has to scramble to find a last-minute replacement. Enter Jared Padalecki, a cult TV star who’s trying to avoid being typecast and to prove his acting chops at the same time. The two of them have a history, however, and as opening night draws closer, they have to figure out how to come to terms with their past and each other if they want the play to succeed.

All My Broken Things. Dean had never swung by to pick Sam up at Stanford. Instead, he runs into him almost a decade later while checking out a run-of-the-mill case in a small town

The Coat We Wear Christmas 1998 and Jared has run from a family who hate him for what he is, to the city. He is homeless, desperate and on Christmas Eve starts to make his way home, never making it, hit by a car and left to die in the gutter. When a drug and alcohol fueled Jensen Ackles knocks down a homeless guy he panics and runs, knowing he has murdered, but hides, protected by money and privilege. Ten years later Jensen is forced into searching for reasons, for purpose, for redemption and he may just have found it in a badly scarred youth worker, only known as Jay.

The Courage To Be This is a sequel to The Coat We Wear. It is probably a good idea to read that first otherwise things will not make much sense.Jensen is back at Churches, coming to terms with his dad, his addictions and the terrible accident that left Jared scarred and alone so many years before. He can’t see why Jared would want him and wants to be a better person, but doesn’t know where to start. He enrols into college to extend his law degree, works hard at Churches, anything to fix himself. Jared can see a lot more than Jensen thinks, knows Jensen is stronger than he thinks and wants to move things on a lot quicker than Jensen allows him to. It is only when a child called Gabriel, hurt and running from his family, arrives at Churches that Jensen begins to find his way but how long will Jared wait?

Want to Forget How to Remember With You  The worst day of your life. A lucky twist of fate. The love you’ll always remember—or the one you want to forget. All at the touch of a fingertip, all for a price. It starts on a downtown L.A. corner, that long and winding path to the fractured truth of Jared Padalecki’s past. His and Jensen’s. Meant to be until they weren’t. There it starts, there it ends. At the doors of a vague and little-known enterprise named Mnemosyne.

cut here sometimes, remembering how much someone really means to you, means forgetting all about them first.

Something Old, Something New  Jensen hasn’t been home to Richardson, Texas, in five years. All because of one guy. Jared Padalecki. Unfortunately, his brother Josh is getting married. This is your typical romantic make-up movie, in fic form.

Truth Doesn’t Always Hurt Dean gets hit with a truth spell, and the brothers Winchester decide the best way to fix it is to kill the Trickster who cast it. Yeah. Not their greatest idea. Now, they just have to get the curse broken before certain truths come to light.

Absolute Zero Heaven is closed, and after Sam’s sacrifice, so is Hell. Crowley is missing, Abaddon is raising Hell on Earth, and Sam and Dean are lost, trapped in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, where Sam can’t wake up but also can’t die, and nothing Dean does can help. To find them, Castiel will do whatever it takes, including agreeing to become the vessel to the only angel willing to answer. And that’s only the beginning…

All the Secrets We’ve Been Keeping Jared hasn’t talked to, heard from, or seen Jensen for years. He doesn’t really understand why, even if he might have an idea. What he does know is that when he spots Jensen out one night, he has to grab hold of this chance to talk to his friend again.

How Much For Love?  Confirmed bachelor Jensen has one week to get married, or lose the company he’s struggled to make his way to the top of. 6’ plus of boy-next-door Adonis, working odd jobs to get by and save for college, just might be his answer…to more than he expected.

Anagram  Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles met in college, two English majors who eventually became inseparable. Their friendship led them to accept teaching positions at the same private high school. Nothing could come between them until Jared—unable yet to come to terms with his own bisexuality—decided to set Jensen up on a blind date with his handsome gym-buddy Tahmoh Penikett, a former Olympic swimmer turned coach. Through falling in love, pulling away, and more than their fair share of sexual tension, the three men need to figure out a way to coexist together before their individual relationships crumble for good. Like an anagram puzzle, there might just be more than one way to fix this unexpected love triangle.

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What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do for theatre?


Literally begging for gift and donations at local stores when I did props in high school with a budget of literally actually zero dollars. (0/10 do not recommend)

Borrowing and thrifting dozens of toasters for a production of True West, and getting to destroy some of them.

Having to mop up various ratios of bubble machine bubble scum and children’s urine between performances of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, because kids who weren’t taken to the bathroom before the hour long show inevitably peed on our carpet squares/floor.

Pumping out a small (10-15 gallon) pond onstage every night, cleaning the plastic lining and refilling it the next day for a production of Of Mice And Men.

working 9a-5p building sets and props, then being in rehearsal as an ASM 6p-11p while battling bronchitis for two weeks for a production Into The Woods that I wasn’t getting paid to do.

Baking 6 shows worth of fake pot brownies (that is, regular brownies) in one night, for a production of Reefer Madness.

Baking 3 dozen corn muffins in one night for a production of Of Thee I Sing.

Make sure my actors didn’t burn down the building or cast actual spells while burning sage and candles in rehearsals for Hoodoo Love

Ran onstage in the middle of a preview of Spring Awakening to hand off a handheld microphone to an actor who was super sick and was lying on the floor backstage between exits and entrances and ran onstage last minute for “Totally Fucked” without his mic. No one saw me.

Frisking actors who would steal our set dressing/prop cigarettes on The Outsiders as they left at the end of the night.

Politely requested to go first in a college interview in order to have time to trudge 8 blocks through the ice and snow in order to get to rehearsal on time.

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What is this Ladybug thing? I'm very interested but never heard of it til your text post. Any links for me?

i’m gonna assume you already looked at the link in the text post unless it was just a particularly riveting two sentences

i’m new to Miraculous Ladybug myself (i’ve known about it since the first promo images for the new show came out several months ago but only actually got into it over the last few weeks), but the basic timeline of events (and why it’s so heavily hyped right now despite not being even released yet) is that an animated PV was leaked - leaked, not released - several years ago to pitch an anime-style superhero cartoon for production, and despite a ‘coming soon’ at the end of the video which got everyone hyped (even though it was leaked so it was probably just to make it look like a proper trailer and not an actual confirmation of production), everything went quiet after that.

there’s been little bits of trivia and hints and images circulating since then, but only recently has it been confirmed that the series has been in production, in cgi instead of 2D and aimed at a younger, disney-style audience! in the last few weeks new media has been exploding all over the place, trailers and production images and clips of the show getting everyone hyped up all over again; most people remembering when they first saw the original pv three or four years ago!

original leaked PV

new trailer

brand new trailer with more footage

short episode clip with some voice acting

‘Making Of’ video with a lot of production images and storyboard work 

fan-run wikia

TVTropes page with a lot of trivia

a lot of the finer details between the original idea and the final production are changing, but the basic idea is that marinette cheng is a girl chosen to wield spiritual magic to protect paris from demons (and probably a greater enemy behind it all) as the superhero ladybug with the power of luck. her partner is chat noir, another boy (marinette’s unrequited crush from school, in fact) chosen for the same purpose wielding the power of bad luck, and their abilities tend to cause chaos by cancelling each other out when they attempt to work together.

this might be a detail that’s changed as the show’s been aimed at a younger audience, but chat noir comes on to ladybug very strongly because the ring containing his power is stuck on him by a mischievous spirit, making him an unwilling superhero, and in true Little Mermaid/Sleeping Beauty style the only way to get it off and escape is for him to get a kiss from ladybug - fueling their cat-and-mouse dynamic for the bulk of their interactions.

i hope that’s a good place to start, and i hope you keep thinking this series is interesting! the age range of the target audience has noticeably gone down which has turned a lot of people off, but the producers have been quick to make it clear it’s going to be something enjoyable by people of all ages!

A year ago today I called into work in order to meet these two wonderful women. How I got to meet them was a bit of a whirlwind experience that unfurled over only about 48 hours and started with me drunkenly making a video (that isn’t even that good haha) telling them where to visit when they came to Louisville for HeyUSA. I didn’t have any intention of meeting them when I made the video, I was just happy they were coming to my city! But somehow two days later I ended up in Why Louisville with them and I couldn’t stop smiling. 

Thank you to the Hey USA production team for reaching out to me and thank you Grace and Mamrie for always being a source of dumb laughter and fun. You two work so incredibly hard and I appreciate and admire what you do and how you do it. 


Brief topic analyses for LD, part 1

“Corporations ought to value their responsibility to shareholders over the public interest when the two conflict.“

I actually kind of like this one, even though the affirmative will likely run something free-markety/libertarian. Affs that don’t want to run this can do a nifty thing saying that essentially a corporation is only responsible to those who own it, similar to how a government is really only responsible to its citizens. it’s definitely nice if it does help out, but it isn’t necessary to.

The “when in conflict” phrase could be used by the neg to get a very good shift of the ground: I don’t think it would be abusive to argue that if corporations being selfish (for lack of a better word) does in fact benefit the broader public, then the two no longer conflict, which means that the affmust argue that there is some intrinsic good to actions which ONLY benefit the shareholders.

“Countries ought to prohibit the production of nuclear power.“

It’s vague and broad. It couldbe stretched to mean no atomic energy within their own borders, orno nuclear energy as a norm affecting all countries. Some will run issue-specific cases (cases where one issue is so important cough-Iran-cough that it alone justifies acting) These cases are stupid and wrong

“Democracies ought to incorporate provisions for legal secession into their national constitutions“

This is not about Texas. No. No Texas.

it’s about the Kurds in northern Iraq/Southern Turkey, and other stateless minorities who really ought get their own country, but imperialism arbitrarily defined borders and created conflict by creating nations where they ought not have existed. I kind of like this one because I don’t know what the lines of clash will be

“Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right.“

Some will argue “yes, but what if too many immigrants come to the US and ruin our economy?” These people ignore the fact that people who migrate are smart and won’t go someplace if the economic situation isn’t good enough to merit the risk. Some will argue passionate and deeplymoving tomes about immigrant stories about groups facing atrocities. These people arejust doing it to win and don’t really care about these people, which is exploitative and wrong.

“In the United States, campaigns that support candidates for public office ought to be financed exclusively by public funds.“

Overturn citizens United. Or don’t. SuperPACs distort the game in favor of the wealthy, but the demographics will inevitably turn this country Democratic in about 20 years.

Think about this though: is using public funds making people pay for a system that they might not want to participate in?

Coming from what we had with the first two seasons of Dragons, Race to the Edge has been… severely disappointing. I suppose it isn’t surprising, considering that they switched from being on Cartoon Network to being on Netflix, but while the production quality hasn’t diminished, what we get out of the rest of the show has just been such a letdown:

  • The dialogue seems incredibly forced. So this was one that I noticed before the first episode was finished. With Riders of Berk and then Defenders of Berk, we had a much more believable dialogue between characters. What we get with Race to the Edge is dialogue which exists only because of the plot and that speaks in a voice that’s little more than a representation of the tropes that the speaking character represents. It’s like somebody came in and shifted all of the furniture left by 10 centimetres to the left; the characters only approximately line up with the lines that they’re saying. These aren’t characters having a believable conversation; these are characters having a dialogue to fulfil a description of the scene that’s currently happening. But more than the conversations themselves, it’s just that the individual lines are lacking the personality (and tact to know when to say stuff and when not to) that the characters are established with. To me, hearing it feels like you’re listening to robots or Barbie dolls talking. Emulation and objective fulfilment at any cost.
  • The jokes run on forever. Oh my god, this is one of the most annoying points of the whole season. At this point, everytime one of the twins open their mouth, I cringe, because it’s going to be another half a minute dedicated to them overdoing and overselling some joke. They start saying something, and after the first line – which actually has the relevant joke – they just keep going on about it until it’s a bloody horse that they beat a full metre down beneath the ground. What it basically amounts to is that they’re hamming it up, which is just plain awful. I don’t think anybody actually likes that. But I wanna say that, beyond trying to make ~8 year olds laugh (I feel that this aligns with their – and only their – sense of humour), it’s because dialogue has become the primary measure of every episode. There’s a ton of exposition; a lot more than we’ve had before. And it feels like the story has about ten minutes of actual plot but that they needed to turn it into a full 23 minute episode, so incredibly long-winded and unnecessary dialogue was added to buffer up that time.
  • And the jokes are incredibly forced, btw. It’s honestly like they had some established quota of “you must have at least five jokes per episode.” What we wind up with, then, is a bunch of situations where one of the characters points out in the most obvious way, something that is “supposed to be funny.” I laughed a lot with the first two seasons; it wasn’t constant joking, and because it was present only when it actually fit into the story, I wound up laughing a lot at it. The first two seasons were enjoyable in no small part because of this and the feeling that these were actually human beings (and dragons) as opposed to sitcom characters. I haven’t laughed a single time during Race to the Edge, and it’s not because I’ve tried not to; it’s because there hasn’t been something that has actually been witty, something that makes you say “if I were there, this would be something that I would say,” something that’s been unexpected for the audience, which leads us into the next point:
  • Wow is it predictable. The whole season is just one chain of “well that was a resolution to that story that happened exactly as I said it would during the first minute of the episode.” And I realise that, as a 22 year old, I’m going to have been exposed to many more stories than the more demographically-fit target audience, and so I’m going to be able to predict things more easily. But it shouldn’t be this easy. And it’s not just character actions – more often than not, it’s the plot at fault.  “You really miss [Thornado], don’t you dad?” Well that’s perfectly timed exactly for when you have a rogue dragon that fits Stoick’s personality (how coincidental is that?? :D) “They’ll see that I, Gustav, can be helpful.” Yeah, we can; by the end of the episode you’re going to have had some redemption story and Hiccup will make another promise that you can join them in a couple of years. “I never knew my birth parents…” Well guess whose going to this episode, Heather.
  • Speaking of Heather and her hunt for Dagur, what was that ending?? Alright, like almost 60% of the reason that they’re all out there is to protect the world and the dragons from Dagur. They want to capture him and neutralise him as a threat (without killing him). So then what the hell was that ending? Dagur is captured, they have him literally right there in front of them. They’ve already cut through all of the defences and this is literally the exact situation they’ve been trying to put themselves in for the entire season. And then suddenly Hiccup just goes “come on, let’s go [retreat].” Why. You’ve already won. Stormfly is blocking off reinforcements and Dagur is literally trapped and defenseless and surrounded by, what, six dragon-riding warriors? Why would you not take him. AND THEN INSTEAD CLAIM THAT YOU WILL “BE BACK.” YOU DON’T NEED TO COME BACK. YOU’VE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED WHAT YOU WOULD BE COMING BACK TO DO. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to leave without taking the most wanted criminal known to Berk with them in chains and the abrupt retreat (from a position of power) just baffles me, to the point I actually yelled at the screen. If your plan is to not capture Dagur so that he can come back in later episodes as a villain, still take him, and then let him escape from their jail. Maybe Hiccup messes up and loses the key to the cell when he’s inspecting it to make sure Dagur can’t escape.
  • Mr. Do-no-wrong. I mean, the reason that Hiccup wouldn’t ever lose the key and Dagur escape because of him is because the show (and, admittedly, the franchise as a whole now) have moved him into being a perfect saint. Season one and two, we see him with faults. We see him fuck up. We see him make everyone hate him because of how competitive he is with Snotlout during the tournament and the awful gloating he does towards him. He is a human being with human flaws, but the “new” canon has it so that he’s never the fault of anything going wrong. No, if Dagur were caged up, it would be Snotlout’s arrogance or the twin’s foolishness – both of which have become nothing more than tropes now rather than personality quirks, the same as Hiccup’s perfection – that would lead to his escape.
  • “Featuring such characters as Hiccup, Toothless… and some other dragons.” Toothless is a primary character in this series. Which is totally awesome, I don’t think there’s anybody alive who doesn’t like Toothless. But he’s on equal footing with the dragon riders – hell, given his rapport, he basically is the seventh dragon rider. The problem here is that the show focuses on Toothless at the expense of the other dragons. We see Toothless as this incredibly smart dragon who interacts with humans (through the species barrier) almost as though he were one; meanwhile, Hookfang, Stormfly, Barf and Belch are basically treated as you would a pet. And they act the part. Furthermore, we barely see any of them throughout the series. Toothless is in every third scene (at least); meanwhile, Stormfly only seems to be present when Astrid is riding her. Why. Don’t pander to us because we all like Toothless; the reason we like Toothless is because of his personality, because of his traits and quirks. Do the same thing you did with Toothless to the other dragons. Make them characters, and not just pets while still claiming that they’re all basically equal.
  • Toothless and Hiccup are OP as shit, and it shows. Admittedly this is something the entire series suffers from, and I guess it makes sense. Hiccup is the premier dragon rider, and he’s riding the strongest dragon known to Viking kind (we haven’t seen a single dragon that in the end proves to be stronger than Toothless). So there’s going to be an amount of him being the linchpin in their plans or being the primary factor for their success (never failure; see previous bulletpoint). But the show boils it down to: “everything is because of Hiccup and Toothless, and only because of them.” There are tons of scenes we have now of every dragon rider being  incapacitated (very easily) and Hiccup and Toothless having to take on improbable odds and still come away with the success. Let’s look at Heather’s entrance to the season. She’s skilfully able to take out the dragon riders without problem, but Hiccup and Toothless take her down by themselves – something we all know no other dragon rider would have been (scripted) able to do. The dragon rider’s success rides entirely on Hiccup and Toothless, to the point that there’s no reason whatsoever for the others to be there except to watch their heroics and be able to talk about it later. If you wanted Hiccup and Toothless to single-handedly overcome every problem, don’t stick other characters in there. Don’t give us the illusion and the pretense that they will “only succeed with teamwork” if it’s very clear that no team without Hiccup is capable of winning (which we see… a bunch…).
  • What the hell happened to Hiccstrid? Alright, I just don’t even understand this one. The last action that Astrid makes in the first movie is to kiss Hiccup, with Hiccup responding that he “could get used to that,” which is just straight-up him telling her that he likes her. Then through the first two seasons, we see Astrid reciprocating this and the two of them having time together to grow as a pair. I can’t remember if it’s commented on during the two seasons, but there’s this implicit feeling of domesticity; for whatever it is for the two of them, they’re together and making it work. (Also, didn’t we have hand holding sometime in the first two seasons? I think I recall that). There’s not really a focus on their relationship for the most part in Ride to the Edge, which is great (that’s what we originally had; and this is definitely not a romance tale). But then Heather comes along and flat-out asks if Hiccup and Astrid are dating, to which Astrid stutters and denies it (as if she were a schoolgirl? Which is definitely not a thing that she is). Okay, I mean what the hell. “I guess he’s kinda cute.” What– what was the point of you denying this thing. We’ve seen in previous canon that there’s definitely a known, mutual connection between the two. And we know that roughly three years later, they’re going to be together. What on Earth was the point of them denying and changing this? Couldn’t we just have had an offhand laugh about “yeah, you wouldn’t think it, but he’s actually a pretty good kisser. (throws axe into tree behind Heather) he can’t throw an axe, though, so it’s still me coming to rescue him.” That would have had the exact same impact on the episode that the denial part had – which is, absolutely no impact on the story and was merely meant to fill time – but would have done it without stomping over every piece of canon that we have (and the characters personalities).
  • “The hand thing. Oooh I love it when he does the hand thing.” Alright Fishlegs, I think we all do. That was arguably the most magical part of the first film, when Hiccup reaches out towards a dragon that has spent its whole life killing things like him. That scene means so much to a lot of fans, and within the same movie, they establish that it’s an extremely powerful way to win a dragon’s loyalty. Which the television series proceeds to run into the ground. Everything is “the hand thing.” It becomes that every time Hiccup meets a new dragon, he’s off doing the same thing. And it loses the specialness that it had at the very beginning. Yeah, I understand that it’s the best (possibly the only?) way to win a dragon over; but as viewers and people who have watched this and hold an incredibly strong emotional connection with this action, seeing it used in every situation just brings it down into what essentially amounts to a gimmick and just ruins it. It’s not something special that we have shared between Hiccup and Toothless and a representation of their undying love and bond and the risk they were willing to take. Now it’s just something that… happens.
  • The flight suit. I just don’t understand this. I don’t really understand it either for the second movie. As Fishlegs points out, “Uh Hiccup, do I need to remind you that we already have flying dragons?” Moreover, in the second movie the flight suit doesn’t really provide any usefulness other than just to show off and be cool; it wasn’t really important to the plot in any way. But it’s because Hiccup has the flightsuit in the second movie that he has to develop it before the movie, ie right now. Which makes sense that he has to develop it now if he wants to have it later. But I still don’t understand why. What is… what is the point?
  • If you say that this is dangerous, for the love of Thor show it. It’s like I’m watching Yu-Gi-Oh! where the duel might be impossible to win but Yugi defeats his opponent through the power of friendship and the belief in the Heart of the Cards. If you want to say that this is dangerous and that they’re not always going to win, then don’t let them win every time. If every episode is supposed to be about them finding some new obstacle that they can’t overcome, let them have one or two that they can’t. If this is supposed to be a true war that threatens them, don’t let them brush it off lightly and win 100% of the fights with their enemy. Let them lose. Let Dagur win and then don’t take that victory away ten minutes later because Hiccup and the gang learned to believe in their dragons and learned to believe in each other. My god, you’re trying to show us a war and instead you’re showing us some level 80 raid of a level 10 dungeon. Sucks to be that level 11 end boss, doesn’t it Dagur?

My list goes on after this, but these are the primary things that I’ve noticed through watching the season.

Overall, I’ve just been incredibly disappointed with the series and its transition from Defenders of Berk to Race to the Edge. I’m not going to get into the movie – that’s another topic for another time, not here – but the past year of Dragons has been just very disappointing. And I think it’s because they’re taking characters who were special, unique, and round in a setting that was dynamic and ever-changing and filled with challenges and obstacles, and have boiled the whole thing down to something formulaic to feed the fans of the franchise. And I don’t want that. I want the magic from the first movie. I want there to be a real give-and-take. Take risks with the characters. Take risks with the fans. But don’t give us only a perfect story, because we’re not looking for a perfect story. We’re looking for a relatable story and we’re looking for a human story. And in my opinion, Race to the Edge doesn’t live up to that. It doesn’t live up to the standard that the first movie set, and it falls short of what Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk established going forward.

Terminator Genisys Review
This is pretty much spoiler free, sans things we all know from trailers and such.

The film certainly isn’t “The Terminator” or “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” - but it’s also not “Rise of the Machines” or “Salvation” either.  It falls in between, and in doing so, I honestly feel it succeeds in at least giving us a better film than we’ve had since 1991.  It’s not without flaws; but those flaws don’t feel as fatal as the last two cinematic outings.

Admittedly, I could have blinders on.  I went into this with low expectations, as I’m sure we’ve all had.  We’ve been hurt by the franchise we love before, and we’re wary of being hurt yet again.  Likewise, the publicity campaign was pretty poorly done up until the last month or two.  And showing unfinished CGI in trailers should be made criminal - especially after seeing the final products and being pleased, if not blown away with them like we all where in T2.

I’ll be seeing the film again, perhaps tomorrow, because such is what I do.  And so I may amend my opinion up in some spots and down in others.  But overall?  I left feeling more satisfied than I have been since I was 7 years old.  And while I wasn’t as awe-struck or captivated as I was by the first two films - because lets face it, Jim Cameron is phenomenal at his craft - I also wasn’t disheartened.

I know there will be a lot of complaints.  I can come up with a few myself.  But talking big-picture?  I think this film did a a decent job and actually tried way harder than 3 or 4 and should be lauded for such.

The first half of the film is so filled with homage and nostalgia that you can’t help but enjoy it.  It is obvious that the intent was to please grumpy fans by really soaking us up to our eyeballs in that which we loved, even while simultaneously upending it on it’s ass.  To some this all might backfire and make them feel irritated or annoyed, but to me?  It was like seeing an old friend again.  It worked.  It got me in a better mood and gave me hope.

The second half of the film is much lighter on such, and where/when things really turn different.  Even still, they still keep throwing a number of call-backs in, both subtle and gross.  We’ve all seen the obvious - and oft repeated in the advertising ones - but I’ll be curious to see how many of us pick up on all the other more subtle ones. 

The biggest failing of the film in my opinion is Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese.  Quite frankly, the man can’t act his way out of a paper bag, and has so little chemistry with his co-stars, it’s a real question in my - and a lot of critics minds - why Hollywood keeps hiring him.  If you saw “Live Free or Die Hard” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  He’s just got nothing to offer.

Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke offer valiant efforts.  Do they take the reigns of their rolls?  No, not particularly.  Linda Hamilton still owns Sarah Connor, with Lena Headey as a very honorable mention.  But Emilia is a capable actor and really doesn’t make you cringe the way Courtney does.  The same for Jason Clarke - although his John being the bad-guy for so much of the time really doesn’t give Clarke as much to work with as he could.  If you saw “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” you can see why they’d cast him as John Connor.  But he didn’t really get to flex those quiet but brave leader muscles much.  Perhaps next time?  Theoretically?  I don’t know.

Arnold is… Arnold.  Uncle Bob is still my favorite take on the T-800.  Here, we get a few glimpses of something similar, but not to the same levels, which is a bit disappointing.  I think it’s more of a writing issue than Arnold himself though.  We know he can make us feel for his Terminator, but I didn’t feel for him what we all felt for Uncle Bob. 

J.K. Simmons character is the answer to a question so many of us have asked ourselves and our fellow fans over the last 30+ years.  I won’t say how, but you’ll understand what I mean when you see the film.  Matt Smith is… in about 5 to 10 minutes of the film.  Any of you Dr. Who fans going to see him will be very, very disappointed.

If you want me to put a grade on this movie?  B- or C+, with the first two both getting A’s while “Rise” gets a D and Salvation a D+ or maybe C-.  That’s my initial opinion, and that’s all it is: an opinion.  I’m early awaiting to hear from other fans, and have some lively discussions over the coming weeks.


Thursday, 18:49.
This post is a few days delayed, but I’ve taken to spending my Monday mornings studying in the university library. It is so empty now that the summer holidays are underway; I can spread my stuff out over several desks and colour-code my notes to my heart’s content without being irritated by other people who insist on chatting or whispering on the silent floor.

In other news, today I’ve baked and decorated a birthday cake, had two teeth pulled out as per my orthodontic plan, had a pub lunch with my boyfriend and read the entirety of The Woman in Black, so I feel I’ve been rather productive.

Happy Thursday, my dears! My boss is out these next two days so I should be extremely productive. Trial is getting closer and there’s so much to do. With all that I have going on in my life, I’m taking this time to focus on work and getting my eating perfected. As for exercise, I’m going to the gym as I can depending on how late I work. If not, I walk when I get home. I’m just focusing on keeping my stress levels down and being happy.

I feel very torn with Will. He’s the only guy I really want, but he’s also thousands of miles away by his choosing. I know it wouldn’t be cheating if I started dating, but I don’t want to give up on us just yet. I need to talk to him when he’s here. It’s not like I have anything to lose. I’m in no rush to find someone else or to start dating, but I’m also not going to put my life on hold for him. These past five years or so have been a complete waste in terms of dating. I know what I want and what I deserve and I won’t spend a second of my precious time with someone who can’t recognize that and who can’t or won’t give it to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo

I just recently figured out thag something J do helps keep my fingers busy so J can’t pick so here we go.

I had a bunch of leftover baker’s twine at my house, so I decided to braid some, and by braid some, I mean a TON of them. There are only seventeen in the picture but I am wearing three of them on my wrist, one fell off my wrist (so it is staying on my nightstand for the time being,one is on my ankle (and has been for almost TWO YEARS, its lasted through showers and everything, I’ve never even taken it off), and I have three more that were already made into bracelets.

I’ll do this while listening to my favorite gamer on youtube or when the internet is out and I do make a lot of these. I just recently realized that the making of these helps keep my fingers off my face and actually gives me something productive to do. I almost never wear them but I do end up eith a product that I love to have.

I just wantes to share that with you guys as a possible fidget toy that you can use to help your picking/pulling/biting.

Your Guide to Upcoming WOC R&B singers and MCs Part 2

Honey Cocaine

This MC has been putting music out for years and getting millions of views on every music video. The 22 year old from Toronto, came out under Tyga, but she is definitely past being someone’s artist. She has spoken out about being a female in the game and the competition that comes with it. She has even done the unthinkable; made a song with fellow MC Snow Tha Product. She has continually put music out for years, her latest being the Gift Rap EP.

Tori Kelly

This 22 year old Cali girl has gone from being reject on American Idol, to Youtube, to her first album debuting last week. She started as a cover artist and then independently making her music, including two EPs. She has been blowing people away with her live vocals from years, most recently at BET Awards. Her album Unbreakable Smile is out now.

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is the person we have been looking for. They are a talented rapper/singer who can out rap your favorite rappers and out sing you favorite singers. They made history as the first “female” artist of color to be a XXL Freshman.They are a smart person who can make you feel pain and happiness with one song. Their song “Battle Cry” featuring Sia was nominated for a VMA for Best Song With A Social Message. A mixtape will be released new month.

Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab is a Seattle native MC who is the first lady of Moor Gang. She may be way under the radar now, but she is making quite a name for herself. A very outspoken women with opinions, she may be what we need. Her last project, Girl Rap, was released last year.

Lyrica Anderson 

This R&B singer is equally a vocalist as well as a song writer. In fact, she probably has written for your favorite artist. As of late she has been releasing her own music and it is amazing. She has a King Me series she is continuing, but her latest project was “If You Are Remixing This It’s Too Late”.


Chet Faker | Club Nokia | 5.13.2015

With a stage moniker like Chet Faker, the electronic singer/producer is remarkably real. Playing two shows last week at Club Nokia in LA Live, one on
Monday, April 13th, the other on Wednesday the 15th, Chet Faker wooed the crowd with his soulful voice and his live electronic production. Faker seemed to effortlessly delve into the whole spectrum of electronic music, from looping rhythms and tweaking filters into intricately danceable beats on his technical kit in his song “1998”, to his slow crooning over his own jazzy keyboard composition in “Talk is Cheap”.  Despite both shows selling out, being in the pit for the Monday show felt oddly roomy and extremely comfortable. It could have been that the crowd was hypnotized into a synchronized slow sway by Faker’s electro-soul voice. Or that the vaulted ceilings of LA’s fairly new Club Nokia gave the crowd ample space to enjoy the show. Either way, Chet Faker, clad in beard and beanie, offered the crowd a dreamy, dance-ably mellow vibe.

When it comes down to it, Chet Faker was an amazing performer. His voice has such a surreal and intimate sound to it that lies somewhere in between Motown soul and downtempo electronic vocals. In addition, his band would slip on and off the stage to perfectly accompany Faker’s voice with drums and lead guitar on certain songs. His live electronic production swayed the crowd and shook the walls. The combination of all these things created the most uniquely fresh sound and environment that can’t quite be put into words.

In addition to his prowess as a songwriter and musical performer, Faker provided the audience with the most existential monologue in the middle of his set. As the lights began to dim, Faker prefaced his hit cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” with an intimate request. He challenged the whole crowd to listen to the next song in the absence of technology. Phoneless, camera-less, cut-off from social media, the whole of Club Nokia was left to feel the full, unadulterated talent that was Chet Faker. He spoke about how people were too wrapped up in technology and were too separated from the moment. “It’s okay if this is awkward, it’s supposed to be awkward,” he reassured us. “Just dance, nobody’s watching you.”

And that we did, Chet. That we did.

Best of intentions

I had intended to take it easy last week in order to recover from the madness of E3, but then I ended up working more than full-time anyway. It’s a sad, sick compulsion, I guess. I feel like I really ought to have burned out by now, but I still get anxious when I’m not being productive. So, it turns out that despite my best intentions I produced two of the best pieces of writing I’ve put together…

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Oh gods I’ve been inculcated into Rocky bc I loved it b4 learning actual things but the actual show isn’t /so/ awful except some like flagrant consent issues in the middle, it’s the live shows n callbacks to probs watch out for tbh O_O #ismyguiltyfun

autisticanathema replied to your post “autisticanathema replied to your post “autisticanathema replied to…”

it was written by a dmab nb person b4 they realized they were nb but its still… a transfeminine person being sexually predatory and the villian and just has this awful sheen   to it? i found the devils carnival on yt two months ago so i watched it

yeahh tbh i think the consent stuff would fuck me up if i tried watching it, but my irl friends keep trying to get me to go to the production our school puts on every year, so it might happen eventually

Story time.  My siblings Ballet Studio.

So when we were younger my mom worked as a grant writer for a ballet school where my two sisters and brother took dance lessons.

The director of the school was very much in the line of work being completely ant totally homophobic .She refused to hire any gay male dancers as teachers or to fill professional roles in all school productions.   I don’t know who she expected to surround herself by working in the arts….  but she got away with it.

After going out of her way to see that the professionals in her cast were all straight as broomsticks (not that she was always successful in this) what shows does she put on every year for the students and these oh so straight professional dancers to perform?

The Nutcracker.

Sleeping Beauty.


By…. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

A gay man.

I never realized how ironic that was until now, years later.

Turns out she was a scum bag in more ways then one when she started asking my mom to lie in the grants.  My mom quit the job and pulled my siblings out of dance classes.

Oh sweet Irony.

volaile asked:

ur rats are adorable!! i have two questions, 1 being do ur rats smell? what do u do to avoid the pee/poo smell? 2 being what do u feed ur rats?? thank u!!

Thanks! =^.^=
My rats get stinky but only if I let things get out of hand! I use fleece bedding that I spot clean once a day (I suck up poops with a vacuum hose) and then I wash in the washer once a week with a little bleach and fragrance free soap (:

I am currently switching to this pet food!
You can buy it for WAY cheaper than pet stores since it is bulk, and it has a lower protein which is good for ratties. Anything over 18% can be hard on their systems so I hear.