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OKAY my otp is 100% Lapidot but, get this: Sqaridot x Lapis x Peridot. I call it: Squapidot or Laridot. Squaperias? The name is to be worked on but I would find this ship acceptable. I doubt it would ever happen but it's a fun idea. Idk.

I’ve actually had a similar idea, myself!

I’ve been thinking “hehehe how would Lapis cope with two Peridots?” ever since I laid eyes on Squaridot.  I may or may not have a light-hearted drawing in the pipeline along these lines :p

♡angsty/suggestive sentence starters♡

send me a number and a character/ship and i’ll write it! 

  1. “why do you always have to be such an asshole?
  2. “if you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”
  3. “is there any reason as to why you’re getting drunk on a tuesday afternoon?
  4. “i just don’t want to think for a while.”
  5. “say it again.”
  6. “don’t lie to me.”
  7. “i’m sick of being treated like this.”
  8. “i didn’t mean it like that, and you know it!”
  9. “so this is it?”
  10. “i don’t want to go to bed angry.”
  11. “don’t touch me.”
  12. “i’m pretty good at providing distractions.”
  13. “i’m not saying i want a threesome- but i wouldn’t be opposed to it.”
  14. “just sit down and let me take care of you.”
  15. “is that- blood?”
  16. “i just want to help you relax.”
  17. “does that feel good?”
  18. “i don’t love you anymore.”
  19. “i loved you. past tense.”
  20. “stop lying!”
  21. “jealousy isn’t cute on you.”
  22. “don’t call me ‘princess,’ asshole.”
  23. “i deserve better.”
  24. “you deserve better.”
  25. “you make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”
  26. “you left your underwear back at my place.”
  27. “you just broke the last bit of trust i had in you.”
  28. “i hope you’re happy.”
  29. “does that line ever work?”
  30. “you’re the best i’ve ever had.”
  31. “is that all you’ve got?”
  32. “hit me!”
  33. “tell me this is a dream.”
  34. “let’s keep this between the two of us.”
  35. “is that my shirt?”
  36. “why do you even care?”
  37. “i’m sick of being ‘the other girl/guy.’”
  38. “you love her/him.”
  39. “can you take it?”
  40. “i’m not going to break.”
  41. “we’re not just friends. you know that.”
  42. “friends don’t get each other off.”
  43. “it’s over- and it’s for real this time.”
  44. “i’m not that flexible!”
  45. “you don’t scare me.”
  46. “it’s okay, i’m here.”
  47. “you’re not alone. you never were.”
  48. “i’m in love with you but i don’t want you to hurt me.”
  49. “it’s complicated.”
  50. “you’re the only one.”

Francis and Mary in every season | season 1

If you weren’t the future King of France and I was just a girl, not the Queen of anything. Would you want this? 

submission-high school

-we’re in the same study group but we dont talk but you brought goldfish and im starving

-im here for study group but i forgot my entire binder

-im an exchange student and i never learned american history and whos eli whitney

-hey can i borrow your pen- how much did this cost “30$” yoUS PENT 30$ ON A P E N 

-we have the same notebook and we took the wrong ones home so i used your notes on my open book test

-hey dude i saw you dont have a lunch so i bought you some jello

-i accidentally tripped you in the hallway but youre cute so do you wanna go out with me

-your headphones are super loud but youre listening to my favorite band

-why are you watching greys anatomy during school

-i walked in on you crying in the bathroom are you okay

-you tried to open my locker 

-you have really good handwriting i’ll pay you to be in my group for the presentation

-hi we’ve never talked but you have pride pins on your bag

-your shirt is from a fandom i was in 3 years ago and its giving me flashbacks

-i saw you at hot topic yesterday i know all your secrets 

A quick summary of Hannigram on Hannibal the TV show...
  • (Season one) Hannibal: please have sex with me
  • Will: aren't we just really good friends ?
  • (Season two) Hannibal: please have sex with me
  • Will: no ! You framed me for murder !
  • (Season three) Hannibal: please have sex with me
  • Will (giving into his sexual urges while helping Hannibal kill Francis): okay, why not

Suspicious Partner 12

Here, summarized in a single short scene, we have every reason that Ji Wook works for me so entirely as a romantic lead. Under all his angst, posturing and generally feeling sorry for himself, he still manages to be incredibly gentle and sincere with Bong Hee.

Bong Hee has just a traumatic confrontation with DA Jang and is trying to bear with it quietly on her own. For whatever reason she has determined to keep the incident from Ji Wook. Maybe this is because she doesn’t want to burden him with more of her problems, she already depends on him for so much. Or perhaps she recognizes that he’s already struggled two set backs in his career for going up against the DA on her behalf and doesn’t want to jeopardize his newly launched law firm. We’re not told.

But despite her attempts to hide her distress behind a smile, he notices that something is wrong and goes to her room to check on her. When he notices the bruising starting around her throat, he is immediately solicitous and asks her what happened. When she insists that it’s nothing he reassures her that it’s okay to tell him.

Maybe he understands what she’s trying to do by keeping it from him. But she firmly tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. At that point he doesn’t contradict her. He doesn’t press her further. He simply accepts her word. The last thing he does is ask if she’s going to be okay. Because that’s the most important thing here. Not his involvement, or a patronizing desire to protect her, or prove his masculinity. If she’s okay, then that’s enough. When she says she is, he leaves without further resistance.

In this moment he was both tender and respectful. It’s the kind of moment OTPs are made of. Keep it up show.

  • <p> <b>otp :</b> *does something cute*<p/><b>you :</b> oh my god, they're so cute i'm dying<p/><b>me, an intellectual :</b> oh the everloving father of heaven, the two people before my eyes have committed an act of such beautifully crafted affection that my soul has now departed to the place far above the skies and i have been purified mentally and emotionally<p/></p>

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could you do some three person polyam prompts?? thank you, love your blog!!

I’ve actually been on a 3 person poly kick lately bc of one of my ocs so thank you

  • “Okay you know what? I’m the smallest I get to be in the middle of the bed”
    • yeah but you’re a blanket hog and so are they I get middle so I don’t FREEZE TO DEATH
  • two badasses protecting one squishy (bonus if the squishy is a tol)
  • one badass protecting two squishies (and then getting smothered in affection)
  • we have a wheel spinner thing to decide where to go for dinner bc it’s a NIGHTMARE
  • sweetie I know you love to cook but I’d rather keep the apartment together thank you no no we don’t need the fire department YET put the phone down
  • two ChildrenTM with one poor Struggling AdultTM (aka glorified babysitter who always gets dragged into things bc they’re a stick in the mud)
  • “X NO” “X YES” “X ABSOLUTELY NOT” “…okay z”
  • 2 people being together first and the awkwardness/possible angst of bringing the 3rd into a fully fledged relationship
  • trying to figure out rooming arrangements/where to hang out for the above
  • “Hey um, Y? I think X is cheating on you” “What????” “Yeah I saw them kissing Z-” “OMFG WAIT NO ITS OK”

I hope these work for you!! Have fun!! :D
~Mod Karissa

  • Jason: Why do you have handcuffs?
  • Kim: ... Jason, do you just... Willfully pretend that me and Trini don't have sex? Is this a 'I'm hoping for you to lie to me' situation?
  • Jason: I'm 100% sure you two are virgins, my brain won't accept anything else.
  • Kim: Okay, it's because I'm secretly a cop in my spare time.
  • Jason: Thank you.
Dialogue Prompt
  • Person A: "Okay, I have something to confess... I like you. I have for the past two years now and it's been killing me to hold it in this long but I think you deserve to know."
  • Person B: "You nerd, we've been dating for the past two years."

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