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hurtful words

Request Prompt; Hi, i was wondering if you could please make an imagine where shawn makes y/n cry because he said something he doesn’t mean?


Warning; small use of foul language


You and Shawn had a lot going for each other; he was about to go on his first full out tour in the U.S., and you were preparing to go to your dream school. To top it all off, the two of you were nearing your one year anniversary with each other. It’s been a long ride between different schedules and time zones, but the two of you made it work.

Unlike the rest of the anniversaries that the two of you have shared, you suggested having a nice dinner in the comfort of your shared home this time. The contrast from fancy and uptight dinners would be nice for the two of you. All you needed was to be with Shawn, and you’d be happy either way. You had been so ecstatic about the upcoming date with Shawn for weeks now, that every time you thought about it, you couldn’t help but squirm in your seat from excitement. Something about him made every date feel like the first. Whether it was him bringing flowers or giant teddy bears, his gestures always managed to make you melt.

As the days became hours until your anniversary was coming, you picked out Shawn’s favorite dress on you to wear. The dinner might’ve been at home, but you put on as much makeup as if you were about to walk the red carpet. Don’t get it wrong — you were comfortable enough around Shawn to be bare faced, but you wanted this to be the perfect night for the two of you, and that would start by you looking and feeling your best. You also started dinner in the midst of everything to make sure you were on schedule.

Shawn was out with his friends, which gave you the perfect amount of time to tidy everything around the house up. You didn’t mind if he was out for the day, because you would be able to have him for the rest of the night. It was going to be a great night for the two of you.

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The left-hand picture - a high-perspective shot of the central plaza at Hope’s Peak (click it for full detail!) - is my favorite picture in the Danganronpa 3 Staff Book. Not only is it a valuable resource for fic writers, it’s also FULL of tiny chibi characters with details that thrill me.

I waited until I could scan this one in for maximum detail, but I’ll also guide you through everyone I managed to identify here. There are a few minor differences between the two pics… and I wish I could read the Japanese at bottom.

(No lie: I had to use a magnifying glass to tell who some of the characters are… and some are still unknown to me.)

Please use the markup photo at right for guidance as we go through this.

- Top, from left to right: Top photo has Nanami in her hoodie behind a tree (absent in bottom version). Next we see Yamada balanced atop a tree while Fuyuhiko and Peko are watching below, pointing their weapons up at him. Then Teruteru is ALSO perched on a treetop (is this a competition?) with Hikyoko and Mahiru below, the latter taking a photo. Top center shows Bandai next to Great Gozu, who is literally grazing (!). Sakura is next; she and Akane are flying towards each other in a battle while Monokuma stands atop the fountain, watching. Nekomaru is actually wading IN the fountain. To his right is Munakata/Yukizome, who are holding hands while Juzo surreptitiously watches nearby. The top pic (not shown at bottom) has a final girl with long pigtails who is walking on the top-right path. Who is she? I can’t identify her…

- Center, from left to right: The center starts with Hagakure and Asahina facing each other on a blanket, each with a ball placed before them (I assume Hagakure has his crystal ball, but the black ball that Asahina has? No idea). Togami is standing just above that, watching them. Slightly up and to their right are Toko and Komaru; note that Toko is Genocide/r Jack/Syo in the top picture, but she’s normal Toko in the bottom one. Next is Gundham and Sonia, poised over a pentagram for some dark ritual. To their immediate right is Souda on all fours, trying to figure out what’s up. From there we move to a bench where Chairman Tengan is seated. Mitarai is kneeling on the ground, using the bench as a surface to draw something. The Imposter is to his right, watching over him. On the other side of the fountain, you can see Seiko and Ruraka with Izayoi laying on the latter’s lap. The far right hedge area has some person throwing a ball… who is that? Logically it should be Kuwata, but the hair is totally wrong for him. Anyway, he or she is throwing the ball at Mondo in a game of… baseball? cricket? Jai alai? I don’t know, but the bat is curved slightly and looks flat, so I’m at a loss. Ishimaru is watching this, and his companion is either Alter Ego’s laptop (in top pic) or Fujisaki (in bottom pic).

- Bottom, from left to right: First up is Monomi, standing beside Gekkogahara in her wheelchair. In the hedges next door, Junko is stomping on poor Mukuro. Our two main protagonist pairings are holding hands in front of the fountain: Hinata/Nanami and Makoto/Kirigiri (more proof that Naegiri is canon). This does mean that the top picture contains TWO Nanamis total, so you get to choose which one is her A.I. and which is real. Also note that Komaeda is standing alone behind the couples by the fountain, and Kizakura is watching over Kyoko from behind a tree farther down from there. There’s another character with Kizakura, but I don’t recognize him/her. Any guesses? (I hope it’s Jin.) In the right-hand hedge section, we end with Maizano and Celestia meditating together on a blanket.

This picture is packed and delightful! Even so, come on, no Tsumiki or Ibuki?


7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D 

I wanted to translate Edgeworth’s profile from Gyakuten Saiban Fanbook since this is one of my favorites pics of him when I noticed they used a lot of ‘japanese expressions’ to refer Phoenix and Edgeworth relationship that may get lost in translation: 親友 (shinyuu/closest friend), 友人 (yuujin/best friend), 幼なじみ (osananajimi/childhood friend) and it also says they are connected by a bond of trust and confidence.

We got some relationship goals there, huh.

My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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#SaveHannibal Countdown: Primavera

We’re 79 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!

Today is S03 E02 Primavera two years anniversary!

To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Primavera scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork. Or just reblog :-)

It’s never easy to choose a scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! Therefore I chose three of my favorite moment this time :) But I still hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

Let’s start with this beautiful broken heart for Will:

And also “He misses us.” And you misses him, Will. So why you two idiots can’t simply hug instead of hurt each other?

And let’s finish this with our beloved Dark!Will :)

#SaveHannibal Countdown: S2 / S3: Antipasto - Primavera - Secondo

I’m currently running a giveaway, I’m giving away two copies of The Sims 4 Parenthood! You must: Be subscribed to my channel and follow me on twitter, then TWEET a link, a clip or a pic or from your favorite livestream or video and use the hashtags #xmiramira #xmiramiragiveaway. One post is an entry, you can enter as many times as you like. Giveaway ends Friday June 2nd.

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rainbowcloudsarecool  asked:

I've been looking like crazy for a colorful hanfu that's lose and flowly with big sleeves that ties at the waist but I can't find a decent one anywhere. Do you have any recommendations? Please I want to feel like a floaty goddess! Thank you very muchh

Hey, thanks for the question! Always happy to help.

Going by your description, you want a ruqun/襦裙, but not the qixiong-ruqun/齐胸襦裙 because those tie at the chest. This is a tricky search because most ruqun for sale have narrow sleeves, and the ones that do have big sleeves are usually the chest-high ones. And because of the seasonal nature of hanfu collections, a lot of the big-sleeved ruqun in photos are no longer sold! I definitely get your frustrations. With that said, here are some of my recommendations (warning: LOTS of big photos):

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just felt like doing some parallels of my two favorite characters from OFF and undertale shrug they’re both very similar if you think about it (and they’re both super fun to draw too) i added some useless annotations to the pics btw

they both break the fourth wall a lot (the judge knows about the player and addresses us DIRECTLY calling us the “puppeteer” and the batter “the puppet”; sans knows about SAVES and RESETS and knows when we do those in our files too) they both have younger brothers who they adore (valerie in the judge’s case; papyrus in sans’) they both lose said brothers too (valerie is killed by japhet; papyrus can be killed by the player) they both judge our actions and calls us out on our bullshit, and they’re both the final bosses of their games (in sans’ case, if you do a no-mercy run he is basically the game’s final boss) they’re both badasses who’re always smiling too

yep that’s all i’ve got OH ALSO all dialogues were taken from their respective games 


@wtfmulder who needs bad pictures of Duchovny.  allow me to give you all the arts tour:

the two top ones, I use these as reaction pictures when I need to express to someone that I’m both horny and creepy at the same time.

and the two middle ones are my “I AM VERY DISPLEASED” faces. obvs.  being a big sour grump, i get the most use of these. ask @sierragolfoneniner. she knows. oh, she knows.

and then, to top it all off, i have “i’m a complete dope” and “da fuq????” as the cherry on the duchovny-cake. “da fuq????” is a personal favorite.

i’d fuck him in all these photos btw.

Art Contest Rules, Info, and Details 🐐

Please only reblog this copy for the rules!

For 800 lovely people following I’m having a contest!

First things first, Rules:

  • I would prefer if the work was APH, but you can also draw or write about OCs. I don’t want outside fandoms though unless it’s a crossover.
  • No NSFW
  • No tracing
  • No claiming art that isn’t yours as yours
  • No plagiarism of others’ writing
  • No gore
  • No underage artwork or writing. I don’t care if it’s a fictional ship, anything with underage characters puts both you and I at risk of getting in trouble.
  • Please no exceedingly vulgar language in either category
  • If you use another drawing as a reference please put the link to the reference in your entry
  • If you quote something in your writing, I am not requiring a citation (I sound like a teacher lol), but providing one would be nice (i.e, if you quote a song, link to the song, etc.)
  • Your writing can have multiple chapters as long as it doesn’t exceed 4.
  • Be as creative as you want and have fun!

Details for Submissions:

You can use any characters you want in your writing or story. It can be any ship as long as both characters’ human ages are either A) both adults or B) follow the Romeo and Juliet law. Example: Wy and Sealand are okay because they are both within three years of each other. A bad ship would be a 15 year old with an 18 year old, but 14 with 16 is okay. I say this because some people have some pretty wild ships, which are all okay, I just don’t want any underage business going on. I don’t care if you think someone doesn’t like the ship because it’s controversial, we’re judging based off the art/writing itself. I only added the underage tidbit as common sense, and if you have questions about it send an ask or PM me! You don’t have to do ship art/writing.

You can also use old art/writing, just make sure it’s yours!

You are allowed 3 submissions total, collectively as a person. You can use two blogs, BUT you can only have a total of 3. No 3 on one blog and 3 on another. This being said, you can have either:

  • 3 art submissions
  • 3 writing submissions
  • 2 art submissions, 1 writing submission
  • 2 writing submissions, 1 art submission

You DO NOT have to enter 3; you can enter 2 or 1 as well.

For Art:

Your art can depict anything. It can be colored or not, how ever you want it. It can be any AU, etc. Just make sure it follows the rules listed above.

For Writing:

You can write about whatever you want, as long as it follows the rules. It can be any AU, etc. If you enter your writing on a blog post, that’s okay. If you put it on Wattpad, AO3, or Fanfiction, etc., please link me to that. I would personally prefer AO3 or, but if you use another platform that is okay as well. You do not have to publish it on any service though if you would prefer to make it a post. Just make sure it follows the rules listed above.

How To Enter a Piece:

Make it a Tumblr post on the blog(s) you would like it to be on, please. This is the format I would prefer:

For Art:

[Here would be your art/link to art]

  • Say it’s for the contest
  • Add a lil something about it, describe what’s happening, characters, AU, etc.
  • Tag both my main (@e-d-e-l-w-e-i-s-s) and my HGH (@austriasgooglehistory) blogs
  • Say if it’s your 1st/2nd/3rd submission

For Writing:

[Here would be your writing/link to writing]

  • Say it’s for the contest
  • Either a story description like if it was the back of a book and/or add a lil something about it, describe what’s happening, characters, AU, etc.
  • Tag both my main (@e-d-e-l-w-e-i-s-s) and my HGH (@austriasgooglehistory) blogs
  • Say if it’s your 1st/2nd/3rd submission

Prizes!!! :

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for both writing and art. We will have a few Runner-Ups as well but collectively through both categories.

1st: 1,500 word story of whatever you like, a shoutout, and an M!A of your choice for Austria (about two days)

2nd: 1,000 word story of anything you like, a shoutout, and a Homemade Discord Meme made by us (you’ll have to give us a pic)

3rd: 500 word story of anything you like and a shoutout.

Runner-Ups: A drawing of your OC or favorite character provided by @southafricagooglesearches and another one of my friends.

The contest is from May 16th, 2017 until June 20th, 2017.

I will be reblogging submissions onto my HGH account for others to see, and winners again when they are picked (either June 20th or 21st)

I think I covered it all! If you have questions or comments please tell me through asks or PM!

-Romeo x

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dj-jazzee-jeff-06  asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing realistic?

I would say, pay attention to details. Draw what you see and not what you think it looks like, e.g. if you’re looking at a leaf you’re about to draw, don’t just go: “Oh, that’s just a leaf, so I’ll draw it like leaf-” No, no; You draw that exact leaf. Draw what you see around you as an exercise or a warm-up. There’s NO shame in using reference, I say better use 2-3 ref pics than none at all. Study other people’s artwork, watch speed drawing videos on Youtube, and watch them over and over again. Draw people that inspire you, draw only things that makes you happy. 

-There are a lot of different ways to draw digitally, but my two favorite techniques for realistic art is: 

1. Start with a sketch, and add color/shading on a layer underneath, later, slowly ‘erase’ the lineart and add details, like so:

2. Simply just start out with the base color/shading, and add the details as you go, all on the same layer, like so:

I know these are very vague examples, but you kinda get the gist of it. The second technique works best in Photoshop I would say, but I draw all my artwork in Clip Studio Paint, so everything is possible c:

Don’t be afraid to draw the first line, and if you make a mistake, just erase it and try again. Drawing your favorite Disney/anime characters is a great way of practicing proportions if realistic art is too overwhelming and you keep getting stuck. Surround yourself with things that motivates you, and talk with other artists! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, haha! c; 

- Good luck with your artwork!!

anonymous asked:

Hello Madame! So I'm an art student in Graphic Design and a self-taught artist since more or less ten years, but I honestly learn way more things by myself than at art school so I still have one big problem. I can draw a lot of things but when it comes to poses I just... Draw always the same, easy ones, or I'm obligated to use references to draw something a bit different. It's killing me, because I want to leave my comfort zone and draw poses from my imagination alone. Any tips, tutorials ? <3

Hi anon ^^

First, I have to apologize because it’s gonna be a long post, consider it as my “DEFINITIVE REFERENCE PICTURE POST” :)

I’m obligated to use references to draw something a bit different.(…) I want to leave my comfort zone and draw poses from my imagination alone. Any tips, tutorials ? <3            

The first step is drawing all kind of poses under different angles using reference pictures. What? But…I don’t want to!! That’s why I’m contacting you P-M!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!

Calm down ^^

It’s necessary in order to build in your head a kind of “visual library” that will give you the possibility to draw without references later. It will train your eye and your hand. Also, at the same time you’re working on your “visual library”, you have to study anatomy techniques like for instance breaking figures from reference down into more simple 3D shapes. You have to learn how to draw groups of simple 3D shapes in perspective and then construct figures from them. However, it doesn’t come in one day and also, you’ll have to use tons of reference pics AT FIRST. You see what I mean? You can’t go from zero reference to “cool figure drawing” in one step, you have to use the combo “reference + anatomy technique” to be able to reach this goal.

Artists who train in illustration are taught how to draw from using a building block tool for construction, much like some of the pictures that you can see below. 

As I said above, it really takes a lot of training and practice to build objects from shapes. Basically every form begins as a shape. The more experience you get, the more you understand proportions and the more skills you will have to draw without visual reference.

In order to reach this result, you have to study anatomy tutorials. They always work more or less the same way, a bit like the pic above: decomposing the human body in geometric shapes or in elaborated stick figures. Here are a couple of video tuts.

TLDR: practice over and over again by using refs. Create a “visual library”. Learn to break the body into shapes. That will be the only way to make you come out of your comfort zone.

(Rainbow Comic Sans for maximum effect. I guess that now, I have everybody’s attention if it wasn’t the case til now)

Yes, you have rules to make things easier to draw from memory BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT USING REFERENCE PICTURES!! It shouldn’t “kill you”, it shouldn’t make you feel guilty and you shouldn’t feel “less of an artist” because you need references for complicated poses!!! Plenty of pros don’t do art without models and props. And the old masters did the same thing. You want examples? Ok, let’s start!

Here’s a great quote from Alex Ross’ book, Mythology.

Ross’ biggest breakthrough as an illustrator came in June 1987 at the American Academy of Art, when he was introduced to the use of live models. “Before that, I had no idea how much I could grow as a draftsman. It was a huge turning point, because all through grade school I hadn’t so much as drawn from photographs_I’d always thought that you had to make it all up out of your head, and that’s how you did ‘fantasy’ illustration. Now I wonder if I would have developed even sooner had I drawn from life as child”

Photo session for a Superman drawing:

Alex Ross using the photos for his work (and you see the pose is not even complicated!)

And wait, MY FAVORITE PAGE EVER. PROFESSIONAL artists taking pictures of themselves and of their friends so that they can have reference pictures for their artworks. An example:

(Artist Claudio Pozas  posing with…huh…a modern day sword for one of his artworks)

And if you want a funny anecdote, you see Dean’s shoes in this art? It’s mine. I had a problem with the pose so I took a pic of myself with a camera and worked from the pic.

Yeah…but for manga and comics, it’s more stylized, they don’t use refs…Artists draw from the top of their heads…and…HA! HA! HA!!!! MEGA LOL! Two examples from my personal archive. Here is a picture taken from a Japanese program. I don’t remember the name of the artist but this mangaka is drawing a page for his forthcoming comic and instead of drawing from memory do you know what he did? He asked his assistant to pose for him. He took a pic with a Polaroid and…voilà!

The guy is in his 70′s!! He’s a super experienced artist and he still uses references for his art.

Let’s carry on! Another example. When I was a teen I bought an artbook by artist Takeda Yaoi (my first yaoi stuff!) and two of the poses looked familiar.

You bet it looked familiar. The artist used as reference, pictures of members from some my favorite bands at the time, Gene and Menswear (90′s teenagers, fan of Britpop, hello…).

(Pictures: L’UOMO Vogue, May-June 1995). And yes, we are in 2016 and I still have this magazine and this artbook at home. I..have problem throwing things away, ok? ><

Also, do you know what comic artists use nowadays for referencing? 3D softwares like Poser.They create the pose with a 3D model, they orientate the model according to the perspective they want and they use it as ref. It doesn’t mean they aren’t “real” artists, it just makes life fucking easier and it reduces the chances of anatomy mistakes.

(The picture above proves that not ALL the artists in the business use models or reference pictures xD)

Listen, I understand that you want to draw from imagination, that for some reason it makes you feel “freer” and that some poses are complicated to obtain from refs (the super dynamic “spider man poses” for instance) but it shouldn’t “kill you” to need refs to draw the human body when you really need it. If it’s to sketch or to draw “super comic style” poses, ok, why not, but otherwise WHEN IN DOUBT: REF!!! Particularly when you work on something complicated or on a big project like an artwork, for a book, a comic cover, etc..Do you understand? Even dôjinshi artists who seem to sketch things from the top of their heads use refs. I KNOW IT BECAUSE I KNEW SOME OF THEM.

TLDR2: Drawing from imagination is cool, it’s convenient for some poses or for some styles (super dynamic comic poses) but otherwise, don’t feel guilty for using refs! Pro artists do it all the time and now that 2000000 miliion images are available on the Internet, they do it even more than before!

Good luck anon, YOU CAN DO IT!! ♥


parabakat: Two of my favorite people 

Halliwell91: Moment#ITAInsituteCon with @DomSherwood1 

via Chiara_cacciapuoti_


Fixed My pic with Dom

nadjabarnes: Jace { @domsherwood } showing Clary how to use a Stele and draw a Rune. Seriously, Dom is so amazing. I love him!!!!

Agnes51000: 2nd photo for the convention #ITAInsituteCon @DomSherwood1 and Me

jade.chm: hello pretty boy @domsherwood   

FabulousMixx: @DomSherwood1 @MatthewDaddario #ItaInstituteCon MY LIFE IS DONE

sarcasmstilesv: Me and @DomSherwood1 joined Jace’s book club! This is a book club…. isn’t it?

maria_warblers: Follow your dreams.

anonymous asked:

If they have had that scene for so long and didn't think about releasing it, maybe they will now that the pics are out and fans are asking about it. But then again PB has a history of not releasing deleted MiSa scenes (the one where Sara has her arm around Michael's neck in S2 and the one where he helps her crawl down the rope in 4x21). HOWEVER, it's PB so maybe we all should just have a little faith :)

yeah, isn’t awful how the scenes that we would all love to see somehow not only end up getting cut, but then disappear with only picture proof of their existence!?  lol  and like i’ve said, i understand cutting them because they went in a different direction, but just let us see them.  come on!  

(and btw the season two one is one of my favorite pics of them.  they’re so cute!)

anonymous asked:

do you have any direction or tips for the way you color? ur coloring and lines are amaaazing!! 💞

thank you so much……T/////////T.. my method is pretty nonscientific (literally i just pick my favorite colors) but i would recommend shading with adjacent colors and variegating your lines.

if your base color is red, rather than shade with a darker red, try using dark orange or purple. you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck. heres a pic using adjacent colors and variegated lines

and heres a pic using darker shades of the base color and solid black lines

now you have the same drawing with two very different atmospheres. the first is soft and dynamic while the second is deliberate and more static.

these are by no means definitive rules, just to get your feet wet :+) some situations might call for solid black lines or muted color schemes to play up a certain mood. or maybe you just like them, who knows! it’s your art, go bananas. i personally love more muted/monochromatic palettes, but i try to avoid solid color lines because my line art is pretty uniform and they flatten the piece. hope this helps friend!!! gl!!!!!