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Imagine Tom’s reaction when the interviewer asks about you and Harrison

“How did you and the best friend/assistant, Harrison?” The interviewer questions, Tom smirks and takes a side glance at you while you blush slightly at the mention of him.

“We…” You take a moment, trying to put into words how you and the blonde got along. You think about the awkward waves on set to the long talks in your trailer, the high fives to the embraces, and the blushing stares to the kisses. “We managed.”

“Ha!” Tom snorts and leans over while laughing. You hit his arm and try to not blush. “Managed is a bit of an understatement.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say that I need to knock when entering any room they’re alone in now.” He blabbers, your eyes widen and you face turns bright red.

“Thomas!” You scold.

“What?” He holds his hands up in defense. “Oh.” He realizes what he said. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean they’re having sex or anything, I just mean they’re just intensely making out.

“Well, I mean there was that one time.” He sighs.

“Tom, stop.” You beg.

“I’m sorry but you guys are just too cute!” He exclaims. “The way you two cuddle on the couch while watching tele is heartwarming. How you already memorized how to make his favorite tea.

“Oh! I remember walking out of my room that the apartment we were staying at while filming and seeing you sitting on the counter with Harrison standing between your legs. You had your arms on his shoulders and his just bit your nose.” He smiles, lazily staring off.

“Not in a violent way, no, no.” He clarifies, waving his finger around. “Like in that cute couple, disgusting way.” He rambles on, you kind of liking him talking and the interviewer imagining the headlines. “And don’t mention that time when I walked into your trailer and you were cuddling–” He lets out a fangirlish squeal.

“You’re a big supporter of their relationship, I see.” The interviewer chuckles.

“110%!” Tom claps his hands, drawing out each syllable. “Usually when your best girl mate and your best guy mate get together, it’s all drama and awkwardness but with them, it’s not. I’m really happy that they’re happy and that they aren’t rubbing their love in my face.” He crosses his arms over his knees and takes a glance at you. Tom laughs at your face is beet red.

You turn your lips up into a smile and wrap an arm around his shoulders, pulling him in for a side hug, showing your appreciation for his support. Tom smiles and leans his head against yours.

“You know what’s funny though?” The interviewer questions.


“You play Tom’s love interest but you fell in love with his best friend.” He points out, you laugh.

“I mean, he’s beautiful can you blame me?” You shrug.

“Acting” (Jinyoung)

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Type: Fluff

Request: could you do a got7 jinyoung imagine where you both are cast as lead roles in a drama and everyone is shook because the chemistry is so real1!1!1!1

You rested your head onto Jinyoung’s shoulder as you looked at the object in his hands “who’s Soyool?” you ask him as he turns his head looking at you “someone you shouldn’t be so nosy about” he shot at you as you giggled. “Do you like her?” you asked him as he stared at you but your vision was directed at his phone. “I do” he spoke quietly as his eyes were still on you “you should tell her how much you like her” you tell him as he makes a sound “what should I tell her?” he asked. You made a sound as you started thinking “tell her how pretty she is. Always look at her like she’s the only girl in the world” you start as he nodded “make her laugh. Then the obvious one would actually tell her you like her” you finish as you turn to look at him. You were shocked but chuckled lightly “why are you looking at me like that?” you ask him. “I think I already do that, I just haven’t told her I like her” he tells you. “But I don’t think my sister Soyool would want me to look at her like she’s the only girl in the world” he told you. 

“Ya! Why would you let me ramble like that?” you whine as he makes a face “I never said I liked her romantically, you just assume that every girl I talk to I must like” he says as you roll your eyes. “It’s seems like it” you throw at him. “I like one girl. She’s just too blind to realize it” he tells you. “If you ask who it is I will get up and leave you here” he told you as you pout.“Why would you leave if I asked?” you say to him “because you’re an idiot” he spoke teasingly. Scoffing you shove him away getting up. “Where are you going?” he asked you “to figure out who you like” you say as he grabs your arm. He turned you to look at him directly in the eyes “look in a mirror then” he whispered as you two simply stared at each other. 

“Cut” the director called as you started laughing right away “that was so lame” you say to him as he smiled “the fans will squeal” he cooed as you nodded “alright you’re right” you tell him.  


Jinyoung watched his friends who were watching the show “you guys have such chemistry” Mark comments as Jinyoung raised a brow “it’s called acting” Jinyoung told them as he raised his brow. “Look how you look at her though” Jackson told him “what?” “dude you look like you’re about to jump her” BamBam teased as Jinyoung rolled his eyes. “We’re just acting” Jinyoung spoke again “so were Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung” Yugyeom teased “all their flirting was real and I just think you won’t realize yours is too” Jaebum cooed patting his friend’s shoulder. The shocker was that you and Jinyoung had been an item since you two since the middle of filming for your drama together many months ago. But you took a play from the Weightlifting couples book and let people assume for a bit before admitting to it. Jinyoung leaned his head back as he started thinking about his favorite scene through out it all.


“Yo-you like me?” you asked him as he cupped your face “you’re more than pretty. You’re beautiful” he spoke bumped his forehead with yours “the only girl I like” he whispers as he smiled lightly pulling away as he could stare at you “your laugh is my favorite thing to listen to” he spoke. “And I can say I truly like you” he told you, your lips connected with his as he wrapped his arms around your waist tugging you close to him as you pulled back. He simply rubbed his nose with yours as you chuckled lightly “why did you take so long?” you asked him “if you weren’t so clueless, it wouldn’t have taken so long” he teased “why are you always ruining the moment?” you argued “it’s our thing” he told you as you gave a sweet smile.

The scene had quickly ended you two had locked lips briefly “it’s kinda late. Want to come stay the night?” you asked him. His eyes went wide before he nodded.


Jinyoung had his arm draped calmly over you as you were scrolling through your Instagram looking at your show’s tag and giggled. “Look at this” you say as you showed him “oh someone drew this?” he spoke amazed taking your phone from you staring at it. “Some people are devoted to us” you tell him as he smiled. “We are pretty cute” he told you as you laughed. “I think we’re perfect for one another in the show” he says as you turn to him laying on your stomach resting your head in his lap. “Why’s that?” he asked “two people who never knew what love really is. Fall in love after being clueless for so long” you say “it only works well because we work well” he told you as you made a sound in agreement. You sat up bringing him in for a kiss, he kissed back right away. “You know I love you” you say as he smiled “good because I love you too” he told you.

You and Jinyoung had began hanging and posting lots of pictures on SNS. And that’s when your fans had their hearts jump more for the cute couple you two had played and it became real. Even more when Jinyoung had been caught leaving your apartment building. After many a month or so of rumors the two of you decided finally after getting permission of course from your managers, you two finally annoyed to the world you were dating.

Just because Newsies: Live is a thing now does not mean I won’t protect and cherish all of my Newsies boots with my life. Corey and Kara are still my favorite Newsies couple and nothing can change my love for that boot - unless they professionally film the two of them which is highly unlikely at this point.

My Ranking of the Fast and the Furious Film Series

After watching all eight Fast and the Furious movies with @craniumhurricane over the last month, I’ve finalized my current rankings of the series. These could change once the next two come out, but that’s a couple years off. For now, here’s my completely biased opinion. Han and Gisele forever!!

Other Rankings: Quentin Tarantino

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What do you think of the way Margot and Alana's sex scene was shot? (Besides sexy as he'll!)

Oh dear, someone much smarter than me posted about how it is shot in a way that makes it hard for the straight male viewer to insert himself into the scene. Basically, the opposite of how most lesbian porn is filmed. I’ve been thinking of this a lot, and I think it’s accurate. It’s very artsy, sexy, but empowering, too. The way the shots blend their bodies together really brings the focus to the two of them as a complete entity and not needing to be sexy for a male gaze. Lots of focus on their pleasure and connection but not objectifying specific body parts. I wish we would have had more of them as a couple in general. I’m are we would in season 4. As a bisexual woman, it’s one of my favorite representations of queer lady sex on tv.

'Star Wars' Is Resurrecting 'Rogue One' Heroes Cassian and K-2SO – and Prequel Jedi Mace Windu Too – in New Comic-Book Series
Cassian and K-2SO cover (Image: Marvel Comics)

We know for certain that the heroes of last December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won’t be returning to the Star Wars movie universe in any upcoming sequels, due to the fact that most perished during their mission to steal the plans for the Death Star and deliver them to Princess Leia and the Rebel Alliance. Yet fear not — we haven’t seen the last of those do-gooders, thanks to a newly announced comic-book prequel series that, in August, will recount how two of the film’s characters first partnered up for intergalactic adventure.

Written by Duane Swierczynski, with art by Fernando Blanco, Star Wars: Rogue One — Cassian & K-2SO Special No. 1will detail the first meeting between Diego Luna’s Rebel captain and his trusty reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO (voiced, in the film, by Alan Tudyk), and explain how the unlikely odd couple became one of the most fearsome galactic duos this side of Luke Skywalker and R2-D2. As Swierczynski says, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be invited to tell a small piece of that story. And it was even cooler that I was asked to write about the first meeting of Cassian and K-2SO — easily my two favorite characters in the movie. What can I say? I love bad-asses and robots.”

As if the resurrection of two Rogue One heroes wasn’t enough, Mace Windu — the noble Jedi Knight played by Samuel L. Jackson in George Lucas’s prequel trilogy, who perished at the hands of Anakin Skywalker and Senator Palpatine — is also getting a second lease on life (which we’re certain Jackson is happy about). In the five-issue Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu, the Jedi will embark on a quest that takes place during the Clone Wars. Written by Luke Cage TV writer Matt Owens, with art by Denys Cowan, the series will focus on Windu’s moral dilemma of upholding the Jedi’s pacifistic code while also leading soldiers to war.

Mace Windu cover (Image: Marvel Comics)
Mace Windu variant cover (Image: Marvel)

Marvel has already published two printed prequel series — last year’s Obi-Wan and Anakin, and this past February’s Darth Maul — while a separate six-issue comic adaptation of Rogue One began rolling out in April, so it’s clear that these latest titles are part of an ongoing strategy to truly flesh out Star Wars’ sprawling sci-fi mythos. Cassian & K2SO is due to hit store shelves on Aug. 9, and Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu is set to begin in Aug. 23.

Watch: Our Gruesome Countdown of Every Lost Limb in the Star Wars Galaxy:

Read more from Yahoo Movies:

Thinking Out Loud- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: You were the dancer in Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ music video and, for your anniversary, Tom learns the dance moves to it.

Word Count: 1250

A/N: Because I’m in love with the fact that Tom can dance.


You and Tom had been dating for almost two years, so, when he asked you to be his date for his most recent premiere, you naturally said yes. You were both very supportive of each other in your careers. You had known each other since before major fame-meeting when you joined him in 'Billy Elliot’. You had gone on to become a professional dancer while Tom turned to the big screen. A premiere was nothing new to the two of you, but that didn’t quit the nerves.

“Do I look okay?” You asked him, smoothing out your dress as you sat together in the backseat of the car bringing you to the premiere.

“You look gorgeous as always.” Tom said, holding your hands in his.

“You’re handsome. You would be even more handsome if your tie was straight.” You stated, letting go of him to fix it.

“I don’t care how I look. Every camera will be pointed at you, love.” He mumbled, kissing your lips. The car came to a stop at the carpet and the chauffeur opened the door. Tom stepped out first and then stretched out a hand to help you. He kept his arm around your waist as you both posed for pictures.

You were ushered down the carpet to where the interviews were being held. One interviewer asked to speak with both of you.

“Hello, you both look wonderful. May I just say how adorable you two are. My favorite celebrity couple.” The interviewer, who probably wasn’t much older than you two, commented. Your cheeks heated up from the excessive compliments.

“Thank you.” You replied.

“I really got lucky, didn’t I?” Tom asked, wrapping his arm right around your waist.

“Now, Tom, while you were filming, you-Y/N-were on broadway. How difficult was that with scheduling?” She questioned, holding out a microphone for you two.

“It wasn’t very difficult because we were at least in the same timezone. There weren’t many times when I wanted to call her and then couldn’t because it was 3 AM for her. We both had fairly busy schedules, but we made it work and called each other almost everyday.” Tom explained.

“We have a pact where we have to call each other at least once a day-even if it is just voicemail. I survived mainly from hearing his voice. He put all of his films on a thumb drive for me, so whenever I’m down, I can just watch those.” You replied.

“So you have seen all of his movies?” The interviewer asked.

“Of course. Granted, some aren’t as good as others, but I’ll still watch them. I support Tom no matter.” You smiled, making Tom lean over to kiss your head.

“Do you ever watch his movies together?”

“Nah. I can’t stand to sit there and watch myself like that. Only if I have a small part, then I can.” Tom stated.

“It’s almost impossible to watch one of his own with him because he will bring up memories of filming it throughout the whole movie. The first time I watched 'In the Heart of the Sea’ he continuously brought up different memories from shooting and I would have to pause it every ten seconds and be like "babe, shut up. I don’t know what’s happening”.“ You laughed, pinching his cheek.

"I asked fans on Twitter to send in some questions for you two and the main one was if Tom knew the dance to 'Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran. Do you?” She asked. A grin formed on your face. You had been Ed’s dance partner in the music video and, besides Broadway, you would consider that your greatest achievement.

“No, I don’t actually. How embarrassing to admit that.” Tom laughed lightly, “I really need to learn it.”

“Do you still know the dance?” The interviewer asked you.

“Yeah, I do. It’s not one that’s easy for you to forget. I’ll probably know even when my legs don’t work like they used to before.” You joked. The interview ended shortly afterwards and Tom was swept away to another one, continuing the standard routine of a premiere.


That night, you and Tom were exhausted as you arrived back to the hotel room. You began to take the bobby pins out of your hair as Tom shrugged off his blazer.

“I’m going to grab a quick shower.” You stated. Tom nodded in response as you left for the en suite bathroom. He changed into his comfy pajamas and pulled out his laptop. He grabbed his headphones from the side table and plugged them in. He typed into the search bar: 'Thinking Out Loud Dance’.

Your two years anniversary was coming up in a week and Tom had no clue what to get you. He thought of the idea of surprising you with the dance, but suddenly began to fear it wouldn’t be enough. He really needed to brainstorm more.


Your manager had called for a meeting in London the day of your anniversary. You were a bit disappointed that you couldn’t spend all day cuddled in bed with Tom, but went to your meeting anyway. When you arrived home afterward, it was dinner time and the lights were either dimmed or off. You smiled as you saw the candles lighting up the dining room where two place settings sat on the table.

“Happy anniversary, darling.” Tom greeted you with a rose.

“Ever the gentleman.” You replied, kissing him quickly.

“I made dinner. I don’t know how well it turned out, but we’ll see.” He said, making you laugh. You both sat down at the dining table and you admired how, in the two hours you were gone, he had set up the whole house to have a romantic atmosphere and cooked dinner.

“Looks delicious.” You stated, eyeing the red spaghetti on your plate.

After dinner, Tom pulled you into the living room. He had shifted the couches to make extra floor space in the area.

“Take off your shoes.” He said and you did as ordered to. Tom went over and plugged his phone into his speaker. He hit the play button and your eyes lit up when you heard the first note.

“Tom, you didn’t.” You smiled in disbelief.

“Sh, you’re going to ruin it.” He said, meeting you in the middle of the room. Ed Sheeran’s voice filled the room as you danced with Tom to the popular love song.

“Am I doing my whole routine?” You asked.

“Yes, although I haven’t actually practiced the flipping techniques.” Tom said, making you laugh.

“I’ll walk you through it.” You replied. You couldn’t remember the last time you had that much fun while dancing. It was new to you-dancing with Tom. Both of you were dancers, but neither of you danced together, especially to a song like 'Thinking Out Loud’.

“I thought you said you didn’t know the dance.” You said to Tom as you two lied down on the couch once the song ended.

“I didn’t, but then I decided that it’d be a great surprise for you if I learned it.”

“I’m happy you did. Have I told you how much I love you?” You asked, snuggling into his chest.

“Maybe once or twice.” He laughed lightly.

“Well, Thomas Holland, I love you with all my heart.” You smiled, shifting so you could kiss him.

“And I love you with all my heart, Y/N Y/L/N.”

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ok more fun questions to shake up this dark time: fave klaine moment (if u could pick just one) and what do u think CC showed a little bit too much of themselves in their klaine acting? like u said with the kiss and C's eyes. i feel like the 1st klaine kiss for me was almost all CC.

The thing about kisses, if you are truly attracted to and in love with your acting partner, I think it is impossible not to exhibit your true feelings and near impossible to separate yourself from your character. And the fact is that 100% of the Klaine kisses filmed were between two men who were very much in love in real life (they were a couple well before the 1st Kiss).

On my favorite Klaine moment, hands down the engagement.  It was stunning and the one thing RIB got very right in the later seasons.

In terms of CC, i think the background moments are the most telling. The way they hold hands with absolute reverence. The looks that pass between them.  Darren and Chris went out of their way to make those moments that can so easily be overlooked into moments of beauty. And I think it was so natural because of how these two actually feel about each other.


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A/N: Let me know what you think ya’ll!!(:
Warnings: slight swearing, mention of smut, FLUFF

“Come on. Let’s just get out of here and do our own thing for a little while.” Justin’s hands had been working on the tight muscles of your upper back.

You flipped the page of a script, your manager had insisted you read right away.

“Justin I don’t know. I might have to do some reshoots in Atlanta next month.”

“That’s fine, we could make our way down there if you need to.” Justin switched positions so that he sat behind you, with his legs on either side of your body.

“Mhmmm.” You replied not actually giving him the answer he wanted.

“Y/N. You’re not even paying attention to me.”

He was right, you weren’t. You couldn’t help it, this script was actually fucking good. You were only halfway through the screenplay and it had all of your focus. You just had to be a part of this project. Suddenly, your shoulders are being shaken lightly.

Baaabe, listen to me.”

Looking back at him, you could see how annoyed and hurt he was that you weren’t playing a part in the conversation. So you placed your pen and highlighter where you left off and placed the script onto the wooden coffee table in front of you.

“Alright, I’m all yours.”

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im so so so so excited…. in a couple weeks im gonna be able to see Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind AND Ghost in the Shell (1995) IN A MOVIE THEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! two of my favorite films that came out way before my time!!! 

i seriously could not be more hype about this. 

Oh, Hmmmmm, I wonder if they’ll be showing the sub or the dub? Well, either way is fine with me. 

10 Romantic Quotes for 10 Classic Olicity Moments

#1/10 - THE KISS

Oliver and Felicity’s romance is a throwback to the romances seen in classic Hollywood films.  I love the depth of emotion between this couple.  Whether it’s in their words, their looks, or this epic first kiss, these two are a classic swoon-worthy couple.

What classic kiss quotes do you think of when Oliver and Felicity kiss? Reblog and share your favorite!

Joseph Bologna, an actor, writer and director known for his role in 1982’s “My Favorite Year” and for his long collaboration on stage and screen with wife Renee Taylor, has died after a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 82.

Bologna died Sunday morning at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif. Just last month, Bologna attended a 35th anniversary screening of “My Favorite Year” in Los Angeles.

Taylor said Bologna had “a beautiful life and a beautiful death.” Bologna died two days after the couple celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary.

Bologna and Taylor co-wrote and starred in the Broadway show “Lovers and Others Strangers” in 1968. The pair earned Oscar nominations for their screenplay adaptation for the 1970 film starring Gig Young and Bea Arthur. Taylor and Bologna won a Writers Guild Award for their 1971 movie “Made For Each Other,” in which they also starred.

In all, the couple co-wrote some 22 plays and collaborated on numerous film and TV projects, including the Marlo Thomas TV special “Acts of Love and Other Comedies,” and such series as CBS’ “Calucci’s Department,” HBO’s “Bedrooms” and PBS’ “American Dream Machine.”

Bologna and Taylor were introduced by their mutual manager, Buddy Allen. The couple’s wedding was held on the stage of “The Merv Griffin Show” and featured on the talk show. Taylor noted that they renewed their vows five times over their half-century together, each time in a different religious ceremony.

A native of Brooklyn, Bologna grew up in a working-class Italian-American family and went on to serve in the Marine Corps. He then entered the advertising business in the “Mad Men” era. He directed numerous commercials before turning his focus to the stage with Taylor.

Bologna’s other film credits include 1976’s “Woman of the Year,” 1984’s “Blame It on Rio” and “The Woman in Red,” 1985’s “Transylvania 6-5000” and 1989’s “It Had to Be You.” He logged dozens of TV credits over the years, from telepics to sitcoms to dramas.

Among the notable made-fors were the 1986 miniseries “Sins” and 1983’s “One Cooks, the Other Doesn’t.” Bologna appeared opposite future “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc in the 1991 “Married With Children” spinoff “Top of the Heap” and also in the 1987-88 dramedy”Rags to Riches.” His last TV roles included guest shots on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “According to Jim” and “Everwood.”

Bologna’s last project was the upcoming film “Tango Shalom,” a comedy directed by his son, Gabriel. The elder Bologna co-wrote the screenplay with Claudio and Jos Laniado and stars alongside Taylor. The couple’s daughter, Zizi, served as music supervisor.

(Pictured: Joe Bologna and Renee Taylor)

RIP to a man who never stopped collaborating with his partner in crime in Hollywood, his wife Renee Taylor.

favorite horror films so far in 2016:

4. The Invitation: The Invitation sits more on the psychological thriller of the line but is close enough to count. It’s about a man and his girlfriend who go to a ridiculously extravagant dinner party at the home of his ex-wife. Throughout the movie, he becomes increasingly paranoid that something isn’t right with the hosts. 

This movie took awhile to hit me. I think it was the next night that I decided yes, I liked it, I actually liked it a lot. It’s subtle without being boring and the lead performance drew me in within the first scene. Also the ending is sort of bitchin.

3. They Look Like People: They Look Like People is about a man who thinks that the people around him are turning into evil creatures. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Also you should know that he’s staying with an old friend during all of this. 

I loved it. I loved it. My whole heart was in this movie. I usually don’t look for that in horror, but it simply happened and was unavoidable. It was also one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen and the ending had me on the edge of my seat. 

2. The Witch: The Witch is about a family in 1630s New England who live on an isolated creepy farm on the edge of a massive creepy forest wherein lives honestly the scariest fucking witch I have ever seen. The family becomes plagued by witchcraft and possession as the children begin to go missing.

There aren’t enough good things to say about The Witch. From the atmosphere to the cast performances, it was perfect. It stuck in my mind, it freaked me out, and I can’t recommend it to you enough.

1. Southbound: Southbound is a horror anthology film that takes place on a long unnamed highway in the middle of nowhere. The four interwoven stories tell the tales of two men who are running from some floating grim reaper type things, a trio of girls whose van gets a flat tire who are forced to catch a ride with a strange couple, a brutal car accident, and a home invasion. 

Southbound probably isn’t technically the best film on this list, I guess, but it’s my favorite. It may be one of my long-time favorites. The music is perfect, the flow of the segments, the gore and the subtlety. I’ve seen it six times. Six. The accident segment alone is worth sitting through the entire movie. 

“She played my girlfriend in Gunday, now my sister in Dil Dhadakne Do and my wife in my next film, Bajirao Mastani. The only thing left to play is my daughter and my mother… I don’t know (laughs) but the truth is, as I have always maintained… and it sounds better in Hindi: ‘Maine Priyanka Chopra ko hamesha bhai ke hi nazar se dekha hai! “ - Ranveer Singh

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Hello! Totally random ask, but do you have any JDM movie recs? I want to watch something with him in it, but I don't know what. PS: You are awesome and I love this blog!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it!!!

Well let’s see… I’ve seen a couple of his films and Ill tell you my two cents of the ones I’ve seen. I still need to watch his other stuff.

I haven’t seen PS I Love You since I was young, but I remember loving that movie a lot. Though I’m a sap for chick flicks.

I just watched Watchmen and it was weird. He’s not really in it that much, and it was long and kind of dragged on if I’m being honest. If you need to kill 3 hours; watch that.

The Losers is probably my favorite movie with him. It has an amazing cast, the action is good and it’s got comedy. I loved it. He’s also super yummy so that’s a plus.

The Resident was pretty weird. It’s cringey and creepy and the end was kind of lame, but it had some good parts. His character Max is both cute and terrifying.

Solace was terrible. I am sorry, but I hated this movie, and I love everything. He’s not in the second half of the film and the plot is pretty lame. The actors are good, but something feels off when you watch this movie.

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hi hannah^^ ! i've just watched tfa and i wasn't ready prepared for how much i would love it, damn, it's probably my favorite of all episodes. which is yours overall? and do you like tfa or ro more?

IT’S SO GOOD honestly it’s been two years since that movie came out and i just adore it, i really need to rewatch.

tfa is probably my favourite! i love the others as well, but tfa just had…so much of what i look for in a film in general, much less a star wars movie.

rogue one could have been a serious contender i think but ultimately the….dying at the end and a couple of really weird things like bor gullet and shit threw that for me. i think my love for rogue one stems more from the book than the movie tbh, THAT BOOK IS SO FUCKING GOOD.


Prequel Appreciation Week: Favorite Movie

For me, it is undoubtedly Episod III, Revenge of the Sith.

It was the first Star Wars movie I saw in the theater after I became a real fan (just two months earlier; and though I had seen Ep II in the theater, I wasn’t very interested back then).

Even though it broke my heart - I had to go home from school the next day because I felt so sick (yes, because of the movie), it made me feel like a raincloud for a week and I still cry like a baby every time - I just love it so much, possibly more than any other Star Wars film. (The only one which can compete is Return of the Jedi.)

I think it is largely because it is the culmination of the trilogy’s story, a lot of important character development happens, we see the prequel and original trilogy blending more in the design of thing, and the storylines finally meet. These moments where we see the trilogies connect are even more special because of the order the movies were made, with the middle coming last.

Also because it is the only movie where we get to see my favorite two as a married couple, even if only for a short time and with a tragic ending.

Seeing Anakin make his final, physical transformation into Vader is also a very powerful moment, and more on the theme of “the trilogies meeting”.

And of course, the movie ends with “a new hope”, when we get to witness the birth of Luke and Leia.