these two are my everything when it comes to this show

I wonder what everyone who says they don’t see a rebuild this season will say when Olicity reunites 🤔

…then I realize what they’ll probably do is say “this came out of nowhere! they just threw this together to try to save ratings/appease the shippers!”

…and that will be the final step in them becoming exactly like the LL/OQ shippers and comic stans who insisted that Olicity “came out of nowhere” in season 3 and who have been lamenting fanservice all this time. They will have officially become that which they used to hate. 

(5:41pm, edited to add: I don’t like to edit or delete posts because, most times, I stand by everything I say, but it’s come to my attention I need to clarify these first two paragraphs. There’s been some misunderstanding of what it is I’m actually saying here. I’m not comparing fans who disagree with seeing a rebuild to LL/comic stans. I am not saying that fans who disagree with what I say below hate Olicity like LL/comic stans either. I am saying that if, when Olicity reunite, this small segment of fans say the above statements, that I feel there’s a comparison to the same statements made by LL/comic stans in the past. Not the hating Olicity part, the part about claiming fanservice and “came out of nowhere”. It’s about the rhetoric used. No disrespect was intended towards any Olicity fans currently, it was simply my intention to express a hope that this not be the rhetoric spread. I said it in a way that was easy to misinterpret, I think. What I said below is the meat of the matter here: that it’s okay to disagree with seeing a rebuild. That I don’t mind people who don’t agree with me. That it’s okay to have different opinions on this. If you take away anything from this post, that should be it. The above was a musing I had after seeing a post here on Tumblr and me wondering what might be the spin from those fans, and hoping that wasn’t the case. That is all.)

PSA: It’s not just actor ad-libs that have given us the Olicity moments and the hints of rebuild this season. It wasn’t an ad-lib that put that (albeit corny) flashback in 509. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had Oliver tell Felicity they were a mortal lock. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had Oliver seeing Felicity in the Dominator dream-world and flashing back to their relationship and how that was supposed to mean something to him. It wasn’t an ad-lib that Oliver chose to protect Felicity against Black Siren instead of face off against Prometheus. Or any of the other times he’s exhibited protectiveness and concern about her. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had him running into her arms, that had that bright light of the blast shine over them as they embraced. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had them standing in that green light in 502, talking about what matters. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had John Diggle setting up the season long question to Oliver Queen in that facetime conversation in 501. What about you and Felicity? He doesn’t know. But the smile on his face said he had hope. That question was set up so that it would be answered. It was answered one way in 4x23. It will be answered in a different way by the time 5x23 is done, one way or another. 

I could go on and on but it comes down to this: I understand if some are reluctant to see the rebuild. Honestly, I get it. It’s been a year since they’ve been together and they don’t want to be patient. They’re frustrated with things that have happened to and between Oliver and Felicity. They feel disenfranchised. They don’t ship it anymore but aren’t sure how to pull away from fandom. Or they do ship it but don’t want to because they feel it brings them only pain. They get upset when they see other fans that do have hope, for a lot of different reasons but mostly because they can’t share that hope. They want to warn others off of it so they don’t get disappointed. Believe me, I get all of this. 

I’m not trying to make anyone change their mind and agree with me. I don’t care if anyone does, to be honest. It’s enough for me that I see the clear signs of the rebuild. The narrative makes sense to me. The practical business side of this makes sense to me. I don’t expect it to make sense to everyone and disagreement doesn’t bother me. So feel free to ignore this post. It won’t hurt my feelings. This post wasn’t meant for the people I mentioned in the previous paragraph anyhow.

But to the people who are open to interpretations of this season, to the people who are looking for reasons to hope, to the people who tell me all the time, often privately, that they appreciate the things I say and how I try to share my optimism with fandom: this post is for you


Ever since Allison died there hasn’t been that much Allydia posts or people talking about Lydia and Allisons Friendship . Although i love Sciles with all my heart, i think that Allison and Lydia is just my all time favorite friendship from any television show. and heres why. 

1. They never needed a man to come save them. And a boy never got between them. When was the last time we saw an amazing female relationship on television that wasn’t thwarted by a guy? 

2. They fucking defended and protected each other through everything. When Allison got Mama bear protective over Lydia it was my favorite. 

When Allison made it clear she would do anything to protect Lydia,

 or when she walked Lydia out of Peters like the two badasses they were. 

3. They always tried to help each other and support each other and they just genuinely believed in each other so much. They never gave up on each other. ever. 

4. Throughout everything with scott and her father, Lydia was the only one she could truly trust and ultimately her anchor throughout everything. When Deacon said they needed an anchor Lydia immediately stepped forward to Allison. They honestly cared about each other so fucking much it broke my heart. 



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5. They were side by side. Shoulder to Shoulder. Through everything. Allison literally dies for Lydia, saving her. Even at the beginning of their friendship they stood by each other. 

and when the first thing Allison asks is if Lydia is okay after she is STABBED WITH A NOGITSUNE SWORD. OR WHEN LYDIA FELT ALLISONS DEATH. 

6. And also despite everything they had been through, they were able to just be normal teenage girls together.

7. And Lydia probably misses her every day 

so yeah, i just don’t want people to forget about what i think is the best friendship ever shown on television. 

because i think what’s even more rare than romances or relationships is true amazing friendships. and this is at the top of the list.


It’s been two years, but even to this day I’m still in awe of you. You’re such a talented, funny, caring, hardworking, determined and overall amazing person and you inspire me on a daily basis.  You’ve come so far from where you started when joining BIGBANG and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I can’t wait to see where you are ten years from now. You exude such confidence but I think there’s still a lot of insecurities that you don’t show us, so I want to say that I, and VIPs who love you really appreciate you and everything you’ve done while being part of BIGBANG and it honestly wouldn’t be the same without you. You deserve all the happiness and nice things that come your way.

Thank you for making my gloomy days bright. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life. Thank you for dancing. Thank you for singing. Thank you for smiling and laughing. Thank you for being you. I will never get tired of supporting and loving you. I know my words will never be enough to truly express how much you mean to me so I’ll just end with this: I love you Lee Seunghyun. You’re my everything ️♥

Star Trek Advent Calendar - Day Two: Favorite Film

ok there are a lot of things about Star Trek Into Darkness that annoy me but for some reason it remains my favorite. probably because its super spirky. though the philosophical questions are a bit hard to find in between explosions, i like that corruption is part of the story’s theme, as is the characters’ fears about the militarization of Starfleet. Despite its issues, to me STID shows the importance of loyalty and love. 

plus Spock and Jim trying to talk about their feelings about each other to each other is both adorable and heart-wrenching. 

like every single minute their lives aren’t in mortal danger, they’re trying to explain how they feel and failing at getting where the other person is coming from until the end of the film when they vulcan kiss and suddenly EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE

Little Puff

A next generation SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

When Cherry Snow-Pitch started showing signs of strong magic at the age of two, Simon and Baz were overjoyed.  Of course, they had decided early on that they would never hide their own magic from their adopted child, whether she shared their power or not, but for some reason Cherry’s magic made them happier than either of them had ever imagined they could be.

Even though it meant they had to part with her for months at a time when she became old enough to attend Watford.

           “Now, are you sure you have everything?” Simon fussed, straightening the collar on Cherry’s blouse.

           “I’m sure,” she sighed.  He’d already asked her the same question at least four times. Cherry loved her dad, but he did tend to worry when it didn’t seem necessary.

           “Are you really certain you don’t want us to come on the train with you?  There’s still time to get some last-minute tickets -”

           “Simon,” Baz murmured softly, taking his hand.  “She’ll be fine, won’t you, Puff?”  Cherry nodded, smiling.  Simon turned to Baz like he wanted to beg him to let them all go on the train together, and Cherry looked away out of habit.  Sometimes it was gross how visibly her parents loved each other.

           But sometimes it was cute.

           “I’ll be alright, Dad,” she promised, “and I’ll make sure to call you as soon as I get off the train.”  She brandished the flip phone they had given her for school. It didn’t text, it didn’t play games, and it only had one number saved: home.  But Cherry didn’t mind.

           “I know you will, sweet,” Simon clasped her little hands in his strong ones “and I know you’ll have an amazing time.”  He smiled at her, trying to pretend like he wasn’t on the verge of tears.  She smiled back, pretending the same thing.  She didn’t want to admit it, but as excited as she was for her first year at Watford, she was nervous to go.  

           A gust of wind hit them as her train pulled up to the platform.  Cherry’s stomach suddenly went cold as the reality of what was happening hit her. She lunged forward into Simon’s warm embrace, and she felt Baz wrap his long arms around the both of them like he was holding them together.  A lump formed in her throat.

           Simon pulled back to look her in the eyes.  “Now, you remember,” he said in his Dad-voice, “study hard, do all your homework, make new friends, don’t go into the Wavering Wood at night -”

           “I promise,” she laughed, tears starting to glisten on her long lashes.

           “And if the Crucible gives you a crap roommate,” Baz piped up, “try to give her the benefit of the doubt.”  He winked at Simon, who blushed.  Cherry marvelled at them.  They had been married for fifteen years and they still acted like schoolchildren in love.

           Simon gave Cherry another hug as the whistle blew and Baz pressed a long kiss to her forehead.  “Go on then,” he whispered.  “Carry on, Little Puff.”  

She kissed both their cheeks, picked up her suitcase and climbed onto the train, turning to flash them one more of her signature fearless grins before disappearing from their view.

           Simon and Baz waved frantically when the train chugged away, and they remained on the platform, staring after their daughter and holding onto each other for dear life.  Simon finally let go of the tears that had been threatening to escape all day. He buried his face in his husband’s chest, clinging to that little bit of Cherry’s scent that lingered on Baz’s coat. They rocked back and forth gently, Baz stroking Simon’s back and hair soothingly, grounding them.

           “I know, love,” Baz whispered, kissing the top of Simon’s head.  “I know.”

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Thank you for the Lena imagine! ♥ How would the Supergirl characters cheer you up when you've had a bad day?

A/N: It was my pleasure; thank you for sending the request in.

Alex Danvers: She was always there to listen to you. She’d let you vent to her no matter what. And then, when you were done with that, she’d put on your favourite TV show. The two of you would sit, under a blanket on the sofa with food in the middle, commenting on everything in the show.

Kara Danvers: She would come over in a heartbeat with all your favourite foods. She’d set them out on the coffee table like it was a little picnic. She’d remind you of the things that made you happy, making you forget why things had been bad, before trying to sort them.

Mon-El: He’s not very good with comforting – it’s not something he’s practiced – so he takes you for long walks. He doesn’t mind if he’s just there to try and take your mind off things, but he does hold your hand to reassure you that he’s there for you; asking questions about the nature around you.

Hank Henshaw: He’d take you out for dinner, making sure that it was that nice little relaxing place that you liked, the one that does your favourite meal. He wouldn’t get you to talk about why it was a bad day, he’d just focus on the little things he knows you love, and do them as much as possible.  

Lena Luthor: She’s not really used to cheering people up, but she does pull you into a comforting hug and refuse to let you go until you tell her that you’re all right. She doesn’t usually buy this, and following it she’ll make sure that you snuggle together while watching your favourite film.

James Olsen: He always allowed you time to vent, making his own irritable comments about the things and people who had made you have a bad day. Following that venting session he’d tell you a few terrible jokes he picked up at work, and then ask if you wanted to help him cook a little something.  

Maggie Sawyer: Usually it involved her trying to make you laugh. She’d instantly know that something was up and that’s when your favourite music would go on and she’d start dancing to it. She’d pull you to dance with her, small smiles on both your faces as you laughed at the terrible dancing.

Winn Schott: He’d hug you and offer you your favourite hot drink. He’d be silent and listen when you needed it, offering little helpful comments, before urging you to play a videogame that both of you had trouble with – sarcastic comments thrown at the characters when they didn’t seem to listen.

OK so I have to say I am crying right now because I realized what I great show One Day At A Time is. I have watched up to when Elena comes out and I am feeding on gifs since I can’t watch Netflix right now. I have seen such good representation. I am half black half Hispanic, gay and my dad doesn’t live with me. 

I have come out to my mom twice but she hasn’t accepted it.

 I’m not comfortable in dresses. I don’t like make-up.

But in this show it’s all okay because

I don’t really consider myself a Latina. I wasn’t raised in a Hispanic household but this show was as close as it fucking gets for me. For people like me I guess.

 Elena’s my age and everything and it just shows what could be in the near future for me, which isn’t something a show like Supergirl, OITNB or the 100 (I definitely hope it’s not the last two) could do for me because they’re all adults.

So yeah anyway… ODAAT is a good show and I’m going to continue crying over the gifs.

Favourite lines from Made In The A.M.
  • Hey Angel: I come alive when I hear your voice, It's a beautiful sound, it's a beautiful noise
  • Drag Me Down: I got a river for a soul, And baby you're a boat
  • Perfect: RENDEZVOUS
  • Infinity: And now I'm one step closer to being two steps far from you
  • End of the Day: And you'll follow your heart even though it'll break
  • If I Could Fly: For your eyes only, I show you my heart
  • Long Way Down: Built a cathedral, But we never prayed
  • Never Enough: Lips so good I forget my name
  • Olivia: The summertime and butterflies, All belong to your creation
  • What A Feeling: What a feeling to be a king beside you
  • Love You Goodbye: My heart's already breaking, baby, go on, twist the knife
  • I Want To Write You A Song: Everything I need I get from you, Givin' back is all I wanna do
  • History: THIS IS NOT THE END
  • Temporary Fix: We can call this what you like
  • Walking In The Wind: But it's not the end, I'll see your face again
  • Wolves: Headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark
  • A.M.: Won't you stay till the AM? All my favourite conversations always made in the AM
Ride you like my Harley - Trixya - Chapter 4 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. ‘Croweater’ is a term from the show that I forgot to explain before, it’s basically a girl that sleeps with the members of the club and is there only for that one reason.
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N 2 - The Russian words used in this chapter are; Doll, Princess and Fuck.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs, smut.

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Evak Drabble 5 Prompt: Grief

Is it possible to grieve a person who’s still alive? Or maybe, it wasn’t the person Isak was grieving, because Even is still very much alive and safe and Isak still loves him so much- but maybe it is the relationship he’s grieving.

Everything they were and could have been.

Isak loves Even and it hurts. It hurts so bad because Isak knew -he knew- that something was wrong. If he hadn’t let Even distract him, if he’d just come out of his Even induced haze- he would have seen the signs for what they were a long time ago.

But he didn’t and now Even is gone and Isak doesn’t know if he’s- if he’s going to even see him again.

How could such a perfect day be ruined so thoroughly? He was so happy and now its shit.

He practically fell into Noora’s arms sobbing at two in the morning when he finally made it home- sans Even.

She held him when he slipped to his knees in the doorway and Eskild kicked out his one night stand and he just cried with them.

“He didn’t tell me,” Isak sobbed, “I didn’t know- he should’ve just me and I could have stopped him. I should have known.”

Noora holds him tighter.

He makes it to bed some how. He doesn’t remember it, but he wakes up in the morning with swollen eyes and stiff cheeks and he knows that last night wasn’t a nightmare.

His phone is mysteriously absent from his bedside table. He finds it on the kitchen floor, probably thrown from his meltdown last night.


I love you

Isak lets out a noisy breath, filled with tears and seventeen years of repressed feelings.

That’s all there is though. Nothing from Even or Sonja. Isak thinks that maybe that’s best. Maybe he’s not strong enough to be the person Even loves.

But he loves Even. He loves Even and it hurts, yes god it does, but he also burns bright with it. He feels strong every day because Even has allowed him to become himself. He’s not ready to let that go, Sonja be damned. He’s not ready to say goodbye to the only boy he’s ever truly wanted to come out for.

Isak slides slowly down the kitchen cabinets and sits on the floor. He pulls up a browser, and googles “bipolar disorder”

And he prepares.

Steter Fic Recs

Look, I don’t known how this happened. I’ve spent the last two years basically blacklisting the whole Teen Wolf fandom and then suddenly I’m binge reading everything in the Stiles/Peter tag on AO3. I didn’t even like this ship when I was actively watching the show, but apparently it pushes all my buttons.

At least it’s not Sterek?

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you know what i adore hp and narnia and his dark materials but for me, nothing will ever come close to a series of unfortunate events. like i dont think you understand how much of an effect those books had on me.

i still remember reading the first book when i was about 7 and it had just been translated into french and my dad bought it for me at the book store and i had no idea what to expect

i still remember asking my dad the next day to buy the second, third and fourth one because they were all out and i read them each in like two days

i still remember sitting in the theatre when i was nine and getting so confused when it started and thinking i was in the wrong room even though i kinda knew what was going on but i was just so damn excited 

i love everything about the series : the gloomy aesthetic, the infinite plot twists, the character development !!!!!, the fact that after all these years i still have no clue what time period it’s set in and the fact that even though i’ve read it countless times i still get surprised

BUT what i love the most is the fact that it made me feel valid. it made me feel like my problems were valid. my life wasn’t nearly as unfortunate as the orphans’ but they managed to always stay hopeful and happy and together even though it seemed like they were all alone in this world and i still remember reading the last one when i was twelve and very depressed but thinking that if violet, klaus and sunny could still have hope, then so could i

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Hey! Chapter 12 was amazing!!! I wanted to ask, if it's not considered spoilers, did the other skaters at the dinner (with the exeption of Chris, of couse) notice that Yuuri and Victor were mostly talking with each other and were they surprised by it?

What did the other skaters think of Yuuri joining them? And why they did they think he decided to show up this time when he never joined them before?

I’m just going to answer these two together for ease. The other skaters were very surprised that Yuuri showed up as he is notorious for never coming to social events and they were very surprised that Viktor and Yuuri were talking as much as they were as despite everything, the public perception is still very much towards them being rivals

Remembering George 1943-2001

“Well, now the two personalities have sort of merged into one. And I definitely couldn’t go back to the thing that was going before Beatles, you know. It’s just become ME. This is my life, you know. If I was taken away from records and guitars and crowds and everything… But me personality… I think it’s broadened since we became famous, because you can’t be inferior in our position. You’ve got to meet people. You’ve got to talk, and you’ve got to be what they expect you to be. So naturally, you come out of a shell. That’s one thing. I think Ringo - it’s more obvious with him than with me. Because he was very introvert when he joined us, but now he’s as extrovert as all of us.”

“Not really. I probably am more introvert than the others, because I would prefer to come along and do a show… I don’t mind how noisy everybody is while we’re doing a show - but when we come off, I would like just to be able to sit ‘round and you know, have a bit more peace than we do get." 

-Chicago, 20 August 1965

The Mars Signs When You Flirt With Their Crush

♉Taurus: *Broods internally and finds ways to come between the two of them*
♊Gemini: Oh it’s on… This is a battle of the minds now.
♋Cancer: *screams and cries internally and tries to hide*
♌Leo: *tries to show off and be more impressive than their competitor*
♍Virgo: *plots your destruction but quietly sulks about it*
♎Libra: *cries inside and asks friends for reassurance and advice*
♏Scorpio: *fantasizes about sabotaging everything in their competitor’s life until the person slowly loses their mind, or just imagines beating them senseless*
♐Sagittarius: *cracks knuckles* You’re nothing, don’t even try it!
♑Capricorn: *death glares and mouthing threats when no one else is looking*
♒Aquarius: Whatever honey I’m more than you’ll ever be!

“Water Works”

Summary: You are going to be working at the aquarium for the summer, and you meet an adorable boy at the training session named Peter Parker, becoming fast friends. Your first day on the job is very eventful, to say the least. 

NOTE: This is very long, but you get to see what (I think) it would be like to work along side Peter Parker. I personally worked at the aquarium for two years and the smoking situation was actually quite real! 

PS. Wexer is what they called Work Experience students at my job!

    You loved going to the aquarium since everything seemed so magical and beautiful there. Your local aquarium was more like a rehabilitation centre where the resident animals were deemed non releasable to the ocean. The shows displayed the animals’ natural abilities rather than trained acts in order to educate the audience. When the opportunity to work there came up, you hurried to register, excited for the possibilities that would come from an amazing summer job at the aquarium. Little did you know what other possibilities would come…

    It was the end of July in Queens, NY, and the day of your training for the work experience program at the aquarium. You had applied for and received the job of Gallery Assistant aka Visitor Experience along with your best friend. As you rode the stifling hot bus towards the park, you nervously tapped your fingers on the window. The email congratulating you on your acceptance had named the seven other people that would be a part of your group. Curious about the others, you had searched them up online, half of the group being girls and the other half boys. Each of them had had a profile picture except one person in particular: Peter Parker. You couldn’t help but wonder what the others would be like, and how this training session would go. 

    Too soon, the bus arrived at the park, and, thanking the bus driver, you hopped off and started the trek towards the aquarium. Your beat-up sneakers crunched on the winding gravel path as you adjusted your navy baseball cap on your head, speeding up a little once you caught sight of the receptionist office. You were running a bit late since the session was supposed to begin at 1:00 and it was already 1:05. 

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ok but imagine sugamon as the travelling couple with namjoon showing off his english to impress his bf and yoongi taking pictures of literally everything (“yoongi that’s the 5th duck you’ve taken a picture of” “so what? i like them. they remind me of you” “…i’m offended”) also the two of them struggling with reading the map but refusing to ask for directions bc their ego okay. eventually namjoon finds the right bus stop but he delivers the news with a sheepish smile and goes, “good news, babe, i finally know where we’re going” yoongi just stares blankly at him, already mentally preparing himself for a migraine bc if knowing namjoon for 6 years has its merits, it’s knowing when he fucks up big time “bad news… i lost my passport” and they spend the rest of their week going back and forth the korean embassy with yoongi forbidding any sort of physical contact with namjoon bc “how do you even lose your passport namjoon?” and namjoon mournfully admits, “i guess i was just too busy staring at you the entire time, okay?” which yoongi definitely doesn’t fall for, nope– okay, maybe he does, but that’s only bc his side is cold and namjoon is really, really warm. (yoongi pointedly ignores the arm that somehow ends up around his waist)

love having dreams about meeting taylor, where when you wake up all you can hope is that with positive thinking, that you’ll one day find those dreams of meeting her come to light


Since i’m a fool and forgot i had this posted privately i’ll post this now 

  • How you met was the corniest thing ever
  • He literally came up to you, took a pic and said “Oh sorry i just wanted to show my Mum what my future girlfriend will look like” smooth
  • he’s such a dork like fr
  • he will live for cuddles, cuddles all day everyday
  • he likes being the little spoon those days when he’s upset and you’ll just stroke his hair and let him rant until he gets everything out
  • then you’ll order take out and spend the rest of the day watching shitty movies and making out 
  • he’ll always make jokes 25/8 no matter what time or whats happening
  • “Why couldn’t the bike stand up by itself? it was two tyred!”
  • “what do lawyers wear to court? Lawsuits!”
  • “wha-” “jongDAE IT’S 3 IN THE MORNING”
  • he doesn’t care where you are or who you’re with
  • PDA is a must
  • sometimes it’ll be cute like you’d be taking or something and he’ll come up behind you and wrap his arms around you and gently sway you from side to side or
  • you’ll be reading a book and he’ll just sit down in front of you and stare at you
  • “Yes?”
  • “Oh nothing don’t mind me, you just look so pretty reading”
  • but then he can be super greasy like one day you were both shopping and he walked behind and gave your ass a h u g e smack and you jumped
  • that other time you were talking to Sehun and Kai and he just came up behind you and while intently looking at the maknaes he placed his hands on your boobs
  • “JongDAE!”
  • “Gotta let the maknaes know what they can’t have”
  • but then he can be super sweet like if you had a bad day he’ll wrap you up in a blanket burrito and put you in bed and listen to you vent until you fall asleep
  • whenever he goes on tour he always and i mean always text you
  • you’ll always find lil sticky notes left around the house like “Have a good day!” “You look wonderful!” “Cats are cute”
  • sometimes you’ll look up and find Jongdae looking at you like
  • “gimme a kiss babe”
  • he says he doesn’t get jealous easily but the minute a guy stares a you for too long he sorta just glares at them and whenever you question him he just looks away whistling
  • he also says he doesn’t like it when you take his hoodies/jumpers but then you find like 5 in your wardrobe and you know for a fact you didn’t put them there
  • he’ll love matching couple items but not too big like matching hoodies, socks, rings and stuff
  • being part of the beagle line is fun
  • until Kyungsoo and Suho nearly kill you
  • oh and i hope you like being Xiuchens 3rd wheel because Jongdamn drags Minseok on a lot of dates 
  • whenever you go out to eat he’ll always take food from you plate saying “Your food tastes better”
  • he makes sure you always feel loved like he’ll randomly come up to you, hold your face in his hands and place kisses all over until you’re giggling
  • random dance parties in the living room are a must
  • and the amount of broken china because of Jongdae randomly screaming singing along to the radio is amazing
  • The maknaes always make kissy motions whenever you’re in the same room but Jongdae’s always like “at least i have somebody to kiss you losers”
  • Prank wars between you two happen every other day
  • he loves it and i mean loves it when you wrap your arms around him from behind and leave lil kisses along the back of his neck, especially if he’s having a bad day that lifts his spirits tremendously 
  • high note battles aren’t uncommon but you always lose bc Jongdae is the vocal king
  • to sum it up being in a relationship w/ Jongdae is whole lotta fun and love

A/N:are you crying bc im crying i love Jongdae sm