these two are like teenage bffs


❝Having a friend like Yara is essential to me as a girl, as an actress, and as a teenager. She has helped me so much, often with-out even knowing it. She is a wondrous witness to the world, capable of seeing the best of it as well as highlighting the parts we can make better. Yara is proof that teenagers have so much more power than we are capable of digesting and that our voices actually do change things.❞-Rowan Blanchard

“You can fly?”

The “no superheroes” origins AU where it turns out Tim’s best friend does, in fact, have super powers. Awesome

(Two teenaged boys pull a bunch of really, really stupid stunts to find out what Conner can and can’t do: the series.)

Some Danatole YouTube au headcanons (I'm sorry)

Based off some asks from @melchirits’ blog

They have a prank channel
Because OF COURSE they fucking do
It starts off with Dolokhov being like “let’s prank Pierre and put it on the Internet”
And Anatole comes up with a MASTER PLAN of putting a piece of paper that says some dumb shit like “ur gay” in one of his books.
They film Pierre opening the book and he’s just like “??????? Okay???????”
But these two fucking assholes think it’s the funniest thing, and they do that laugh that prank channels do where they just scream into the camera.
And pretty much immediately they start to get a following
(Because they’re two attractive guys on the Internet the teenagers can SHIP THEM)
So they just do more dumb shit to Pierre (and occasionally Ippolyte and Hélène if they’re around and in good enough moods that they won’t kill them)
Balaga helps them out sometimes
And their YouTube channel starts to get pretty big
Anatole decides to start streaming as well because he likes video games (and also attention)
So one time on a stream Hélène comes in and is like “tolya you should make out with Dolokhov for a prank”
Because the girl KNOWS her brother is lowkey gay for his bff
But also everyone in the chat is like YOU SHOULD KISS HIM
Because like I said… The internet Ship Them
Anatole is a slut for views and attention so he’s like “WOW guys I can’t BELIEVE you’re MAKING me do this y'all are CRAZY, kissing boys is GROSS”
And he just grabs the camera goes into Dolokhov’s room (because I just decided that they live together in this au) and MAKES OUT WITH HIM
Like…. Not a little peck on the cheek like Hélène was expecting
There’s like tongue and everything
Anatole pulls away and they both go super red because they’re both so in love with each other but they can’t even admit it to themselves let alone each other
And Dolokhov is sat there completely dazed
And Anatole gets super scared that Dolokhov is gonna get mad at him (because his dad maybe used accuse Anatole of being gay because our boy loves his fashion, which is why he tries to repress his feelings for Fedya???)
So he just thrusts the camera in his face and is like “HA ITS A PRANK BRO I GOT U NO HOMO” and runs out the room flustered as hell
Dolokhov is just left sitting there like “yes this is fine….. I am 100% okay that my best friend-and long time crush-has just made out with me as a prank”
Everyone in the stream chat is going crazy
Hélène is Shook
Anatole promptly ends the stream early with some weak ass excuse like “oh suddenly I am very sick goodbye”
He begins to regret kissing Fedya because MAYBE HE HATES ANATOLE NOW
But it does get them more followers so…
And now there’s thousands of fanfictions about them
Anatole googles himself because of course he does and shortly after The Incident he finds some ‘danatole’ fanfiction
And he’s like what is this danatole they speak of
He reads a couple(hundred) and is like HOLY SHIT I WISH THIS WAS REAL LIFE
It’s Balaga that comes up with idea of a fake feud
“It’ll get you a fuckton of views Anatole. A fuckton.”
Both Anatole and Fedya love the views
So Balaga writes diss tracks for them both and gives them ideas for some vague tweets
“Can u believe some people just won’t stop talking about their foot fetish smh”
“When someone u care about takes ur sister out to the opera instead of u #ratsthesedays”
(I KNOW 'rats these days’ is a very northern British thing but PLEASE guys I find it so funny thinking of Anatole saying it)
And then they release the diss tracks
Millions of views
Everyone is choosing sides
There’s 'team Anatole’ and 'team Dolokhov’ merch
Anatole calls his fans the 'Anatole kuragin-ers’
Dolokhov calls his fans something even dumber like “tHE FIERCE SQUAD”
“Anyway fierce squad don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and dab on those haters like Anatole kuragin”
So then Anatole takes it a Step Too Far
And he tweets something like “lol I bet @crazygoodshot was totally into that time I kissed him as a prank #DoesFedyaDolokhovIsGay?”
(Anatole is an obnoxious hashtag user fight me)
About 5-10 minutes later he walks in on Dolokhov SOBBING
And Anatole freaks out
It takes him like a good forty five minutes to calm him down because Dolokhov is genuinely devastated
He thinks that Anatole knows he’s gay and is in love with him and that he hates him for it
Eventually Anatole calms him down enough so that Fedya can speak and all he can get out is “do you HATE me Tolya” before breaking down into sobs again
Anatole is heartbroken that HE’S done this to Dolokhov so he deletes the tweet and once Dolokhov no longer has any more tears to cry they Anatole takes him out for coffee
Buys a drink and a cake for him to try and make up for what he’s done
All Dolokhov can do is stare blankly at the table
He’s a whole mix of emotions
He’s angry that Anatole would out him like that, upset that his friend clearly dislikes him for enjoying the kiss, confused as to why he would tweet that out because this was just supposed to be a bit of harmless fun for the Views
Anatole tries to apologise but there’s nothing he can say that makes Dolokhov feel better
They sit in silence for over an hour and Anatole ends up blurting out “I love you”
And Dolokhov looks up for the first time in confusion and Anatole looks at him and says “I’m in love with you Fedya”
And Anatole gets all shy and flustered because he finally told Dolokhov about this crush that he’d bottled up for years
Poor Dolokhov still doesn’t get it he’s like “love me in like,,,,, a friend way?”
And once Fedya has come to terms with this after Anatole has gone on some big ramble about how beautiful he finds him
Fedya confesses his love for Anatole
And they spend the rest of the day holding hands and doing cute couple stuff!!!!
Someone sees them and posts a picture of them holding hands and I’d like “are danatole really feuding????”
And then the eye emoji about 10 times
The picture goes VIRAL
Anatole and Fedya make a video a couple of weeks later explains that the feud is over (they’re both too proud to admit it was all fake tho) and now they’re dating and in love!!
And then everyone writes Dan and Phil-esque fanfiction about them BYE

Snape 2017

N/A: It has been several years since I did a post about the character Severus Snape and the increasing number of people storming about “why you like this creep” is too damn high.

Now that I´m older and wiser(I hope so) I´ll try to do this again and hopefully with a better English.

I´ll try to convey his relationship with Lily and the Marauders.

Many people see their relationship as toxic, and by that I meant, Sev is a creep that was lusting after Lily after all these years.

First off,  Lily and Sev meet each other when they were kids. Do you honestly think that a 7-9 years old Sev would look at Lily and say “Oh, yeah”

Let´s dissect this scene, Severus Snape was a boy coming from an abusive family(regardless if the father beat him up or not, the conditions were abusive) and was poor as well.

Believing to be the only magical kid in the block, one day he spots Lily Evans performing magic, but, Lily was from a loving home and is not poor(Don´t think she was rich but comparing with the Snapes…she was)

A boy coming from an abusive background meeting someone that performs magic just like him will not be the Casanova.

The antis love to say that “Snape was stalking young Lily” but again, let´s pay attention to his background. Could it be that Snape was too shy to approach Lily with 100% confidence?

And one thing the antis love to forget is that Lily didn´t mind his presence, sure there´s the whole “you´re a witch ” “well, that´s mean” which means: Lily would definitely not hang out with Snape if he was a mini

(Guys, they were kids.)

And another thing: She comes from a loving family, you think the parents would notice her new friend and talk about it or even separate if believable he was a bad influence.

But one thing I notice is that we never heard of Lily having other friends, no, I don´t think the Marauders ever saw her as one of the “guys”.

Mary Macdonald seems to enjoy hanging out with her, but there no canonical evidence that they were BFF. So, in the end, she only had one friend.

But why someone like Lily only had one friend? I have my theories about this, here goes my two cents:

1- I think Lily, as a young kid-teenager, was a bit headstrong and too oblivious to things who don´t concern her.

2- I think she used people to her advantage, maybe, I´ll concede that she does not want to hurt the others.

3- She never bother to change to fit in, everyone else should change to fit into her criteria.

Now, with all that said I want to say that Sev and Lily were toxic, not because Sev was stalking her(NEVER HAPPEN IN CANON) but because Lily was a bad friend.

I want to highlight that Lily was not obligate to love him romantically or to solve all his problems, I understand this perfectly.

But I don´t get the feeling that she ever wanted to help or understand his situation.

Of course, that a little Lily couldn´t do much about his situation at home(I found odd that no one intervenes, odd, but not impossible) and maybe Sev didn´t talk about it.

Ok, now let´s remember the “Worst memory” again. For the start why no one question why Snape has this memory?

Secondly, why people try to justify the SEXUAL Harassment that Sev suffer by saying “the Marauders were just kids”

You know, immobilize someone, attack someone without reason and threating to strip them…IS NEVER A GOOD SIGN, REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE.

This is something a frat boy would do, a white frat boy.
Don´t believe me? well, google white frat boy and the shit they have done and drawn yourself the parallels.

And what bothered me in this scene the most is LILY. A guy is humiliating her suppose BFF and when he latches out (not a nice thing to do, but, he wasn´t in a nice situation) she says bye.

I mean, by all means, be angry that he called you M word, but don´t leave him to be humiliated like that. Call a teacher, realize him, do something.

And, YES, she was smiling at the horrible situation Potter create with Sev, she thought it was amused he did all that for her. Even if she wasn´t thinking that….SHE Smiles AT THIS. IS CANON.

What scares me is that maybe Potter did take his trouser down and expose Sev to the world. And no one helps him. NO ONE.

I´m no expert but by any human decency, but let him being humiliated like that is something a bad person would do.

I know people will say: she is just a kid, Potter was just a kid, they all grown up and is not like Sev is innocent.

He is. He was literally sitting away from everyone and reading the papers.


POTTER GROW UP? NO, HE LIED BETTER. Sirius himself confess that Potter tormented Snape behind her back(through, why bother, I don´t think she cares at this point….or maybe she just want to be seeing as this poor victim)


(That would be enough to make me hate his offspring)

I never feel like she was a good friend and now, I don´t think she was a good person, ironically, this makes her more human.

And I don´t get why she agrees to date Potter. Some speculated that it may be a love potion(maybe) or that she was interested in having a good life(then why joining the order?)

My point is she was not a good friend, and the saddest part is that Sev may think the world out of her. He was tormented at home, at school and have a really lousy friend.

(I repeat, friend, and no, Sev was not a friend zone guy since he never told her his feelings)

And to talk briefly about the relationship about Sev and the Mauraders.

I think the constant torment inflict on Sev make him thought that the only way to be someone, to be respect is to have power.

And is obvious Dumby will not give this to him, maybe Voldy will do that(I found curious, that Voldy did honor his request to spare Lily, Tom could very well crucio him and laugh…)

And when he notices he did something bad, Snape tries to do something….unlike many others character that never is sorry for their actions or has to face consequences(like the Marauders)

Yes, Sev is not Mr. Sunshine, but ask that, after suffering what he did(abuse after abuse) would you be Mr. Sunshine?

And, Harry turns out to be ok after the abuse inflicted by the Dursley does not mean anything, why? Because unlike Sev, Harry did have friends that love him.

  • Aveline: All right, I'm just going to say it. Fenris, you need to present yourself better.
  • Fenris: What are you talking about?
  • Aveline: You're squatting in Hightown. I sympathize with your claims, but your neighbors have influence.
  • Fenris: My "claims"?
  • Aveline: To the estate. "Rightfully stolen" isn't exactly something I can forward to the Viscount. Be more discreet about... yourself.
  • Fenris: [snidely] I shall endeavor to exist with less offense.
  • ---
  • Aveline: Fenris, did you consider my offer to train the guard in Tevinter fighting techniques? I've heard nothing.
  • Fenris: My abilities were inflicted, not taught. I will not pass that on.
  • Aveline: Some good should come of them.
  • Fenris: No.
  • ---
  • Fenris: It feels good to be captain of the guard, yes?
  • Aveline: [exasperated] No, I will not change the patrols around your mansion again. There's already been too many questions.
  • Fenris: You wound my pride with such accusations.
  • Aveline: But you were going to ask.
  • Fenris: Eventually.
  • Aveline: [laughing] I'll look at the roster and see what I can do.
  • ---
  • Aveline: Thank you for that tip, Fenris.
  • Fenris: You caught them, then?
  • Aveline: Yes - a whole nest of slave runners working out of the Undercity.
  • Fenris: I imagine you imprisoned them?
  • Aveline: Sadly, they never made it to prison.
  • Fenris: You always know how to make me smile, Aveline.

So I’ve noticed a lot more Quality Diego Luna Content here in the internets dot com due to the upcoming Rogue One movie and figured it was time to tell people Not Yet In The Know about Diego Luna and his beautiful face

so Diego Luna is a Mexican actor who became known in his early twenties for Y Tu Mama Tambien, a movie by Alfonso Cuaron

it’s about two teenagers exploring their sexuality with people like this lady:

except they basically end up exploring each other by the end of it

that other actor is Gael Garcia Bernal who Luna has basically been BFFs with from birth. 

Think Mexico’s Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

luna also did some other projects when he was young like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights which I’ve included here because look at his face

anyway he’s a really fantastic actor who’s been in films like The Terminal and Milk and Book of Life and directed a movie about Cesar Chavez.  He also was one of the better parts of Elysium

he has two kids and is a big Star Wars fan and is basically adorable and hilarious in interviews

he’s also been my secret fancast for Sirius Black from Harry Potter for basically ever

now he’s going to be cassian andor aka the newest addition to LATINXS IN SPACE!!! in Rogue One and we’re all very excited

thank you

But like, aside from how bad I would want to date him, just imagine how cool it would be to have Shawn as a best friend. Just imagine going out with him to see a film and you separate at some point and a really cute guy starts flirting with you and then suddenly he comes back and he’s all cute like, “oh hey,” but all the guy sees is one gigantic teenager towering over the two of you like a skyscraper and he’s like all scared and it’s like “um… I think I should go now.” And then you look at Shawn like “srsly?” bc that always happens to you and he doesn’t even realize the guy left bc he prob thought he was your bf and he’s like “what? was it something I said?” But it would just be the cutest thing ever!!!

No but seriously. I haven’t read the books but I’ve seen the movie so I’m gonna talk about why I love Vampire Academy okay???

  • It features two badass girls who are both sassy, independent and beautiful (like in all sense of the word). The movie centers around this two girls. They don’t fight over a guy. They also have a bond that is so strong that they anchor each other out to sanity.
  • They have different strengths and they use it to protect each other
  • They make mistakes and have teenage urges but they strive to be mature and work towards getting stronger
Taylor Swift: ‘Sexy? Not on my radar'

She’s gone from ringletted country artist to feminist role model and the world’s most charming pop star. As she returns with her catchiest material yet, she talks awards-ceremony etiquette, autobiographical lyrics and why she puts nice before naughty

In Manhattan’s chi-chi Sant Ambroeus restaurant, the pair of smartly dressed women at the next table are making not-so-surreptitious “eek” faces at each other, having clocked that their neighbour for lunch isTaylor Swift. And that’s nothing compared to the commotion gathering outside: wherever Taylor Swift dines, a swarm of fans and paparazzi soon forms on the pavement.

This is normal life for the biggest force in pop right now, a global superstar whose songs soundtrack lives, whose tours sell out stadiums in seconds, and whose every facial expression generates a million tweets. Taylor Swift in 2014 is an extraordinary phenomenon. She began as a ringletted country singer, teenage sweetheart of the American heartland, but between 2006’s eponymous first album and now she’s become the kind of culturally titanic figure adored as much by gnarly rock critics as teenage girls, feminist intellectuals and, well, pretty much all of emotionally sentient humankind. Unlike Beyoncé with her indomitable run-the-world warrior-queen stylings, or Nicki Minaj, with her cartoonified, amplified self and pantheon of alter egos, there is very little image-making going on with Taylor Swift, pop star. Instead, it’s her “realness” that’s made her; as well as, of course, some clever choices and heavy doses of charisma and songwriting talent. She is, as her friend the teenage media magnate Tavi Gevinson put it, nothing less than “BFF to planet Earth”. Which, for one thing, entails talking to planet Earth at a moderate volume.

“When I’m doing a concert, it’s not like, ‘WHAT’S UP LONDONNNNN!’ I pretty much just speak at this level,” she says. As a result, her stadium shows have the confessional good feeling of mass sleepovers and she communicates with her vast audiences “as if I’m talking to them across the dinner table”.

Swift releases an album every two years without fail, which means it’s time for a follow-up to 2012’s Red. We meet in the week before she announces new album 1989 and its lead single, Shake It Off, a breezy, uptempo number about ignoring the haters. She explains: “In the last couple of years I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that anyone can say anything about me and call TMZ or Radar Online or something, and it will be an international headline. You can either go crazy and let it make you bitter and make you not trust people, and become really secluded or rebellious against the whole system. Or you can just shake it off and figure that as long as you’re having more fun than anyone else, what does it matter what anyone else thinks? Because I’ve wanted this life since I was a kid.”

Her cheery, stoical take on celebrity and tabloid intrusion has served her well. “I am not gonna let them make me miserable when I could be enjoying my life,” she says. “That’s why you see these artists become a tabloid regular and then become artistically and musically irrelevant, because they let [gossipy websites] stifle them. It’s not going to happen here.”

For the Shake It Off video, she enlisted 100 fans as well as a load of professional dancers: “Ballet dancers, breakdancers, modern dance, twerkers – and me, trying to keep up with them, sucking.” She adds: “I feel like dancing is sort of a metaphor for the way you live your life. You know how you’re at a house party and there’s a group of people over there just talking and rolling their eyes at everyone dancing? And you know which group is having more fun.”

Dancing enthusiastically amid hauteur has become a Swift trademark; specifically, letting loose at awards ceremonies while everyone else remains seated and stiff. She’s been attending these shows since she was a teenager and, after “eight years of these very stressful and competitive scenarios, sitting in the front row trying to figure out how you’re supposed to act”, she eventually realised that “I can process this as a huge pressure cooker or I can just look at it like I have a front-row seat to the coolest concert right now.” Dancing to Justin Timberlake with Selena Gomez at last year’s VMAs was a particularly fine example of the latter.

But her most famous awards-show moment remains Kanye West’s interruption at the 2009 MTV Awards. Such is Swift’s global standing that the President himself called West “a jackass” and, five years on, the moment still hasn’t quite died in the collective imagination. Or indeed, Swift’s own. When West and Kim Kardashian became parents last year, she tweeted: “@KimKardashian @kanyewest Yo I’m happy for you and imma let you finish but Beyoncé had one of the best labors of all time.”

In short, the interruption only magnified good feeling towards her. Less fortunate was her Grammys appearance the following year in which she wobbled her way through a duet with Stevie Nicks and subsequently suffered an online shellacking. At this year’s ceremony, she seemed determined to eclipse that with a rendition of the bruised All Too Well, a song allegedly inspired by her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Her performance was fierce and focused. When she finished, she turned from the piano and faced the audience with an intent gaze of defiance and held it for several seconds. The message was clear: no more the victim. It’s this song, incidentally, that contains one of the lyrics she’s most proud of: “‘You call me up again just to break me like a promise/ So casually cruel in the name of being honest’”. She pauses, pleased. “I was like, I’ll stand by that one.”

All Too Well was taken from 2012’s Red, an album defined by widescreen, wind-machined renderings of heartache, which confirmed that “country” could finally be dropped from her tag of “country-pop” singer. But 1989, as she explains, is shorter on the “jilted, sad, pining”. Instead, “it’s the phase after that, when you go out into the world and make changes in your life on your own terms, make friends on your own terms, without [literally] saying ‘C’mon girls, we can do it on our own!’”

Those words will kindle the hopes of those who’ve suspected Swift has experienced some sort of feminist awakening over the last few months. Recently, she was spotted browsing the feminist section of a Manhattan book shop. Even more heartening has been the array of BFFs filling her Instagram feed, Lorde and Lena Dunham among them. This seems to be one of the many fun things about being Taylor Swift: that pretty much any smart and interesting young woman in the public eye is yours for the friending. She loved Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine, so sent flowers to congratulate her on its release. Lorde, in turn, got Swift’s number from Gevinson (whom Swift recently counselled through her first heartache) and sent her a long message apologising for once calling her “too flawless to be a role model”. Unsurprisingly, Swift forgave her. The first time they hung out, she says, “We took a walk and sat in the park and ate Shake Shack burgers.”

Her friendship with Dunham began even more simply. Swift had tweeted in praised of Girls, and the moment she followed Dunham on Twitter, Dunham responded with a direct message which said, “something like, ‘Can we be friends please?’ And then that was that.”

Has female friendship become more important to her than romance? “Without a doubt. Because the other alternative” – as in having a boyfriend – “isn’t really possible right now. It just doesn’t seem like a possibility in the near future. It doesn’t ever work. What works is having incredible girlfriends who I can trust and tell anything.”

As for the endless “is Taylor Swift a feminist?” pieces – well, they can die now. “As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities. What it seemed to me, the way it was phrased in culture, society, was that you hate men. And now, I think a lot of girls have had a feminist awakening because they understand what the word means. For so long it’s been made to seem like something where you’d picket against the opposite sex, whereas it’s not about that at all. Becoming friends with Lena – without her preaching to me, but just seeing why she believes what she believes, why she says what she says, why she stands for what she stands for – has made me realise that I’ve been taking a feminist stance without actually saying so.”

I ask if tabloid scrutiny over her lyrics (and the string of famous exes they allude to), has dissuaded her from pursuing what rock critic Robert Christgau calls her “diaristic realism”, or the clues she famously leaves in her liner notes. No, she says, because it’s that sense of reading a journal that “has always connected me to my fans in this very intense way”. Nonetheless, she concedes that “it’s an interesting tightrope walk to write autobiographical songs in an age where mystery is completely out the window”.

The way she sees it, there’s a gender element to such scrutiny. “I really resent the idea that if a woman writes about her feelings, she has too many feelings,” she says. “And I really resent the ‘Be careful, buddy, she’s going to write a song about you’ angle, because it trivialises what I do. It makes it seem like creating art is something you do as a cheap weapon rather than an artistic process. They can say whatever they want about my personal life because I know what my personal life is, and it involves a lot of TV and cats and girlfriends. But I don’t like it when they start to make cheap shots at my songwriting. Because there’s no joke to be made there.”

True: Swift has always been a deft lyricist. Our Song, for example – a perky early hit written when she was 16 – indicates her precocious skill when it reveals itself as the “our song” of the title: in the last verse she sings, “I grabbed a pen/ And an old napkin/ And I wrote down our song”.

The hysteria and scrutiny came later, with songs like 2010’s Better Than Revenge. Fired at the woman who took her man, rather than the man himself, it includes the snide, “no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity” and a chorus that’s distinctly unsisterly: “She’s an actress, whoa/ But she’s better known for the things that she does/ On the mattress, whoa”.

For a moment, Swift seemed in danger of typecasting herself as a victimised prude. “I was 17 when I wrote that,” she reminds me. “That’s the age you are when you think someone can actually take your boyfriend. Then you grow up and realise no one take someone from you if they don’t want to leave.”

We’re meant to assume that anyone making this much money (at Forbes’s estimate, she’ll have raked in $64m this year) or anyone this astronomically successful (seven Grammys, a Country Music Association lifetime achievement award when she was 23, and so on) must be a cold-blooded and ruthless operator. But Swift’s reputation for niceness is unrivalled – and, as I discover a few minutes later, completely deserved.

“It’s always been important to me, that’s always been a priority,” she says. “Every artist has their set of priorities. Being looked at as sexy? Not really on my radar. But nice? I really hope that that is the impression.” She agrees that “nice” is often used pejoratively. “Totally! But I don’t care if that’s not cool, to seem nice or not. I’m not that focused on being cool and I never have been.”

Outside, a sea of big black cameras and upraised iPhones are aimed at the door that she’s about to walk through. After a glance through the windows she wraps her arms around me in a very deliberate hug goodbye. Then she looks me in the eye and says, in a low voice: “Are you ready for a photoshoot? Take my hand.”

Shake It Off is out now; 1989 is out in October