these two are killing me all over again i swear


Requested by Anon #293

Y/N: Julian?
Julian: Y/N, are you okay? Does anywhere hurt?
Y/N: Just my ribs and back. What happened?
Julian: I told you not to go on that mission with The Flash. It was too dangerous.
Y/N: You know me, I’m too stubborn.
Julian: The Flash was on the floor, Savitar was winning and you jumped in front of The Flash and Savitar…he stabbed you. Through the stomach. The doctors said that you can come home within the next two weeks.
Y/N: How are the others?
Julian: You’re in hospital and you’re asking how everyone else is? *laughs* They’re fine. How are you?
Y/N: I was scared, I don’t know what came over me. I just felt the need to protect my friends. I didn’t want anyone to die. Once Savitar, got me, I swear I’ve never felt pain like that Julian.
Julian: Hey, it’s okay, *hugs you* it’s over now. He can’t hurt you.
Y/N: What if I never saw you again? What if Savitar killed you all anyway? What if…
Julian: Y/N, listen to me. Stop wondering what if. You’re here, with me and we’re not going to lose each other. I love you and I’m not letting you do something that stupid again. *laughs*
Y/N: I love you too. *kisses him*
Cisco: *walks in* Ew! You just woke up and you’re already using too much PDA!
Caitlin: How are you feeling Y/N?
Y/N: Good now I know you’re all okay.
Barry: Y/N I’m sorry. I should’ve been faster and this wouldn’t have happ…
Y/N: Barry, stop blaming yourself. You may be a superhero but that doesn’t mean you have to blame yourself when stuff goes wrong. It was my fault. I jumped in front of you. You couldn’t have seen it coming.
Barry: Thanks. Even after getting hurt you’re looking after us.
Julian: Isn’t she amazing?

It’s Over - Michael 5SOS Imagine/Preference

You sat in front of you laptop, scanning over all the things people were posting about you on Twitter. Some of it was nice, but a majority of it was hate. It was insulting, hurtful, and downright disrespectful, and it just made everything worse. You knew dating Michael was going to be hard because of the fans, but you completely forgot about how hard it would be when he was away on tour. Sure, you could deal with people being rude most of the time, but Michael was so busy on tour, that sometimes it felt like he didn’t care that people were being mean to you. He would post about how great the fans were, and wouldn’t bother texting you at all, it just hurt.

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Ok, between the bath bomb meme and the recent interview Exo's Jongdae did saying that he likes to light candles and play smooth jazz during his baths I feel like I have to request a fluff/slightly smutty scenario where Jongdae tries for a romantic evening with his girlfriend by drawing her a bath, and then adds a bath bomb, not fully understanding what it does. I'm seriously dying for this right now! Thank you! - confused friday anon

Slight Smut


“Candles, soft jazz playing, nice warm bath, and some champaign. I think this is going to be a great night. Jongdae smiles to himself as he checks out the work he has done in the bathroom. Candles lit and spread out all over the bathroom, jazz music playing softly in the background, and a freshly drawn bath that he and his girlfriend of a year today will love.

“Babe!” Jongdae yells “Come here”

Sohyun sighs loudly, but gets off the comfortable couch, heading towards the bathroom. “I swear Jongdae, if you went number two and just want me to smell it again I’m going to kill y- Oh my god” Sohyun’s mouth drops as she enters the beautifully decorated bathroom. “You did all of this?” Sohyun turns to Jongdae who has a wide smile on his face.

He nods “Happy one year anniversary. Now hurry and get naked. I don’t want the bath to get cold. I also have one more surprise” Jongdae smile and moves forward, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

Jongdae and Sohyun quickly take off all of their clothes, of course getting a bit touchy at times. Jongdae always wanting to touch her soft bare skin all the time. His hands just gliding over her body, stopping at her breasts, lightly massaging them in his larger hands. He lightly pushes her up against one of the walls in the bathroom. His hands traveling down from her breasts and down between her legs.

“Jongdae, the bath” Sohyun moans out softly and Jongdae pulls back quickly.

“Right, step in my lady”

Sohyun laughs and listens, stepping into the warm bath. With Jongdae following right behind her. They sit down in the bath, Sohyun leaning back against Jongdae’s toned chest.

“Who gave you this idea?”

“No one” Jongdae replies as his hand reaches out of the tub and into the plastic bag grabbing one more thing “I just thought that this would be a good idea and Kyungsoo actually gave me this idea”

He holds a bath bomb in his hand “He said that this will definitely change the mood” He smirks and Sohyun just stares knowing exactly what mood Kyungsoo was talking about.

“Uh Jongdae-”

He places the bomb in the water and soon colors just burst out, the water changing instantly, with the bomb fizzing with the water.

Jongdae’s mouth drops as he sees a mixture of blues spread through the water “Holy shit” He mumbles following the bomb that is slowly moving around the bathtub “This is awesome” His hands go into the water touching it and scooping some up to get a better look.

“Changed the mood alright” Sohyun mumbles as she folds her arms over her chest watching her boyfriend being amazed just by a simple bath bomb. Although, Sohyun tries to change it.

“Baby” She whispers, her hand going under the darkening water, going up to his inner thigh.

“Babe” He ignores her movements “We need to buy more of these. Try all of them”

Sohyun snaps her hand back and gets out of the tub, while Jongdae stays in the bath. Sohyun just wraps the towel around her naked body, glaring at her childish boyfriend “Thanks Kyungsoo”

“Oh, we should thank him too! Good thinking”