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AU Nico gets in an accident and there's permanent brain damage he doesn't remember dating Will and sometimes just spazzs Wills his doctor he keeps it together in front of Nico but then he leaves and Will breaks a bit and Nico is happy wills so nice

Two decades later, here it is. It turned out a little angsty..

Also, I don’t have any idea why I made it so long and added so many moments that didn’t have much to do with the original idea. 

There might be some mistakes too as I wrote it almost whole night and I often got distracted… 

At first there was only darkness and a dull, empty feeling. Then came the pain. Both physical and mental. Moments, memories, started floating in his mind as well as striking pain at his left side which made it hard to breathe. But the images were worse, people he knew started appearing in his mind, all pale, like ghosts. His mother, Maria di Angelo, his sister, Bianca. A sea-green-eyed boy, Percy, alongside a blonde girl, Annabeth. All those faces brought him pain he couldn’t quite place. He remembered a hotel, a man in dark suite, and his mother and sister. Then there was an explosion; his mother was gone. Then he was in the woods with his sister and the green-eyed boy, Percy. There was a monster, then a group of girls came, Bianca joined them. They were brought to a camp. A camp for people like him; demigods. Children with one mortal and one godly parent. Then one night he overheard a conversation, a promise was made. But then it was broken. Shortly after, Bianca was dead. He could feel all the pain, despair all over again. He didn’t know who he was. He didn’t have a place to go. He was only ten. He could feel the hate he felt towards Percy. But there was something more… 

More faces started appearing in his mind. A girl with golden eyes, Hazel. His half-sister. He had brought her back from death. Her boyfriend, Frank, a son of Mars. Jason , son of Jupiter, the first person after Bianca that understood and accepter him. Piper, his girlfriend. Leo, the annoying son of Hephaestus. Reyna, one of the few people he had opened to. 

Suddenly horrific images started flashing in front of him. A fall, place, filled with terrible views. Thousands of monsters, darkness all around, flaming river. Tartarus. Then there was a bronze jar. Cupid, who made him admit his crush; a statue and a satyr; a man, who he later turned into a ghost and sent to the Underworld.  Finally Camp Half-Blood again. A war. The war was won. There was piece for a while. But then there was this monster. He knew he was too tired to beat it but he still tried. He had almost made it, almost stabbed it but then something had went wrong. All after this moment was blank.

More and more holes started filling in the boy’s mind. He recalled his own name, Nico. Yet there was still an emtiness, right next to the pulsating pain in his chest. It was like the feeling when you wake up after a dream and could not remember what happened in it but knew it was a good one, not like the previous nightmares. Nico could remember the shadows of smiles, bright voice he could not entirely recognize, touches that he couldn’t quite place. It all seemed too distant, too surreal for him now. 

Suddenly the pain at his side started calming down until it was nothing more but a dull feeling. Then everything started to change. The memories, faces bcame brighter, they didn’t look like ghosts anymore. He could see everything clear now. The darkness around him was being replaced by soft light. He realised his eyes were closed. He could now sense that he was lying on something soft; a bed. There were voices around him, they sounded worried.

  Someone was worring for him. 

Very slowly and carefully, as he was afraid everything would dissapear, Nico opened his eyes. 

At first it was too bright but eventually his eyes adjusted. There were people around him. 

“Nico?” a worried female voice spoke. Hazel. 

He wanted to speak, tell her he’s okay but he couldn’t find his voice. 

“Guys, he’s awake.” someone else spoke then. It was Jason. A few more faces appeared in Nico’s sight. Jason, with Piper by his side. And Percy and Annabeth. She was sitting on a chair next to the bed’ Percy was lightly holding her hand. Nico didn’t feel anything at the sigh of them.

 Someone gave him a cup with water; he carefully took it and drank. It wasn’t water; nectar. 

“Do you remember anything?” a new voice spoke. Nico urned to it. Chiron. The Camp’s director. 

Nico nodded weakly. He could recognize the place he was, the camp’s Infirmary. 

“Good.” said the centaur. “You need to rest now. We would talk later.”  With those words, he left. 

“Nico.” repeated Hazel, tears shining in her eyes now. “We were all so worried. You were in a coma for two weeks.” she reached for his hand and squeezed it. 

Two weeks? Was this really so? He didn’t feel that so much time had passed but looking at the others’ faces, it was true. 

“Are you really okay?” asked Jason. 

“I-I’ll be fine.” managed to finally say Nico. His voice was hoarse and dry. 

“Nico!” someone suddenly bursted into the room. A blonde boy jumped on the bed and wrapped his arms around the son of Hades tightly. “I was so worried for you! I was afraid you might not wake up, and-” the boy chocked as he was crying; Nico couldn’t tell for sure as his face was pressed into the boy’s shirt. 

“Who-who are you?” Nico managed to ask finally. He didn’t meant to be rude but he didn’t know the boy and this situation was confusing him. 

The boy slowly let go of Nico and pulled back enough so he would look at him. There was a surprise written all over his face. It also showed something that the dark-haired boy couldn’t quite place. Sadness? Grief? 

“I’m Will.” answered the other one. “Will Solace. Don’t you.. don’t you remember me?” 

Nico slowly shook his head.

“Sorry.” he managed to say. The name didn’t mean anything to him. 

“We’d better get going.” said Annabeth, tugging at Percy’s sleeve. “Hope you get better soon, Nico.” 

“We’ll come by again those days.” added Percy.

With those words, the two of them left. 

“We’d better go as well, you really need to rest.” said Jason as he and Piper got up. 

“Hope you feel better soon.” wished him the daughter of Aphrodite before they also left. 

Now it was only Hazel and this boy, Will. Nico wasn’t quite sure what exactly made the others leave so suddenly but he didn’t really thought it was the time to consider it. 

There was an awkward silence settled between the three now. That was, until Hazel spoke. 

“Nico,” she said, her voice was soft and calm, as she was talking to a scared animal. “Will is-” 

“-your doctor.” finished the sentance the blonde. “I’m your doctor. That’s it.” 

His voice sounded dull and empty. Nico could recognize his tone; he had spoken the same way to Percy when he saw him in Camp Jupiter all those years ago. But why was his person acting like that? Why Nico couldn’t remember him? Surely, he couldn’t have missed seeing him and he doubted that a new child in camp would be appointed to take care of the wounded campers so quickly. Also, he was too old and it was unlikely for him to be new. 

“I don’t like losing patients.” said Will. “That’s why I was so happy you woke up. Now if you would excuse me. I have to visit one other camper.” with those words he quickly left. 

Nico looked at Hazel, hoping for an explanation. However, all he got was a sympathetic smile and a shudder. 

“Do you want to talk?” she asked him. He shook his head. There was nothing he wanted to say right now. 

That night Will didn’t go to the Campfire. Nor he visited another camper. As soon as he left the room, he ran. He ran  as fast as he could and as far as he could reach, not caring for anything and anyone. There was only one thought in his mind. Nico didn’t remember him. His Nico. His Death Boy. He couldn’t recognize him. The son of Apollo could feel hot tears running down his face. Two weeks. For two weeks he couldn’t sleep or eat right. He couldn’t think of anything but the very real chance of losing Nico. When he had heard the exitment from the room the other boy was placed in earlier; his happiness was almost unbearable. He felt as he could fly. There were so many things he wanted to say, to so.  But then it all faded. Nico didn’t recognize him. He had lost him.

 He was still happy, of course. Nico had woken up. He was going to survive. But the thought that he would never be able to talk to him, to touch him like before, made Will’s heart sink. After all the difficulties they had went through. After all this waiting, hoping, this is what finally happened. 

It wasn’t fair. Will wanted to scream. It wasn’t fair to lose all the people he loved. When he was only eleven, his mother had died. His two half brothers, Michael Yew and Lee Fletcher were both slain during battles. Will was a healer. He knew he couldn’t save everyone. He knew that death came sooner or later and also knew that most demigods died at a young age. Yet, he couldn’t help but feel that it was unfair to lose the one person he loved so dearly. 

When Nico had asked who he was, he couldn’t bring himself to tell him the truth. Or at least, all the truth. He couldn’t bare to watch the person he loved for two years now, look at him and not know what to do. For Hades’ sake, Will also wouldn’t know what to do on Nico’s place! He seemed to recognize all the other people but him. How could he tell the boy that they were in a relationship for year and a half now when the other didn’t even know his name? No, it was better if Nico didn’t know. Then Will would also pretend it was not true. He would only hope that one day, maybe, Nico would remember. Maybe he would love him again. But it was going to be one day. Not now. And there was nothing Will could do about it. 

Soon enough, he reached the lake. Exhausted from all the running and emotions inside of him, he collapsed and stayed there for the rest of the day. 

It was one week later when Nico was finally able to leave the Infirmary and return to Cabin 13. It was surprisingly soon but after all, demigods were healing sooner than normal people as they used nectar and ambrosia. Of course, it still hurted a little, as Nico later found out, he had several broken ribs and one of his kidneys was pierced, but he was going to survive. He only needed to rest and return to the Infirmary so Will could check how his healing was going on every few days. 

Nico softly sighed at the thought as he was walking, Hazel right next to him in case he needed help or anything. 

He still didn’t know what exactly was this thing with Will. Ever since the first time he saw him, the other boy acted distant, profesional with him. He didn’t talk to Nico unless it was necessary. Not that the dark-haired boy minded this but it felt strange. The blonde’s behaviour was much different than it was at first but it didn’t seem as anyone was willing to tell Nico what exactly it was that made him act this way. 

When they reached the Cabin, Hazel insisted that Nico should lie down on bed and not get up or move unless required. 

“Don’t worry for the meals, I already spoke with Chiron and it is okay to bring them here.” she said. “Jason and the others promised to visit you later.” Nico only nodded. 

The other demigods had visited Nico several times as he was still in the Infirmary. They didn’t stay long but it was still comforting to know that someone cared. He wasn’t sure why Percy and Annabeth actually came but he didn’t mind. They were good friends, even if he wasn’t very close with them for obvious reasons. 

“I’ll have to return to Camp Jupiter soon.” said Hazel in a tinier voice after a while. 

She had told Nico that as soon as she had heard about him, she had came to Camp Half-Blood as soon as possible but both of them knew she belonged in the other Camp. There wasn’t a war anymore between Greeks and Romans but she belonged there. The same way that Nico thought he belonged to Camp Half-Blood despite his previous refusement. But there was this feeling again, the emptiness. The thing that kept him in Camp was missing. 

“I know you.” the words startled Will. However, his exitment was short. “You delivered Coach Hedge and Mellie’s baby, right?” asked Nico as soon as Will went into the room. 

The blonde felt his heart sink once again. Every time he saw Nico, the hope was rising in him, only to be removed by almost unbearable sadness later. 

“Yeah.” he admitted, moving closer to the other boy but still keeping his distance. 

“Later you called me an idiot.” acussed him Nico and Will couldn’t help but smile a little. 

“I guess I did.” It was still better than nothing. Maybe Nico didn’t remember to be Will’s boyfriend but at least he remembered who Will was now. 

“You believed that I bleong here.” stated Nico again, now also smiling. 

Will nodded. 

“I thought you were my friend.” Nico spoke again, This time his voice was more serious. “Why didn’t you tell me, Will?”

“Didn’t think it was the right time.” shrugged Will. 

Nico only nodded and then went quiet. 

“Let’s see how your healing is going…” 

Later that day, WIll found himself by the lake, tears streaming down his face again. 

“Hey, Neeks.” greeted Jason as he went into Cabin 13. “Feeling better?” he asked. 

Nico nodded. 

“I brought you dinner.” said Jason again, hanging the other boy a dish with pizza in it. “Also, here’s something special.” the boy reached into his pocked and pulled out a can of Coca-Cola from it. “The Stolls asked me to give you this. Hopefully, it won’t kill you.” 

“Thanks.” Nico managed to say, smiling. He didn’t like to admit it but he actually liked being taken care of, even if by only being visited and sometimes brought something by the others. 

“I heard Hazel was going to leave tomorrow morning.” said Jason after a while. Nico nodded again. 

“Yeah.” he answered. “I was hoping to come and see her off.” admitted the boy. 

“Do you think it would be a good idea?” asked Jason when he heard that. 

“I apprechiate that you care but I’m fine, really. I can walk by myself and rarely feel pain at all.” reassured him the son of Hades. “It won’t do any harm to go out of here for a while in order to do something else that visit the Infirmary.” 

“Sure.” agreed the blonde. 

“Hope you travel well.” said Nico as he came to stand in front of Hazel. He, Percy, Annabeth, Jason and Piper had came to the borders of the Camp, just next to Thalia’s three, to see their friend off. 

“Thanks.” said Hazel. “I’ll Iris message you as soon as I’m there.” she promised. 

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” smiled Nico. 

Hazel hugged him tightly. 

“Take care.” she whispered to him. 

“You too.” he answered. 

After that, she said her goodbyes with the others and left. Soon after, Jason and Percy decided to go training and the girls joined them, leaving Nico alone. The boy didn’t mind, really. He was used to being alone since a lot of time now. 

Slowly, without hurring for anywhere, he made his way down the hill and towards the wood. He didn’t feel like returning to the Hades cabin just yet. It was the end of the summer, still hot but not impossibly and he enjoyed staying outside. Before, Nico would have never stayed out just to enjoy the sunny weather but he had changed a lot since then. 

The son of Hades walked for about half an hour, when he heard it. A distant weep. It was quiet, almost as if it wasn’t there but he somehow heard it. He still didn’t really like socializing and communicating with people much, but he couldn’t help it. He had to know who it was. The feeling of grief and lonliness wasn’t unfamiliar to him. 

Following the voice, Nico soon found himself by the lake where there was a figure, sitting on the sand. It had their arms wrapped around their knees, a blonde head tilted down. 

Will. Nico realised. 

He didn’t know what to do. Yes, he remembered small bits of Will now. But the other boy was still looked too distant and somehow unfamiliar to Nico. Also, it was a personal moment, Nico didn’t want to ruin it. 

He is all alone. Suddenly thought Nico. He knew the best how awful it was to felt alone, forgotten. Now, when there were actually people caring for him and asking if he was fine, the son of Hades didn’t feel as he once did but even after hundred almost-deadly wounds, he wouldn’t forget what the feeling was. With a sigh, he approached the son of Apollo. 

“Will.” he quietly said as if not to scare him. It didn’t work. The other boy jumped startled and turned around to look at Nico, confusion written all over his face. 

“Nico?” he asked. “What are you doing here? You were supposed to rest.” he accused him.

“I went to see Hazel off and didn’t want to return to my cabin again.” th boy admitted, taking a step closer. “Are you okay?” 

“I-I’m fine.” said the other boy, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand in an unusually hurried and angry manner. “You should go back.” he used his doctor’s tone. 

“You lied.” stated Nico as if it wasn’t already obvious. He made a few more steps until he was in front of Will. “What is it?” he asked softly. 

“You wouldn’t understand.” Will shook his head. 

Nico sat down next to him. “Try me.” he said, determined to understand what had made the son of Apollo so sad. 

When the other stubbornly refused to look at him or talk, Nico spoke again. 

“Look, I know that there’s no reason to trust me with your personal issues but I know better than everyone how you feel.” 

“No, you don’t.” said Will, still ignoring him, burried in his own thoughts. “I.. I lost someone very important for me.” he then added softer. 

“You thought I wouldn’t understand this from everything?” bitterly asked him Nico. “Will, I’ve lost too many people in my life already.” he hesitantly reached for the other boy and placed his hand over his. Will’s arm was warm and soft, Nico noted. It brought some kind of comfort, touching it, even thought it had to work the other way. 

Will jumped a little again and looked at their hands, then at Nico. This made the other boy almost want to pull his away. There was something strange in Will’s eyes. As if this gesture from Nico had hurt him somehow. 

“It’s not the same.” said the blonde quietly. “They’re not dead. But it would never be the same as it once was.” he slowly pulled his hand from under Nico’s, looking at the distance where small waves were crushing in the sand. 

Nico didn’t know what do say or do. He couldn’t help Will. 

“Please go, Nico.” said Will again. There was bitterness in his voice again. He really meant it. Nico decided to do as he was told. 

The next day Will went to the Infirmary later than usual. He hadn’t got much sleep that night, the last day’s events running in his mind over and over again. He felt angry. He was angry with himself for acting so rude. He was angry with Nico for finding him, pouring more salt into his wounds even thought the other boy didn’t know it. He was angry with the Fates for the whole situation. 

He lazily made his way into one of the rooms. There weren’t many campers that needed help this morning, luckily. 

However, there was a person, sitting on the bed. 

“Nico.” said Will. There was a surprise in his voice. What was the other boy doing there? “I’m sorry, I had probably forgotten that you had to come-” he started saying with a firm voice, not letting his previous emotions show but he was suddenly cut off. 

“Will.” said Nico. He got up and approached him. Will looked up at him. The way he had said his name, the tone, surprised the blonde. There was hope in it, but also impatience and what seemed like happiness. The other boy stopped right in front of the son of Apollo. He looked him in the eyes. There was a gleam in his that Will couldn’t quite place. It looked so familiar, a gleam he had never expected to see again. “I remembered.” said Nico simply, a smile forming on his face. “I remembered everything.” 

Twitter Fingers Pt. 2

Sometimes You Should Just Keep Your Mouth Shut (N.M)

Requested: You know it (requested by multiple people)

Rating: Strong language

A/N: Part two highly requested. Still think I have too much fun writing this #stillnotsorry.

Nate’s POV

             I woke up to the sound of Y/N digging through her stuff under the sink that she wanted to take to the shoot that she had today. I know they do everything for her there but she has really sensitive skin so it makes me happy that they let her take her own things to the shoot so she isn’t in pain because of the other harsh products. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to see her in my sleeveless gray hoodie with her favorite pair of black VS Pink leggings. Damn I should give her my clothes more often. Her hair is in an adorable messy bun with pieces sticking out everywhere, but she’s not acting how she normally does on shoot days, she’s way less excited and seems more nervous than anything. She’s seemingly overthinking something. I mean not that she doesn’t look hot doing it, but she kinda just seems bothered by something.

I never know why she doesn’t just sleep in a little more on shoot days. Like why wake up at 4:30 AM for a shoot that starts at 9:00? She’s always wanted to look good for me but that doesn’t even matter, she’s going to have a team of people running around her making her look ‘better’. Honestly the only thing that could do that, is that bikini that they’re going to put her in. My baby is too hot. That’s something I can’t wait to see. “You look good lil mama” I say moving to hug her. She jumps a little bit not expecting me to be up. She hugs me back then pauses as if she’s contemplating whether or not to say something. “So twitter last night…” she trailed off. “Carter was being an ass,” I simply state guiding her to the kitchen. “Someone had to put him back in his place and nobody ever has the right to say a goddamn word about my babygirl, or her career, ever.” I know that she needs reassuring so I’m silently praying that this helps.


             “But tell me honestly,” I say leaning back against the counter and taking a sip of my coffee while watching the sky progressively get lighter. “Does it bother you that people can see that much of my body anytime that they want to?” I waited for his response not knowing how he would answer. “Y/N you know that it doesn’t bother me as long as I’m the one that you’re coming home to. I mean you know that people are going to say things just as much as I do,” he stood in front of me and pushed me harder against the cold marble of the counter “As long as I’m the one who gets to see ALL of it when you come home.” He paused.  “Every curve” he dropped his head down to my neck and slowly began one of his favorite things to do, turning me on. “Every inch,” Damn, it never ceases to amaze me how easy this is for him. His hands snaked under the hoodie and around my back to run his hands down the skin that covers my spine. He pulled away and looked at me for a second before speaking up which gave me the perfect time to admire his face in the early morning glow coming from the bay window. “Carter is just jealous because he can’t do this.” He picked me up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. I lightly giggled when his hands took on the task of kneading my ass. He didn’t stop at the bedroom door and press me against it like he normally would’ve done. He laid me on my back and crawled into the space I had left for him between my legs. He pulled at the hoodie telling me that he wanted it off. Thank god that this boy has problems sleeping in multiple articles of clothing because now was a great time for him to be in just his boxers. Once my back was on the mattress again, I looked up at him and told him exactly what I knew that he wanted to hear “he may have called me a slut but he doesn’t have a clue how dirty you make me wanna be for you.”

Part 3???

Part One Below

anonymous asked:

I usually consider Feuilly to be aro/ace, but growing up he didn't know that those were things that people could be, so he just kinda figured that something was wrong with it, and maybe he asked a foster parent or sibling once about it and they laughed at him, so he never brought it up. And then one day he meets Enjolras and is invited to a meeting, and maybe a little while after that they talk about aro/ace representation and Feuilly is just like 'oh'

y e a h!

  • he didn’t think about it much when he was younger - he had other things to worry him, even when he was really little - but starting from middle school, all the other kids were starting to develop crushes and things started to get a little more complicated between boys and girls (and sometimes boys and other boys, and girls and other girls, and kinds that didn’t fit in these two genders too).
  • feuilly didn’t feel that affect him directly, though? he made up crushes and even celebrities he liked when people asked him, because frankly he didn’t get what the big deal was but the other kids made fun of him if he told them that.
  • and gradually he starts to worry. is it normal? is everyone else faking too to fit in in a weird sort of tradition? is it just him? if it is, why is it so? why is he different?
  • does it have anything to do with his childhood? because even in middle school and beyond, feuilly’s home life isn’t exactly the most stable, or warm. he barely remembers his parents, and though he’s had a good case worker for a while, and okay foster parents, he never felt really loved the way a child should.
  • so he starts thinking that maybe he’s broken. maybe even if he tries his hardest to fit in with all the other kids, he’ll never be like them, because he doesn’t feel romantic or sexual attraction the others do. maybe he’s just wrong, and he’ll always have to lie and fake if he wants to fit in anywhere. he ends up withdrawing even more in himself, because he thinks that maybe he just isn’t made for long lasting connections with people.
  • high school is kind of a bad time for him. he keeps his head down and works his ass off to get to a good college; he can’t remember making a single friend.
  • he meets like amis sometime during his first year of university. and that’s when, for the first time, he realises that there are other people like him and that there are words for it and that not feeling romantic or sexual attraction definitely doesn’t mean he can’t make stronger-than-anything bonds with other people. and he’s not broken at all. <3

This life gets bitterly cold. Sometimes you just need to cling to the person you can claw your way out of the dark with.”

like nobody’s around

summary: 40. nerd and jock are secretly dating AU. send me a prompt from this list. requested by bisexual-killian-jones, in-spirational, and two other Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 2,400

rating: let’s just say there’s teenage drama (a little) and lots of adorable moments

a/n: i literally know nothing about teenage drama at school, so like, this is exaggerated shit you can just enjoy. oh and thanks to piratesails for picnic idea.

Killian hates being the jock of the school, he doesn’t mean to be one, but this reputation has sprouted and he can’t exactly dim down on his behaviour too much. People already know he hangs out with Emma Swan, the apparent orphan and nerd of the school (sometimes). Ever since she arrived, he’s seen the eyes of an orphan because it takes one to know one. Sure, she’s been told to avoid Killian Jones at all costs, but he’s a persistent guy who fights for what he wants, and he’s fought for her attention already.

Hence, well, they’re little situation in secretly dating behind everyone’s backs.

Though of course, it doesn’t go without saying how much he’s teased her so far this year. He still does and she always hits him square in the arm or the chest when he does, only to elicit more teasing and mocking.

The library, apparently at her insistence, is always full of other people, so she always ends up in the gym on the bleachers reading the latest book or getting ahead with the newest project from class. It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate any of that, but he’s distracted more often than not, wanting to call out to her, but he can’t do that. It’s supposed to be a secret. His friends may not mind (because they’re actually decently nice people), but the school gossip definitely would.

So they keep to themselves during school times while he’s busy with basketball or swimming, or while she’s reading the latest issue of whatever comic she likes. (Secretly, he likes them too, but of course he’s never going to admit that.)

She makes him want to be a different person, she makes him want to drop his perfect reputation for her.

“Ass,” she mutters.

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bestfriend!michael who practically lives at your apartment even though he technically shares one with luke and it wouldn’t be weird at all for you to come home and find him raiding your kitchen or playing video games in your lounge room. you would have gotten him a key because it was just easier than having to get up and open the door for him every time that he text you saying he was outside and he had his own drawer because he left so much of his stuff lying around and it was making too much of a mess. and sometimes he’d show up in the middle of the night and crawl into bed next to you because “luke snores and i missed you”, or because he couldn’t sleep and he wanted you to do something with him which usually ended in the two of you passed out on the couch after binging a tv show on netflix. 

and he doesn’t say anything when you start seeing one of the guys you work with but his stays become shorter and visits less frequent which is why he’s sitting in his own bed rather than yours when you call him up in tears because the guy from work had cheated on you. he wants to beat the shit out of the guy for hurting you but when he gets to your apartment and you’re crying alone in your room he knows that you need him more than he needs to hurt the idiot who made you feel like this so he lies down next to you and holds you until you eventually fall asleep in his arms and that’s when he allows himself to admit that maybe he likes you more than a friend should.


Jurassic World, Owen Grady x Reader  smutty, in a romance novel sort of way, reader can’t comprehend Owen Grady being interested

Rated R, adult language and sexual situations

Word Count: 3427 (it’s a looooooong one, heh)

I’m the only one to blame for this idea.  It’s probably terrible and I ask that if you do think it sucks you don’t bad-mouth me too harshly.  It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written any sort of sex, so I’m just getting back into the swing of things. This will probably be the worst thing ever!

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Once upon a time there was a bear and a rabbit. These two animals were very good friends and would sometimes look out for each other. One day the Bear and the rabbit were playing with their friends the foxes, they all enjoyed each others company and would have a lot of fun together. They would tell stories and jokes, play games, or even just talk to each other. The Bear and the rabbit were very happy when they would spend time with the Foxes. Couple months later a group of black foxes came in and joined them, the Bear and the rabbit didn’t think too much of them, they just thought of them as new friends who want to spent time with them. As a few weeks have passed they started turning out ok. Until one day, the black foxes started to turn against the rabbit and it has been going on for a while, they would tease them, yell at them, call them names, and sometimes spread rumors about them. This made the bunny very upset, to a point where they just ran off without warning. The Bear saw what happened and when the rabbit left, she just felt lonely. A few days later the Bear got worried about the rabbit, thinking that if it was their fault that the rabbit left. She finally saw the rabbit again and was very happy to see them but was also worried of everything was ok. The Bear noticed that the rabbit started their own group and made a lot of new friends as well. This made the Bear very happy to see that her rabbit friend was doing ok. Every so often the Bear would join in on the rabbit to see of they’re doing ok, she felt more happy being with the rabbit than with the Foxes thought she would still hang out with them at times. Everything seemed like it was ok and the Bear was very happy about the rabbit’s decision, but there was one thing going on that every one though would end, the black foxes would still haunt the rabbit. You see ever that harassment, the rabbit always said they would never want to go back to the foxes ever again, no one is even allowed to talk about them when the poor rabbit is around because it would make them very upset and bring back bad memories of what happened. This made the Bear very upset, not because of the rabbit but because of the black foxes did to them, they really wanted to help bit the Bear wasn’t strong enough to protect them from all of those harsh action. Every now and then some other animals would ask the rabbit if they would ever come back to the foxes, the rabbit didn’t like it when the other animals did that and the Bear hated it twice as much. The Bear couldn’t just leave the foxes since they meant a lot to her, but she would never leave the rabbit since they mean a lot to her. This made the Bear very upset with herself. She would always feel bad about having fun with the Foxes because she would sometimes forget about what the black ones did to the rabbit and evrytime she thought about that she would become very curious with them, unfortunately fighting them was never the safest or smartest choice to make because she’s powerless against them. Sometimes the Bear would become depressed or even cry to herself, thinking about all the fun times she had when her, the bunny, and the foxes were all together. One day the rabbit saw the poor Bear crying, they walk up to her and asks “Hey old friend, what’s the matter?” “I hate those mean foxes for hurting you” says the bear, “I hate myself for not protecting you, I have so much fun with them, but I still remember what they did to you. I’m sorry, I’m a bad bad friend.” The rabbit then gives her a hug “You are not a bad friend, you always look out for me and the others, you care about us and you respect me. Don’t be upset that you’re having fun with the Foxes, you do what makes you happy.” The Bear then picks up the bunny and gives them a nice hug. “You are my best friend Bunny” says the Bear. “You’re a good Bear.” Says the rabbit.

The end.

—–story by: weretoons

—–thank you so much :)

Gruvia grocery store flirting au

Juvia wouldn’t complain about her summer job she got at the grocery store. Even though her shifts were long and boring; doing basically the same thing all day. But it was hard enough for her to actually get a summer job at the age of seventeen and it was a pity she’s turn eighteen later that year.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like the place, the boss or her co- workers. Among Juvia’s co- workers, she met Lisanna Strauss the first day of work and they immediately hit it off and became close friends that summer. Lisanna was Juvia’s age, had two older siblings and she set her goals high to become a veterinarian, just like Juvia wanted to start studying to become a marine biologist after high school. They talked about crushes and love too sometimes, just like girls did. Apparently Lisanna had this major crush on a guy named Bixlow who she knew since her childhood. Juvia didn’t really like the topic much since she’s been hurt in the past but Lisanna always understood. 

As she was organizing a shelf, someone interrupted her.

‘’Excuse me?’’

Juvia looked up to see a tall guy, probably around her age, had dark spiky hair and damn he had a beautiful, muscular body. She’s be lying if she said he wasn’t attractive.


‘’Could you please show me where I can find cantaloupe*?’’ he asked her.

‘’Yes, of course!’’ she answered with a big smile as she lead the way as he followed her. Juvia barely got to help a lot of customers so she was happy she got to.

It didn’t take long for her to do her job and found the fruit section.

‘’Thank you so much’’ he smiled at her.

‘’It’s no problem. Just doing my job’’ she smiled back and went back to where she left of.

A few minutes later she heard a familiar voice.


And there he was again.

‘’Oh hi there Mr. Cantaloupe. Let me guess, you can’t find the watermelon?’’ she joked and they both laughed.

‘’You’re funny. I like you’’ he began. ‘’No, actually I have something to confess’’

‘’Uh, okay? Go ahead?’’ Juvia was really confused.

‘’I actually knew where the the cantaloupes were. I just wanted your attention’’ he smirked.

Hearing those words made Juvia’s whole face heat up and she swore she was red as a tomato, which she was.

‘’O-oh r-really?’’

‘’Yes, really’’

Curse his smirking. Curse him, curse him for being this… this hot god damn.

‘’You mind being my cashier when I check out?’’

Damn this guy.

‘’N- no I don’t’’ Juvia barely stuttered except when she was nervous or shy and she blamed this guy. Yup, it’s all his fault.

‘’Great, because I got almost everything I need’’

Juvia didn’t think he would come immediately to the check out. Didn’t he forget some things?

‘’I thought you didn’t have everything yet’’

‘’Oh I don’t. Your name and your phone number is what’s left’’ he smirked for probably the hundredth time and god he looked more and more hot every time he did that and Juvia tried not to blush and it was god damn hard.

‘’Juvia. Juvia Lockser’’ she held out her hand.

‘’Gray Fullbuster’’ he took her hand and brought it to his hips.

Are you kidding me. Juvia keep your cool, just be cool. Breath in and breath out, you got this!

After checking out Gray’s purchases Juvia gladly gave him her number.

‘’I’ll see you later. Juvia’’ he winked at her and left the store.

She wanted to scream, she wanted to let everything out. She couldn’t take it anymore.

‘’Who was that?’’


‘’Juvia was that your boyfriend?’’


okay so this story is based on a true happening actually. my friend told me she met this guy at the grocery store there she works for the summer and he did the exact same thing like i made gray do and they’ve gona out on dates and oh my god i just had to write this i got so inspired!! i also wanted to throw some juvia x lisanna brotp! it came out better than i thought but it still could be better i think hhehehee. sorry for any errors and such my english isn’t the best. i really enjoyed writing this :>

Cantaloupe* for those who don’t know what a cantaloupe is

oh my god sometimes I’m like ‘Mabel is so smart and loving she should definitely be the hero’ but then other times I’m like 'but Dipper man he’s made a lot of shitty mistakes but he has a good heart, he’s earned his chance to not fuck up something for once’ like…this is too much stress. how can I choose between my kids. can they just be better than the Stans and BOTH be heroes?

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How do you start appreciating/understanding art? Bc I really want to be able to do those two things but I have no idea how.

For me it sometimes works better to not push it too much. like if I really want to “understand” a certain art piece sometimes I just think it’s ok if I don’t get it I can still -> appreciate it for its nice colors/ composition/ whatever it is that catches your eye + makes u look at it just a little longer than most things! And on understanding art, when you’re at an art museum it can be really interesting and informative to read the little description (if it has an explanation w the title and date of the painting/ art) and also getting to know more about the artist can be really interesting too. Sometimes you can find explanations for certain art pieces, even though it can be nice to find your own interpretation for an artwork and what it means to you!

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What should you do when you and your boyfriend love each other so so much but sometimes get hopeless because of the distance?

I would just try as much as you can to make it work but if it’s too much maybe you two could have a break

Honesty hour!! answering everything you ask :)

The sudden movement and landing on the ground was certainly enough to wake him up completely. He placed his hand on his head. “You know, asking me to move would have been a better way to do that,” he replied tiredly, not holding any annoyance, aware that it was an accident.

“Not that it’s the first time,” he said, accepting her hand and standing up. “You do that in your sleep sometimes. But, I’m okay, no need to worry.”

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Am I remembering wrongly or did you do an year abroad too? I'm about to leave for my Erasmus exchange and I'm freaking out, some tips would be extremely appreciated! Also did I formulate properly the first question? I'm having a sudden doubt about how double questions work in english ...

You’re remembering correctly and you formulated the question beautifully ahah.

I split my year abroad between two summers in France, and a semester each in Germany and Italy.

Okay so, arrive as early as you can and leave as late as you can, and while you’re there just.. do as much as you can really. Get to know the city as well as you can, and the area around it too if possible. There will be some kind of exchange student organisation or something - the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is pretty widespread but sometimes unis just have their own private things - and they’ll organise parties and trips and cultural events and stuff, either free or paid but cheap, and it’s a great way to do different things and to get to know other foreign students. Look up your city and your area online before going, make a list of things you want to do, to experience, to eat, to drink, to visit, and actively work at ticking off that list while you’re there. The time passes quicker than you’ll realise.

Take photos or items from home with you, stick photos up around your room and try to take some of your fave snacks or drinks or whatever so you’ve got a little something there if you get homesick (which will likely happen), but try not to think about home too much. An Erasmus experience is by its very nature ephemeral, and home will still be there for you when you get back. I knew some people who would skype parterns and family and stuff literally every day and that just seems like kinda a waste to me.
Speaking of, try not to get too involved with ONLY people from where you’re from. It’s easy to do because you have that instant connection with both language and culture, and it’s okay to do it sometimes and you can still make great friends like that, but you don’t want that to be your only friend circle.

On a practical note, be organised. Take some kind of folder and keep all of your necessary documentation organised and in one place. Passport, ID photos, birth certificate, results slip if necessary, proof of home address, of parents’ income, of health/travel insurance, visas or whatever, anything you could possibly be asked for have photocopies in an organised place. You can also add to that any bank details or housing contracts or whatever you get after arriving. On that note, getting a local phone sim/number should be like one of your first priorities.

Nothing else is coming to me right now but of course anyone else is free to contribute! Hope you have an awesome time ^^

You can find a home in anything.
In a moment,
in a song,
in another human.
But sometimes people forget that your home
can just be a place too.
And that you can cry and wish to be wrapped up in a skyline, just as much as you wish to be wrapped up in a person.

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After a sometimes messy first season, Netflix’s BoJack Horseman has found its footing beautifully in season two, earning the title of not just the streaming service’s best show, but of one of television’s best shows. It’s a strange, sad trip through the dark underbelly of fame, mixed with some of the most brilliant, caustic social commentary out there. And did I mention it’s funny? Sometimes bitterly so, with jokes that leave you tearing up as much as laughing.

All of those characteristics should bring to mind AMC’s esteemed advertising drama. ButBoJack and Mad Men have something else in common, too: At their core, both shows are about the impossibility of happiness. And if you don’t believe me, check out BoJack’ssecond-season poster. How Mad Men is that?

Here are five areas where the two shows overlap in ways that speak to their incredible quality.

Niall Imagine for Kenzie

“I miss you so much,” Niall says on the other line.

“I miss you too,” you say with a smirk as you leave your hotel room and head for the elevator. You want to get on the tour bus before the boys do.

“Well, we’ve got to leave for the show soon. I’ll talk to you later then.”

“Yep. Have fun!”

“I love you,” Niall says, and you can hear the sadness in his voice. When Niall’s on tour, you guys just miss each other so much. Even phone calls are hard sometimes because you just wish you could be together. But now you’re sneaking onto the bus for your big surprise. You flew out to see him on tour two weeks early. You knew Niall would flip–you couldn’t wait to see his face, and get your arms around him again.

“I love you too,” you say just as you slip out the back entrance of the hotel to the bus and hang up the phone. Security is waiting to sneak you on. You take a seat on the couch and wait.

Soon you hear Harry’s laughter and you know they’re close. The other boys know your plan. Harry get on the bus first and gives you a silent wave. So do Louis and Liam. Then Niall comes on, head in his phone, texting you something no doubt. When he looks up and sees you, he jumps back.

“Kenzie?!” he says. You don’t even respond–you just run to him and give him a big hug. You stay in each other’s arms for a good five minutes, just laughing and hugging. You know Niall is over the moon.

“Are you surprised?” you ask when you finally break apart.

“Seriously,” he says. “This is the best surprise ever!”

“I love you so much,” you say as you go in for another big hug. As you and Niall snuggle up on the couch, you make a mental note to surprise him on tour more often.

uhhhhh more writing under cut i guess nothing really to say about this except “it’s about time I write something with the twins and without damo”

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