these two are just too cute and i'm having an otp feels moment ok

so i wrote some ransom/lardo/holster tags and @epickegster sent me a message about it and then i proceeded to instantly word vomit 1500 words about it because I WANT. THEM. TO DATE.

anyway here it is, slightly cleaned up. (rated teen)

imagine ransom and lardo hooking up in secret for WEEKS and like…. they don’t want holster to know because they don’t want him to think they’re not into him!!!! but!!!! also!!!! it’s hard to keep it a secret lmao

they regularly debate like. “should we tell him and then when we’re Established as casually dating we can invite him?? for a threesome??? would that work???” “no maybe he’d get jealous and sad and also, maybe it would be better if we both *individually* hooked up with him first and then, we could like… bring up the threesome later??”

it’s a trial and the whole time rans and lardo are sneaking off to make out. because they…. can’t figure out what to do…. but they can kiss each other at least.

(but like they definitely… talk about holster all the time whenever they’re alone together…. “haha and then holster would be like…” “yeah!! omg he would….” anyway they like him so much. it’s a problem ;__;)

and THEN


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Hello there Orange!! Welcome! Hope you do great! Could you do MTMTE Drift, Rodimus, Megatron and Swerve reacting to bot s/o telling them they love them for the first time??? Thank you so much!


Also, I love these boyz. These boyz are awesome. 



  • It was a regular day on the Lost Light, you and Drift were having a rest after some training. He is telling you some stories about first adventures of the crew, which happened before you came on the board. 
  • You were smiling at him, sitting next to him, hugging your knees, your head tipped to the side. 
  • He looks at you and smiles at you too. 
  • “Why are you smiling? I didn’t tell you funny part yet.“ 
  • “I’m just thinking about how much I love you.”
  • He opens his mouth, trying to say something, probably, but there is no sound. His optics is so wide… In the silence sound of his vents turning on is almost too sudden.
  • “Oh.” All he said. You are still smiling, even though there is a small sting of fear - does he feel the same?
  • “I-I…” He stutters and starts again. “I love you too. I was waiting for the right moment to confess, but, I guess, you did it better.” Now he is smiling almost stupidly wide.
  • You smiled again and leaned against his shoulder. “Yeah. I did it better.”


  • Dis boy was so obvious with his crush on you. He was flirting with you, used cheesy pick-up lines, but, on the other side, he was so overly gentlemanly. 
  • He was too afraid to confess, tho. Not like he would ever admit it.
  • This day was one of those days when he was in a good mood and tried to make you laugh with stupid jokes.
  • It worked. 
  • “Oh, Rods. You are something else, I love you so much!” You said, giggling. The words come out unconsciously, you didn’t mean to confess.
  • He stopped in mid-sentence. For a moment, there was an awkward silence, mostly because of how confused you become when he stopped talking.
  • Oh. OH. So THAT’S why he is silent. Oh no, what should you do now? Should you push it further, go for it, confess? Or confession made like this would be too blunt? 
  • Well, here goes the first option… You smiled with as much confidence as you have and tried to speak as smoothly as possible.
  • “You mean it?” “Actually, it was just a phrase, but yes, I mean it.”
  • He smiled like a lovesick fool (which he was, let’s be honest) “And here I thought my pick-up lines don’t work. Now, the most beautiful bot on the Lost Light, whom I fell in love with, would you like accompany me, the most handsome captain in the Universe, on a date?”
  • You giggled. “Oh, it would be my pleasure”


  • You’ve had feelings for him since… since forever?
  • Ok, not since forever. You actually were the one who was scared of ex-warlord and his presence on the ship.
  • And then he suddenly quoted your favorite book. And then you two talked for the first time. He was… a little bit stiff and awkward because he knew that you were scared of him. 
  • But then the conversation suddenly blossomed and turned into a long talk, which protracted for more than an hour.
  • After that, you realized that you fell in love with old mech, with ex-warlord, with someone, who arrange mass genocide, with… With Megatron.
  • And here you were, standing in the corridor, waiting for his conversation with Rung come to an end, so you can… What? Go there and tell him?
  • It was Rewind who told you about the looks Megatron was giving you. And about the way he talks about you. And about how oblivious you were.
  • And now you don’t know what to do. You were so ready to go and tell him about your feelings, but now? How are you going to make this relationship work? He will be judged, he will be punished for his crimes, there is no way he can just escape all of this. And what about you? You’ve had a brilliant career, what if being with him will ruin it? Is it worth it?
  • They finished talking and Rung left. It’s now or never. You have two choices - to remain silent or to confess. And you didn’t know what to choose.
  • Your spark chose for you. You sighed and turned around the corner. He noticed you, of course, and tried to say “Hello”, or something, but you didn’t let him finish.
  • “I love you”
  • Silence. You lifted your gaze.
  • Oh, his face. His beautiful faceplate with this always tired and sad optic, oh, this look on his face, it crushed your spark. He looked so scared and almost ashamed, for a moment it seemed like he was going to cry or scream in agony. 
  • “You shouldn’t…” His voice filled with static. 
  • “I know.” “I’m a monster…” “I know” “Stop being so calm, you don’t understand! You can’t just pretend that I didn’t do anything-!” “I’m not going to.”
  • He gave up eventually but still looked so… vulnerable. “I can’t do this to you… Not to you.” “I’m not asking for this. I just… Just wanted you to know, I guess.” “And what should we do now? What do you want to do now? What do you expect?” “Nothing. And what I want? I want to live my life. And love you. I want to love you.”
  • Instead of crying or snapping again, he carefully and slowly wraps his arms around your frame. “I don’t deserve you.”
  • “Who cares?”
  • It was worth it.


  • This boy is so obviously in love, even without flirting like Rods. He can’t even remember when exactly he fell for you. First sight? First talk? First laugh? First friendly hug? He doesn’t know, but he fell so hard.
  • Swerve is very self-conscious and his self-esteem is so low. He just can’t confess. He is not worth you. He will never be worthy enough. Of course, it’s not true, but in his thoughts? 
  • Skids tried to encourage him to tell you about his love, but Swerve ignored him or joked to avoid this theme. 
  • That is before Skids talked to you. He hated doing this because it was Swerve’s life and he shouldn’t have intruded, but, hey, he tried to ask you smoothly. About Swerve, about your feelings… And he was lucky - you liked Swerve too, even more - you loved him, you fell for him as well! So he encourages you to tell Swerve. And you agreed.
  • So, Skids made sure this evening in Swerve’s nothing would interrupt you two. 
  • You were drinking, talking, everything was wonderful for a meeting of two good friends. 
  • One moment, there was a comfortable silence, you are looking at him and he is smiling at you. And then you decided to speak up.
  • “Um, Swerve? I wanted to tell you something.”
  • Oh, how oblivious he was. Oh, if he could only knew WHAT you were going to say because His thoughts were immediately filled with fear. “They want to tell you that they don’t want to be your friend.” “They hate you.” “You are worthless, even they can see it.” “They noticed and wants to laugh at your stupid crush.”
  • “You know, we’ve been pretty good friends…” “Here it is” “But now I understand that I want to be more than just friends. I love you, Swerve.”
  • “What? What did they say? Love me? Me?”
  • He gulped. “This is very cruel way to prank me, Y/N”
  • “I’m not joking!” You took his hand. “I love you, I can shout it to everyone in the bar, to everyone, if it will prove you I’m not joking!”
  • Oh boy. Oh Primus. He is crying. Swerve can’t help himself, he just… He can’t believe it. And when he can, he just SO. FRAGGING. HAPPY.
  • You love him. He loves you and you love him. This is the best day of his life. He has friends. He has you. He is not worthless if someone as beautiful as you can love him.
  • You rushed to hold his faceplate while asking what is wrong, but now he is laughing, and he is crying, and probably everyone is looking (and silently thanking Primus, FINALLY, THESE TWO CONFESSED, OUT OTP IS CANON) but he is so happy, and he does not give a damn.
  • He somehow manages to nuzzle in your neck, stil crying and happily mumbles something about how he loves you and how happy he is. As if you not noticed.
  • In the end, probably you’ll kiss him and bar will blow up with cheers and applause. 

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Hey there, I just wanted to know why you also ship kacchako? I love it a lot, I like hearing others reasons as to why they ship it too :)

ahhhhhh Kacchako really became my otp before I even realized tbh >//v//< 
I actually began to ship it because of the manga, after their fight during the sport festival////// Uraraka gaves everything for this fight, she shows a total different side of her at this moment, and it’s really impressed Bakugou.
HE EVEN REMEMBERS HER NAME AND CALLS HER BY HER NAME TOO THEN. This is big for him xDD but it’s all because he started noticing her and respect her strenght ;v;  Also, just after the fight, there are two things especially that made me conscious about the ship. Bakugou comes to see Deku to know if it’s him who gave Uraraka the idea of doing something that dangerous, and the way he sees it, he sounds really like HE WAS CONCERNED >////////< I was shocked lol and even better, when he came back to his friends, HE TAKES HER DEFENSE saying she isn’t a weak//////// that was definitely the trigger for me to ship them ahah but even from her, it was a positive moment, this fight permitted her to realize what she wanted to become and moved on further :))) Also, she often understands how Bakugou feels, like she can read well in him.
They don’t interact a lot I know (moslty in omakes), but for the few they have, I really think they have such a cute and funny dynamic >v<

Also, I just friggin love the “Beauty and the beast” dynamic type///// Seeing the grumpy Bakugou melting for the happy positive Uraraka, that just so sweet///// and fanarts/fanfics made me love the ship more and more/////

The Gruvia Festival

I wanted to reiterate what others have already stated, in that the past month has essentially been a Gruvia festival for the ship’s fans.

We received lots of Gruvia in the anime filler arc, including ANOTHER unison raid, and cute moments like this:

The English version of the “Gruvia volume” of the manga was released:

We just had the Gruvia Special 413 Days animated brilliantly and they specifically aired it on the most romantic holiday of the year, VALENTINE’S DAY:

Fairy Tail’s monthly magazine featuring Juvia was just released, and there’s clearly tons of Gruvia-related content:

The FT spin-offs, like Fairy Girls, have had hints of Gruvia, and Gray’s spin-off “Ice Trail” also featured a very sweet appearance by chibi Juvia, which implied that Gray and Juvia’s eventual meeting was surely destiny:

Even the FT Mobile games have had Gruvia content these last couple of weeks according to tweets from Japanese fans, and things like this:

And last, but certainly not least, we got the amazingly huge moment between Gray and Juvia in the manga itself, which finally delivered our reunion in epic proportions:

Now, why am I listing all of these things? Because I also want to remind Gruvia fans that we were doused with a ton of Gruvia content from all directions, and within a short span of time, and therefore we are likely entering into a lull for our OTP. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

I know people are excited by the prospects of the time skip. I know people want to see what has happened to Gray and Juvia. We all want to see what they look like now, what they’ve been up to, and what their relationship status is. But, if the current pace and set up is any indication, it will likely be quite a while (a month or two AT LEAST) before we see these two again.

And that’s ok, you know why? Because Mashima left us off on such a high note with them. Big, big character development. Big, big relationship development. Progress and growth all over the place. It was so fantastic, we’re debating whether we want them canon yet or not. That’s how big of a deal it was - that canon is a major possibility.

However, the other major possibility with the reemergence of Gray and Juvia within the story is a gigantic TROLL. First of all, many of us are assuming Gray and Juvia have traveled together. Why? Because it makes sense. But what would we all do if it turned out they actually parted ways? Next, we’re talking canon, but what if the next thing we see of them, nothing at all has changed, and we just get the same old dynamic with Juvia in fangirly pursuit and Gray acting super tsun? Again, not realistic given what last happened between them, but still plausible.

The fact is, even if these dire examples I gave don’t happen (and hopefully they won’t) the chance that we will be greeted with a comedic moment the next time we see Gruvia again is very great, because of the tone of the new arc so far, and because Gruvia has gone a long time since it had such a classic moment.

Now, I love comedic Gruvia. It’s a huge reason I adore this pairing. But I love the note we were left on between them so much more, and because of that, I am content staying in that place with them for a while. I’ll take what Mashima gave us, plus all the other wonderful things we received this past month, and revel in them for as long as possible, until Mashima feels it’s time to burst my happy little bubble again haha.

So, appreciate what we’ve received, and ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT. Because there’s no guarantee we’ll get anything this amazing again for a while. And that’s completely understandable. We’ve been so spoiled, so it’s time for Gruvia to take a step back for a bit, and let the story unfold without them.

Instead, let the anticipation build, because I do think Mashima will tease the heck out of their fate along the way. You all know I love me some tension, so it’s fun to be excited every week, waiting to see which character will turn up next, learning how things have changed for everyone, and hoping we’ll get hints to my OTPs whereabouts.

So, I’m right there with anybody who wants to see Gray and Juvia ASAP, but at the same time, I’m ok with where we are right now, too. This is a happy place, and I don’t mind remaining in this feeling for a while longer. I’m good lol. 

But if you’re anxious, go back to 416, reread volume 46, go back and watch 413 Days, anticipate the translated content of Juvia’s mag, and most importantly, just enjoy the current storyline of the manga. Gray and Juvia will show up again eventually. Mashima knows their fans are dying to find out what happened to them during that year, and especially after their wonderfully intimate moment. He purposely created that recipe for anticipation, so don’t worry, he’s going to come through, you just have to wait for it. ^^