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  • Q: Is it hard to transition from writing novels to writing for the screen?
  • Daniel Handler: The biggest challenge, frankly, in writing for the screen is the collaborative aspect of it, which I think is exciting and good for me, but an adjustment for sure. I'm used to being alone all day. We're working on season two now. The writers' room meets in my dining room, so day in and day out, I'm sitting with a group of writers, which is great, but I'm just really used to playing the same song five times in a row if I want to, lying on the floor, otherwise behaving the way one does when one is alone.

Who wants to talk about polymachina soulmate marks? I’m a sucker for fics with soulmate marks, especially ones where people get more than one, and like there’s so many ways to spin in like, does the symbol represent the person? Is it their name? Is it the first thing they say to them? 

All the options are great, okay. I’ve seen the first two a bunch and I love them, but let me submit for consideration:

  • Vax with a big ‘NO’ on his back, just over his heart (it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s one of the first things to come out of his sister’s mouth)
  • Vex with ‘Mine’ written in the same spot in the same deep navy blue color (no one’s surprised, twins are often platonic soulmates, and it’s clear Vex and Vax are two halves of a whole)
  • But they have other words too
  • There’s a rich purple ‘well hello to you too’ running down Vax’s side (and somehow when Gilmore says it, it sounds exactly the way he always thought it would)
  • What makes less sense is the great gray handprint on his lower back and the magenta music notes curling around his arm
  • (It makes sense when Grog introduces himself with a smack to the chest that knocks Vax off his feet and Scanlan does so with a wordless melody)
  • The ‘oh, um, hi’ on the inside of his his left arm makes perfect sense when he meets Keyleth (what’s weird is the matching words they both share on the inside of the right that they don’t recognize until they meet Kashaw)
  • Vex and Vax share the same golden word running down their spine and Pike has their greetings wrapped around her wrists
  • Grog’s not sure what to make of his until he meets Pike. Goliath’s typically have imprints of hands, not words (she first reads out her own words that stretch across Grog’s shoulders almost like wings)
  • She laughs gently as she reads out ‘well aren’t you a big fella’ and ‘please don’t step on me’ 
  • He tries to sound out her words when Pike lets him see them. He does alright with the big ‘I’m so sorry’ on her shoulder (the ‘hello gorgeous’ on her right leg gives him a bit more trouble)
  • Sometimes he wishes his were words too, but that fades when he finds just where his hand fits (on Vax’s back, Vex’s waist, Keyleth’s shoulder, Percy’s leg, Scanlan’s ass) 
  • Pike’s always liked the big gray hand that covers one of her own, it’s her favorite (the neat scrawl in celestial on the side of her neck is a close second)
  • It’s a shock to Percy that he seems to be covered in words, a ‘hey there handsome’ across his lower back and a matching ‘are you alright, darling’ over his chest, and a long rambling string of words in red that covers most of his back 
  • He’s never sure just when the words on his back turned gray, but he notices when the matching red on Keyleth’s arm fades just the same
  • Keyleth loves her words, they’re a rainbow on her skin (the deep gray handprint and dark brown words on her right arm give her pause, but she comes to love them just the same)
  • Her fingers like to trace the golden greeting on her clavicle and the ‘you poor dear’ on the back of her hand in vibrant teal
  • She used to love the bright, almost glittering ramble that ran down her arms (it feels like a part of her rips away when the letters fade and grow dull)
  • But it hurts less after a while, the words become a sad memory, but at least she always has a piece of him on her skin. If she closes her eyes, she can almost hear the wind whisper the words to her

I just really like these kinds of aus, might do more like this later. But I would also love to see what other people prefer in terms of what the marks are. I’ve seen a bunch of fics with this au and they’ve all been amazing, and I think there’s always room for more!

So there is this crappy post compare Moana to Frozen, saying they had similar stories.

There is one big difference between these two.

Moana grows as a character while Elsa doesn’t.

Here’s the thing: I honestly don’t think I hate Elsa the character as much as I just loathe her fans. Why? Because they keep making Elsa out as this great character when she really isn’t. She isn’t fleshed out at all and she just stays the same. Instead of growing as a person and learning from her mistakes, she is just rewarded with her happy ending. That’s it! 

Moana, on the other hand, makes mistakes and she learns from them. That is what makes a character compelling. That is a character you want to see succeed. I can’t really say the same for Elsa.

And another thing that sets them apart is Moana cares for her people. I feel like Elsa doesn’t. Remember when Anna finally reaches Elsa and tells her about what happened? Elsa doesn’t seem to care. Elsa froze Arendelle. The people in Arendelle are going to die if you don’t fix what you did. There are children, elderly people and probably sick people who will suffer the most. Also, they won’t be able to grow food, their animals will die and they’ll probably starve.

But instead of saying, “Oh, I should try to help” Elsa just goes “I don’t know how to fix this.”


I know I seem like I’m really salty about this but I am so sick of people trying to make Moana all about Frozen. I had to deal with those two pasty white girls for three years, let Moana have her spotlight.

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I know they have very good chemistry, but... there's one thing that I've been being curious about, why they rarely release bts of these two officially? i mean other dramas keep on trying their best to provide us good scene of their casts's bts so that we could be drawn of their chemistry. but i find it pretty hard to get any bts of gongyoo and goeun (expect fan taken), what's about bts the latest scene? kiss scene? . . .

Well there are bts clips of KGE and GY - and they’re very adorable! But tbh, LDW really just steals your heart when you watch the bts clips. You can really see how motivated and excited he is to be apart of this drama… like he’s just so cute with EVERYONE! Also, have you seen the conference? GY is so adorable with how he spoke about KGE… I just love how they support each other. 

But I think GY and KGE are doing an amazing job already with the drama… like you can physically see and feel how their relationship has grown… and I don’t think you need to have a lot of bts clips to prove that there is chemistry. But the recent bts clips of episode 12 was entirely all about them and how can one not see the chemistry between these two. I feel like a mother watching over my babies. T.T 

Most importantly, I like how the bts clips show us all the characters and don’t just focus on the main couples. We see interaction between everyone and it just makes you feel like this cast is very close like a family… it just warms your heart. As for bts clips for episode 13, I don’t think it’s been officially released or subbed, but pictures have been released. But you know what I wanna see… I WANNA KNOW HOW MANY TIMES THEY HAD TO REFILM THAT KISS LMAO!! Though I highly doubt it’ll be shown :’(

Episode 13 bts pictures 

Episode 13 bts clips 

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^Just look at them… they’re so cute >.< 

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How the skelebros would do if their s/o is afraid of lighting and thunder? Also too afraid to sleep alone. (This happens on the surface)

You didn’t specify which, so Imma do Tale and Swap. If you want any others hit me up and I’ll edit the post :)

UT!Sans: Despite how sleepy he is, loud noises get him up pretty quick (which is why Papyrus tends to just slap the roof of his sentry station when he catches him napping) so chances are he wakes up when it starts. Once he’s up, he just kind of holds you, trying to shush you and calm you down so you can both get back to sleep.

UT!Papyrus: “WORRY NOT, THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS HAPPY TO PROTECT YOU FROM YOUR FEARS!” He closes the curtains (if you’re like the astraphobes I know, seeing the flashes makes it worse) and fixes the two of you up some cocoa. Normally he stresses getting a healthy eight hours, but in this case he’ll make an exception, and just talks to you for a few hours until the storm either passes or you’re too exhausted to care.

US!Sans: He cuddles you for a bit to let you know you’re okay, and if it goes on long enough, he decides that he’s going to tire you out. Laps around the living room, situps, push-ups, small exercises until you’re wiped out. Then he tucks you in and wraps his arms around you, happy he was able to help.

US!Papyrus; If you want comfort you’re gonna have to work to get him up. He’s a deep sleeper. He gets it, though. Thunder doesn’t really bother him, but his ears are pretty sensitive, so he can kind of relate. He gets you some earmuffs and just kind of cuddles for a bit. He might fall asleep on you, but he means well.


Noam Dar x Reader / 1,286 words / SFW 

You’re Noam’s best friend. Things get weird when Alicia lets you in on a rumor about the two of you. Can you mend the relationship between you and Noam?

A/N: This is really sloppy and could be so much better. It was rushed because it’s actually 8 am right now and i haven’t slept. Just thought the Noam tag could use a little love. Everyone please write some fics and imagines for the love of god.

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I really want this new bomb to have more Tom. Idk, maybe to console Star. Plot twist, he realizes that he does care about Star and that's why he's taking her feelings into account and wants her to be happy so he doesn't actually try to get back together with her. He just knows what it's like when the person you like likes someone else and the two can be friends.

That would be a great development for Tom, who moved on but still genuinely cares for his past girlfriend. After all, they must have had some good moments together / truly liked each other in the past.

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smol i have been lurking on your blog and reading your fics for like two months now and please let me just say that you are so nice and so talented and do not deserve to be suicide-baited by lowlifes with nothing else to do! ignore the assholes and keep being great 💖

Oh gosh youre so sweet here have cute Jimmo (and seriously thank you) 💕💕💕 💕 ✌

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Top 5 Favorite Lesbian Scenes of 2016.

5. Amy Acker & Sarah Shahi in Person Of Interest

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The scene hits at #5. The actresses are beautiful and had great chemistry throughout the show. This would have been higher on my list if it just would have shown more kissing. Still a hot scene though.

4. Chyler Leigh & Floriana Lima in Supergirl

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I love these two together. They have amazing chemistry and this kissing scene showcases what I think will be many more great kisses to come in 2017. These two are absolutely gorgeous and seeing them kiss makes me feel all tingly inside.

3. Dominique Provost-Chalkley & Katherine Barrell in Wynonna Earp

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These two are just too die for. I wish they had there own show. I cannot wait to see season 2 and see them steam the screen. They are both beautiful and sexy and their kisses are so believable.

2. Kiersey Clemons and Jacqueline Toboni

Wow. Kiersey Clemons is officially hot. This scene had me going and is steamy. I wish it would have been longer but it sold me on making me have a crush on Kiersey. Too bad we got no nudity.

1. Eliza Taylor & Jessica Harmon in The 100

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This to me was by far the hottest scene I had seen all year. I am officially in love with Eliza Taylor. This scene is beyond hot and her use of tongue is beyond sexy. Without going to far, but this scene had me aroused. Makes me want Eliza so much. Hope we see more in The 100 in 2017.

I irritate myself so damn much!

Iv been good as gold for two days with my reduced calories! And then just on a spur of the moment I decide to give in to my crisps craving and devoured a share bag of crisps???!!!

Like what the hell holly you were doing great!

Since I started seeing the dietician in November I haven’t gained a single pound! I initially lost 8lb and put it back on at Christmas and has since lost another 4 since the new year! So essentially I’m still -4lb since November!

It’s not that much of an achievement as I’d put on like almost 20in the first 20weeks of pregnancy so now I’m working on getting that down.

Iv been struggling so much with the fight to comfort eat since Christmas which correlates with when my body started struggling more and more with pregnancy!

I need to get my head back in the game as once Iv got a few days being good as gold under my belt it becomes so much easier!

Just wish I could erase that big bag of crisps from my stomach!


First of all, hello to you all!
Guess what? I just passed my exam and it went good, I mean I could have done better but it was actually alright. I had 11/20 (In France that’s how they grade us) and it honestly is quite good! I am so happy that it is finally over and I can now relax and get back to writing!
And also can I just say, only two more followers and then we’ve reached 500 lovely people on this blog! This is absolutely insane, I still can’t believe it but I am so glad to have you guys. This blog means the world to me and I am now glad that everything is done and that I can catch up on here now! Prepare yourself because some great ideas coming and new stuff that I want to try! I BLOODY LOVE YOU PEEPS! Also this person @twistedlywrites is my favorite and I’m her child and I Iove her alright 💕


Grog Knitjaw progresses! I had so many errands to run after school today that I got home two hours later than usual so I just decided to stay up two hours later (well…three. And a half. Almost four at this point, sigh…) and watch Talks Machina live for once. YAY! Great show tonight. Great knitting, too. Still loving Grog’s colors and the chart is knitting up waaaaay nicer than I actually expected for this one so I’m highly pleased.

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you're pro-curse, right? I was just wondering what your opinion on love spells were?... I know that's kind of a Discourse™ question, so if you want me to private message you instead, say the word!

No worries! To me it comes down to the type of love spell.

I think spells to attract non-targeted love are great, and if you want to woo a specific person, stuff to increase your own charisma are great too. No harm in using magic to help put your best self out there. What ISN’T cool is directly manipulating someone’s feelings “X will fall in love with me.” Reason being: in the first two examples, X still has the full ability to decide for themselves. In the second, you don’t really care about them so much as you just want them, because if you truly cared about them you wouldn’t disregard their original feelings. Also, the relationship would be entirely founded on you manipulating them… which is very toxic.

Basically, I don’t mind love spells as long as CONSENT is still fully present and not altered in any way.

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I was wondering about your feelings about the THG books themselves as opposed to the fandom. I liked the first book, but really didn't like the last two, especially the third. Enough so that it soured me on the whole thing for a while. Eventually I got pulled back in via some lateral moves by fic authors, but I think I look at it differently than a lot of people, because I really like the characters but am very ambivalent about the actual plot events.

Sorry for taking so long to respond to this!  

I genuinely liked the first two books (Catching Fire gets a loooooot of bonus points for Finnick, plus the Arena is really interesting and you get Katniss/Peeta and BED SHARING which is like, everything to me, AND you get Madge and Gale helping them prepare which is just such a great what if scenario for gadge fic writers), but I did feel like Mockingjay went kind of off the rails– like, it felt as though Suzanne Collins had an editor leaning over her shoulder going “are you done yet?  How about now?  Now?  You have a deadline, remember?” so a lot of things that we should have seen just…happened off screen, while Katniss was catatonic/unconscious.  I do appreciate where Collins was going with Mockingjay, which is that war is not glorious and fast-paced and exciting, but instead mind-numbing and leaves broken people in its wake.  But I don’t think that all totally landed, and things like Madge dying off-screen with hardly a mention make it feel more rushed than deliberate.

However, what almost singlehandedly saves Mockingjay for me is the ending, where Katniss talks about things getting better, but not completely.  I think that message of “you can heal but your scars will remain and that does not make you weak”  is really important, as is the message that people with those scars can still be happy.

But yeah, I am very ambivalent about Mockingjay as a whole and totally get the “like the characters more than the plot” angle.

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Look I've watched La La Land 3 times now, and each time I've inexplicably cried during Another Day of Sun. Like I don't even know why, but I just get emotional as the song reaches it's highest point and you can see the entire ramp filled with dancers on top of their cars itS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL AND THEY WORKED SO HARD. Have you seen it in IMAX yet? If not, you should, it was so worth it!

for the two times that i’ve watched it (so far) i have yet to see it in iMAX, so if i get the chance, i will, bUT ANYTIME I LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK AND ANOTHER DAY OF SUN PLAYS MY HEART FLEES I LOVE IT IT’S GREAT

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I think Penders said at a convention one time that fan art/ merchandise is illegal....ok. Benefit of the doubt, true it's not as creative to just draw pre existing characters/things. It's true that it's a bit lazy to just make parodies of posters or album covers with characters when it makes no sense in context of the characters. But i've seen great, creative fan art. (I like Andy Price's and he's an artistfor IDWs MLP comic.) Plus Penders only ever wrote for a property he didn't make. Hypocrite

Very much so. Even more ironically he once said that Fanart/Fanfiction will get you no where. At a convention where at least two ascended fanartists who worked for the book were attending. Yet he boasts for ‘discovering’ Dawn Best. Guy does not have much self-awareness, and that’s from a generous standpoint. 

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I know you probably loved the Scarecrow for a long time but I was curious. What was the first thing you liked most about him? Uh meaning I guess what was the thing you saw about him and you were like YES I LIKE YOU!

Oooh, thanks for the asking anon! You’d be surprised to know that my fascination with Scarecrow has only developed within the last five years. Unlike a lot of fans I didn’t grow up watching the BTAS cartoon, I certainly remember seeing it on TV but never quite got into it–which is strange because I recall being obsessed with those types of shows growing up.

I can’t really boil it down to just one reason, so let me give you the two biggest.

Playing the Arkham series has had a huge impact on me, it was probably my first real experience with some of the rogues. For me, videogames are a great way to bond with fictional characters and Scarecrow was no exception! I absolutely adored his gameplay sections in Arkham Asylum. I wasn’t expecting some of the frightening moments he put me though and those reactions will stick with me forever. From a game design perspective, those levels are brilliant. I have to complement Dino Andrade’s voice acting as well, it was perfectly sinister. You could say that those moments are what made me love him, seeing Crane in his element~

The first ever comic I owned was Scarecrow: Year One. It had to be the comic that I owned first, a conscious decision I made on my part, really. (that spiraled into a collection of over three-hundred scarecrow comics that’s still growing)  I knew well of his backstory, but refused to read it in full until I owned the book, I’m stubborn that way. Learning of that particular backstory was the narrative reasoning behind my love. It gave me someone to confide in, and a coping mechanism. I saw a lot of myself in Jonathan, and I’ve suffered though similar pain. I can’t help it if I care so deeply for an old broken scarecrow.


No Rain
Blind Melon

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
And speak my point of view but it’s not sane
It’s not sane
I just want someone to say to me, oh
I’ll always be there when you wake, yeah
You know I’d like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I’ll have it made
And I don’t understand why sleep all day
And I start to complain that there’s no rain
And all I can do is read a book to stay awake
And it rips my life away but it’s a great escape
Escape, escape, escape
All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
You don’t like my point of view, you think that I’m insane
It’s not sane, it’s not sane
I just want someone to say to me, oh
I’ll always be there when you wake, yeah
You know I’d like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I’ll have it made, I’ll have it made, I’ll have it made
Oh, no, no, you know, I really wanna, really gonna have it made
You know, I’ll have it made

Songwriters: Shannon Hoon / Christopher Thorn / Thomas Stevens / Brad Smith / Glen Graham
No Rain lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

okay yes your otp is great but is your otp a canon interracial relationship between two queer men without a large age gap that has excellent communication skills and equal love and respect on both sides