these two are just so cute i can't even


“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]

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Ok the person who said something about studying with Remus, oh my life!!!! I can't even because I was doing homework just now and can you imagine our boy remus now -"you look so lovely being all studious and focused" -"can't have the potions scroll get all the attention, now can we love" -"just one kiss, or more s'all" Eventually you'd be so tired of doing homework and having to ignore his constant admiration and just adorableness, the night just ends in cuddling yourselves to sleep

yes yes yes

  • bc he’d want you to focus and get your work done
  • but you’re so bloody cute
  • “just one kiss”
  • “okay, two”
  • “okay… three”
  • “okay maybe we should take a teeny break”
  • “Remus, this homework date was your idea!”
  • “And now I have a better idea….”
  • you would try to focus on your work
  • you really would
  • but he’s so cute when he’s distracted and needy
  • and you know he has a large chocolate stash in his room
  • and his cuddles
  • they’re so tempting
  • you eventually give in 
  • because he’s such a cute lil bean
  • and you can’t say no to him
  • you really don’t want to say no to him anyway
  • so you quit your homework and spend the night cuddling with lil kisses 
  • and not so lil kisses
  • it’s a good night ok
  • you both have to rush to finish up your homework at breakfast the next morning
  • it’s not your best work, but it’s a passing grade and the night was totally worth it

Not much to say about this except I was kind of inspired by some of the Tommy Jarvis lines from the game (which were pretty much all directly from the movie), and just really wanted to draw him again. And since most of his dialogue boils down to “ HEY JASON, FIGHT ME” I imagine there’s a lot of “NOT NOW, NOT HERE TOMMY, OMG” that ends up happening too.

(I spent a lot of time watching the movie to get the clothes accurate, even down to the fact that he wears suspenders like a dork X3 And it was a great excuse to get his jacket off for a change by having Deborah half pulling it off trying to yank him away.)

aaah, that was a sweet update.

Sometimes I feel like I should just leave the Durarara fandom and avoid it like the plague because it’s just 80% Shiz/aya and everytime I see the pairing I just feel sad and/or angry. I just can’t stand to see Izaya with someone who almost killed him. 

I don’t want to be hateful towards the shippers just because I’m too obsessed with Izaya to even like Shizuo anymore, much less the ship…so maybe I should just avoid those who post it and just try to switch my attention to things other than Izaya. 

Probably won’t happen, because I’ll pretty much have to avoid even looking for new Izaya art and unfollow some people I think are totally cool even though they post Shiza/ya. 

I’m not sure how I can get over this awful feeling the ship gives me. I take my love for Izaya too seriously. To the point that I can’t bear with the fandom for loving the pairing. No other ship bothers me though. Like this one just personally offends me. 

Maybe I shouldn’t interact with the fandom anymore if I can’t stop myself from spreading negativity towards the ship. 

There are two things about this moment that I like way too much:

1. Yuri has a cute af onigiri pillow

2. While Victor is like “OMG YAAAAS!” Yuri - the one who did it - is just sitting there like “wut” 

Me watching The Outsiders for the millionth time.
  • Me: Dang, they didn't have to jump him like that....OH GOD THAT HAD TO HURT!
  • Me: Soda and Pony are literal sibling goals...I can't even.
  • Me: "Nothin' legal, man."
  • Me: I hate you....I hate you...
  • Me: Johnny and Pony are so cute...
  • Me: HE DIDN'T MEAN TO DARRY...OH HELL NO HE JUST DIDN'T SHOVE MY BAE! *aggressively shoves popcorn in mouth* RUN PONYBOY!!
  • Me: That's what you get, Bob. Lol your dead.
  • Me: This whole church sequence is so cute...
  • Me: Dallas Winston's New York accent tho...
  • Me: Finally Darry gives a...
  • Me: Yeah tell Johnny's mother off, Two-Bit!
  • Me: Oh the rumble scene...OMG THAT HAD TO HURT!
  • Johnny Cade: "Stay gold, Ponyboy...stay gold." *Dies*
  • Me: *bawls* it gets me every time
  • Dallas Winston: *gets shot* Pony...*dies*
  • Me: Yay! Pony gets to stay with his brothers.
  • Me: Ugh...Darry. "Why you being so rude?"...Soda...RUN SODA!
  • Me: This scene is so emotional...I can't even. The Curtis brothers are so cute.
  • Me: This scene physically hurts... Johnny's note...
  • Me: This movie is so painful sometimes...
  • Me: There is nothing else to watch...
  • Me: Oh well. Can't hurt to watch it again.
Night 5

Night 1


It wasn’t that Balthazar was pretentious about alcohol, despite a somewhat ‘been there, done that’ attitude towards it. He’d had a few uninspiring evenings lately that had involved alcohol and he just didn’t feel the same sort of buzzed happiness that several beers used to provide. Instead, there seemed more often to be anxiety, morose speculations and hangovers.

But that evening had been different. There was certainly no time for morose speculations with Meg leading the proceedings. The drinking games had begun spontaneously over dinner and soon the idea of a film and an early night, ready for the next day’s lectures, had been completely abandoned. 

Balthazar had no idea what time it was when Peter eventually pushed him through the doorway of the bedroom by the shoulders. “Ok, you need to sleep.”

You need to sleep,” Balthazar muttered. “I mean, everyone sleeps.”

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Imagine UshiIwa where Iwa-chan tries to kiss Ushijima but he can't reach bc he's too damn tall and Ushijima doesn't even realize what he's trying to do until ten minutes later and Iwa-chan already stomped back to his team so Ushijima just marches right to Iwa and kisses him right in front of everyone (Oikawa made a huge fuss about it and Iwaizumi couldn't meet his team's eyes for two days)

Ushi’s so oblivious, lol. But he gets there eventually~


Ok, gang, I’ve got two other cute anon ideas about Allura and Ryou still in my inbox but I’ve got to jet.  I’ll do my best to get them up to share tomorrow about this time because, seriously, super cute.

I also want to say that these posts I make are Open Discussions.  I am always ready to have more cooks throwing things into the pot.  I love interactive story telling like our nonnie(s?), @panickypaladin and @theprojectava have jumped in and let me play with their ideas.  Please - if you see something that sparks you - jump on in!  Reblog and add your thoughts, send some PMs, write fic, whatever is rolling for you, please take it and run.  Anything I write on here is open for reblogs and commentary and additions, be it headcanon, mucking about with ideas like this, even my fanfic.  I’m here to share my toys.  Please enjoy it all and if anything gives you your own ideas, friend, jump on that.  Just include a mention of me and anyone else that contributed so we can enjoy what you’re doing as well.

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Can you do an scenario where Tsukki's s/o always wants a piggyback ride but he always declines. But one night after practice she's insists and says "you can't say no this time!"

This is so cute! Also hello again! I think I’ve seen your name pop up one or two times in my ask~

 "Oh come on Tsukki!“ you pout up at your boyfriend with slumped shoulders. “It’s just one piggyback ride! It isn’t even that big of a deal!”

 "If it isn’t a big deal the just stop asking..“ Tsukishima sighs. His eyes close in slight frustration. "I’m tired.”

 "So what? I’d give you a piggyback ride if you asked for one, ya know. Because guess what? I’m a nice lover. I would do anything for my lovely boyfriend.“ you try to guilt trip him into giving you one, but the tall beanpole won’t budge. "Fine. Be that way.”
 A few days later at his practice, you walk into the gym on crutches. When the team hears the clicking of them on the floor, they look over to you.

 One loud gasp was heard from Hinata. “(Y/N)! What happened?!”

 You smile sheepishly, sitting down on the bleachers and scratching your head. “Ah.. about that.. I tripped over my dog who was laying on one of the stairs and fell down the rest of them..”

 There was a snort from none other than your boyfriend. “You tripped over your dog?”

 "You aren’t suppose to make fun of me, Tsukki!“ crossing your arms, you cheeks light up in a blush.

 He rolls his eyes, a smirk apparent on his face but he gets back to practice after his captain tells them all to.

 After it was over, Tsukishima walks over to you where you’re waiting at the bottom of the stairs near the clubroom.

 "So you’re dog, huh?” he raises his eyebrows.

 Sighing you answer him. “Yes. My dog.”

 "Are you sure you didn’t just fall down the stair because you’re plain clumsy?“ he snickers.

 "I am not!” you punch him in the shoulder. “But you know Tsukki, now that I have a hurt ankle I think I deserve that piggyback ride now~ You can’t say no this time!” you giggle. “Kei help meee,I can’t walk,” you feign pain, whining as you stop in your tracks to drop the crutches.

 You hear him sigh loudly. “This is the only time.” he takes your bag from you to put it over his shoulder and leans over to grab the crutches, handing them to you. Once he does that, he bends down to your level and helps you on his back.

 You climb on with a large smile on your face. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you rest your chin on his shoulder. “Aww, you do care about me, Kei~” You give him a kiss on the cheek, enjoying being able to see his face flush.

 But if a kiss was his reward for give you piggyback rides, he might be able to do it every once in a while.