these two are just so cute i can't even


i wanna tell you but i don’t know how.


Inspired by Thomas Sanders’ ( @thatsthat24 ) Sanders Sides, meet the two-year-old girl version of the sides! Anxiety might just be my favorite because baby girl is just so so so cute. (Also, bowtie instead of a necktie because it looks so much cuter on her, even if it is too big, and because BOWTIES ARE COOL)

Yongkong Byulkong getting their ice cream on during their weekend date

Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer somehow makes it onto the Kegster playlist (probably thanks to one Eric R. Bittle run away with his captainly power) and Dex, with maybe a little more tub juice in him than normal, starts to line dance to it.  Everyone stops to watch and clap along, and Dex’s face is positively radiant and carefree.  It is simultaneously the corniest and hottest thing Nursey has ever seen.

BONUS! completely!smitten!Nursey for y’all.

(This song came on during my workout today and this is the first thing that came into my head. I can’t even go for a run without these two assholes invading my thoughts, wtf…)


“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]

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If Mark had a mute ego. Dr.Iplier would try to figure out why he won't speak. Everyone seems somewhat interested in this newcomer. Why can't he speak? And what's with his hand movements? The first time the Host meets him, he tries to speak in sign language, and the Host narrates it, perfectly translating what this new ego is saying. They become inseperable, just in time for a deaf ego to show up. They become the three musketeers. (The deaf ego is up to your ideas if you wanna headcanon it.)

that’s so cute! i feel like the three of them would gossip quite a lot and just be best buds and the two of them hold host’s hands a lot and guide him around even though host can ‘see’ where he’s going, he just feels more comfortable with them. 💛

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Ok the person who said something about studying with Remus, oh my life!!!! I can't even because I was doing homework just now and can you imagine our boy remus now -"you look so lovely being all studious and focused" -"can't have the potions scroll get all the attention, now can we love" -"just one kiss, or more s'all" Eventually you'd be so tired of doing homework and having to ignore his constant admiration and just adorableness, the night just ends in cuddling yourselves to sleep

yes yes yes

  • bc he’d want you to focus and get your work done
  • but you’re so bloody cute
  • “just one kiss”
  • “okay, two”
  • “okay… three”
  • “okay maybe we should take a teeny break”
  • “Remus, this homework date was your idea!”
  • “And now I have a better idea….”
  • you would try to focus on your work
  • you really would
  • but he’s so cute when he’s distracted and needy
  • and you know he has a large chocolate stash in his room
  • and his cuddles
  • they’re so tempting
  • you eventually give in 
  • because he’s such a cute lil bean
  • and you can’t say no to him
  • you really don’t want to say no to him anyway
  • so you quit your homework and spend the night cuddling with lil kisses 
  • and not so lil kisses
  • it’s a good night ok
  • you both have to rush to finish up your homework at breakfast the next morning
  • it’s not your best work, but it’s a passing grade and the night was totally worth it

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UT/UF/MT/MF Sans with a shy s/o that always get super flustered when flirted with. Skelly can't even finish a flirt without s/o blushing and running off and hiding from pure fluster.



Classic (Ut Sans): Awwwww you’re so cute. He’s usually not one for flirting but he’ll use a pickup line or two just to see you blush. He makes sure to catch you in a hug before you can actually run away. Classic can’t resist the urge to kiss you when that happens. You’re just so damn adorable. ‘babe, tibia honest… you’re amazing… couldn’t live without ya, no fibula.’

Red (Uf Sans): Oh hell yes. This dude loves flustering the shit outta people. He loves the little blush you get when he makes an offhand comment about your ass or the way your outfit hugs all the right places. Red especially loves when you blush at his innocent flirting. When he tells you you’re beautiful (you are), or when he comments on how you’re the only one for him, that little blush just proves his point further.

Big Fella (Mt Sans): *groans into oblivion* 'yer gonna kill me with how cute you are, darlin.’ Big guy over here has a soft spot for cute shy lil things like you. He’s a romantic at heart so expect some very suave one liners being thrown at you every now and again. 'can I have your picture so I can show santa what I want for christmas?’ Please remind him that one of his jobs is, in fact, being a mall santa.

Boss Daddy (Mf Sans): *cue a wicked grin from this asshole* If he didn’t already flirt enough, he kicks it up a notch. Pickup lines whispered in your ear as the two of you eat at the dinner table. A few words about your choice of undergarments here and there. Anything to get an adorable little squeak out of you as you run away.




Been randomly sketching on this for the last couple of days, and finally finished it like yesterday even though it didn’t turn out that good, like Sans face looks weird, some of the anatomy is completely fudged up and don’t even get me started on the Annoying dog and Ham because how to draw animals???

Anyhow, weeks or something ago I asked @nyehehehe and some others on a discord server we’re on for ideas for some Honeyketchup because I srs wanted to draw them but couldn’t come up with anything myself, and Rain suggested drawing the two of them sleeping with their pets, I really liked that idea and have been planning on sketching it out ever since and now I finally have so yay <:

Also if you guys have forgotten or didn’t know, so is Ham a sphinx cat I have given Stretch, cu'z he needed one~

ok OK, so I saw two hc that I really like about Norge and dancing. One of them is that he’s a hella good dancer, and good at ballroom dancing too. The other one is that he’s a hella awkward dancer.
but BUT whAt IF he’s a really good dancer, but he’s just hella shy, so whenever someone is looking, he does this little awkward dance????

Credits to @sweetsugaryscoop and @nordicccs for the second hcs and I think @aphabsolutenordorks for the first one??? Idk, I don’t remember tbh

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Can I ask for 18 or 58 with potential to be a sequel to the drunken cute-admissions you've posted? 😂❤️ How is it that you write so amazingly? I can't even.

You’re way too nice, I can’t handle it, I’m hiding my face in my arm and trying to type this at the same time.

So even though I already filled one for 18 I decided to use it again. It just fits with where I saw that scene going. 58 is a fucking fantastic prompt for these two, though XD

“What’s the matter, sweetie?”

(Part One here / Part Two here)

“So what do we do now?” Daryl asked after a few moments of quiet, cross-legged with his back still against the wall.

Paul couldn’t help it; a slow, suggestive grin spread over his face.

Watching him, Daryl rolled his eyes, cheeks flushing bright red. Unabashed, Paul’s grin grew more and more mischievous. He waggled his eyebrows dramatically.

“Stop it,” Daryl said roughly, elbowing him.

The shy tone of voice just made Paul want him more. “What? I didn’t say a word! Just smiling at my new boyfriend.” It was a bold move, but Paul was suddenly feeling pretty damn lucky.

Boyfriend, huh?” Despite his scathing tone, there was no mistaking the pleased look on Daryl’s face. He pulled one knee up and leaned an elbow against it.

“Yeah, I think so,” Paul replied, leaning in. Daryl turned away but Paul just followed him, pushing away from the wall and kneeling up, knees touching one of Daryl’s thighs. “What’s the matter, sweetie? Did you want to use ‘lovers’ instead?”

Daryl’s elbow slipped from his knee. He tried to cover for it, quickly stretching both legs in front of him and crossing them at the ankle in fake nonchalance. “Changed my mind. You ain’t cute, you’re fucking awful.”

“I can be both,” Paul said reasonably. He put a hand on Daryl’s cheek and turned his face until their eyes met. “And anyway, I think you’re the cute one, remember?”

“Christ, why do I even like you?” Daryl glared without any heat, a smile fighting its way to the corner of his mouth.

It was hopelessly endearing. Kissing that smile, Paul straddled his boyfriend’s lap, determined to give Daryl a few brand new reasons to like him.

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Please I need some fluffy fics or even some angsty-mourny ones to get over what happened last night. Please if you can find two or three one-shot type fics. Please reply to this message. Because if I can't revel in some fluff, I'd want to be able to mourn properly with Dean. Please help!


Here’s a few:

Florence verse - great domestic fluff!

Kiss the Baker - so cute and sexy and sweet in every way.

…and Piggy! Esther the Wonder pig AU!

What has 8 tentacles and isn’t allowed to eat pie? Actual Octopus!Dean

Easy Now, With my heart - Just one of my all time faves.

and here are some of my own very fluffiest:

Little Pink Houses - Naked Protester Cas versus Deputy Dean. Smut ensues.

Some Day Soon - Christmas fluff

And some Porn with feelings and humor and ABO - Best Laid Plans.

Me watching The Outsiders for the millionth time.
  • Me: Dang, they didn't have to jump him like that....OH GOD THAT HAD TO HURT!
  • Me: Soda and Pony are literal sibling goals...I can't even.
  • Me: "Nothin' legal, man."
  • Me: I hate you....I hate you...
  • Me: Johnny and Pony are so cute...
  • Me: HE DIDN'T MEAN TO DARRY...OH HELL NO HE JUST DIDN'T SHOVE MY BAE! *aggressively shoves popcorn in mouth* RUN PONYBOY!!
  • Me: That's what you get, Bob. Lol your dead.
  • Me: This whole church sequence is so cute...
  • Me: Dallas Winston's New York accent tho...
  • Me: Finally Darry gives a...
  • Me: Yeah tell Johnny's mother off, Two-Bit!
  • Me: Oh the rumble scene...OMG THAT HAD TO HURT!
  • Johnny Cade: "Stay gold, Ponyboy...stay gold." *Dies*
  • Me: *bawls* it gets me every time
  • Dallas Winston: *gets shot* Pony...*dies*
  • Me: Yay! Pony gets to stay with his brothers.
  • Me: Ugh...Darry. "Why you being so rude?"...Soda...RUN SODA!
  • Me: This scene is so emotional...I can't even. The Curtis brothers are so cute.
  • Me: This scene physically hurts... Johnny's note...
  • Me: This movie is so painful sometimes...
  • Me: There is nothing else to watch...
  • Me: Oh well. Can't hurt to watch it again.

There are two things about this moment that I like way too much:

1. Yuri has a cute af onigiri pillow

2. While Victor is like “OMG YAAAAS!” Yuri - the one who did it - is just sitting there like “wut”