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Could you please write a version of s/o getting severly injured with Cor saving them and some adorable aftercare? I would love to read how Cor would react ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Your wish is my command, dearest Anon! <3 Sorry this took so long to get out to ya! I hope the huge dosage of sensitive!Cor makes up for the wait! (Seriously, I headcanon that Cor is a complete softie inside who has this hidden little boy locked up inside his mind who’s just insanely scared of losing people he loves- especially when he knows he has the capability to save them from a terrible fate!)

It’s been two years since the endless darkness consumed the lands of Eos. You and Cor were out on a search and rescue mission, and for the most part, everything went well. You both managed to reach the rescue site two days before your estimated arrival date, you found all of the reported refugees, and most of their injuries were able to be treated with a single Hi-Elixir each. Amongst all the good fortune you and Cor had experienced, your battle-hardened boyfriend couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss.

“Watch your back, y/n. This mission is going too well,” Cor says to you. You throw him an incredulous look and brush him off immediately.

“You’re such a pessimist. But I find that strangely cute, so you lucked out there big guy,” you quip playfully, smacking his shoulder before making your way towards a group of young men and women standing idly by one of the large tents you and Cor had set up at the haven you’d escorted the group to. “You guys all good?” you ask, ensuring that there was a smile on your face when you approached them. They all turned to you and flashed grins of their own at you.

“Yeah, all good here. We were just talking about that Red Giant we saw wandering close by a few hours ago,” one of the girls spoke up, her voice laced with worry. You shook your head, trying your best to dissuade her fears.

“Don’t worry about that- Cor and I can go and check it out right now!”

A thirty minutes later, you were kicking yourself for not keeping any Hi-Elixirs for yourself or Cor. It turned out that there were three Red Giants moving in a group, destroying everything in their wake- including smaller daemons. You cast a worried glance at Cor, who was busy landing precise blows on the Red Giants’ weak spots with his katana. Biting your lip out of nerves, you hauled what you dubbed a triad-elemental spell flask at the Giant standing furthest away from Cor and covered your ears with your hands as the powerful fire, ice and lightning spells exploded with power.

The shrieks that the Red Giant let out started off extremely loud before they turned into low keens before it fell to the ground with a resounding thud. Your knees buckled and you went sprawling onto the earth below you at the Red Giant’s impact on the ground.

You were moving to get up, but then Cor had felled his Red Giant almost immediately after you’d defeated yours, and the strong shudders on the ground from the heavy weight falling onto it had you sprawling straight back to the ground. You groaned and let out a few curses before attempting to get back up again, only to find that you were being crushed by an impossibly red and extremely flaming fist.

All you could do was mentally curse before the third Red Giant squeezed the life out of you while Cor desperately hacked and slashed at the Giant’s legs and arms.

“Damn it!” Cor yelled as he fought, though his voice was becoming faint as pain took over all your senses. You whimpered and slumped in the Giant’s tight grip. Your ribs were burning, and it was getting hard to breathe. Suddenly, you were in limbo, flying through the air in a straight downward motion before impacting harshly with the ground.

The next thing you knew, you were prying your eyes open and trying to lift your hand to remove the oxygen mask that had been placed over your mouth and nose while you were out. You felt incredibly weak and sore, and you whimpered pathetically out of helplessness.

“Y/n…” the first voice you heard since waking was the last voice you’d heard during that terrible battle. Cor Leonis. Your boyfriend. You try to tilt your head in the direction of his voice, and you’re successful, but damn did it take a lot of effort.

“Hey, you’re hurt…” you frowned at the sight of the small, stitched up gash on Cor’s forearm. Cor glared down at you and moved his hand to softly bop you on the nose. You scrunched your nose in response to his ‘attack’ before slowly lifting your hand and gesturing at your white-clad body. “Nice look for me, huh?”

“I thought you were dead.” Cor said, ignoring your attempt at lightening the situation. “When I finally killed that Red Giant and saw your body… I thought you were dead.”

You didn’t know why, but you found yourself tearing up at Cor’s words. He’d never been so candid about his inner thoughts before- especially when they had to do with anything that happened on the battle field. His face was as stoic as ever but… you could hear the residue of his panic in his voice. It broke your heart a little, and then pieced it back together when you realised that he cared about you A LOT.

“Cor…” you whimpered. You hated sounding so weak, especially in front of Cor Leonis, the marshal who valued strength and mental fortitude. But he didn’t say anything to rebuke your behaviour. He just grasped your hand in his and squeezed your soft palm in his calloused hand.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep you safe.” Cor growled, averting his gaze, but squeezing your palm tighter. You squeezed back- and with what little strength you had, you lifted his hand to your cheek and nuzzled his hand softly. At the feeling of your soft skin on the back of his hand, he turned his clouded steel blue eyes to your face. You smiled and lifted your other hand to remove the oxygen mask from your face. Your muscles protested at the movement, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to make your obviously distraught partner feel better… you wanted to let him know you were okay despite the brutalised state of your body- because he was there with you.

You brought his hand to your lips and you peppered soft kisses onto his hand, maintaining eye contact with your marshal as you did so. Cor breathed out hard through his nose, his nostrils flaring slightly, before he quickly closed the distance between you and himself. He pulled his hand away from your lips and replaced it with his own insistent lips. You applied pressure to the kiss and you felt a wetness that wasn’t your own trail down your cheek.

Opening your eyes, you found Cor’s were shut tight as he kissed you, his silent tears of both relief and guilt streaming down his face. Your heart swelled at his rare display of emotion, and you brought him closer to you as he retracted his kiss, guiding his head towards your chest and pressing his ear right above your heart.

“I’m okay, Cor. I promise.”

“You promise?” you held back tears of your own as Cor’s unsure tone reminded you of a small child. The immortal was truly shaken, and it was heart breaking.

You pressed a kiss to the top of your love’s head and smiled into his short, coarse dark brown hair.

“I promise.”

You feel Cor’s shoulders shudder before you hear his low rumble of a voice against your chest.

“Good. I don’t think I could live in this darkness without you.”

I have been thinking about pirates all day. What’s not to love? They lived fascinating and dangerous lives. Have been taking notes for my Pirate!Destiel story. Coming up with Pirate names, ship names and an interesting plot has been an interesting experience.

FYI: I adore a/o/b verse so omega!dean and alpha!cas its is. I’m already feeling giddy about how these two badass pirates will get along 😆

Now I just need all the good vibes and energy and an extra dose of motivation to get this baby going ⚓️🗡⛓🏝

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How do you think the paladins, Allura, and Coran would react to finding out their s/o can tap dance?

Man dancing is so rad. I wish I could dance like at all. Being talented must be nice.


-Hes a bit taken back, he prides himself on being very informed on all things, but curious to see their skills

-He probably knows famous tap dance routines, things from movies and such, and asks them if they know how to do that

-He mostly just finds it adorable and he hopes that they enjoy it. He hopes they werent forced into learning like he was with ballroom dancing

-Omg no he didn’t just admit his mother made him take ballroom dancing …. these things never leave the privacy of their bedroom


-Hes is mostly just confused

-One he wants to know how this topic even got brought up and two he wants to know the point in learning something like that

-He is a very practical person so he just doesn’t understand the concept of learning something that isn’t directly related to helping you survive or w/e

-Yet still … he wants to see them perform. He has heard of tap dancing but he doesn’t think that hes ever seen it

-He finds it cute how into it they can get but the noise … he can’t stand it. So then s/o of course has to use it to their advantage whenever they need to annoy him. Lance also finds this hilarious and wants to learn how to tap dance to achieve the same effect


-The way she finds out is actually kind of funny. She gets slightly irritated when s/o is tapping their foot while she is trying to work so she tells them that they should just pick up tap dancing if they want to make so much noise 

-S/o is petty and tap dances out of the room

-She has so many questions about this but isn’t sure where to start. Her main question is why? Tap dancing seems like such a old school style she wasn’t even aware that it was around any more

-Its not something that really effects her every day life so she doesn’t think about it too often but she does smile any time she hears s/o tapping their foot now


-He is HYPE

-He wants a TALENT SHOW and he wants PRIZES and he wants this cause he knows that together they can WIN

-They would totally do a cute dance routine together cause Lance is surprisingly a good dancer and quickly picks up the steps

-He acts as if its all for the sake of the joke but really its all some elaborate ruse to spend more time with s/o

-S/o figures this out pretty quickly but doesn’t mind and deliberately messes up just so that practices take a little bit longer


-Just when he thought that s/o couldnt get any more cute he finds this out and !!! why are they so adorable!!

-He wants to know everything about why they chose this and when they started and if they have ever performed and just a billion questions

-He just loves knowing everything about his s/o so he looks forward to listening to everything and wants to see them perform


-She isn’t sure what tap dancing is but is sure it is a very difficult task and is very proud of them

-Once she sees what it is she is mesmerized and intrigued   

-She wants to learn how to tap dance too! Its such a unique form of dance and like nothing that she is use to 

-She isn’t very good at it, she actually has two left feet when it comes to dancing, but s/o thinks she is super cute and is more than willing to help her out


-Anything that his s/o does is the best thing in the entire universe and he is sure that this is no exception

-And surprise! He was right and he gushes over their talent and absolutely wonderful sense of timing and rhythm

-He wants to watch them all day and wants to show it off to anyone who is willing to watch. It gets to the point where s/o is tired and everyone else hears tap dancing in their nightmares

-He on the other hand never gets tired of it and just finds it to be so pure and innocent and he is so lucky to be able to experience this piece of Earth culture with his s/o

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Who's Amanda! How did you meet! How long have you been together! Everything you tag #amanda is so cute!!

Thank you! First off, Amanda is my long-distance girlfriend who I love and adore and have been dating since December 2016. Long before that, we had been calling each other ‘babe’ and ‘wife’ for a long while (to the point where people just assumed we were dating), but we made it official around November/December ish, about two years after meeting.

We first met way back in January 2015 on a Homestuck writing website. We had a really great writing streak together, exchanged tumblr URLs, and then there was a whole series of events that lead to me becoming really close friends with Amanda ( @jynnispook), Vik ( @speedypupper), and M ( @pix-m-q) but ultimately I really connected with Amanda since we had a lot of stuff going on in both of our lives, had similar interests, and both gave really great advice.

On the topic of that, there’s a quote that Amanda told me like, forever ago before we had even entertained the idea of dating, and the quote was along the lines of: “We’re two people who are trying to fix ourselves by fixing others” and I was like….heart eyes.

Most of the stuff I tag her in is very ‘fluffy cute aeshetic’ because I know she’s a huge sap and loves stuff like that. And yeah! I’m seriously blessed to call her my first girlfriend because she’s one of the most understanding, loving people that I know (and also her face is so super cute. I melt every time she sends me a selfie like. oh my goodness <3).

But anyway. Yep. I’m in love. It’s pretty great. 10/10 would recommend <3

gather up the thoughts: 4x01 review

So I figured I’d do another one of these, especially since some people (Ashley) are particularly interested (Ashley) in how I feel about it! ( @hopepeaceandblackgirlmagic)

I’m going to try to go through scene-by-scene with cons, then pros, because at the moment I feel like I have to get all the negativity out of me before I even try to see the positive.

Vincent’s speech to the alliance:

Opening lines have always been pretty killer for the premieres. Sometimes they don’t fit seamlessly into the scene or character context, but this one was broad enough and the setting was appropriate enough to match - in all ways but one.

I personally adored the relationship between Camille and Vincent in every episode where it was featured. It was one of those things that just made sense, felt so right, that these two people would become such close friends in such a short amount of time.

But Camille was in no way a sacrifice, in any sense of the word. Flashing back to Camille during the lines “We paid a high price for that peace” is incongruous and insulting. Camille’s death was not a quid pro quo, it did not achieve anything - the whole “point” was that she was chosen to die because she was special to Klaus. She was collateral. How much more clearly can the creators communicate how little they valued this arc in their story, if they don’t bother to reference it accurately? Vincent may have been thinking about how much he misses Camille for that entire speech, but Camille’s death had nothing to do with buying peace. That was Davina.

It would have been so easy to make those flashback dedications only about Davina, or to flash back to Camille during the lines detailing the Mikaelson horrors. There’s no excuse that’ll make that right.

So I have to believe that Camille was considered after the fact, and inserted thoughtlessly. Inserting Camille into the narrative whenever loosely possible is not honoring her memory, it is desperately and obviously attempting to make an apology to viewers that is much too late. If Camille’s final arc was written respectfully, if her death was truly being honored as a significant moment later on, these kinds of insertions would be totally seamless. There would be no need to construct situations to remember Camille, because they would occur naturally as the narrative progressed. The aftermath of poor decisions in a continuing narrative is that you have to build on those decisions - and therefore writing a good story becomes that much harder.

What I did enjoy about this speech is that Vincent has obviously been forging this community with nothing but the sweat of his brow. The witches are weaker, so much weaker now, but he has them beginning to work with vampires instead of against them. He’s not asking them to be friends. He’s just asking for what they all need - peace. And achieving that for five years is… well… Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind if Vincent kept being in charge of things. In fact, put him in charge of more things. Less people die that way.

Now I’m only a minute into the premiere and it’s already pretty long. OOPS.

Setup scenes (Marcel & Sofya, Hayley & Mary, Marcel & Josh & Vincent):

Gotta say, I am still unimpressed with Sofya. That’s nothing against the character, it’s because at the moment she’s being used as a plot engine. There is literally nothing else about her in the narrative. She gets information, she spouts information. Great?

I’m not really seeing the point of her, for this reason. Josh could easily be the courier of Sofya’s intel, providing some color and personality and actual relationship dynamic on screen for viewers to digest with their information-vegetables. It just comes off as so flat, at the moment. Having more screen time for a female character isn’t worth much if everything she says goes under the ‘things we need viewers to understand so we can get to the Good Parts’ column. Allusions to sex don’t count.

I’d love to be proven wrong, of course, but we knew Sofya a bit in s3 as well, and she served the same purpose then. Clock’s kinda ticking for me.

I do love how much Marcel has thought about what’s going on “behind his back” with Hayley. How much it must frustrate him to know that in order to keep Rebekah alive, he must keep Elijah alive.

As for my BABY! I love. I love. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE how our very first shot of Hope this season, of Hope at 7 years old, is her drawing. It’s so cheesy it’s so unnecessary it’s so PERFECT all the same. Not only was Klaus’ biological father an artist, his daughter is as well. I’m not crying. Shut up. Shut.

As for Mary, sigh, I still hate her guts but i can acknowledge that she’s probably a great “grandmother” to Hope and a really good resource for Hayley. So I guess she can stay.

Now, something I thought I was going to rage over actually was resolved by a quick google search. When Marcel walks into Rousseau’s, we see him take a sad look over at the picture of Cami and Davina on the wall. In the shot, this picture looks sooooooo fake. At first glance it looked like two headshots smooshed together, and it made me want to vomit. I was outraged by the cheapness. Turns out, it’s an actual picture of Leah and Danielle together, only change being Charles is cropped from Leah’s left side. I still wish they’d chosen a different picture, but it’s not as cheap as I thought. Jumping to conclusions really does a number on my blood pressure.

I feel like Josh’s line “Everything Cami wanted” could have been delivered and framed waaaaaay better, but I feel like having it in the script wasn’t a bad idea. This line is actually referencing values that Camille held while she was alive. Also on that note, is Josh half running the bar and half… DJing at NOLA clubs??? I know the kid needs something to do and he’s kinda not that into being Marcel’s yes-man any more, but… It seems kinda silly to me. And later, when we see him ‘spinning’…. I love Josh, but that kid looks so awkward at the discs. Is all of it just because he said he liked House music in season one? C’mon…

A nice civilized conversation:

The only gripe - the only tiny gripe I have about this is that Marcel is still repeating the same exact line about ‘IT’S MY CITY NOW HAHA’. It’s a tiny gripe because yeah, Marcel still cares about it, but Klaus did officially relinquish power at the end of s2, right? Not that that means he didn’t still have a ton of power in the Quarter after that, but Marcel wasn’t really taking the city back from him last season. Like, it just seems unnecessary for the point it made. We know how Marcel feels about the symbolism of the city. It just wasn’t a big enough point to bring up again, because they are really bordering on broken-record with that line, no matter how it’s worded. It should only be brought up in specific and necessary explorations of that particular part of Marcel, and it was used to frame a much broader sense of personal superiority.

Also, confusion - where is Klaus being kept? It’s implied to be beneath the compound, but I would have thought Marcel would keep him in the Garden? Since we never knew there was a dungeon beneath the compound? Like, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one, but it’s just strange to me. Marcel already has a place for this.

Other than that, damn. Just…

Joseph Morgan kills every single scene in this episode with his eyes alone. Mad with boredom at first, weak with hunger, unfocused and dull. But the core of all of it is shame. Sadness. The quietness of self-hatred. He’s not proud of staying alive for his family. He’s in a much older, much more familiar place in his mind in that dungeon. So he returns to the oldest, most familiar pattern.

Klaus makes a threat at the first opportunity. Trying to scare Marcel, just a bit, so that he can get that safe feeling of superiority for that small moment. I don’t think he actually wants Marcel to rot in hell - he doesn’t kill those he loves when they hurt him, he just makes them suffer. But saying he wants Marcel to rot in hell is what Klaus needs in this moment to make himself feel strong… like Mikael was strong.

“There’s two ways this can go” Marcel tells him, showing him the stick and the carrot - the Suffer Knife and the Blood Bottle - Klaus can’t help but laugh. Marcel didn’t react to Klaus’ posturing, but the fact that Marcel came down here wanting something from him is enough of a high, enough of a comfort. Marcel has the barrier holding Klaus in, Marcel has the blood and the blade, but Klaus is the one making choices, Klaus is the one that has something Marcel would come all the way down here to get.

But then Marcel does something that lets us know exactly how that shame and sadness became the ghost in Klaus’ eyes. And I’m not sure if he does this because he knows he’s given Klaus a bit of power in this moment, I’m not sure if he knows just how much this hurts Klaus, but he certainly is following a pattern he learned from Klaus - confront others with your power over them before getting what you need.

“You know, once I figured you had suffered enough, I pulled this out. And on that day, I heard a word that I had never heard you say: Mercy.”

The gleam of power in Klaus’ eyes dies in that instant. He can’t look Marcel in the eye, he can’t look at his own bound hands, he can’t think of the people he’s defending. “Why not just kill me?”

When Klaus submits to pain, he is reliving every moment his father ever punished him for. Asking for mercy is like saying he deserves to die. Because that’s what Mikael taught him. That’s how he learned words like weak and strong. For all those lonely years he has been re-affirming all of those “truths” about himself - his weakness, his worthlessness, his inferiority, patheticness. He’s been living with that, and only that, ever since Marcel took that blade out. There’s no power-play in his question to Marcel. There’s no angle. Just sorrow. Self-hate. Disgust. Klaus didn’t believe he deserved death for his crimes against his sireline, but he would welcome it after wallowing in this pain without dignity or endurance. Of course he knows he has to stay alive, but there is that almost wistful note to the question. Just that spark of longing. He’d asked for mercy. How can he ever pretend to be strong? How could he ever pretend to deserve to live?

After he asks it, though, he has to look up at Marcel. He has to look up and see with his own eyes what the answer is going to be, and if he believes it. What he gets in return is more of his own bravado thrown back at him - this speech from Marcel reminds me so much of the one Klaus gave to Mikael in 1918. “I am worthy, I am king, I am STRONG” - Marcel learned this speech, this need, from Klaus. And yet his very first sentence is “Because I’m not like you, Klaus.”

I adore it. Especially since, as I said before, Klaus doesn’t kill those he loves when they hurt him. He does exactly as Marcel is doing now. He isolates them, and makes them suffer alone. It is so perfect.

This speech has given Marcel enough momentum to get to his goal - Alastair. And this is the moment when life returns to Klaus’ eyes. His head rises, like he’s feeling lighter, less tired, less miserable. Because Marcel is not only asking something of him, he’s showing his hand. Which means he’s desperate. And he’s cornered. As soon as Klaus hears ‘Alastair Duquesne’, the wheels are spinning again in his mind. He can use this. He can use this.

He can barely contain that grin.

He’s got to work fast, if Marcel is going to buy it. So he bullshits at an exceptional speed and with commendable skill. I didn’t know if he was telling the truth, the first time I watched through. Because Klaus chooses his words so carefully when he’s like this. It’s impossible to tell if he’s lying. And he knows it, oh, he knows it.

I can’t help but think that when he ends his advice with “You’ll find him quite malleable.” he’s actually talking about Marcel. This is his game, and he’s finally getting to play it again. Marcel can tell that he’s broken Klaus, but he’s underestimated Klaus’ desperation. Even after saying ‘Mercy’, there was still that tiny bit of fire inside him waiting to be fed kindling, to blaze again. To prove superiority. To win the game.

He takes the blood as his prize, Marcel not knowing he’s rewarding his prisoner for setting him up to fail. That, alone, I think, is just as rejuvenating to Klaus as the blood itself.

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Hey, I just saw the post about the tattoo and was wondering if you have already done it? If you haven't it's okay, this is just simply 100% out of curiosity. Love your blog tho <3

Hey!! I actually haven’t done it yet for two reasons:

1. I was in need of a design. I wanted it to be something special that I adored and not printed from the interwebs.

2. I’m broke right now (my best friend is getting married next Friday and I’m her Best Man. So, all my money has been funneled into paying for my suit, shoes, the bachelorette party and wedding gift.

But I am still getting it. Literally once I’m passed this wedding stuff, I will be freshly inked again!! I’m actually really excited for my fifth tattoo. I truly do love the people I have met because of SuperCorp and that’s what my tattoo will really mean to me. Other than the fact that I’m the idiot who made a poor bet with the internet lol

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Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that I seriously adore your page and I think you two are seriously the cutest, (except for my best friends who are seriously so cute it makes me want to throw up). And I love seeing your posts. Thank you for being FABULOUS!

aw thank you! that’s so sweet! we love you!!!


President Obama, aka the Dad Joke POTUS, just released the most glorious seven minutes of bad Thanksgiving puns you’ve ever heard

President Obama explained that after last year, his daughters decided they couldn’t put up with his dad jokes, so he was joined at the pardon by his adorable two nephews! President Obama is clearly letting his full nerd hang out now. (Yes he cran!) The full video of jokes is truly worth the click.





[shameless repost for the weekday crowd]


This was waaay too much fun, help how does anyone draw these two without just laying down on the floor and giving up from adorable overload, just this alone destroyed me


Yurio disapproves, he does not understand the appeal of this aesthetic (clearly the 90s are where it’s at), he’s ashamed and you should be ashamed, what the hell are you even wearing, god you’re so old



Seems like he’s searching for something…

And the when Victor suggests for them to return home, he looks so reluctant to go back. WELL OF COURSE HE STILL HASN’T FOUND ANYTHING.








Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54

There are two types of shippers
  • Me: aw look how cute they are! There's so much fluff and adorable shit and I just love the little looks on their faces when they see each other assfghjklasdfghjkl

#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it

One thing from the Gravity Falls finale that I will never forget and will always give me feels is when Mabel affectionately pets the tassel on Stan’s fez. Like, I just, she adores him and it shows. And when Mabel’s hands remain clasped between Stan’s for just a moment longer after they embraced. Those gestures were just so perfect in conveying how close those two were and how both of them whole-heartedly understood the other when maybe no one else truly could.

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup