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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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You know you’re in faaaaaaaaar too deep when you have made a long-ass to-do-list with doodle shitpost ideas, and notes for four different AUs…
This is one of them and I have no fucking idea how to give it a happy ending, but let’s pretend it was just the members of our orchestra being their nerdy selves and musical jokes and everything is cute and nothing hurts…
…Whoops, fail.

The ominous mystery tune is the violin solo in Seventh Wonder’s King of Whitewater :)
And this scene actually deserves far better than quick cel shading blotched on the sketch, but here we are. This is sooo not finished, but I have so many more doodle shitpost WIPs and even more ideas, so I should move on (also clean lineart of musical instruments would be a pain in the ass, so there’s that)

Brain: you could do it in watercolour, it would look 300% better and pretty glorious :)
Me: did I ask for your opinion

Hiccstrid in Race to the Edge


So, I’ve been seing SO MANY comments about how “Hiccstrid was such a mistake” or “Rtte writers really flunked the Hiccstrid” and “The writers ruined Hiccstrid in RTTE, they made a big mistake.” and even “The plot for RTTE Hiccstrid is so bad.” (and these are direct quotes)

People, I really don’t know what your talking about! I think Rtte did an amazing job with the Hiccstrid, and I know people say that it’s rushed, or forced, but I really don’t think it is. Just here me out, and you might change your mind.

So, in the first season of RTTE, it appears that the two are just “friends” (as said multiple times by both Hiccup and Astrid) which leads me to believe this: The two are just shy and unsure as to where their relationship stands. Neither have actually come out and said that they “like” each other in that special way, or have said “I love you” (they still haven’t, but honestly that’s what makes RTTE Hiccstrid all the better, and I’ll explain that later on) so both are unsure. Hiccup knows he likes Astrid, because as he said in Blindsided, he’s thought about it a lot. And Astrid obviously likes Hiccup, after all that blushing and studdering and worried looks and those talks with Heather, I mean, it’s pretty obvious. But neither one wants to push it on the other, just in case the other doesn’t like them in return. It’s just that over the years since Riders/Defenders of Berk, they’ve come to terms with the fact that they’re “friends”, since neither have stood up and said anything against that fact. They’re both just shy, nervous, and unsure of their feelings. Typical teen feelings.

But they’re around 18 now, and the feelings haven’t really depleted at all for either of them, and RTTE shows this perfectly. 

Season 1:

I mean, just look at Hiccup! These two are normally shown- through out the entire show- as either standing by each other, or near each other. And it’s also shown that Hiccup laid out the Edge so that Astrid’s hut was closest to his. It’s just these small, subtle little moments scattered through out Season 1 and 2 that make Hiccstrid look like it’s just starting, or has still hung on. Like maybe the two do have feelings for each other, but are still able to hide them. (From each other anyways. Us, the audience, and Heather obviously pick up ont his type of stuff right away. XD)

And then “Reign of the Fireworms” the two were teasing each other playfully, suggesting that they enjoy having fun with each other and playfully annoying the other. Very cute, in my opinion. And it’s not too STRONG either, but gradually becomes more noticeable.

And here in Season 2: 

Here, it’s obvious Hiccup’s concerned for Astrid, especially when he volluntears to stay behind and sleep in the arena with her and Stormfly, and the others all joinn in to, when later Fishlegs explains that Hiccup wanted to “support” Astrid. 

Hiccup rescues Astrid from drowning, and acts extremely panicked when he notices she’s gone and not responding. I mean, yes, Hiccup would probably done this with the other riders, but he seemed extra concerned since it was Astrid.

THIS. And this is when we really start getting the “Hiccstrid” feels. I mean, before this, in the other episodes, we would not have really noticed the Hiccstrid if we hadn’t been looking for it. Otherwise, we would’ve thought “Oh, they’re teasing each other. How cute. I think they might like each other?” that kind of thing. But this, where Astrid half hugs Hiccup and says “But I still have you” it’s quite obvious she’s very slightly hinting at something.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Season 3: 

AND THIS. This is when we really get it! This is where all the other little moments have led to. I just love how gradual Hiccstrid processes throughout RTTE. It’s all gradual, but obvious, but not too obvious. And the Buffalord Soldier only helped with this. It wasn’t too much, and they didn’t kiss right away. It was just simple actions and words, but it was still so simple and clear. But not pushy either. And the words “I can’t imagine a world without you in it” coming from both of them to each other was just beautiful, and so perfect and fitting.

In “Stryke Out”, the only real Hiccstrid we get is when Hiccup and Astrid hug, but again, it’s just this simple little motion and the looks passed between them that is shining through. It clearly hints at Hiccstrid, but again, IT’S NOT FORCED. It just happens, and it flows very nicely. Fishleg’s also states that “Astrid would’ve killed you (Snotlout) if we hadn’t found Hiccup.” saying that Astrid was very worried and concerned for Hiccup’s well being.

This part just made me smile, because of how awkward and genuinely surprised they both are at this physical contact. Astrid’s face is priceless, and it clearly states that she wasn’t expecting their hands to touch. This little moment is just another example for how gradually Hiccstrid’s relationship is growing.

Here, in “Last Auction Heroes” is another small gesture between the two, a kind comforting gesture that Astrid offers Hiccup when they get captured and lose their dragons, Berk’s gold, and well… everything. It just shows that the two are very supportive to each other, and that they still don’t have to speak words to make this point clear. It’s another thing that the writers did amazingly, was just all the movements and hints that made Hiccstrid seem more real.


In Midnight Scrum, the two interact even more. Hiccup and Astrid have a private conversation int he Great Hall, and then later on, Astrid helps rescue Hiccup and helps him walk when he loses his medal leg. Again, support, but it’s not forced, or over load. It’s just right, just enough to get the point across that Astrid wants to be there for Hiccup and wants to help him. 

In “Dire Straights”, again we get to see Astrid worried about Hiccup, and Hiccup glad for her comfort. It’s just a few sweet gestures and words, but it is still a beautiful show that their relationship is gradually making it’s way up tot he point it’s at in HTTYD 2. 

In “Out of the Frying Pan” we see Astrid is about to give up to the heat, but Throk reminds her to stay awake for Hiccup, and she does, for HICCUP. 

*takes deep breath* So, “Blindsided” is the episode where the dams break, where they can’t contain their feelings anymore. Hiccup is very concerned about Astrid, and Astrid is starting to despair. Hiccup again offers his support. and since Astrid is blind, there is some more… well… touching and stuff. *winks* and it just brings stuff to mind for both of them, making them realize that they did like each other. I thought that, yeah, DreamWorks probably could’ve figured out a better way to actually get them together, other then making Astrid blind, but it still worked out very well, and I think that the Hiccstrid development is still very good in this, and not over-board, forced, or fakey. 

In “Shell Shocked Part 1″ We get to see them again, rather awkward bout everything still, and trying to hide it from the others. We also get to see Astrid’s concern for Hiccup, and it’s obvious she’s worried about him.

In “Shell Shocked Part 2″ we get to see that, again, Astrid is worried about Hiccup, and she doesn’t want him to get hurt and even suggests he go back and stay safe. Hiccup firmly states that they have to go on, keeping their feelings aside during battle, just like they’d done for years. By this time, Heather has pretty much figured out what’s going on, and the others are beginning to notice something going on between Hiccup and Astrid, although none of them (but Heather and Fishlegs) really notice anything is going on romantically. Viggo captures Astrid, forcing Hiccup to make a choise, Astrid killed or handing Viggo the Dragon Eye. Hiccup tosses the Dragon Eye into the volcano, freeing Astrid when Viggo jumped to catch it. After Viggo’s death, Astrid apologizes to Hiccup for not listening to him, but Hiccup just says that she had to let him know what she was thinking. The two therefore share a kiss, right in front of the other riders. Hiccstrid is now official.

The reason I wanted to explain all this, is because I really don’t believe Hiccstrid was rushed, forced, or poorly done at all. I think it worked it’s way up gradually to the point it’s at, and I think it was all done very wonderfully. It’s difficult to get this type of relationship just perfect, because it is a branch off of an original film, and to make it harder, it’s placed between two films, making getting the characters right all the harder. But I think DreamWorks did it VERY WELL. They worked it up gradually, with many little gestures, and moments in between the big noticeable moments, which makes it so much better.

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Maddie is one of my bestest friends on tour and to play her here, honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to play anyone else. I told her I wished it could be a draw, cause I wish we could’ve both won. I’m gonna support her no matter what, and I know she’s gonna support me no matter what, so to stand here with her today is incredible, and that’s what real friendship is.

                                              - Sloane Stephens, 2017 US Open Women’s Singles Champion

whoops, my hand slipped and here is a much more fic-like set of bullet points that i don’t have to heart to actually turn into a fic. part of a trilogy it seems.

one | two | three (THIS ONE!) | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • something to know about michelle: she’s very good at keeping secrets
  • once, when she was eight years old, her older brother broke the brand new watch his parents had gotten him for christmas. he begged her not to tell anyone, most especially their parents or her four year old sister who would undoubtedly tattle to their parents. she never spoke a word of it to anyone and helped him fix it as best they could so that her parents never found out.
  • then, when she was eleven, she had the biggest crush on this one girl in her class, layla. and one day, one of her best friends alex told her that he had a crush on layla. so she never spoke a word of her crush, nor of alex’s, to anyone. that is, until one day alex and layla walked around the playground at lunch time holding hands and told everyone they were now dating.
  • and then after she moved to new york, spent the year trying to find a place for herself, and then finally found and joined academic decathlon, she met peter parker and liz allan. and she knew immediately that peter parker liked liz. he always stared at her during practice and smiled at her whenever she glanced at him. she heard him talking about her at lunch. everyone knew that peter had a crush on liz. but one day after practice, she was in the bathroom stall when liz and her friend betty walked into the restoom, chatting.
  • “oh my goodness I can’t believe you have a crush on that freshman.” betty scoffed. “really liz, like half the junior class is in love with you and you’ve got heart eyes for the scrawny kid from, what is it, queens?”
  • “he’s really sweet!” liz laughed. “I think he’s really cute. he’s always nice to me. can’t I like someone who also likes me? is that really a crime?”
  • “of course not.” betty sighed. “I’m just saying. he’s a freshman, you’re a junior. in two years, you’ll be going to college and he will still be here. do you really want that?”
  • “I don’t know.” liz replied, pausing for a while before michelle heard the sink start to run water. “peter is really sweet and smart. i’d like to see what could happen.”
  • “fine, fine.” betty laughs. “but don’t wait for that boy to ask you out because he seems shocked every time you even look his way.” they both laugh and with that, walk out of the bathroom.
  • michelle never spoke of that incident to anyone either. so, she’s good at keeping quiet when she needs to be. which is why she never tells peter that she knows. knows that he spends his time stopping bank robberies, muggings, and helping old ladies cross the street. knows that he saved her friends in washington dc. knows that he’s the reason liz’s dad went to prison and she had to move to oregon. she doesn’t tell anyone this. not even peter.

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Imagine Jensen confessing he accepted a role in a movie because he knew you, his celebrity crush, were in it.

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“And here we are with the star of the movie, Jensen Ackles!” the woman grinned as Jensen did the same at her “Jensen, it’s so great to see you here! Tell me, how does it feel to be on the big screen after all this time in Supernatural?”

“Wow it is certainly… weird, I must admit. I mean I was and still am so used to the Supernatural family that I had a hard time processing it when I got asked for this movie, I almost asked them if they had the wrong number and wanted to call Ryan Gosling or something but no- they insisted they wanted me!” he laughed, shaking his head as you smiled behind the camera. Seeing as your own interviews were over about half an hour ago you decided to hang out behind the cameras to watch your co-star and… more than just that, have his own last interview.

“But I think everybody will agree to hear and see that you actually accepted it, right?”

“Well, my friends and family really were. I was so glad that above all I didn’t have to stop Supernatural for some time or anything, we managed to make it all work; because I honestly could not say no to this movie! There were so many things that made me say the big yes, but above all it’s Blade Runner who would say no to this role?” he laughed softly and the interviewer nodded her head.

“Agreed, and I think everybody was very pleased to see that you indeed were the best choice for Officer K to the point that they want more than just one movie now. Tell me, though, if you could pick the three top reasons that made you take the role: what would they be?”

“Uhm well, in no particular order I think one would definitely be me being a huge geek when it comes to Blade Runner. I’ve been a really big fan of the first one since I was a kid, you’d have no idea!” he chuckled “Another one would definitelybe the amazing cast and crew. Getting to work with such amazing directors and Harrison Ford himself is a dream coming true and something that really made me want to jump at the opportunity the moment I heard it!”

“That would seem as a good reason too, yeah. And one more?”

“One more, oh.” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck “I- I think I’m going to regret saying this, out loud that is but uhm-” he cleared his throat “Alright I’m just- I should say it quick and without waiting so-”

“So?” she asked “Your main reason I’m guessing would-”

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, cutting her off and her eyebrows shot up. She giggled as Jensen laughed nervously.

“(Y/n), wow that is something I… didn’t expect to hear and now- now I am intrigued. Do tell more?” she insisted and Jensen laughed nervously.

“Oh gosh, time to turn this into fifty shades of red.” he cleared his throat “I- I mean, have you seen her? There is no way I’d pass a movie when I found out she’d be my costar!”

“Costar and a lot more in the movie actually.” she said with a smirk and Jensen laughed, shrugging.

“Guilty” he shook his head “Point is, I know I am her biggest fan and I can fight anyone that dares to claim different, those scenes were just… an extra bonus.” he laughed “It would be a dream to be in a movie with her and- honestly? That was the first and main reason as to why I said yes.”

“So you’d say she’s your celebrity crush?”

“I would actually but-” he glanced around “Just because she always finds her way around here somehow I am going to refer from that because I won’t hear the end of it.”

“But you’ve become great friends, haven’t you? And you’ve only knows each other for what- two years now?”

“Uhm well, I’m going to be honest: it’s longer, much longer than just that. We- we met back in the beginning of Supernatural actually. I- I can’t remember why she was there during season 1, and neither does she, but yeah- we go way back.” he grinned nodding his head.

“Wow, really? I’m surprised something like this has slipped the fans’ radars considering how much of a buzz there isaround you two lately!”

“Trust me, that I know! Jared must be the number one shipper, that I am sure about!” he leaned back in his chair “And he sure as hell finds every possible way to tease me about (Y/n) whether I am talking with her on the phone, skype or just texting. He’s just found his new favorite hobby that is most certain!”

“I’m sure he has a lot of fun with that! But uhm let me ask you something else too: Seeing as your character actually proposes in the very end to (Y/n)’s character, do you think – being single for so long – you would ever take this step and with who?”

“Taking this step hm. Uhm well, honestly first I would really have to find the one-” he chuckled, glancing at the camera where he had spotted you from before and grinned “-uhm yeah, done already I think. There are a lot of things that need to be in a relationship especially if someone wants to spend the rest of his life with another.”

“Would you? I mean as I said you’ve been single for very long, do you think you could make it? Leave all you have for something unknown actually.”

“Well, it really depends on how I’d feel for the person and how they too would respond to be honest. But you know, if they’re the one- I wouldn’t hesitate to give up my life for them.” he shrugged, this time completely serious and only a soft genuine smile on his face.

“So this… one you found, because you said it don’t think I didn’t catch that-” she smirked pointing a finger at him as he laughed “Do you think she’d be the one? And no vague answers here, Mr Ackles because all these years of hunting have rubbed off on you and you are still avoiding to answer.” she narrowed her eyes at him and Jensen looked at you laughing as you grinned at him.

“I am not!” he raised his hands in the air “But if you so want an answer, ask her to walk in!”

“Ask who?” she looked around.

“The answer, obviously.” you said with a smirk as you made your way around the cameras to your costar and wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind as you kissed his cheek.

“The answ- oh!” her eyes widened as hiding your face in the crook of his neck you raised your hand to show her the classic diamond ring on your finger.

“He’s a sap.” you chuckled, as he kissed the side of your head.

“Just the best for my fiance!”

I’ve Always Loved You. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Sorry, that it took me five hundred years.  

Prompt – You are Harrison’s little sister and you confess to Tom that you have always loved him.

Warning – Somewhat angsty, but the majority is fluff.

Words – 1,475. 


Confession. That word scares humans on a daily basis because it can have a positive or negative outcome. People like to take their chances, but the probability of it going their way is slim. Nonetheless, individuals do it anyways because the result could be the one the person wants. Everyone just has to be optimistic and never stop believing that anything can happen.

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Villainous x Reader HCs!

A/N: So @notjustclones is someone I look up to a whole lot (if you like the clone wars go check them out!) and they’ve done some stuff like this and I thought it was a cute idea!! So here is the crew cooking with their significant others (other than 5.0.5, who I always feel is more of a friend or pet, but honestly it’s however you wanna think about it). I know I have requests pending, but maybe this’ll satisfy a bunch of you just requesting characters with no story? I dunno! I just had to do this!!!

Dr. Flug:
-This adorable little bagged genius is actually a decent cook once he calms down.
-He really loves baking with you, and sharing a nice treat once the sweets are done!
-You two flirt back and forth, but in the most nerdy way possible. (i.e. “Man! Once these are done they’ll be the second sweetest thing in this house.” Or “Careful, the oven is almost as hot as you are.”)
-He drops things a lot, being a clumsy and rather nervous scientist. You enjoy watching Flug if he doesn’t notice the timer is about to go off because he jumps a bit at the sudden loud ringing.
-Flug definitely has an apron with the molecular structure of chocolate printed on it. He also got you an apron with a cute little thing on the front too!

-What he lacks in cooking skills, he makes up for in pure enthusiasm.
-anytime you bake bread or cake or something of the like he is completely amazed at how the dough or batter can become this light fluffy thing! It’s like magic to him.
-he really likes when you let him lick the mixing spoon
-usually just sits/ walks around the kitchen waiting for you to be done cooking so he can eat or play with you

-usually forgets to preheat the oven
-her knife safety skills are atrocious, yet somehow she’s always fine
-she doesn’t especially like baking, just you, so she deals with one to get the other
-also enjoys getting to lick the mixing spoon
-anything that will not produce sweets she finds especially boring, so normal cooking isn’t something that happens often. She will gladly just wait for you to finish dinner.
-typically she’ll go watch TV in the other room or dance around wildly to loud music with you while waiting for you to be done cooking
-once the food is done, she’ll run in, hug and kiss out out of appreciation, then quickly grab food.

Black Hat:
-Cooking? No. He doesn’t do that. Don’t ask.
-….Fine, but only because he doesn’t completely hate you.
-This guy can surprisingly handle himself in the kitchen. He knows where everything is and how to use it, but that doesn’t mean he likes it!!
-Black Hat doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. If he does begrudgingly agree to cook with you, it will usually be meat.
-That being said, he will occasionally stir something for you, or preheat an oven when you’re baking multiple things at once, but he’ll never admit to it.
-If you’re baking or he isn’t interested in cooking, he will still sit in the kitchen with you, filling out paperwork or brainstorming ideas for new products. Sometimes he’ll even tell stories about destroying heroes and cities and such.
-sometimes, if no one else is in the mansion, he’ll come up behind you while you’re chopping food or what have you, and wrap his arms around you from behind, lay a head on your shoulder and say nothing other than perhaps a soft grumpy hum, as if to say, “See? I am showing my love for you, you are welcome, also this time together is…nice.” Then he’ll stalk off without a word, grabbing a binder of paperwork to put back in his desk.

lab partners. (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin
Genre/Warnings: Smut | threesome, thigh riding, oral 
Word Count: 9,974 

Description: When you and Min Yoongi had first been assigned to be lab partners you thought that your fantasies about him would stay just that, fantasies. But now here the two of you are several months later involved in a full blown friends with benefits relationship. Things are going pretty well, you both get what you want when you need it, but what happens when new transfer student Park Jimin comes into the picture?

Note: This is technically a sequel to my fic lab partners (here) but it’s honestly so different that you can read this on its own. Also @cynicalsyub (:

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It was the intoxicating ministrations of his tongue that knocked you from your deep realm of sleep. Your eyes flew open as you felt the fiery sensation shoot through your core making you arch your back in pleasure. You felt his hands begin to dig into your thighs as he kept you pinned against the mattress. You looked down at yourself, already completely writhing in a white t-shirt that was most definitely not your own. You see the way his body is hidden by the mounds of covers, and you quickly pull them off of him so you can see the way he worked against your already dripping core.

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You guys requested and I deliver. I have another angsty/jealous/protective Shawn as well, it’s in editing. Also I have seen the other requests and they are on the que. I’m excited to get writing. 

Anyway Enjoy this one!

Request more! I love your ideas!

She was teasing him. He knew it. He knew he deserved it too.

He had been at the studio all day, and hadn’t been able to message her back like he promised he would. He was late for dinner last night, and he fell asleep before she could even tell him about her day. 

So for her revenge, she curled and teased her hair. She did her make up. She slipped on the tight black dress that drives him crazy. She also stepped into her matching black heels and then tried to stay away from him. 

Not in like a ‘I’m mad’ way, but more of ‘My girls are over here, I wanna talk to them’ way. 

He watched her, sipping his beer, ignoring Geoff and Brian as they spoke into his ear. 

The girls all around him, taking pictures and videos of him. He ignores them, and honestly Harry too and just watches her from across the room. 

Her girls had invited a few friends they met at uni. Two of them being other guys. 

Todd and Kevin. 

They were attractive but nothing compared to the man that brought her here and would hold her when she goes to bed tonight. 

But Kevin is flirting a bit, and she does it just to piss him off. To prove to him that if he doesn’t want to pay attention to her, that others will. So she can’t help it as she smiles and bats her lashes at him when he says something not even remotely funny. 

She’s giggling towards him and then she does the thing she knows will get a reaction. She lifts her right hand and grabs his arm as she pretends to laugh a little harder. 

She can feel his burning gaze. 

He’s watching her. Sipping his beer again, letting his gaze turn hard and pissed off. He can’t say much though because he knows shes doing it on purpose. But when she touches him he loses it. Slamming his beer on the near by table and marching over to her and her friends. 

Kevin sees the angry giant making his way towards the group and backs off a little. He gulps and completely cowers away when Shawn grabs her from behind and holds her against him. 

“Stop it.” Shawn growls into her ear. She smiles and bites back a giggle.

“Stop what?” She asks, playing dumb.

“Stop flirting with him. You are mine.” He says pulling her a little closer. This time she giggles, can’t help it. Shawn sighs into her ear and can feel himself start to relax a little bit. 

But when the guy across the room, not Kevin or Todd, keeps staring at her he starts to tense. 

She’s given up the act and not doing anything on purpose anymore. She’s actually unaware that this guy is staring. But when Shawn starts tensing up and stops swaying with her she looks up at him. 

She follows his gaze to the guy that is staring at her like she is the best prize at the carnival game. 

Shawn starts nibbling on her earlobe and keeps his stare on the guy.

“Shawn, what are you doing?” She asks. 

“Nothing.” He mutters.

“Honey, stop.” She pushes him away. He knows she’s not mad because she called him ‘Honey’ and her tone wasn’t that of an annoyed person. But also he’s starting to make her mad. 

“I’m sorry, it’s just, your mine. I don’t like the idea of some other guy touching you the way I do, looking at you the way I do, hearing you giggle the way you do. It just makes me want to punch him in the face, and if he doesn’t stop staring soon he might just need a new nose.” Shawn grumbles.

“Shawn, I’m yours. You are the only one that get’s to hold me, the only one I want to look at me, the only one I really giggle for.” She sighs cupping his cheeks into her hands, making him look at her and not that guy across the room. 


“I like it when your jealous.” She smiles at him. 

“Why?” He asks, scrunching his nose.

“You get all clingy and lovey, it’s cute.” She shrugs. He pulls her a little closer and let’s his hands slide lower down her back, stopping right on her ass. 

“Mine.” He grins, squeezing. She nods. He pulls her close, roughly, and smashes his lips on hers. “Mine.” He mumbles against his lips.

“Yours.” She mumbles back. 

I cannot believe that I am making this right now. I made this tumblr back in June because I needed to be able to scream about bts with someone, and here I am, two and a half months later, making my first mutual’s appreciation post after hitting 2k. !!!! This is all so wild to me, I have met so many incredible friends on here, and so many of you have become my family. You all mean the absolute world to me and I honestly couldn’t fathom my life without you. I wish I could put into words just how inspiring all of you are. All of you bring me so much joy, seriously, whenever I get to talk to any of you or interact in any way I feel so warm. All of you are so talented, beautiful, wonderful, sweet, kind, caring, genuine, just wow. I am so thankful for all of you. I hope you all know that I love you so much, so much that my heart is going to burst!!! I love you I love you I love you!!!!! This is for you 💕💕💕

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Will You Regret This? (Jungkook Smut)

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Requested: No 

Words 2051

Warnings: smut!!!

Description: Your best friend dragged you to a party. You didn’t know that this party would result in one of the best nights ever

You hate parties.

So why would you come to this one?

Oh, that’s right. Your best friend invited you, even though she knew you didn’t like parties.

Why didn’t you refuse? Because your friend said that she’d be “oh so lonely” if you weren’t there.

You knew that was just and excuse to make you come.

And that’s how you ended up here.

A frat party.

There was a lot of people and loud music. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, except for you.

You stood in the corner, holding a red solo cup that you’ve been drinking out of for the past 30 minutes. Everyone was dancing, partying, but here you were, standing in the corner alone like an introvert.

Any time you saw someone looking at you, you looked down at your phone, just to avoid eye contact.

You weren’t a party person. You’re not shy, you just hate parties. Anywhere you turn, there’s someone drunk or high or puking all over someone’s shoes. Not only that, but parties just weren’t your thing.

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Bitten pt. 10

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Part 1 - Part 2 -  Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12

Description: So many questions but were you really ready to bond with Baekhyun?

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

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“Are you sure? Like 100% sure?”

You give Baekhyun a look. He nervously bites on his lip and you let out a sigh.

“Baek you’ve asked me that 10 times in the last 5 minutes.”

His shoulders slump a little. “I know I just want to be sure. This is going to be forever.” He blushes a little.

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anonymous asked:

I love the idea of a friendship growing between MC and Jaehee at first because they're both the only girls and, like, sometimes you just gotta talk smack about the boys with another girl, but then it blossoms into this really good and deep friendship and I was wondering if you could maybe show how that friendship would manifest with MC's different relationships with the RFA boys and V?

A/N: THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH BECAUSE I FEEL IT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL I WANT JAEHEE AS A BESTIE IN EVERY ROUTE (also i kind of made this how they all reacted to the friendship i hope you dont mind) ~Admin 404


           - I don’t think it’d affect him that much

           -Like yyeess MC I’m so happy you got best friend!!!!

           -Does get a little jealous of her though

           -“MC!!! Wanna come play some LOLOL with me???” “Nah, me and Jaehee are going to go shopping!” “But…the two of you hung out all day yesterday?” “Yeah, and we’re gonna do it again! I’ll text you later!”

           -HE WANTS SOME MC TIME TOO *angry eyebrows*

           -As long as you make time for him, he’s a-okay!

           -But pls tell him secrets too MC he wants to be your other best friend

           -Also lowkey worried because??? What do the two of you talk about?

           -He remembered some of the things his sister and her friends used to talk about and he was nOT EXCITED



           -*Slides into the living room and seductively throws himself over the side of the couch*

           -“Where the two of you talking about me?”

           - yeah talking about how you’re a total fucking DORK

           -He’s good friends with Jaehee too!! Why won’t you let him in the room for talk time ;A;

           -Tried sneaking into the room to listen but the two of you are smarter than that and have to physically throw him out of the room

           -He’s happy that you’re such good friends with her, though!!!

           -Since he’s her friend as well, he knows how badly she needed a friend for some girl talk

           -But?? Still?? He waNTS TO KNOW


           - honestly pouts and sits outside of the door sometimes when the two of you throw him out, blows up your phone until you yell through the door


           -This….is so weird

           -Why is Assistant Kang in his house

           -Tries to hand her work almost every single time

           -Until you kind of knock it out of his hand and it falls to the floor

           -?????? MC????? It’s her job??????

           -“She is here as my GUEST Jumin, YOU do that work”

           -G A S P MC WHAT

           -Overall he’s just so…..awkward when you and Jaehee hang out at home. Otherwise, he could care less if the two of you were close friends. He loves that you have a close friend to talk with! He also doesn’t care if the two of you talk about him, whatever

           -Like how is he supposed to act??? He’s almost two different people. He’s so laid back at home with you and all business when he’s at work with Jaehee. WhaT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ;A;

           - locks himself in his office when she’s over to avoid the awkwardness


           -*dresses up as a girl*

           -*slides into the room to join the girl talk*

           -*is promptly kicked out by the two of you*

           -The only person he had like that in his life was his brother

           -But they’ve been apart for so long, and with everything that happened….

           -He tries to have that kind of friendship now and Saeran just kind of walks out of the room

           -So!!!! He’s happy for you!!! But also very jealous (though he hides it)

           -You can tell how upset he gets sometimes, and you and Jaehee agree to let him hang out every now and then to make him happy

           - only if he dresses up like a girl

           -When the two of you don’t let him in, he just turns on the CCTV because??? He wants the juicy gossip on all of the members too??? BAD SAEYOUNG


           -Completely respects your privacy

           -Please, MC, you and Jaehee spend all the time you would like together

           -Talk about whatever you would like

           -Your laughter is muSIC TO HIS EARS


           -He couldn’t care less what the two of you talked about

           -Knows that if you want to share with him, you will

           -Plus, Jaehee isn’t really a loud, rowdy person well most of the time

           -So!! She can stay all she wants!!! It doesn’t break the nice relaxed feeling of the house and he appreciates that

           -He even makes the two of you tea and some snacks every now and then!!! hes like a mum omfg


           -What do you mean you’re going out

           -What do you mean I can’t come in and sit in the living room



           - someone please help him he doesn’t understand how this all works

           -Constant reassuring that you’re just going to hang out with Jaehee!! You aren’t mad!!

           -There’s just some things you have to talk about with a girl friend, ya know??

           -If you bring up even a slightly awkward topic he gets flustered and immediately agrees to leave the two of you alone

           -A lot of the time though, Jaehee doesn’t mind if he’s there? He’s actually pretty quiet and uninterested

           -He just likes to talk shit about Saeyoung let him into the conversation every now and then plEASE he needs to get it out


Author: the-princejinyoung

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,960

Summary: At this year’s marketing conference you only have one objective: get your really hot co-worker, Luke to notice you. It’s all going well - truly, it is! Except for that Jackson Wang, who won’t stop interrupting your plans.

Author’s Note: This is a part of the Welcome Back, Wang! project started by got7snet . @jinyoungsbum and I did a collab project where we each picked writing prompts for each other and wrote a piece. Please enjoy and check out hers as well - here - because it’s amazing! Oh, and follow her :)

Prompts: “I don’t think you could get any less romantic.” / “I’m not here to make friends.”

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can you believe that sana’s dad is a quite busy man, but he always makes sure he doesn’t miss any of his daughter’s basketball matches? and he’s always there in the stands, cheering for her, telling everyone around him “that’s my daughter right here! isn’t she so amazing?” and he’ll tell his colleagues and his friends and family all about her matches, about how “there were just two minutes left, and she scored the winning points!” 

but honestly? he treats all of her matches like victories, not matter if her team won or lost, no matter if she scored or not. he’ll great her with a huge grin when she comes to him at the end of a match and he’ll clap and say “well done, you!” and he’ll wrap an arm around her as they walk to the car, and he’ll tell her that he hopes she had fun today, because that’s what matters the most to him, his daughter enjoying what she does. and he thinks she’s a star, really, with or without shiny medals and trophies, and he’ll always, always be proud of his sana 

Big Things Have Small Beginnings | I. Infatuation

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x YouTuber!Reader

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles,  Misha Collins… Mentions of David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and Gabbie Hanna

Word Count: 752

Warnings: Angst… kinda

Summary: Jared Padalecki, costar of Supernatural, had been divorced for two years and his way of coping is watching Y/N L/N, a vlogger on YouTube. Not necessarily for the content, but for her. When Jared won’t suck it up and talk to her, his best friend Jensen takes matters into his own hands

Notes: This was a request from @sassyspn67. I decided to make it into a mini series with a couple of parts so I hope you enjoy part one! Request are still open guys so ask away.

The request was:

Sassyspn67: HEY I LOVE U, AND YOU BLOG AJDKDJSK  So I was thinking maybe one with Jared Padalecki where the reader is a youtuber like David Dobrik, with blogs and stuff (if u dont know him i would kill u, and the u would have to watch him) and he just can’t stop watching her, so he tweets and ajkdnxjdind.  This would be one where he is divorced (i love gen 💖) and bakdhakxnid.  Ps: but seriously, watch david dobrik vlogs now 🔥  I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF REQUEST ARE OPEN AAHHAHAHSHDUSHDHKSFOSNFJ *dies*

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Happy wouldn’t be the word to describe how Jared was feeling, it was too simple a word. He was enveloped in complete euphoria, he was ecstatic, the muscles in his mouth never stopped forming a smile. Any mention of your name made him forget every worry. Your voice made him feel safe during the scariest moments of his life. How he wished he could to talk to you.

But then again, why would you wanna talk to him? You were 26, he was 34 and he had a gut feeling you wouldn’t like him because of the 8 years age difference. That’s what he told Jensen and Misha anyway.

“That’s was… poetic” Misha said. Jensen was quiet while processing the information his friend had just told him. Something wasn’t clear still, “So she’s a YouTuber?” Jensen asked, the two other men nodded.

“And you love her?”

“No, I-I don’t love her… I like her, there’s a difference” Jared clarified quickly. Misha took over after his friends began staring at each other awkwardly. “So you don’t think she’d want to talk to you?”

“Well, yeah, there’s an eight ye-”

“Just talk to her” Jensen interrupted, “it’s been 2 years since Gen and you have gotten a divorce. I think it’s time for you to find someone new and by the looks of it you have. If she’ll make you happy, talk to her.”

Jared rubbed his hands over his face, he knew Jensen was right. “How?” he asked, willing to comply. The three sat there thinking of answers, nobody had actually thought about it. “Twitter” Misha stated, as if it was obvious “You could tweet her saying something about her most recent video to get the ball rolling.” Jensen agreed saying it wasn’t a bad idea so Jared picked up his phone to open twitter.

He tapped the button to compose a tweet but froze once it popped up. “What’s wrong dude?” Jensen asked when Jared hadn’t moved in a minute. “I can’t do it” Jseed decided letting his fears getting the best of him. Before his friends could say anything Jared left Misha’s trailer.

It’d been a couple of days since Jared had talked to Jensen and Misha and he’d been nothing but stressed. The directors weren’t extremely worried about his condition because they could actually get something done for once. However, Jensen and Misha were. At lunch they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Jensen Ackles: Hey @Y/N, I heard @jarpad wants to talk to you. He’s a bit nervous though…

Y/N L/N: Is that so? Sup @jarpad. What’d you wanna talk about?

Jared Padalecki: @Y/N, nothing, I don’t know what @JensenAckles is talking about. Sorry for bothering you.

Y/N L/N: Oh… it’s fine @jarpad

Jared, though pissed at Jensen, immediately felt bad about dropping the conversation. The one chance he had to tell you how he felt. And he ruined it.

“Oh… it’s fine @jarpad you tweeted. Well, you got your hopes up for nothing but you were still giddy. Big name actors never tweeted at you just because. One question kept running through your mind: why would Jensen tell you Jared had to talk to you? Padalecki said he was just joking but something tells you that wasn’t true. A notification popped up on your phone.

Jared padalecki mentioned you in a tweet: Actually, @Y/N

You opened your phone to read the full tweet.

Jared Padalecki: Actually, @Y/N I wanted to tell you that I really like your videos, they’re hilarious and entertaining. Plus, you’re beautiful.

Hold up.

Did he just say I was beautiful? You thought. You get that type of thing from fans all the time but coming from the Jared Padalecki made it special. You were so busy in your own that’s that you almost forgot to respond.

Y/N L/N: Thank you @jarpad! That means a lot to me. Ps you aren’t too bad looking yourself ;)

That’s when your phone erupted with notifications from twitter. Your friends David, Liza, and Gabby were freaking out, as per usual, you knew they were gonna tease you about it later. Ship names for the two of you were already surfacing from your fans’ minds. Honestly, you thought it was cute. As to be expected, there was a lot of hate too but it didn’t bother you too much. You’re just delighted to know Jared Padalecki’s got a crush on you.


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You too?

Age of Ultron was playing earlier on TV and although this imagine has nothing to do with AoU, it was sort of inspired by the ending where Steve and Natasha were training the new team. (it just makes me all the more excited to watch Infinity War). Thank you so much for your endless support, guys! I really appreciate it and even those comments you leave or messages you give, I always appreciate them and whenever I receive them, they make me endlessly happy and often makes my day! 

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You slam your arm on the ground, breaking your fall and Natasha stands over you, shaking her head. “You are still pulling your punches, Y/N.” She tells you before holding her hand out. You grab on to it and she pulls you up. “How many times have I told you?”

“I’m trying,” You pause to wipe your sweat away from your face. This is only your fifth month training and if you compared yourself now and when you first started, you could barely land a punch on Natasha five months ago. 

Natasha shakes her head. “You are not trying hard enough, Y/N.” Natasha exclaims harshly and you flinch slightly. “The difference between staying alive and being dead is that pull.” Natasha points out and as much as you want to refute her, you know there is a lot of truth behind her words so all you could do is just nod your head.

Natasha takes a good look at you. Truthfully speaking, you are doing really well, keeping up with her intense training. Initially, when Rhodey had first recruited you in to the team, she had her reservations about you but after five months of training, Natasha knows you just need to stop doubting yourself and you would be ready.

“Let’s take five.” Natasha says as she pads over to the bench, picking up her own water bottle. You follow after her, picking up your own bottle and towel. You take a few gulps of water before placing your water bottle back down beside your duffel bag.

Ignoring Natasha’s gaze on you, you simply head over to the punching bag. She keeps telling you to stop pulling your punches. You roll your eyes before cracking your knuckles. You are going to show her that you know and can stop yourself from pulling your punches. Pulling your arm back, you gather all of the force and pound your fist away on the punching bag, causing the punching bag to swing back, exploding in midair, sending all of the stuffing flying through the atmosphere.

“Oh crap.” You stare at the demolished punching bag and you could hear Natasha chuckling behind you.

“Keep that up and you’ll be able to survive another day.” Natasha tells you, amused by your reaction.

But just as you are about to turn around to head back to Natasha, you hear someone step inside the room and a very familiar voice greets you.


You whip around and your jaw drops when you see none other than Peter Parker standing by the door, staring at you with his jaw slightly open and eyes wide in awe. “Peter?”

Natasha raises her eyebrows, looking at the two of you. Peter stumbles forward slightly the same moment you take a step forward.

“What are you doing here?” The both of you said at the same time, causing Natasha to smirk once she finally sees what’s going on. So she picks up her bottle and her own towel before stealthily leaving the training room.

“You first.” Peter hurriedly says as he glances at the punching bag you had just demolished before looking at you. Of all the places, he did not think he would be meeting you here. The two of you are not necessarily friends but Peter shares a lot of his classes with you and it would be a lie if Peter said he has never noticed you before. He has and right now, he is a little more floored and confused.

“I guess I am an avenger in training.” You shrug your shoulders – technically you aren’t wrong. You are still in training and have yet to be an avenger. “What about you? Are you an Avenger?” You honestly never thought Peter – the cute, quiet, smart Peter Parker – is a part of this entire thing.

Peter mulls over his answer before nodding his head slowly. “Yeah, basically?” He didn’t sound sure at all causing you to giggle quietly at his response. “I’m… Spiderman?”

This time you could not help but giggle out loud. “Is that a statement or a question?” You ask him before his words finally sinks in your head and you stare at him in surprise. “Spiderman? So you were the one who saved the Decathlon team? I saw video footage of that and it was amazing – you are amazing!” You gush. You respect for Peter has just shot up through the roof.

Peter smiles shyly, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Y-yeah.” He meets your eyes and Peter flushes when you send him a smile.

“What were you about to do before you came here?” You finally realize that Natasha’s not in the room and you don’t know if you want to thank her for leaving you to talk with Peter together or get angry that she left you with Peter alone because now that you are with him, you really cannot ignore the small crush you have on him.

“I was supposed to do some training…” He trails off before quickly adding. “Do you think we can train together?” Peter asks you.

You nod your head, giving him a small smile. “Of course – Natasha bailed on me.” Peter looks around and lets out a chuckle when he realizes that Natasha had definitely bailed on you. “But you better not be pulling your punches with me, Peter.”

He immediately shakes his head. “Of – of course not!”

despite being arguably the most fashion-forward member of ipre, taako is a notorious clothes thief

  • [wearing one of lucretia’s sweater dresses] ummmm are you sure this is yours? huh. must’ve gotten mixed up in the wash.
  • merle and davenport are relatively safe seeing as they’re a drastically different size from him, but he will still take merle’s scarves and dav’s hats whenever he ‘happens to find them laying out in the open like that, i thought they were up for grabs, don’t blame me, clean your shit’
  • magnus swears he saw taako stealing a pair of sweatpants directly from his drawer, but he Blinked too fast for magnus to be sure
  • i’ve said this before, but my boy barely waits for lup and barry to get together before he starts taking barry’s shirts. they’re large, comfy, and cotton. it’s a wonder he restrained himself until now. honestly, he should be given an award.
  • lup is totally used to this, and while she isn’t as straight-up-larcenous as her brother, she doesn’t understand why the other guys won’t just take taako’s shit right back. and also like, that dress is really cute lucretia, i’m totally gonna borrow it after you get it back.
  • taako from under a pile of his teammates’ sweatshirts: idk man i just found these here??