these two are in a relationship


Occasional sparring partners scribbles - cause sometimes they like to have an acceptable reason to fight each other as hard as they can 👍

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Hiiiii! I hope you've had a lovely weekend! I've got a question. What do you mean when you say Jungkook and Yoongi are much more alike than people realize?

Heey! Thank you loads, I hope your week has been amazing as well. What I mean by that is basically that both are reserved and awkward although charming, caring and stubborn little shits. lol I’ll elaborate (but not much since I have a synastry of them on my schedule).

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chimpannez replied to your photo “GPOY this morning”

?! Hope everything is ok.

Oh yeah, it’s not like terrible news or anything. I had a really bad day yesterday - my emotions were all over the place, the kids were being incredibly difficult, I’m really stressed out about future decisions we’ve been discussing and I felt like on the verge of tears all afternoon/evening. So when this morning didn’t go to plan I guess that’s what pushed it over and I was crying.

MD didn’t have to leave for work until 6 today, and my alarm usually goes off around 6:30. I’ve been having a hard time getting up at the alarm bc I don’t sleep well and Dill’s habit of waking up between 4:30 - 5:45 so I asked him to bring me a cup of coffee on his way out the door. I was planning on attempting to wake up gradually and have coffee and read my book or the internets for a half hour peace before the morning routine began.

Dill woke up just before 6, screaming. It’s unusual, but not unheard of. MD tried to take care of it, but it didn’t work so he just let him get up for the day. So like instead of a quiet start to the day it was still dark outside and I had the baby up and about. I’m not a morning person and I need at least a couple minutes before I start being responsible for anyone else and it’s not like this is a new thing that MD had no idea about. So I was overwhelmed and confused and just waking up therefore I was upset about it and my husband got all pissy with me bc he was “just helping”. And he was late because of it so he was pissed at the baby, pissed at me for being all wait, what? why is he out of bed?, and pissed that he was gonna be late to work.

TL;DR I was just exhausted, stressing about Dill’s routine being broken (a routine I’ve been working on for over a month to keep him from getting up too early which fucks the whole day), and getting snapped at by my husband on the one morning I had planned for calm/quiet all before coffee.


Not even ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby over this ending. Man, that was life-affirming. We had Bojack “I was born with a leak” Horseman thinking he blew it again, lost another good thing in his life. Then Hollyhock chooses him, she invites him to still have a part in her life. This whole season was centred around the toxicity of Bojack’s dysfunctional family tree, this was the one member of his family he seemed to really bond with and want to be around. We just saw how crushed Bojack was by Hollyhock reaffirming that she never needed another father-figure. So to see that acceptance, after a season full of abusive family dynamics, that was beautiful


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)

i miss being in a relationship and staying up late on the phone or laying in bed with one another wide awake just talking about nonsense in the middle of the night while holding each other or rubbing your thumb along their hand. i miss surprise dates and staying in for movie nights or just running errands together because that’s time spent together and getting butterflies even when you text them.


“Everything I’ve done in my life, possibly the best thing was turning Oswald Cobblepot into… the Penguin.”

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)