these two are hard to draw

  • Someone: Are you ok?
  • Me: I'm fine
  • Me(internally): It just really bothers me that fan artists get so much more respect than fanfiction writers. Like it's crazy that these two art forms aren't seen as equal. People just think that everyone can write but to make an actually good story you have to work really hard. Writers slave over every piece of work we make. They have mental breakdowns just trying to get this one sentence right. But still a lot of times they're just seen as a joke. Not trying to downplay how amazing artists are because honestly they are amazing and I can't even fathom what it's like to actually be able to draw because that's amazing. But people need to understand that it's also difficult to write. Also it's just accepted that artists should be paid for their work, which they should, but writers are expected to just constantly write for free. I know that most of them don't mind because they enjoy writing but I feel like they should be compensated for their time and efforts. Writers are out there writing like full length novels and I feel like it's taken for granted that you have access to all of that hard work for free.

New Gemsona: Benitoite

Age: 50 (Yes, that recent)
Gem Facet: Trillinear Cut
Gem Location: Left Hand
Occupation: Office Gem

(What the heck is with me and drawing gems with their eyes covered/no eyes!? I guess I find it adorable. XD)

Anyway, introducing a new gemsona of mine, Benitoite; a cute, tiny office gem who works in the Blue Diamond faction.
She’s a brand new gem, recently emerged from the kindergarten. She’s very optimistic, bright spirited and gentle. Though she appears too innocent for the job, she’s actually very smart and hard working, able to sort files rather quickly and efficiently.
After seeing that recent comic by @mimicteixeira that featured an Office Peridot, I couldn’t help but draw her. I imagine the two of them working together in the office, though it seems Office Peridot is not too cheerful, and might get annoyed by Benitoite.

Office Peridot belongs to @mimicteixeira
(Forgive me if I got her design wrong Mimic, I have no idea what her lower body looks like so I just did something random.)


Sorry for being a wee bit distant. It’s frankly hard to keep up with three mainly active blogs, as well as the two inactive blogs and my deviantart as well.

I’ve not been in the mood to draw Undertale things; instead, I’ve been drawing Mario things on my art blog and my deviantart. Give me a bit of time, and I can swing back around to Undertale stuff. I just like to focus on one thing at a time, and now is Mario stuff. XD

Surprise, @pathfindersemail :)

Sarianna Ryder and Reggie Park (commissioned from the wonderful @thefailureartist, who is an absolute joy to work with and I cannot recommend highly enough) modeling the Tempest crew’s graceful solution to these two cousins’ constant bickering.

Not pictured: Reyes and Liam not being able to breathe from laughing so hard.


Hat is their thimble

i’m sorry i’m dorky af, (i’m a Little scared is it safe to come out?) well i been kinda on both sides with this Whole will they, won’t they. 

and i had this forgotten thought, since the  scene with the Daughters of Aku reaction to the deers, and them being isolated since birth, that maybe intimacy is not something Ashi would know alot about, or at least not understand it at first, like the naked scene(that was gold) i just think it could’ve been a fun personality trait

and have this one too

So sorry i live for Peter pan references *flies away in shame lol bye





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I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*

pandalover7597  asked:

My birthday is coming up and I really really love your drawings of Bokuto. If you're not too busy, could you make my day with a Bokuto drawing? Thank you!

Ahhhhh thank you!! I hope you’ll have a great birthday~!!


Le Chat devient…le chat?

i’ve been having a hard time drawing stuff lately due to time constraints and stress so i self indulged and drew chat noir as an actual cat. don’t know how it happened, but it was probably plagg’s fault—either it being an accident or totally (hilariously) on purpose because of lack of camembert

it was definitely on purpose

don’t worry though, it’s only temporary—it’ll probably last about an hour or two before adrien bribes plagg with enough cheese to turn him back to normal!

still callin him kitty noir

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Or rather goodnight, sleeping beauty.
And yeap I needa sleep but felt like trying something soft for this two and bcux it’s more of a linework practice.. kisses are hard to draw. I’m getting rusty. Lul


Hey guys, Jo’s back!! after a month (ish) semi-hiatus, here’s a little overture to hopefully an entire symphony of posts. This is my bullet journal spread from last week, but as you can see, it’s only for thursday and friday. That week, I had to plan out my day by the hour because I had a lot of things to do, mainly study for my AS levels. The timeslots are mostly blank because I took the photos before I planned for the two days (I think it was Tuesday).

Some materials I used are the Tombow brush pen in the color 772, a coral-pink (?) Zebra mildliner, a 0.5 sarasa pen, uni-pin 0.1 drawing pen, and a 0.7 Muji gel pen.

Oh, and also featured is a simple collage thing I made inspired by Paramore’s (aka my favorite band in the entire universe) new single Hard Times (which I definitely recommend you listen to even if you’ve never listened to them before), along with fake polaroids of the trio.

And yeah, hope I can update more often and post more content. Coming tomorrow is a May monthly planner and calendar printable, so look out for it!

Guys,,,I know this is a little hard to believe,,,but I actually drew them,,,AGAIN. Please refrain from panicking and escape the area in a civilized manner,,,

I don’t know why I’ve been drawing these two so much??? I think it brought me back to my old cartoon style that I had back a few years ago, and I just like going back to my more childish art style. Kind of a nice change from my usual half anime, half cartoon art style that just looks strange.