these two are evil


make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)

Kanonushi / Innominat

“Eight-headed is the Lord of the Land, with seven mouths to devour malevolence. Through pulses of earth doth base natures flow as He awaits the time of awakening. Four Empyreans may tear Him asunder but so long as there is one receptive to divine power Therions shall be forever reborn in sight of the full crimson moon.
The Nameless Empyrean hath one heart.
The Nameless Empyrean hath one body.”

“When the eight malevolences overflow in the culmination of mankind’s despair Innominat will bring an end to all peoples and restore them to time immemorial.
Four Empyreans shall wield a wrathful sword and cleave the great devourer two asunder to sleep beneath the earth as scarlet moonlight illuminates the evil.”

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I joined an already ongoing game today, with my new character, the awkward drow warlock of undying light.

As soon as I met the other players (who are currently trying to rescue their friend from other, different drow) the DM decided “You know what? You’ve never had any contact with people from the surface, right? Therefore you don’t know common.” And guess how many of the other characters know elvish or undercommon?

Through enough similar vocabulary between Elvish and Sylvan we managed to get to a point where they sort of trust me and followed me back to where my people had been, but had been slaughtered by the other, evil drow (there’s two factions). One of the words in common we found was the word for “fight”, so I’m trying to get them to help me take on the evil drow, and pretty much any time they’re wondering what to do I just “*point at them* *point in direction of drow city* *punching motions* Fight!”

Also one of my favorite things is making self-imposed checks when I know the in-character response to something will end badly. So it’s like “Is my character smart enough to know not to do the thing? *nat 1* NOPE! *does the thing, bad things happen*”

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I was just watching theTitanic and had a brilliant idea! A fic were kellin and Vic are both third class passengers! Maybe the two survive maya they don't!

“maybe they don’t!” lmao. evil!

i’m never going to shut up about this.

i saw a middle-eastern, muslim man on u.s. television depicted as a real human being. someone who faces struggle and tries to approach it with humor. someone who is kind and is capable of love. someone who has desires and seeks to give and receive affection. i saw a middle-eastern, muslim man on u.s. television who loves other men.

in fact i saw two muslim men depicted with such dimension and humanity. and i got to see them become intimate with one another. clothed to fully naked. from gentle touches to loving sex. all of it.

i don’t think some people understand how immensely important this was on so many fucking levels.