these two are evil

pokemon sun and moon! coming to your 3DS on November 2016. starring:

  • a girl with some blatant anxiety disorder 
  • her edgelord brother who seems to have carpal tunnel from stress
  • their ragyo-inspired mother who almost certainly caused all this
  • a little shit who took their father’s place and wont stay in the bag
  • a good dog
  • an alolan ash ketchum stand-in who loves malasadas and has the awareness of a puppy
  • a professor whose body is ready to play rough with his pokemon
  • ya boi
  • and a child from a faraway land who sold their soul to become the strongest trainer in alola, at the cost of living as an emotionless puppet. it’s YOU! 

Play now, or wait for Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Pokemon: Ultra Moon, featuring:

  • a dark souls boss who possesses your beloved pokemon
  • a giant motherfucking spider
  • interdimensional travel into dangerous apocalyptic worlds on the back of an untameable beast
  • ghetsis threatening to murder another child
  • the joy of watching every evil villain get shot by colress! 
  • and the two most boringly exposition-heavy NPCs you will ever encounter outside of a zelda game!

Pre-order now to get a SPECIAL ROCKRUFF, which you can get anyway if you trade but at least this time it isn’t holding an event exclusive z-crystal which would bar you from resetting your game!
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“I asked Stephen for an OLICITY spoiler and he said "Oliver kisses someone.... that... is not here" 👀”

I asked Stephen for an OLICITY spoiler and he said “Oliver kisses someone…. that… is not here” 👀

Calm, calm. It’s one of two choices to me Evil Oliver kisses evil Kara in the crossover..

Or Oliver gives Thea a forehead.

FYI: Willa Holland was supposed to be a guest, but could no longer attend for personal reasons. cc: @almondblossomme @nalla-madness

Thank You, Markiplier

@markiplier You should be proud of yourself Mark, not only for what you’ve accomplished but for what you’ve done for us too.

For me, you make me feel less lonely. I’ve loved the Evil Within 2 livestreams over the last two weeks, I felt like I was right there along with you; dealing out the soup, getting jump scared and laughing at the goofs. No matter how bad a day I’ve had, I can come home and watch one of your videos, a new one or an old one it doesn’t matter, and for however long that video is I have a friend. I’ve a friend who, like me, enjoys gaming and dumb jokes and dogs and I’m not alone any more.

You said that you wanted to know us Mark. So, hi, my name’s Meaghan. I have two beautiful dogs who I love dearly, I’m from Australia and I hope one day I can thank you in person.

I look forward to continuing on this journey with you.


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Anon who asked about the possibility of reversing sheeps’ need to be sheered anon. Like I know selective breeding is bad and we shouldn’t do it, but at the same time I’ve read of this woman trying to bring the English bulldog back to what it was before we bred it into a squat, wide dog with severe breathing issues. I have such mixed feelings about since we should just leave things like that alone but if we can reverse what we’ve done, shouldn’t we?

We shouldn’t be breeding them at all, regardless of the intended results. There are far too many dogs in shelters for people trying to breed better versions of existing dogs, not to mention all the “imperfect” dogs who would be born during the process of breeding for English bulldog back to what they used to be, which would likely take generations to achieve. This is very much the lesser of two evils, breeding dogs who are healthier is better than breeding unhealthy dogs, but that doesn’t make it good. Besides, we don’t need to “fix” breeds, we created most of them artificially anyway, and left to their own devices dogs will wouldn’t be purebreds anymore, they’d be mongrels. 


make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)

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How did Star find out she was pregnant and or how did she tell Marco and how did he react

I’d imagine that they’d be thrilled, Anon!