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( you know we’re runnin’ out of time. )

now or never! (alea) – the one where harry and y/n love each other, but never at the right time.

extra extra! (read all about it) – this is a new mini-fic based on the original netflix show, lovesick, and also my first harry imagine ever, so !! i don’t know how many parts it’ll have because i just have so much planned for it and don’t know how to include everything while keeping it concise, so that’s currently up in the air. one thing i do know for certain, though, is that every part will have a playlist of songs that, if this were a show, would definitely be playing in the background, and that is available on spotify right HERE. also, i used this post on astrology to help me create y/n and harry’s relationship. also x2, a massive thank you to laney for putting up with me and this hot mess of a plot.

twitter fingers! (turn to trigger fingers) - no triggers i think should be mentioned, but if someone happens upon something please contact me and i’ll change this.

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Scarlet Heart(break) Ryeo and happy endings

My friend started watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo two days ago by my recommendation and now she’s crazy about it. She’s currently at episode 13. She watched the first episode with me and before it ended she was already pinching and hitting me because of the FEELS.

SHE CRIED OVER EPISODE 11 ON THE TRAIN TODAY. Friend is now watching SHR while we walk to our next class.

She says she wants a happy ending with So and Soo.

haise-leonheart  asked:

i need me some angst so How about RFA[V included] + Saeran when they fall out of love with MC? And when they see MC moving on and realize they let go of the most important thing to them... btw your break up ones had me crying at 2 AM


  • It hadn’t been the same, your relationship
  • He found himself yearning to be with people other than you, especially that one girl at his school
  • He thought it’d be the best for the both of you if you saw other people, so the two of you went your separate ways
  • In the beginning he thought this was good, he went on some dates with the girl from his class and they were really fun, that was until he realized that the girl was extremely boring.
  • She’d let Yoosung wipe his feet on her if he’d wanted to. He also found himself comparing her to you, thinking of how much better it would be to have you with him still
  • It’d been around three months, he had thought he moved on but you had been fighting to stay together so maybe you hadn’t moved on yet?
  • But he was wrong, as he saw you sitting on Zen’s lap, giggling in between soft kisses his heart shattered
  • You were supposed to be his, the two of you were supposed to be happy
  • But Yoosung had ruined that and when you’d look at Zen the way you used to look at him he knew that he’d never get you back
  • He didn’t say anything, he simply turned and walked away as tears filled his eyes the sight of you and Zen burned into his mind so that even when he closed his eyes it was as clear as day
  • When he’d arrived home he broke, he’d only just managed to close he door before falling to his knees and sobbing.
  • He called out to anyone, even though he knew the house was empty
  • He wished that you would come out from the living room and hold him just like you used to but he’d made a dumb and rash decision and now you’d never hold him again
  • Days bled together, he didn’t leave his house for who knows how long. Not even LOLOL could bring Yoosung out of his stupor
  • When Seven went to visit him Yoosung was sat alone on the floor going through photos of the two of you
  • “I love her Seven, I love her so much. But now she loves Zen and I’ll never get her back.”


  • He’d been working on a new show with some of the best actors he’s ever known in the industry
  • He’d gotten the lead and with that came many kiss scenes with the female lead, and due to this he realized that he loved her and he wanted to be with her
  • You couldn’t even seem to compare to her so he did what he thought he must, he broke up with you. Seeing you break down in front of him when he had tore him apart but he knew this was for the best
  • He couldn’t lead you on like this
  • The production went on for another six months and the relationship between Zen and the girl lasted about two months after it, stopping for one pure reason. You.
  • At first it was only known to Zen, the affect that you’d had on him. He’d wake up in the middle of the night expecting to see you next to him in bed only to be greeted with the woman he’d left you for
  • When he kissed her he only thought of how you lips had moved so perfectly against his and how hers felt so sloppy in comparison. But that wasn’t what had proved to Zen that he wanted you and only you.
  • What had proved it to him was when he only thought of you when they were having sex, when he’d moaned out your name instead of hers.
  • He didn’t want to believe it because he already knew you had moved on. He saw it every day in the chats and even more at RFA meetings or parties
  • You had gone to the chat rooms looking for emotional support after your break up and the only person that had been there was Jumin, and after that night the two of you became inseparable and soon enough you were together and happy
  • Zen wanted so badly to break up the two of you, he wouldn’t feel too guilty. Jumin couldn’t hurt and he would be able to comfort you just as Jumin had
  • He’d planned to start talking you up again but he saw you with Jumin, looking up at him with what he could only say was the human version of the heart eyes emoji
  • And after the guest walked away from the both of you Jumin looked down at you with the same gaze and Zen knew that he couldn’t go through with this
  • You were so happy and Zen wouldn’t be able to bear the weight of taking this away from you.
  • Nor could he bear the thought that if he did, he would never receive the look you were currently giving Jumin
  • “I hope you’re happy trust-fund kid because you’ve ruined my life again. You’ve taken the one thing I held dear for your own.”


  • The two of you were as busy as ever even in your own little coffee shop. There was a lot put into running your own business
  • And it just got to the point where the two of you were working so much that you couldn’t really spend any time together, and slowly your attraction for each other faded away and your friendship deteriorated as well.
  • It was mutual, the breakup, and you were both happy about the outcome
  • The two of you still worked together at the coffee shop so Jaehee could see every second of your new relationship blooming
  • She had to admit that at first she was encouraging you to go on a date with V, after she’d noticed the two of you flirting one morning when he’d come in for a coffee
  • But when she saw V give you a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving and the intense blush that covered your face when he did was enough to make Jaehee burn with jealousy
  • She was the only one that could make you blush like that, or at least she had been.
  • It’s not like she could really avoid you and V, he came in every morning before he went out for a shoot and was always so sickeningly sweet with you Jaehee wanted to hurl
  • Except she knew she had to have been the same way with you back when you were together
  • When she’d found out you’d moved in with V she knew it shouldn’t bother her but she couldn’t help but wish that you’d moved back in with her
  • She wished that you still loved her because she still loves you and she wishes she’d realized that before things got too far with you and V
  • She didn’t think it could get any worse, but then V proposed and she knew that she’d never get you back
  • At least before she could hope that you and V would break up but now she knew that she had no chance
  • The wedding was a living hell for Jaehee but she had to go for you because even though seeing you so happy with V breaks her heart every time she sees the two of you, you were still one of her best friends


  • At first Jumin had found everything you did beautiful and endearing
  • Then slowly he realized that everything you did only annoyed him.
  • You’d keep him in bed late in the morning because you were cold, you interrupted him during work by calling him, and then keeping him up at night with various cause
  • He didn’t want to hurt you, he still knew he loved you but he knew he didn’t love you enough and that you both needed something else, someone else
  • He’d been very gentle about it and you seemed to take it really well when it happened. He hadn’t heard you sobbing when you’d left the penthouse, but the security guards did
  • No one told Jumin
  • It took Jumin a year to realize you’d begun dating Jaehee. He was very happy for you and hoped that she was what you truly needed and wanted
  • When he’d seen you propose to her though, he didn’t understand why his heart sank
  • He went home that night and had buried himself in some extra work hoping that he would be able to figure out what was wrong with him
  • The next day at work when he’d seen Jaehee smiling down at her engagement ring Jumin couldn’t help but feel envious of her, and a little bit pissed at her too
  • He’d thought that he was supposed to be happy with his decision and be happy for your marriage as you were one of his best friends but he couldn’t be happy about it
  • Everything was still confusing him if he’d still loved you then you’d still be together so what was this?
  • He called V hoping that he would know what was happening
  • “-and I don’t want them to marry Jaehee, V. I don’t know why I’m so against this, I’ve simply-”
  • “You still love them, you were at a lower phase in your relationship so you thought you weren’t in love with them anymore but you were. And then you let them go and they’ve moved on and you haven’t because you never stopped loving them in the first place.”
  • Jumin hung up on V
  • He couldn’t still love you? He’d known he moved on, he had to, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he hadn’t
  • And then the wedding came along and of course Jumin had to go
  • But as he saw you and Jaehee at the alter he realized you were all he wanted now and forever
  • He hated himself for it but all he could think about was him being up there with you, telling you his vows where he would promise you he would never stop loving you, the two of you would whisper a pair of ‘I do’s before you’d promise yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives with a kiss
  • But you’d promised Jaehee you’d stay with her and you knew you would never leave her for him


  • Of course he’d been pushing you away, he had been ever since he’d realized his feelings for you
  • But then you’d convinced him that it was good to be with you, that it was okay to be happy and in love
  • After a long amount of time spent with Saeran and the two of you working to help him Seven only thought that you were holding him back from truly helping Saeran
  • So he did the only thing he could think, he broke up with you
  • You moved as quickly as your legs could carry you into your bedroom to collect your things
  • On your way out though you were stopped by Saeran who refused to let you leave until you’d told him exactly why
  • It didn’t go unnoticed by Seven that Saeran, after insisting you stay with them, had begun doing his best to impress you
  • That whenever he managed to make you smile or blush his eyes would go wide like saucers and a stupid grin would break out on his face
  • Every time this happened Seven couldn’t help the ache that flowed through him
  • But that couldn’t compare to the utter disgust and anger that he had felt when he had walked into the kitchen to see you sat up on the counter with your arms wrapped around him, lips exploring his neck
  • He didn’t want to know how many other moments like this the two of you had shared, but he could assume it was more than once or twice
  • He couldn’t stop you from being with him, the two of you made each other happy and you being with him was helping
  • It’d made him shut down because he knew right away that he needed you back as soon as he saw you walk away when he’d broken up with you
  • He’d caved in on himself, he did his best not to show it but he refused to eat anything aside some chips and a Dr. Pepper here and there, it was like he was back when he was alone with only Vanderwood for company
  • He knew the two of you tried to be discrete around him though he couldn’t help but know that you would be holding Saeran now through the night terrors that he’s always had
  • But you wouldn’t hold Seven through his anymore, he’d have to go through this by himself
  • He’d have to go through everything by himself now
  • But he wouldn’t dare break the two of you up. You were his only family and he wanted you both to only ever be happy


  • He’d been so sure that he’d fallen in love with you, he’d been sure that he wanted to be with you for the rest of his life
  • But in the back of his mind there was the image of Rika, her smile, her soft and sweet voice, her blond soft hair that felt like silk
  • She’d taken his heart back when they were only teenagers and she still had it to this day, nothing you could do could seem to compare to her
  • He didn’t want to hurt you though, he couldn’t hurt you. You’d been so good to him but nothing good would come to either of you if he didn’t end this
  • So with a heavy heart he broke up with you, placing the blame all on himself. Telling you exactly why he was, telling you he was still in love with Rika.
  • He couldn’t see your tears as they ran down your cheeks but he could hear the shakiness in your voice even though you’d tried to hide it
  • The two of you remained good friends as V couldn’t bear the thought of not having you in his life, you were such an amazing person who could live without you?
  • That’s why he was the first one to know of your feelings for the hacker, Seven
  • V knew right away.
  • He knew he still loved you, and the worst part was, was that when he compared this feeling to how he’d felt about Rika when you were together it was completely different
  • With Rika, it had hit him hard and fast but it had gone away too. It didn’t hurt his heart when he thought back to how things had been with Rika. He was fond of them and that‘s why he had thought he wanted to be with her again
  • But you, you were different. It ached to think back on those moments because he knew he’d never be able to live those moments with you again
  • He had gone home and sat thinking about everything, your first kiss, it was during a date where V had taken you to all of his favorite spots for photo shoots before he’d gone blind
  • He didn’t tell you anything though because you deserved to be happy, and he’d messed up Seven’s life so much already with Saeran so he had to let him be with you.
  • It would be cruel for the both of you to stop this from happening and V knew that
  • “Rika never meant as much to me as you did, and I wish I realized that sooner.”


  • He didn’t need you
  • He didn’t need anyone, you were only going to leave him for someone better, for anyone actually, because they always did
  • He loved you more than life itself, but he didn’t know it. He just knew he hated you the least
  • Saeran, you, and Yoosung, the three of you were inseparable whenever Saeran was okay to hang out with you guys
  • Then he realized he did need you, and maybe, you needed him?
  • The two of you were so happy
  • But he couldn’t help the nagging thought that you were only with him because you pitied him
  • So he made himself hate you, you couldn’t do anything right. It took months but finally he’d taught himself that he didn’t love you
  • So he broke up with you, and at first it felt great
  • But then you’d run to Yoosung seeking comfort and Saeran didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to choke his best friends
  • He’d actually resorted to asking Seven about it, and Seven was going crazy because how could you break up with MC?
  • Saeran was going insane as he watched you being as happy as you had been with him
  • Why had he let you go?
  • He hated you didn’t he?
  • “No, I told myself I did. She never did anything wrong.”
  • He stopped talking to both you and Yoosung because he knew that he would ruin this for you but he couldn’t do that to you
  • Instead he took on something no one had expected him to, he started playing the piano
  • After he got the hang of things and memorized all sorts of people’s pieces he began writing his own
  • A lot of them were based off of you, soft, delicate, and beautiful everything that you were even when Saeran was being a massive ass to you
  • You had loved him, flaws and all and he’d pushed you away. He’d forced himself to hate you and in the process lost his only friends
  • He’d given up everything in his life, he had bee so confused ever since he was a child. Why hadn’t he been good enough for his mother? Why hadn’t he been good enough for Saeyoung? Why had Rika done this to him? Why did you love him?
  • But at night, when Seven wasn’t around he’d cry and ask himself his new question,
  • “Why did I give you up?”

~Love, Peony

*Caught in Stardust Currents

Strange, salient waves

Displace my sacred state

As I wash upon “shored ruins”, tasting new life, new death-

The exotic land fish has come to die and be born.


layered, bearing

Two forms, one here,

one there,

I carry ancestral dust on my back and in my

Novel corners, wrapped in sun and tucked into the Earth.

I have known space,

Lifetimes be-

neath those waves,

Sure of myself but caught in unsure currents, twisting,

Or twisting in unsureness, current, now here, now there*

-Rome Harris

Fanfiction Recommendations

4/26/17: Hey guys! So I know that I am actually the worst, but school is currently ruining my life and I have two weeks worth of finals to get ready for (like my finals week has been split into two). Also I know that I have been out for a while now and I have tried to update things but I have just designed the costumes for a show here at school and it has literally caused me to be at school 14-15 hours a day, for the past three weeks. SO I am mentally and physically exhausted. So what does this mean? I am taking some time off from writing (just until the 10th of May). That being said I will try and post a weekly fic rec list so that you guys can enjoy the awesome blogs that I read from every night before I go to bed.

As you will notice, I’m a binger and love reading series. Also, for some reason I don’t have a lot of Marvel reads, which means that I am slacking on the following of marvel blogs. So if you know any I would love some recommendations. (I promise that these are things that I have been reading for a long time, the next list will probably be much shorter)

Dean x Reader

  • Imagine Sam and Dean Finding Your Daughter Trying to Make Breakfast by @teamfreewill-imagine
  • Lies and Family Ties (One-Shot) by @greezyscumbag - Mary tells Dean that the reader cheated on him to stop him finding out about her (Mary) stealing from Ramiel. 
  • Time for A Wedding (One-Shot) by @effie-w - You’ve hunted with the Winchesters since practically all your life, which makes you a co-protagonist in the supernatural books. There aren’t too many problems with that until you find out that Becky ships you and Sam together. And she’s loud about this particular hobby too, so loud in fact that your longtime boyfriend Dean might not stand her very much. But, whatever, right? Ships are harmless, or they are usually. They’re not anymore when she decides it’s time for hers to become canon, with a long-awaited (in her opinion) wedding
  • The Prince and the Huntress (Series) by @skymoonandstardust - so I just tagged her masterlist because she’s amazing and for this recommendation specifically, it’s a prince dean!AU, you can’t go wrong with that.

Sam x Reader

Castiel x Reader

  • All of Me (One-Shot) by @webcricket - “1st Cas-iversary Celebration drabble request by @ire-art-blog – “I was thinking of a drabble it can be smutty or nah but a castiel x reader where the reader has tattoos or even kinda goth.” Did you read my mind? Cause I’ve had a wing tattoo idea fluttering about my skull (and inspiration pics cluttering my desktop) for weeks! It’s pure fluff.“
  • Just Shut Up and Kiss Me (One-Shot) by @casbabydontgoineedyou - a super cute kissing Castiel blurb

Jensen x Reader

  • Undeniable Heat (Series) by @katymacsupernatural - You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win? 
  • Forward (Series) by @blacktithe7 - Being a single father was never Jensen’s plan, but when his wife unexpectedly passes away just months after giving birth to their little girl, that is exactly what he becomes. His life has been about nothing but his daughter for years. Now Gen and Jared think it’s time for him to move on, and they may know just the right girl to help him do it. Jensen is not so sure. Will he give it a shot? Or will the ghost of his dead wife make him ruin what could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to him and his family? 
  • You’re Not my Wife (One Shot) by @bringmesomepie56 - drunk Jensen one shot
  • Out of the Park (Series) by @iwantthedean - Seventy years after the initial opening of the All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League, several MLB team owners have invested together in a tributary women’s league. The deal is for one season, but hundreds of women across the country are vying for the sixty-four spots available.
    Jensen Ackles was a star player in the MLB, until a cheap move by a base-runner landed him on the DL. Always arrogant and slightly cranky anyway, his new assignment as coach for one of the women’s baseball teams is not an idea he is fond of.
    Can you take a chance and make a lifetime dream come true? Can Jensen stop fighting against the path his life is taking? Will leaning on each other lead to relationship neither of you wanted or planned on?

Jared x Reader

  • Love Triumphs All (Series) by @katymacsupernatural- Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is. 
  • The Contest (Series) by @winchesterprincessbride - To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along. 

Misha x Reader

  • Love at First Video (Series) by @katymacsupernatural (If you haven’t caught on I love this blog)- You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore. 

Mark x Reader

  • Your British Knight (Series) (I just found out there were other parts!) by @nothin-after-79 - Is still seriously one of my favorite reads but now with a summary: Thanks to an embarassing accident at the gym, the reader meets Mark Sheppard. Despite a stalker ex and her crazy family, he becomes her knight in shining armor and he falls in love with everything about her including her drug fueled and not so easy past. A story loosely based on the author’s real life.

Bucky x Reader

  • P.S. I Love You (Short Series) by @kittenwritesstuff - When your husband, Tony, dies, you are convinced that your life ended along with his. On the day of your 30th birthday you receive a surprise from Tony and with every letter from him, you start to learn how to live on your own - based on a plot of ‘P.S. I love you’ for @stories-from-stark-tower‘s 3K Celebration Movie AU Challenge.

Chris Evans x Reader

  • First Steps (One Shot) by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - “This is my entry for @paigeinastory’s Country Song Fic/Sentence Prompt Challenge. I had two prompts. The first was the song Dan + Shay - From the Ground Up and the other was the sentence: “Would you like children someday?” 

Also, if you want to read anything written by me here is my MASTERLIST. The last two fics that I have written may not be on here, but if you have a problem finding anything just let me know. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

anonymous asked:

You are my favourite blog and you obviously have good taste, so what KC blogs do you recommend KCers follow ?

*yells* thank you so much! 

I think Moni without a doubt, the keeper of fandom knowledge tbh, @joey-prue. Erika posts all the article snippets that we need to know, and she makes BEAUTIFUL edits, @eriberry89. Jo, a fanfic cover ANGEL FROM GOD, @fanfantasticworld. Angie, A GIFT TO DA WORLD @thetourguidebarbie, and her smut drabble blog @onyourkneescaroline, hilariously sometimes people don’t know she’s both.

Cristy, the fanfic author of MY SOUL @misssophiachase, she has like a plethora of fics and listen—I’m not even exaggerating when I say I both read, and UTTERLY LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. GO FOLLOW HER, AND THEN GO READ ALL HER FICS, ALL OF EM.

My fangirl partner, and ruins lives with drabbles, also ace detective Kaitlyn, @she-walked-away.

If you want like 50/50 TO/Klaroline, Syd is without a doubt one @mydarlingklaus, as is Mimi who makes a bunch of gif sets for TO/Klaroline, @shekissedklaus.

Of course the literal gifts to humanity, that I thank da lord everyday chose to BLESS US WITH THEIR WITCHCRAFT, @parallel-outlines and formerly niklausxcaroline, but currently @seriouslyinlove. Truly, these two, ruin my life weekly. 

All these lovelies @accidental-rambler, @purestheartslove, @leeloships, @klarolinessecondbreakfast, @lynyrdwrites, @klarolineforevermine, @austennerdita2533 life-ruiners every single one of em, but you’ll love em for it. Edits, drabbles, reaction posts, EVERYTHING THESE LADIES PROVIDE, AND THEY ARE GLORIOUS.  

Paula, @howeverlongs. Who when you make her read a book series that causes her pain, she’ll go and make a Klaroline gif set inspired, or worse paralleled by whatever pain she suffered in whatvever she was recommended. Do not recommend her books, because she will make a Klaroline gif set with some heart-wrenching quote from the book ship, AND IT WILL HURT. She’s super nice, but she’s also like 100% evil, go follow her tho. 

Caroline stan extraordinaire @goldcaught, who makes such lovely edits on top of her imminent vow to fight anyone in the name of Caroline Forbes. Make no mistake, she loves Klaroline, but she’s here for Caroline. Don’t fight her, she’ll win. 

My partners in crime/intimates/fellow hate blogs/charmed one’s, hollaaaaaa @hellsbellschime and @jonsnowbitch. They’re lovely to discuss with, for some reason Jenn’s lovely to troll with? Idk, she get’s trolled the most out of the three of us for some reason. They discuss as much as I do and they’re some BOMB ASS LADIES, WHO I LOVE VERY MUCH.

And last but certainly not least, follow the legit life saver @klarolinefanficdirectory, and the magazine, @klarolinemag.

And truthfully scrolling through the tag is always a good bet, the majority of the fandom is wonderful, and you’ll have no hard time finding people to follow

anonymous asked:

hey babe, I notice that we both love elves but it could be better if u would draw Eredin or Imlerith! Ive seen your work and g i r l. i love it xx

Firstly I’d like to thank you, dear anon, for your kind words. I’m glad that somebody likes my drawings and I’m over the moon! :D

Secondly, I’ve done a few drawings of Eredin. If you’re interested, you can see them here. I will try to do more as soon as I pass all my exams (currently I have a day off, but soon I will be back to a bitter reality).
Honestly speaking, I’m not into Imlerith (*starts lying* I’m not into that black-haired dork either x)), so I drew him with Eredin, but I think that you don’t mind (killing two birds with one stone).  

Here you go and have a nice day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

You've said that you don't believe in soulmates and you're whole on your own - indicating that you (or others) perceive soulmate as your "other half" - but what do you think of LToA's text on soulmates?

I think it’s a cute poetic metaphor, but I think to integrate that metaphor into your literal belief-system, sets you on the road to disappointment. Soul-mates is a beautiful metaphor, my favourite myth is Eros and Psyche, but even that is said to be a metaphor for the soul’s journey and its union with absolute love.

We all belong to each other, we should love everyone deeply, not just one particular person. Also that puts too much pressure and expectation on one person, for if they don’t live up to such an ideal they’re down-graded and de-valued. If I love you, I love you as a whole, not a half. When I love you, I give the whole of me to you, not just half. I don’t believe in half-love, and I only can give all of my love, if I’m first whole within myself.

Your soul is obviously active in communion, it most certainly can mate with another soul. But I don’t think there’s anyone other then God who’s responsible for the existence of my soul.

I love Plato’s idea on soul mates “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

If two old people had been together most of their life and said “we’re soulmates”, then I would think that’s beautiful. But to be young and believe that you’re soul mate is out there somewhere, kind of ruins all the potential deep and bonding love in your life currently. And also people who are more the emotionally attached types, are going to be distraught if someone who’ve they’ve believed to be their soul mate leaves them, because now they believe their whole existence depends on the other person. The top major reason why people commit suicide, is failed romantic relationships, so you can see how such a belief can breed deep amounts of pain.

If you’re married to someone and you think they’re your soul mate, that’s wonderfully beautiful. But if you’ve known someone for a week, and your convinced they’re your soulmate, I’m going to be looking at you sceptically. It depends on the mental and emotional maturity of the person I guess. But don’t let my perspective on soulmates influence you, that’s just my perspective from me as a unique individual. We all should have different perspectives to keep life stimulating and interesting, so by all means don’t regard anything I say as true, it’s just an idea that’s all.😊
💗🌹🌸❤️ P.S. I don’t know what LToA’s is 🤦🏽‍♀️😂


|| 15th August 2017 ||

Currently in Germany with my family, which is great ‘cause at least we have WiFi here, meaning I can go back to actually studying!
Some architecture notes + my super lazy drawings of Greek temples, I’m kind of anxious for the entry test in September but I’m doing as much as I can so fingers crossed!!!
I’ll also go to Munich soon and probably finally visit a Muji shop for the first time so stay tuned for plenty of incoming stationery pictures!! Hope your last days of holidays are being nice!

Currently watching: literally the whole Rizzoli & Isles, I’ve finished the first season in what, two days? And I can’t stop watching it. god I’m a real mess for those two they are ruining my life and studying pattern

Talking about debate to non-debaters

There are several benefits to joining Speech and Debate ™!! You get to broaden your spectrum of knowledge about current events and international policy, perfect your public speaking skills, and join a community of highly ambitious high school students- all while looking good on your college apps ;)

Talking about debate to other debaters

Yeah man, I’m on two hours of sleep, five cups of ramen, and a copious amount of advils; Speech and Debate is ruining my life haha ☺️

Ignorance isn’t Bliss, It’s a Requirement (If You’re a Nerd): How the Male Gaze is Ruining My Second Childhood

You remember those Febreeze commercials about being nose-blind? Essentially, it posits that people are unaware of their own odors because they have been around them for so long. For me, the same can be said for sexism in the world of the nerd. Due to my interests, I have been surrounded by unnecessary cleavage and damsels in distress my whole life. But now that I am aware of just how damaging such portrayals have been to my culture, I can never unsee them, and much like Food Inc ruined hotdogs, being a more sensitive person has made it impossible to enjoy many of the things I once held dear. I don’t, however, wish to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle, but instead want my fandoms to grow the hell up. Here are two of the most glaringly unapologetic examples of objectification…

Suicide Squad

We’ll start with the biggest offender, at least in terms of current popularity. At my school, the club in charge of the morning video announcements polled the student body to see which summer movie excited them the most, and David Ayer’s upcoming anti-hero epic topped the charts. It is precisely for the impressionability of its target audience that I have grown increasingly disgusted with the way women are being portrayed in this next installment of the DC cinematic universe. Whether it’s Margot Robbie’s wet t-shirt shots (which she hated shooting, by the way) or the way Cara Delevinge is posing like a Playboy model in the latest theatre standee, this sort of perverted attitude should be viewed as unacceptable in a post-Mad Max America.

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Things I thought about today

-whether my two patients will ever get placed at an appropriate outpatient care facility

-whether my senior resident actually likes working with me or just enjoys how much I hate the current ortho and rheum teams

-whether this really young pt was going to be good and take his medications

-why the 30-something year old single dad had to be diagnosed with a cancer with a totally shitty prognosis

-why does the coffee in the hospital taste burnt no matter what I do

-whether rheumatology is just trying to personally ruin my life by admitting every rheum patient with a viral URI into the hospital and onto my team

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-why does my otherwise lovely co-intern insist on wearing the same socks everyday and does he own any other clothes aside from that one pair of scrub pants and several henleys he rotates through every week. Does he need socks. Or clothes. I don’t know. 

- will the 400 lbs patient ever cooperate with PT and how morally wrong is it that I want to convince him with food

Why You Should Hire Me

I’ve been a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer for three months. I’ve applied to dozens of jobs, edited and re-edited my resume, and crafted far too many passionate cover letters. There are several reasons that this weighs on me, but I think the biggest frustration is that I don’t think people understand exactly what having Peace Corps experience on your resume really means. How can one even condense the experience into a concise cover letter? I have yet to receive even a single interview, but if I did, here is what I’d say…

1. Do you have enough experience? We’re looking for someone with more experience…

For the past two years, my client base was the city of over 700,000 people who wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was one of the only native English speakers in a fifty-mile radius. Once they found out that I was a writer, the work came to me. I’ve edited countless student essays, tutored adults in grammar and syntax as they prepared for various English examinations. I’ve re-branded awkward businesses and provided new English language marketing strategies while explaining why their previous business names/slogans were less than ideal. (Anyone remember “Thumb Kindergarten”?)

I’ve created advertising copy for my school, filling brochures and writing up letters to various organizations. I’ve edited signage and translated material. If the street signs have proper English translations in my city, it could be credited to me.

2. We’re looking for someone who already knows the ropes…

If there’s something I don’t already know, I’m such a fast learner. I’m incredibly independent. I was dropped off in a part of China where locals speak an almost impenetrable dialect—I figured it out, I survived. I learned to read, write and speak Chinese. I wasn’t a teacher, and then suddenly I was. Not only did I do the work, I did it successfully. When I started teaching, almost half the student body simply didn’t attend. By the time I finished, my attendance ratings were high and my students were working harder than they had in previous years. True, this is teaching experience and not quite the same as what you’re looking for. It all just seems so easy to me, though. After having been through what I’ve experienced, the idea of having to learn my way around some new software feels almost laughably easy.

3. We need someone who is flexible, and who exhibits grace under pressure.

You’re looking at the girl who sang a duet in front of hundreds of Communist Party bigwigs even though she has a deep fear of singing in front of other people. I do what needs to be done, and I do it well.

I’m the girl who got out of bed in the middle of winter to shower in an unheated house, teach in an unheated classroom—all while suffering with bouts of giardia. Do you know what giardia is? Intense stomach pain caused by a parasite found in unsafe drinking water. It’s the definition of unpleasant, and I still performed. You want to know if I’ll be there during those crappy Buffalo snow days? I’ll be there, guaranteed. I’ll do the work, I’ll move my schedule around, I’ll do it.

4. This position requires creativity and new ideas, can you bring it?

Yes, yes! I single-handedly managed to whip up new and exciting educational ideas each week for the hundreds of bored and motivationally-challenged teenage boys in my classroom. I’m able to work with a client’s specific needs, even if they don’t match my own. I can write under pressure, I can create content like nobody’s business. Each week I was creating content for various classes, clubs and community events while also maintaining my blog.

5. What’s your biggest weakness?

Maybe it’s my “lack of experience”. I never had the financial stability to hold down an internship. I was working full-time straight out of college—long hours of waitressing in order to manage my student debt. I had to save my money for two years in order to even dream of applying for the Peace Corps. I didn’t have the luxury of searching for a job in my field back when I graduated. I don’t come from a family background that provides me with many connections. I’m catching up on all of that now, and I’m eager to show you the talent that’s currently languishing. Don’t ruin a good thing. Hire me. My “lack of experience” is going to blow you away.