these two are currently ruining my life

Scarlet Heart(break) Ryeo and happy endings

My friend started watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo two days ago by my recommendation and now she’s crazy about it. She’s currently at episode 13. She watched the first episode with me and before it ended she was already pinching and hitting me because of the FEELS.

SHE CRIED OVER EPISODE 11 ON THE TRAIN TODAY. Friend is now watching SHR while we walk to our next class.

She says she wants a happy ending with So and Soo.

things that are currently ruining my life:
  • ahsoka borrowed kanan’s holocron so she could watch old holograms of anakin. probably because she has no footage of him herself. i am extremely sad.
  • ‘i made a choice’. Ahsoka repeated this twice in the episode- how many times do you think she ran that through her head when she was having regrets? (because look at that scene with anakin and tell me she didn’t have regrets- leaving the jedi was not as easy as she made it sound.)

  • anakin and ahsoka met at least once after she left the order. were they in regular contact? was it a one time thing? were they on good terms when they last saw each other  i  n e e d  t o  k n o w

  • even when ahsoka suspected that anakin was vader, she still had nothing but good things to say about the man she once knew. “what would have surprised people was how kind he was. he cared deeply about his friends… and looked out for them until the end.” literally throw me off a building it would hurt less

  • if we take that vision as a manifestation of ahsoka’s fears about how anakin saw her after she left… she’s literally not wrong? in one of the unfinished episodes of the clone wars, anakin talks about how ahsoka was a disappointment and a failure to him. so she felt guilty and he felt abandoned and this is all terrible siri why does god allow suffering

  • lastly

  • we are less than a month away from ahsoka vs vader

  • bye

YouRiko Playlist ♥

Guessing (Agains the Current) | I Belong to You (Eros Ramazotti feat. Anastacia) | I Love You (Avril Lavigne) | I Really Like You (Carly Rae Jepsen) | It Was Always You (Maroon 5) | Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (Ariana Grande) | The Feeling (Justin Bieber) | Tragedy -Indiginy Remix- (Digy feat. KIRSH) | Touch Me (Genki Rockets) | Tutto per una ragione (Benji & Fede feat. Annalisa) | White Love (Monsta X)

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b / biggest fear - not being able to balance work, school, and mental health, because all three are very tall and unstable towers that are always on the verge of collapsing and /literally/ losing me thousands of dollars and ruining my life

c / current time -  11:33

d / drink you had last - cherry pepsi

e / easiest person to talk to: nikoel, the best roommate ever <3

f / favourite song - la devotee by panic! at the disco or homecoming by green day

g / grossest memory: my last relationship lmao

h / horror yes or horror no: nah usually not

i / in love with - not

j / jealous of - people who have their shit together

k / killed someone - what the fuck no

l / love at first sight or should i walk by again: idk? because i mean logically i don’t think it’s real but also there are times when i’ve seen someone and immediately thought “wow, i want to know everything about you”

m / middle name - danielle

n / number of siblings - one, a little brother

o / one wish - the freedom to do what makes me happy in the future

p / person you last called/texted - call- mother bread asking if i could cover someone’s shift during a shift i was covering for someone else, text- nikoel asking if i was home

q / questions you’re always asked - so are you planning on teaching? and fuck right off

r / reasons to smile - the guilty pleasures playlist i’m bopping to, the roommate i’m bopping with <3, the fact that i get to study what i love

s / song last sang - everytime we touch by cascada, again with nikoel, but sine i answered this question i’ve sung many more

t / time you woke up - um my alarm went off at 8:30 and i rolled out of bed at 8:50

u / underwear color - black

v / vacation destination - back to wales, nyc, or anywhere warm and colorful

w / worst habit - chewing the inside of my cheek/lips ugh ugh ugh

x / xrays you have had - an xray of my chest/lungs, lots of cat scans and mris of my neck, spine, head, and my left hand and wrist

y / your favourite food - mashed potatoes

z / zodiac sign - pisces

Ignorance isn’t Bliss, It’s a Requirement (If You’re a Nerd): How the Male Gaze is Ruining My Second Childhood

You remember those Febreeze commercials about being nose-blind? Essentially, it posits that people are unaware of their own odors because they have been around them for so long. For me, the same can be said for sexism in the world of the nerd. Due to my interests, I have been surrounded by unnecessary cleavage and damsels in distress my whole life. But now that I am aware of just how damaging such portrayals have been to my culture, I can never unsee them, and much like Food Inc ruined hotdogs, being a more sensitive person has made it impossible to enjoy many of the things I once held dear. I don’t, however, wish to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle, but instead want my fandoms to grow the hell up. Here are two of the most glaringly unapologetic examples of objectification…

Suicide Squad

We’ll start with the biggest offender, at least in terms of current popularity. At my school, the club in charge of the morning video announcements polled the student body to see which summer movie excited them the most, and David Ayer’s upcoming anti-hero epic topped the charts. It is precisely for the impressionability of its target audience that I have grown increasingly disgusted with the way women are being portrayed in this next installment of the DC cinematic universe. Whether it’s Margot Robbie’s wet t-shirt shots (which she hated shooting, by the way) or the way Cara Delevinge is posing like a Playboy model in the latest theatre standee, this sort of perverted attitude should be viewed as unacceptable in a post-Mad Max America.

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Things I thought about today

-whether my two patients will ever get placed at an appropriate outpatient care facility

-whether my senior resident actually likes working with me or just enjoys how much I hate the current ortho and rheum teams

-whether this really young pt was going to be good and take his medications

-why the 30-something year old single dad had to be diagnosed with a cancer with a totally shitty prognosis

-why does the coffee in the hospital taste burnt no matter what I do

-whether rheumatology is just trying to personally ruin my life by admitting every rheum patient with a viral URI into the hospital and onto my team

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-why does my otherwise lovely co-intern insist on wearing the same socks everyday and does he own any other clothes aside from that one pair of scrub pants and several henleys he rotates through every week. Does he need socks. Or clothes. I don’t know. 

- will the 400 lbs patient ever cooperate with PT and how morally wrong is it that I want to convince him with food