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hey I saw your fic recs, do you know any fwb or one night stand jikook fics? thanks!

Here you go!

FWB Fics -

Warning : None
Genre : AU, Heavy smut
Length : 100k+
Summary :  Jungkook and Jimin have been friends for a while now, and it takes nothing but Jimin’s break up with his boyfriend for the two of them to grow closer.
He never actually thought of the fact that he could be gay, but it takes not much time for him to start thinking differently, particulary about one certain male with brown hair, who triggers his curiosity, who makes him question himself about his sexuality.

Warning : Recreational Drug Use
Genre : AU, Angst
Length : 7k+
Summary : “‘I gotta go.”“Go where?” Taehyung asks as he settles back into the couch, admiring his new ink.“Do someone,” Jimin says cheekily as he rises, clambering over Taehyung’s legs.Taehyung shoots up, back straight, eyes pleading.“Don’t fuck Jeongguk.‘”(In which Jimin goes out looking for a hook-up, and they both get a little surprise.)

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70 with literally any pairing, love ur writing

Oh my gosh, thank you! And I decided to go a more comedic route instead of angst if that’s okay. Thank you for sending me this :)

70. “congratulations, you’ve finally managed to break my heart.”

“Congratulations, you’ve finally managed to break my heart.”

“Shut up,” Ray says, fighting a smile.

“No, no it’s completely broken,” Ryan replies, shaking his head sadly. “I can’t even look at you.”

“Fuck off.”

“I never envisioned our ending to be like this.”

“You are a melodramatic fucker, you know that?”

“You bought it! You bought it even after you said you wouldn’t!”

“I never said that,” Ray says, deadpan. “You have selective hearing. Besides, I like it.”

“But it’s so small…”

Ray pats the hood of his brand new, purple Panto. “So shiny.”

“And small,” Ryan repeats under his breath, crossing his arms, pouting.

“I named it Ryan Two.”

“You are the worst.”

New rescue rats: Edie, Tilly and Bluebell (one old abused girl and two pregnant fosters, one needs special care)

(I’ll get some pics shortly, they’re all exhausted right now and sleeping off a good meal.)

I adopted Edie yesterday, the old rat I was waiting on. She’s 3 years old at her owner’s estimate, and her two young cagemates were delivered to the rescue yesterday SEVERELY malnourished. (I mean every bone sticking out, they look like dogs from sad facebook videos. I can feel every vertebrae and rib and thier hips are like two rocks, it breaks my heart.) Apparently their food had been restricted to twice daily and was mostly peas and other things that seriously do not make up the high protein requirements of rats. By the smell and filth of their fur, the cage wasn’t being cleaned regularly either. They’d lived in a caravan with no vet care ever. She has a severe respiratory infection, I wasn’t sure she’d make it through the night after the stress of moving but she did! I’ve been making a supplemental food mix (which has been working, Hetty has been losing about 5g per two weeks the last month due to age/myco, but since I started on it she’s gained 5g since her last weigh and her conditioning is excellent) of eggs, tuna, creamed corn, coconut oil, and spinach, it’s a disgusting smelling wet porridge but the rats go wild for it. Poor Edie gulped it down all day yesterday, she just would not stop eating. She weighs 200g. For reference my smallest girl who hasn’t yet filled out into her adult body is 310. Edie just wants to be close. She’s slow and rickety, and gently climbs onto you just to lie down. She’s clingy, this close to the end, so I’ll be having her on me a lot, she’s in my sleeve while I type this. However long she has left she’ll at least have antibiotics, decongestant, food all the time, a clean cage and all the cuddles she wants, as well as someone to keep an eye out for the right time to have her PTS, which is important too.
(Tilly’s cagemates are being rehabilitated at the shelter so they can hopefully be adopted out to a pet home one day, but Edie needs a gentle home and constant care for next next weeks/months of her life, so I took her.)

I also went on a road trip to get three other rats I’d seen a few days ago. A snake food breeder who realized she didn’t have the time or stomach for it had gotten rid of all her snakes and feed rats, and had three rats who were pets that she wanted to rehome. Only problem was, they were two girls and a boy, all in the same cage. FFS. So she was refusing to sell as food, but nobody would take them as pets because of the pregnancy, they were screwed and in poor living conditions, as the owner has a special needs daughter who had fallen sick, adn couldn’t care for the three pet rats any longer. The shelter owner did the driving, and I paid for the rats. They were in a tiny empty cage being fed bird seed plus whatever dinner scraps were left. Not good. The boy is very undersized for his age (likely due to the awful diet) but seems healthy enough. I gave him to the shelter, he’ll be screened and rehomed probably very quickly, as he’s beautiful, young and snuggly. The girls I’m fostering while they give birth. The plan is that I’ll take them through it, raise the babies as pets and rehome them myself or through the shelter. But these girls have some issues, which is part of why I needed to grab them, nobody would have taken them. Bluebell is a ‘blue’, a desirable and recessive coat colour that feeder breeders often use to make an extra buck on the side from blue babies. She had her tail snapped in a cage door long ago, and has a kink and a scar there. She has a mild RI but is a beautiful, gentle and inquisitive girl, I think I might adopt her after the birth. (Lets be real, I was always going to get attached.)

Tilly is Bluebell’s daughter, she’s special needs. She has a head tilt that she was apparently born with (meaning it’s most likely a brain tumor rather than damage from infection) which makes her walk in circles and fall when she climbs. Apparently she was withheld as a pet instead of snake food because the owner thought the tilt was cute. -.- She’s nervous because of this, and very underweight. She explores things by test biting, (which I’m okay with in her case), and although the breeder said she nips and attacks, I’ve been gentle with her and careful not to startle her and I haven’t had any problems at all. Bluebell is definitely pregnant, already starting to show, and although Tilly isn’t showing yet she almost certainly will be. Tilly is struggling to integrate with my rats because of how nervous she is, even a gentle sniff has her screeching, which riles my girls up until they start actually being upset and dominant. I’m doing slow intros but for now the three new girls are in a separate cage. I’m not keen on rehoming Tilly, as she needs special care for her tilt, but she’s accounted for, if she can’t live with my girls she’ll go in with the two pets of the rescue owner, one of which has a tilt herself (but whose quality of life is still good, obv.) and the other who has a birth defect. So long as her quality of life remains worth living, she’ll stay with one of us.

I will likely have to put the girls on antibiotics at some point, which means hand-raising the babies since the meds come through in the milk and will harm them. I can’t medicate them while they are pregnant, but after the birth I’ll make the call about which option puts them and the babies more at risk based on how they’re doing. I can foster these girls because I just got on holidays from uni, since raising requires 2 hourly feeds of sucking milk off a tiny paintbrush, and rubbing their little bellies with a wet cotton bud to make them digest and poop, etc etc. However the situation pans out I’m really glad these girls got out of the situations they were in, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all (hopefully) recover and gain condition.

To my favourite person in the world,
I know things are over, and I know that means I don’t get to create any new memories with you. I know I have told you not to talk to me again, but every day I talk to you, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in sobs, but every day I do. I know a lot of things now and one of them is how incredibly I miss you, but how that alone is not a great enough incentive to get us to talk again anymore. I know what we had was special and invaluable, and I know it because I know a lot of people, a hell lot of them, and still nothing makes up for the fact that we won’t get to stroll around aimlessly together anymore. I know I am sad, I can feel it every day as I lay my head down to sleep, and I know why I am so, but I also know that I have tried with all my heart for the both of us and it went in vain. I know what would feel good and what is right to do, and it aches me that this time they are two completely different things. I know I had you. I know I lost you. I know things are shitty. I know it’s already been a while. I know I should’ve been feeling better. But I am not. And that’s okay, or at least that’s what they say. The one thing I don’t know is whether this will end up being just a break or a good-luck-in-another-lifetime kind of thing. And it’s scary how I don’t even know which of them would be a better option. I don’t know why I’m writing this as well, but I guess if I ever figure out why I still talk to you in my head every day, I’ll figure out the rest of this.
Love, always.
—  far-far-awayy 

The Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

My heart is pounding as I write this.

(Gifs from @markired.)

Darkiplier isn’t evil.

Considering the Colonel’s breakdown as his last shred of sanity finally giving in, it makes total sense why he runs from us.

Wilford is scared. Celine and Damien? They were his only support system. They were the only ones he considered friends. The only ones he thought he could trust.

They truly did care about him.

They knew they couldn’t leave Will alone, so they took one more shot at life to see if he could live without them.

It’s obvious now that he can’t.

Wilford has no one left. No more support system, no one left to keep him grounded.

Why do you think Damien thought he had to relay the news of Mark’s death to him? He had to do it carefully so he wouldn’t lose it– but was surprised at the fact that he didn’t. That’s why Damien snapped at him (“You come find me when you pull your head out of your ass!”), and almost immediately apologized after taking a moment to think (“I lost my temper, and it wasn’t right”). That was because Damien cared enough to make sure he got the information from someone he knew was safe and trustworthy.

Darkiplier is Celine and Damien’s last physical chance to make sure Wilford will be okay.

Darkiplier was born out of love.

Think about it.

He doesn’t like giving people choices anymore because Damien and Celine were forced to be selfless if they ever wanted to see Will again.

He sits at the opposite end of the ego table because he knows Wilford is dangerous, but will still put himself at something of a risk as an attempt to keep him from going too far off the rails.

He chooses his words carefully and speaks calmly when talking to him just to make sure nothing he says will trigger him again, to be certain that Wilford knows he means well before saying anything else to him that might set him off.

His figure shatters because his shell can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him.

Damien and Celine are still in him somewhere, but can’t take another risk at losing their only chance to make sure Wilford is okay.

The mirror shattering was his heart breaking into a million pieces, because no longer could he allow himself to love his friend and be there as Damien and Celine once had.

Darkiplier was born out of love.


Next March, 20th Century Fox will release a big screen, John Hughes-esque romantic dramedy about teenager in love. The twist? He’s gay.

Love, Simon, based on Becky Albertalli’s 2015 YA novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and directed by Greg Berlanti (Riverdale, The Flash), follows Simon (Jurassic World‘s Nick Robinson), a teenager who starts an email romance with another closeted classmate (the title is a play on how he ends his correspondences).

From the same studio and producers of The Fault in Our Stars, Simon has all the markings of a classic, mainstream teen coming-of-age flick: football games, drunken parties, school carnivals. But the romantic leads are two guys. It’s funny, sweet, sad and, ultimately, ground-breaking.

Heartbreak never truly goes away.

Eventually, you stop crying yourself to sleep and the self-blame will dim. The questions as to why you weren’t good enough along with all that lost time spent in the shower retracing your last conversation will also stop too.

However, it will not be easy.

You are still going to wake up with them in your mind for weeks to come and similarly, they will be all you can think about before you sleep. Heartbreak is a bit like love in that respect, you think about them constantly except the thoughts are painful this time around.

Indeed, there are moments where you find shelter from these thoughts, a hot chocolate with a friend or an essay that requires your full attention. Your favourite song will come on but then that shuffled sad song will follow and trigger the thoughts all over again. This is inevitable so when it catches you off guard, let it all out. Do all you must to wash away the sadness. Call a friend, bake some cookies, go and lie on the floor with your dog and tell him you’re glad he wouldn’t ever hurt you like this.

Your heart will miss them so much it will use any excuse to search for them. The same model car they have will drive by while you are laughing away with your friends and suddenly you cannot breathe.
You might see someone with the same curly hair or the way the person sitting in front of you on the bus drums their fingers to a song will remind you of them. This too, is inevitable. Try to appreciate these small quirks because regardless of where you have ended up, these were once pieces of a puzzle that led to you falling in love and that is a beautiful thing.

Most importantly of all, you are going to want to run to them. You are going to want to share your day- whether it be good or bad- purely out of habit. You will miss the way they told you terrible jokes or sent you pictures of your favourite breed dog just to bring a smile to your face for the first time that day. You will miss how excited they got when you were excited- how happy they got when you were happy. Allow yourself to grieve this absence but remind yourself that they aren’t the only person who would be willing to devote so much effort to cheering you up. Let your loved ones know you’re sad and soak in the warmth of their kind words. 

And then, suddenly, a few weeks have passed and you think of them for the first time in three days and you realise that you are healing. You start to fill your time with people and things that make you happy. You suddenly crave adventure and new experiences and anything that makes you feel alive again. You stop beating yourself up and start to defend your corner like you are your own best friend. You put your hands up and admit your contribution to the downfall of it all but the difference is, you refuse to defend them any longer. You validate your pain and tell yourself that it is okay to hurt and that you just need time- the art of healing requires the same patience as a few broken bones.

The bond with your friends will strengthen if you let them in- please let them in. Spend time with them and regularly express how much you appreciate them. Feel good about telling loved ones that you love them. Do not shy away from this term because your heart is broken. Please remind yourself that this is not the end for you. Do not console yourself with the whole there are other fish in the sea rubbish because I know that despite how much pain they have caused, you still want them and you will continue to want them for a very long time. Instead, console yourself with the thought that your heart may be in two right now but bones do that sometimes and with a little support, healing is inevitable.

My darling, to break may not be beautiful while you’re going through it but it is, don’t you see? Even a glow stick has to crack to shine; think of how proud you will be when one day you can smile at yourself in the mirror and mean it again.

—  Heartbreak 101.
The Loser’s Club as Things I’ve Said/Done

Bill: “my little brother has such a big heart, if anyone breaks it I will punch an 8 year old, don’t test me”

Stan: “you can’t tell because I’m wearing sunglasses but BELIEVE me I’m rolling my eyes at you”

Mike: “I’m terrible at giving advice but I have gas in my car, directions to Chipotle, and a heart full of love”

Ben: “I remember when people told me 1D was just a phase but now it’s 2017 and I spent my college savings on Niall tickets”

Bev: guys two lockers down from me: “you know you can tell how good a girl gives head based on how she sucks a sucker”

me: *makes direct eye contact and bites the sucker

Eddie: *taking breathing treatment after having a near death asthma attack

“vape godddd”

Richie: “I’d rather be sitting here talking shit than out there being shit”

this is not a love story.
this will not end happily.

this is a battle,
and it will end just as bloody.
this is a horror movie,
and we will not survive until the credits.

this is a tragedy, my love,
and you have always played the hero.

—  we were doomed from the start // t.y.