these two are bffs i swear

dirkjohn meetcute where theyre both on a discord server rose owns and john is posting screencaps of texts with his cousin jake(edited to remove identifying info ofc) bc theyre fighting over something silly and dirks like “He sounds just like my ex-bf/current bff, tell me more” and they just back and forth in the dms with silly anecdotes about these two guys they know and theyre really bonding over how ridiculous they are until johns like “the weirdest thing about him is that i swear he has like a fetish for blue women?” and dirk just breaks into a sweat and replies “Really. That’s very coincidental, as my bro here has a ‘blue dame’ kink as well. How very uncanny.”

theres a good 15 minutes of nothing before john asks “would you happen to look like a hot anime man who wears bad clothes?” and dirk panics and blocks him

Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend

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Requested by anon:  I LOVED the Jackson as a husband thingyy! Can you do one with Chanyeol? If you do, THANK YOU xx

Song(s) listened to: Drop That- EXO (god chens high note), Love Me Right Japanese Version- EXO, Lady Luck-EXO (god the lyrics kill mel) 


  • literally a fluff ball bf
  • and doing everything with them two
  • ALSO he still cant believe that you two are a couple
  • cause hes so lucky to call you his
  • hes so shy at first
  • like when you reach for his hand
  • he doesnt know what to do
  • but to blush and have a fanboy attack
  • slowly the relationship will grow more comfortable
  • and he will be ALWAYS holding your hand
  • or his arm around you
  • or he gets real brave
  • and kisses your cheek or nose
  • im so done and i just started
  • once everything is all comfortable
  • he will still get all fluff tho at times
  • “jagi, come look”
  • He will want you to look at all the songs he produces 
  • he wants the okay from you first
  • Chan honestly loves when you smile from his music
  • cause your smile is his whole world
  • and you mixed with music
  • kills his heart
  • and he will love it if you have the same music taste
  • Once you compliment the song
  • he will just nod
  • and bite his lip
  • so he doesn’t scream like a little girl
  • he isn’t one for a lot of dates
  • but when he does take you on one
  • he will make is really special and memorable
  • like a fancy dinner and then go do something crazy/fun
  • like go for a shopping spree to find the strangest food
  • then you have to make something out of it
  • honesty this would be on V app
  • He wants his fans to accept you
  • because his fans is everything
  • they are his family
  • and he wants his family to love you
  • so it will take a long time before he goes public with it
  • because he doesn’t want you to get hurt in any way  
  • Youre first kiss though would go two ways
  • first way
  • he is teaching you to how to remix on his laptop
  • then when you make one
  • he gets so excited he just leans in and kisses you
  • second wAY
  • He took you on one of those cute dates and instead of the fun thing after
  • he takes you to the park
  • and sings to you while you walk together
  • He whispers the lyrics in his rough deep voice
  • and HE KISSES YOU 
  • Like SUPER gently
  • Omo please i cant go on i cant deal tf am i doing to myself?!
  • after your one year anniversary 
  • he will go public with your relationship
  • After a year a lot would happen 
  • He wants to get matching tattoos
  • He would want yours hidden
  • a place only he can see
  • Omg i cant eben 
  • He wants a pet for the two of you
  • most likely a little puppy
  • names him after baekhyun 
  • srry had to
  • most likely at this time
  • or maybe a little sooner
  • Channie will want a more physical aspect of the relationship
  • He will just pounce out of nowhere!
  • With your consent ofc
  • Because he wants you to be 120% down *cough Cough*
  • he will go onto you when hes stressed a lot too
  • *Just sulks at the wall*
  • Video game nights with him
  • He wont have mercy
  • he doesnt care that your his jagi
  • “Cause im the king thats why”
  • Imagine his cuddles with him
  • His long, big boy will be big spoon
  • and he will hold you while your little spoon
  • Sometimes tho
  • like when hes stressed
  • He will want to be the little spoon
  • And its the cutest thing ever
  • okay i srly cant anymore 
  • Overall he is the sweetest little big fluff ever
  • can he please just be mine?

Here it was. This was torture!!!! My heartu is done. I cant even anymore. Thanks for requesting tho…

a done admin ryu


(foul language and mentions of cigarettes and alcohol)

Christmas music played cheerfully from my portable radio. My best friend, Tyler, was putting lights on the tree standing in the corner. Every once in a while, I’d hear him swear as he tried to untangle another knot in the jumble of colorful lights. Each time he’d blush and apologize for his ‘profanity’ since today was a holiday. And each time I’d roll my eyes and laugh softly.

Our friends were coming over soon, including Tyler’s band mate, Josh, my best friend, Jenna, my other best friend, y/bff/n, Josh’s sisters, Tyler’s brothers, and some people from Tyler’s stage crew. I’ve been baking sugar cookies all day, making a stupid ham that’d taken me two tries to not burn, and lighting Yankee Candles that were Christmas themed to mask the smell of pizza and laundry detergent that constantly stank up mine and Tyler’s apartment. I wanted tonight to be perfect.

“These fucking lights!” Tyler swore, throwing the bundle down. I laugh and grab my pack of cigarettes- yes, a bad habit I have, but it helped to release stress- grabbing my jacket.

“Hey, I’m going out for a minute. You wanna come?” I ask. He nods.

“These lights are going to make me have a heart attack, I think that I need to come,” he says, laughing a bit. I chuckle and wait for him to grab his jacket, and then we walk outside. I pull out one stick, then another and offer it to Tyler. He accepts, and then we both light ours. I breathe in, then out, and look off into the distance, staring at the snow that’s coming down.

“You okay?” Tyler asks, his voice timid. I sigh, and shrug.

“I guess. Holiday’s just kinda… make me sad, I don’t know?” I say. I laugh sarcastically. “Fucked up, I know. It just reminds me that… I’m much lonelier than I think I am. All I really have is you, to be honest. Jenna and y/bff/n don’t talk to me as much anymore. It’s just really hard for me this year.” I take another drag of my cigarette. “Plus, with Xavier out of my life, and my parents… gone, y’know, it doesn’t feel as normal as usual. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and all but… it just feels emptier this year.” I wipe a tear that’s dripping down my face off. Tyler moves from where he’s standing, and comes over and cups my face gently in his cold hands.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” he says softly, staring into my eyes with his soft brown ones. He rubs his calloused thumbs over my cheeks gently. “Look, I get it. This holiday is already bumming me out. I just want to sleep already. Maybe we’ll just cancel, spend it together?” my stomach flutters at the thought of me and Tyler spending Christmas alone together, but I gently shake my head.

“No, we’ve put too much into it,” I say. I give a small smile, and reach up and cup Tyler’s cheek with my right hand, and stare at my thumb as it does the same as he is. “Besides, maybe it’ll put us out of this Christmas funk, huh?” he nods. I sigh. “But… can we… can we stay out here for a little while longer? I don’t wanna look at anything red or green.” Tyler just nods sadly, and wraps me in a hug, our bulky coats getting in the way. I drop my cigarette on the ground, the need gone.

His arms are resting loosely around my waist, and I can feel his thumb rubbing my back through my coat. His steady breathing is warm and soft in my ear, and I shut my eyes, giving him a tight squeeze and sigh, content. We stay there for a while. My heart is racing, in a good way. We stay in the embrace until our noses and the tips of our ears are red and tingling. 


“The place looks great, Y/N,” Josh says, smiling. “And these cookies are great.”

“Thanks. You’re lucky there are some left, Tyler kept trying to eat them all,” I say, glaring jokingly at Tyler. He pouts, pretending to cry. I roll my eyes and smile. Everyone is sitting around the TV in the family room. I stand up, stretching, and look at everyone. “Anyone want anything to drink while I’m up?” 

“Beer,” Josh says, tipping his already empty beer bottle at me. I nod.

“Coke!” Jenna says. No one else says anything, so I go to the kitchen to grab the drinks. I grab the drinks, and then remember I wanted to grab my glass from the family room, so I set them down on the table and run back out, only to bump into Tyler in the entryway to the family room. He smiles down at me.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, miss,” he says sassily. I laugh and gently slap his chest. I go to walk away, but Josh suddenly shouts.

“No! Don’t move, either of you,” he says, pointing to us. We both put our hands up, freezing. I go back to my spot by Tyler. “You’re under the mistletoe!” my stomach drops and my cheeks heat up as I look up, and there is indeed a small bundle of mistletoe hanging from the archway. When did that get there.

“Look, um, uh… I don’t think we should, I mean we’re just friends, and uh, Tyler probably doesn’t want to… do you Tyler, see he doesn’t-” I ramble, my stomach dancing inside of me. But I’m cut off when two hands grab my face and a pair of lips are smashed to mine. I immediately react, reaching up and cupping Tyler’s face with my hands. I hear whooping and hollering as me and Tyler kiss. 

His lips are warm and soft. They’re the only thing I feel, taste, hear… they’re invading my senses. I feel at peace as we kiss, and when we pull away, he smiles as our friends yell and he rests his forehead on mine, laughing in joy. I laugh too, and we pull each other into a hug.

“Fucking finally!” Josh yells, groaning loudly. Everyone laughs, including me and Tyler. 

Best holiday ever.

Raven Queen Headcanon

I feel like the Raven Queen is actually really fair and kind and a little happy to have a champion again, like her own brand new BFF.

Unfortunately she’s also creepy as fuck so every step she tries to take closer to Vax he awkwardly takes two steps away. 

I feel like she just watches him like “Why do you hate me? I SAVED your sister. It’s not MY fault they put a death trap around the armor that you people set off. I’m good, I’m nice, I swear. I just want to help. Let me help you, come ooooon, Vax….. You look really nice in my armor…. you want a Raven friend? I can send you a Raven friend. They’re really smart birds….. Vax? ….Vax? …..WHY WON’T YOU BE MY FRIEND, VAX?!?!?!?!?”