these two are always winning

Sanvers and the Superfam headcannons
  • Maggie and Alex are the older sisters who tease James/Winn mercilessly but will fuck up anyone else who touches them 
  • Kara is obviously the baby of the family 
  • Maggie and James have a secret code when they play RISK and no ones has figured out how those two always win 
  • the first time Lena comes to game night Winn awkwardly hits on her and Alex makes him apologize
  • Kara is really into Mario Cart, like REALLY into Mario cart 
  • but Maggie always wins
  • Maggie and Alex aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom/leave the room together during game night because everyone has caught them making out before
  • Kara has swear jars set up for everyone and the money goes toward the food for the next game night
  • there is also a douche bag jar but that’s mainly for Winn
  • there is a raging debate on whether pineapple belongs on Pizza
  • Monopoly ‘IS NO LONGER ALLOWED’ at game night after an incident involving Winn crying
  • VICIOUS debates on the Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings 
  • Maggie and Alex arent allowed on the same team in doubles pool because of another incident that involved Winn crying
  • James has literally picked Maggie up and carried her out of the bar because she was about to fight someone
  • on Father’s Day they all buy J’onn a father’s day card and they all sign it

happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

Sometimes bad things happen, and the world keeps turning.

Look out for each other.  Help your friends when you can.  That’s especially important at times like this.

Your regularly-scheduled fanart and dragons and fluff will resume shortly.   Because if I can do nothing else, I can try to make people smile.  In the face of hatred, living and smiling and being kind is a victory.

There is still hope in the world.


“Happiness” ❤


Being best friends with Two-Bit (headcanon)

-Watching Mickey Mouse with him every single morning
-Going out with Two-Bit when he decides to get drunk so you can keep and eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get into any danger.
-Tucking him into bed when he passes out drunk.
-Having tickle fights with him, and Two-Bit always letting you win.
-Always laughing at his jokes, even if you don’t find them funny.
-Two-Bit always taking care of you, and constantly insisting that he walks you home from work or from school. 
-Helping his little sister with her homework. 
-No matter the circumstance, he is always able to cheer you up. 
-Comforting Two-Bit after he breaks up with Kathy, and telling him that you will never leave him.
-Having sleepovers at your house when your parent’s go away on a business trip… and having a pillow fight. 
-His mother constantly telling you that should two should date.
-”You bring out the best in him Y/N, I wish you would both just start dating already.”
-”Mrs Mathews, please, you’re making me blush. Keith and I are just friends”
-Stopping him from getting into a fight with Tim Shepherd… and then hitting him yourself for being so stupid and reckless. 
-”He is a lot tougher than you, idiot! You’re going to get yourself thrown in hospital.”
-Finding out the real reason Kathy and him break up…
-”He is in love with you Y/N. He was always talking about you, don’t you see the way he looks at you? Or how he’d do anything for you? You’re always taking care of each other… I cannot compete with that, that’s why we broke up.”

How You Argue (The Outsiders Visual)


Darry is an understanding partner, and when it comes to the two of you disagreeing he always lets you win the battle. Even though you can get beyond heated at times, he always gives you space before coming in to comfort you.

“(First Name), wait! I-”

“Take a hike, Darry!”


Two-Bit is the loudest of them all, usually drinking, skirt flipping, watching Mickey, or cracking a joke. You two rarely fight, but when you do it’d hard for him to take the situation seriously, especially with the mouth on him.

“What’s the difference between you and me, (First Name)?”

“Ugh, just shut up already!”


Nothing can happen between you and Dally that won’t end up sexual. He usually fights back, and won’t give in no matter the circumstances because you know if you break up with Dallas Winston, you’ll regret it…

“C’mon, baby. Relax, don’t be so tense.”

“Dally, s-stop…”


Sodapop feels awful if he ever gets you upset, and when he does it’s usually always on accident. Although you try not to let small things get to you, you’ll let him know when they do. And he always has a way to say sorry.

“Gee, (First name)… I’m sorry for settin’ you off… I love you.”

“It’s okay, Soda. I love you too.”


Steve can’t stand a bickering girl, but he can stand a bickering girl who he loves and his close to him if he’s able to shut her up without causing anymore chaos. 

“Steve I can’t stand this any-”

“Gosh (First name), you’re absolutely perfect.” 


Ponyboy doesn’t know how to act around you, so it’s not new if he gets you jealous or something infuriating. You always let him know, and even though he’s still new to relationships he’ll always find a loving way to make it up to you.


“(First name), I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to- uh… S-sorry…”


Johnny usually over-reacts when you two begin to fight, over-apologizing, over-talking in general. But you have just the right remedy…

“I’m sorry (First name)! I’m really sorry I didn’t mean-”

“Gee, just kiss me already!”

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I'm so sorry if this sounds dumb, but I was re watching the last season of Hq!! and the fifth set was supposed to end at the 15 point mark but it didnt, and I'm confused now that I pay attention to that detail...

The last set ended at 21-19 because you always need to have a two points difference in volleyball to win a set, it doesn’t matter who’s the first to reach 15 points :) 

Okay mates imagine this, a cheronica rival cheerleader au were every year or whatever for about a week or two there’s a cheer leading contest that Veronica’s team always win but this year the RiverVixen are there or vice-versa and Cheryl and Veronica are competing head to head against each other and it’s a enemy to lovers thing.

everyone talks about the Cress/Wolf brotp and the Cress/Jacin brotp but tbh I’m all for that Kai/Cress brotp like? Can you imagine?

Cress and Thorne visiting the Emperor and Empress and Thorne and Cinder go off to do some best friend shenanigans leaving Cress and Kai to just drink tea and talk about dorky stuff and go out to the town with Kai in disguise and talk about their spouses and joke about what the two are even doing. Cress teaching Kai how to do all this awesome techy stuff he can use during meetings and Kai teaching Cress how to dance so she can totally catch Thorne by surprise. The two of them playing boardgames and Cress always winning and Kai’s just like “I could never beat your dad either, dammit…” And Kai just in general telling Cress about her dad and all the times he was there for him and guys I’m just here for the Kai and Cress friendship. Bffs forever.

tiny loki: god of missing gloves.

Two things:
1. Larry shipper always win!1!
2. This is the only abuse Louis has done physically to harry!

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May I have a male twd and spn ship? I'm 5'2 with magenta hair. I love 80's music and I love to read. I can be mean when pushed but usually I the first to help people even if I get hurt. Thanks😀

The Walking Dead:

I ship you with…Daryl Dixon!

When you take the car as a means of transport for a run, you two fight over the music.

You always win over him and he’ll make you pay for hours and hours of 80?s music once you’ll get home ;)

You’re always the first to offer yoursel everytimes Rick needs something, making Daryl very protective since he doesn’t want that something happen to you


I ship you with...Dean Winchester!

Road trip on the Impala with Dean are the best!

You two sing along the radio and goofs around.

You’re always ready to going hunting with him while Sam will support you from the bunker, doing his research.

This way you and Dean can enjoy some alone time ;) ♥

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Can you write about Ethan being insanely adorable in anyway possible please, I need my heart to melt

Oh dear I don’t even need to write about that he’s already adorable in his own way, but I’ll try to even capture just a tiny bit of that!

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15 things included when being Steve Roger’s little sister.

1. Forever and always being protected by him.

2. No matter how annoying it gets.

3.Potential boy/girlfriends pretty much running away in fright.

4. Him only being able to see you as his baby sister.

5. Constantly being spoiled by him.

6. Pretty much having Steve wrapped around your fringe.

7. Instantly being adored by anyone who meets you.

8. Even bloody Loki has a soft spot for you.

9. Almost always being able to make him smile.

10. And vise versa.

11. Being comfortable sharing a bed, especially if you have a nightmare.

12. Lovely sibling selfies.

13. Almost never fighting (you have to fight at some point, it’s just unavoidable). 

14. Always being told you two look just alike.

15. Steve always letting you win when you guys arm wrestle.

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