these two are always winning


Can you BELIEVE the shit Cody has to put up with this old married couple’s bickering??

Sure, some of it is just that they’re Jedi and we all know the Clone Troopers exchange stories about “you won’t believe what crazy shit my Jedi did THIS time”, but on top of that Cody has to deal with [vague gestures] this.


also my new favorite comic panel that appeared in anything SW ever:


They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

Being the Girlfriend of Draco Malfoy Would Include...

since I haven’t gotten anything out in a while, here is some headcanons


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Gryffindor Reader

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•Teasing each other jokingly 24/7

•Jokingly mocking one another in Quidditch Slytherin vs Gryffindor

•”Ha! You call that ‘good’, Malfoy?”

•”(Name)! Pay attention and stop ogling at the opponent!”

•”Well how do you expect me to stop staring when he’s got an ass like that?”


•Playful kissing

•”Ugh, can’t you two get a room?”

•”You’re just jealous, Parkinson.”

•Then afterwards making a point by full on pulling his collar towards you for a kiss

•You both taking turns buying each other candy

•Him finally gaining the courage to bring you to meet his parents

•His father disapproving of you since you were in Gryffindor

•His mother asking you in private to keep Draco safe with a stern tone and stern eyes

•You telling her, “I would give my life to spare his.”

•Her almost tearing up and smiling sadly

•Him overhearing, taking you to his room and scolding you

•”If it comes down to you or me, never choose me.”

•”So you expect me to just let you die?!”

•”You are not dying. I won’t let anyone hurt you, you hear me?!”

•The small argument ending in cuddles and a promise to both stay alive

Slytherin Reader

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•The power couple

•You both slay tbh

•Like you could both walk down the halls and own the place

•It’s like you were basically meant for each other

•”Hey, Draco…”

•”I know what you’re thinking. Hot chocolate?”

•”With marshmallows, yes, definitely.”

•Headcanon that every Friday night some of the students in the Slytherin House gather in the common room to play card games like Cray, BS, or Spoons

•If it’s Cray, you and Draco are always a team and always win

•If it’s something where the two of you are competing against each other, you’re both super sneaky and competitive

•Sometimes he lets you win, sometimes you let him win

•Him taking you to meet his parents for the first time, Lucius having a mildly better opinion on you since you were a Slytherin 

•You acting prim and proper while dining with them, but then when you and Draco are alone in his room…

Tickle wars

•Narcissa smiling softly to herself when she hears the joyous laughter emitting from her son which she hadn’t heard in a while

•Her noting how much more he smiled when you were around or mentioned

•The two of you crying in each others arms when you show each other your marks

•You both drying each others tears and promising to keep one another safe

•”I won’t let anything hurt you. Never.”

Ravenclaw Reader

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•You being almost like a guardian to him

•”Oh, Draco, don’t forget to finish that section of homework.”

•”Draco, remember to take your notes.”

•”Draco, your tie is right here. Stop looking in your sock drawer.”

•You sneaking into his common room (oh his request) to study

•Him not wanting to study

•”But (Name), what I meant by ‘study date’ was act like we would study and actually just cuddle.”

•”I have three tests coming up, Draco. Now shut up and let me study in peace.”

•You finally giving into his whining

•”Oh my gosh, fine. But if I make bad grades, you’ll suffer for it.”

•Him taking you to meet his parents

•Lucius not really treating you hospitably, but then again not despising you either

•But he has to admit, he was only slightly impressed by your academic ability

•”I will escort (Name) upstairs to my room. We have a test after the break and we both want to be prepared.”

•Then when you get into his room, all it is is goofing around and making paper cranes

•He shows you his mark, you having to try and stay strong for him

•He tells you that he never wanted it, you trusting him

•”You are not evil, Draco. You are not your father.”

Hufflepuff Reader

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•You two being the cutest things ever

•Draco overhearing someone diss you

•”You better take that back, or I’ll just have to knock some sense into you.”

•Then you confront the person planning to fight Draco and

•”If you so much as lay a finger on him, I will rip off your arms and beat you with them.”

•Him buying you candy all the time

•Like seriously, you have a stash because of how much he spends on you

•”Draco, this looks expensive…”

•”It’s something sweet for someone sweeter.”

•Him losing focus in class because he is non-stop smiling about the small things you do that make him smile

•”You’ve gone soft, Malfoy.”

•Him not even denying it at that point

•”What can I say? She just does that to me.”

•You two walking in flower fields, him smiling to himself when you get excited over a pretty flower

•But he thinks you’re the prettiest thing out there

•Him taking you to meet his parents

•Lucius disapproving of you, but Narcissa seeing how care-free and dreamy you make Draco and approving of you

•Narcissa honestly finding you precious

•You and Draco building pillow forts in his room and sleeping in them

•You breaking into a fit of sobs when he shows you his mark

•But trying to stay strong because he started crying at the sight of you breaking down

•The both of you cuddling each other until you both fall asleep, making a silent promise to always be together no matter what life may throw at you.

Andrew and Aaron pretending to be eachother for @sirandking

“Wear this.”

Aaron stares blankly at the clothes that have been thrust into his chest, then up at his brother. “Why the fuck would I wear that? Not all of us have to dress like we’re stuck in our ‘rawr means I love you in dinosaur’ stage.”

Andrew’s perpetual smile twitches, his only sign of anger. “Just fucking wear it. I’m going to pick up the runner today instead of you.”

Aaron glares, but Andrew always wins any staring contest between the two of them. “Fine,” he bites out finally. “But don’t make this a habit, okay?”

“No promises,” Andrew says, and leaves Aaron to change in peace.”

“Take my German test for me.”

Andrew doesn’t look away from the TV and the re-run of some stupid sit-com playing on it. “Why?”

Aaron frowns. “You’re better than I am. All that practice with your boyfriend.” He spits the word out, hoping to garner a reaction, but Andrew doesn’t even blink.


Aaron grits his teeth, takes a breath. “Please.”

Andrew flicks a cool look in his direction. “What did you just say?”

“I said please.” The repetition keeps Andrew’s eyes on him, although his expression is more murderous than agreeable. “Andrew, I’m going to fail this class if I don’t do well on this test.”

“Why are you doing so badly? Skipping class to meet up with Katelyn?” Andrew, too, spits the word out.

Aaron says nothing.

Andrew turns his gaze back to the TV. “No.”

Frustrated, Aaron storms off.

The day of the test, his hoodie is missing. Aaron smiles to himself. He gets a B+ on the test, which is worse than Andrew could have gotten, but better than Aaron could have. He takes it.

Talking to Bee helps, supposedly. Aaron isn’t sure; sometimes when he looks at Andrew he still feels pointless anger simmering beneath his skin, a frustration he can never scratch out. But maybe it helps, because when Andrew shows up on the day the freshman are supposed to arrive with a matching outfit for Aaron, he takes it wordlessly.

It is, he admits, if only to himself, kind of fun to mess with people at his brother’s side.

Can you feel the love tonight?

With Valentine’s Day next week, I decided some romance-inspired prompts would be fitting. No villains in this one - I am shocked at myself. Happy writing hopefully! <3

1) “Ugh, I wish friends could go on Valentine’s Day dates. They always have the best prosecco and cake deals - look at that, it’s so cute! And they give you candles.” 

“…do you want to go on a Valentine’s Day date with me?” 

2)  The ritual was supposed to summon my soulmate to me. I didn’t expect you. 

3)  “Bastard’s trying to prove he can out-romance me by giving me the best Valentine’s Day ever.”
“Why is everything always a competition with you two?”
“Competition implies he gets to win. Can you help me pick out a wedding ring?”

4) A flight, two trains and a taxi later, she stood outside her girlfriend’s home. The door had barely opened before she found herself flat on her back in a flurry of bags and excited limbs, being kissed senseless in the sunshine.

5) There were candles everywhere. 
“Are you having a date or a bloody seance?” 
“Long distance relationships are hard.” 

6) The touches started lightly, a whisper of fingers across the curve of a spine, the promise of lips against a throat, the flutter of hands at hips. You were entirely mine. 

7) “I am so sick of being in love with you.” 

8) “What is this?” The servant’s voice had gone hoarse, looking at the spread of food, the clean room, the…gift. Their heart pounded. 
“I know I don’t often act like I…appreciate everything you do for me.” The prince looked devastatingly earnest, one hand warm on his servant’s arm. 
“You called me as useless as wet paper yesterday.” 
“And I stand by that opinion,” a smirk tugged at the prince’s lips. His hand squeezed. “But you’re occasionally tolerable. So.” He nudged the servant closer to the table. 

9) “Oh god, you must be freezing.” She was yanked closer, hands rubbing her arms. 
“It’s - it’s fine.” 
“Here, take my coat.” 
“I couldn’t-”
The coat was blissfully warm, delightfully soft, and she melted. And realized exactly how close the two of them were now standing. 

10) “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” 
“No pressure there, then.” But it was hopelessly fond.

Sanvers and the Superfam headcannons
  • Maggie and Alex are the older sisters who tease James/Winn mercilessly but will fuck up anyone else who touches them 
  • Kara is obviously the baby of the family 
  • Maggie and James have a secret code when they play RISK and no ones has figured out how those two always win 
  • the first time Lena comes to game night Winn awkwardly hits on her and Alex makes him apologize
  • Kara is really into Mario Cart, like REALLY into Mario cart 
  • but Maggie always wins
  • Maggie and Alex aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom/leave the room together during game night because everyone has caught them making out before
  • Kara has swear jars set up for everyone and the money goes toward the food for the next game night
  • there is also a douche bag jar but that’s mainly for Winn
  • there is a raging debate on whether pineapple belongs on Pizza
  • Monopoly ‘IS NO LONGER ALLOWED’ at game night after an incident involving Winn crying
  • VICIOUS debates on the Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings 
  • Maggie and Alex arent allowed on the same team in doubles pool because of another incident that involved Winn crying
  • James has literally picked Maggie up and carried her out of the bar because she was about to fight someone
  • on Father’s Day they all buy J’onn a father’s day card and they all sign it
The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Rebecca, Sean, Emilie & Kristin‘s Panel
  • What would they want for their characters? Bex wants her magic back (x)
  • Sean- its too bad we didn’t see Robin’s past stripper days (x)
  • Emilie wants Bell to have powers (teleportation) and shows us that she’s done Sean’s stripper choreography (x)
  • Kristin would have loved to see where the storyline with her daughter’s father (x)
  • Bex and Sean pretending to run off stage as Lanas M&G was called (x)
  • Characters guilty pleasure. Emilie: Netflix. Bex: googling herself. “THERE IS SO MANY WEBSITES ABOUT MOI.” (x)
    • Maleficents would be eating babies and watching ‘Cheers’. (x)
    • What are their characters’ guilty pleasure ? Bex: Google herself. Kristin: eating babies. Sean: live in the forest with men (x)
  • Sean says Little John is an ironic nickname (x)
  • If two of their characters would meet: Bex: wickets always win Kristin: be besties Em: where are your babies ? Sean: going to a bar (x)
  • Emilie says that she would have to ask Claire and belle where her baby’s are (x)
  • What song covers would your character sing? Bex: Defying Gravity.(x)
    •   What famous songs for a musical ep Bex: defying gravity Kristin: feelings (x)
  • Have you stolen something on set? Bex: one of the broomsticks. (x)
    • Emilie stole the whole chair and the iconic tea cup! (x)
    • what did you steal on set? Bex: safe place can’t share Em: teacup maybe? Sean: socks (x)
    • Emilie may or may not have taken a teacup home.. (x)
  • Sean says his costume was really heavy and difficult to wear. So thought Disney wouldn’t mind. Guessed that’s the reason he died (x)  
  • They would love to attend a convention in Italy (x)    
  • Bex wants another broomstick from harry potter. So she can play quiddizch in the garden (x)
    • What magical item would they take. Bex: another broomstick. Sean: Harry’s glasses (x)
    • Emilie: sorting hat and Harry’s wand. Kristin: “I’ll take the hat!” (x)
  • What event would change in history? Sean: the WHPCD where Obama destroyed Trump & prevent him to get elected Bex: end terrorism (x)
    • Kristen would go back in time and talk to Trump’s mother about birth control (x)
    • Kristin would go back in time and talk to trumps mom about birth control  and sean said “or tell his dad to pull out” (x)
  • Sean is really proud for Hoodies and fans that made him coming back even if A&E said the contrary. We are true power people (x)



- Erik gets super competitive on game night.

- There are usually boardgames everywhere.

- And there are always random pieces in random places.

- You found a checker in Erik’s shoe once.

- Erik gets a little frustrated everytime you win.

- “Can we play chess now?”

- Erik still loses.

- It’s okay though.

- He’d rather lose to you than Charles.

- You two constantly accuse each other of cheating.

- And you’re always fighting over who gets to be the car in monopoly.

- He’d get the car as long as you get to have an extra turn.

- or two, or three.

- Your favorite game is strip poker.

- Because you always win (wink wink).

Requests and Submissions are Open + Masterlist.

dating trevor stines | (would include)

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a/n: okay so i literally spent 25 minutes combing through tumblr for trevor gifs and this seems to be the only one that comes up when i search his god damn name. sorry bout it.


- trev being over protective -all the time-

- constantly being pranked

- cuddles

- a lot of pda

- movies & netflix nights

- meeting the riverdale cast with trev

- attending the wrap party

- drunken karaoke

- stealing his leather jacket -because he practically lives in it-

- playing with his soft hair

- stealing all his hoodies

- watching sports with him

- and asking -every second- what the hell is happening

- using every opportunity he got to show you off

- “everyone this is my beautiful girlfriend (y/n)”

- beach days

- forehead kisses

- trevor being your instagram boyfriend

- “just take one more please!”

- helping him self tape

- goodluck kisses before auditions

- cooking for you 24/7

- lots of play fighting

- spending alot of time together just lounging around at home

- dancing around the living room in your underwear together

- losing him for an hour or two to video games

- set visits

- tickle fights -he always seemed to win-

- public flirting

- ass grabbing

- hot & steamy makeouts in his car

- goofing off 24/7

- he’s always trying to impress you

- trying to beg riverdale spoilers out of him

- hating it when he flew out to vancouver for work

- he was a -secret- hopeless romantic

- cute candle light dinners made by the one and only

- wine nights

- bringing you along to events and parties

- always having the best time when he’s around

Masterlist ((EXO SMUT/Kaisoo Only))

 Kaisoo (( Kai + Kyungsoo))

Asian Fanfiction 

             Jongin isn’t the pure, shy, and blushing nerd he truly seems to be when he gets down and teaches playboy, Do Kyungsoo, who’s really the boss around here.

               Jongin comes home to take care of his baby Kyungsoo, because he’s needy. 

  • Pics (Or It Didn’t Happen)

                 Kyungsoo’s little brother Baekhyun has been hiding his mother’s under garments under his bed, and Kyungsoo wonders what the big deal is.

                Just kinky smut ((: ((Contains: age!gape age!switch daddy!kink))

                  In which Jongin has a job as a psychologist in a men prison and Kyungsoo is a dangerous psychopath. They both have a secret; let’s say Jongin likes it when his partners are a little bit insane, but nobody can know about it, except Kyungsoo already does.

                  Watching him masturbate would have been enough.

                    Jongin fucking jacked off outside.

                      Kyungsoo comes home from his business trip to a horny Jongin.

                       Kyungsoo needs his boyfriend at the end of the day to unravel.

                        Jongin and Kyungsoo are two high school kids that have a little problem with betting. As each year of school passes by, their bets become more sexual (which they blame on their raging hormones) but that doesn’t stop them from betting how long Kyungsoo could last a day with a vibrator up his ass.

                         “Daddy, what are you gonna do with all of this ass?”

                      Kyungsoo may have a little bit of a kink and Jongin has a big problem. 

                         “Daddy,” Kyungsoo whimpered, arching his back as Jongin’s hot, wet tongue left a trail from his collarbone to his neck.

                           Basically smut between my otp, teacherxstudnt to be specific.



                             Kyungsoo gets assigned to Jongin as study partners and discovers that Jongin has a YouTube channel where he reviews sex toys. Kyungsoo is intrigued.

                             Jongin fantasizes about Kyungsoo’s hands. 

                               In which Kyungsoo practices the Artificial Love choreography for EXO'rdium, and Jongin high key wishes that he was that cane.

How BTS would react to you running away after a big fight

Jin: The fight would be getting very intense. You were both saying things that you would later regret. Eventually you couldn’t take it anymore. You would scream at him “I give up!” and storm out of your apartment. Of course he would run after you and turn you to face him only to see you crying. He would pull you in close for a hug and whisper, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” sorrowfully. 

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Suga: He would be just as loud as you during the fight. However he would snap and would end up calling you a bitch. You would be so hurt by that because he had never spoken to you like that before so you would run out the door and into your car driving back to your place. He would just stay seated at his home with his head in his hands because he knew he went too far. He would take a few hours to cool down giving you time to cool down as well. When he was better he would go to your home and knock on the door sheepishly. When you answered he would immediately apologize before pulling you in for a kiss.

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Rap Monster: During your huge fight he would not raise his voice even once. He actually was barely responding to you which would make you more frustrated. “You know what goodbye! If you aren’t going to take this seriously I am leaving!” you would scream at him as you took your coat and ran out the door. You wouldn’t even make it down the stairs when you were being turned around and slammed to the wall with his familiar lips pushed onto yours. You would kiss back of course. When he pulled away you’d be breathless looking at him. “I do care, I just hate to fight with you. I love you so much, let’s just talk and resolve it please baby girl.” he’d whisper and you’d nod

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J Hope: Hoseok and you barely fought. However on one occasion, he would be stressed out from work and take it out on you. He would become very angry due to his stress so when you left he wouldn’t follow you. He would stay and think over everything eventually realizing he was wrong. He would call you on your phone and you would answer sassily. “Where are you babe, please come home I am so sorry.” he would say sorrowfully. You could hear that he was being truthful from his voice and would come home immediately to him waiting to hug you.

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Jimin: Jimin and you would be screaming at each other.  You didn’t usually fight but when you did it got bad. He was saying rude things and you would can’t take it anymore so you would scream “I hate you!” at him and run out the house. He would stay seated in shock at what you told him. He would can’t believe that he had pushed you that far. When he finally got up he ran out of the house as well and would walk to the park down the block where he knew you would be. You would be sitting on a bench and he would approach you quietly. You would only notice him when he was in front of you. “I don’t hate you, I shouldn’t have said that.” you’d mumble instantly. He would pull you up and press his lips to yours surprising you. “I love you and I am sorry.” he would say when he pulled away.

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V: It would be a very important topic you two were fighting about but Taehyung was angering you more and more by joking about it and only laughing. Eventually you had had enough and grabbed your coat running out of the house and into your car. He would run after you, his expression finally serious. “Y/N where are you going?” he would ask desperately. “Away from you!” you would scream back angrily through the car window before you drove off. He would call you almost immediately. You prepared yourself to sass him as you pulled over but when you answered the call he was crying and that was your weakness. Your heart broke hearing his broken voice. You would immediately drive back and run to him, seeing his tears you would engulf him in a hug promising not to leave him again.

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Jungkook: Jungkook was very competitive so any fight you two had he always had to win. This particular fight would be huge and loud and he was being cocky and you hated it. “If you’re not going to listen to me then I will just leave!” you would shout at him.  He’d roll his eyes and say, “Well leave.” You’d scoff at him and take your keys leaving and getting into your car and driving away. You would start to cry on the way to your home so you’d pull aside and rest your head on the steering wheel as tears flowed from your eyes. You wouldn’t be there for three minutes when there was a knock on the window. You would look up surprised to see Jungkook looking at you sadly. His car was parked right behind yours. You would open the car and he’d get into the passenger seat. “Please don’t cry I’m sorry, you win, just stop crying baby please.” he’d whisper as he reached over and wiped your tears with his thumb.

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I will entertain you. [M]

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This has been sitting on my drafts for over a month now and it was supposed to be a short thing but… whoops. Enjoy!

Fandom: EXO

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Kim Jongdae (Chen) x You

Word count: 4,192

Warnings: Ludopathy?.

The sound of the coins rolling out of the fruit machines almost makes your skin itch with anticipation. But you manage to resist the urge and walk past them, going straight to the zone of the casino where you know the real stuff is.

Black-jack. Poker. The Roulette. You name it. That is your definition of a fun night.

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random Class B headcanons

  • Kinoko is Sen’s precious mushroom friend and he loves poking her cheeks because they are soft and squishy and he just loves his cute mushroom friend so much
  • Kendou has three older sisters; they are a doctor, a tattoo artist and a mechanic
  • Awase and Tetsutetsu play videogames together and somehow they always end up crying and hugging each other. they are playing Mario Party.
  • also if he plays against Pony he always lets her win
  • there are two rules at lunchtime: 1) if you got bread you give it to Ibara 2) if you got apples you give them to Pony
  • everybody knows Tokage and Kamakiri are dating but they pretend they don’t because Kamakiri is shy mantis boy
  • one time in class Bondo got hit with a paper ball that had written “I think you are pretty cool” on it. when he turned around Manga gave him a thumbs up. they never talked about it.
  • everybody is fascinated with how pretty Monoma’s hands are so now he does the nails of all the class even Tsuburaba’s.
  • Sen takes pictures of them then sends them to Tsuburaba with the caption “perfect couples don’t exi-”
  • we haven’t seen Sen ever since.
  • Yanagi and Tokoyami met shopping at Hot Topic once and now they are friends
  • Tsuburaba has Nice Arms™ and they are all thankful
  • they had to make a “get to know each other” question game once. Pony asked Kuroiro what was his favorite flower. He said daisies.
  • Awase carries a lot of headbands with him in case that someone needs one
  • Rin has the cutest laugh everytime he laughs the whole class shuts up to listen to him
  • they planed this prank once that consisted in that they all would hug Monoma at some point during the day with no explanation. Monoma was confused but at the end of the day he seemed happier.
  • except when it was Tsuburaba’s turn, that was chaotic.
Destinations (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Prompt166 - “I’m so stupid for making the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

Words: 2000

A/N: Hey guys, I’m finally back! I know it’s been like 6 days (i’m sorry!). I have exams this week and next week so I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing. I’ll try to do some stuff but school comes first! Anyways, enjoy!

“Close your eyes!”


“Just do it Jared!”

“Fine.” He grumbles, but relents and closes his eyes.

I grab his hand, sending tingles through my body, and lead him up the stairs and into his room.

“Okay, open them!” I say, standing aside and watching him as he sees my masterpiece. I had filled his room with streamers and balloons as a little birthday surprise.

“Happy birthday!” I exclaim.

He smiles at the colorful decorations adorning his room, tossing an orange balloon at me, “It’s amazing, Y/N. Thanks.” He gives me a little side hug but I rush out of his grasp and over to his desk.

“You haven’t even seen the best part yet!” I say, grabbing the piece of paper off the table and handing it to him.

“Jared Kleinman’s Birthday Extravaganza?” He reads, throwing a confused glance at me.

“Keep reading!” I urge, my smile widening.

“Since it is the birthday of my bestest friend - ‘bestest’ isn’t a word, Y/N.” Jared critiques.

“It’s a joke, Kleinman, now shush and read!”

“My bestest friend, Jared Robert - Oh my god, how many times have I told you not to use my middle name!”

“Oh my god, shut up Jared!”

“Jared Robert Kleinman; I, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, have planned the biggest, most amazing birthday celebration in the history of the world to appreciate him and his 17 years of life.” He looks up, significantly confused.

“Come on, we’re gonna be late for part one of the Jared Kleinman Birthday Extravaganza!” I call out, heading out the door with Jared close on my heels.

“Where are we going?” He asks, his voice laced with curiosity.

“If I told you, that would ruin the surprise and the Jared Kleinman Birthday Extravaganza would be ruined.” I said, climbing into the car and starting it up. Jared gets into the passenger side

“Are you gonna keep calling it that every time?”


Jared groaned, but I could see the smile he was trying to hide.

We drove to destination #1, Jared trying to get any information about the day’s events and me refusing to relinquish any information.

“Okay, we’re here!” I say, climbing out of the car after parking in front of the old bowling alley. This place must have been here for at least half a century. The bowling shoes were ripped, the balls scuffed and scraped, the old white paint chipped off the walls and half of the lights illuminating the lanes were broken. But, Jared and I still loved it.

“The Rock N’ Roll Bowling Alley?” He asked.

“You know why?” I asked, a mischievous look in my eye

He thinks for a second before it hits him, “7th grade. Suzanne Roberts’ birthday party. The first time we met.” he recites, laughing softly.

“You somehow threw your ball into my lane and messed up my shot.” I laughed.

“You went crazy, I thought that was the last time I’d ever see the light of day!” He chuckled. I shove him gently before walking into the alley.

We choose the same lane as always, tucked away in the corner in between the broken crane machines and the closed snack bar. Jared goes to set the scoreboard up and I start putting on my shoes. My big toe pokes through a hole in the top of the shoe, exposing the tip of my blue sock.

We bowl for a little over an hour with only a few mishaps, including Jared accidentally going onto the lane and slipping and me rolling at least half of my shots into the gutter (“I told you we should have uses bumpers!” Jared exclaims. “Nonsense! I’m doing fine!” I insist, as yet another ball veers to the side and clangs against the gutter.)

Jared ends up winning, like always, with two times my amount of points.

“I’ll get you one day Kleinman, you wait and see.” I warn him, pulling off my bowling shoes and slipping my feet into my converse.

“Good luck with that, Y/L/N.”

We place our shoes on the counter and walk out of the building, the hot summer air hitting us like a wall. This time, Jared doesn’t ask where we’re going and gets straight into the car.

“I still can’t believe you did all of this.” Jared chuckles.

“You’re my best friend Jared, I’d do anything for you.”

“Yup, just friends.” He mumbles under his breath. What does that mean?

I keep driving and turn into the parking lot of the next destination. Jared laughs as it comes into view, recognizing the mini golf course. “Monster Mini Golf. The first time just the two of us hung out.” I could feel his eyes on me while I parked. I dig around the floor of the car for my bag, stuffing all my shit into it. I didn’t realize that Jared had already left the car and was opening my door for me. I hop out and blush, slinging my backpack over my shoulders and heading to the building with Jared at my side. 

We walk into the building, letting our eyes adjust from the sunny outside to the dark interior of the building. The course had a haunted theme, zombie and vampire statues were erected around the holes and creepy pictures hung on the walls. A black light lit up the room, making my white shoes glow in the dark. It was pretty corny, but we loved it.

We grab our clubs, pick out golf balls (blue for Jared and orange for me) and head into the maze of lanes.

“God, I haven’t been here in forever.” Jared comments, placing his ball down for the first hole.

“I know, almost 4 years now.” I watch as he swings to hit the ball and misses horribly, flinging his club across the room. We burst out laughing at Jared’s horrible fail. We silence ourselves as an angry employee stomps across the room, grumbling about safety and respect as he hands Jared his club.

We continue through the course until we’re at the last one. I hated this room. It was filled with weird creatures that would pop out at random times, yelling and talking. Jared noticed my sudden silence and wide eyes almost immediately.

“We can skip this one if you want.” Jared says softly, touching my arm. I jump at his touch and quickly shake my head.

“I’ll be fine. Go ahead.” He looks at me one last time before placing his ball down and taking his shot. Right as he hits the ball, a door bangs open and an animatronic doll pops out of the wall, laughing deviously before going back through the door it came.

I scream and drop my club, the jump scare taking me by surprise. Jared drops his club and wraps his arm around me, startled by my sudden outburst. I burry my head in his stomach and calm my racing heart. Jared picks up our clubs and leads me out of the room without finishing the course, his arm still wrapped around me. I turn red, both from getting scared so easily and Jared’s arm holding me fast to him.

“I’m driving.” Jared states, taking the keys from me.

“But, it’ll ruin the surprise.” I moan.

“This day has been amazing, I don’t need a surprise destination to make it better.” He says, squeezing my shoulder.

He opens the passenger door, motioning for me to get in (which I reluctantly do). I hand him the slip of paper with the third destination on it, which he scans quickly before smiling and starting the car. We drive in silence, the radio playing quietly in the background.

We pull up to the retro building, the familiar neon sign advertising “Mario’s Arcade” blinking obnoxiously. We climb out of the car and I gravitate towards Jared, walking so close to him that our shoulders occasionally bump. 

“Mario’s Arcade?” He questions, not understanding the significance of this particular spot.

“The place I realized you were my best friend. The one person I knew I could always rely on.” I finish, looking down at the floor. 

Jared links his arm through mine, smiling and pulling me through the glass doors. The little bell over the door rings as we walk in. After being greeted by Mario himself, we head through the maze of vintage arcade games. A couple people were scattered around the room, two boys and a dad with his two daughters. I smile as I pass them, their faces shining with happiness as they played Pac-Man with their father. When I turn away, I am met with Jared staring straight at me, a calm smile clinging to his face.

“Race you to Space Shooter!” I yell out, sprinting towards the back of the room. Jared follows behind me, close on my heels. I make it to the machine first, thanks to my head start, and slip in the coins to play. 

Jared came up behind me, looking over my shoulder and wrapping his arms around my waist so he could reach the keys to help me out. I froze, noticing how close our faces were.

Not that I was complaining.

We ended up hanging out at the arcade for hours. We left and got back into the car, driving along the dark, empty roads. Jared had volunteered to drive so I sat in the passenger seat, exhausted from the day’s events.

“So, how was the Jared Kleinman Birthday Extravaganza?” I say softly.

“Amazing.” Jared says, looking over at me, “The best birthday I’ve ever had.

I smile, my heart overflowing with happiness and love.

“We should get ice cream.” I mumble, half asleep.

“At 11 PM?” Jared chuckles.

“Time is a social construct.” I retort.

“Can’t dispute with that, now can I.” He says.

Five minutes later, we sit in the car in the parking lot of Carvel, ice creams in our hands. I pull my knees up and sit cross legged on the seat, happily eating my chocolate ice cream. 

I look at Jared. The moonlight was set to him perfectly, making him look like a teenage heartthrob in a corny romantic movie. His hair was slightly disheveled from our long day and his glasses lay crooked on his nose. He catches me staring and I quickly look down into my ice cream cup, taking a bite.

“Hey,” He begins, “I was wondering if you… If you wanted to… Never mind.“ He shakes his head, a frown replacing the smile that had stuck to his face the whole day.

“What’s up, Jared?”

“Never mind, I’m stupid, forget I said anything”

“You’re not stupid!” Jared glares at me, unconvinced, “Okay, sometimes you can be a bit of an idiot, but I’m sure that’s not the case this time.”

He chuckles, stirring his partially melted ice cream around his cup. Condensation builds on the outside of the paper cup, dripping down his wrists like tears.

“Just, tell me why you’re ‘stupid’ and I’ll be the judge of whether it’s true or not.” I decide, extremely curious about what was going through his head right now.

He contemplates for a second, before a sudden flash of bravery hits him. All the sudden, he’s leaning towards me and placing his lips on mine. I’m too shocked to move and before I know it, he’s pulling away and restoring the distance between us. 

“I’m stupid for making the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” He states simply.

I sit there, stunned and still processing what just happened.

“I’ve made my decision.” I start, “Turns out, you’re not as stupid as you think, Kleinman.” I lean in this time, crashing my lips against his. I feel him smile through the kiss, his hands flying to the back of my head and mine placed on his cheeks.

We break away, leaning back against our seats in silence.

“Thank god, I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t return the favor.” Jared sighs in relief. I laugh before grabbing his hand.

“I love you, Jared.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Going to a resort with Connor would include...
  • Him getting sunburnt the first day you’re there
  • You having to apply aloe all over his body, gently and carefully moving your slimy hands across his skin
  • You two swimming in the pools and oceans; splashing each other, having swimming races, and him carrying you in the water
  • Getting lots of tropical drinks at the bars and drinking them on the beach with his arm around your shoulders
  • Him bringing his guitar with him and playing it/singing on the beach during the evenings
  • Some fans spotting you two and asking for pictures, then ending up staying and chatting
  • You two playing ping pong and pool; you almost always winning because of how uncoordinated he is
  • Cuddling on the beach in the late evening, sitting on a towel with your legs tangled with each others and your head on his shoulder
  • Having sex almost every night in the room; but, having to be careful of where you grab because of his sunburn
  • Connor wanting to shower with you so he can run his hands through your hair and glide his hands across your skin
  • Participating in silly activities like zumba and contests on the beach
  • Not wanting to leave because of how relaxed and happy the two of you are
The flash season 4

I don’t know if my love of the flash will last past the new season. If all guesses about S4 is correct, and Barry comes back, and has to win back Iris, then I am done! The beauty of the show was that it was easy going with some heart. The only good episode of season 3, was when Barry lost his memory. Barry was funny, and didn’t take himself so serious. It’s getting to the point, that Oliver queen is positive one out of the two! Making it into this soap opera drama every week, is not what this flash fan signed up for. Don’t even get me started on H.R. Finally a Wells, that everyone loved.. I am all about, sticking to cannon, and keeping the comic book lore alive. But serval comic book shows went of script, and they are doing great. The arrow, killed off the black canary, and replaced her. And the vast majority of the fandom didn’t blink an eye. I love when shows are organic, and do what the fans want. Always needing to be “faster” Barry, and always trying to win Iris.. the first two seasons, when “westallen” was not around, both characters were better off, and happy. Just hope the show goes back to being a true gem, and stays light hearted.