these two are absolutly adorable


It been some time sense they got to the new home. It fit everyone’s liking right down to a nice birds eye view. A master bedroom for Archer and Caster. A room for Aria, that she absolutly adored once Archer finished decorating it. And two spare ones, which Caster assumed would be guest rooms. 

But it was during the month after that they got quite a view surprises. As Caster sat on the couch reading. Archer not to far off working on something, when she felt Aria’s hands against her stomach. And words the woman that she’d never here. 

“Will i have a brother or sister anytime soon?”

Little Scetch because these two are just to adorable *w* I’m absolutly into naruto. All I can think is Naruto, so in the following weeks there will be many scetches of the awsomest Series ever xDD

I think i might paint this :D 

I thaught how about Himawari lookin up to her older brother and trying to follow him where ever he goes. But than the responsibility is all up to him xD