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Dating a Defender - Takashi Shirogane x Reader

Prompt: Lance is flirting with the reader and he says “How would you like to go on a date with a Defender of the Universe?” and she goes “I would love to” and then she turns to Shiro and asks him out (he says yes of course). Bonus: Keith thinks it is the funniest thing in the entire universe and cannot. Stop. laughing

“Hey beautiful are you a star? Because you light up my life.” Lance said coming up and leaning on the console that you were currently working on repairing.

“Hello Lance.” You replied with a sigh not bothering to look up from your work. Lance flirting with you wasn’t exactly uncommon but you didn’t have the patience to deal with it today. You had a million and one things you had to fix around the ship today and the last thing you wanted was to entertain a flirtatious paladin.

“You must be one hell of a thief because you stole my heart from all the way across the room.” Lance continued, undeterred by your unapproachable tone.

“I haven’t stolen a single thing my entire life and I’m not about to start now.” You shot back.

“Let’s cut to the chase then. You, me, a candle lit dinner underneath the stars.” Lance offered with a charming smile.

“Excuse me?” You asked, looking up with an arched eyebrow.

“How would you like to go on a date with a Defender of the Universe.” He asked smoothly. You internally groaned and got to your feet bracing yourself to turn Lance down again when you got an idea that would kill two birds with one stone. You squared your shoulders and swallowed any doubt about what you were about to do.  

“Actually I would like that.” You say standing up and giving him a warm gentle smile before turning around and sauntering towards Shiro who looked absolutely dumbfounded and confused at the turn of events. “Shiro?”

“Yes?” He asked, his voice raising slightly in surprise.

“You’re a Defender of the Universe aren’t you?” You asked with a flirty lilt to your voice. You casually draped your arms around his neck and batted your eyelashes at him. Shiro visibly swallowed before rediscovering his voice.

“I am, yes.” He responding, trying remain politely formal but you could see the glimmer of excitement in his eyes at your line of questioning. All the while Lance stood where you left him utterly shocked at what was happening before his eyes.

“Well would you like to take me out on a date or not?” You asked bluntly.

“Yes ma’am … I mean - yeah. I’d like that.” He stuttered, slowly getting over your sudden authoritativeness.

“Great. You know where you can find me, pilot.” You smiled and winked at Shiro before sauntering out of the room. You intended to go work on another part of the ship to get away from the paladins but Shiro was quick on your heels, striking up a comfortable conversation while you walked.

“Oh my god the look on your face when she - “ Keith cackled hysterically at Lance. “Holy shit I can’t breathe.” He said through his laughter, bending over and clutching his sides.

“Shut up, Keith.”

Do you like Killing Stalking? Then read these!

I promise this is a 99.99% KS content blog, but I want to take a moment to gush about my favorites in the psychological/horror genre (some which might be even more fucked up than KS even).

1. DEAD TUBE (ongoing)
This is one of my all-time favorite ongoing manga. It. Is. BLOODY. There’s gore everywhere and there’s always someone losing some limbs or dying. 
There’s this site called… you guessed it: Dead Tube. It’s like Youtube or Vine but about a million times ‘WTF’. The aim is to create videos that will shock as many people as possible. People will murder, torture, do sexual acts, take unsolicited videos of other people, and pretty much do every single fucked up thing imaginable on the list. Once you’re trapped in the game you can’t get out. If your videos don’t get many views, you get killed. Every single character in the manga is batshit crazy. There’s extreme violence, gore, and nudity every chapter. KS is probably ten times tamer, so if it’s your limit, I suggest you at least tread lightly at first. (NSFW pictures under cut). 

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So anyway Gamzee Makara was a sweet boy who loved his friends and dreamt of miracles and absolutely did not deserve to be possessed by a demonic puppet and forced to kill his friends before being abandoned by everyone with nary a “wait isn’t it a little weird that Gamzee ‘I love my friends’ Makara suddenly went through an entire 180 personality shift shouldn’t we look into that” from the rest of the cast and most of the fandom

Irate - 2

(Part 1) | (Part 3)


Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled.

Word count: 791

You find the training room at precisely 6:28 a.m.

You’re rehearsing every possible angry excuse in your head. You’re new here. It’s not your fault the hallways are like the fucking labyrinth. It’s not like anybody was kind enough to provide you with a map of the place. And six a.m.? That’s less than four hours after your absolutely wonderful trainer had made it very clear that he was far from happy with having you as his trainee, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to sleep.

When you look around the room though, you realize it’s empty, and you almost sigh out of relief. There’s no need for excuses when there’s no one to give them to. Plus, Bucky can’t be mad at you when he’s late himself.

You decide to wait for five minutes, then scan the room one last time. He’s not here, and you doubt he’s going to show up. You’ve got better things to do anyway, like go back to sleep, so you’re not going to wait around any longer.

Bitter thoughts cloud your head again, and you mutter to yourself as you turn to exit the room, “If he couldn’t be up at six in the morning, why didn’t he just set a later time? What’s up with that attitude anyway? Why is he so–”


You feel it before your brain can ever process what happening. The bullet whizzes past your ear, so close that the rush of air it leaves as it goes raises the hairs on the back of your neck. The sound registers later, and you jump, whirling around with eyes wide.

“Tip number one,” Bucky says, standing up from where he was crouched behind the pile of sandbags. “Always be aware of your surroundings.”

Your heart feel like it’s caught up between two paddles of an intense game of table tennis. Your eyes narrow dangerously at how relaxed he is, just standing there, disassembling his gun as if hadn’t just shot a bullet inches from your head.

“Are you insane?” Your voice is so shrill it sounds foreign to your own ears. “You could have killed me!”

Bucky shrugs. “But I didn’t.”

You can’t believe your ears. Steve you can handle. Sam’s nice enough. But this guy? He's– he’s an absolute psychopath! It hasn’t even been twenty minutes into training and you know exactly how you’re going to die: with the contents of your brain splattered across the pristine floor of the training room, all thanks to Bucky Barnes.

The look on your face must speak for itself, because Bucky’s expression changes from nonchalant to serious again, and he strides up to you until he’s closer than he needs to be and his hand is grabbing your wrist firmly. Every fiery insult that’s manifested inside your head dies tragically somewhere on the way to your lips.

Bucky pulls out a roll of boxing wraps from his pocket and starts wrapping your right hand. “Tip number two,” he says, voice dangerously low this time. “Shoot where you aim.” He moves onto your left hand. “Misfiring can be fatal.”

When both your hands are nicely secure, he steps back. “You’re not ready for a gun yet. We’ll start with the bags.”

Turns out, you’re probably not ready for the bags yet either. When Bucky tells you to have your best at it, the punch you throw is so pathetic, you wince on behalf of your trainer.  For a moment he just stares at you with an impassive look on his face. Then his eyes close and his hand passes over his face as he inhales sharply. When he opens his eyes again, there’s a tick in his jaw.

He positions your hands so that they’re right in front of your face. “Drop them,” he explains, “and you drop your guard. And when you punch, all the power should come from here.” His hands settle on your hips, and you can feel how cold they are even through the fabric of your tights. You flinch.

He steps away, and you try again. This time, you can feel the strength behind your punch, and you swell with a little pride. So you’re not that bad.

Two hours later, Bucky’s showed you a whole lot more about punching. You’re drenched in sweat and your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. When you can’t do anymore, you stop, dropping your arms to your knees and taking a moment to catch your breath.

When you glance up at Bucky, he nods, then studies his watch for a moment. When he look back up, a lazy smirk manages its way across his face.

“Do it again.”

(You’ve decided. You hate Bucky Barnes.)

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BTS’ Rap Line’s Reaction to Their Boyfriend Rapping Their Songs and Fucking Nailing It

for anon  (i know you requested it to be their non binary boyfriend, but i wasn’t sure how to incorporate that so i just did it as their boyfriend)  ♡


He’d get so. turned. on. 

You two were just chilling in his room, Yoongi finishing lyrics and you scrolling on your phone, when Tony Montana came on shuffle. He probably wouldn’t notice you rapping along at first, but when you gained some confidence and got louder, he’d peer over the top of his laptop and watch you sitting at the end of his bed.

He’d bit his lip - he thought the sight of you rapping his song so well without even looking up from your phone was hot. 

Yoongi would wait until the song came to an end before speaking up.

“Damn, Jagi. Didn’t know you could rap so well… Have you been practising to impress me, baby boy?”

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It was a regular Saturday morning - you were just finishing up in the bathroom after a nice, warm shower when you tied a fluffy towel around your waist. Upon entering your room, you saw Hoseok sitting on your bed and smiling like an idiot.

“What?” you laughed, getting fresh underwear from your dresser.

“I heard you rapping a long to Cypher Part 3 in the shower… You absolutely killed my verse! I had no idea you could rap like that?!”

Originally posted by j-cypher

Namjoon/Rap Monster:

You two were driving home late at night, and you decided to take the aux cord and put on some music to keep the both of you fully awake.

When Cypher Pt.2 came on shuffle, and you rapped Namjoon’s verse flawlessly; he looked over at you with his mouth agape when you stopped at a red light.

“What was that?” he questioned, eyes wide and staring into yours.

“What was what?”

“You just….rapped? And extremely well, I might add.”

“Oh, that? I practised quite a lot the last time you were on tour. It’s a fun pass time.”

He’d stay silent until the two of you got home, genuinely astonished (and proud) of hearing you rap so well.

Later that night, when the two of you were cuddling in bed, he’d sit up abruptly and almost yell,

“We’re doing a collab!”

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

SF9 reaction to their gf being really cuddly


He would love to cuddle you after a long and tiring day. That would be actually his favorite part of a day. When it would be extremely hard day for him, he would lay with you on the couch, hugging you tightly to his body without saying a single word because he would know that you understand everything anyway. In this comfortable silence, you two would probably fall asleep on the couch and wake up the next day.
The first time you would hug him randomly when he is with his members, he would be super shy. Like super shy. But then he would get used to your random cuddly side and honestly it would feel weird for him without it. He would probably became that cuddle one in relationship.

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Okay, let’s say it. He would be sooooo confused at first. Like he wouldn’t know what to do. “Should I hug her back? Is she okay? Maybe something happened? Why is she hugging me all of a sudden?” But when he would realize that you are always that cuddly, he would be completely fine with it.
With members in the same room, he would awkwardly hug you back, trying to avoid their attention. Then it would become something natural to him so he would automatically react to your cuddling, without even thinking.

Originally posted by fy-sf9


Honestly I think that the first time you would hug him completely randomly he would get startled and jump a little. “Oh my god Y/N! You scared the heck out of me!”Hehe, sorry ^^;”. After that he would probably get startled a few more times, causing you to be more careful with your hugs. This little cutie would be fine with cuddling any time you want, so don’t worry!

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Oh man. He would love it! He would have that cute big smile on his face and hug you back instantly. He wouldn’t care if there are members or not. Your hugs would be his favorite thing on earth so he would be okay with ignoring everything else just for you. After a tiring day he would cuddle you so long and talk about everything that happened. He would fully accept your cuddly nature and show you his soft side during your daily cuddling. Of course, it couldn’t be without any “I’m a better cuddler and you know it” or “We both know that you love my hugs more than anyone else’s, just admit it”.

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This little cinnamon roll would blush. Hard. Doesn’t matter if it would be with members or without, he would be soo shy. Like he would hide his red face in palms, not sure what to do. But then he would shyly hug you back trying to hide his small smile. So cute.
With other members around he would prefer holding hands than cuddling. He would like to enjoy your warmth without other people around. But he would suddenly become super cuddly every time he would be stressed. It would help him calm down and think about stressing situation again with a fresh mind.

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this gif is killing me tbh


This cute giant, oh man. Just like Dawon, he would love your cuddling nature. And when I say he would love it I mean he would absolutely love it. He would be so happy that you are like that because he loves cuddles sooo muuchh. Seriously you two would be glued to each other. Before sleep? Cuddles. Lazy Sunday? Cuddles. Break during their training? Cuddles. Shopping? Cuddles. I’m serious. It would look like you two have a little contest “who will hug another person more times”. It wouldn’t matter for him if it’s in public or not, he would still cuddle you to death. Like a giant teddy bear. Your arms would be his favorite place on earth.

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you see? cuddling machine


Dang, this boy would love to cuddle you in public. I feel like he would be a little bit possessive type, so it would show the world that you are his. He would have this little cute but cocky smile on his face every time you initiate it. He would love to have you by his side, feeling support and love through your countless cuddles. That would be a definition of heaven for him. Especially after hard dance training or super stressing day, hugging you would take all bad thoughts away and calm him down. He would find his own peace in your warmth.

Originally posted by sf9

so rude


I think that he would be shy about it. He would have a big blush on his face while asking if everything is okay. He wouldn’t know how to react, he would probably stand like a stone for the first time, not sure if he should say something or do something.
He would absolutely love cuddles with you when you two are alone but he would be more cautious with members around. He would prefer them not to see him with his girlfriend in such situation. He likes his privacy.

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Just like Hwiyoung, He would love every time you hug him, but he would prefer to avoid attention of other members. He would be sure that they would mock and annoy him to death because he’s a maknae. He would show you love in many different ways and leaving cuddles for later, when you two would have a time for yourself. That silent moment when he finally embrace you in his arms would give him this feeling, that he is not alone. The feeling that you’re real.

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Hello everyone! It’s my first reaction ever, so sorry for mistakes ^^
Hope you like it!

Oh, and by the way I decided to change my admin nickname from Little M to Boo, because that’s actually how my friends call me ^^

Have a wonderful day!

~Boo (Little M)

It’s been two whole days and my legs are still absolutely killing me and frankly, this is hilarious. I’ve been sore before but two whole days is just, like I dont think thats happened since i first started getting into running and just? The reason. 100% the reason for this is that i just went that hard because of the Deku vs. Todoroki fight. Fucking. Amped up on 115% Weeb Power

Doctor voice: “so how did you say you hurt your legs again?”
me, pulling out my iphone and opening kissanime: “first of all you need to see the scene. second of all, for context–its buffering–for context, this character on the right here is Shouto Todoroki, and this guy here his father

Sherlock X Reader - Tension

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Minor language

Summary: Reader and Sherlock are completely oblivious to the strong tension between them.


John shook his head at the two as he watched them work with one another on the case. They were both hovering over the dead body, Sherlock making deductions and Y/N nodding from time to time in agreement with what he said.

John made a few deductions of his own, one that even Anderson could’ve spotted.

Like the way Sherlock looked up to see Y/N’s reaction when he said something smart, or the way Y/N would just smile stupidly at Sherlock when he wasn’t looking. He rolled his eyes. He knew the signs, it was just that the two geniuses were too dumb to spot them.

“So, in conclusion, it wasn’t the brother, he was on the other side of town.” Sherlock put on a smug expression, glancing at Y/N to decipher her thoughts. She smiled.

“Brilliant!” she said, clapping her hands together. Sherlock’s grin became somehow even smugger at her words. “But then… Who was it?”

“Yeah, Sherlock, who was it?” John said from the side, using his most annoyed tone of voice.

Sherlock furrowed his brows. “Why are you upset?”

John rolled his eyes. “You two really are idiots, aren’t you?”

Sherlock frowned. “Not really, no. Just not good with… Emotions.”

John actually laughed aloud. “That’s an understatement!”

Y/N gave him a funny look. “John, what on earth is the matter with you?”

“You two! You’re driving me absolutely mad! I mean, could you be any more obvious!?” John said exasperated.

“Obvious about what?” Sherlock asked.

John threw his hands up. “I give up. You two better fess up or I’ll kill you both! And not nicely, either!”

He stomped out of the room, leaving the pair alone in a confused tension. Y/N looked up at Sherlock and swallowed. “Any idea what he’s going on about?”

He hesitated. “I have a theory…”

Y/N tilted her head. “…Care to share?”

“Well… You… I…” Sherlock took a deep breath. “We’ve been working together for several months now.”

Y/N nodded, nervous.

“And…. And I think I…” Y/N tensed up, thinking a confession might be coming. “I think you’re a good detective.”

Y/N tried not to sigh in defeat. “Oh. Thanks.”

“I also developed some feelings for you,” Sherlock said suddenly, trying to hide his shock at his own outburst. “But… But it shouldn’t affect anything. I’m capable of repressing it to continue our work… My work… Sorry, i–”

Y/N interrupted him. “You know, I’d like it to affect something,” she said quickly. She back tracked, trying to explain. “Well, I mean, its just that I sort of… Developed some feelings for you, too, and I think… It would be nice to do something about it.”

Sherlock was looked at her like she spoke some alien language. “You… Really?”

She shrugged. “Yeah.”

He suddenly grinned. “What about some chips after the case?”

Y/N smiled. “Sounds perfect.”

John chuckled from behind the doorway, relieved he wouldn’t have to deal with the two oblivious brainiacs anymore. Although, he wasn’t sure he could handle them as a couple…

Horror film concept: Dude (outwardly respectable and married with children) trolls and stalks a girl on the internet with sexist, horrible remarks. Thinks nothing of it. It’s just some fun. Gets on with his life. Then it turns out she’s a chainsaw-wielding manic who will absolutely track him down and destroy his life.

Not kidding, I wrote a script like that once. For a class project.

Based on an anecdote my friend told me about her shock at discovering she was being stalked online by, well, a NORMAL family man. With two daughters. (She wasn’t a psycho, though. She was just, eh, quite scared of him.)

It was Kill Bill meets Clerks.

But as my screenwriter teacher pointed: “Well, Sharon, it’s low-budget. Which works and is feasible. But it’s too dark for American audiences, obviously. I think most people would just end up feeling bad for the main guy. He’d be the hero.”

100+ Reasons To Love Castiel Project For Misha’s 100th episode on SPN 12x19 !!!

Hello Guys !!!!!! Please I really hope you would All participate to this it means a lot to me as a castiel stan to have something showing appreciation for him out there and it would be so awesome for us to make it into a collective work, share ideas and our love for cas because he (and misha as an actor) really really really deserve it and way more.

So the general rules are

-This will be posted in three platforms, Youtube (here) Twitter (@NOriginalAddict in THIS Tweet) and Tumblr ( if you can comment on YT it’s better, if not you can Send us your reasons in our ask box HERE ) :D that way there’s no reason not to participate *wink* :p

- BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR REASONS TO LOVE CAS, bring up a scene, a quote, badass, heartfelt or funny/sassy scene mention which episode …. do as you wish ….

for example : instead of saying : Cas is badass
say something like : I loved how smart and strategic cas was in 5x18 when he fought the angels and carved the sigil in his own chest and banished them all

or instead of “cas has awesome fighting skills” bring up the specific ep or scene like “that moment in 6x3 that angel had both angel blades but still couldn’t get to cas and kill him and cas outsmarted him by throwing both of them through the window”

or even something as simple as “the way he flips his angel blade” or “his smile” “how enthusiastic he is” “the way he hugs people” free your imagination

and instead of : cas is loyal to the winchesters
say : that time when cas chose to save sam’s life when anna was out to kill him, even if it could’ve stopped the apocalypse altogether but he valued his life and did all he could to save the world including sam….

- Add your Youtube name, or twitter or tumblr (depending on where you comment) so that i could give you credit for your idea (if you want)

- Read The List (That I’ll keep updated in this post) before commenting so that there won’t be repetition

- Throw as many ideas as they come to your mind, our goal is 100 but it could be fun to see how much we can come up with ;)

- It would be extremely nice and helpful if you could share this with your friends so that as much people could be included as possible, remember this is not for me as a vidder but more like a gift for misha and show of appreciation for cas as a character

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vilya1  asked:

What is your favourite Studio Ghibli movie?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What a deliciously disgusting question. 

Not my absolute favourites but I couldn’t answer this question without mentioning them: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro, The Secret World of Arietty and When Marnie Was There. 

But, my two favourites (I have to have two, kill me) are Howl’s Moving Castle and From Up On Poppy Hill. 

I will try and put a lid on how much I could ramble about Howl’s because mother of god, do I love that film. But, Howl’s and Poppy Hill sum up everything I love about Ghibli movies. One is full of magic and demons and spells and fantasy and one is just a story about two people in the real world and they are both so wonderfully done that they’re both magic, whether they’re real world or not. And of course, they’re both about love, which could be said for every Ghibli movie really :)

*mutters more about Howls and Poppy Hill and the voice acting and fucking Christian Bale you have ruined any other male voice actor ever and Anton Yelchin and the animation and it’s so gorgeous and the FOOD AND THE LITTLE TOUCHES YOU COULD EASILY NOT NOTICE AND JESUS CHRIST*

I have a lot of feelings. 

kohlmeisen  asked:

Do you think... Yellow shattered Pink?


So, it seems like these episodes were trying to frame Yellow Diamond as the one who killed Pink Diamond.  She was trying repeatedly to end the trial as quickly as possible and finally kill the one who has all the blame (she was even relieved when Steven said, “I’m Rose Quartz and I killed Pink Diamond” or w/e and was like, “good enough for me, lets kill her and be done!”) Then there is when Zircon gets all excited in her revelation and eludes that one of the Diamonds killed Pink. YD goes stone cold, immediately poofs both Zircons and gets ready to kill Steven and Lars. Full murder mode. 

Normally, I would watch these episodes and say ‘yes, I think YD killed PD,’ but I cant stop remembering 

^^^^ that emotion isnt a lie. Yellow is genuinely mourning Pink Diamond here.  "Whats the Use in Feeling Blue” showed us that it takes a lot for Yellow to express her emotions like this.  It makes me think that her scary behavior in today’s episodes was more at the outrage of being accused of killing someone so important to her (like, imagine your best friend/girlfriend or w/e got murdered and the lawyer said, ‘oh it was someone she trusted. Like you! You may have killed her!” I’d be mcfreakin pissed too.)

That being said, I have two people I think may have done it: Pearl or White Diamond.  

For Pearl, remember when Eyeball says how she saw Rose Quartz kill Pink Diamond and Pearl absolutely loses it?

And then in Steven’s Dream, when Steven keeps pressing Pearl and Garnet about the Palanquin, he says, “I already know mom shattered Pink Diamond” and Pearl immediately makes this face

to which Garnet tells Steven to stop, as he is making Pearl very upset. AS;LDKJFIES. Idk, when Zircon began explaining how Rose possibly couldn’t have killed Pink because her Pearl would have alerted everyone, and how she only could have been murdered by someone close to her, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was Pearl (assuming she was Pink Diamond’s Pearl).

As for White Diamond, this is purely speculation between me and Mr. Thesassygandalf.  We all know Rebecca loves to hint at things ahead of time, and we know absolutely nothing about White Diamond.  However, in the episodes that questioned how Pink was killed, we saw ominous WhiteDiamond shaped things (buildings maybe?) in the background of Homeworld and in the title screens.  

Mr.Thesassygandalf’s theory relies on the assumption that White Diamond is the head (gem placement pun intended) of the Diamond Authority.  What if Rose Quartz had convinced Pink Diamond to stop destroying the Earth? I mean, from the human zoo, we know that Pink Diamond was fascinated by humans and the Earth.  What if she decided to work with Rose to protect the planet? Imagine Pink bringing this up to White Diamond to ask her opinion and White being very upset about it. After all, Homeworld resources are low, and Earth creates beefy quartz soldiers.  White Diamond could have easily ordered the assassination of, or even did it herself, and we would have no clue because we still haven’t seen her on screen, other than the ominous background structures during these latest episodes! 


Some cute things I’ve noticed re-reading the series…

The trust that Lucy has towards Natsu is absolutely just… there, practically from the get-go. We see her falling from a huge tower and calling Natsu’s name almost on instinct because she heard his voice and trusted him to get her. When he takes her, we see this expression from her:

Really wonderful gratitude, I like panels where we see Lucy’s expressions like this. 

Some more stuff under cut:

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Do not imagine... a sunday walk

Do not imagine Shawn lending you his jacket for a sunday morning walk because it has more room.

Do not imagine how Shawn would laugh when he tries on your sunglasses. („I look like a bug!“ „What‘s that s‘posed to mean? I look like a bug too?“ „But you‘re like… a cute bug.“ Great, now your nicknames are „duckling“ and „bug“. You can‘t believe this an award winning lyricist.)

Do not imagine how he‘d take your hand in his and then swing them back and forth. First, he does it absentmindedly, but then he does it on purpose. You almost fall two times because his swing got too strong.

Do not imagine how he‘d laugh when an insect starts flying around you. (But karma is real and within a second he squeals, because now it‘s flying around his head.)

Do not imagine how he‘d try to walk faster and faster to get rid of the bee, but also tries to stay calm to not spook it. (When you‘ve caught up with him, you laugh and imitate his voice. „Don‘t worry, ducky. It‘s just a bee.“ Shawn‘s voice is higher than usual when he tries to defend himself „Excuse me, but that wasn‘t a bee. That was like the size of a bird.“)

Do not imagine how you‘d try to push him of the trail or into a puddle. The joke‘s on you, that boy is like a wall, when he doesn‘t move. In fact, you‘re sure your entire side is bruised, given with how much force you bumped into him.

Do not imagine how he‘d secretly be on the look out for a cute flower. When he finds it, the little shit keeps it behind his ear, smirking. („You want something, bug?“ „Nope.“ „Thought it was for you?“ If looks could kill, he‘d have been stabbed, burned at the stake, buried and cursed.)

Do not imagine how he‘d come up to you from behind, making both of you stumble and swear, before admitting that the flower had always been for you. („Sorry, I wanted to annoy you.“ Your smile gives you away, but you will still refuse to give him a blowjob for a week.)

Do not imagine how Shawn would talk about everything that‘s been bothering him and how he‘d share his worries about his tour and do not imagine how he‘d nod and squeeze your hand a little tighter when you share your hardships and the small laugh that‘s escape him when you tell him about a joke you heard.

Do not imagine how after two hours you‘re in the middle of nowhere and one of you has to get out their phone. Not because you‘re lost, but just to check where you could possibly be. (You‘re absolutely not lost, Shawn insists.)

Helloo! I walked my dog today and this is what popped into my mind! -E

My face is contorted in pain you are killing me (never stop please) - M

Reigen Headcanons

lmao this is long overdue, but tbh i was stuck on him for a bit. (which is why i saved him and mob for last)

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • Probably has like. barely any Casual Clothes. at least 70% of his wardrobe is suits and ties and slacks because he always is Dressed to Impress
    • but. that 30% is like old worn out shirts of bands that no one remembers and weird pajama pants with tacky designs on them
    • 70% classy 30% tacky
  • sometimes passes out on his desk at the office. not all the time, but often enough that he has a constant kink in his neck
    • gets woken up at 3am by Shou breaking a potted plant while crawling through the window
  • “ooh, god. My neck is absolutely killing me. I don’t even know what I did.” “Maybe its because you’re like fifty, old man.” “wh-aa I uhm– why you even here, Ritsu.” “….. I’m here for Shou…” “oooh I see. So that’s it, huh? Well–” “Oh my god, stop looking at me like that.”
  • has chronic back pain
    • the whole reason he actually learned how to give some killer massages was to try and work the pain out of his own back instead of ‘exorcising’ curses n whatnot, but hey, two birds one stone
  • has a mini fridge in his office
    • before he met mob it used to be full of mostly cheap beer that he could barely stomach. Now there’s always milk, coffee creamer, and whatever is left over from their lunches together
  • has to put a baby lock on said mini fridge
    • teru doesnt know how to unlock them
  • Reigen externally: “oh haha, that, uuh, that was a close one, eh Mob? That damn spirit almost h-had us, huh? good thing I was here.”
    Reigen internally: “holy fucking shit holy crap oh my god oh fu”
  • constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown
    • the only reason he isn’t freaking out 24/7 is because he is really good at just…. shoving all that deep, deep down. He has a killer calm and collected facade
      • the only time his fears, doubts and worries are shown is when he is drunk off his ass (and oh boy does he have a lot of those)
  • the words ‘daycare center’ were once written on the Spirits and Such sign for almost a month is scrawled, messy sharpie
    • Reigen actually did notice it, but Shou would start snickering and giggling whenever he walked past it without saying a thing, so he kept it up to humour him
  • Only remembers Shou and Teru’s name when it’s convenient to him
    • “Eh Mob, where’d that fire headed kid go? I think he took off with my coffee flavouring.” “…. do you mean Shou?” “yeah, that kid.”
    • Hey! Haystack! Get away from the fridge! Didn’t you read the damn sign?” “Sorry boss I don’t know how to read suddenly.”
  • Just as Mob starts telling Teru about how awesome and powerful of a psychic he is, Reigen trips over his own feet in the background and takes a bookshelf down with him
  • screws himself over quite a bit
    • drinks coffee at 9 at night
    • doesn’t readjust that rug near the front of his office, no matter how many times he trips over it
    • repeatedly locks himself out of his office, has to wait for Mob to drag Ritsu by so he can pick the lock
      • doesnt dare question why the fuck ritsu knows how to pick locks
  • will sometimes stay up late at night, staring up at his ceiling with dead eyes because he realized that he has four kids latching onto him
    • like, wtf??? He’s not Adulty enough to take care of this many kids?? why do they keep coming back?? is he supposed to be some sort of Role Model now? thats too much fucking responsibility he cant do that
  • has trouble coming to terms with change, time going past, that sort of thing
    • sometimes he remembers how young Mob was when he first met him, how much time has gone by since then, and his mood plummets instantly
  • he is completely aware of why Teru has been showing up at his office so often, why he sometimes even trails behind Mob like a shadow during some exorcism gigs, and he finds it hilarious
  • Is very, very Asexual