these two and their chemistry jfc

When I see shows in this day and age that have all the relationship set up for a lgbt couple, the two people have more established chemistry with each other than anyone else… And then u gotta wait forever for a follow throughs that may never come. Like. I’m so tired dude. Being gay around all these assholes is so goddamn hard sometimes. Seeing nothing but het love stories is so mentally exhausting.

Jfc it’s 2017 let main characters be gay together??

ok im a dumbass and i have finals in two days but i canNOt stop thinking about queenie goldstein being the BIGgest and most impatient newt/tina shipper in the history of the world???

-she’s so empathetic and literally just wants the best for her sister and picks up on their chemistry immediately

-queenie loves that tina’s her big, strong career-focused sister but she thinks she needs her eyes checked because newt’s been staring at you for the last half hour tina get ur head outta your ass jfc

-she feels newt’s pain for leta strongly but, even more strongly, she feels his confusingly unstoppable affection for this headstrong, intelligent, beautiful american witch

-she also hears tina’s hesitant “oh he looks handsome today” or “he’s so gentle with his creatures”, and also, amusingly “HE DID THE ROLLED-UP SLEEVES THING im gonna die okay” and she almost spits out her coffee

-and queenie’s so done???? because her sister and newt are being ridic because. like. she and jacob pretty much are masters of Flirting and Love and she doesn’t think she can take this pining anymore

-she hears ”does she feel about me the way i feel about her??” on repeat forEVER and it takes everything in queenie to not be like “YES SHE DOES NEWTON, get it together and the two of you make a niece or nephew for me already”

-don’t even get me started on how impatient she is when newt is about to ask tina to marry him


I’ve been seeing quite a bit posts lately about shipping, whether it’s about asking shippers to tone it down, all the way to shippers that seems to take it up their ass when someone else ships a different ship. 

Like are you for real? I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say shipping is purely imagination? Like I think these two look cute together, or they have great chemistry so I ship them. How does this affect anyone else? 

And for the people that is so overly sensitive about the contents (whether its explicit sex scenes, or abuse, etc.) of these fics, it’s just imaginary jfc. It’s created and it stays in people’s head, that’s all, don’t be such a party pooper. If it’s not for you, move on to the next fic, simple. 

Also I saw a post that day that is asking people to not make proof videos or evidence videos of ships because it’s misleading. BRUH. If you believe those videos in the first place, then you stupid, soz nothing can be done and I’m not even gonna waste more time addressing that. 

Was totally not gonna write about this because I thought no one was taking this seriously but now that I’ve seen so many posts regarding this, might as well drop one and be done with it. 

i see a lot of ppl ragging on the cbs rush hour pilot. it’s plot is literally the first film, which makes sense, most tv adaptations of films work that way. so the pilot is supposed to be a huge call out to their source material.

tbh it also follows the same vein as the cbs hawaii five-0 pilot. no nonsense law official is chasing a criminal group across the country after their family member is killed. gets teamed up with local law enforcement. hijinks ensue. 

so like ppl who are like, wow this show is bad. like, jfc there’s so few cop dramas with a female police chief and the two main detectives are poc. and the two female police officers weren’t sexualized. one is a single mom and the other is the younger sister of the main character. there was literally only one white guy, and he was an asshole. that was the point of his character. which, finally tbh. 

i was pleasantly surprised. most of the criticism is that the actors don’t have the same chemistry as jackie chan and chris tucker. yeah, because they aren’t jackie chan and chris tucker. i liked the dynamic. i am curious where the show will go with it. considering the monochromatic scale that plagues most tv shows, it’s nice to see a change on tv.

i can’t wait for the rest of the season. 


Why do some people think you have to be “gay” to ship a gay couple on a tv show?

You think that straight people don’t ship gay ships? Jfc

I’m gay af and yes I ship clexa but I ship a lot of straight couples on tv too. And I also ship Kabby and Linctavia

I simply fall in love with their connections and the chemistry the two people share, not what’s between their legs.


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I remember the first time i watched the AA in deep episode and thinking "why the fuck do crossbones and the reaper guy have so much chemistry and sexual tension." Then it was revealed that is was steve and tony. Jfc These two literally can't even spend two seconds without the chemistry thickening. I sometimes sit and wonder how the rest of the team deal with the fact these two are obviously married af.

CASE AND POINT: even when they’re dead on their feet after saving the world again from peril and destruction, they still gotta sit so they’re pointing their Ding Dongs™ at each other whilst praising one another for a job well done

as you can see, the team has learned to give these two idiots plenty of space while they engage in their ridiculous courting behavior