these two adorbs

Nea: Touchy touch–

Allen: Nea. NO.

Nea: But Allen, your face is just so squish–

Allen: You need to stop your habit of molesting people’s faces. (Especially when you’re using my body to do it.)


These two are friggin’ adorbs together in this show!! 

Night Sky

@fishfingersandjellybabies makes me want to write Dami. Like, forever.

And it’s of course rote: Gotham always has protectors. Even if it isn’t the Bat, some of his team is patrolling the city to cause trouble in the murky depths of the underbelly.

When it’s the Birds of Prey, well, there must be some momentous occasion. And that…is Damian’s eighteenth birthday.

The kid, in late from patrol the night before, rose at eleven to a special breakfast made by Alfred, and all the Bats in attendance to share the day with him. Even after years in the family, part of the whole, he seemed surprised and pleased when even Cass, Steph, and O were crowded around the table with Jay, Dick, Tim, and B.

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In my mind, this is how the twins will probably greet each other on their birthday. And Alyn, being the tsun that he is, will also try to avoid having an awkward fluffy conversation with his twin bro. Leo will understand. Hahaha i must be insane to be harboring such scenarios…. but I can’t help it. This is my gift to these two adorbs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CRAWFORD TWINS! 😘😘 you may kill me after this. 😂😂😂

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