these two adorable dorks


“He’s not my student!” Yep, no similarities at all. Totally not related.

The Yuri on Ice fandom is the most spoiled fandom ever

- we get a canon gay couple

-who are confirmed as soulmates who can’t live without each other

- and they are basically canonically given a smol angry child to parent

- said smol angry child has a friendship (possible future romance) with a guy who rides a motorcycle

- and is a DJ

- and we regularly get official artwork of this podium family being adorable dorks

- not to mention all the merch

- The two female skaters Sara and Mila are shown together a lot

- as are Mickey and Emil

- so we ship them and get a lot MORE suggestive artwork from the staff

- we get Phichit in short shorts

- and an implication that all the skaters came to visit Yuri’s hometown

I’m just…we are so spoiled and I love it! Also we are certainly getting a season two this autumn and I can’t wait for more of this Podium family


Actually, it’s my sort-of dream to eventually be the old lady in the neighborhood that’s like the crazy old lady, like crazy old Martha, and just have, like, messy white hair and, like, ratty clothes, and I just drive around all day dead-eyeing teenagers. It’s, like… it’s my dream. I can’t wait to be there for that.

Imagine Steve, even after all this time, still being the small spoon.

Imagine Bucky wrapping his arms around Steve’s middle and pulling him close, so that his chest is pressed against Steve’s back.

Imagine them falling asleep on the sofa, with Bucky lying behind Steve protectively, able to watch the door and watch his sleeping boyfriend.

Imagine Steve turning over in his sleep, nuzzling into Bucky’s neck and breathing in his scent.

Imagine Bucky being woken by Steve’s movements, only to find him nestled against him, still safe, still warm.

Imagine Bucky kissing Steve’s forehead as he watches him sleep.

Imagine Steve sighing happily, dozing lightly, with parted lips pressed against Bucky’s collarbone.

Imagine the look on Bucky’s face when the team walk in and see them. He doesn’t even have to say anything, he just glares like - “don’t” - ‘coz his baby doll doesn’t get enough sleep.

Imagine Bucky loving Steve, and Steve loving Bucky. 'Till the end of the line.

In vitamins, fortified.

Have some disgustingly adorable modern Alistair x Warden being all domestic and… adorable.

Alistair found himself bouncing on the balls of his toes as the smaller woman beside him scrutinized the back of the cereal box.

“No, no – too many carbohydrates.”  She slid it back onto the shelf with the rest of the boxes of Cap’n Isabela O’s; with it went all of his high seas plans for the send-away captain’s hat.

He gave a weary sigh and scouted out further down the aisle, out pacing her in only a matter of steps. She trailed along at a leisured pace, focused on the colorful boxes shouting their slogans down at them.

One stood out among the others, he grabbed it off the shelf with an amazed gasp.

“Oh!”  He spun the box of Quinari Crisps around so she could see the front.  “Look at this one!  It comes with an inflatable sword!”

She squinted at the box before shaking her head.  “That’s more food coloring than food!  And besides, you have real swords at home.”

He drooped and tucked it back onto the shelf with its brethren, mumbling something about never having enough swords away from her ears.

The cart finally caught up to him, the woman pushing it along still captured by all the different options of breakfast cereals.  He sidled up beside her and with a great over-dramatic yawn slipped his arm over her shoulders, as if he were some sly high schooler putting the moves on his naïve date.  She flashed him a suffering smirk.  He moved in to steal a kiss, surreptitiously extending his arm to knock a box of Golem Grahams into the cart.

It was a bold and stupid move.  She elbowed him in the side and shoved the box back onto the shelf.

“Alistair!  We’re trying to eat better!”

“Yes, but now? Couldn’t we eat better after shopping?”

She sighed as they neared the end of the aisle, taking down one last box and handing it to him. “Here.  How about these?”

“Warden Bran?”  He pouted at her.  “But bran is for old people.”


He flipped the box over to read from the back.  "In vitamins, fortified.  In fiber, packed.  In fat, low. Who writes this?”

She grabbed the box from his hand and threw it into the cart.  The stack of items within shifted with the extra weight and slid into a small landslide, revealing an orange box at the bottom.

“What’s that?”

He leaned in and hoisted the box up out of her grasp as she went to grab it before he could reach it.


“Marshmallow Cocoa Nugs!” A chiding tone edged into his voice.

“You… you must have put those in there!”  She swatted at his arm, but he maneuvered it to the side.  

“Oh, did I?”  He grabbed her around the waist with one arm, picking her up and setting her back on her feet so he stood between her and the shelf.  “Well, I’ll just put these back then.”  He set the box up on the upper most shelf, far from her reach.  The mascot nug on the box, a large ribbon around its neck, looked almost sad all alone among the granola cereals banished to the top rack.

“Well, that’s just excessive.”  She tried to step around him and back to the cart, but he stopped her with a smothering bear hug.  This time no sugary cereals snuck their way into their shopping.  She gave a bit of a squeak, but returned the sudden hug.

“Alright.  Eating better.”  He gave a brief sigh and took up pushing the cart.  “Let’s go find the lettuce.”