these two adorable dorks

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You know, what I really love about the romantic plot of Yuri on Ice:

  • It doesn’t have arguments/misunderstandings that could be solved if the characters just sat and talked to each other
  • Doesn’t have stupid love triangles
  • Doesn’t have either character pondering if they love the other character or not and drag it out
  • It doesn’t have annoying ‘rivals’ that you know are just there to provide conflict
  • It doesn’t have stupid drama points or a plot twist in which the characters have to break up even though you know they’ll get back together in the end.

Nope, it is simply about two adorable dorks learning the best way to support each other as they can and how to love themselves as well, and we get to sit back and watch.

This is the kind of romantic subplot I want to see more in stories!

My Drawing for the Klance Secret Santa!! ( Thank you @klancesecretsanta for arranging this!! )

My giftee gave me a few adorably fluffy options and I had to go with a coffee shop au for these two dorks because I absolutely adore coffee shop aus… AND SOMEHOW HAVE NEVER DRAWN ONE YET SURPRISINGLY? So I thought it’d be perfect <33 



Actually, it’s my sort-of dream to eventually be the old lady in the neighborhood that’s like the crazy old lady, like crazy old Martha, and just have, like, messy white hair and, like, ratty clothes, and I just drive around all day dead-eyeing teenagers. It’s, like… it’s my dream. I can’t wait to be there for that.


I still see no difference between these two adorable dorks ಥ‿ಥ



David: It’s not in a good place. Where we ever married? I get it wrong all the time.

Gillian: No. No.

David: We were just living in sin?

Gillian: Yes

David: Right

Gillian: Basically

David: And we had a baby…We did have a baby

Gillian: Yes

David: Is it my baby?

Gillian: Well, that’s debatable. It’s either yours or God’s.

David: You can see where the problem is.

Gillian: Yeah

David: There is a lack of communication in this relationship

Ladies & Gentleman,

Your OTP,


David & Gillian

Imagine Steve, even after all this time, still being the small spoon.

Imagine Bucky wrapping his arms around Steve’s middle and pulling him close, so that his chest is pressed against Steve’s back.

Imagine them falling asleep on the sofa, with Bucky lying behind Steve protectively, able to watch the door and watch his sleeping boyfriend.

Imagine Steve turning over in his sleep, nuzzling into Bucky’s neck and breathing in his scent.

Imagine Bucky being woken by Steve’s movements, only to find him nestled against him, still safe, still warm.

Imagine Bucky kissing Steve’s forehead as he watches him sleep.

Imagine Steve sighing happily, dozing lightly, with parted lips pressed against Bucky’s collarbone.

Imagine the look on Bucky’s face when the team walk in and see them. He doesn’t even have to say anything, he just glares like - “don’t” - ‘coz his baby doll doesn’t get enough sleep.

Imagine Bucky loving Steve, and Steve loving Bucky. 'Till the end of the line.