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I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


A pair of space cowboys, and that time Keith was highly suspicious of where Lance was getting all that money ...

… or, as Lance likes to call this story: That Time My Fiancé Thought I Was Stripping For Cash.

Lance was making a lot of money, and Keith wasn’t exactly pulling this theory out of nowhere — Keith is of the firm belief that anyone and everyone would be willing to pay a lot to see that show …

So here lies Keith’s inner struggle with Lance’s alleged change in career, and what, exactly, Lance was doing to earn all those shining gems:

Path of the Right (But I’m Wrong)

Author’s Note: Back to The Two McClains again! :D Man, this story really took a few turns I wasn’t expecting, but here’s hoping y’all still have a good time with it. *cue the nervousness* 

Thank you so, so much for every bit of kind encouragement you’ve bestowed upon me since I posted that sneak peek, and just, overall — it is unbelievably awesome to know that a few of you are willing to keep hanging out in this ‘verse! *many hugs*

butterscotch || steve harrington

warnings: cussing

requested by: anon

word count: 612

summary: steve takes you to a bookshop. you want to buy books, but steve has other ideas

   "Where are you taking me?“ you say for what must be the 30th time. You might’ve been able to see what the route was if it weren’t for the blindfold on your eyes. 

   "You’ll just have to wait,” Steve teases you. “I swear if this is a trick to get me run over,” you sigh. Steve turns you to the left and then guides you a few more steps forward. “Voilà! You have arrived, my lady,” he says, untying the black handkerchief over your face. 

   Your eyes meet a giant brick building in front of you, which you read as a library. You scan its size for a second before gasping and turning to your boyfriend. “Wait, is this-”

   "Yeah, it is the new bookstore. That’s right, I pay attention to what you say,“ he said, putting his hand on his hips. "What’s my favorite book?” you challenge, crossing your arms. He sighs noticeably, taking a few minutes to process the question. “To Kill-”

   You shake your head quickly, already knowing his answer. “I was talking about it yesterday, Steve,” you say. “Mm, yep, this shop is very big. I mean, might as well go in.”

   You shook your head as he walked in. He was right, though, the store was humongous. Books, alphabetized by author and sectioned by genre, filled the shelves. You looked in awe at the book merchandise; figurines, special candies, posters and more were practically perfect.

   "Steve, I didn’t bring any money.“ Steve smiled, sliding his sunglasses up to rest on his hair, "That’s why I brought some.” You opened your mouth as if to argue, but decided against it. Steve would probably insist so long that you’d be there until closing.

   "But, there is a catch,“ Steve added. You rolled your eyes in response. "The price for each item is one kiss.” You smile and scoff, shaking your head. “Whatever, loverboy,” you tease.

   You didn’t know what to get first: The Outsiders, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, any Stephen King book? The possibilities seemed endless in here. Before heading off to buy about ten Stephen King novels, something catches your eye: records. You’d be here a while.

  “Jeez Y/N, how much time do you have on your hands?” Steve asked, eyeing the stacks of books and additional items you were carrying in your arms. “I’ll manage,” you respond. 

   "These better be some damn good kisses. You know, I could save you the trouble and get a few off your hands,“ he insisted, erasing the distance between you. "Steve, not here,” you say quietly, glancing around. 

   "We’re surrounded by books. People are too busy obsessing over the ‘magic’ of this place to notice,“ he reasoned. You sigh, meeting his chocolate eyes. "No.”

   You reach the science fiction section which, surprisingly, is deserted. Steve raises his eyebrows, to which you give him a firm look. Steve groaned but left it alone.

   You took about five minutes before finding your last book sitting on the bottom shelf. Standing up, you were met with Steve’s lips in a hungry kiss.
You dropped the majority of the novels in your hands but were more focused on your next action. You decided to kiss back, despite your being against it.

   His hands supported your back, while yours were gripping the books shelves and the books that didn’t fall. Your lips moved in sync, all the while you felt fluttering in your stomach.

   You pulled away, taking a big breath. “Let’s get the books first,” you suggested, starting to pick up the books that fell. “Fine,” Steve responded.


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