these two ;a;

What do you want them to say when you’re gone? That you gave up or that you kept going on?
If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on.

Remember everything will be alright, we can meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here.
Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times.

Jay and Robin, never forgotten, always remembered. You will live forever in our hearts.

I sometimes get asked “sarah what do you do to destress” and the answer is

I paint small sections of an abstract image every day until my brain stops screaming

its 5 in the morning have a really low quality jpeg of some 20yo giogio

Madame Red 2ct headcanon

I headcanon that Madame Red knew the whole time that Our Ciel was not the twin he claimed to be.

It holds up thematically. In her flashback in chapter 10, Angelina talks about how much she loved Vincent Phantomhive, and how after her sister bore his children, she threw herself into parties and studying to try to avoid the pain. 

Angelina knew what it was like to have an older sibling who got attention she wanted (in her case, from the man she loved). She wanted to take her sister’s place as Vincent’s wife. She might understand her nephew literally taking his brother’s place.

In chapter 8 after Ciel beats Madame Red at chess and they say goodnight, Madame Red actually *winks* as she says his name.

(volume 2 pg 138 - source)

(Of course, she could also be winking because she’s the culprit Ciel has been hunting for, and she means she won’t “lose next time” in that context instead.)

Madame Red also references how many times Ciel has beaten her at chess. Look at the little surprise marks over Ciel’s head.

(volume 2 pg 136 - source)

Maybe Madame Red played against both twins, and they were both good at chess. But if our Ciel was the only one regularly beating her when they were little, she just tipped her hand to him that she knows which twin he is.

(Of course, Ciel didn’t really beat Madame Red at chess in this chapter. He talked about the nature of winning and cheating, and moved his pieces around against the rules in order to prove his point. So you could also read this scene showing that our Ciel is not actually good at playing chess like his brother was, which is part of why he relies on breaking the rules and playing selfishly in order to win.)

parafuge  asked:

I'm sure someone's already told you this but your art reminds me very strongly of ukiyo-e paintings. The blocks of colour, the delicate lines, the attention to detail... it's so beautiful, really. You make the world seem a little more real.

Hey I forgot to answer this but, thanks. It’s nice to hear the ukiyo-e angle. Ages and ages ago I found this big collection of turn-of-the-century ‘golden age’ illustrations online – think Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, John Bauer (already somewhat familiar, as a swede you really can’t avoid him) – and I suppose this combined with the influence of Little Nemo (one of the nicer comics available in my school library) amounted to either a sort of unconscious ‘japonisme’ or ‘you draw like Moebius’, depending on who you ask. Which is shitty in a way but also a way of drawing rather enjoy. Uh yeah I’m trying to make something honest/personal of it