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“He’s a good man, that boy." 

You turn away from pouring yourself a drink to face your grandmother, who is smiling at you. "Thor?” you ask. She nods, and you smile softly to yourself. “Yeah, he is." 

"He’s telling your great grand-father quite some stories.” She winks at you. “I just hope they’re all true." 

You laugh. "Well considering we met when he was pulling me out of a pile of rubble, they probably are.” Your grandmother pats your shoulder gently and moves away to talk to your cousin. You watch her briefly before moving to the doorway leading to the living room. 

Thor sits on the couch with your great-grandfather seated next to him and your father in the arm chair diagonal of him. He’s waving his arms somewhat wildly as he tells one of his wild stories-probably one from another one of the nine worlds by the way he seems to be speaking. You smile and turn away to go join your sister, not wanting to interrupt the moment. 

As nervous as you were to bring an alien home to meet your family, you could not be happier.

Lullabies, Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Ashton & Y/N

Summary: It’s easier to sleep when Ashton sings to her.

Warnings: Fluff tw

803 words (sorry it’s so short, I’m tired and couldn’t think of anything bc it’s bad)

A/N: This has been a scenario that has been in my head since I joined the 5sos fam so I figured I should finally write it down. Beware, it’s literally all just fluff.

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tarjei is one of the kind, seriously i can’t believe that this boy can go from: “the traffic is like “fuck you tarjei”, “bam” and I just “woah” to “i push presents down into a box and try not to think too much about it, because then you become self-obsessed.” like he says that he feels childish and naive, but yet he’s so intelligent, i’m in constant awe. and he’s just turned 18. what a kid.


“It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky. It was a kiss to make angels faint and demons weep… a passionate, demanding, soul-searing kiss that nearly knocked the earth off its axis.” —Lisa Kleypas

Preference "How they react to your moans" (NSFW)

(Woooo our favs 😏😄Ps. Hope it’s not too much that I included Carl, Ron and Enid…I assumed some of you would like that they be included for once for a little action :) Also I really tried my best to make it all different so sorry if some are similar…Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d be grateful and thank himself for doing all the things he does to make you let your voice as well as almost thank God for it, only to just enjoy every instant of it. It would feel like heaven to him and whatever you or him were doing to make you let all those noises, he’d make sure to let you keep it up.

Daryl-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d usually get flustered and feel warmer from all the satisfaction but it would all definitely help him get more turned on than ever. He’d just love the sound of his name coming out of you in such a sultry way that it would only encourage him to give it to you.

Rick-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smirking in satisfaction and would just get riled up from all of it. He’d just love it so much, that he’d look you in the eyes to enjoy you before keep doing whatever he was that would make you get louder.

Merle-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d get cocky from it and just love it so much, he’d only be able to concentrate on you. He’d love being the reason behind all of it so much that he’d always go harder and rougher at you to make sure you’ll get louder and it might as well make the others hear you.

Glenn-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d be motivated to keep making you feel good and just have a hard time keeping his lips away from your body. He’d enjoy hearing you and would end up being a teased about it as well, wanting to hear you deny it and get shy.

Carl-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d get embarrassed but wouldn’t be able to deny to himself that he enjoyed it. He’d learn and figure out as to what satisfied you this way and would just love to feel himself being the reason behind you being in such euphoria.

The Governor-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d always get harder from all of it and would feel as much satisfaction as you were. He’d get so overwhelmed by the sounds coming from you that he’d have to stop for a moment to cup your cheeks and playfully taunt you for sounding so sexy.

Abraham-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d love it so much that he’d have to smirk and get a little cocky about it, knowing that he’s the reason behind it. He’d end up torturing you with his little game of trying to make you moan louder and louder, and act as if he didn’t understand what was going on.

Eugene-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d always be in awe but would always try to hide it behind his cold demeanor as long as he could. He’d only to end up not being able to handle it and would crack a smile, asking you if what he was doing to you felt good before hugging you tightly.

Ron-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d be overwhelmed by how much he loved it and would just beg you to keep going. He’d help you to do so and wouldn’t be able to deny of any of the pleasures you wanted from him.

Jesus-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d enjoy it and would just be thankful that he was the reason behind it. He’d focus his attention on each of your sounds and would put in all of his efforts to make you let out each of his favorite sounds, only to end up just kissing you softly for being so lovely.

Dwight-To hear your moans or you moaning his name loud and clear, he’d get turned on even more and it would always serve to make him give you all the satisfaction you need. He’d love to taunt you as he’d smirk and have his way with you, only to always end up kissing and nuzzling from your cheeks to your lips in order to control himself.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you please write a fic in which Reggie and his jock friends harass Betty for dating the "weird kid"? Thank you in advance!

I love doing these!

“Elizabeth Cooper, my very favorite blonde.”

Betty cringed at the familiar voice of Reggie Mantle, she looked over to the boy next to her currently holding her hand and carrying her backpack on his shoulder, she knew her boyfriend hated Reggie, and while she saw the way he treated Jughead, Reggie had never done anything to her and she wasn’t raised to be rude (contrary to her incredibly awful mother, Betty Cooper had class.)

So she turned around, moving Jughead with her, as he set his jaw and put on his positively bored expression.

“What’s up Reggie?” She asked politely, squeezing Jugheads hand.

Sure enough, half the football team staggered almost single file behind their captain.

“Nothing much, sweet stuff. How about joining us for some late night tailgating before the big game tonight? I mean you are a vixen now.” He eyed her tiny skirt, his eyes lingering on her legs.

She heard Jughead growl softly from beside her, trying to halt any obnoxious fight that she was sure would happen if this went any further, she shook her head, moving closer to Jughead

“Sorry Reg, me and my boyfriend always spend the few hours before the game together, maybe another time.” She turned around and started walking away when Reggie opened his big mouth one more time.

“Come on Betty, you can’t be serious, you got hot as hell this summer, you don’t have to pretend to be interested in the loner anymore. You can have anyone on the football team, even Mantle the Magnificent. Save the weird kid for.. the other weird kids.” He finished off cockily, high fiving Moose and laughing with the boys.

Jughead instantly felt Betty stiffen and he knew what ever was about to happen, was not gonna be good.

“Bets.. it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, just…”

She whipped around so fast her perfectly in tact ponytail smacked him square in the face.

“Really Reggie? The weird kid? You really think you’re one to talk?” She snorted wickedly, as the boys in front of her watched her wide eyed, almost flinching at the venom coming out of her mouth “you’re the fakest boy in this high school, you hated football, remember that? You used to say "I don’t ever wanna go near that stupid ball, it’s made out of pigskin did you know that?” You wanted to be a veterinarian, you were a vegetarian. You got kicked out of elementary school for smuggling squirrels inside from recess.“

Jughead bit the inside of his cheek, trying desperately not to laugh. Betty meant business and she was not playing around.
While Jughead held in his laughter, the rest of the team was practically crying in hysterics.
But she wasn’t finished

"And you! Moose.” The bulky boy immediately cut off his laugher “you didn’t know how to spell "dinner” until you were 13. So I don’t want to see you laughing at anything this airhead says.“

The muscular boy, nodded quickly ducking His head "yes mam.”

She turned almost too slowly to Reggie again, he was still recovering from her digs

“So before you think of calling my boyfriend "the weird kid” again, you might wanna think back to who helped you hide three stray kittens in his garage when your mom wouldn’t let you keep them. Jughead is the best damn boy in this high school and it would do all of you good to remember that.“ She turned on her heel, connecting hands with jughead again and pulling him along.

He couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face as Betty pulled him into the blue and gold office in a huff
"Ridiculous, the way social hierarchies are established so early on in developmental…”

Jughead cut off her rambling by placing a deep, dizzy kiss to her lips.

She pulled back smiling, her eyes foggy and a goofy grin on her face that matched his

“What was that for?” She giggled

He smiled, pressing another kiss to her forehead
“Just for being you, Betty Cooper.”

Game Day

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2263

Authors Note: I wanted to make a Stiles imagine for @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski‘s Lacrosse Week, so here it is! I hope you guys enjoy. I want to thank @dylanobsessed for editing it for me! 

Originally posted by maliatatelenagilbert

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Theory: Ezra is testing Aria

As an “Ezra is A” theorist, I find my mind wandering back to this idea a lot over the last 2 weeks.

What if Ezra is the one threatening Aria with her file?

There are 2 things I believe to be 100% true about Ezra Fitz.

1. He is ‘A’ all the way. Total scum and full ‘A’ team since the beginning.
2. Despite that fact, he really, truly does love Aria.

So imagine from this perspective.

Ezra is finally reunited with Aria, after rigging an exhaustive set of circumstances to ensure that they will HAVE to spend time together.

He begins by convincing the publisher (a publishing house I believe he anonymously owns, BTW) to publish his book with Aria as a co-writer.

She never even vaguely suggests the idea, but he plays on her desire to write and knows that she’ll accept when presented the offer.

From there he uses his past with her, and knowledge from his extensive research, to manipulate her into falling back into old patterns with him.

Things go according to plan and he asks her to marry him. She says yes.

Now the fun part. Since he truly does love her, he really does want to spend his life with her. But there’s that tricky business of him being ‘A’. It’ll be hard to spend the rest of his life hiding that from her.

But, let’s be honest… Aria has forgiven Ezra for pretty much the worst crime of her lifetime. The “Book” incident. So if she found a way to forgive that, she must really, truly love him too, right? So if she could get over the “Book”… it’s possible that she loves him the way that he loves her. Unconditionally.

He said that there was nothing that could make him not love her, and I believe that’s true. But does Aria feel the same way? How can he find out? How can he find out if she would still love him if she found out what he really was?

A test. 'A’ Test, actually.

So, as 'A’, he threatens her with exposure of her file. He tells her that if her info gets out it will both cause Ezra to leave her AND result in him going to jail.

As tests of loyalty go, that’s pretty big.

“What will you do to keep me? And what will you do to keep me safe?”

“Will you choose me over everything? Over your friends? Over yourself?”

When Aria leaves Ali to go to meet A.D. , Sidney tells her that she’s made a huge step towards gaining A.D.’s trust. But she still has a way to go and a decision to make. She needs to show him that she’ll betray her friends to potentially save him.

She also needs to show him that she understands the game and why he does what he does. And whatever secret that she’s guarding must really make him think that she’s capable of that. It’s a big leap, but he doesn’t want to live a lie with her.

My prediction, with this theory in mind, is that the coming episodes will go a bit like this.

-Aria will choose to join A.D. And protect herself and Ezra.

-This will mean that she is seemingly going to be betraying the Liars.

-She is going to go in deep to find out who A.D. Is and end the game herself.

-Because this is so incredibly dangerous, and she’s truly learning that she can trust no one… she will not confide in anyone that this is all just a rouse.

-She’ll have to commit some seriously heinous acts to earn his trust. But since she’s working undercover, she’ll believe the ends justify the means. She will be working the entire time to destroy 'A’.
-After a time, when she’s done something so awful that it’s impossible to turn back, Ezra will reveal himself to her.

-He’ll explain what’s really going on. Who he really is, and why.

-She’ll pretend to be surprised, and she’ll pretend that she accepts it. She’ll pretend that she forgives him, and maybe even that she’s into it.

-Once she has succeeded in convincing him that she loves him still, and that there is nothing she wouldn’t do for him, then she’ll betray him.

-The betrayal will be the “Sexy and bloody” death that Ian Harding alluded to happening this season.

-She’ll kill him, thinking that she’s finally put an end to it all.

-They may, or may not actually get married before that point but I sort of doubt it.

-After she kills him, in 7x20 there will be another twist where they reveal that he was not actually at the top of the ladder. There’s still one more villain (or group) running the show.

We all agree that it’s almost impossible to imagine there is anything in that file that meets the following criteria…

1. Aria has a secret. She must have something to hide. If she didn’t, she would just tell A.D. That they have nothing on her that she’s not prepared to deal with, and bounce.

2. This is a secret that somehow incriminates Ezra, despite being Aria’s secret.

3. Somehow, through all the years of stalking and “research” it’s something Ezra has never uncovered.

So, it almost seems like one of those things has to be false. And most likely it’s the part where Ezra doesn’t already know about it.

City Lights  (Peter Parker x young!reader)

Good morning my loves and Happy Saturday! I hope today brings fun memories and good laughs and of course, good fanfiction. I have so many requests at the moment and until I get them all done, I’m going to close requests. If you send one in, I won’t answer till I get the rest of these finished. It’s not that I don’t want to do it (I love getting your guys’ requests actually, they make my days interesting), I just don’t want to make you wait forever. I’ll make a post about when I open for requests again! Check out my other imagines and my just finished series featuring Bucky, “Battered and Bruised”! I love you all so much, and have a wonderful day. xoxo

Request:  Young!avenger x Peter Parker?

Description: Peter takes you on a tour of New York as a date and shows you all his favorite places. At the end of the night, he shows you the best view of the city in the most unconventional way. 

Warnings: None. Just fluff. 


“What do you mean by you’ve never been to New York?” Peter was gaping at you. “You mean to tell me that you’ve been living here, but you haven’t actually visited the city?” He was waving his arms around as he talked. 

You laughed at his reaction and gave him an awkward smile. It was true, you had been living in Stark Tower for the past seven months, but never got around to actually going to the city. 

“Well, I don’t get much time off, you know, saving humanity from aliens and crazy people.” You were trying to make up a viable excuse for why. Peter just kept staring at you his mouth hanging wide open. “What?” You started shifting your eyes around the room, having no idea what to do. 

“Babe, I know what we’re going to do today.” Peter gave you a goofy grin and ran down the hall, leaving you standing alone in the living room. 

“Oh lord, what’s he going to do?” You groaned to yourself. You shook your head, but smiled. He was such a dork. A dork that you had lots of feelings for. You loved him, but you had never said it to him, fearing that he wouldn’t feel the same. 

Seven months ago, Tony had asked you to move from the Avenger Tower in D.C. to Stark Tower to go undercover. Your job was to go to Peter’s high school and keep an eye on him for Tony. He was worried that Peter would start getting into trouble, and your job was to keep him out of it. Before you knew it, you were falling hard for him. Tony feared that you would, but allowed you to do so because you were like his daughter, and he loved you like one. All he wanted was to see you happy. So, just two months into your mission, and after spending a lot time together, along with a couple dates, you two became official. And once you started dating him, you realized you had to tell him what your original intentions were. 

When you told him, he wasn’t upset. He just kissed you and whispered to you, “My girlfriend is a freaking Avenger.” 

An hour later, he cam running in. “F/N! Come on, you’re coming with me.” You were laying on the couch, closing your eyes when he started pulling you off of it. 

“Where are we going?” You were giggling and stumbling to follow him. “Peter, I’m serious.” (No, you weren’t.) “Where the heck are you taking me?” You had this marveled look on you face, amazed that he could get you off the couch without becoming overly grumpy. 

“You’ll see. Come on.” He looked so adorable as he pulled you along down the stairs and out the door. Once you stepped outside, the quiet of the tower completely disappeared. You were left with the sound of cars, and honking, and people’s pointless conversations. He turned around to face you. 

“Ta da! I’m taking you to see the city.” He began to fumble with him hands and look towards the ground. “Since you haven’t been before, and since we haven’t been able to go on a date in a while, I decided that I could show you around.” He looked up at you with those innocent eyes that always made your heart skip a beat. 

“Aw, that’s so sweet, Peter.” You face turned a slightly shade of pink darker. You thought he was so cute when he got all nervous. A smile came upon your lips and you hooked your arm in his. “So, where to first?” 

He looked up at you with hopeful eyes and smiled. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.  You loved making him happy, he made you feel almost like a normal teenager who had an almost normal life. To be frank, you never had a normal life to begin with. You were born with ability to go invisible, and your parents abandoned you at the age of three after they scared you and they suddenly couldn’t see you. They were afraid of you, so they left. You fended for yourself till about two years ago when the Avengers discovered you and your ability, hoping you would join them. You gladly accepted the offer and you realized that you had a family again. They loved you like a younger sibling, but Tony loved you like you were his own daughter. Obviously, being an Avenger and living with them wasn’t normal for anybody, but neither was having spider-like senses.

You two spent the afternoon walking through New York City, checking out all the places Peter loved. He took you to his favorite pizza place for lunch, and then you two took a stroll around Central Park. You stopped at the lake and watched the ducks swim by. 

“This is really nice, Peter. Thank you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly. 

He put his arms around you and placed a kiss on your forehead. “It’s my pleasure, babe. But, the day isn’t over yet.” He wrapped one of his arms around your waist and you two started walking back towards the street. He took you around street corner after street corner, pointing out places that he wanted to take you in the future, and telling you the fondest memories he had there. After about an hour of walking, he stopped you in front of a brick stoned building. 

“Where are we?” You were looking for a sign. There was none. You squinted your eyes, trying to figure out what was inside, but it was lowly lit. 

“You’ll see.” He was smirking at you as he took your hand and pulled you inside. Once you were through the door and you finally saw what it was, your eyes went wide and your jaw dropped to the floor. Inside the unsuspecting building was bookshelves stacked to the ceiling with books. 

“No. Way.” You were amazed. You dropped his hand and started walking up and down the aisles, mesmerized. You let your fingers graze across the spines, reading every title. They had classics, new books, well loved books, and all your favorite ones too. Peter watched you in adoration. He knew you would like this place. It was the oldest book store in New York, and he knew how much you liked to read. Once you looked through just about every single book in there, you walked up to him with the biggest smile on your face. 

“You’re amazing, did you know that? Oh my god, I could spend hours in here. I have to come back another day to read here.” You were beginning to ramble and Peter just shook his head, one corner of his mouth pulling up into a smirk. 

“F/N, you’ve already spent two hours just looking at all the books. I’m going to have to bring you back here, so you can spend the entire day here.” He pulled you into a hug. “There’s still one more thing I have to show you before I take you back to the tower. Come on.” You looked up at him with eyes that were filled with love. He leaned down and kissed you, filling your stomach with butterflies. He pulled you out of the bookstore and the sky that was once bright and sunny was now beginning to grow blue. Had you really been in there that long?

“F/N, hold on tight.” He wrapped his left arm tightly around you.

“Wait, wh-” You cut yourself off with a slight scream. Suddenly, you were swinging in the air, swooping from building to building. Your arms were gripping him, very, very tightly. Once the initial shock faded away, you were smiling at Peter as he slowly took you higher and higher off the ground. The cold wind was whipping your hair back, giving you this rush of adrenaline. Peter shot a web at a building, swinging you both up in the air. The next one hit a spire of a different building across the street and he swung around it, you secure in his arm, and making a soft landing on top of the building. 

“I give you special view of New York City from the top of the Empire State Building.” He took his free arm and displayed the view to him. 

“Oh my god…” The skyline looked beautiful against the sunset and the lights slowly turning on. “…it’s gorgeous.” You shifted yourself in his arms so that you were facing him, bodies pressed against each other. 

“Just like you.” Peter’s eyes studied every inch of your face, landing on your E/C eyes that he had fallen in love with. You looked towards the ground, trying to conceal your blush. “F/N.” He tilted your chin up, so that your eyes met his. 

“Yes, Peter?” You looked at him with doe eyes, hanging on every single word he had said. 

He paused, a small smile coming to his face. “I love you.” 

You were stunned. He said it. He said it first. He said that he loved you. 

You realized that you were completely silent, seeing that Peter was getting worried. A big smile replaced the shocked look on your face. 

“I love you too.” You let out a little laugh and pulled him down to you. Your lips collided, molding perfectly together. The feeling of his lips against yours made your heart swell. You pulled away and rested your head on his chest, watching the sun set behind the horizon. 

Peter swung you across the city back to the tower. He nonchalantly landed on the grounded in the middle of the sidewalk in front of Stark Tower. 

“I’ll come over tomorrow, okay babe?” He smiled down at you, holding your hand. 

“Okay.” You smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. 

“I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

“I love you too, Peter Parker.” You watched him fade into the crowd and then round a corner. Suddenly, he was swinging around a building. You shook your head and chuckled, walking back into the building. 

You were feeling so giddy. You were spinning around down the halls, humming to yourself. 

From his office, Tony heard you and peered out of the doorway, watching you as you walked down the hall, humming with a little skip in your step. Before he got caught, he sat back down at his deck and smiled to himself. You were happy, that’s all that mattered to him. He got back to work, and muttered to himself. 

“Peter Parker, you better take of my girl.”

Hope you liked it! I’m going to try and write a lot today, so that I have a couple oneshots ready to go. Let me know if you want to be added to the permanent taglist! Just message me and I’ll be sure to add you to the next story that I post. Have a wonderful day and I love you all. xoxo


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