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I was making these kiss faces for lols to my best friend over a year ago and out of nowhere she just kissed me and we ended up making out and doing like.. stuff? she asked me to be her girlfriend on 1 September, funny how things turned out ^^ not so much dirty but well a little xD

aw so are yous together now??

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”



sakamoto week: day 4 || words


“It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky. It was a kiss to make angels faint and demons weep… a passionate, demanding, soul-searing kiss that nearly knocked the earth off its axis.” —Lisa Kleypas

Merry Christmas to my amazing friend @airsay58259​ ❄️ you said “experiment some more”, I listened. 

Two quick things I’d like to address while waiting for Admin Kae to log on:

  • Anyone claiming we answered dozens of messages bragging about “canceling out” another ship week is lying. Our followers would have seen these messages posted and rightfully called us out for dragging drama into this. We apologize that this is getting turned into a gigantic mess and after we address the issue later on today, we will be dropping it and moving on. 
  • The person claiming that we “stole their blog” in the McHanzo tag is the very admin I warned you guys about not too long ago, the one who harassed/bullied us, stalks our every move, and has been apparently waiting for the right moment to strike. Seeing them post has really raised my anxiety and frazzled me, so I must go talk to Admin Kae about this. 
How to act normal when speaking to new people

For some reason, I get extremely awkward around new people that I don’t know. I will stutter, stumble over my words, and feel extremely intimidated by them. It’s like my brain is screaming at me that they’re judging every word I say and I usually end up saying something awkward or stupid. I’m also very shy because of this reason.

However with people I’m comfortable with I’m easily confident, funny (I hope) and easy going. I speak smoothly and have no problems communicating.

How can I copy this behaviour with people I don’t know very well? I turn so red while speaking, and the stuttering is awful, and it’s quite embarrassing. Is there any mindset or thoughts you can think of to make things easier?

There. It’s done. It looks super fucking awful but I just can’t bring myself to care when I’ve been two days nonstop with the fucking stained glass effect. @tooeasilyconsidered you better thank me for this one u birb

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Loose Fitting

As an agent of SHIELD, you would think that you would wear tight bodysuits just like everyone else, but not you. You preferred to wear loose clothing, everything from your jeans, to your pjs, and even your uniform was loose fitting. You have worked with Steve Rogers and the Avengers for some time now, you’ve always harbored feelings for the Captain, but never told him. What was the point, right? Steve has never seen you in anything but your loose clothing, so when he walks into the kitchen one morning to find you making coffee in your yoga pants and a tight fitting tank top all he can do is stare. Not in a disrespectful manner, but more so in shock and awe. When you turn around and catch him staring he gets quite nervous and flustered and blurts out something that shocks you.

Steve x Fem!Reader, Natasha x Fem!Reader (platonic), Wanda x Fem!Reader (platonic)

Requested by the lovely @theoneandonlysaucymo

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