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happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

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I'm nonbinary and transmasculine, and I don't want T but I do want top surgery. Desperately. I've had chest dysphoria ever since I was 12 (when I started developing there). I haven't been to a trans-friendly therapist, and I'm not out to anyone, but I hate my chest. Is it possible for a nonbinary person who doesn't want T to get top surgery? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but I really have no idea who to turn to (I have no trans friends)

Hey bud, well now you’ve 350+ trans friends you can always turn to. I believe it really depends on the therapist, I don’t think you need it, but you definitely want a trans friendly therapist.

“ Do I need to be on testosterone before I can get Top Surgery?
No, WPATH Standards of Care do not require hormone therapy to be eligible for Top Surgery. (An exception to this is if you are trying to get U.S. insurance coverage for Top Surgery, in which case you may find that 1 year of HRT is required by the insurance company.) One benefit of being on T prior to surgery is that it can help you develop larger chest muscles, giving your Surgeon more of a contour to work with, which can improve surgery results. However, this can also be achieved with push-ups and no testosterone. “ x

So, if you want insurance to cover it you might need to take T which is awful, and you shouldn’t have to deal with that, so hopefully the world will start getting more progressive and understanding. Hope this helps dude, and you can always come here.

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I'm so sorry about your current situation with your family. I hope everything turns out okay.

I am sorry about it as well. I feel for the ones going through similar situations. Satan is working hard at ruining families, marriages, relationships and friendships in Christ. Lord willing everything will turn out okay. God knows what’s best for me and to keep me growing in Him. Sometimes God takes people out of our lives to protect us. Even if it is my dad in this situation. It absolutely kills me to think about my situation and think about him. It’s like he died in a way.. we don’t really talk (we never really have) and we don’t see each other much like we did before mainly because he moved out. But still it hurts he chose to not even try to work anything out or fix anything. Whether we have a decent relationship or not. I love him and pray for him. :) thank you God bless

Every Chapter of Harry Potter Philosopher’s Stone, Chapter 12

“And there were his mother and father smiling at him again, and one of his grandfathers nodding happily. Harry sank down to sit on the floor in front of the mirror. There was nothing to stop him from staying here all night with his family. Nothing at all.” 


HEY IT’S A (really late) VALENTINE’S DAY SEQUEL TO THIS! You should really look at that to understand what’s going on, but as a quick backstory to this, Adrien found out the scarf he thought his dad gave him was from Marinette, it upset him too much so he gave it back to her.

And then I hated that it was just angst so I made this to make up for it? What started as a one page thing turned into a too-many-pages thing. Hence being like… 2 weeks later for V-day. Oh well! Enjoy!

Also, as for what Marinette actually got Adrien…


This started as an excuse to draw Hunk in a pretty dress and it kinda got out of hand….

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Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…


as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

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Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season