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Would it be possible for you to like make a list of what happened in April? I keep hearing the phandom talk about April 2017 being the greatest thing to happen ever but I just hear snippets of stuff and I gotta admit I'm confused. 😅

yes ofc ! i hope this helps a bit (i’m pretty confused myself too tbh so i’ll just list som things i consider relevant and sorry these aren’t in any chronological order)

- dan fully embracing the curly hair (x)

- phil and his adorable butterfly shirt (x, x, & x)

- dan wearing ripped jeans (x, x, & x)

- other v cute outfits (x, x, & x)

- The Selfie aka the one where dan had glitter nails (x)

- just all the selfies in general (f.e. x, x, x, x, & x)

- phil pranking unsuspecting dan with the chili gummy bears (x)

- phil showing more of his “true self” (humor, innuendos etc.)

- pastel easter baking (x)

- phil lending his coat to dan (x) and other ‘fanservice’

- aesthetic boomerangs and photos (x & x)

- “give the people what they want”

- the heart eyes and other v good moments (x, xx, X, x, X, x, x, & x)

- Daniel Lester G00d suGgESTION (x)

and last but definitely not least


so yeah I mean,, it truly was quite a good month


1 am doodles

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Water :)

When I was 21, I was sexually assaulted by someone who I thought was my best friend. It tore me apart and I honestly didn’t think I would be able to go on. I spent days unable to eat or drink anything, and slowly came to a point where things looked very grim. My (actual) best friend drove 6 hours to come and see me and took me away from where I had been and drove me back down to where I grew up. It was late by this time, and I had barely spoken at all the entire drive (6 more hours). She pulled off the road and took my hand. It was dark, so I couldn’t see much at all. I had my eyes focused on the ground until she told me to look up.

She had taken me to this small jetty on the beach. All around me all I could see were stars. The ocean reflected the night sky and I couldn’t see where it ended and the ocean began. I felt like I was floating in a sea of stars, and suddenly, I felt like things were going to get better. She took my hand and we just sat there in silence for a while. I don’t know why, and I can’t explain it, but I truly think she saved my life.

I just finished playing the game Night In The Woods, which tells the story of Mae, a college dropout who comes back home to the small, crumbling town she grew up in. And it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s definitely not like any game I’ve played before. I’ve looked at a few reviews of the game, and this inability to pin the game down seems to be a common feeling. It’s not a terribly long game. It only took me about 12 hours to play though it. But those hours leave you with plenty of content to try to sort out in your head long after the game is done. 

However, there is one specific theme that I feel unifies the game: survival. I feel like this is a story about survival. Not the survival of horror movies or epic fantasies full or murderous orcs and demons. In the broadest of terms, the game is about surviving life itself. Loss, stress, confusion, sorrow, hopelessness, isolation, change. It’s a game that features jobs that don’t pay enough, people who hate every waking day, families that are barely keeping it together, and friends who hate each other sometimes. 

But alongside all that suffering is what makes life worthwhile–makes surviving possible. Friends and family who love each other despite their faults. Looking at the stars through a telescope on a rooftop. Listening to a neighbor’s poetry. Pizza and video games. In the end the games doesn’t really give you an answer. There’s no giant concluding point that the game settles upon. Although, to say that the game doesn’t give you an answer supposes that the game poses a specific, overarching question in the first place. It doesn’t really. And I like that. It’s an ambiguous, grey, and foggy journey through the familiar, the unknown, and a changing world that’s never able to be just what it used to be. 

I have a hard time saying who will enjoy this game, because it walks such a fine line. Some parts of the story are depressing. Some provide hope. Some parts can be either and will create different thoughts and feelings in different players. I feel like the people who will get the most out of the game are the people who know just how hard surviving life can be. I imagine that many people are able to play this game and think, “This is me. This is about me.” And my hope, as a fan of this game, is that on the whole the game can serve as an affirming experience that can communicate a sense of “You can survive. You will survive. And it will be worth it.” 

In the meantime, as you play your way through the game, you’ll hop around on power lines, go to parties that probably won’t go well, have jam sessions with your friends, shoplift, and run around in Mae’s eerie dreams and nightmares

And some of those nightmares might just happen when she’s awake. And yes, that is supposed to sound ominous. The game is called Night In the Woods for a reason, and nothing good ever happens in the woods at night. 

It’s a gorgeous game with an often morbid sense of humor, fluid animation, and fantastic music. It’s full of mystery, which can be found in both the game’s creepy plot and in the characters themselves. More than anything else the game progresses through exploring the lives of its characters and developing the relationships between Mae and her friends. It’s a heavy game, and not something anyone should play if they’re just looking for a lighthearted way to pass the time. But it’s quite the experience and was well worth the 20 bucks it cost me (plus it’s gotten really positive reviews, so clearly I’m not the only one who likes it!)

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dude. when i adopted my dog all i had to do was sign a paper saying i wouldn't change him in any unnecessary way (no ear cropping or tail docking) and pay $25. i literally picked him out of a pen and he went home with me that day. the whole process took less than four hours and you're over here getting your HOUSE INSPECTED i am utterly floored

It’s not just a house inspection. Over the past week, I have:

  • Emailed the shelter to inform them of my interest 
  • Updated my leasing information to allow a cat (though I would’ve had to do this no matter what) 
  • Filled out a 5-page adoption approval application from the city; got approved but with no additional info other than “this means you’re allowed to meet her in her current home”
  • Found out I needed a home inspection anyway and played phone/email tag back and forth with the rep from the shelter until we found a time to do the inspection

And now I have to:

  • Get my house inspected tomorrow; find out what (if anything) to move/fix
  • Find out when I get to meet the cat after the inspection (yes, that’s right. I haven’t even MET the cat yet.)
  • Find a time to meet her in her current home
  • Possibly meet her again for an indefinite number of times until the current owner thinks we’re comfortable enough with each other and ready to adopt. This could take anywhere between 1 week to upwards of 2-3 months.
  • Once I get the approval to adopt her, I can start buying all the necessary supplies for her move-in. I made a list on amazon with a bunch of saved items, so this will help keep me organized. The only thing missing is dry food, because I want to keep her on the same brand as the owner but am unaware of which brand that is.
  • Gather/fill out all the necessary paperwork to adopt/legally register myself as the owner
  • Go back to the foster home, finish the process, and finally bring her home!
  • (Inform my landlord of her info once she’s all moved in and pay the deposit)

So yeah, this is……a lot. And something tells me I’m barely even halfway finished. I can understand why Berkeley/SF have these really intense adoption policies (the rep from the shelter told me it would be a very slow-moving process because they want to make sure the cat has a good adjustment period) but it’s starting to make me unbelievably anxious. Not because I’m not ready to be a cat mom, but because there’s so much room for error and uncertainty. Like….I’ve put in all this effort already, and there’s still no guarantee I’ll actually get to adopt her. Anything could go wrong along the way, I could get rejected for adoption because any of the next steps could end up determining that I can’t adopt that cat (or any at all). It’s honestly just……so exhausting. I WANT to remain optimistic, and I’m desperately holding onto that optimism that comes with the idea of having a cat. But after finding out that most people did this exact same process in 1/10th the amount of time and steps I took, it’s just so nerve-wracking and patience-testing, you know? I completely get that the city/shelters want the best possible home for their animals, and I respect that. I’m willing to make whatever adjustments I can to make my home the best possible one for her. But sometimes it starts to seem like it’s hopeless, because I could invest all this time/energy/money (even more than I haven’t already) and end up not bringing home a cat at all. 


This took me hours but im so happy!!! 

If you don’t know me, Know that I love penn zero, and rock. So what I decided to do is take the characters, take two-three bands I feel would best represent their personalities/likes/ect. and mix them together to see what I came up with!!! Heres a little info on what inspired who!

Penn: With penn I felt like glam rock would be his thing. I also took a lot of inspiration from Queen as well! 

Boone: Boone was Pearl jam mainly, but I also threw in some Orange Goblin in there as well. Very Grunge

Sashi: Sashi’s taste I felt would be heavier. Motorhead, guns and roses, and similar bands inspired that one!!!

Rippen: Black sabbath. Black sabbath, and Iron maiden. But mostly Black sabbath.

Larry: It was mainly psychedelic rock but other things as well. I was really torn between the beatles, and pink floyd. in the end I kind of went with both for the background.


Hey guys this is Tiny Rick Sanchez 666 mun speaking here. This is something you guys should know when following me or interacting.

I am very ill as it is. I have mental health problems. I am very suicidal as it is. (Dont worry. I just think about it. I dont actually have plans to do anything as far as I know..) I tend to sleep a lot, I just dont have the motivation to get out of bed. (This morning. I woke up and it took me about an hour and a half to get up.) Everyday life is just fucking driving me insane. I go to the doctor sometimes just to tell how im feeling and shit.. Its really a shit thing. I don’t have a job cause of my depression. I don’t have the motivation to do anything..

So please. If you interact or follow me. I might take a while. I am not ignoring you. I just don’t have the motivation to do this..

Thank you for understanding.