these took forever to upload ugh


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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Whelp…I can’t believe I did, it started out with just a thought, a lot of patience (as drawing a guy wearing a dress without any privacy was really difficult) and a sketch but here’s the results. This took alot longer since I’m still learning how to draw sitting poses and frills…omg, frills and dresses are like one of my drawing weaknesses XP, must practice more!

Anyway, fanart for the wonderful LotF Jalph fic: “Of Barbie Boys and Gargantuan Pricks”. Will try and upload link once I figure out the coding…ugh. (Guys, can you let me know how to link it??? Getting super frustrated, ahaha)

 Featuring crossdressing!Ralph and the loveable bastard Jack, haha. It was fun and I will try and draw more fanart for my favorite Jalph fics (though I might stick to sketches for awhile since this took almost forever…my drawing hand’s still getting phantom pains from those…frills)

Edited: Added Jack’s freckles since I seem to always forget to add it XP;

Oh my god this took forever. 

I wasn’t originally going to upload it on to tumblr, but then I just flipped a coin. 

I’m in love with Iguanamouth’s unusual dragon hoards. I figured if I had a dragon he would hoard religious items. I have an obsession with religion. I’m probably going into Theology next year for college. Anyway yeah, here it is. 

I referenced the dragon’s head from a tumblr artist while I was at school and in class, but now for the life of me CANNOT FUCKING FIND THE ARTIST SO I CAN CREDIT THEM. UGH. 

Please guys, if anyone finds the artist or original drawing (It was just the head of a dragon, I just referenced the face -not traced-) please please tell me so I can credit!

All the other things (books, statues, garlands, crucifix, etc) were referenced/traced from random google images. 

Fun Fact: All the things in this drawing are things I actually own in my house, including the huge ass crucifix. 

Items from left to right: Garland, Shiva statue, Ganesha statue, stone cross, three holy books (The Qur'an, The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita), two prayer rugs, holy water, tilaka, Japa beads, rosary beads (up on top), candles, a ‘Keep Calm and Love Allah’ bumper sticker, Krishna plushie (beautifully made), Jesus on the cross, Mary, Allah sign, and poster of Kali Ma. 


These took forever but I’m finally done!! I have fond childhood memories of Digimon Adventure so I hope Tri doesn’t disappoint… Please join me in praying for more Takeru/Hikari moments because they were my first OTP before I even understood that there was a phrase to explain “burning desire for two characters to get together” lolll

I uploaded the wrong image for Takeru ugh i’m sorry, edited


Barry & Iris :: Wings Could Fly

This vid took me forever to upload. I don’t know wtf is up with my laptop but I’m buying a new one. Ugh it didn’t come out the way I wanted but here it is.

Side note: I’m dedicating Big Sean’s IDFWU to my computer. The struggle is just that real.