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hi everybody! coming out stories? in your childhood or adulthood, whenever it happened. also, mendel, how did you tell trina that you like guys and girls? how did she take it?

Whizzer: Well, my parents discovered that a classmate and I were together, when I was around, what, seventeen? They obviously didn’t take it well, and they kicked me out. After that, I stayed with him until his parents found out, and also kicked me out. 

Marvin: I never actually told my parents. Not that they would take it too well.

Charlotte: I told my parents. I was terrified, but they told me as long as it doesn’t get in the way of all my hard work, it should be fine.

Cordelia: I told my mom, and she said it was okay. I was surprised! But she told me she was also with a girl - two different girls. I never did tell my dad.

Mendel: Heh, yeah, I never actually told Trina… I’m worried what she might think.