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A breeze ruffled the neat hedges of Privet Drive, which lay silent and tidy under the inky sky, the very last place you would expect astonishing things to happen. Harry Potter rolled over inside his blankets without waking up. One small hand closed on the letter beside him and he slept on, not knowing he was special, not knowing he was famous, not knowing he would be woken in a few hours’ time by Mrs. Dursley’s scream as she opened the front door to put out the milk bottles, nor that he would spend the next few weeks being prodded and pinched by his cousin Dudley…He couldn’t know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: “To Harry Potter, the boy who lived!

Cassandra: Gasps in shock, and just stares for a few moments, unable to respond– she doesn’t know how. Finally, she squeaks out “Are you certain?” to which the Inquisitor just smiles and nods. Cassandra soon smiles back and congratulates the Inquisitor. She’s certain that their child will be wonderful, and she looks forward to having any part in their life. If Romanced: Cassandra hears that she’s pregnant, and just stops short. Never, not once, did she ever seriously think she’d be a mother, but now… now she doesn’t know how to feel. But when her lover hugs her and mentions what a happy family they’ll be, she smiles. Everything will be fine. It doesn’t stop her from punching her lover in the arm, though. She’s going to have to give up fighting and sparring for nine months or more.

Blackwall: Grins and congratulates the Inquisitor. “You’ll be a great parent.” With that, he sets to work on building a crib, toys, you name it. He swells with pride at the thought that his friend’s child will be swaddled in the crib soon enough, and he’ll be an uncle of sorts. If Romanced: “I… I’m going to be a…” He almost faints at the news. Joy and terror come to him in equal measure. He’s not certain he’s worthy of being a father, but as his lover embraces him, he relaxes a little for the moment. He’d do his best, and he’d be damned if any harm came to his child or his lover. Over the next few months, the baby’s room slowly fills with a crib, toys upon more toys, like a rocking horse and painted blocks and a shelf for children’s books, anything he can think of.

Iron Bull: He congratulates the Inquisitor cheerfully, and is about to buy a drink for them when he realizes he can’t do that while they’re pregnant. Then he feels bad for them a bit. “This is great for you, Boss, but it also sucks. You’re puking and you can’t drink. Or fight. Oh, man, that sucks.” He’s happy for the Inquisitor, still. If Romanced: He doesn’t know how to respond right away. He just pulls his lover closer, stroking their back, and staring forward for a few moments in silence. There’s no such thing as fathers under the Qun. But he wasn’t under the Qun anymore, and he certainly never saw this coming. Finally, he just kisses his partner, rubbing a hand over their belly gently. He’d try his best, for his new Charger on the way. He tells the Chargers, who shout and cheer in utter delight. Krem, soon to be an uncle, begins sewing so many stuffed animals for the little one.

Sera: She’s excited; “I’m gonna be an aunt!” she cries cheerfully. She starts bringing the Herald all sorts of treats like cookies and baked goods, which only get better in quality as she practices. She’s also first to volunteer to make weird foods when the cravings start, and she often likes to feel the Herald’s belly once activity can be felt. She calls the little one, even before they’re born, “the little Jenny.” If Romanced: They wanted children, but no orphanage would adopt out to an elf and her wife, who was possibly of a different race than Sera. They’re both quite downcast until Dagna offers an experimental solution, and soon thereafter a number of potions and spells and sex, the Herald is pregnant. Sera doesn’t know how or why it worked– she never cared much for magical rubbish– but she’s thrilled, and she spends most of her time afterwards spoiling and fawning over her wife and unborn child. “We’re gonna be mums!” she cries cheerfully, again and again and again.

Varric: He’s happy for the Inquisitor, and he congratulates them. He wryly mentions that he’ll have to start writing children’s books. The Herald initially thinks he’s joking, but within a few months, children’s books penned by Varric Tethras hit the market, and free copies are sent to the Inquisitor. They’re dedicated to their child, and the books are a hit.

Knew before someone told him. “Tearing, shaking, so sick, but bubbling, excited, alive. You are happy and nauseous. I want to help.” He helps the rest of the pregnancy by getting the Herald pillows and treats and encourages them to rest and eat properly. He also alerts the healers whenever anything happens. The Inquisitor has a remarkably smooth pregnancy, in part due to his fussing.

Dorian: “Does this mean I get to be an uncle?” he asks cheerfully, teasingly. He’s thrilled when the Inquisitor laughs and says yes, and joy bubbles in him as he congratulates his best friend. He begins looking up spells to aid with nausea and back pain, though many of his thoughts are pulled to what he’s going to do with his niece/nephew when they’re born. He has so much to teach them– he wants to be the cool uncle. When they’re actually born and he meets the little one, he almost starts crying. He has nothing but so much love for the little one. If Romanced: He’s surprised when his lover comes back with a baby in his arms, sheepishly stating that someone left the baby on Skyhold’s door. Dorian is uncertain of himself at first, but he takes to reading with his child in his lap, and quickly finds himself completely attached to the little one. More than once, he and the baby fall asleep in the rocking chair, a book dropped in his lap.

Vivienne: She smiles, congratulates the Inquisitor, and gets to work. She helps Josephine plan the baby shower, arranges for the best healer who deals with childbirth to arrive to work with the Inquisitor, and makes plans to take the Inquisitor to Orlais to get some maternity gowns and clothes for the baby, and then to a spa visit in Halamshiral. She also orders a large amount of ginger tea for the Inquisitor to drink, for it aids with nausea, and will limit incidents of running off to throw up around guests. When the baby is born, she fawns over them, dubbing herself “the favorite aunt.”

Solas: He’s surprised, but he wishes the Inquisitor the best, and begins offering remedies for ills like nausea and muscle pain. If the Inquisitor is an elf, he writes up a number of old elven stories suitable for children. Otherwise, he feels a tinge of guilt for what’s to come. If Romanced: He finds out just before Corypheus is defeated, and never before has he ever been this torn in his life. He both does and doesn’t want to forsake what he feels is his duty to the elvhen people, but desperately, he wants to get back with his lover, forget everything, live in bliss with his to-be wife and child. He is actually unable to respond at first, and the all of others begin hounding him relentlessly to get back together with the Inquisitor and marry her. Sera even threatens at arrowpoint not to fuck this up. He wants to, so much. He may crack.

Cullen: Doesn’t really know how to respond, but he manages to sputter out congratulations and smiles at them– a little light in the darkness. He doubles security around the Herald, much to their exasperation. If Romanced: His mouth opens and closes as he tries to find the words. His heart is fluttering, both from fear and excitement. He’s not sure if he’s worthy of being a father, but the Inquisitor hugs him, and he holds his wife. He realizes that, in spite of his worries, this is the happiest he’s ever been in his life. For once, everything was going right. He spends every moment that isn’t working trying to fuss over her, and he writes Mia for advice. He wants to do everything he can right, and when his child is born, he’s left a little shocked that here he was, married, loved, safe, with a child of his own to adore. He has no words, and never thought his life would get this much better.

Leliana: Knew before the Inquisitor told her, via her agents, and she surreptitiously has more agents follow the Herald around to ensure that they are safe and healthy. When the baby is born, she acts nothing like the stern, scary self she has become known for. She loves the child, and spoils them constantly. She likes to sing to the little one, and one night, when the child won’t sleep, she comes and sings a lullaby. The child quickly settles back to sleep, and she quietly tucks them in, much to the parents’ shocked surprise that she got the baby to calm so quickly.

Josephine: Jumps right into planning a baby shower, and other business. She scours the Orlesian catalogs for everything the baby needs, and only gets them the best, and nothing but the best. Everyone would see that the child of the Herald would be as praised and rejoiced as the Inquisitor themselves. When the baby is born, she’s at a loss at first as she coos over the little one. If Romanced: She’s overwhelmed when she finds out she’s pregnant. There’s so much to do, and it takes a lot of effort on her beloved’s part to get her to relax and take care of herself. She frets over everything– clothes, tutors, food, she wants her child to have the best of everything. She’s excited, so excited, but so distracted by a million thoughts and concerns. When she has the baby, she finds herself often gently singing Antivan lullabies, her child in her arms, as she relaxes with her lover.

Okay, some people like studying with music, others don’t. I can only study with music that has no particular melody so I don’t start singing… Here are some playlists in all kinds of genres, so hopefully there is something for everyone. Also, feel free to add your own!

Backporch Blues
I think this is a sleeping playlist officially, so don’t doze off!

Calm and Focussed
I like this playlist of classical music, except it has the frickin Amélie theme again. Contains Vivaldi but also contemporary music

Calm Before the Storm
Soft rock-ish instrumental music (not all rock tho)

Code Mode
Electronic. No lyrics. Ever.

Deep Focus
I love this one for late night studying

Digster Sleep
Pop music to help you sleep focus

Focus: Classical & Electronic
If you can’t choose between the two I guess

Focus Modus
Instrumental, cheerful R&B/Indie/Rock? music

Focus Now
For your daily dose of classical music (no soundtracks etc)

Focus on the Mix
Remixes mostly of pop music

Focus - Video Game Music
Like the name says, some epic game music

In Deepest Blue
Actually an album but most tracks work great for studying

Indie Rock Brain Boost
Mostly popular Indie music

Instrumental Study
Ambient, instrumental music. Sometimes nature noises

Jazz - Classical Crossings
Jazz musicians performing classical works (also great if you’re not studying tbh)

Late Night Focus
Some more electronic music

Minimal Music
Mostly contemporary classical music. I skipped Amélie honestly that song is everywhere.

Mozart 50: Spotify Picks
If you feel like trying out that Mozart Effect

Musik Produkt
Electro-chill. I like this one, but it’s not as long as the others.

Productive Morning
Not too loud to get a headache, not to quiet to fall back asleep.

Soundtrack for Study
Just what the name says, but it does not feature many main themes so you’re less likely to recognise them and get distracted!

Classical music, similar to Calm and Focussed. Also has the Amélie theme *cries*

Studying Music
Quiet focus music, downside is that the tracks are very short

Study Vibes
Electronic study music, does have vocals sometimes.

The Focus Lounge
House music. Most tracks are pretty repetitive so not very distracting

To Do List
Electronic focus music, this is honestly my favourite ever.

White Noise
Just as the name says, white noise for focus.

help(less) (part 2/?)

pairing: lin x reader

warnings: swearing, blood, stitches

word count: 1,017

part 2/? of help(less). here is part one. this kind of sucks. sorry :( just struggled with a second part. lemme know what you think okay xo

Friday took ages to get there. The waiting was probably the only thing that got you through your sisters (incredibly long) engagement party. That, and Lin’s frequent texts.

Every time your phone dinged!, you instantly smiled. Something about him made your heart flutter.

On Thursday night, you were on the phone with him, laying in your childhood bedroom. 

“I was thinking dinner?” He offered.

“Hmm, I have a meeting Saturday morning and I want to prepare. How about brunch?” You could practically hear his smile through the phone.

“That sounds perfect.”

You scanned the menu at the restaurant. Honestly, you were just looking so that you wouldn’t have to catch Lin’s eyes. His damn bright brown eyes. You could feel them on you every so often, hoping you wouldn’t notice. After the third time, you lifted your head.


“You look really pretty.” 

“You said that already,” you laughed slightly.

He shrugged, “Just stating the facts.”

It was the second time he had told you that. The first being when he picked you up.

You had put on a black dress with a blue necklace, your hair braided to the side. It wasn’t much. The dress wasn’t even that skimpy. Still, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. 

When you walked out of your apartment complex to see him out front, his smile was glowing. 

“You look really pretty,” he had told you; pink flooding both of your cheeks. 

The two of you chatted over mimosas, fighting about whether pancakes or waffles were superior. 

“Waffles are clearly better - pancakes are too dense,” he scoffed.

“You’re joking! Pancakes are literally known for being light and fluffy,” you argued.

Brunch continued, both of you having probably one drink more than you should’ve. Regardless, you sobered the second his hand took yours on the walk towards his car.

Dates like his continued for a few weeks. Every few days, you would go have lunch with him at the school he taught at. That’s where he first kissed you.

You sat at one of the desks in his classroom, laughing over PB&J sandwiches. He was in front of you, sitting on the edge of his desk. Without missing a beat, he leaned forward to wipe a crumb off the corner of your lip. You blushed and swallowed, covering your mouth to mumble and thank you.

Lin just giggled. But his face softened and his eyes flicked now to your lips. You took a breath in just before his mouth pressed to yours. The peanut butter on his lips made you smile, reminding you of elementary school where Jake had kissed you on the playground. 

Instinctively, you hand went to the back of his neck, pulling him closer. To both of your dismay, the desk was in the way, forcing him to move to your side, his lips never disconnecting from yours.

He hummed in to the kiss, making your insides feel warm. 

“Mr. Miran - oh! I, uh -”

You jumped away from Lin, causing him to stumble backwards and fall over, hitting the back of his head on his desk.

“Lin!” you shouted, immediately nervous. He shook his head though, holding his hands up in surrender.

“I’m okay! I’m okay,” he said, blushing feverishly. 

The girl at the door coughed awkwardly, snapping both of your attentions to her.

“Hi, uh - I can come back?”

Lin shook his head, “No, um, Lindsay how can I help you?”

You started packing up your lunch throwing your trash away. Lin looked up to you, only a foot away.

“I’ll see you, um,” you gestured randomly.

“Yeah, um, yeah,” Lin tried, unaware of whether to kiss you again. Lindsay’s eyes shifted from you to Lin, then back to you, as if to say do something!

You looked back at Lin, shooting finger guns at him. Lin cocked his head, but returned the gesture, a giggle bubbling out of him. 

“I’ll see you tonight, Ms. Y/L/N.”

“Have a good day, Mr. Miranda,” you sighed, utterly embarrassed.

Finger guns, Y/N, really? 

Was this really the best flirting you had in you? He just kissed you for God’s sake. You needed help.

On weekends, he came over and cooked. Usually he made pasta, but tonight he had decided on grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

“Can you throw this can in recycling for me?” He asked, handing you an empty can of tomatoes. You nodded, heading towards the garage. You tried to gently toss it into the recycling bin, but missed. Sighing, you walked down the five stairs to the ground. 

In your clumsiness, however, you managed to break the top of the can off from the tin. To make matters worse, you stepped on it.

“Fuck!” you shouted, immediately hopping to stand on one foot. Blood.

“Awe, shit,” you groaned, limping back to your flat, “Lin! Help!”

He came rushing out, “Are you - oh my God. Is that blood?” 

“Can you drive me to the hospital?”

Lin looked whiter than the snow did on the day you had first met him.

“Hey, Lin? Focus on me, not the blood. Okay?” He nodded feebly, but still looked undeniably queasy.

“Good, okay. Now can you get me - eye on me, Lin. I’m okay. Can you please get me a towel?” 

Nodding, he practically sprinted to the bathroom, grabbing an old blue towel. You wrapped it around your foot, doing your best not to wince for his sake. 

“Okay, now can you please drive me to the hospital?” Lin nodded, but looked like he might be sick.

“It’s okay! I’m okay, yeah? Let’s go.” He helped you into the car, driving much faster than he should’ve. Still, at the rate the towel was soaking, you didn’t mind.

Lin nearly blacked out when you got stitches; 19 of them, in fact. Still, he let you hold his hand (maybe more for his sake than yours, though). 

No matter what, Lin still became your rock - and you his. Everything seemed to fall into place when you were with him. So when he dropped the l bomb, it was like a weight off both of your chests. 

“Good. That would’ve been awkward if you didn’t feel the same.”

“You mean you love me too?” he asked, the worry on his face melting like snow in the spring.

“Lin, you’ve had me helpless since the moment I met you.”

“Heeeey, after what, a year of going iconless, Peach finally decided to make icons for me!”

“I… don’t really know why it took her so long, actually, especially since my own daughter has more icons than I do, but… that’s not important! I’m just glad they exist now!”

“Don’t be dense Niall, of course he’s spotty about this one,” Liam interjects, “How is he supposed to advance in a relationship with someone who doesn’t speak?” He reaches for his second roll from the basket set in the middle of the table, “The most he knows about her is that she likes animal printed shorts, she has a cat, and knows how to bandage someone properly –”

“Not true,” Harry pouts, “I also know she likes lemonade.”


Harry picks berries for a summer job and Y/N doesn’t talk

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couldn’t decide which one i liked better so y’all can have both

might post a close-up of vax’s armor later ( ᐛ)

anonymous asked:

I've recently discovered your writings.. I'm not very good at giving out prompts but I've been dying to read a SamBucky having kids Fic... Hell a Deadpool/Tchalla having kids would be amazing too.

(hello nonny!!!! i am so sorry this took me forever! but i finally did it! and i am so so glad that you sent me this cuz i was having a shitty mental day and this helped me kind of pull myself out of it! so thank you! and again i am so sorry it took ages to get this done for you! and i hope this is at least close to what you wanted!!!! thank you again!!!! <3 <3 <3)

Wade wasn’t exactly sure where T’Challa was leading him, but for some reason he felt like he was in trouble. He felt like a little kid being lead down the hall for punishment. He looked out the huge wall length windows and out into the trees of the jungle, his eyes falling on the giant black panther statue, he smiled a little and then hung his head and sped up, catching up with T’Challa easily.

“Sooo… you’re not gonna like… take me out back and put me down like a dog or something are you? Cuz I know I destroyed that thing, but I promise it was an accident. Rogers threw me through that building and into that car. I can’t control where people throw me when they use me as a weapon… ya know?” Wade said, actively keeping his voice calm, his hands clenching at his sides. T’Challa moved only his eyes to look at Wade, and Wade could swear he saw him smiling.

“I am not taking you anywhere to be put down. And if I understand your healing ability properly, putting you down would be a useless endeavor, would it not?” T’Challa asked, and yeah, he was definitely smiling.

“Yeah, that’s…that’s right. A little scary that you’ve thought about it, but it’s right.” Wade said slowly, still keeping stride with the man but no less worried, even after T’Challa’s teasing.

“Ya know, normally I don’t mind your cryptic silences, I even find ‘em kind of sexy at times, but uh…I gotta say, it’s not really working for me today.” Wade said, biting his lip under his mask and looking at T’Challa, waiting for any sign that he wasn’t about to get in trouble. T’Challa said nothing for a long time, just walked through the halls with Wade trailing a step behind him, fighting with himself in his head about whether or not to talk more. The king finally stopped in front of a door and then turned to look at Wade.

“I am not mad at you Wade.” He said simply, giving Wade a small smile.

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The Tower

Well *sweats* I had this tarot talk with @tiafrye and this happened. I never ever painted smth like this, nor have I any idea how a tarot is done in all honesty. I guess I still tried, ahhahah /shot