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The send a ship thing : Cartercy (they're so fucking cute and perfect I can't) & Pipeynabeth (three badass women ughhhh s t o p) (ok those ones were easy)


vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell


vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Send me a ship

no but pepper, maria, and natasha all get together often

especially now that natasha’s time is kind of freed up

and maria is working for SI

so they get dinner together and drink wine and talk about geopolitical problems and business affairs 

sometimes they get drunk and yell at the tv together

natasha teaches pepper hand-to-hand combat and maria teachers her marksmanship and one day tony comes home to see three women shooting perfect bulls-eyes in the gun range and pops a straight up panic boner

one time natasha invites sam along to one of their wine-drinking parties and tony and steve are jealous and sam is totally into it 

pepper and maria help natasha pick out a new apartment and a new identity and a new life and it’s a labour of love. as soon as natasha picks a birthday, pepper starts planning a party and it ends up to be a fucking rager

maria often follows pepper and tony home from the office and loudly complains about what a shite boss tony is and pepper just nods because jesus christ someone understands (and natasha pipes in that she technically worked for stark too and yeah it sucks but whatever, they’re basically in charge now)

natasha pepper and maria are basically a high-class girl gang don’t question it

Why Do I Praise Steven Universe So Much?

Okay first of all, this is like the first Cartoon Network show that was created by a woman. That’s big right there.

Secondly, look at the Crystal Gems:

They’re diverse not just in personality but in body shape! Finally, an animator who realizes that women are not all the same and have different body types!

I also love the family dynamic. Steven does have a father but he spends most of his time with the gems. Pearl and Garnet act like mothers while Amethyst is like a sister. And Steven doesn’t see anything wrong with this. He accepts it and loves it.

Also, lets look at Steven.

Oh Steven, you are fucking adorable.

The thing about a lot of TV shows that have young male leads is that a lot of them are selfish, vain and just down right annoying. Steven, however, feels like a real kid. While he’s usually happy-go-lucky, he does have moments where he gets angry and selfish. But what I really like about Steven is that he’s caring. Steven kinda likes everyone, even Lars who is a major buttface. Not only that but Steven also has no problem in having his heroes be three women. He’s caring, silly and sweet.

This show is just perfect and I can’t help gushing about it.


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Did you hear that? That’s the sound of some badass Star Wars women kicking ass! xD

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help it! These three badass women just NEEDED TO BE VIDDED like how perfect is this song?! It was calling to be made and I just couldn’t resist! xD I love these three so much and they inspire me everyday because of how strong and amazing they are:’) I love how they inspire so many young girls! So I really wanted to honor them and make something small dedicated to them because the Star Wars women are amazing and deserve ALL the love! :’D I hope you guys enjoy the video! Please let me know what you think in the comments! I love reading your feedback, it keeps me really inspired! You guys are all so amazing!

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