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Take Me // Hoseok

Drabble game request: J-Hope + “I don’t want you to stop.” + Best Friend AU | for @roxywolfie27​ & anon

W: Mature contents/smut (is there even fluff in this? Idk, but I tried. I swear!). Please read with caution, as always.

Word count: 1,711 words

Character: Hoseok x reader

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top ten favorite seventeen moments as specified by fans on the 2016 carat survey [video links: 10 9 8 7 6a/6b 5 4 3 2 1]

Remember Me (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Summary: You met Stiles since you could crawl, but being forced to move by your parents. After two years you come back to Beacon Hills and to surprise Stiles you visit him at his house. 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Season: Maybe season 5?

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Younger age (year eight) 

You couldn’t believe it. You’re moving away from Beacon Hills. You argued with your parents and begged them not too but they wouldn’t listen. 

Your heart broke when you got the news, how on earth are you suppose to tell your best friends? What would Scott and Stiles say? 

It was easier to tell Scott about your move and he comforted you. 

But how do you tell Stiles? 

You had an massive crush on him since you ever first met him. Which was when you could crawl was when you knew him. When you were three was when you got to be best friends with him. Year five was when you realised that you had feelings for him. 

But now you loved him, but such silly feelings because you knew he didn’t like you back. But you needed to tell him. 

You found Stiles at that place where you, Scott and Stiles would always hang out at. Under a tree in the woods. But this tree is very unnatural, like you guys can only find it, and that’s a good thing. Like if Jackson wanted to find us and beat up Scott and Stiles you all go to that spot, or to someone’s house. 

But this place is very special to you. It’s like a friendship tree, it’s where you always go to hangout after school, when your sad and need someone to talk too. Or even to get away from your parents. 

But this time, it’s none of those things. Instead it’s about telling Stiles about you moving away. 

You walk over to Stiles and sit under the tree. You turn to look over at him as he does the same thing.

“Hey, I’ve uh… gotta tell you something.” You said as he frowns but faces fully towards you.

“Go ahead.” He said as you look down, already feeling the pain in your stomach, the limp in your throat. You look into his chocolate brown eyes, studying them to remember what they looked like. 

You take a deep breath and calmed yourself down. You closed your eyes just for a brief second. You opened them to face the brown ones you fell in love with.

“I’m moving away, I won’t come back.” You said as Stiles’s eyes widen in shock. You can tell that his sad, just by the look in his eyes. 

He looks down biting his lip. You look away feeling already rejected and sad. You already feeling the tears roll down your face. But you felt his hand on your cheek and turning you around to face him. You feel the heat rushing through your cheeks. 

Then all of a sudden his lips are on yours. Making you completely taken back, your eyes widen so big like an owl’s eyes. But then you start to relax and kiss back. 

He pulls back and your foreheads touch mindlessly. He looks at you as you do the same.

“Promise me one thing?” He ask as you look at him strangely. You nodded your head.


"Remember me? Remember everything that we did, remember all the things we said, remember all the wildest things that we done, remember all the fun things that you and me have. But remember me. Please.” He begged as you smile as tears already falling. You nodded as you hugged him. 

“I’ll always remember you, you’re my best friend remember.” You said as he hugs you back too. 

“You’re my best friend too.”

~*~*~Two Years Later~*~*~ 

You were back at Beacon Hills, forever now. You begged your parents to let you move back and live with your grandparents. And they finally let you. 

You were over the moon when they told you yes. You cried to yourself to sleep because you couldn’t believe that they agreed to you. 

But now your back and the first thing to do is go to Stiles house. You haven’t told Scott or Stiles that you’re back but to leave it all as a surprise. 

You walk up to the Stilinski house hold. You stop dead in your tracks, remembering all the times you were here. You shake the feeling and knock on the door. You could hear steps running down and then the door opens up. 

You are faced with those same chocolate brown eyes you have been craving to see. It was Stiles who answered the door. His eyes widen in shock, he looked like he seen a ghost. But you are no ghost, just an friend who hasn’t been here for awhile. 

“Y/N? Is that really you?” He asked you as you chuckle, you smile widely. 

“Hey Stiles.” You said as he began crying and you quickly hugged him and he hugs you back in an heartbeat. 

“I missed you so much.” He mumbled and you started to cry, already feeling the limp in your throat. 

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“I missed you too.” You said as it felt like forever hugging. 

But you both let go, Stiles looks at you as he grabs your cheek. You blushed as he leans closer towards you and you do the same thing. Your lips touch once again, feeling butterflies in both stomachs. You both craved for this again and finally got what you wanted. 

“Stiles who’s at the door? Oh hey Y/N…Y/N YOU’RE BACK!” Before you knew it you felt Scott jump on you and making you laugh. 

“Scott can’t breathe.” You said as Scott let’s you go and smiled. 

“How are you back?” He asked you as you smile widely.

“I’m staying with my grandparents, so I’m staying here for a long time.” You explain as Stiles and Scott smiles. 

“Wanna come in?” Stiles asked you as you smile and nod. 

“I’ll be happy too.” You said as you smile widely. 

Nothing’s better than home.

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 4

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, sexual tension? talk of sexual things, building up to DeanxReader smut

A/N: To those of you who have been reading these and liking them or making comments, thank you so much, it makes my day to see a comment or heart on something I wrote. I love all of you thank you<3 

Three Weeks Later…

You were happily seated between the Winchesters in the front of the impala on your way to the bunker. You had been able to knock out the hunts quicker than the boys had thought so you were headed to your new home.

“Sammy make sure Y/N doesn’t drink any more coffee today, she’s about to jump out of her seat” Dean said eyeing you as you excitedly bounced anticipating seeing your new home.

“Deano I am fine, I am just very excited for my new home, Sammy don’t you dare hold back the coffee from me I will hurt you”

Sam chuckled, “Alright ‘Lorelei’. You have an addiction to coffee you know, it’s not healthy to have that much caffeine daily.”

“Coffee is my source of power, it’s how I remain charming and endearing all day long”

Dean practically snorted at that and you elbowed him while sticking your tongue out. He chuckled at your facial expression and moved his hand to squeeze your leg. He had made it a habit to do this and then seemingly forget about his hand and would rub small circles on the inside of your leg… over the past few weeks you and Dean had set a pattern. You already felt as close to him as you did Sam, but it was different, you could get deeper with Dean, there were no walls or hiding emotions with him. Well except one emotion. You figured out pretty quick that you were developing a huge crush on him but were trying to force yourself to think of him as just a best friend…it was difficult, especially with how affectionate Dean was with you. If he wasn’t putting his hand on your leg, he was wrapping you in a bear hug or cuddling you, he’d even taken to resting his face in the crook of your neck when he hugged you from behind. You just about passed out the other day when his lips accidently grazed your neck. Your neck was a bit of a weakness for you physically and usually only men that you were physical with got access to that part of you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Dean to stop, and he appeared to only think of you like a sister so what’s the harm in little touches?

You also were anxious to get to the bunker because that would be when your physical hunter training would begin. Dean had gone over some basics with you, but your real training would officially start tomorrow at the bunker after you’d gotten settled in. You were nervous about training too though. You’d never been too athletic; you ran but that was really just a way to clear your head you weren’t fast enough to compete or anything. Contact sports had never been your thing either, you would describe yourself as awkward and usually pretty shy so growing up you really just stuck to reading and writing. You wanted to be a hunter, you really wanted to be a hunter, but you were scared that you wouldn’t be able to handle the physical aspect of it all. You’d already proven you were very helpful behind the scenes, but actually hunting was another thing.

“Sweetheart stop thinking so much” You were snapped from your thoughts by Dean who squeezed your leg again. You gave him a questioning look, “You bite your lip and between your eyebrows crinkle when you’re thinking hard” you blush and look down when he says this, the fact that he noticed little things like that made your stomach flutter Stop it, Y/N, he’s just a friends, he thinks of you like a sister stop getting excited over every little thing.

“We’re here”


-6 months later-

“Ughh, oh my god, I am going to take a week long nap” you moaned as you fell face down into the couch.

“I’m going to go get in bed” Sam said as he set his bags down. “Night guys”

“Night Sammy” you and Dean said in unison.

“So, Y/N, movie night?”

“That sounds great Dean, just let me shower, you get the snacks and set up the movie”

“Does that mean you’re letting me pick the movie?”

“I guess I’ll let you have my turn tonight I’m too tired to think of what I want to watch”

You’d been hunting for the last 4 months; it took a while to convince Dean you were ready but once he let you he realized just how much help you were. Turns out you were worried for nothing, you kicked ass as a hunter, even the boys were shocked at just how good you were. You’d settled into a routine easily with the boys. Sam would find hunts and you all would go out and get it done and then come home and sleep for a week and have movie nights. Well the movie nights were more you and Dean’s thing. Sam sometimes would join but usually he went sleep, the three of you would spend the most part of your days off binge watching shows together but the movie nights were you and Dean’s. The two of you had settled together as best friends pretty easily, you still harbored a crush on the man but for the most part had it under control. You allowed yourself whatever moments you had with him but had learned to accept that you would never amount to more. You couldn’t let your feelings mess up what you had with him, you were his safe place and he was yours.


You towel dried off and slipped on your favorite pair of yoga pants and one of Dean’s flannels. You’d taken his offer to wear his clothes whenever very seriously and rarely wore your own at night or around the bunker, you claimed his were just more comfortable, but it didn’t hurt that they smelled like him too, his smell had become very comforting to you.

“What movie did you pick?” you asked as you walked into Dean’s room, you could’ve sworn you saw him looking you up and down in his shirt but you chose not to think about that. You plopped down on the bed and grabbed a handful of popcorn shoving it in your mouth.

“well I thought we could watch 50 Shades…” you started choking on the popcorn at this gasping for air

“Whoa baby girl it was just a joke I picked Gladiator” he said laughing and rubbing your back trying to calm you.

Once you stopped coughing you glared at him and stuck your tongue out.

“well on second thought maybe we should watch that just so I can make you uncomfortable” he said reaching for the remote,

“Don’t you dare Dean; we cannot watch that together!” You said crawling over to him to grab the remote but he held it up in the air out of your reach

“And why not? Could be fun, maybe I’ll figure out what some of your kinks are too…” he said smirking at you.

“Oh my god, Dean no, you’re such a little shit” you mumbled out laughing getting up on your knees to grab the remote, you snatched the remote and hid it behind your back.

“oh no you don’t little girl” he teased coming across the bed and pushing you down but you held onto the remote behind your back.

You squealed as he pinned you down, “Deeaannn you’re crushing me!” you let out breathy laughs, you really didn’t mind being crushed by him but you had to at least pretend to be annoyed.

“Give me the remote and I’ll get off, unless you like me on top of you” he wiggled his eyebrows at that and you let out another giggle. Dean was such a flirt but you knew that was just his personality, it wasn’t particular to you.

“Dean you are so annoying but you are not getting this remote back until I can trust your movie choice”

“I guess I’ll just have to tickle you for it then” your eyes got wide at that and you tried to kick him off of you but he already had his hands under your shirt. You got distracted by the feeling of his warm calloused hands on your stomach and forgot that you were supposed to be trying to fight him off when he started to tickle. You squirmed under him trying to get free, the two of you giggling and struggling against each other

“Dean stop your killing me!” you could barely breath you were laughing so hard. He stopped for a second right above you looking into your eyes and smiling. It took your breath away. You knew you were blushing and wanted to find a way to move before you embarrassed yourself. You kicked your leg under his flipping him onto his back and pinning his hands back so he couldn’t tickle you again.

You held the remote up with one hand using the other to pin his back, maybe this wasn’t a better position than before…

“I’ll give the remote back if you promise no more tickling and no 50 Shades”

“Come on Y/N it’d be fun to watch, we’re best friends we should be able to talk about that kind of stuff would it really make you that uncomfortable?”

You could feel your breathing getting quicker, “We are best friends and we can talk about that stuff any time, I just… I just don’t like that movie its terrible acting” you huffed out hoping that’d be a good enough response for him, and hoping even more that he’d never talk to you about your sex life. Your sex life was pretty non-existent and it’d be embarrassing to talk about with him, when you could hear his sex life perfectly through the wall…

“Fine we will watch something else just because I’m deciding to be nice tonight” Dean surrendered as you laid back down trying to get comfortable in the bed. Dean turned on the movie and he settled back pulling you into him. Dean was a huge cuddler, he would never openly admit it though but you could tell by how he took any opportunity to wrap you in his arms or just hold you close.

Your eyes started to grow heavy and you felt the events of the week start to weigh on you, you were so tired and laying there in Dean’s arms was so comfortable you started to fall asleep.

You up in Dean’s bed the next morning, this wasn’t an unusual occurrance though. You and Dean had taken to sleeping in the same bed most nights due to both of you having nightmares and just needing someone there to comfort you when it happened. Ever since that first night Dean realized just how much having you hold him helped ward off the nightmares but it wasn’t till yours started and you needed someone that he was open about it. From that point whenever one of you didn’t want to be alone or had woken up from a bad nightmare, you would just go crawl into bed with the other, no questions asked, just someone to hold you and talk to if you needed it.

At some point in the night Dean and pulled you against his chest, he loved to spoon and in his sleep would pull you as close to his body as he could. He was still asleep and you looked at the clock it was only 8 so you decided to try and get some more sleep. You wiggled your body up closer to him and tried to feel all of his warmth when you hit something kind of hard with your ass. You completely stilled not knowing what to do, you got butterflies in your stomach and felt your face get burning hot. There was no chance you were falling asleep now, this had never happened before, or at least had never happened the mornings you’d woken up first. You could feel all of him through the thin fabric of his boxers and you bit your lip trying to keep yourself from thinking bad thoughts about your best friend. Dean started to stir and you felt his arm go to wrap you tighter but then his whole body stilled, he was very much awake and aware of him rubbing up against you.

“Oh god, I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry” he mumbled practically jumping out of the bed, you could see his face turning red. You giggled a bit at the sight of this big strong hunter blushing because he accidently pressed up against you.

“Dean its fine, it’s the morning, I understand” you said suppressing giggles, not feeling  so embarrassed anymore.

“Umm yeah, well I’m gonna go shower, uhh sorry, again” he grabbed a change of clothes and rushed back to the bathroom.

You headed to the kitchen to make some coffee and tried your hardest to get the thought of him rubbing up against you like that with bare skin out of your mind…

Pic was taken during our last larp'ing season, haha…

I’m Madi. I’m ace and panromantic and I’ve been in a relationship with my partner, Ash, for nearly two years.

We met in seventh grade. We sat by each other in math class, I’d grabbed his hand and asked; “hey, can I draw your hand?”
Cheesy middle school meeting, lame huh?

He waited for me for almost three years, for us to be together. We were best friends throughout that time too. Was pretty sweet.
We have no idea when we actually decided to be a thing, because it was a progression. No real day set. We say it was on July 16, because it’s easier that way.

I identified as pansexual for a lot of the first year, and realized I was asexual then, too. I was so scared to tell him I didn’t feel attraction like he did. He was sexual, I was not, so I was so timid about letting him down.
When I told him? “That means your love is the purest. You want me for nothin but love.”
He made effort to understand more, to understand me more.

He helps me when I’m especially low and insecure. He says you shouldn’t be ashamed for being ace because it’s how you are.

I love him not only because he’s my partner, but he’s still my best friend. We have unconditional trust and support for each other.

I hope everyone finds a partner like that. Someone with unconditional support and love.




@imaginationandfascinations This ones for you my dear :)

Daddy? (Josh Dun - Twenty One Pilots) (SMUT)

Word Count: 994


You were waiting for your boyfriend Josh to come back from band practice. He was preparing to go back on tour with Twenty One Pilots and you couldn’t be happier for all his success. However with long days and nights at the studio had put some stress on your sex life, Josh was tired when he came in and just wanted to cuddle and then sleep. You wanted to spice up your sex life before he went on tour for another three months.

You and Tyler’s wife Jenna were best friends and told each other everything. Last week the two of you had been talking about kinks you had while you were tipsy from drinking too much wine. You let slip that you had a small daddy kink but you weren’t sure Josh would like that sort of thing, she swore to keep your secret and called you a dirty minded girl.

“y/n I’m home.”

You jump off the sofa and run at Josh before throwing your arms around his shoulders and jump so he has to catch you. You kiss him roughly and he stumbles back against the door before he matches your passion and runs his hands through your hair. After a minute or two he pulls back with a smirk.

“Did you miss me little girl?”

You quirk an eyebrow, Josh never called you a little girl.

“What did you call me Josh?”

“Get on your knees little girl. Isn’t this what you wanted y/n? Now be a good girl and obey daddy.”

Josh lets you down and pushes you onto your knees, to say you were surprised would have been an understatement.

“How did you find out Josh?”

“Jenna let it slip today. Who knew my baby had a dirty side.”

You should have been mad at your friend but this dominant side of Josh was turning you on.

“I want you to suck daddy off little girl.”

You nod and pull down his trousers followed by his pants, his erection springs free. He was just as turned on as you were. You take him inside your mouth and start to bob your head up and down his shaft, with your fingers you play with his balls causing him to throw his head back and moan loudly.

“Fuck y/n, you know how to make daddy very happy.”

He tangles his fingers in your hair and forces you to take more of him until you feel his length touch the back of your throat and you start to gag as he deep throats you. In a matter of minutes Josh comes in your mouth and you swallow.

“Good girl, now clean daddy.”

You lick his length clean before he helps you stand back up. Next thing you know Josh has you pushed against the front door and his hand slides under your dress and he caresses you through your panties. You bite your lip and throw your head back suppressing a moan as Josh smirks again.

“Are you wet for daddy little girl? Did I do this to you?”

“Yes daddy I’m wet for you, only you can make me feel this way.”

Josh pulls down your panties and inserts two fingers inside you, you gasp as he adds a third and starts to pump them faster.

“You’re not allowed to come until I tell you little girl understood?”

You nod.

“I understand daddy.”

Josh continues his torture as you struggle to keep yourself together. He removes his fingers and brings them to your lips; you open your mouth and lick them clean. But before you can take a breather Josh thrusts his length inside you making you scream.

“Fuck daddy.”

Josh throws his head back and laughs.

‘Daddy is going to fuck you so good little girl. If you come you get punished okay?’

“Yes daddy now fuck me please.”

Josh fucks you roughly; this is what you’d wanted for a long time. You dig your nails into his back as a tingling sensation rises in your belly, you didn’t want to get punished because you were enjoying the sex too much. But you didn’t know how long you could hold it in.

You tighten around Josh and he chuckles against your neck where he was planting small love bites claiming you as his own.

“Is my little girl close?”

You bite your lip and nod afraid that if you said it out loud you’d come. Josh shakes his head and slaps your ass making you squeal in surprise.

“I asked my girl a question. Are you close?”

“Yes daddy.”

Josh nuzzles against your throat before pulling back and his pace slows down as he pulls out of you. He kneels down in front of you and you gasp as his tongue licks and flicks your clit.

“You did a good job for daddy little girl, now daddy is going to reward you.”

He skilfully teases and sucks working you up into a frenzied mess. It doesn’t take you too long to build up again.

“Fuck Josh…I mean daddy I’m going to come…”

“Come for daddy.”

You squirt your juices onto his face and he cleans himself up before standing back up in front of you. Both of your breathing is heavy as Josh pulls you into a hug and you smile against his chest.

“I like that side of you Josh. Maybe next time I won’t behave so well.”

Josh pecks your lips before smacking your ass one last time.

“I think I’ll enjoy punishing you babe. Now how about round two?”

You grin like a mad man before grabbing his hand and pull him towards the bedroom.

“I’m daddy’s little girl.”

Josh smirks darkly.

“And don’t you forget it y/n.”

He closes the bedroom door shut behind him and pushes you backwards onto the bed. Let’s just say you both went for more than two rounds and each round was more mind blowing than the last.

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 1/?

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 1/?


Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N: I’ve always been a writer but have never really shared it with anyone, please give feedback, very nervous about posting this, it’s a story I’ve thought about writing pretty much since I discovered Supernatural. Hope y’all like it <3


It had been three years since you’d seen that sasquatch of a man, Sam Winchester. You were in the middle of time square on your daily walk to work when you see the unmistakable mop of hair. He had grown it longer but you would recognize that gigantor anywhere. You yelled “SAMMMMYYYYYY!” as you practically launched yourself at the man. “Oh my god, Y/N!” he reached his arms out and caught you as you jumped at him and he spun you around in a crushing hug. “What are you doing here Sam? Oh my gosh we have so much to catch up on, I’ve missed you so much, it’s been so long,” as you said this you smacked Sam hard on the chest “you just disappeared! I was so worried, you never answered my texts or calls, I thought you something terrible happened I haven’t heard from you in years, I’m your best friend and you can’t even pick up the phone!” you rambled on and on in anger and also excitement and seeing your best friend again “Y/N shhhh!” Sam said as he covered your mouth with his hand, “I promise I will explain everything to you, I’m sorry I just went away, a lot happened after Jess…” he trailed off at that and you reached out a squeezed his hand, “Well good thing I’ve found you so you can explain everything to me and we can resume our best friendship sasquatch” you giggled as he brought you into another tight hug. You heard a man clear his throat and you turned at the sound coming face to face with one of the most attractive men you had ever seen. You were met with bright green eyes, you smiled at him but he just appeared annoyed,” Sammy we need to head out we have work to do”. “Y/N, this is my brother Dean, we umm work together now” You turned to face the green eyed man and held out your hand “Hi, I’m Y/N, Sammy here was my best friend in college, but I haven’t seen him in years” “ya well he’s had work to do he joined the family business”. You frowned at this, Sam didn’t know but you had figured a few things out about his past, you had overheard conversations he had with Dean that week he disappeared, before and after Jess’s death. You’d meant to talk to him about it but then he was just gone, you did not fully understand at the time what it all meant but you knew his family was involved in some intense stuff. Recently though you had come face to face with the things that go bump in the night and had put two and two together and realized just what Sammy was involved in.  

  Not thinking before you spoke you blurted out, “oh, you’re here about those tourist deaths aren’t you”, Dean and Sam both gave you wide eyed looks, “Dude! You told her about what we do?!” “No man I swear I didn’t, but Y/N how do you know about that?” “Sammy I was your best friend, I overheard conversations you had and put some pieces together about stories you had about your family, I didn’t have it all figured out until recently though…” as you said this you pulled your scarf to the side revealing two circular marks on your throat, turns out your ex had been blood thirsty in a very literal sense. “Whoa, Y/N, I’m so sorry, I wish I’d known, I wish I’d been here to help…” “Sammy its ok we hadn’t talked in years and another hunter helped me out, explained some things about the life to me, I don’t completely get it all but I know some of what you’ve been through, you and your brother are pretty famous you know” you snuck another look at the older Winchester as you said this, he was staring at you pretty intensely so you immediately turned your gaze away. “Anyways I’ve already been looking into the murders and I think I’ve figured some things out, I have to get to work but why don’t you and Dean take my apartment key and go set up there and you can use my notes and things to try and solve this, when I get home later I’ll try and be as much help as I can” Sam and Dean agreed to this and took your keys and headed for your apartment as you went to work. As the day went on you couldn’t get your mind off of Dean, Jess had told you he was crazy attractive and had even planned to try and get Sam to set you up with him before the fire. There was something about him that just excited you and you couldn’t wait to get off work and head home to get to know the beautiful man a little better.

As you unlocked your door you were met by the smell of pizza and Dean sitting at your couch. “Hey, Sam went to the library to do some research, I was taking a break so I figured I’d grab us dinner” “Awesome thank you” you flashed a smile at him and he gave one back that practically stopped your heart. He handed you a beer and the two of you fell into easy conversation. You laughed with this man like you had known him for years, things with him felt even easier than they had with Sam all those years ago, however this time you felt that butterfly sensation in your gut every time those green eyes looked at you. “so you and Sammy ever ya, know, get it on?” you practically choked on your pizza, as you stopped coughing you started to laugh “uhhh absolutely not, me and Sam were purely platonic, he was like the big brother I never wanted.” Dean laughed at that and took another swig of his beer. “I was actually roommates with Jess freshman year and I was the one that introduced them, I became their official third wheel for the rest of college, we were the best of friends…” you trailed off with that remembering all the things the three of you had done together, that familiar pang of missing Jess hit you, but not quite as hard as it usually did, this time you had Sam back, you weren’t missing the both of them anymore.

“Hey guys I think I’ve figured out what we’re dealing with here” Sam came rushing in hands full of books and eyes wide as he held onto them trying to keep them from spilling over and you had to hold a laugh back at how silly he looked “Damn Sammy did you check out the whole library?”, your eyes met Dean’s and you both let out laughs at Sam. Sam rolled his eyes at the two of you and began rambling on about a coven nearby. “I think they’re run by a vampire named Ryan” your heart stopped, “Ryan? As in Ryan Smith?” Sam nodded, “Ya, do you know him?” “Umm yeah, he’s the one who gave me this” you gestured to your neck marks, “has my ex-boyfriend”. “Don’t worry sweetheart we’ll gank the dickhead, he won’t hurt you again” Dean said in a very serious tone, your eyes met his again and he offered a small smile which you returned. Your heart stopped again, but from a completely different feeling…


Pairing: Lafayette/Mulligan

High school AU

Word count: 1286

Warnings: none unless you count “crap” as a swear word

A/N: There’s a tiny bit of French (two words) and I used google translate so who knows if it’s right



“It’s late and I’m tired,” Alex said, yawning.

“Agreed,” John said. He took a sip of his Dr. Pepper, and Hercules threw a pillow at him.

“Caffeine won’t help you sleep,” Hercules pointed out.

Lafayette laughed.

The four boys were sprawled amidst a huge mess of couch cushions, fluffy blankets, and pillows. They had completely taken over Alex’s basement. Mrs. Hamilton had given them pizza and told them to have fun, and they had taken that to heart.

Lafayette was stretched out on the couch above his three best friends. Alex and John were tangled up together on their own little island, and Hercules looked like a large cat curled up in front of the electric fireplace.

He’s cute, Lafayette thought, then stopped.

Nope. Not gonna ruin tonight.

Lafayette shook his head and glanced down at his phone. It pinged with a text. He unlocked the device.

Eliza: How’s the sleepover going?

Eliza was the only one of the Schuyler sisters that Lafayette really knew, and he enjoyed talking to her. She was sweet, kind, and understood his shyness, matching it with her own.

Alex and John are five seconds away from kissing, Lafayette replied.

Eliza: Not surprised.

Lafayette: They are dating…

Eliza: How did Alex’s mom let them have a sleepover?

Lafayette: Hercules and I are here too, Liz

Eliza: Speaking of which, how is Hercules?

Lafayette lifted his gaze to find Hercules staring at him. The other boy quickly blushed and looked away. Lafayette smiled to himself.

Lafayette: Good, I guess

“Laf, get off your phone,” Alex said, picking up a chip and tossing it at him. “Sleepovers are so that you can be social with your friends.”

“What movie are we watching?” Lafayette asked, clicking off his phone and setting it down. He grabbed the chip and crunched it.

“That’s the spirit! Hercules, options?”

Hercules was closest to the stack of DVDs, and he began browsing through them. “Harry Potter, some kids’ cartoon, horror, and…Strawberry Shortcake?”

Lafayette and John started laughing as Alex went red. “That’s for my little sister.”

“Sure,” John replied, still giggling.

“Shut up,” Alex muttered.

The two stared at each other, and Lafayette looked away. “They’re having a moment,” Hercules stage-whispered, and a smile spread its way across Lafayette’s face. His phone buzzed again and he discreetly looked down while the other three debated the pros and cons of Harry Potter and Scooby-Doo.

Eliza: Weren’t you telling me something the other day about Hercules?

Oh crap.

Lafayette: No. And they want me to put my phone away

Lafayette: Bye

He silenced his phone and said, “Scooby-Doo seems like some much-needed soulagement comique.”

“Translation?” Hercules asked.

“Comic relief.”

Hercules tipped an imaginary hat to Lafayette, and the French boy felt himself reddening. Nope. Not tonight. He wasn’t gonna blow it tonight.

Hercules obviously had to be okay with gay people, as he wasn’t batting an eye at Alex and John. The question was, how much of a friend would he still be willing to be to Lafayette if Lafayette came out? And revealed his secret?

It wasn’t worth the risk.

He couldn’t risk losing a friend as good as Hercules.

Lafayette barely watched the movie. He was watching Hercules and arguing with himself.

It was about midnight when John and Alex demanded that they should be allowed to sleep now. Lafayette reluctantly slid from his comfortable position on the couch and helped his friends get the cushions into a shape vaguely resembling a bed.

The four friends laid down all in a row. Hercules was on one end, with Lafayette next to him, then Alex, and finally John. John turned out the lights and left one lamp on, then crawled in next to Alex.

Lafayette turned on his side so that he was facing Hercules and so that Alex and John could kiss without him awkwardly watching.

Hercules had his phone out, and it was casting a soft blue glow on his handsome face. Lafayette told himself that he wasn’t staring, but he was lying.

Several long minutes later, Alex and John stopped kissing, and their breathing quickly eased into a steady rhythm. Lafayette found that he didn’t want to roll back onto his back. He was content watching Hercules.

Hercules clicked his phone off, and the lamp was the only light left in the basement.

Lafayette was holding his breath and he didn’t know why.

Hercules moved so that he was facing Lafayette, and reached out a tentative hand to touch Lafayette’s face.

Lafayette reached up and took Hercules’s hand in his own, shifted a little bit closer to him, and then–

He couldn’t explain why he did it, other than the fact that he had a crush on his best friend.

Their lips met, and it was sweet and innocent, and some kind of explosion was taking place in Lafayette’s stomach, and Hercules was kissing him back, and the electric fireplace cast a flickering light over the two of them.

When they finally broke apart, Lafayette cuddled up close to Hercules, and the gentle giant held him.

Some time later, Lafayette woke up to a hollow absence beside him.

Cold fear clenched in his stomach.

The clock on the wall displayed 2:19 in glowing blue letters.

Hercules was silhouetted by the fireplace, staring into the dancing flames.

A single tear made its way out of Lafayette’s eye.

It had been too good to be true.

He must have imagined that Hercules had kissed him back.

He wiped the tear away and quietly made his way over to Hercules.

When he got to his friend and sat down silently next to him, he was astonished to see tears on Hercules’s face, and his own tears started to fall again.

“Hi,” he murmured.

“Hey,” Hercules responded.

“What’s wrong?” Lafayette asked hesitantly. Hercules turned to face him.

“You kissed me.”

Lafayette closed his eyes so he didn’t have to see Hercules’s face when he admitted this. “I like you,” he whispered. “For the longest time, I’ve liked you. You’re straight and I’m gay and–” His voice broke and he turned away, pulling his knees to his chest and burying his face in his pajama pants.

A gentle touch made him look up. “No need to cry, Laf.”

“But there is,” he responded, raising a hand and letting it fall to the floor. “It’s impossible and I’ve ruined our friendship and I’m so sorry, I’ll go take a sleeping bag or something and sleep on the other side of the basement if you want–”

Hercules’s lips on his made him shut up.

Hercules kissed him, tenderly, questioningly, and Lafayette kissed him back, and a hand was in his ponytail and another was low on his back, and his own hand was touching Hercules’s cheek and the other was on the back of Hercules’s neck, drawing the other boy closer.

By far, it was the best moment of Lafayette’s life.

He drew back first, needing to breathe.

Hercules cleared his throat. “I was going to continue and say that I should’ve kissed you back harder and really let you know that I had a crush on you too. I was going to say that the problem was that I didn’t get to kiss you first.”

Lafayette let out a silent laugh, not wanting to wake up Alex and John. “That’s quite the problem.”

They went back to bed, cuddling up to each other. Lafayette sent a quick text to Eliza and received an immediate response.

Lafayette: I kissed Hercules

Eliza: Finally. Go to sleep. :)

Lafayette put his phone up on the couch and turned to Hercules, grinning.

They kissed until they fell asleep and slept curled up in each other’s arms.


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Supernatural laws

Scott McCall x Reader

Words count: 938

Request: Can you do a Scott McCall imagine where he finds out the reader is his mate but she is a half vampire which he finds out one night at a bar when a drunk guy makes a move on her she really doesn’t like? Plez and thank you:-)

Author’s note: Here it is! Hope you like it!!

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My Best Friend’s Brother Part 8

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, smut!!

 A/N: First time writing real smut not just the build up so please let me know if it was good or not, i hope y'all enjoy <3

“Sweetheart you’re already mine” Dean’s voice was low and husky and it made you feel weak.

You let out a nervous giggle, “Yes Dean but what I mean is I want you to fuck me, please fuck me” that’s all the confirmation Dean needed and he reached down to your panties and quickly pulled them off. He grabbed your thigh rubbing it and inching his hand closer to your heat. You moaned into his kisses as he trailed his mouth down your neck to your breasts.  He sucked and gently bite one nipple then licked it and proceeded to do the same to the other. You moaned arching into his body and felt his fingers swipe up your slit teasing you. “Dean please… more” you wriggled under his body and he let out a low chuckle and inserted two fingers.

“God baby you’re so tight, can’t wait to feel you around me…” he gasped out. He had his index and middle finger inside you and placed his thumb on your clit applying pressure and then moving it in circles making you moan. He smiled down at you and removed his fingers making you whine in protest but then he started to kiss down your body taking his time. He gripped your hips as he placed sweet kiss to your hip bones. You leaned up on your elbows to look down at him. He gave you one last smile before he moved his head down between your thighs, you tilted your head back in pleasure as his tongue licked circles on your clit. You reached your hand down and threaded you fingers through his hair and slightly tugging pulling a growl from Dean, you chuckled, “Got a hair pulling kink baby?” instead of a response he pushed his tongue down harder on your clit making you fall back and moan. Dean laughed and it sent delicious vibrations to your core. You felt the tightening coil deep in your stomach forming, “Oh god, Dean… I’m bout to cum… ohh” as you said this Dean fasted his pace on your clit and you felt your release building he then inserted to fingers and you felt them curl to your g-spot and it was your undoing. You clenched your thighs around his head as you came yelling out his name and then your body went limp. “Dean oh my god I can’t feel like my legs” he came up beside you with a shit eating grin on his face.

“That was hot as hell sweetheart, I could live down there” he said pulling you into a kiss and you could taste yourself on him. Dean pulled back and smiled down at you and you noticed his erection straining against his boxers. You pulled yourself up to hover above him and then straddled his legs. You leaned down and kissed him and as he snuck his tongue into your mouth you hooked your fingers into his boxers and pulled them down. Dean pulled back from the kiss looking into your eyes, his normally bright green eyes were dark with lust. You looked down and brought your hand to grip his cock. You stroked him a few times and couldn’t take your eyes off of it, he was much bigger than your ex in thickness and length and it scared you a little bit but no part of you wanted to stop. You moved down his legs till you were seated between his thighs and gave him one last look before you dipped your head down taking as much of his length in your mouth as you could. You kept going till his cock hit the back of your throat and you used your hand to pump the part your mouth couldn’t reach. You holloed out your mouth and began to suck and Dean put a hand in your hair pulling a little bit, you hadn’t expected that to feel so good and you let out a moan around his cock which pulled a strangled chuckle from Dean, “Now who has a hair pulling kink” he mumbled out, you couldn’t help but giggle a little, even balls deep in your mouth he was a smart ass. “God baby you feel so amazing, you take my cock so well in that pretty little  mouth of your, can’t even tell you how many times I’ve imagined this” his words sent heat straight to your folds and you dipped your hand down to rub a finger between your folds as you continued to use your mouth on him, “Oh my god sweetheart that has got to be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, come here, I don’t want to come in your mouth, not now at least” and he pulled you up to him and kissed you wrapping his arms around you and flipping you onto your back. He gave himself a few pumps and then lined himself up with your center. You could feel the head of his cock throbbing at your entrance. “You’re absolutely sure about this baby?” his eyes searched yours and you couldn’t believe he’d think after all of this you would change your mind

“Dean you had better stop talking and fuc…” before you could finish talking he thrusted into you filling you up. He stilled for a moment waiting for you to adjust to his size. He stretched your walls in ways you’d never felt and it hurt a little but also felt wonderfully good, “just give me a moment” you breathed out “its umm been a while and you’re much um bigger than I’ve experienced” you almost incoherently mumbled out.

Dean began planting sweet kisses to your neck and mumbling, “so tight baby…take your time… don’t want to hurt you…” you pressed your hands to his back and lifted your hips beginning to roll them, letting him know you were ready. He pulled almost all of the way out of you except for the head and then thrust into you again pulling a strangled moan from your throat “I’m not going to last long sweetheart”

“S’okk, me either baby” you dug your nails into his back and let the pleasure take over, “Oh god Dean you feel amazing…faster please faster…so’closee”

Dean moved a hand down between you and rubbed your clit pushing you to the edge, “Cum for me beautiful, want to see you cum around my cock” you felt the warmth take over as you came yelling out his name, “there you go baby girl, so hot” Dean thrusted faster chasing his own release, you were so sensitive from the last two orgasms that the sensation of his thrusts made you feel yourself start to build up again

“Oh god Dean I’m going to cum again” you moaned out and at that you felt his hot spurts filling you as he came and it pushed you over into one more orgasm, the two of you holding each other and cumming together.

The two of you were sweaty and panting and Dean rested his head in the crook of your neck kissing the hickey he’d left gently. He slowly pulled out of you and rolled over pulling you on top of him.

“That was….” Dean said looking for the right word to describe it

“Incredible, wonderful, mind blowing, earth shattering…” you mumbled into his chest and felt the rumble of him laughing. You looked up resting your chin on his chest to look in his eyes.

“All of those descriptions work. God you’re beautiful” Dean said more to himself than to you but you still felt yourself blush and ducked your head,” Hey look at me sweetheart” Dean said his voice raspy. You pulled your head back up to look at him and he lifted his hand to caress your face, “I wish I could make you understand just how beautiful you are” he looked almost sad as he said this.

You grabbed his hand and held it, “Well what we just did was pretty convincing that you at least find me attractive” you giggled and he pulled you into his chest in a tight hug and you laid like that for a little while.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Dean asked breaking the silence you looked at him and smiled nodding.

“I think I’m going to take a shower first though” you said as you crawled off of him.

“Mind if I join you?” Dean asked a mischievous grin on his face making you laugh again.

“you’re more than welcome to join but I don’t think my body can have sex again, at least not for a few more hours” you got off the bed and started walking towards the bathroom

“That’s alright I just want to hold you and touch you a little…” at those words Dean smacked your ass and then pulled you to him, you couldn’t help but giggle and lean up and give him a kiss

“I guess wouldn’t mind a little bit of touching, especially if you keep smacking my ass like that” he raised an eyebrow at that and followed you into the bathroom

“So hair pulling and spanking are things I can add to your list of kinks, anything else?” he smirked at you and you blushed, turning around to start the shower.

“I don’t know, I didn’t really even know I liked that sort of thing, my ex wasn’t very adventurous in the bedroom so we just kinda stuck to the same thing, and I hadn’t been with anyone else so I just never learned those things about me. I guess we’ll just have to try things and then I can tell you whether I liked it or not” you winked at him and then got into the shower followed by dean. He got behind you and pulled you to his chest.

“We’ll talk about things before we try them, you don’t have to try anything you don’t want to but just know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do with you so anything you want to try is free game…” he smiled and placed a kiss to your neck. You felt some of your insecurities bubble up and you bite your lip trying to decide whether or not to voice them or just try and be happy in the moment. Dean must have felt you tense up because he turned you to look at him, “baby what’s wrong, you’re thinking too hard again” you glanced up at him under your lashes and thought about what you were going to say next.

“So you want to do this again? I wasn’t bad… you want to do that with me again?” you looked down at your hands as you spoke and felt his hand grip your chin to make you look up at him.

“Sweetheart, you were I thought you’d be and more, if I could I would lock you in my bedroom naked 24/7. We are most definitely doing that as many times as we can, as long as you want to, I will be fucking you” he gripped your hips as he spoke and you giggled smiling at him giving him a kiss. Another thought came into your head, you wanted to ask what this meant though, you knew you’d promised to take the relationship side of things slow, but you couldn’t help but wonder if he was yours now…

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Instead of leading him in any particular direction, she released his hand and galloped around him in circles, flapping her arms like a bird. He kept walking, and she kept circling, and overhead, a flying bird checked itself mid-flight. Chainsaw had spotted the movement of the Orphan Girl, and now she cawed, wheeled, and headed back towards the upper fields. This was where Adam found Ronan.  

Orphan Girl trotted up between them and poked Ronan with the end of her stick.
“You little puke,” Ronan told her.
“Should she be eating that?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even know if she has internal organs.”
Adam laughed at that, at the ridiculousness of all of it.