these three tho always my fave

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🎊 AYY 👏👏👏

@cosmicgirl first ofall bith,,, she the bestest. she offered to charge my phone and let me have water n chocolate that one time i came over… lol + always reblogs my selfies lol wtf and made me confused as to whether it was wjsn or wjns bc of her past url, besides that, mad archive/aesthetics n good friend would recommend, lov u meng ;)

@diet-redbull won my personal fave in our tumblr awards event and um wowowowoww!?? i nvr explained why they were my fave, so what caught my eye was their impressive archive??? like it was alike to mine, but better?? and more on the white side, whereas mine tends to be on the pink. i love how maintained it is and clean; there are hardly to no odd reblogs imo. i have yet to get to know them more, but from what ive accumulated from talking to them, they seem v chill n kind hearted.

@99milk literally nearly,, everyone follows jean. idk im just uwu a loyal fan whomst watches her vids, follows her instas and supports her w/ all my heart uwu anwfjh gross sorry anyways, i appreciate her clean as archive and her own original posts, always top-notch like uh hell yeah mans.. idk what else to say other than i support her from afar and will always show her unconditional love in silence LOL.

send 🎊 for (three) blog recs 

So @accio-toffy tagged me a while back, and i’ve been too busy, i apologize but I always love tags<33

One Song: a song I just discovered and makes me think of gradence, like from graves to credence idk?, it’s pretty tho This is Why I Need You by Jesse Ruben

Two Movies: two of my faves (tho there are many more), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Mr. Nobody

Three Series: Hannibal, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow (it died after s3 for me)

Four People: Colin Farrell<3, Keaton Henson, my sister, my bff 

Five Foods: sushi, oatmeal, quinoa bowls, cereal, protein shakes 

tagging @sozdanie-gryazi-eternal @whocarloto @ruledbyvillains if they feel like it :P 

Kings Rising Second Readthrough Reactions

So, as the title says, I decided to read Kings Rising for a second time, and this time write down my thoughts while reading. This is only up to chapter 6 (so far), but it’s something like three thousand words. That I wrote while mildly to moderately intoxicated. Maybe like two people will be amused. I’ll do more tomorrow, try to push on to chapter 15. Under a cut for length and spoilers galore, as I reference events that occur later on in the book. 

Edit: Here’s part two.

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