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HogwartzAu’s headcanons nobody asked for (pt.1, probably)

- Everybody lives in the Uk. Lance’s family moved from cuba when he was little, Keith has been adopted by Shiro’s family.
- Lance’s dad is a auror and he and one of Hunk’s moms (Hunk has two moms, let me have it!) are collegues. So Hunk and Lance know eachother since childhood.
- They go to the train platform together and there they meet Keith. Lance bumps into him and Keith goes all bratty on him, cue Hunk trying to stop Lance from starting a fight. Unfortunately, the only empty seats on the train are in the same wagon.
- Hunk: “Oh boy.
- Once arrived, the three start questioning what house they’ll be put in.
- Hunk is sorted in ravenclaw, but the hat was uncertain between that and hufflepuff.
- Keith’s a gryffindor, no one had doubts.
- Lance is a hufflepuff, but even here the hat almost puts him in gryffindor.
- Allura is a fifth year and gryffindor’s prefect.
- Matt Holt is a fifth year and ravenclaw’s prefect.
- Shiro is a seventh year and hufflepuff’s prefect.
- Coran is transfiguration’s professor and head of hufflepuff’s house.
- Alfor is the Headmaster.
- Sam Holt is divination’s professor.
- Thace is DADA’s professor.
- After three weeks, Hunk befriend this strange kid with clothes too big for him, who says his name is Pidge Gunderson and he’s a ravenclaw, but Hunk never saw him during class??? Is he a ghost?? Nobody knows.
- Hunk talks about his new friend to Lance, who believes this Pidge is just a ghost pranking Hunk, but when he meets Pidge and they become friends.
- Lance ad Keith are continuously bickering and turning everything into a challenge. Shiro and Allura are exausted. They just want to rest, they did not sign for this bullshit.
- Keith and Lance decide to set which of them is the best once and for all in a one on one quidditch match in the middle of the night. With stolen brooms. Near the Whomping Willow.
- Hunk: “This is a bad idea, guys. You will be mauled.”
- Pidge brings  Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
- It goes wrong, terribly wrong.
- Shiro, Allura and Matt arrive in their pajamas dead scared.
- Nobody is hurt, Shiro has to lie down for a bit.
- Mat has to calm down Allura because she’s so mad she almost made Hunk and Lance cry and even Keith’s eyes are a little wet.
- Hunk: “Wait! Where is Pidge?”
- Lance: “Don’t know, he vanished.”
- The idea was Keith’s, who gets almost expelled.
- Lance:“If mulletman gets expelled I’ll riot.”
- Headmaster Alfor :”Mister Mcclain, you’re in no position of…”
- Allura mediates for Keith, Alfor get headache for two weeks.
- Keith stays, he akwardly thanks Lance for standing for him. Those two idiots become frienemies without even noticing. Hunk cannot say if he’s happy or not(he is). They don’t tone down the bickering tho.
- Shiro:” You three are in so much trouble, I’ll never get my eyes off you. I’ll know when you eat, when you sleep, when you go to the restroom.”
- Keith:”Don’t go all bigbrother on me while I’m here, it’s embarassing.”
- Shiro:” You should have thought of it before all this mess.”
- Pidge is extremely talented for their age, they already know a bunch of spells.
- Nobody ever sees Pidge during class, where did he learn that???
- Coran is the kids’ fave and he loves teaching and always grows fond of his students (sometimes he’ll slip and call them “my kids”, “my boy” forgets to use the lastname basis, let the student call him by first name when he’s not teaching. Pratically adopted Allura as his daughter.)
- Every student has a crush on her.
- She’s been gryffindor’s team captain, she was fearsome and everyone shakes in their robes when she goes “team captain mode”.
- Shiro was hufflepuff’s seeker.
- They both pine for eachother.
- Matt knows this, he teases Shiro to no end.
- Shay’s Allura bestfriend, hufflepuff’s third year.
- Hunk and Shay become friends. Lance and Pidge can swear it’s not just “friend” but Hunk shuts them.
- At the end of the first year, a powerful dark wizard named Zarkon rises and decides to attack the school: Alfor dies, Sam, Matt and Shiro get kidnapped.
- Allura gets knocked out while defending the students.
- Coran has to take the reins and reclutantly becomes Headmaster.

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thenatalchart, astrologanize and astrologymarina will always be my 3 favorite blogs because they basically taught me everything I know about astrology and idk they were just goals when i discovered astrology on tumblr i really miss them a lot ! (tho i really like "new" blogs too, like you, mysticaltaurus, astrawrlogy, dorkycancerian etc)

Same!! Those three blogs were my faves before I made my blog <3 They always have such interesting insight.

@thenatalchart, @astrologanize, @astrologymarina

Cries into my hands bc I just finished watching the last episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond and I’m n o t o k a y-

They better make a season three to explain some shit, like what happened to Michella after all that and what Leo’s gonna do with the new info that purple eyed bastard gave him and the thing with the butterflies was White’s doing I know that but h o w?

Good god I need to get the manga-

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Kings Rising Second Readthrough Reactions

So, as the title says, I decided to read Kings Rising for a second time, and this time write down my thoughts while reading. This is only up to chapter 6 (so far), but it’s something like three thousand words. That I wrote while mildly to moderately intoxicated. Maybe like two people will be amused. I’ll do more tomorrow, try to push on to chapter 15. Under a cut for length and spoilers galore, as I reference events that occur later on in the book. 

Edit: Here’s part two.

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