these three are in yukatas

Okay, there’s something I just realized in regards to these “character clones” of Severa, Inigo and Owain in FE14 that we now know about - namely that aside from Lucina, those three are the exact characters that had their own yukata fanservice CG in the Hot Spring DLC map. And how did they determine who gets these? Through a popularity poll. So I guess to some extent, it does make some sense that they’d make “clones” of these characters for FE14, since they’re some of the most popular ones from Awakening. It doesn’t exactly make it excusable, but it makes it at least understandable, I think.

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It is… winter here.

And Shizune isn’t really fond of that certain season, to say the least.

She hugs herself firmly, trying to cover her bare shoulders with the thickness of her yukata’s sleeves. Wearing three layers of fabric means nothing if it doesn’t cover her body, and she already dislikes the bitter chill the falling snow sends throughout her form. Her ears fold flatly against her head, tail curling around her waist as she tries to warm herself up even more. The kitsune wishes that whatever magic that’s keeping the place this cold could stop for a few minutes so she can at least appreciate the landscape in front of her.

A sigh escapes her lips, forming a cloud of white from her breath. She contemplates going back to the Ruins, but she knows she has to keep going, or else she would feel unwelcome. Most of the monsters she had come across, like the Froggits and the Moldsmals, have welcomed her openly after she revealed herself to be a kitsune. They assured her that, as a monster herself, she will be welcomed in the capitol, wherever this capitol may be. But, as she walks the path from the Ruins’ door while minding the crunching snow beneath her feet, she suddenly feels a pang of trepidation.

She doesn’t belong here, in the Underground. The only reason why she’s here is because of her own stupidity. Had she not fallen, she would not have found this place. There is little use thinking about that now, though, so she shakes her head and ventures forward. As the kitsune’s orange eyes trail and admire the leafless trees of the Underground forest, she spots a bridge by the distance with what seems to be a gate. It looks more like an arch, though, as it doesn’t border anything from crossing it.

Shizune laughs quietly. An arch; what a perfect way to signify a new beginning, right? She slows to a stop near the bridge, starting up at the wooden arch. Well, if she is to start living here, she might as well take the first step, yes?

And so she does, putting a foot forward and hearing the muffled pad of wood-on-wood as her geta lands on the snow-littered bridge.