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Lance always helps Hunk make dinner and they're so synchronized whenever someone passes the kichten, they stop and just stare at the two working around and with each other.

This is such quality content that I want to add my own headcanons for this: 

  • Lance and Hunk make their favourite comfort foods for each other when the other is feeling down 
  • Hunk and Lance learning to make their respective countries’ foods from each other. 
  • Pidge once tried to intervene during their Garrison days because they couldn’t be in the kitchen at 1am goddamit,
    • Pidge still regrets trying to intervene
    • They spent five minutes trying to get Lance and Hunk’s attention away from the food for five seconds and could just not do it
  • Coran tried to cook with them once when they were in The Zone™ 
    • He had made one meal before realising that instead of helping Hunk and Lance cook, he was hindering them, since the two were so synchronised that working with another person threw them off. 
  • Pidge and Keith like to count how long it takes for the two to make a seven-person meal 
    • It’s become a race
    • Their fastest time was 10 minutes. 
    • Let that sink in: 10 minutes
  • Allura learnt how to cook from watching Hunk and Lance cook together. Since she is royalty, she never had the necessity to cook, but now that she wants to learn, her best teachers are Hunk and Lance. 
    • Coran too. 
    • But, surprisingly, Hunk and Lance are a little more patient. 

NCT Mean.

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