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Would you smooch a frog?

Small GT comic I’ve been working on a while! I thought of this a few weeks ago and I’ve finally finished it! I’m testing out colour theory and how long it takes me to draw these panel type things.
Have a good day/night!

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Not to be a big art nerd, but to me you don't look renaissance, you look like a beautiful pre-raphaelite painting! especially anything by Dante Gabriel Rossetti! Sorry is thats snobby or pretentious, hes just one of my favourite painters and when I first saw you I gasped a little! Kinda have a bit of a big gay crush on you, your art is amazing and makes me real happy, and you're so cute! I hope you have a nice day :3

YKNOW i’m that art bitch that doesn’t actually know a single thing about art, but i looked up his stuff and that’s.. actually kind of close, 

he kind of had a TYPE and while i’m heavier i can kind of see it… this is very sweet and i appreciate you giving me the artist’s name
also… this is v sweet. and as an addition

ive wanted to draw a picture of void for 2 days and i ended up drawing three different ones until i managed to make one that i actually liked i dont know why it was so hard but anyways here is a picture of the world’s most obscure sonic character probably


° ͜ʖ°  19/100 days of productivity

im really dragging this 100 days of productivity thing (i promise im actually productive on days i don’t post i just can’t find quality pics to post yknow)

hello im back for a 10min break, here’s my pocket history notes because i am horrible at memorizing so might as well make the hour commute to school and back, productive :-)


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I just want to say that I love how you add in things about how your partner Pokemon will change as it grows, and how you emphasize working together and maturing together in all your posts!! It's so sweet and dare I say wholesome!! Makes you remember there's more to having Pokemon than winning battles, yknow? :)

fuckfuckckufkcuf i read this 300 times

thank you for htis message it made my day and im just :(((( i love you so hard

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honestly i feel like dirk would just do shit like pretending not to know how to eat an orange to fuck with people and just keep up acting like that for as long as he can, see how far he can take things and have people just buy the 'oh, he lived in the middle of the ocean, its ok'. thats what id do at least






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if you're still doing sleepover asks: i really need relationship advice. i have a crush on my best friend who lives halfway across the country. and i think she's figured it out?? we talk every day only about once through twitter replies, tumblr dms and text messages which is okay with me because she's bad at communication anyway. im happy where our friendship is. i might meet her next month and i'm just dying to tell her how i feel but i don't want to make things uncomfortable??????

been ur spot before bud and its a bit conflicting, all my advice is to try and see if she does anything that Stands Out yknow, like a ‘oh thats not a FriendTM thing’, if she seems flirty or does things to go out of her way etc then maybe she has a thing for you too. try and analyze how things are and judge off of that, also wait for a moment to tell her that feels right, and in a way that feels good as well. i wish you the best of luck.

The most frustrating thing about animating in photoshop, apart from yknow… animating in photoshop being frustrating in general, is that whenever I mark and transform some part of a frame the timeline gets stuck on that frame and I have to restart the program in order to continue if I want to see if the changes I’m making work or not.

I should probably take the time to move over to another program one day to speed up my animating process. But that day is not today. *restarts PS for the umpteenth time*

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Hi! Answer this question with five things that make you happy, and then send it to the last 10 people in your notes! Have a great day/night! :)

i got this twice so i’ll do ten bc im procrastinating

- stealing my housemates’ food
- podcasts!
- playing d&d (sue me)
- drag culture!
- fruity alcohols
- popcorn
- my cat (and sometimes my dog)
- my local bookstore!
- coffee
- buying new clothes ngl

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what's your favorite, or the thing you love the most, about writing? and your least favorite?

my favourite thing abt writing is the creation, getting smth down on paper no matter how shitty it might be & getting to be like holy shit i MADE that???? it always fills me with this kinda shaky kind of awe

my least favourite thing abt writing is when im unable to focus, having my thoughts go in all directions at once. sometimes it’s ok bc at least one of the directions is useful but yknow at the end of the day when im looking at the page& i see that i have written just three lines, i just feel so stupid & like i wasted my time & that can be rly rly hard. i think part of this is rolled up in the expectation that i write to make a book that will be published & it’s not inaccurate it’s just that it doesn’t help at all to have so many voices, my own & others, being like well this is worthless bc it isn’t published

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any advice on being a functional human being during these trying times??

this is hard question to answer bc its a bit vague but mostly because i am only a functional human being 45% of the time BUT here’s my advice from when i am a functional human being:

  • one day at a mf-ing time my man
  • i do things in very small amounts. very slowly cleaning my room section by section. it’s a pretty good way to do things without getting overwhelmed
  • related to ^: whenever im having a bad bad motivation day i usually try to make a list of what i would like to do that day… it’s usually simple like “1. shower 2. put away silverware 3. take sparrow on a walk” yknow
  • also just do fun stuff… i went to a museum last weekend (YAY STUDENT ID DISCOUNTS) instead of staying home and i just felt So Much Better doing something fun for a change.
  • when ur going out for errands etc wear ur fave clothes… u will feel like a god amongst men

john and sherlock have been dating for like eight months and one day john is doing something around the house, cooking dinner maybe, and sherlock comes and hugs him from behind. and then sherlock’s like, yknow i’m not sure what it is. i can’t quite put my finger on it. but you’ve been looking gayer lately. and john’s just like, ha ha yeah? thanks. and then sherlock wanders into the pantry and eats a bunch of biscuits and john’s like, don’t spoil your dinner; i’m making the thing with the peas. and sherlock goes, mmmm like he did in tgg when john said there was risotto left. 

#dhrfavorites - DAY 3 (FAMILY PROMPTS)

prompt: granger family reunion

A/N: i just realized that all of the granger men in my fics so far like to make fun of dracos hair also this fic doesnt have any dramione children but yknow what????????? whoops

Twelve seconds of silence after Hermione had introduced her boyfriend before someone ventured to ask the dreaded question that was on all of their minds.

“…Really?” Aunt Sharon asked with an obviously feigned positive tone. The only thing believable in her voice was the unbridled curiosity, which sticks out like a sore thumb.

Hermione knew. She understood the uncertainty that she received when she showed up to the Granger family reunion with Draco Malfoy in tow. In her family, she always seemed to be the ugly duckling out of the numerous cousins throughout the years; when they thought of her, they thought: overbearing, responsible, plain. And frankly, Draco was a catch— though Hermione would never say that aloud where he might actually hear because Merlin knows he needed even more of an inflamed ego. The harsh points of his face rounded out slightly as the years passed on, leaving well-defined features, and his white-blond hair matched with mercurial pale eyes were a striking picture. Because of quidditch— and the war, but she chose to ignore that fact— his lanky form grew some muscle and filled out rather attractively. Her family hadn’t even talked to him yet, but if they did, they’d find his Perfect Pureblood Prince manners on display, along with a sharp wit, endless charm, and—

Hermione got the point. It didn’t make their doubt that Draco was actually here with her hurt any less, but she understood.

The hand tucked in hers tightened, and she glanced over at the man at her side. To anyone else, he probably seemed indifferent, ignorant to their implications, but she knew him better than that. Hermione saw his jaw clench and lip threatening to lift up into a sneer that she got most familiar with at Hogwarts. She rubbed the back of his hand with her thumb, moving in soft, circular motions.

She turned her head back to the curious eyes that remained locked onto the pair. Putting on her best impression of Luna, she pasted a placid smile on her face and kept her voice calm. “Yes, Aunt Sharon. Really. Say, how’s Uncle John doing?” —the ‘as in the Uncle John who was found in the shed fucking your gardener two months ago’ was left unsaid.

Aunt Sharon’s left eye twitched.

“Just fine, I imagine, sweetie.”

Leaving it at that, Hermione and Draco promptly walked over to the refreshments after nodding their heads to greet the rest of the family who stood in the same place, shocked. They only pulled out of their reveries when poor Aunt Sharon seemed to get attacked by some rabid bird that came out of absolutely nowhere! (Or so how Hermione would later describe about the incident.) As she munched on a dry baby carrot that her family probably cashed out too much money on, Draco stood behind Hermione, wrapping his arms around her middle and leaning down to rest his head on her shoulder. He gently squeezed her, dropping a light kiss to the side of her neck.

“You know that you’re bloody brilliant, right?” She could feel his amused smirk against her skin. Draco wasn’t lost on what his girlfriend was getting at moments ago. After she invited him to come with her, Hermione briefed him on what was happening with her family, as of late; what to say to get them all to like him; what not to say, unless you want a plate of food smashed in your face, a punch to the stomach, and/or a crying person in front of you; etcetera. What she did definitely should have been on the list of what not to say. “Very ruthless— also, very hot— of you, princess.”

With a bright laugh, the brunette rolled her eyes. “I do believe that you’re rubbing off on me too much— and don’t you dare take that in a dirty way!”

An answering chuckle from Draco caused a pleasant rumble throughout his torso, which still enveloped Hermione’s own body. She sighed happily, a soft smile on her face.

A voice sounded out from somewhere behind the pair. “Oi, blondie! Yeah, you there! Quit hogging my granddaughter!”

  • me: yeah sometimes i like drinking monster energy because it makes me feel stronger idk lol, it's silly but it makes me happy so w/e
  • anti-kin: must get mental delusional fool...
  • me: yeah and i got these cool fangs i like to wear around and my friends keep complimenting me on them it's pretty rad
  • anti-kin: you're going to ruin your social life...otherkin a friendless heathens...
  • me: I'm just living life yknow enjoying the little things
  • anti-kin: disgusting...

Happy Ace Day! I’m asexual, but not quite sure of my romantic orientation; I suppose I fall somewhere in the aro spectrum, but I don’t know if I’m either aro, or gray/quoiromantic, or just an overthinker and afraid of commitment. To be honest, I’m very unsure about looots of things, but I’m happy to have at least figured my sexual orientation! It’s huge for me. I have all the reason to commemorate.

It’s silly and lazy-looking, but it’s transparent! So if feel like using it, you are free to do so. I’ll be also making for the others cards if anyone wants me to? 

Have fun and be proud, fellow aces! 

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Have you ever tried to kill yourself? Or just thought about it?

I have tried. A few times. And it was terrible each time. I really for a long time thought it was such a good thing for me and the people around me, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about it still. But back then it was different. I used to sit on my bed in silence for hours staring at this picture on the wall of my father and I would do terrible terrible things to myself looking at that photo. And I’d think about so many things I’d do to hurt myself just enough to never feel anything ever again. And I’m gonna tell you a story for anyone who is thinking about suicide. A few years back I tried to kill myself and I wasn’t scared. I was so sure it was a good idea and I was ready I was so ready. Nothing about it seemed wrong and that’s terrible to say but it was so true. And then I tried and it was disgusting. The whole thing was dirty and painful and it was that kind of relaxing like the pain will stop in a second but it didn’t it like made me so completely numb but I could still feel the pain if that makes any sense I got so delusional and I was throwing up on myself and there was so much blood I didn’t realize how bad the scene was going to be when someone found me Y'know and that was my first “maybe this is bad” Thought. Y'Know because you always expect that whole romanticized, poetic ending and it’s not like that. God and I just sat there and memories were playing through my head and it’s like I could feel my brain just slowly shutting down and forgetting details and recalling names and I forgot what was going on and I don’t know how long I laid there in my blood and vomit replaying images of past friends and the hands of the ones I fear and thinking about things like is my teacher going to be mad Im not there for midterms (I dont know why) and if my would be able to get my phone out of the contract because it costs a lot to just have an unused phone on the contract And then I stopped thinking. I sat there with my heavy breathing (and this gurgling sound I didn’t know I was making but I could hear it) and numb and then I felt my own heart speed up and then slowly slow down. And then I heard my mother scream and I started thinking again and I was so mad at myself. I was so mad I didn’t think about her while I was dying or my family or how bad this is gonna hurt because if my sister killed herself Id never breathe again and I knew I knew she’d hurt and I knew my mother would blame herself and I knew my brother would go back to his old habits and I knew it would be bad and then I realized how stupid it was to want to mean so much when I had to mean at least something to those in my family because hearing my mothers screams and feeling the wetness of her tears on my cheeks and her hands were on my skin and I couldn’t even feel them and I wanted so badly to feel them because I felt so cold and it was so scary in that moment because I didn’t want to die but I was going to I was going to die and then I passed out but I thought it was the end because I said goodbye and I don’t know how bad that hurt my mom. But I woke up in a hospital room and I wanted to be dead so bad I screamed and cried and only because I didn’t want to look at my mom and remember how loud she screamed for help and my blood on her face from kissing me and I knew that it wasn’t going to be the last time I made this choice because it’s who I am and I was so tired of hurting her. And so I wanted it to be done. I wanted to have died and I wanted to have let her grief be dealt with and then her move on and it’s selfish because I know she wouldn’t move on realistically anytime soon if ever and I knew she’d never forgive me for even trying and she didn’t. My point is that I didn’t realize anything and it opened my eyes to what I need to remember. The details I need to pay more attention to. The people I need to spend more time with and those I needed to get rid of. This is my life. and I was so caught up on how sad I was that I forgot that I had time to be sad but that there was time to be happy too. And find new things that could destroy me or make Things seem good and I also realized that I could make this life okay if I just breathed and did things I enjoyed and drank more tea and loved and realized that some things hurt but nothing will hurt more than watching my mother watch me die. There’s time for things to get better yknow. I’m glad I didn’t die that day even though I wasn’t scared and am not scared of death when it comes, I’m glad I didn’t die that day. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense but when I’m high and emotional I just ramble but I think you’re important and I want you to know its not that great to lose everything at once even if things are bad at the time and I know that there will be arguments like there’s no other way out but I beg to differ because I was a child being sold to men for sex by my father and I got out I lived and i think you’ll be okay one day I really do so remember that please. I love you guys so much

oh jeez so my mom and I are in the car and we were talking about gay stuff or whatever and then my mom asked
“Leslie, if you were gay would you be afraid to come out?”
lmao so I went deep into it yknow maybe she’d get the hint but then I asked her “can you picture me being gay?”
yknow what she said? “not at all.”
that makes me feel kinda echh. I kinda wish she said something like “idk maybe” or something. it would have made things easier. but she’s just so sure I’m straight lmao all wellllll today’s not the day I guess