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Halestorm  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You made a mistake.”
  • “Why do you waste my time?”
  • “I think about you all the time.”
  • “I don’t mean to bruise your ego.”
  • “I bet you wish you had me back.”
  • “You always hope for a better day.”
  • “You understand. No hard feelings.”
  • “They’re not enough to make me forget.”
  • “I see your face… and I’m mesmerized.”
  • “And I’m forgiven, so get out of my face.”
  • “You call me a ‘bitch’ like it’s a bad thing.”
  • “How could I live without you beside me?”
  • “I know that we will come together, again.”
  • “You’re going to get what’s coming to you.”
  • “Show me what I’m searching for tonight.”
  • “I need someone young, willing, and able.”
  • “Now, I’m starting to think maybe you like it.”
  • “I have to admit… I’ve made poor decisions.”
  • “I’m in love with somebody. And it’s not you.”
  • “Isn’t it interesting the way people think today?”
  • “I could not live without your love to guide me.”
  • “Bow to your queen and I will crown your head.”
  • “You need someone old enough to know better.”
  • “Before I do, tell me… tell me, what’s in it for me?”
  • “How come we’re always searching for a better day?”
  • “I don’t think you could have lived up to my challenge.”
  • “Can’t help myself from hurting you… and it’s hurting me.”
  • “Feeling so guilty of your past… of things you said and done?”
  • “I should’ve told you to leave, ‘cause I knew all the time you couldn’t handle me.”

Kari: “I still have my left eye, I’ll be alright! I’ll just have my right one properly taken care of when I get the chance, nene!

Besides, Momoko needs a lot more attention than me. She’s my best friend, I gotta make sure she turns out okay, and I’ll make sure she does! U-um, heh, thanks anyway?”

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K. I agree with everything you said thought I feel like you think that I say it about TLCstuck which I'm not. In fact TLCstuck is even better than the actual homestuck because the characters feel more profound and defined (seriously if I had to define "canon" Jake I would say: "John from Act 1-4 but more nerdy and uses archaic words) but here he feels like his own thing. The point is that I the part that most bothers me is the time-reallity powers that John gets because(I run out of characters)

a(Continuation) they are basically a Deus Ex Machina that serve to return everything to a status quo, making the flash itself and everything after that meaningless. That is just bad writing and a Hussie’s whim. 

First, with regards to the character writing in TLC: 

Thank u very much I work hard for my dear sunflower child Jake

Concerning John, to a certain extent? I would agree with you. On the one hand, John gaining the power of the juju is taking the implications of his God Tier title to their logical extreme: One who becomes Breath. One who becomes freedom, communication, the wind, change, and whatever else the Breath aspect is tied to. How much further can you take a character who can already turn into the breeze? You have them unchained from causality itself, free to do with the narrative whatever it is they so please.


In giving John the power to undo already-made decisions in the narrative, Hussie was walking a very fine line. On the one hand, this could be the characters’ ultimate “fuck you” to the authority railroading them to their fate. This is beyond Rose blowing up her second gate or Jade finding an exploit to become the most powerful person in the session and escape the Scratch, this is the ability to defy narrative itself. Once John gains this power, he is literally invisible to the narrative prompt. We cannot be John Egbert. We cannot find him.

 However, that ability is ultimately a lie. To buy into this, the reader has to suspend their disbelief and buy into the idea that these characters exist independent of the person writing them. Because John Egbert does not exist. He is a fictional character who can’t do anything under his own power because he isn’t real. So Andrew Hussie is now tasked with a character who can defy the narrative, but at the same time? Hussie has to maintain the rules that make a narrative work. Making John undo the wrong thing will cause all the dramatic weight of the narrative to evaporate, or make the reader ask themselves if this is all just for the author’s benefit. He was balancing on a tight rope made of razor wire. 

And then he slipped. And cut his legs off. 

Mother’s Basement is one of the YouTube channels that taught me a lot about film language (because I followed Lindsey Ellis’ advice, lol), and Geoff Thew has this wonderful video about how Sword Art Online did something similar. I think it’s hilarious that chunks of his main point, about a story breaking its own rules and taking all tension with it, can apply to this decision in Homestuck. And I have been dying for an opportunity to use this quote this way: 

“…when a show acts like death means something, and then does something that very transparently reveals that the writers aren’t willing to sacrifice potential plotlines, it’s like watching Mickey Mouse take his head off at Disneyland. It ruins the magic. There are rules against this kind of shit. If a character dies and is brought back, then you might as well write ‘and then they got on a bus for a couple of weeks!’ for all the fucking difference it makes.”

Obviously this isn’t a 1-to-1 comparison between Homestuck and SAO. These two narratives use death very differently - or rather, Homestuck has been very transparently revealing that Hussie was unwilling to sacrifice potential plotlines since the dreambubbles came along (or hell, maybe even since the notion of time travel itself came along), but the story adapted and evolved new dimensions because of those things. Death became more of a change of state that still had consequences. But if you substitute “death” for “decision resulting in drastic change in a character’s trajectory” the result is the same. Suddenly the consequences of the Game Over characters actions don’t mean anything. Suddenly the consequences of Vriska’s death don’t mean anything. In that one moment, Andrew Hussie revealed that he was willing to go back on ANYTHING in this story if it meant serving his ultimate end, and that no matter how big or pivotal the decision? He would find a way to undo it if it was convenient. And there’s rules against that kinda shit. Now nothing matters because it can be undone and there will be no consequences for it. And to add insult to injury, the suffering and sacrifices of the Game Over kids aren’t addressed in a way that justifies putting them or the audience through all of that. Geoff Thew again:

“Death in media isn’t interesting because ‘oh they’re dead, that’s sad, I’m sad!’ It’s interesting because it inherently changes the dynamics of a story. A character who was once a force in the narrative now isn’t. Any arc they might’ve been going through is cut abruptly short. And from this point forward, the writers can’t rely on their presence to move the story forward or prop up other characters.” 

Emphasis mine because does that sound familiar? Sound like any8ody we might know? 

There’s a section in B3 TH3 4C3 4TTORN3Y that I could have cut for time while building the flash, but chose not to do so because I think it speaks volumes:


There’s no purpose to putting the Game Over kids through that if you’re just going to sweep them away or never address what that plotline brought up. The Game Over kids are not killed so that they can start the level over and learn from their mistakes. The retcon characters have no memory of making those mistakes, so how can they learn? So retroactively, Game Over kind of does turn into a bunch of bullshit meant to shock the audience. And I don’t agree with taking the “Metanarrative Reading” wherein the reader themselves is compiling the characters’ “ultimate selves” because again, the narrative does not pivot to that theme with much grace. As a result, it sounds an awful lot like the story throwing its hands up in the air at the last minute and saying that it’s up to the reader to write conclusions for these characters. Unless that character is Dave.

So yeah. The point of that ramble is that ultimately, I agree with you! While I like how John’s retcon powers and Game Over fit into Homestuck as a whole and what they could’ve been, it ultimately does wind up being a snatch at pathos followed by a Deus Ex Machina. 


So I was thinking about the EMP theories that I kinda swing towards.

I like it when EMP starts when Sherlock gets shot.
The fact that some of S3 is real, the vase sliding as being an obvious omg thingy and the fact that it just feels like a good spot to start, rings true with me…

But I realllly like EMP starting after the fall.
It solves some of the really inconsistent stuff in S3, it means Sherlock wasn’t a dick to John (ie not telling him and not being a dick when he came back) and it also fixes a lot of stuff that would be hard to fix otherwise.

However, EMP starting at the pool literally solves a lot of stuff from S2 and just makes things better. But is that too far? I don’t know. My problem is that I want ASiB to be real but is that foolish? I don’t know.

I mean I always liked EMP starting when Sherlock got shot, ‘cause it’s obvious and cool but then, it starting after the fall fixes so much (plus it seems like an important point to go back to and everything after that seems based on it) but then the pool seems to influence everything else (fire and water being big themes).

Unless I was wrong about Bart’s = The Tarmac. If EMP starts at the pool then Bart’s is actually a recreation of the pool so… Tarmac = Bart’s = The Pool??? 

Ughh, my brain will not and cannot leave this alone and I love that. :P

Safety Plan

It’s important to make a safety plan to recognize triggers, plan for distressing events, and plan how to cope ahead.  Below, I’ve posted an outline of a safety plan with examples.  I encourage you to come up with your own ideas and make your own safety plan!

Triggers (when these things happen I am more likely to feel unsafe or upset): examples include meals, holidays, work stress, loud noise

Thoughts/Inside Warning Signs (these are things I may notice just before I feel unsafe or upset): examples include hopeless, worthless, loss of interest, thinking about death, feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated

Other Warning Signs (things other people may notice just before I feel unsafe or upset): examples include isolating myself, less talkative, irritable, increased anxiety

Things that help me stay better now (this that help me calm down or stay safe): examples include crafts, talking to friends, grounding, reading, music, writing lists, playing with pets

Things that help me stay well (things I do consistently that help me stay safe): examples include taking my medication, therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, staying in a routine

Changes in my environtment for me/others to make: examples include getting rid of sharps, monitoring medications, stay away from alcohol and drugs, creating a safe space, keeping my environment clean

Things that make me feel worse (things that do not help me calm down or stay safe): examples include alcohol, weighing myself, restricting, bingeing, purging, self-injury, being invalidated, poor sleep, being overwhelmed

When I notice triggers/warning signs, I will take action by (what I can do to prevent things from getting worse) - doing the following things: examples include using coping skills, reaching out, therapy - calling the following people: friends, family

When others notice that I am getting upset, I would like them to (what others can do to prevent things from getting worse): examples include listening to me, don’t judge me, don’t invalidate me

If I am experiencing a crisis, I would like the following people to be contacted: example includes your parents, parent, friend, therapist, psychiatrist

Finally, make a list of support hotlines, crisis text numbers, and mental health resources in your community so it is all in one place for easy access.  

kaiju-and-kyojin  asked:

Your post about Nanaba's death is easily one of the best analyses of any story that I've ever seen. I've wanted to talk about her death since it was aired but I've been worried about accidentally being offensive. You were able to handle this topic with such organization and logic while making your feelings known and that's a skill which I consider very rare and high-level. Long story short, thank you for your analysis of one of my favorite female characters in SnK and kudos to your writing skill

If it makes you feel better, it took me days to get my thoughts together and I had to keep walking away and looking at other things all day today just to get stuff down. (I also lost the last third of the post and had to rewrite it – aaaaaaaaaa!)

Thank you so much for the kind message. I’m glad you enjoyed the post…and thank you for reading it and taking the time to send me this. (And also for liking Nanaba…she could always use more support.)

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I've not been feeling so great the past week or so and today some stuff happened that caused even more of a low, so I decided to catch up on your videos. I'm starting on your Detention with Dumbledore series, the smoothie challenge being up first, and you're already cheering me up. I'm already laughing and feeling better, thank you so much for continuously uploading your videos :)

We’re so so happy that we could help you out while you’re not feeling well. Being able to give that to people is just incredible to us, and it’s one of the things that makes what we do so rewarding  (⺣◡⺣)♡*

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You leave Naruto fandom just because you found a new ship and self-proclaiming it as your ultimate, undefeated otp. You used to be a good SS artist. I am kind of lost my respect to you. Or maybe just got disappointed..

  1. please don’t bring my current ship if you feel mad at me just don’t.engspa has nothing to do with this all ok (but you’re right tho engspa is my ultimate otp HAHAHA TAU AJE LU)
  2. thank you for the compliment but i’m sure there are lots of better ss artists than me. i could recommend you some pixiv artists whose arts are stunning and so so so so goddess i bet they would satisfy your desire
  3. this is the last thing i would say to you. don’t make ur own fandom looks even worse with this attitude. be a nice, healthy shipper like we used to be. be like sundanese, gak mau riweuh.

thanks for amusing me

A little gift for @lara-games , she has been really depressed lately, so I wanted to make this for her. I hope you feel better, and know that things will get better!! If you kill yourself things will never get better, trust me. Even when everything seems lost. And please, dont harm yourself it only makes your life worse.  Im not the best at making speeches, but know that you are NOT ALONE. There are so many people who go through the same situation as you, and they eventually get better.

We all care about you lara.


Goth is by @nekophy

Lara is by Lara-games

I'm not in the mental state to be online for now

I’m sorry for forgetting to make a post announcing it. I will answer messages at a later date when I’m not as exhausted. I’m sorry for doing a selfish thing like that but I can’t hold a conversation atm. Thank you for reaching out to me, I’m sorry if I worried you. See you around.

i just don’t fucking understand people who hate on fans and/or actors just because they don’t like someone’s ship? like what the actual fuck man? you aren’t superior to other fans unless they’re being an asshole, in which case be the bigger fucking person?!!

if there can’t be peace in something like a fandom how the hell do we expect to appreciate and respect eachother irl? like, i’ve seen actually super harsh derogatory insults thrown around and it just makes me feel like shit, i wish people could stop being hateful and selfish, nobody deserves to feel inferior for something that makes their fandom experience better

and saying all this actually makes me feel like a fucking idiot, because who would expect such mean shit to come out of something as seemingly innocent as fangirling/boying

another thing that makes me mad is that some assholes would probably reblog this dissing some ship/shippers saying “this is you” like no man, let’s not start pointing blame and just move forward being positive and empathetic towards eachother yea?


This failed last week but I’m still trying lol. 

Essentially, on every Saturday, I’m answering various questions for fun and so you guys can get to know me better if you want, and I can get to know you guys too!

Also, feel free to reblog this to get some q’s of your own, I’ll come ask one! <3

Some examples to get you going:

  • MMC (make me choose)
  • FMK (or the classier name, bed, wed, behead)
  • Top 3/5 of anything? (from a fandom, otps, brotps, characters…)
  • Ask me to rank a list you’ve given me from best to worst imo
  • Talk to me about your life if you want! Rant, tell me about your day…
  • Tell me about your crush? About your annoying teacher?
  • Talk about the newest chapter/ep of a show? Any theories to share?
  • Ask me anything you wanna know, as long as it won’t compromise my personal safety really I’m not that picky

I just want to interact with you guys and stuff! I feel like I don’t do that enough, and I want that to change. ♡

Blacklist “ali’s ss” if you don’t want to see anything related to this. (if you don’t know how to blacklist, send me a message!)

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My dear Idiot👽: We’ve been friends for so long and it makes it all the better. You’re so cute and sweet and talented! You’re 6'4" but you’re like a teddy bear. And you make me laugh really hard. What more could a girl want? One time you put your arm around me and I COULDN’T STOP SMILING THE REST OF THE DAY! Subtle things like that give me hope. You just make me feel listened to and appreciated. Plus dude your dimples and lil blue eyes and floppy hair and omg I just can’t get enough!

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That Shiny. Like staring into a mirror of the past. Watching somebody proceed to make the same stupid mistake I did. For what? To make themselves feel better? I know I feel a lot better now that I'm not abusing my friends care for me anymore. Good luck Pidge. Honestly, if this doesn't stop, y'all need to stop being friends with them. It's the only way they'll ever learn.

Hmm. I’d like to believe that Anon, but on my own personal side of this, he stopped being someone I consider a friend back in January. This whole fiasco’s been happening well before that point, as well. I probably should have included that fact in that delightful rant, haha. I’ll shove the messages under a cut for you to read I guess.

No longer being friends with him will not solve this issue. I’m hoping this shit being shoved into the sunlight will make HIM realize how utterly absurd he’s being. And if he doesn’t knock it off? Well. At least now people can see how utterly ridiculous his distress over this situation is.

Anyways here’s your read, Anon. I re-screenshot it with dates so you can see just how far back this goes lmao.

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You know those friends who feel like home and everything familiar and make you smile so much so often that just talking to them makes the rest of the day better and catch you so off-guard sometimes with how well they know you ok ok well hear me out combine that with unbelievable talent and an excellent appreciation for all the best shows and books and history things this is my solid conclusive evidence as to why @historicalfrenchgays is the best

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness